Mike Brown Fired As Lakers Coach

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The consensus is that it takes 15-20 games to really evaluate how good or bad a team is. Mike Brown didn’t get nearly that long.

USA Today’s Sam Amick was the first to report that Brown has been fired as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers after a disappointing 1-4 start.

The Lakers made it official a short time later with a terse press release:

“This was a difficult and painful decision to make,” said [general manager Mitch] Kupchak. “Mike was very hard-working and dedicated, but we felt it was in the best interest of the team to make a change at this time. We appreciate Mike’s efforts and contributions and wish him and his family the best of luck.”

Less than 48 hours ago, Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss gave Brown a vote of confidence. Either Buss was lying through his teeth, or he — or someone around him — had a serious change of heart.

According to TNT’s David Aldridge, Brown’s camp believes the decision to let him go came straight from Lakers owner Jerry Buss and not from his son, Jim, or general manager Kupchak and without any influence from Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant.

While it’s easy to blame the slow start on the Princeton offense that Brown decided to put in this summer, the Lakers actually have played better offensively (where they rank sixth through Thursday’s games) than defensively (23rd). And their problems really lie with their lack of depth; L.A.’s starting lineups — with either Steve Nash or Steve Blake — have outscored their opponents by 35 points over their five games.

But ultimately, it was Brown that took the fall.

Early speculation on possible coaches to replace Brown centers on former Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, former Lakers assistant (currently with the Indiana Pacers) Brian Shaw, former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and, most prominently, former Lakers coach Phil Jackson. But Aldridge reports that the Lakers are not seriously considering Jackson.

Current Lakers assistant Bernie Bickerstaff will take the reins on an interim basis when the Lakers host the Golden State Warriors tonight. According to Aldridge, the Lakers are still working on a list of possible replacements. Bickerstaff may or may not be on that list.


  1. MJ from OKC says:

    I may be eating my words soon because the media is acting like Phil is about to accept. Who knows.

    If he does they could do some things… big things…

  2. vivigirl says:

    if phil and the lakers cannot reach an agreement, what about kurt rambis as the next laker coach? he was being groomed as phil’s replacement before he went to Minn

  3. Oz says:

    Lakers are just useless!!!

  4. Oz says:

    Lakers can’t win without Phil Jackson!


  5. Kobe-Dwight-Pau-Nash-Jodie@Manila says:

    At last, my dreams came true.. They did not wait for a 1-41 standing.. Nop Eric.. The bench is kinda ok.. It really is the coach.. He deserve to be fired.. Look at his record.. 1-12.. It is also GM’s fault of not acquiring Shaw in the first place..

  6. MJ from OKC says:

    This is a text book example of why everyone hates the Lakers. Hire superstars, fail, fire the coach after 5 games. They act like they deserve a championship.

    Look at the more professional teams just destroy the Lakers. They don’t have a clue about basketball anymore. Whats funny is that in the year 2012 any pro NBA team can be beaten on any night because the league is improved, small market managements have had a long time to study the things large markets do right and wrong.

    I feel bad for Kobe, Nash, Gasol, and Howard. They are such great players.

    I feel Mike Brown was fired in direct relation to the hay day that the sports media was having with the 2012 Lakers. With the firing of the coach they look like they are making changes but I hate to tell them, the season has already started. Hiring a new coach and treating each game like a practice is going to yield interesting results.

    I would be extremely surprised if Phil Jackson accepted. The mention of his name by Kupchek is almost proof that Browns firing was the result of media attention. Fans hear that and theyre like “yeah bring back Phil.”

    Can you imagine that conversation? “Phil would you like to coach our team, we have a solid roster, its early in the season we need help. Would you mind tarnishing your record as the most legendary coach ever by accepting our coaching contract”

  7. S says:

    Mike Brown just can’t coach. Can’t coach in Cleveland and can’t coach in LA.

  8. Da Baws says:

    I like Bickerstaff, he’s a good teacher of the game. But a team with TONS of star power needs a coach that commands respect.

  9. mike248 says:

    us as laker fans want phil jackson to come back, we not only want phil jackson, we need phil jackson. he would be the best fit, he would probably install the triangle offense again, which the lakers are used to, and there star player and leader (kobe bryant) is familiar with him and likes him, the lakers need to get jackson, and soon

  10. Eric of Philippines says:

    In fairness to Coach Brown, what laker lack is their bench production. Not solely poor coaching job but rather poor 2nd unit helped, offense wise..

  11. NBAMr.Guy says:

    For me . I would choose Charles Barkley. He’s a good player , maybe would be a good coach also . GO FOR CHARLES BARKLEY =)

  12. Check it out. Languages says:

    Going to be a tough year for the lakers. Cool everyone is chanting Phil, but phil would be foolish to come back. It would be way too exhausting for him to ride the roller coaster ride. Bring in shaw and let him have a go. You can bring back the triangle offense, get Kobe involved and bring back show time… But Phil may want the glory and the huge paycheck and buss may want to give the fans what they want.

  13. Giovanni says:

    I’m sorry that Mike Brown has been fired by LAL. I don’t know if he was the right coach for them but he’s a very good person, one of the best in the basketball world, he didn’t deserve that treament. I hope he can be on another bench soon. Anyway, i vote for D’Antoni as new head coach.

  14. Jordjy says:

    Finnally Mike Brown is gone…..Time for winning

  15. SDF says:

    Wow, that escalated quickly.

    I’m not really thinking about who’s going to coach or not, but i’ll be happily seeing the Lakers get back on track from the friday’s win over the warriors. I’m sure they’ll be saying that too.

    Not really sure about phil Jackson, but if he agrees to return, then we all know what’s going to happen.

    For Mike Brown, good bye!!

    P.S: I think Kobe knows why Lebron James actually signed with the Heat when Mike Brown was coaching him and the cavs. We feel you cleveland fans.

  16. myztic says:

    it was time they fire brown….
    what was lakers thinking????

  17. le_guy says:

    maybe they can get earvin magic johnson to coach?

