Lakers At The Crossroads

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Few men in the history of organized activity stand above the fray the way Phil Jackson does.

Love him or loathe him, Jackson has the pedigree, wisdom, accomplishments, respect and public adulation that only the greatest leaders of men have attained throughout the years. He earned his stripes first as a player, a foot soldier, if you will, before rising up the leadership ladder to five-star general status as a coach.

Somewhere around six or seven titles he moved into legendary status. By the time he walked away from the game two years ago, he had earned his place upon the coaching Mount Rushmore, nestled somewhere between Knute Rockne and John Wooden among the all-time greats.

So forgive us here at the hideout if we’re having a bit of a problem understanding why Mike D’Antoni, and not Jackson, is the choice as the Los Angeles Lakers’ new coach. The Lakers knew the moment Jackson exited the facility in El Segundo headed for what was supposed to be life after basketball that he had more left in his hoops tank.

He wasn’t finished then and he wasn’t ready for the ride to end.

Now the Lakers sit at the crossroads, hoping that D’Antoni will light the pathway to continued championship contention while Jackson is left to ponder why he wasn’t the right fit to replace the fired Mike Brown, the man unlucky enough to try to replace Jackson.

History isn’t on the Lakers’ side so long as Kobe Bryant is on the roster. He’s never made it anywhere near The Finals without Jackson as his coach. That’s not a knock on Brown, Del Harris, Kurt Rambis, Rudy Tomjanovich or Frank Hamblen. It’s just a fact.

Some coaches and players are just inextricably linked throughout the annals of time.

Michael Jordan had the same link to Jackson, never reaching the heights he did in the NBA with anyone else (Kevin Loughery, Stan Albeck or Doug Collins are the names here) before or after his time with Jackson.

The 67-year-old “Zen Master” has an unparalleled history of success in the NBA, holding the record for the most championships in NBA history as a player and a coach (after breaking the tie with Bill Russell when the Lakers captured the title in 2009). He also owns the highest winning percentage of any NBA coach (.704) and has championship rings for both hands and three of his toes, having earned two as a player with the New York Knicks and the other 11 as a coach of both the Chicago Bulls (six) and Lakers (five).

The Lakers, apparently, wanted a different voice this time around. Perhaps they wanted someone who came with fewer conditions for taking the job or someone who didn’t demand control of all personnel decisions, a likely sticking point with a front office staff still weary from their previous dealings with Jackson.

D’Antoni’s a fine coach, universally regarded as one of the very best in the business before being fired in New York last season. His familiarity with not only Bryant but Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard will no doubt benefit the Lakers’ bottom line this season.

Lakers have every right to be and should be excited about the offense D’Antoni could bring with him. It’s worked wonders for many players over the years, the primary beneficiaries being his point guards. It started with Nash in Phoenix and ended with Jeremy Lin in New York as D’Antoni oversaw a cosmic run as the offensive Morpheus of basketball.

It should be noted, however, that D’Antoni’s star-studded groups in Phoenix never could overtake the Lakers or San Antonio Spurs and reach the The Finals. He also had a talent-laden (albeit a bit flawed) roster to work with in New York and could never get them to play to their potential.

So just like Brown or Mike Dunleavy, who was also considered this time around, D’Antoni comes with lingering questions about exactly what he’ll be able to do while stuck in the middle of the crucible that is the toughest coaching job in the NBA.

The same could have and would have been said about both Jerry Sloan and Nate McMillan, two unemployed coaches mentioned as potential candidates but were never spoken to, per TNT’s David Aldridge, by the Lakers.

The only coach the Lakers could have hired who would have walked through the door without any of those same question marks is the one they spurned over the weekend.

They botched this hire the last time, choosing Brown to replace Jackson. For the sake of their aging stars, they have to get it right this time.


  1. Admin says:

    Why is everyone so suprised? When you make a superteam that has 3 superstars who were used to being the main guy and who need the ball in their hands to be effective you will have teething problems. Do you already forget what happened with the Heat when they first got Lebron and bosh? Ride it out. While I dont think they will win it all this year, I say they would make the Western Conference finals where they will be knocked out by the Spurs or the Thunder

  2. AnnoYouLater says:

    still a better love story than Lamar and Khloe

  3. AndyLe says:

    Also, did Phil Jackson coached team, the Lakers in 2004, with Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Shaq and Kobe lost to Detroit in the Finals??? 4 future Hall of Famers!!!!!

