Suspension Not Worst Of It For Cousins

The two-game suspension handed down to DeMarcus Cousins from the NBA for confronting a broadcaster is too severe, no matter how wrong the act is and how emotionally unhinged one would have to be to do such a thing.

His Kings teammate, Thomas Robinson, got the same penalty three days earlier for something far worse, an intentional elbow to the neck of Piston Jonas Jerebko, but Robinson doesn’t have the same history. Cousins’ past clearly came into consideration here.

But sitting two games for, as the league said Sunday in announcing the discipline, “confronting Spurs announcer Sean Elliott in a hostile manner” Friday in Sacramento, is among the least of the problems for Cousins. The big picture is worse than missing Sunday night against the Lakers, a 103-90 win for L.A. as Dwight Howard hit the shrunken Kings for 23 points and 18 rebounds, and now Tuesday against the Trail Blazers back in Northern California.

  • Opponents will dig harder than before to flick at Cousins’ nerve endings. They know their chances are as good as ever, even with Cousins as a 22-year-old in his third season (and who no longer has inexperience as an acceptable excuse) at taking one of the talented young bigs of the league out of his game. Look at how flustered he became at comments on the Spurs telecast from Elliott, a man who has zero impact on anything on the court. Of course they’re going to try to get Cousins in touch with his combustible side as often as possible.
  • How unable is a player to control his emotions if he leaves the locker room in uniform after the game and walks about 30 yards to confront a broadcaster? The specifics of what Cousins said to Elliott remain unclear, with Elliott himself decling to comment, according to the San Antonio Express News, and Cousins apparently unavailable for an explanation. But if Cousins had anything beyond “All the best to you and the family for a delightful holiday weekend,” he was 29 yards too close.
  • The league office is watching. Not that Cousins was out of sight before, with two prior suspensions by the Kings, but the New York sheriffs are involved now. He has a history. He had the second-most technicals in the league last season, behind only OKC’s Kendrick Perkins, and is tied for second in the opening weeks of this one. The exact offense that would cost a first-time offender a single game could be worth two or three to Cousins the next time. The past matters.
  • And, the same question as always: Will Cousins ever manage to harness his energy to reach his potential? That’s real big-picture, but also fair considering he is at the foundation of the plan to lead the Kings back to respectability. As coach Keith Smart told the Sacramento Bee, “When you make mistakes that affect not just you, it affects our entire team.”

This is also a big setback to whatever claims Cousins or the Kings make about his improving maturity. Players get suspended for actions on the court, usually for a fight or crossing the line with a referee or a flagrant foul. They don’t often get suspended because of what a television analyst said. Cousins, a center with All-Star talent, needs to be better than that. Now more than ever.


  1. Hm says:

    The suspension remains ridiculous. Nobody even knows what he said. There’s a lot of degrees of hostility between, say:
    “I didn’t appreciate your commentary. It was very slanted.”
    “You’re a stupid mofo and I’m surprised they even pay you for this.”

    Define “hostile”, NBA.

  2. Belizeboy says:

    This guy just doesn’t learn. Could have had a great NBA career, but with that attitude none of the great coaches will want to work with him.

  3. Me says:

    Damn, I like this dude but he is VERY immature, I mean he got a lotta potential and it’s just sad that he’s letting it go to waste. But who can blame him? he is in Sac Kings, what veterans do they have? no role model to guide him that’s why. Obviously Thomas Robinson is following in his footsteps. I just hope they can get their stuff together. Meanwhile the two game suspension for Cousins is wack, it ain’t like he hit the dude or anything smfh.

  4. ANTOINE says:

    Guys, leave the poor man alone! He’s SENSITIVE. Don’t poke him like you would a bull. The man has got his feelings…

  5. Joe says:

    he’s probably only like this because he’s playing for the kings. get him traded to a playoff team, or if he signs somewhere else in free agency, then this will occur less

  6. Bongoman55 says:

    Hot head!! trying to impress hisboys in the hood. I see better talent exit the league in a few years because they were similar goats.!!!

  7. jinkaz says:

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  8. FlipStar says:

    DMC’s immaturity is really hurting the team, and he’s hurting himself as a (possibly) prominent player in the L.

    There’s no denying his talent. He’s a big man with REAL GAME, but is the mental aspect of DMC worth the risk? Come free agency, it’ll be interesting to see what transpires ..