In Stunning Turn Of Events, Lakers Pick D’Antoni Over Jackson For Vacancy

Showtime, or a veritable facsimile thereof, won.

In a stunning development late Sunday night, the Los Angeles Lakers opted to sign former Knicks and Suns coach Mike D’Antoni to a four-year deal as their next coach, ending negotiations with 11-time NBA champion coach Phil Jackson. He was believed to be the prohibitive favorite to replace Mike Brown, who was fired last Friday.

D’Antoni and former Lakers, Blazers, Bucks and Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy interviewed with the Lakers over the weekend. But they were fallbacks, interviews done just in case the Lakers, somehow, could not reach a deal with the 67-year-old Jackson, who’d won five titles in Los Angeles during two stints as head coach.

But the Lakers could not reach agreement with Jackson, whose representatives had made it clear last summer that Jackson wanted a much bigger role in any organization that he joined, with hiring authority for coaches and other positions in the organization.

Negotiations with Jackson ended Sunday night, and the Lakers called D’Antoni’s agent, Warren LeGarie, as their home game against the Kings was ending. The two sides quickly worked out a contract somewhat along the lines of what Brown — another LeGarie client — received, though specific dollar amounts were not immediately available.

The Lakers never contacted other potential coaching candidates like former Blazers coach Nate McMillan, or former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan.

In the end, D’Antoni’s relationships both with Steve Nash, whom he helped get two MVPs in Phoenix, and with Kobe Bryant, who has known D’Antoni since he was finishing his playing career in Italy when a young Bryant lived there, made him the choice over Dunleavy.

D’Antoni’s Suns gave as good as they got with the Lakers in the playoffs, rallying from a 3-1 deficit to defeat L.A. in a 2006 first-round series. And his “Seven Seconds or Less” offensive system, which demanded pushing the ball up court — even after opponents scored — to get a good shot early in the shot clock, was much more in line with the old “Showtime” Lakers of Magic Johnson than the halfcourt-based Princeton offense that Brown tried to run.

The Lakers fired Brown Friday morning, despite executive vice president Jim Buss having given him a vote of confidence the day before. And despite everyone, including Bryant, stressing patience as the team dealt with injuries and the learning curve with the Princeton sets.

D’Antoni badly wanted the Lakers job, and an opportunity to again coach the now 38-year-old Nash. He was disturbed by how his stint in New York ended, without a playoff appearance, and with him resigning in March after Knicks management refused his entreaties to try and trade star forward Carmelo Anthony.

D’Antoni had knee replacement surgery about two weeks ago, and has to be cleared by his physician to be allowed to travel. He is already walking and his in-house therapist believes D’Antoni is about a week of rehab away from being able to handle coaching’s rigors. The current plan is for D’Antoni to be in Los Angeles by Wednesday or Thursday. The Lakers play the Spurs Tuesday night at Staples Center, but per LeGarie, D’Antoni will not be in attendance for that game. Bernie Bickerstaff, who has coached the Lakers to two wins on an interim basis, would probably coach that game, then.

LeGarie says that D’Antoni will not conduct any interviews before being introduced by the Lakers. D’Antoni will likely be put on an accelerated rehab program when he arrives in Los Angeles.

D’Antoni’s older brother, Dan, who has been with him on the bench in Phoenix and New York, will be joining Mike D’Antoni on the Lakers’ staff, according to a source. It is unknown if any of the Lakers’ current assistant coaches will be retained, though it is possible that Bickerstaff could be asked to stay.


  1. Graham says:

    The Lakers need a 3pt shooter, and after watching the Sac/LA game. A great option would be the Jimmer. It doesn’t have to be “The Jimmer”, but Sac. has a real glut of PG’s (Brooks, Thomas, Fredette, even Evans and Thornton are capable) and a real need for a Center (Cousins, ?). Cousins history of being suspended might be added motivation for them to get a consistent backup. Also, Fredette is only logging 8 min. per game in this crowded backcourt.

    Here are some options I came up with to try to match salary (of course the Lakers organization know these players much better than I, and can best tweak these):
    Jimmer Fredette for Jodie Meeks and Robert Sacre
    Jimmer Fredette for Jodie Meeks and Devin Ebanks
    Jimmer Fredette and Tyler Honeycutt for Jodie Meeks and (Earl Clark or Devin Ebanks)
    Jimmer Fredette and John Salmons for Steve Blake and Metta World Peace

    I didn’t include Antawn Jamison in any options because I’m hoping he can become a glimmer of his former self and offer some offense. If he can’t, however, the Lakers need speed/shooting to augment a veteran group of starters and superb pick n’ rollers/post players. Ultimately, Jamison may become expendable if he doesn’t adapt to coming off the bench/D’Antoni’s system.