  4. AndyLe says:

    You have to remember that Phil Jackson Lakers lost to the Suns who were coached by Mike D’Antoni for two straight years. Only the arrival of Pau Gasol made them relevant again. Phil is a great coach, but he only wins with great teams. We have to give Mike a chance with this talented roster and see what he can do with it. I love Phil Jackson, and there is no argument that Phil would give the Lakers a better chance of going back to the promised land, but D’Antoni is no fluke either. What I am trying to say is with the roster that the Lakers presents, any good coach would have a chance to bring a championship back to LA, so as a fan, we should be giving support to our organization which have been giving us nothing but the best thus far. Sometimes, I think that as Lakers Fan, we are a little too spoiled, don”t you think???

  5. NBAfan says:

    Jackson ain’t no basketball god….please

    If you’re as good as you let people believe you are, go coach the Wolves…they definitely have the talent…you can’t say they don’t….can Jackson even bring the Wolves to the finals in 3 years?

  6. "Reliable Soource" says:

    Trade Dwight Howard and Ron Artest to Brooklyn for Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez (give or take bench players that will even the deal). It would better suit D’Antoni’s system with a shooter and who can create his own shot. And a solid center alongside Gasol. In return, Brooklyn gets their man in Howard and Artest who’s from NY.

  7. Ghjh says:

    All laker fans who say that theyll win the championship are completely clueless and need psychiatric help. No way r they winning in this era. The heat are dominating rest of the years lebrons in the NBA, where he will stay With the heat, not going to the lakers. This is what’s really going to happen, so all you idiots can continue dreaming, bcz it’s never happening.

  8. RaQaTTaQ says:

    No Coach, Phil Jackson or whoever can change the Laker’s fortunes!

    Father Time has caught up on them! Even if you had PJ at the helm they will fall short of a championship!

    What they need to do is get YOUNG, HARD-WORKING and AGRESSIVE role players to back up their starting five. They need young legs to help out on defense. Fresh streams of energy to hustle on the court.

    I can only watch and LA good luck!!!

  9. basketballfan says:

    what they are looking for is someone to come in and run the “TRIANGLE”

  10. MIke says:

    So, Phil Jackson wanted 20 million a season plus 10% of the team. The Lakers just got a billion from TWC because they’re legendary and that’s due largely in part to the 5 rings and 7 finals appearances Jackson led the lakers to in his 8 years of coaching. Lakers should have done the right thing here and gave the man (Phil Jackson) his due. Buss family blew it !

  11. theking42 says:

    btw everyone talking about how D’antoni messed up with the Knicks not true. First of all the first two years that team wasn’t that talented. Second Melo broke up the chemistry being a ball stopper the next two years. You see lin had success until Carmel came back, and that before that melo trade the knicks were balling.. D’antoni is an offensive guru,so all that turmoil wasnt his fault

  12. keebee says:

    jerry sloan…why not?

  13. QVHeat says:

    Callin’ it now. D’Antoni will loose again to the spurs in the playoffs and be fired. The heat will beat the spurs in the finals in 2013. Dwight will resign, as the future of the franchise. Jackson will take the reins for Kobe’s final season where he will win his 6th championship tying Michael Jordan in the 2014 finals and retire. As a new free agent (after opting out of his current deal becuase it isn’t a max contract) Lebron James will sign with the lakers as he realizes wade isn’t the player he used to be and that winning any more than three championships with that core three was a ludacris idea. He will take his place along side D12 as the two most dominant players in the game playing together winning multiple championships with Phil Jackson taking command of the franchise the same way Pat Riley did/does in Miami because Jim Buss couldn’t figure it out. Cheers.

  14. Nick says:

    KeepItReal, you answered the question yourself. There’s a big difference between when Phil came back to “Shaq, Kobe and a bunch of role players” and what he’d come back to now. It’s the reverse now. They have a bunch of seasoned veteran stars and a few role players, not to mention an impatient fan base who has come to expect WINS and CHAMPIONSHIPS, so there’s no time to institute the program. If there was, Brown would still be there!