  18. Poly says:

    That escalated quickly!

  19. Heat fans says:

    If kobe do not play solo,how could he helps lakers get points?
    He is a good player.We should support Kobe.No matter what happend to him

  20. calvin says:

    thank God that the lakers had finally fired coach brown.
    now the lakers should get B. Shaw as their coach.

    and also they should waive Cris Duhon and get Rafer Alston as a back up point guard.
    they also need a shooting guard like Gilbert Arenas and Eddie House
    or i prefer a Power Forward like K. Martin
    they should form a deep bench to keep the offense flowing.
    if they get Alston and Arenas and if the both of them will get the playing time they need then the lakers are the team to beat and not the heat.

    please lakers GM please please read this…

  21. Gentledeeh says:

    LA Lakers Management PLEASE DO NOT HIRE MIKE D’ANTONI…it will be another disaster. Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw hmmm…Larry Brown?

  22. Slender says:

    Thank God. Now all the Lakers need to do is get rid of MWP for a I don’t know, a 2020 second round pick and hire either Jackson, D’Antoni, or Sloan.

  23. Eric Heung fm HKG says:

    Do wishing Lakers give Brian Shaw a chance !!! Please Please @@
    As he knows Kobe well and knowledge the Triangle Offense which is Kobe would like to work on it again.

  24. Kobe says:


  25. drick says:

    Thats what im sayin,,New Coach New Line up,,its done,,MIAMI REPEAT,,

  26. hagonoy says:

    bshaw knows kobe and his weakness.b shaw can adjust in certain situations coz he was a former laker with kobe,and so if there is any coach that would fit into lakers style of play it would be brian shaw.

  27. mz says:

    great job for LA Lakers to fired Brown.. He is not a good coach since in Cleveland…I d don’t like his still of coaching ability… He don’t know how to handle his supper star players… But for me if Brian Shaw would be the Lakers coach its good or back Phil Jackson as a coach they are allot of potential to win again NBA Champions…

  28. A Scheuey says:

    Derek Fisher player coach

  29. A Scheuey says:

    Has anyone considered Nate McMillan

  30. Macubexx says:

    wow.. never know that death stare causes fire too! hhahaha

  31. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Is it me or there are really a bunch of idiots out there?? Who thinks that firing a coach after a 1-4 start is “normal”??
    Lakers management say that “it was a painful decision to make”: but early at this time of the season, how can you even think about firing your coach???? So stupid, it’s disgusting and very crazy. With all the newcomers, it’s normal to give a time to adjust and 5 games are nothing, especially when L.A. played only with Nash for 1.5 games.

    Honestly, there is no love for coaches! They are the first to have their head cut, even if they are not necessarily the only cause of a team’s troubles!!!

  32. LOL Mike D'Antoni says:

    Lol, who ever keeps saying D’Antoni would solve everything is a complete idiot. The Lakers aren’t athletic enough to run a transition offense let alone they can’t even keep a solid consistent defense.. Smh..

  33. Jasmoove says:

    The Lakers should also consider Coach Mike Brown, Sam Mitchell too

  34. Jasmoove says:

    The lakers fired Mike Brown they forgot World Peace??

  35. Andhi Priono says:

    that’s why, LBJ won’t get any ring with Mr. Brown..

  36. LA lakers boy says:

    tthey did a good job. Mike Brown is a stupid coach. we want Phil Jackson back.

  37. kenpachi says:

    haha give no.6 to kobe

  38. Phil Jackson is the only coach that can run the triangle office with these players an also teach the office flawlessly go lakers come on you can do it

  39. DELTON says:


  40. jovs says:

    why not try mike d’antoni? may be he can maximize the talents that lakers have.

  41. Robert P says:

    another 3peat-Jerry sloan.

  42. AllstarJJ says:

    Bring back Phil Jackson.. he’s the best option… He’s the best in the list of becoming the head coach of LAL..

  43. LA says:

    Shutttt upppppppppp!! Its the beginning of the year, of course they’ll have obstacles, just like the HEAT!! losing to the Mavericks lol come on now, the MAVERICKS!! lol

  44. glyceman says:

    it still doesn’t resolve anything concerning the bench

  45. Croat says:

    One thing:
    1. you are the worst 3-point team in the league.
    2. you bring jodie meeks as 3-point shooter
    3. jodie meeks plays 5 minutes per game.
    Who is crazy here?

    There is only one good thing about the lakers – and that is they sacked Brown rather sooner than later.

  46. specialfriedrice says:

    LOL, who really deserves that COY award that Mike Brown has Lebron or Mike Brown..? ahhh the Lakers…this season has been along time coming and it will get even better when Dwight Howard walks at the end of the season LOL.

  47. Clark says:

    Just bring back Phil J.

  48. Oniball says:

    D’Antoni please. So that Howard and Pau Gasol can do great things for me in my fantasy games. I’m also anti-Lakers.

  49. LakersSUHK says:

    Guess what LAL? An interim head coach is NOT the answer. What a joke.

  50. Hey! Im YOU..yeah me.. says:

    its better if they hired Phil Jackson again…

  51. Frank says:

    It will come better time to LA this sr don have news ideas about chemistry about stars team

  52. RakAttaQ says:

    I want DENNIS RODMAN to coach the Lakers!!! Make all of them enforcers!!!

    You will only beat them once, but after that win or lose, the opposing team will be crippled bwahahahahaha!!!!

  53. The Law says:

    Bring on D’Antoni! Then Nash will become the line-up leader, play like in good times in PHX, but better times today in LAL, since there’s big man – DH – who’s hungrier than Nash.

  54. Cameron Dyer says:

    They Need to pay Phil a few million dollars, sign him to a 2 year contract and Phil will take us to the championship. We have a perfect team, were just lacking the coaching staff in the coaching aspect. Bring back Phil and that will add another year to the banners in the Rafters.