  2. CK says:

    Fire Jim Buss!

    Keep chanting: “We want Phil! We want Phil!…”


    LA WILL GET THE RING!!! Those are the words I’ve been hearing from the Lakers fans when they acquired DHoward from the Magic. When this season started and LA loses games, “Get rid of Mike Brown” are the only words I hear from Lalalaland fans! Now that they have a new coach, I’m hearing those LA WILL WIN words again! I just hope I won’t hear “Get rid of MD’A” if they lose 4 games with him. Goodluck!

    • lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

      naaaa !!!heat will be raising back to back nba champion banners @american airlines arena In SOUTH BEACH!!!!

      • lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

        thats what i heard last yr from all the heat fans NBA CHAMPS! and im hearin it again!!!!!

  4. at14tao says:

    Who they going to get to coach this team in about a month when it becomes painfully obvious this was a mistake. This is what they believed is better to keep Dwight around. Mike D’Antonio over Phil Jackson!?! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Which would you rather hear from a owner, ”stick around we’ve got a coach that has never won a ring”, OR, “stick around we’ve got a coach with 11 rings while coaching these hall of famers Michael, Scottie, Rodman, Kobe and Shaq.” Good Luck with that!!!

  5. Andrew 229 says:

    Is the Lakeshow back? Let’s enjoy the ride.

  6. Doug K says:

    howard isn’t better than bynum? what’s he ever done? his teamates got him his rings. how are sixers fans liking bynum?

    • lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

      all howard has as an advantage over bynum is blocking shots, bynum has better feet and knows all kinds of post moves. Dwight howard only has a hook shot hes a screen and roll type player not a real center. Shaq even said bynum is better and a true center ill go with the legend on this one.

      • lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

        btw if the lakers didnt have bynum and his big body in the post the lakers wouldve never won against celts in the finals. Kobe can thank shaq and bynum. LeBron can win rings without a real center lol and dont say it was because of wade. Lebron was averagin nearly a triple double in the finals.

  7. Rey says:

    Average coach and still needs a Bench. Sorry LA 😦

  8. Kobe-Dwight-Pau-Nash-Jodie@Manila says:

    Just wait.. He will surely make the best for LA for he knows the play of Nash.. Laker fans.. I think this is the moment we are waiting for.. 17th championships.. here we come to get you..

    • lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

      lakers are goin down hill idk why people are making a big deal about them. Howard isn even better than bynum and nash is just an old fart who will keep gettin injured and possibly kobe cuz of his age

  9. JasonB says:

    The Lakers aren’t even the best team in their home! Ask yourself can they beat the Clippers in 1 game let alone in a whole playoff series?

  10. Doug K says:

    i wish people would all please honest to us fans we deserve the truth. what the hell happened? phil is a no brainer obviously something wasn’t right. this team can;t run and gun night in and night out they are too old and dont play enough D. both sides please tell the truth so i know what the hell is going on. say good bye to the season clippers are now la’s showtime im so sad

  11. queensbridge says:

    You just can’t slam D’Antoni already. Its not really fair to compare coaches resume. 20 plus other coaches in the NBA can’t measure up to Phil’s accomplishments. Phil can’t coach the lakers forever. Try some new flavor. D’Antoni will utilize and maximize the most of of the lakers roster. What coach brown did was slow the offense up. They have kobe, nash and pau. Some of the most talented players at their position, you should not play walking the ball up and shooting with 7-8 seconds left on the shot clock. Once Nash comes back, I think the ball will stay in the hands of nash more and the offense will be more fluid. I expect some fun basketball from both LA teams.

  12. G Money says:

    If u ask me this has more to do Jim Buss ego than what’s best for Lakers if u look at what the Lakers have done in the last 2yrs. They have gotten rid of every thing that had to do with Phil Jackson I think Jim is trying to make a name for himself and couldn’t do that in the shadow’s of Phil

  13. mattermax says:

    It is not an encouraging sign for the Lakers at this point in their franchise history. I have been a Lakers fan throughout my life and I am just dumbfounded at their recent choices with head coaches. I have played the game through high school, college and some overseas, so I do know the game. That brings me to some questions I believe are telling.

    Why are other notables in the industry being given pieces of a basketball franchise while the undisputed best coach of all time, Phil Jackson is sent packing? Duh? Why did Mike Brown dismantle the most winning basketball offensive strategy in the game (the Triangle) before he even took a stab at it? Duh?