  15. KEVIN Durant says:

    well…. i always wondered why people say that kobe is old and washed up but can out do 95% of the league and the second best player in the nba behind lebron as an okc fan i always admired kobe and never hated on him like all the kobe haters the truth is they are just hating bc they know how good he is but anyway good luck with the team hope they make it to play us in the playoffs again i think this time it will be alot more interesting….. GO OKC

  16. Trey Zero Five says:

    I understand all of the adulation that Sekou gives Jackson, but 2 things:

    1. Maybe the Lakers want someone that is willing and able to coach beyond 3 years.

    2. At the beginning of the article, he is going on about how Jackson started as a foot soldier and made it all the way to General. If that is the case, what does that make Pat Riley, who did everything Jackson did AND became one of the greatest team presidents to ever run an NBA team?

    Phil’s an icon, we all agree. Now, can we give D’Antoni a chance?

  17. Evan says:

    He also owns the highest winning percentage of any NBA coach (.704) and has championship rings for both hands and two of his toes, having earned two as a player with the New York Knicks and the other 11 as a coach of both the Chicago Bulls (six) and Lakers (five).

    Haha so there are 3 options here:

    1. Jackson has 11 fingers
    2. Sekou can’t count
    3. I REALLY don’t want to know where Phil is wearing that 13th ring

  18. Ben says:

    Phil is the best coach period. Phil Jackson did say that if he could draft any player in the NBA… he would pick Dwight Howard. To say Phil can’t use Steve Nash is false… Phil Jackson loves PGs who can shoot the ball and PGs who do not turn the ball over, Steve Nash is arguably the best in history at both as a PG. Phil Jackson used Gary Payton pretty well, he would have used Steve Nash better than Payton. If the Lakers lose… Phil will have the last laugh as he is the best winner.

    Mike D’Antoni’ defense: Steve Nash plays like Steve Nash. Dwight Howard is the best roll man for the pick and roll the past 3 years… and now gets to abuse the league with Steve Nash and D’Antoni. It will be even more destructive. Gasol and Kobe are offensive juggernauts who will fit seamlessly with D’Antoni. D’Antoni NEVER had a defensive player like Noah, Garnett, Chandler or Howard. Those players single handedly can change a team’s defense.

    • Raptor4life says:

      D’antoni Never had a defensive player ? pretty sure his center won Defensive player of the year last year, you know when he got fired

  19. Dirty-D says:

    We as Laker fans can be spoiled at times. We are used to Jerry buss putting together teams that we can see. We don’t have to hope. We boast some of the best players, If not the best players in the league. Some of the best coaches and staff at there respective times. There’s no guess work. It’s easy math. They have been the best organization for over the last 30 yrs. But the time of Jerry buss’s easy math is gone. And our true colors as fans show. We are plentiful but not always true. The fans provide Energy, the fans provide a reason, the fans provide Hope. We have to believe in them even more than they believe in their selves. We have to will them across the finish line. I for one am done with these shallow views. So we don’t have the winning-est coach in NBA History. Championships have been won without that advantage. Championships have been won without 5 all stars. But none have been won without the fans. The Lakers won’t have to go without me. I’ll be here to will them through the gates. Good luck D’antoni, GO LAKERS. GO!

  20. Nash Fan says:

    Lakers are insane for not paying all the money for Phil. He was going to give them two years, which is about as much gas as Kobe and Nash have left in the tank. Two years could have got them a championship or two. It will take them 5-7 years of rebuilding before they get to that level again after Kobe leaves. WHAT A MISTAKE!

  21. pasadenacyclists says:

    Did Spoelstra have a winning record in the postseason before he won with Miami?
    Did Doc Rivers have a winning record in the post season before he won in Boston?
    Sport writers and all of you doubters kill me… Give Mike D a chance. If Phil wasn’t available, who else would you pick? I don’t honestly think players like Pau, Dwight, Metta and Kobe need to be taught defense. They could run zone and man and still put on a good defensive stop. Outside of Phil Jackson and Greg Pop, who else has proven title runs in the NBA? I’ve been in LA all of my life and this city feels entitled to everything, even down to lane changes where people won’t let you in. Fast Temp offense with a bog man who can run, and you have Kobe, Pau and Nash and Howard all in. What more do you need?

  22. Fahad says:

    mike d’antoni is a good coach. Phil jackson was asking for too much, such as control over the team and he asks for a lot of money. Mike has had great success in the past and he will with this lakers team also. Just have patience cause the lakers will be back to the nba finals and then we’ll see who’s chriping. PATIENCE!