  55. darius27 says:

    Trade Steve Blake. Waive him. Pick up some under rated PG free agents. He is useless to the team. Phil is best. J. Sloan could work. D’Antoni, not a good fit even for the run and gun. (Didn’t win a championship) You can get derek fisher as coach.

  56. German Rigesti says:

    I the Lakers are to pick a Coach like this nation picked its President, the answer is clear, the most inexperienced, with the worst reccord but a nice smile, and with a lot of hope this franchise will shine agai.

  57. Rick says:

    Lakers are luck they played Detroit, they would be 0 in 5 if they played any other team instead

  58. Sunsman says:

    I may be wrong but this is how it may have played out.

    Buss says Brown is secure….. Kobe is MAD…. hears Buss’s comments – calls up Buss and give him the low down – ie I’m not interested in playing for Brown get rid of him…. Brown get fired. Kobe has that much power.

    Next step – D’Antoni, bring Nash off bench and get him to pick n roll with Hill (anyone say next Amare or Gortat), as Blake is doing ok with starters, Lakers just need good offense with the bench unit and Nash with athletic aggressive take it to the hole big is a very proven formula which will keep Nash fresh for playoffs.

  59. jayworski says:

    mike d antoni he coached steve nash b4

  60. mismack says:

    nothing will change even if they hired sloan jackson d’antoni or even Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. This laker team is not a title contender team. they cant even make it to the play offs i think. denver is better than them ^^ real talk

  61. Mark says:

    Stan Van would be THE best man available for the job… Of course, there’s nearly seven feet and 270 pounds of reasons as to why that simply won’t happen.

  62. soundgraphx says:

    This is the Laker’s way of “doing” something. For now, that means keeping the players they have. Instead of trading Gasol, they are firing Brown. Which means for now, they want to make this experiment of players going.

  63. GOSTEVENASH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

    lakers need to be friends and work together that will be key

  64. Rg15 says:

    Either way you go Sloan or D’Antoni, they will go to the playoffs as an elite contender. Not only did D’Antoni always give the Lakers problems in the playoffs but he has the right players for his offense. Sloan also has the right players for his offense. Either way both good decisions.

  65. keithmon says:

    Kobe player/coach ?

  66. M. James says:

    Let’s not ever bring Mike D’Antoni into the conversation. He couldn’t get Carmelo a ring.

  67. ginopr says:

    Bring Phil Jackson BACK!!!!

  68. ginopr says:

    Bring Phil Jackson BACK!!!

  69. M. James says:

    I never liked the idea of Mike Brown being in L.A.. He was the reason for the Cleveland debacle. The fact is LeBron foresaw that the end result in Cleveland would’ve been an unattained championship. The GM in L.A. was just quicker on his draw, “Nothing personal, just business”.

  70. Laker 4 Life says:

    Betcha Kobe’s got the song “MR. POTATOE HEAD, I MADE YOU!!!” stuck in his head right now HAH!!!

    Guy’s, Laker’s and Boston have been schooling the other NBA teams for decades with 33 titles between them, 17 for Boston and 16 for the Lakers. We’ve been making history and breaking records since 1971, it’s like they say, you can’t have the sunshine without the rain. Chicago and every other team who’s won any championships have 6 or less titles, not to mention Miami with 2 HEHEHE!!! It would take Lebron, Bosh, Wade, and Miami 14 straight championship years just to catch up to the Lakers, maybe they can start by trying to beat Chicago’s 6 titles first, baby steps right, but good luck with all that lol, and stick that on your calendar for motivation every year Miami fans…LMFAO!!! Oh yeah, and as far as money goes, I believe they used phrases like “dwarfs all other nba teams” when it comes to the Lakers new TV deal, of oh what was it, only A COUPLE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS over the next couple years I believe 🙂


    Toodlez HAHAAAAA!!!



  71. 337NBAChad says:

    I think Mike was a good coach. Not a Championship caliber 1. Still in all, this is a tasteless move by Lakers GM Kupcheck! Kobe must have wanted him gone…my guess.

  72. DWM says:

    Arthur got fired.

  73. john says:

    nothing wrong with benchjamison & steve blake is the best back-up point guard in the nba

  74. kay says:

    that’s right thing lakers did, they should fired him last season.
    no matter what to say to mike, he didnt lead lakers to right track, he didnt do well on prinston, and he did not caoch well to his team.

  75. Realist says:

    Wow, that escalated quickly.

    It really is all in vain, Miamis winning this season again.

  76. Rodrigue says:

    Is the new coach coming in with a new squad or he’s gonna be dealing with that same group of lazy and lousy players? I won’t be long before we fire him too. Those guys need a lot of motivational boosting than anything else.

  77. stan says:

    How about hiring Stan VanGundy as L.A. head coach? After what Dwight did to him, I think Karma would have D12 eat some humble pie!

  78. jj says:

    Mike Brown offense is so ugly. It’s so painful seeing the Lakers cannot score with that kind of roster they got. I can’t even see pick n rolls which Nash dominates seasons ago. -_-

  79. jerikobe says:

    wow, would be this considered as a new guinness world of record??? 5 days of coaching!!!ahhahahah..now i believe that internet is really essential too for us fans to post our opinions!!!!

  80. Lol says:

    Bring back Stan Van Gundy to piss Howard off… That would be fantastic! Kobe and SVG

  81. jem says:


  82. DH - D12 says:

    Can’t teach on old dog new stuf .

  83. Sami says:

    This is STUPID they played just 5 games and S. Nash only played a full game and he will make a different once he’s a 100%. I just don’t understand why they fired him. First of all it’s not the Coach fault that they are 1-4, it’s becuz they have the worst bench in the NBA. So, I think they just make a stupid mistake. Whoever is the next coach he won’t change a thing becuz they still have the worst bench players.

  84. DH - D12 says:

    DH here to let you all know am out in April . I am not going to wait 3 years to run this team . I need it now. An that not going to happen so am out in April . Didn’t ask to come here. (Love me or hate me ) the problem is not Brown . The problem is 24 need to know he is closer to 42 than 24.