    I predicted Mike Brown would be gone after this year, but hey the Lakers at least read the tea leaves and did not wait. The next question becomes, “When will the Lakers fire this next loser? Under this new coach’s history along with his penchant for a high pick and roll strategy, I am highly skeptical if the Lakers (considering their age) will even make the playoffs, and if, so they will more than likely not emerge past the first round.

    In spite of what I consider to be great odds (lack luster bench and another sub-par coach ) stacked against them, I would still love to see Kobe and Dwight win the whole thing this year, but in reality, there is confusion, ignorance and selfishness on display via young Buss and unfortunately Laker fans will more than likely end up being gravely disappointed.

  14. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    lakers are not going anywhere anyway everyone just stop debating.

  15. Maria says:

    Mike D’Antoni has the right skills and demeanor to coach this team. GO LAKERS!!!

  16. Anthony Gohr says:

    Lakers are gonna trade for Melo

  17. NBA JUNKIE says:

    bad move…11 Rings vs and gun with senior citizen players? scratchin my head here.

  18. Melvin says:

    I don’t think there’s any problem on coach, their bench player is the key problem.

  19. Peter says:

    Definitely worth a try, wanna see Miami heat got crushed on rebound and scores in paint area

  20. Adi says:

    Fan of PHX, Nash and D’Antoni but I think Nash is past his prime and D’Antoni’s run and gun offense wud not be a great fit for LAL at this point. Nash and D’Antoni lost their chance at PHX all those years, that was their best shot, although I hope Im wrong. Only Phil Jackson has the miracle formula for LAL winning the NBA this year. He asked a lot coz he knew how hard it will take for LAL to win the title this year. He wasn’t called the Zen Master for nothing.

  21. joe says:

    mike brown should not have been fired.

  22. mario says:

    The stupidest move ever made. End of the season i bet i ll be able to listen Phil laughing over here in Greece. Stupid, stupid, stupid move. The Busses r gonna deeply regret this.

  23. tray22 says:

    why did they pick mike.. Phil Jackson was gonna make a decision today he was pissed that they went with mike…Phil has nvr disappointed any team is the best coach in NBA histor…he is a defense. and off. coach

  24. georgej says:

    Lakers should have hired Rick Adela when they had the chance. The guy has made miracles with rag tag teams and no true superstars. Imagine if he had the talent that LA ha son that roster. Princeton or no Princeton his only fault was not being able to overcome Phil Jackson, which has been the hardest thing in basketball for the past two decades.

  25. LOL says:

    Everyone is forgetting about Metta World Peace’s defensive efforts.. Defense shouldn’t be a problem for LA, all they need to work on really is their COMMUNICATION. They need to know to communicate plays efficiently.

  26. Ozen says:

    Thanks for the memories Phil, but it is time to start anew, with most all new players. Every player has a penchant for a certain style of b-ball; but these guys are not best suited for the triangle. No knock Kobe, but with Nash and Dwight, and even Pau, this team needs to destroy teams with the pick and roll offense.
    Phil, I will give you this though; no coach has ever been better at coaching the “mind” of a player better than you. Let’s see if this group can be of one mind in attaining one goal. Because we are here in LA thinking only one thing. CHAMPIONSHIP!

  27. Doneson says:

    As a fan of basketball this is great, lakers are always on TV and now they will be fun to watch.
    Let’s see more MWP alley oop’s!

    For lakers fans this hurts – no phil means no chip we all know that. The reality is it doesn’t matter who was hired once Phil was no longer an option…….

  28. Ozen says:

    Sorry Phil…the lakes just don’t roll like that. They don’t give ANYBODY “”whatever they want.”” Nice try though…

  29. onee says:

    sorry, but lakers need jackson in order to win.

    • Go Lakers! says:

      Phil isn’t the one playing for the Lakers. With a great coach like D’Antoni, the Lakers can still get it done.

  30. hmmmm says:

    Why not Zoidberg?

  31. Boyan says:

    Why not Jackson?

    Because Phil wants to make decisions about the roster. Obviously, the main Laker problem is Kupchak, as he has no idea what he is doing. This the worst team in Laker’s history. It will be a lot of crying in next 10 to 15 games, do not be happy too much because you won Detroit and Kings, 2 worst team in NBA

  32. jty7271 says:

    Good choice. I was so tired of seeing Jackson’s tired Lakers teams. He was so obviously burnt out on coaching that team, and I’m not convinced he’s rekindled the flame yet. D’antoni deserves a shot.I think his system can win, and that he’s gotten some bum deals over the years. I’ve always felt his Suns team was derailed when Kerr traded Marion for the aged Shaq. His Knicks team also seemed to be on the right track until management took away his point guard and basically stripped that team to get Carmelo, a player who probably would have signed with them as a free agent at the end of the season anyway.
    I’m not sure if Jackson’s system would have allowed Nash to shine. His teams historically have never seemed to be point guard based. Lakers need Nash to be Nash and hiring his old coach helps ensure that.