  23. they will win reg season games because of d’antoni’s approach..but will fall short in the playoffs because of defense

  24. Bossman says:

    I don’t usually disagree with Sekou, but he’s completely lost this time. In another article it said that Jackson was asking for the moon, something the Lakers don’t have. I think the Lakers will thrive under D’Antoni’s unique offense, especially with Steve Nash running the point. He will make adjustments to ensure that MWP and the bigs don’t have to shoot threes. He’s not stupid. He’s a coach in the NBA. I’m a Bulls fan, but the Lakers will undeniably be this year’s champions, no matter how they do in the regular season. We had to learn that the hard way with Miami.

  25. NNN says:

    Lakers with MDA, I hope it’s fun to watch. Defense is not Lakers’ style.

  26. No Look Lay Up says:

    kobe deserves a bit more respect than this, i hope he rips the front office a new one .

  27. Jarween says:

    I can’t and I will not believe they choose Mike. Don’t get me wrong he’s a fine coach – for a young talented rooster (with 99% team players) – but not for LA.
    Mr. I cannot coach defense – is going to be a coach where nothing else than rings count – hah – I gonna give it a good laugh.
    Why not Brian Shaw – at least there is a chance to win it all (even only a small one) but with Mike – say good bye to the ring this season – winning games – hah – For LA?
    Last shot this or next season for the Mamba – I guess he’s going to change team if Mike stays – next year.
    But now LA has Dwight – so they don’t need Kobe anymore – Buzz never liked him anyway.
    Good luck Dr. Buzz – start franchise with Dwight and a coach who will NEVER NEVER win you a championship!

  28. ColeK says:

    If the Lakers got Jerry Sloan then we would have something to talk about , but Mike Dantoni is a terrible defensive coach this guy couldn’t even make it to the Finals with Steve Nash in his Prime hha

  29. Heisenberg says:

    The Lakers front office will learn this move bringing Mike D’Antoni the hard way. They should’ve give in to Phil Jackson’s demands and hire him again on the spot.

  30. purpngold says:

    Im relieved that Brown is gone. No matter who the Lakers decided to bring on as hc, the Lakers would end up giving themselves a chance at going deep in the playoffs. Internal politics prevented Phil from coming back. Dantoni is what we have now. He’s style of free play will allow the Lakers to flourish as individuals and get easy buckets. The Lakers will have a good enough season record, hopefully by the time the playoffs come, the Lakers will have developed the chemistry and learned Dantoni’s system well. The Lakers have given themselves a chance, thats all one can ask for..

  31. jty7271 says:

    D’antoni will do great. As I recall his talented Suns teams never really were able to show all they could do in the post season due to injuries and mishaps. I think one year Amare was hurt and couldn’t participate in the play offs, another year I think Nash was injured, and I think there was one year when they were in the semi-finals and due to an altercation, Amare was suspended and they lost a crucial game as a result. I don’t think D’antoni and that Suns team ever really got the chance to play in the playoffs completely as a full roster. Then Kerr traded Shawn Marion for an aged Shaq, and it was all downhill from there. This is a good chance for D’antoni nd Nash to prove that D’antoni’s system can win a championship, and I think they will. It also hopes that they have some good defenders on their team for a change, in the forms of Kobe, Howard, Artest and Gasol.

  32. wynnfab says:

    A god coach will not implement a style of play that does not fit with his players. he will find a system that will work out with the team. Thats what coaching is all about. I hope Mike d’Antoni wont follow Browns style of coaching. Lets see what MDA will bring to the table at the end of the eliminations……….

    • josh says:

      I agree a good coach works with theplayers he has and makes things fit we are about to find out how good mike is.

  33. Charlie says:

    My only concern with D’Antoni is the poor defense his teams have due to their fast-pace attack. I’ve been a Lakers fan for decades, but the reality is that the LAL have consistently been inconsistent with their offense. In addition, LA doesn’t have anybody that would be considered a 3-point threat anymore.

    I think it is also fair to give Mike Brown his due. Forget the preseason. If the Lakers could have cut their turnovers in half AND made more free-throws..would we have lost the first three games? Be honest. I don’t agree with the Princeton Offense, but look at the loss margin…making 10+ free throws and reducing turnovers might have put us over the top and on to a win. Ugly wins…but still wins.