  85. Kobaz says:

    BRING BACK PHILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Alessandro says:

    Also, someone is invoking a Phil jackson return…this is not a good idea….Don Nelson maybe is better

  87. Alessandro says:

    I really don’t’ think that the real problem of LA is the coach….the roster is “tired”….

  88. The kid says:

    Firing brown was the 1st step now hire jerry Sloan , trade gasol for Brandon Jennings n John henson or ilyasova then amnesty Artest, then search the d league for s Blake’s replacement

  89. john says:

    shaq should get the job, he would be a great coach

  90. digitioli says:

    How can somebody get a job coaching in the NBA and not be able to coach offense?! WTF? and you have 4 offensive all-stars?
    The Lakers admitted they made a huge mistake, and better to do that now than waiting any longer after a complete fail.
    He has to be the worst at managing minutes of anyone I’ve ever seen, and that has a lot to do with bench production.
    Bickerstaff will do WAY better in the interim – he has the respect of the vets, has been there, and he understands the game in all phases. He could be the best choice at this point. Sloan – no way. D’Antoni – no way. Coach K would be my first choice for the long haul: good man, understands the game, no BS, and plays to the strengths of what he has to work with.
    Seriously doubt Phil will – maybe Jenny can probably persuade him… and why isn’t she running the team anyway?

  91. Maciek says:

    Best decision ever go Brian Shaw

  92. Girl Knowz BBall says:

    FINALLY Coach Brown is gone. His decisions weren’t in the best interest of the team. He chose the Princeton offense which obviously was a bust and he didn’t do anything about it, all the while the Lakers were suffering with losses. As a Coach what you do for your team has to be effective and in the best interest of the organization. The Princeton offensive was a horrible and ultimately fatal decision for Coach Brown. It cost him his job! Worst decision ever made by a Coach to implement that kind of offense with the type of line up the Lakers have. The Princeton offense strips away positions on the court, so there is no Point Guard, Center, Power Forward, etc. The offense relies on screens, and movement of players until someone eventually is open and can take a shot. Not needed when you have Steve Nash running point, Bryant as your shooting guard, Howard as your center, and Gasol as your forward. There was too much talent on that team to water it down with an offense that stifled the capability of the Lakers. It’s all about doing what works and not imposing your will on a team. Mike Brown should have recognized this and switched up his game plan, but he didn’t. He chose to stick with something that didn’t work. The Lakers worked hard to get Dwight Howard, and before the season is over they have to convince him to stay. Mike Brown was doing way more damage than just hurting the Laker’s record… he wasn’t making a great impression on their new star center, nor was he utilizing Howard for his true potential. With 77 games left in the season not counting tonight’s game against Golden State, the Lakers have enough time to undo the damage and make the playoffs. Diagnosing a problem early and treating it immediately gives the best results. Lakers management fired Coach Brown fairly quickly, and in my opinion it was the right thing to do. The goal is to contend for a title. let’s not make that goal so far out of reach that in the process we also lose a shot at keeping Dwight Howard. A lot was on the line, and much was at stake, and in the end Mike Brown’s decision proved to be detrimental and too risky to the Laker’s and their mission!

  93. alex says:

    the writining was in the wall since the team unceremonial exit last year.bring in the clownS,go clipp

  94. Laker fan says:

    Just bring Phil back, DH has already the chair waiting for him!

  95. beyKrewz says:

    The players should be accountable for the loss.
    Too bad the coach always takes the fall.

    Remember when these Lakers got swept by the Mavs?? 4-0 anyone?!
    Did someone put the blame on ‘the Zen Master’??

    If Kobe never learns what the word ‘sacrifice and unselfishness’ means and don’t let Nash or Howard get the most touches,
    this team is set for disappointment and won’t even get past the first round.
    Nash is so eefective when he is orchestrating the offense and gets the ball 70% of the time.
    Hate Miami or not but their superstars know how to play off the ball and that’s the key to success.

  96. herp derp says:

    Sloan is way too old and can’t adapt to the new style of play in the Nba. The Jazz were going downhill fast with Sloan as the coach. If I were the Lakers management I’d pay Phil Jackson whatever it takes to get him to come back and win a couple more championships.

  97. Josh Winslow says:

    Why no Kurt Rambis in the new coach mix?

  98. fermattei says:

    The players will not respect any another coach besides Jerry Sloan or Phill Jackson…

  99. Adri says:

    Brown was a humble and decent man. He led Cavaliers twice in the top East Conference only with one great player LB James.Desperate people trying to point the finger in the wrong direction.Kobe,Gasol and Nash are all three corpses.They cannot win the title. Be realistic people.The worst has not arrived yet

  100. John Stocton says:

    Hire Vlade Divac!

  101. JESS says:


  102. Desmond says:

    I swear he is A bad Coach He screwed up with the cavs and did not give king james a ring I love my lakers but he is not a coach for nba more like college or high school

  103. Rich says:

    SVG ! Then let’s have a camera following Dwight all the time.

  104. Raphajiujitsu says:

    Go Magic hahahahaah….

  105. JESS says:


  106. ninersnation says:

    to the lebronheat fan, lebron will never be Kobe, Kobe never had to sell out to win and isnt smug about his accomplishments, Lebrons s a sellout who woulda just been all stats at the end of his career and no rings had he not sold out…Kobe has a killer instinct and ia clutch, lbj is a choke artist!

  107. sanchez says:

    good, Mike Brown is without doubt, the worst coach in the history of basketball. Good ridence to bad rubbish.

  108. mike says:

    i wish all u people on kobes nuts would realize hes not that good…he can score and thats about it …he cant win without a great coach and great players around him…hes nothing but a crybaby ball hog thats dying to match jordan in rings even tho hes not half of what jordan was

  109. kD says:

    D all the way baby ain’t no lakers gonna step in front of okc no matter salon walks or d’antoni

  110. Everyone forgot... says:

    Jeff Van Gundy!
    A very good candidate.