  33. Go Lakers! says:

    I am a huge lakers fan and I went to bed last night thinking that the Zen Master would return to LA… Turns out, I was wrong. What are the lakers thinking hiring Mike D’Antoni instead of 11 time nba champion (as a coach) and winningest coach in nba history, Phil Jackson? D’Antoni is a great coach and deserves to coach in the nba, but in my mind Phil Jackson is the obvious number 1 choice over D’Antoni, who would be number 2.

  34. Phil Jackson says:

    Calm down guys.
    I’ll wait for better offer 😀

  35. jty7271 says:

    Good choice. I was so tired of seeing Jackson’s tired Lakers teams. He was so obviously burnt out on coaching that team, and I’m not convinced that he’s rekindled the flame yet. D’antoni deserves a shot. I thought his Suns team was derailed by Kerr’s trading of Shawn Marion for the aged Shaq. I believe his system can win and that Jackson’s system might not have allowed Nash to shine. They need Nash to be Nash, and hiring his old coach is a good way to ensure that.

  36. Game Time says:

    Phil already declined the offer so there were no negotiations other than:
    Buss: Please Phil.
    Jackson: No.
    Buss: C’mon.
    Jackson: I said no!
    Buss: With a cherry on top.
    Jackson: NO!!!!

  37. Go Lakers! says:

    I am a huge lakers fan and I went to bed last night thinking that the Zen Master would return… Turns out, I was wrong. What are the lakers thinking hiring Mike D’Antoni instead of 11 time nba champion (as a coach) and winningest coach in nba history, Phil Jackson? D’Antoni is a great coach and deserves to coach in the nba, but in my mind Phil Jackson is the obvious number 1 choice over D’Antoni.

  38. justine says:

    I think they should have contacted Jerry Sloan. Jerry has heart and I think thats the best thing the lakers need right now.

  39. cedric says:

    Wow. It’s like your Alma Mater not accepting you back for Graduate Studies. You generate enough revenue to pay the Luxury Tax…but, you don’t dish the cash for a Championship-Winning Coach?

    Lakers deserve EXACTLY what happens to them.

  40. Nicholas says:

    Everyone needs to calm down u guys are acting like the world is going to end dang guys we will see on Tuesday how this team performs ok also its not Mike dAntoni playing defense its the players OK. SO stop camplaining and start being real lakers fan.

  41. Jojo says:

    OMG!!!! Why choose him over Phil Jackson? The good thing is each player can do anything they want because it’s a free-flow offense, and Nash can run the pick and roll with either Dwight or Pau.

    • Game Time says:

      Phil doesn’t want to coach and Lakers can’t simply go out and get whoever they want. Get that through your thick head.

  42. 25bars2life says:

    everyone keeps talking about how Phil was the better choice. You have to remember how complicated the triangle offense is. The Triangle puts the ball out of Nash’s hands. What’s the point of paying Nash (one of the best point guards to ever play) if he won’t be used like he’s supposed to. Now I’m not saying Mike was the best option but he also isn’t that bad of an option. Only time will tell how this all plays out.

  43. masterz says:

    when i heard mike was fired the first name i thought of after phil was D’ANTONI with dwight and nash it would be better than nash and amare back in 06 because dwight is better than amare …… defense will be much better once dwight get to 100 % i think we got a taste of that against sacramento….. and a really good defensive coach would be none other than mike brown lol

  44. loveyancy says:

    Leave the man alone. Let the man retire. The Lakers need their own identity, they can’t lean on Phil forever.

  45. Nuri says:

    Nash will MVP this season 🙂

  46. Patty says:

    I woke up this morning and could not believe what the Lakers organization had the nerve to do.

    How in the world could you had hired D’Antoni to become the coach of the los angeles Lakers? This guy had a melt down in New York and the New York team was disasterous under D’Antoni.

    Laker Nation needs to Protest the hiring of D’Antoni. Stop buying tickets for games at the Staple Center. That move will send a message to Buss & Company.

    Where are you Majic Johnson? We need to hear from you!!!

    We, Laker Nation donot want D’Antoni.