  34. lakerfan says:

    lakers are an old team and mike d’antoni’s offense is a fastbreak offense which is bad for lakers because they aren’t fast they are old. so their gamepplay is a slow pace game. Phil’s triangle would work perfect with gasol howard and nash especially cause phil love to work with bigs just like what he did with gasol and bynum. I think that this was a bad choice by the lakers d’antoni got fired for a reason because he couldnt work with amare and carmelo just like this he is not going to work with kobe and howard. the only benefit of this i that nash has played with him so nash will know what to do and he knows his coaching style. but all in all i think it was a bad choice

    • you are VERY VERY wrong, the only reason why Mike D.. have that losing streak while he is on KNICKS is because NO Jeremy Lin………. Mike D’s specialty is on the PG’s to run the show… and since Lin is injured Mike can’t run the show

  35. KB24 says:

    i know that the Lakers will start winning games and do better now that mike brown is finally! gone

  36. Elijah Olson says:

    “D’Antoni’s star-studded groups in Phoenix never could overtake the Lakers”… um D’Antoni’s Suns faced the Lakers twice and only twice and won both series (2007 and 2008 first round, collective 8-4 record against LA). So what pray-tell are you talking about? Save for the last year as PHX coach, D’Antoni’s Suns were running circles around the league whilst the Lakers were going through their chump phase.

  37. Russel says:

    Brown is a good coach and no one can argue with that, but is pure basic basketball. The Lakers need a coach who has the wisdom and courage to execute an unconventional way of basketball. Every player is taught the basics of basketball, but basic basketball is not always effective. A master coach to his own technique is what the Lakers need. And D’Antoni might be able to deliver that.

  38. Samuel Naibaho says:

    at least get a better coach like coach k, just saying

    • Larian1983 says:

      Lakers tried to hire Coach K before hire back Jackson last time, but he refused it, he actually refused a lot of team’s request. Kobe loves him, would be great though, but he just won’t come to the NBA.

  39. Maxie says:

    I love Phil, but the 2010 playoff loss to Dallas left a bad taste in my mouth. You can tell the team wasn’t focused. They weren’t all there. In times of trouble, it’s common to try to revive past glories. I say move on. Looking forward to see the new offense go.

  40. Excellent fast-break offense and winning a lot of games during the regular season etc. all sound good.
    But how will this team fare in the post season? Where winning games and advancing to the next round
    won’t be as easy. A coach with a winning post season record will definitely be needed at that time.

  41. Nick says:

    It made no sense to move to the Princeton Offense after bringing in one of the all-time great point guards in Steve Nash. Why then would it make any more sense to now bring in Phil Jackson and go with the Triangle? There are only a few players on the roster who have experience with the offense. LA would be right back where they were before they fired Brown.

    • The_Pharmacist says:

      i’m totally agree with you,,

      • KeepItReal says:

        Stop with this nonsense on few players knowing the triangle offense. Seriously, no-one on the lakers team knew the Triangle Offense when PJax just took em over. He went on with the best big man in the league and the best shooting guard to win 3 championships including one, the same year.
        Similar position now with more people on the team familiar with the offense and smart championship caliber players with great basketball IQ. I mean if Shaq and Kobe and a bunch of role players could do it back then, stop making dumb excuses for this team. They’re top-heavy in talent and talent-wise one of the top 5 teams in the league.

        And I’m sorry, but saying that Phil will not make the triangle offense work with this team is not doing justice to a guy whose proved it not one, not two,,,not three,,,,,you get the picture ?

      • kingd1581 says:

        I think your the only smart basketball fan here. People mda is not gonna bring n wins with his system and style o play. triangle offense would of been ideal for them, they have three of the main pieces that would of been right for phils offense. mda, dunleavy would not of done a good job would been better off with mike brown.

  42. LaKeRsAlLdAy says:

    ok heres the answer to everyones questions about the lakers going wth D’Antoni over jackson. with all the talent on this roster (nash, howard, and kobe) the triangle would be a horrible fit, if they wanted to go back to the triangle they migh as well trade nash and find a way t re-sign fisher. nash nees to be at the helm handling the ball and for example throwing lobbs to howard in transition in an up tempo style wich is the style that D’Antoni coaches and on the other side up tempo or not kobe is gonna be kobe and get his regardless so everyone wins, and i also feel that a faster play style will help the bench as well. dont get me wrong i love phil jackson and everything he has done for the lakers, he is a legend and one o the greats in coaching but D’Antoni is a better fit for this lakers team as constructed

  43. Ronald Mitch says:

    D’antoni is not the answer for the Lakers his type of ball calls for great outside shooters something the the Lakers lack, and youth. Also the D’Antoni teams are not none for defense. And DEFENSE wins championships.