  111. t-truth says:

    this is proving how kobe is no where near m.j. as far as leadership and knowing how to play once ur youth leaves you. kobe had coach brown fired after he acted like a diva after the jazz loss.

    • to bad ballhog says:

      So true, Kobe’s probably mad cause he finally realized he can’t be MJ.
      No more rings for ol man Bryant lol

  112. t-truth says:

    i love all the suggestions the “lakers” should do from people with no coaching background let alone nba level experience. lol clowns, end of the day someone takes the fall for a bad team and brown had to be that guy.

  113. Hary says:

    Phil Jackson will be the best thing for the Lakers again and with the famous triangle offence and Howard at center that’s a formula to a Championship.

  114. idk says:

    stan van gundy

  115. bostonalston says:

    so we all know that people want to see the vet coaches out their but like they said all you need is defense and mike brown offense was working out so just bring in phil jakson even though he doesnt have a good view about talented point guards he will shine some light on the defense and with some possible moves with the bench trading or some great defenders it will be a plus for the lakers to try 2 get someone like ronnie brewer or sefalosha

  116. whycomment says:

    i dont even like the lakers but OK WE ALL NE THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. winless in the pre season 1-4 start. sometimes players dont fit together but sometimes coaches dont eather. lets face it no one on the lakers is playing there style of game and in this case its the system put in place by BROWN but also he has no control over the superstars he was given.DWIGHT LAUGHT AT HIM WHEN HE WAS ASKED TO GO BACK IN THE GAME. REALLY!!! HE DIDNT HAVE CONTROL OVER KOBE LAST YEAR WHEN WHEN KOBE WAS UNHAPPY EATHER SO YOUR GONE.

    oh and dude you can post up dantonis name all you want but hes bad the team will go from 23 to worst on D i say
    PHILL,JERRY OR EVEN NATE. Phill and Jerry are 2 of the best in history but if not them i say nate. if he can bring together a beat up blazers team that had a broken down brandon roy and a still developing aldrage i think he will do just fine

  117. Madels says:

    Jerry Sloan is perfect for the Lakers team couch right now. Mike DiAntoni is speedy type lakers don’t have the legs to do his style so, I say DiAntoni is perfect for the team.

  118. Joaquin says:

    Mike D’antoni or Jerry Sloan, they fir better with the current roster than Phil Jackson does.

  119. vitwater says:

    Lebron didn’t need a good coach to win a championship! to think that Kobe always rely on phil jackson. Funny!

  120. vitwater says:

    Lebron didn’t a good coach to win a championship! to think that Kobe always rely on phil jackson. Funny!

  121. Joseph_03 says:

    While we’re at it, why not get trade for athletic wing player(s). We need one or two more. it’s win now mode ain’t it?
    Because anyway we go we need more foot speed. If the Lakers eventually hire Mike D, then we all know its going to be the seven seconds or less offense, we need guys to run along with Nash Kobe is 34 and Metta ain’t really a sprinter at this stage of his career. Nor are Jamison and Blake.

    If we go the Sloan way, and the pick and roll master needs more speed since the offense will be moving quite a bit more and his system really has fast breaks as a major concept, Malone was the best running PF of all time not just the pick and roll partner of stockton.

    Phil is a great coach but the current collection of players specially for Nash do not really scream Triangle.

    At the end of the day, the Lakers need speed, they can’t defend if they can stay with their man. Moreso when opponents are already dunking at the rim with the nearest laker is still at half court or when opposing players slice and navigate the defense as if he was guarded by trees.

  122. Jacko says:

    LA should have at least given Brown until Christmas before pulling the trigger !

  123. italyman says:

    “mmm..how can we tell him…ok.
    who is a lakers member,a step forward.Mike? where da f**k are you going?!”

  124. JDL says:

    Hahaha!!! Let’s get Stan Van Gundy to coach and see how Dwight handles it…

  125. team says:

    Kobe always rely on phil jackson. I remember when jackson step out as a coach and lakers couldnt make it to the playoffs for few season. now for sure he’s asking the Laker management to bring him back. hahahha that’s funny cause he’s nothing without good players and a good coach around him. Lebron made it to the finals with mike brown just so u guys know.

  126. Chitolakwshow says:

    Mike brown didn’t even know how to use the bench,Chris duhon is much better of a pg than Steve Blake n he didn’t give duhon no type of seconds lol

  127. mike says:

    he wasnt even the problem….kobe is the problem…when he takes over 20 shots a game the lakers lose….kobe will never be jordan or lebron…kobe is selfish and doesnt make his teammates better

  128. Bok says:

    Hopefully they can work a deal with Sloan. As how I see it they (especially Howard & Nash) will thrive on pick & roll & will be very lethal with Kobe, Blake & Meeks on the wings. D’Antoni, if willing, can be the Offensive coordinator & insert his run & gun, just wishful thinking.

  129. team says:

    Don’t you get it LA? Kobe is the problem.

  130. bu says:

    D’Antoni’s offense system should work well & get support fm most of the players. However it’ll not be effective during playoffs. Shaw is unproven & no one else can manage the big ego of Kobe or Howard’s carefree style. Sloan will not work, as he’s a small market team work style coach where Kobe will not bite & they don’t hv enough role players to work.

    Lakers in a no win situation, with this roster.

  131. DownGoesBrown says:

    It’s not that he lost 4 out of the first game. That’s understandable since players are new, etc. Its the fact that he adopted an incompatible offense that no one bought into and tried to force feed it. Even if they ‘performed better’ the turnovers and confusion was monumental. And the fact that he STILL didn’t have a working rotation was just said. A player like Jodie Meeks gets 13 mins one game and no mins the next. He was weirdly inconsistent and his ‘big changes’ weren’t big at all. When you have to bank on moving Metta to the bench to play SG!!!…..you just look stupid. Losing with the perception that you know what the hell you are doing is one thing. Losing and it looks like you are completely incompetent and loss…..now that’s a problem.

  132. dude says:

    Van Gundy?