    • Mytownla says:

      Yea because of your proposal to Lakersnation, we definitly will take this into consideration. Dont buy anymore tickets guys, so Mike can get fired lmao. Your an idiot, and thats an understatement. Before you disrespectful morons start wrtiing off Mike, show him some respect and give him a chance. If Kobe and Nash can, then why cant we as fans?

    • Go Lakers! says:

      Yeah, Phil Jackson would be a better choice, but don’t start speaking for all of Lakersnation. Mike is still a great coach, and like Mytownla said, he deserves a chance, and he deserves respect. Not all lakers fans are as stupid and idiotic as you, Patty.

  47. Xavior says:

    The Lakers will have only two years with Kobe and Nash to win a championship. I don’t know why they never considered Larry Brown. He good for two years and he can get the best out of what the Lakers have.

  48. alflex519 says:

    Picked? nope. more like, had-to-take.
    Phil wanted more than coaching, and they did not offer him that.
    Jim Buss is BUSS. he’s letting his son make some bad choices
    i think i’ll watch the Knicks this year.

  49. alflex519 says:

    PICKED? i do not beleive that was the case.
    More like, had-to-take, hahaha!
    dont like this, and Jim Buss will pay down the road.
    but Phil wants his son’s position
    think i’ll keep watching the Knicks this year

  50. Chris says:

    If they don’t pick up McMillan this isn’t going to work much better than having Mike Brown. Not to mention everyone is so gung ho about the Mike D’s chemistry with Nash 8 years ago… can Nash run the same uptempo offense at 39 years old? I guess we’ll see. I don’t know that the triangle was the best option for this team if the princeton offense wasn’t working well, but it’s more about managing the team effectively not the style of play. That’s the concern.

  51. ImJusSayin says:

    I hope it meshes fairly quickly and this Mike doesn’t try to micromanage stars like the last one. My hopes of keeping Bernie at the helm are gone but I guess I was the only person who thought maybe simple would do the trick for an all star team it seems to work everywhere else.

  52. Swish says:

    interesting move by the lakers I think the Lakers would have figured it out with Mike Brown as the coach they would’ve needed some time but in the end they probably would have been better than they will with D’Antoni………Best thing to happen would’ve been getting Phil Jackson though 🙂

  53. Saxmanager says:

    Thanks Lakers….hope things turn out the way they did in New York…..signed, Clips Nation

  54. Jay T says:

    Ya good luck Lakers getting out on the run with Nash and Howard….. Bledsoe and CP3 and The Clip SHow will show you how to do that…!

  55. Nickole says:

    Why so Depressed ?? lets all believe that Mike’ D’ Antoni can handle this studded star players of lakers.. and yeah put some more minutes to jamison coz jamison can shoot 3’s.. defense?? all players know how to D Kobe Nash Howard have a lot of experience in this game .. they know how to deal with their defense !

    • Ibrahim says:

      why so depressed because they are making all the wrong moves. Why not brian shaw before mike brown? why not jerry slone instead of phill jackson or brian shaw. they will get out in second place in the playoffs look at the contending teams. what a joke. booo Jerry Buss please fire your son Jim Buss

      • Mytownla says:

        Did you just say Jerry Sloan instead of Phil Jackson??? Thats where i stopped reading your ignorant comment. stfu and go follow some other sport moron

  56. CSN says:

    It seems like the Lakers are very fond of Mikes. 3 Mikes related to the coaching position. LOL.

  57. Ibrahim says:

    what a shame! I think Jim Buss is not fit to run a team. He is not jerry buss. What a bad pick for the lakers. If not phill jackson then hire jerry slone. Why did you contact him? Poor lakers with jim buss around he will ruin the franchise. what a shame

  58. MJ from OKC says:

    Hell yes! I was really hoping the Lakers wouldn’t get Phil Jackson. Now the Clippers, Denver, and OKC will destroy the Lakers all season long!

    • Mytownla says:

      LMAO really? You honestly believe this huh? Bcuz Phil was the Lakers ONLY hope. Without Phil Lakers might as well sit home and quit every single game since its pointless to play without phil. lmfao you ppl are beyond rediculous and even more disrespectful, or your just simply a laker hater smh

  59. Peter says:

    The Lakers are also trying to make sure Howard does not leave after this season. They know Phil would make him work harder and have less fun on the floor while D’antoni will have playing loose as a goose. This might not translate to a championship this season but it does facilitate keeping the not-yet -serious-about-winning-a-championship Dwight Howard.