    • Gwak says:

      Yes! Defense is my concern with this move.

    • Lakersfan says:

      No Coach is the answer unless they have multiple Championships or are Phil Jax, I hear negatives coments about Phil in his last 2 season with the Lakers, just wait when D’Antoni star making us win and all the doubers will think that he is the greaters coach, I like Phil to Coach the Lakers to, But if they couldn’t get to an agreement they have to look to another good coach, and D’antoni is not a bad pick, after he left Phoenix they star Droping for playoffs spot, actually I don’t think they made the Playoff the last 2 seasons, every Coach has their Goods and bads, And someone make a comment about D’Antoni will have the bench playing much better and I’ll believe that.

  44. RawkBonobo says:

    On a team constructed like the Lakers are, there are a couple of important reasons why you need a coach. 1. keep the mind set and focus of the team stabilized. 2. implement a structure of game play, not call every play, but give them structure.

    Now a days, with fantasy basketball, everyone thinks they are a GM. LoL @ you basketball GM;s who fantasize.

    • Marvin says:

      No matter who taking this role, it gonna be a tough hell job. I dun think Phil wanna ruin his reputation for coming back and join the Lakers again

  45. 1078Lee says:

    Sounds like Jim Buss maybe the downfall of Lakers as we are use to. how do you have Phil jackson on hook and choose Dantoni. We may altermately see dwight leave LA end of season. Some players are not gonna be happy abouut this hire. How do you get ran out of new York and end up with Lakers.

    • What says:

      I am not sure how Jim could hire Phil. Phil wanted a larger role in the organization, so do you think Jim is going to let Phil take control and take his own son out??? Not going to happen

      • mike says:

        Phil is married to his daughter. So he would be taking his own brother-in law’s spot if his father in law gave him what he wanted. Talk about awkward christmas dinner this year.

      • herpderp says:

        Maybe you’re talking about Jerry Buss, whose son Jim Buss is the current head of basketball operation of LaLa. Anyway, almost everyone knows that Jim Buss has this particular dislike with Phil Jackson, and the Buss family also has this particular dislike with Kobe Bryant…so maybe, one way or another, that became the decision of the front office.

      • Go Lakers! says:

        neither the Lakers or Phil Jackson said publicly that he wanted more power with the Lakers this time

      • Crazyjr says:

        Jim Buss didn’t pick Brian Shaw last year for head coach who Phil said to pick and picked Mike Brown who Phil told them not to.

      • 1078Lee says:

        Let say they have bad season, get sent home first round or not make playoffs. Then do you say Jim know what he doing. They loose Dwight Howard in free agency because he believes the son does not know what he’s doing.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @1078Lee???? What downfall are you referring to??? Last time I checked the Lakers organization has the second most championships in the league. Jackson was asking for more then the owner was willing to give. That simple. He is a great coach, but so is D’antoni. I can see if the coach that they were going to hire was a newcomer of some sort. He left because he knew that with the team they had in place, they were not going to do anything other then make the playoffs and that’s not even a sure thing. Some basketball fans make me laugh with their nonsense rebuttal.

      • 1078Lee says:

        Dantoni so great why did he get ran out of New York.

      • Larian1983 says:

        Because Mr. Melo disliked D’Antoni for some reason. When Melo got injured, they actually had a good run with Lin until of course, Mr. Melo came back and threw D’Antoni under the bus because he’s got the key to the bus. Mike ended up to be the one at fault since he was the one that got fired.

        Until similar situation also happens in Lakers, we can say anything unless you can see the future.

    • josh says:

      I agree really would beshocked if the Lakers dd not just put themselves in the same position the Maji were in last year having to fire everyone to keep Howard come years end. JIM BUSS I would like to say Thanks for messing up the Lakers you have not done anything ight sense you have taken over I have been a Lakers fn about 25 years now and it’s the first time I hae ever had to say what is going on with the BUSSES decision making makes me want t throw up thanks again JIM BUSS youshold fire yourself.

  46. Thor says:

    What’s going on Sekou? He took out Bryant and the Lakers twice with Nash running the point. I like Phil, of course, but who knows … maybe D’Antoni turn out to be a fair shakeout here. I like him better than Brown for sure.