  133. JPA says:

    with Phil’s best for the lakers! kobe ​​and gasol with howard nash and mwp are invincible! brown out!

  134. Mike B. says:

    seems like TTKIN is a die hard laker fan.. i just hope you are having a good night sleep everytime your team loses. it will keep on coming!!

    • TTKIN says:

      Oh I am. Over 20 years now. Ya I usually do have a good night’s sleep, but that’s usually after counting all their banners.

  135. amit says:

    Kevin Willis would be perfect replacement. He played in NBA until he was 45. Always reliable. Played good defence. Caught the ball from a lot of point guards

  136. fishon says:

    from lebron to bomb

  137. 25bars2life says:

    It’s about time.

  138. edmund says:

    Kobe only won because of Philly and shaq.lebron is the king….

  139. edmund says:

    Brown was a coach of the year and made it to the final with lebron.so where is Kobe Howard and Nash and brown?? It was James.Daniel gibsonn mo Williams and verejao and Mike brown took Cleveland to the final.hahahah it does not matter that they fired him they are going nowhere.

  140. George says:

    Mike d’antoni shouldnt be the lakers coach because the lakers are too old to do the run and gun offense

  141. ImJusSayin says:

    Lakers too old for run & gun. Mike Brown put himself under the bus he chose which members of the bench to put in and the ballboy could have put together a better bench squad with its current players. Meeks & Duhon have a lot to offer but are never given the chance, too bad we have already lost Goudlock to Browns attitude. If you think brown was thrown under the bus you don’t know this team (Neither did he).

  142. Kaygee says:

    Wow… Poor M. Brown don’t feel bad u already cash those $18 M, and as u might kno that LAKERS Team is GOIN NO WHERE BELIEVE DAT… lolll

  143. Aaron says:

    Jackson or Sloan aren’t bad choices, but my choice would probably be D’Antoni. Reasons being…

    Slightly younger than the other two choices.

    Run and gun style.

    Nash is on the team and he could probably make him Kobe and D-12 mesh together kind of the same way Nash, Stoudemire did.

  144. Bernie Bickerstaff BETTER NOT BE the replacement…

  145. Sam says:

    Its about time they got rid of brown i dont know why they hired him in the first place!!
    i say they bring shaw in…

    mike d’antoni is another flop..dont bring him in

  146. cindy says:

    thumbs up for Wikipedia for not wasting time to update Mike Brown’s status as Laker head coach…. lol

  147. lol says:

    To got fired so quickly is ridiculous. Ok I agree that M. Brown is not the best coach in NBA, but this team never had a chance to play at full strength: D. Howard not so long ago finished rehab. and S. Nash got injured, not to mention limited amount of time this team played together and one of worst bench in the league. Normally meetings are done, problems addressed, time is given to improve performance.

  148. David Kirega says:

    first & foremost I’m trully disappointed with how the lakers started this season suffice it to say it is understandable because team chemistry is not developed overnight. The laker Franchise should have given Mr. Mike Brown ample time to develop that! I sincerely wish him the best and it was an honor to have him coach a superb franchise like THE LAKERS!

  149. bigfatG says:

    haha they recruit Howard and Nash, lose 4 games out of 5 and blame the coach … How ridiculous. Ballhog Kobe strikes again and people keep bating at him … Fire the hog first, welcome the results next. Stop being hypocrites LA people PLEASE

  150. NBAer says:

    Mike was lost. He lost one season on learning defense. He lost preseason and start of the season on Princeton offence while having one of the best pick and roll PGs . He is not a winner. Get Jerry Sloan please!!!!!!!!!

  151. Oula says:

    Bring back Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw. Consider Jerry Sloan, Nate McMillan or Mike DiAntoni. Give Nash full control of quarters 1-3and Kobe full control of the 4th. The bench players (especially Jamison) needs to wake up. Jordan Hill, Devin EBanks and Steve Blake have done well so far. It was a mistake for Brown to cut mini-mamba Goudelock he was a fearless deep scorer. Goodluck L.A. Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. allanbenson says:

    Two words


  153. Pilifo says:

    Boy, that excalated quickly…

  154. Blame them... says:

    Players are to blame in this latest episode of LA Garbage… You have the best imitations in the League in Shaq and MJ!! I mean Kobe and Howard and you only win one game to start the season… LOL Them guys must not be that damn good then huh?? The Heat have a guy that sits on the bench in coaches spot and his team wins without him doing too much other than calling a time out once in awhile.. What’s wrong with the robots in LA?? They need to be coached and you have some guy 24 that LA fans love and he can’t lead a thing..They are aging in LA! The only win they got was from Detroit so far and Harden did them almost by himself! LA is burning again! Who will get blame this time after another coach steps in and still gets same result?? When does it fall on that 24 character he’s been ducking blame for sometime now!! I’m sure looking forward to him retiring, proudly with my MJ jersey on and my James and Durant jersey in my clutches!

  155. Julio says:


  156. Call Me The Money Man says:

    Get a coach that can handle 3 all stars at once.

  157. Joe Casiano says:

    MIke Brown should have known Kobe would not tolerate losing and should have kept the only offense Kobe knows the Triangle offense where Kobe by design has the ball and is the star. The Lakers owner really makes himself look like he really does not control his team Kobe does but didn’t want it known so he takes the blame for firing Brown so its no surprise but never thought Kobe would panic but his recent statement of “Shut up” to the media really shows how losing got under his ego skin.

    Oh well if the Lakers continue to lose then we will really know that is was not the quality of the Coach but the quality or lack of talent behind the starting 5 and 6th man off the bench. Kobe is on notice now and will need to ensure the Lakers start to win even if takes risking injury related damage to himself. I don’t see Phil Jackson coming back or Sloan mainly because he put up with Kobe and Kobe will want to be told how to play so really Brian Shaw is the best choice in my opinion.