    • QuestionMark says:

      A serious coach like Jackson is what Howard needs, it worked for Shaq and Kobe, it can work for Howard. D’Antoni may be able to increase their offense, but their defense will drop, even with Howard, Chandler is a great defender, if D’Antoni couldn’t help the Knicks, he can’t help the Lakers, Melo didn’t play well on D, and now this season under Mike Woodson, the Knicks are 4-0 thanks to defense. Defense wins championships, lets see how well the Lakers play against Miami, OKC, the Spurs and the Clippers, especially in the Playoffs.

  60. Stern H8r says:

    Truth is….it just doesn’t matter. Just a desperate attempt to milk the last little bit of basketball out of a couple of old cows. I feel sad for Nash…but am ready for Kobe to go the way of Isaiah Thomas..bye bye.

  61. borat says:

    nate robinson mvp

    pau gasol dpoy

    lakers champions

    leprawn frames

  62. noyb says:

    Bad move. D’Antoni is too contentious. D over PJAX? Wow, just plain stupid.

    • Lakersfan says:

      What is it that none of you guys get, they didn’t pick D’Antoni over Phil Jax, D’Antoni was the 2nd choice, if they would have been able to work a deal with Jackson, they would have done it, but it wasn’t the case. Read before you make a comment.

  63. benfica says:

    just reading D’antoni wanted to trade melo LOL no wonder he got sacked

  64. Gentledee says:

    This is what I didn’t want to hear “LA Lakers hire Mike D’Antoni…disaster just struck, bad decision…What’s the rush. thumbs down…not a Laker fan anymore…bad choice management

    • Lakersfan says:

      Don’t worry we will welcome you back as a laker fan wen the team star winning, plus one fan leave 3 or more joint the Laker nation fan worl. Good luck where ever team you are rooting for. Are you guys read the whole articles and explonations why we didn’t get Phil, Believe me if the management could have meet Phil’s demands we wouldn’t be having this discussions, and How many years Jerry Sloan coach the Jazz and never won a champion ship, not winning make him a bad coach, No, he is one of the great coaches their is, That’s why team gets a deffensive coach aswell. plus is up to the players to play deffense to. and even if Phil would have come their is no guarantee that we can win this year, next season is more likely to have the championship back, Let’s no freak out let’s be little of a patience. at the end it will be worth it.

    • Mytownla says:

      so basically….. You were never a true fan in the 1st place

  65. Pastorlg says:

    Is there a way this decision can be change now

  66. Ed Gomez says:

    The Lakers offense will be successful, now they need a defensive coach to ensure they also play with the “mentality” and system to make stops at the other end. Look at the Boston Celtics, they have an anchor with Kevin Garnett, why can the Lakers with a much younger Dwight Howard do it? To win championships you got to play “D”.

  67. Pastorlg says:

    Why fire mike brown if you are going to choose D’ Antonio?

  68. Pastorlg says:

    This is ridiculous.

  69. thejerr says:

    really?…….. anyone else feel this is just another step backwards? lets get the only coach available who doesnt preach defense….. wow

  70. tony says:

    I can’t believe the Lakers would hire this guy. He hasn’t won anything and definitely can’t coach defense. I thought we were about RINGS not just making the playoffs. This is unreal!!! I hope they prove me wrong….Oh, one other point, we don’t have a run and gun team!!! So, now what?

  71. cdubbb24 says:

    not so stunning at all when you really think about a couple of things..

    #1 – Phil is a diva & we already have dwight so no need for another. In other words, we need something we can depend on long term, hence the 4 year deal. players want to bond with thier coach & know hes going to be sticking around for a while not out to win a ring(or not) then retire, again.

    #2 – WIN NOW. thats the Lakers plan in a nutshell, who knows Nash better than anyone ? D’antoni

    At least this is how I am trying to rationalize it. LOL

  72. ILostHope says:

    I lost hope of this franchise. Hiring D’Antoni is like bringing back Mike Brown lol.

  73. mavs fan says:


  74. Well says:

    well, i hope in june we are wrong in doubting d’antoni

  75. frenchjujubean says:

    Ok, bad move. I thought that hiring Mike Brown was a bad move. Replacing him by D’Antoni is another bad move. Brown failed in Cleveland, D’Antoni failed in NY. Lakers hired two failers in a row. I like the Celtics, so I’m ok with it 🙂

  76. Drose says:

    Why are you saying Mike d antoni is a bad choice because of defense? its the players playing, not the coach.. Its up to the players if they want to play defense or not.

  77. digitioli says:

    What a mess. Bad to worse. From discipline and a bad plan to no discipline and a bad plan.
    Egos. Jim Buss is losing it, and hiring Phil would have damaged his credibility beyond repairable, if that hasn’t already happened. Shaw deserved Brown’s shot, and again that would make junior buss look bad – never mind it was what was best and right…
    Maybe it’s all BS anyway. Lakers can beat 85% of the teams playing pickup basketball.
    Defense wins championships, and so far they haven’t committed to that regardless of the coach – including Phil.
    Flash over grit. Style over substance. That’s LA in a nutshell.

  78. Mcky says:

    I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I was expecting that somehow, Jackson was gonna return. But dang, D’Antoni? No offense, but c’mon Lakers Management! Or more specifically, JIM BUSS! Are you trying to make this team a lottery team? Yeah sure this team is built to win, but the decision you’re making for the organization is making them built to loss. You’ve got to do better than this!

  79. Jody says:

    Kids making an adult decision. Mike D? hum I guess I have the same question as everyone else. Who’ll stress defense? I guess it’s run and showtime without the defense. You beat Sac, GS, and Detroit and everyone is happy. maybe they’ll play Youngstown State next. Somebody stress defense, please.

  80. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    good choice by the lakers to hire mike d’antoni as their new head coach…brings more energy and movement to the lakers offense…now steve nash will be the steve nash we know in phoenix and use the advantage that dwight have…now lakers are serious contender in the west…

  81. W/E says:

    So the lakers will score 120 and give 140 every night….no ring for the crippled old lakers this year,at least they r gunna be fun to watch,good for the other team fans…

    • Mytownla says:

      Sooooo…… this ignorant prediction is based off of the new Coach, or is this ignorant prediction based off of your hatred for the lakers?

      • W/E says:

        based on the new coach and of course the fact that injuries and old age are the major factors that slow down players especially on the defencive end.

  82. jerikobe says:

    balance …. defense,offense,coaching,players…teamwork

  83. RA says:

    I rather pick coach JERRY SLOAN, he can mor handle a star studded lineup, and for coach D’Antoni give mor playing time for Jamison and Meeks to solidify their bench!!!

    • metta says:

      this is the right choice. think about it, the struggled on this complicated princeton and it has similarities with the triangle

  84. Kobe says:

    Well they got me a coach, next time I will coach the team myself before Howard demands a trade because of franchise instability. Let’s go Kobe…I mean Lakers!

  85. LAL_ron says:

    I’m too excited when Phil has the chance to be back in L.A but with due respect I do love coach D’Antoni and I think it is a right choice for LAL to be their coach and KOBE and PAU can co exist with the system of coach MIKE. It will be a learning process and I do believe they can take the TITLE!

  86. carl horton says:

    stupid move Mike does not match up to Phil. If the Lakers want to win now do not pick a guy who has not won in his career over a guy who been winning his whole career.

    • Mytownla says:

      Really? You idiots are beyond misinformed. Obviously if a deal couldve been done between La and Phil, then Buss wouldve got it done. But since you are retarded and unaware, ill educate you of the situation… Phil Jackson was asking to have what Pat Riley has in Miami. He wanted to own 2% of the team, have his own say-so in what happens within the organization, he wanted limitations on how many road games he would have to travel, and so much more. Because of all of this, and more im pretty sure, the Lakers were not able to meet all of Phils MANY requirements, therefor, they went with plan B. So before you idiots go out saying the lakers were stupid for not picking Phil, read up on the details before you make your ignorance public to the world, otherwise stfu and learn something, morons.

      • neo says:

        i didnt know about Phil’s demands. that’s too much. if im buss, i will not agree to that as well. screw that. d’antoni is a great coach, but i prefer brian shaw. he knows Phil’s system. still a great pickup for the Lakers.

  87. bj says:

    seems like second best choice, and do not see Lakers winning this year.
    Spurs, Thunder & Grizzlies will beat them

  88. John says:

    The Phoenix Suns never won a championship.

    Yes, they scored 130 points every night off 50 three pointers.

    But they didn’t play defense. And that’s why they lost.

    The Lakers barely have defense. Now, they’ll score tremendously.

    But still have no defense. >_<

  89. osman says:

    If Phil wants the moon, give him the moon!!!!!!!