  158. dkiehl777 says:

    Some might think that this decision was hastily made. However, the combination of this year’s regular season (so far) + the preseason + the performance at the end of last year = enough games to make a decision. Jackson might think about it for awhile, but doubtful he will return (but one never knows). Shaw might deserve a shot, but that might de facto declare this season as a rebuild. Sloan is hard-nosed, fiery, and experienced. He might be just what the Lakers need to get them going.

  159. Yo Mang says:

    Can I be the new Lakers coach? I make much better decisions!

    #Vote Yo Mang

  160. Yo Mang says:


  161. Heat Wave says:

    Don’t matter if they bring Jerry Sloan or Phil Jackson they will still lose. This team is tool old to compete with the younger and faster teams like OKC and the Heat. Heat all the way!!! I say REPEAT!!

  162. Evie says:

    Personally think this is too quick… but if they bring in a new coach, D’Antoni should get it!

  163. john says:

    best teams in the nba 1. knicks
    2. heat
    3. pacers

    • TTKIN says:

      Umm maybe in the East, but even then Miami would be ahead of NY. You have A LOT of basketball experts who will argue with u putting Indiana ahead of OKC at the very least.

    • Derrick Rose says:

      The Knicks arent the best, give them some time, they will crack and go back to their old ways. Hence last season with the Lin Fever.

    • Average Joe says:

      Seriously, you think the Knicks are better than the Heat this season?

  164. SG says:

    Honestly though Lakers fan, you guys have a lot of problems. The coach is NOT the issue! Your team is full of aging and injured old men who are getting beat DOWN by youth. You should have adapter like San Antonio. Toss Artest, Gasol, Kobe, and fill ALL of those positions with youth.

  165. ballinnnnnbgbujbrv says:

    The lakers need a creative coach to utilize the point system that the Lakers have. I say Mike D. Although he didn’t have a great showing in New York, I feel like with the experience that Nash has with him and the type of offence that they run, it would be perfect. Howard can stress defence all the while, you are letting your starts play like they want. Give Nash the reigns and let him steer.

  166. dkiehl777 says:

    When you combine the pre-season with the regular season this year, and the playoffs last year … that is a large enough sample size to determine that Brown just wasn’t pulling the team together. Yes, the players are responsible for hustle game in and game out, but it’s the coach who sets the tone. Jackson might consider, but I doubt he’ll return. Shaw might deserve a shot, but that might de facto declare this season as a “rebuild”. Sloan is experienced, hard-nosed, and fiery and could just be the missing link for this talented team.

  167. Gasol Fan says:

    I’m an ordinary fan who has observed the games and the players, but did not see any weaknesses that must be immediately addressed. My conclusion is to blame the Lakers training and their coaching staff. I think that it’s the correct more by the Lakers.
    Jenny Buss must start calling Phil Jackson back to L.A.
    Phil, leave the beautiful red state of Monana and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles!

  168. Sam Robinson says:

    Way too many stars for this to work. Lakers will just make the playoffs

  169. SG says:

    I’d love to see Mac-10 coach this time. He got ousted out of PDX because the kids wouldn’t listen to him, but I think a bunch of seasoned vets would buy into his D-First, Scoring-later mentality.

    Naturally, Mike D would be a perfect fit if they want to run and gun like Phoenix…

    Either way, the Lakers are in trouble this year and hopes of resigning D12 are getting slim!

    Go Spurs!!

  170. Ali (Russia) says:

    Good luck Brown. Just imagine how was Clevland good if such a coach leed them to conf.finals and even finals. If Clevland was coached by Phil those days they definitly should 6 times back to back Champs 🙂

  171. citoldu says:

    make Kobe the coach since some of you believe that he is the greatest of all time and your “Mr Laker” lalaland is a joke like you have not been here before, kobe is and always been the problem! if you don’t get phil to tell kobe to shut the hell up and play his role you won’t make the playoffs! the game is more than about scoring points ! scapegoat for a spoiled so called superstar that won’t do anything but shoot! don’t ever mention him as one of the goats, he is a joke! IF HE HAD STAYED WITH THE HORNETS WHO DRAFTED HIM HE WOULD BE WHAT HE IS A GREAT SCORER WHO DOES’NT KNOW HOW TO WIN!

    • TTKIN says:

      Ya but we still won 5 rings during his tenure so I dont think any of us care. We’ll take those 5 rings over him being unanimously referred to as the best anyday.

  172. chris says:

    86 kobe ! run offence trew nash n howard

  173. TTKIN says:

    1-4 is too early to call for the coach’s job. 1-12 is NOT. With this roster, injuries or not, preseason or not, 1-12 is unacceptable. If Phil aint coming back, it better go to Jerry Sloan.

  174. Bonnie Alpert says:

    I had a bad feeling when it was announced that Mike Brown was going to be the head coach of the Lakers? No one is going to be able to replace Phil Jackson or Pat Riley…

    Good Luck Lakers

  175. kid says:

    Include GASOL & BLAKE their a mess. I think its not BROWN – coz this two are not listening & performing well on the court. Take a penetrating PG and strong 2nd unit from the bench.

  176. Maniak15 says:

    Sooo… is Kobe gonna be the player coach soon or is another (interim) coach firing in the very near future?

  177. team says:

    mike brown isn’t the problem of LA, it’s kobe! lebron made it to the finals with mike brown without having an all star calliber teammate. Lakers was forced to game 7 in the playoffs last season and did not win a single game in pre-seaon. it’s kobe’s ego who is killing the lakers. wake up LA land, kobe is nothing without good players around him, like shaq, fisher, gasol, bynum, odom and do not forget phil jackson. now they brought in nash and dwight but kobe still asking for more.

  178. behrang says:

    jerry sloan or phill jackson will make lal get out of this struggle
    no one else this team need great coaching staff like phil jackson and jerry sloan

  179. PP says:

    Haha this is the best news ever this year for the Lakers!! You guys regain the chance of winning 70 a year!!

  180. Dean M says:

    some timely decision making from Buss and no doubt, with some coaxing from Kobe.They had to do it IMO, before that 1-4 start get even worse and things really get out of hand. At team with the likes of Kobe, Gasol, Howard and Nash can surely make up the deficit but they had to act quickly to stop the rot and they have.