    • Mytownla says:

      Yea kuz thats an easy choice to make right? U talking like u know all of the details of what Jackson wants stfu the Lakers made the best best decision possible for the organization ppl need to stop dissing Mike for his lack of coaching when it comes to defense (WE HAVE A 3TIME DPOY) I believe Mike will help enhance the chemistry this team is already in the works of building nothing but positive can come from this Coach. Maybe if Phil wasnt demanding the Moon and more, it would have been possible for La La land to wheel him in

  90. jef says:

    I never understood why they did not hire Brian Shaw in the first place why not now

  91. MSaleh says:

    I have all the respect in the world for D’Antoni, however Phil was the best chocie I believe the lakers should’ve went with.
    I really do hope I could be wrong at the end of the season……

  92. John Doe says:

    I hope this works out – otherwise I would feel very sorry for the players. I hope for D’Antoni that he can coach some defense – otherwise he will be gone in a couple of weeks as well…

  93. Black Mamba says:

    Bold decision by the Lakers and the right one. Showtime is back in L.A.

    Dwight and Nash will thrive with D’Antoni and Kobe has matured enough and lost enough the past couple of years to buy into the system. Gasol may have the hardest adjustments to make but believe me, it’s on now.

  94. lexius says:

    Defense is gonna be an issue, if it’s him coaching, defense wins championships remember?

    • amitpal says:

      With dwight howard u dont really need to coach defense. People forget its not that the old phoenix suns didnt play defense they just couldnt get the rebound. They were a terrible rebounding team and now they have dwight and pau. My concern is steve nash is not the samw nash he was in his mvp days. I dont know if nash can still run for 30 minutes a game without getti g tired

      • Game Time says:

        So is Dwight going to guard five guys? Defense is still a collective effort by the team. Yeah, Howard helps to boost their defense down low, but what happens when you have to defend a perimeter shooting team? Also, the Suns have Pau and Dwight now? I get what you’re saying: Nash & D’Antoni. Still the team is completly different so you can’t suggest things work out the way they were then with a boost in rebounds an defense. It’s a older/injured Nash, and this team can’t run with the best of them.

      • kILLarifIC says:

        it actually is that the suns couldnt play defense.. defensive rebounding is a part of defense and they couldnt do either. they were scoring a bunch of points but they were also giving up a bunch of points. amare was never a good on ball defender, neither was nash or diaw. i believe barbosa and bell were their 2 best deenders and they played pretty much the same poisition.
        dwight howard alone is not going to make up for steve nash. world peace defense has gone down tremendously these past 2 seasons as well as kobes.. paul gasols defense has also declined the past 2 seasons and their bench is horrible beside jordan hill. maybe had they spent the money they spent on nash on a defensive pg they have a legit chance

  95. Dennis Sehgal says:

    It is really not a good move by the Lakers organization to hire Mike Dantoni… with all due respect , he couldnt manage a star studded NYK lineup last season and how will he manage a bigger star studded line up in LA… Phil would have been the perfect fit to run the current Lakers Roster

    • Adam Schauer says:

      Mike couldn’t handle the Knicks cause he is mostly a pick and roll type of coach and the Knicks never really had a true point guard that could run it. Mike made it to 3 straight Western Finals with Nash in Phoenix and I expect him to do better this year with the Lakers

      • kILLarifIC says:

        seems like some people are giving a little too much credit to the head coaches. someone said dantoni tookem to 3 western confernces.. steve nash tookem to 3 straight western conferences. steve nash was in his prime and probably could have taken many teams to the wetsern conference finals. imagine if he would have stayed in dallas.. dallas would have made it to about 7 straight western conference finals.. mike brown is not a great coach,, in cleveland lebron james is the person who carried the team as far as they went.. so now what? spoalstras a great coach becuase lbj,wade, and bosh won the championship? steve nash has been a great nba player but due to his defense im not sure he can ever win a ring..

    • Glee217 says:

      Agree but it says Phil wants a bigger role much more than just coaching. With mike it will be run and gun with older stars and superstars lol.

  96. Chester says:

    yep ol Nate would do fine

  97. jlg24601 says:

    Knicks made the playoffs in 2010-2011 in Amare and Carmelo’s first season, with D’Antonio as coach.

    • tkt1079 says:

      Yes NYK made the playoffs the first season with D´Antoni but LAKERS has roster not just to make playoffs but win the tittle, but we will see how is it going

      • Rob says:

        There lineup looks good but their defensive problems out weigh that. They need to be able to lock down a team on defense that is better than the sacramento kings. Until that happens i dont even know if theyll make it past the semi’s. San Antonio will run circles around them, OKC, memphis would dominate, clippers have better defense and they wouldnt be able to handle chris paul, … basically any team with a good guard has a good chance against them. They’ll have an alright season record by the end..not jumping the gun and saying theyre going to be a bust but they wont win a championship till they fix their defensive problems

  98. PippenAin'tEasy says:

    PLEASE HIRE A DEFENSIVE STRATEGIST, L.A. That’s just what they need. *cough* Nate McMillan *cough*