  181. KBt says:

    HEAT and ROCKETS to meet in finals

  182. femntr says:

    Lakers manager are doing a terrific job: M.Brown hired, Odom trade, Gasol drama, keeping Brown after a weak season, firing Brown in the early season. What’s next? Bringing Stan Van Gundy?

  183. killuabest says:

    GREAT MOVE LAKER’S MGNT. You’ve heard my appeal..letting couch brown BOOM!!. Now the 2nd half of solving this issue.. GET PJAX or SLOAN..NO MORE NO LESS..and its gonna be a DYNASTY in d making..Good 1st -5player team, a well support 2nd team and NOW A GOOD/INTELLIGIENT COACH…do the math..championship rings are coming..lakers all day !!

  184. bryan kovz says:

    let world peace also out and replace to harden

  185. Joey G says:


    “In a last-minute development, actor Alan Alda will replace famed basketball coach Phil Jackson as the keynote speaker on the closing day of the annual Schwab Advisor Services IMPACT conference in Chicago next week, according to Bernie Clark, executive vice president, national sales manager of Schwab Advisor Services”

    Let the “SPECULATIONS” begin!!!

  186. Rich says:

    I would like to see the Lakers still lose ! Just to send a message to everybody in the league that hoarding of superstars is not the way to go.

    • TTKIN says:

      Just FYI the Lakers arent the ones who started that. So might wana explain that about all teams and not just pick 1, otherwise people disregard your comment as ignorance (case in point).

      • Rich says:

        The point was not who started it. Point was hoarding of superstars should be discouraged. I said the same thing about the Heat and I was glad the Mavs denied them in their first year.

      • TTKIN says:

        Ok well we totally agree on the outcome of the 2011 Finals haha. Right on brotha!

  187. Dennis says:

    A little premature, don’t you think?

  188. anonymous says:

    For people saying we should hire Mike D’Antoni, that won’t be much of an improvement for the team. The article just said we weren’t bad offensively, especially our 5 starters but its our defense which is killing us. Sloan would probably be the best choice imo but to each his own

  189. brian presto says:


  190. Mike B. says:

    I wish Coach Brown the best. No coach deserves a “dagger look” from any player. Coaches should be respected. With that, I wish Kobe and the Lakers the worst, I hope they won’t not win a championship til Kobe retires, I hope Howard will become a free agent, ditch LA and go to Brooklyn. BEAT LA!!! Beat ’em HARD!!

    • TTKIN says:

      I copied and pasted this from your comment:

      “I hope they won’t not win a championship til Kobe retires”…that actually means u DO hope they win.

      In addition, u sound like a typical retarded Brooklyn fan. Just how do u expect them to get Howard with Lopez there? Howard wont turn down 25 extra mill, so he’s staying in LA. Which means the only way for ur precious, pathetic franchise to get him, is a sign and trade with the Lakers.

      I’ll find you and give you $5000 right now if you can tell me u expect this to happen, with a straight face.

  191. rick says:

    wtf???? that was too fast. they need to improve the bench to win it all regardless who is coaching. They need speed and 3 point shooters.

  192. Joey G says:

    GO LAKERS!! I’m LOVING this Franchise. No need to delay the inevitable. It’s important to Win NOW, not later. You want to keep Dwiight on board and Kobe has a couple of years left. This is a dedicated franchise and LOSING is TOUGH. LA FANS are in for a treat. Kobe playing his best ball of late and with the right coach and a healthy squad, the FINALS are not out of the question.

  193. Eliko says:

    if Phil Jackson don`t show up , let Kobe be a player and coach too !

  194. jay says:

    MIKE D’ANTONI!!! Bring him in! It’s time to push the ball and bring back showtime! Put the ball in Nash’s hands and have Kobe, Dwight, and Pau get ready to run! Also, put Artest on the bench & get a quick guy who can run & also spot up & hit the 3 in the starting lineup to stretch the floor! That’s all it takes!

  195. Karolis says:

    Could Steve Nash be Lakers player-coach for a while?

    That might work….

  196. cleb11 says:

    good…im a heat fan but i never liked mike brown since his days coaching lebron..He doesnt know how to utalize his bench and he plays his stars way too much…like how can u not play jodie meeks at least 20 mins a night he can help that bench and use jamison alitle more

  197. Joe says:

    Before start of the season, my pals are very excited of the LA line up and I am the only one on the other side.
    I told them, LA will get wins but wont make the finals. The 1999-2000 line up of LA is stronger than that of 2000-2001 line up but the latter won the championship after Phil Jackson took over. It’s not just about the line up. Kobe will not have a championship ring if not for Phil Jackson.

    • Tenzing says:

      Kobe will win a championship with this team with a few minor adjustments. Adjustments I have mentioned earlier. I woulds been like one of ur friends excited with the new Lakers line up and I still am. I forgot to mention, Lakers gotta man up on D too.

  198. bombie says:

    or get Brian Shaw

  199. wuffe says:

    Sloan Left when Daren Williams ego got in the way, he won’t put up with the big egos. Phil ain’t coming for a rebuilding project. There’s no bench. Kupchak should have some HEAT put on him for not bringing in role players after getting Dwight. ie. Lou Williams G, Carlos Delfino SF etc. Look how good Atlanta is doing with Lou Williams. What coach is going to coach with no players. Management made Coach Brown is a scapegoat.

  200. bombie says:


  201. Vash says:

    It’s about time that he was fired from being the Head Coach. The Lakers have some good bench players, Brown just don’t know how to utilize them because he keeps on introducing this Princeton Offense. Make the point guards run the ball often. Make them make plays inside.

  202. MIAMIWHO says:

    Its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Jamison Hendricks says:

    D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

  204. Mike Brown says:

    Bring Mike D’antoni to replace me please!!!!

  205. Tenzing says:

    Mike Brown did not seem like he had ‘control’ of the team as a head coach should, especially with all that talent. I’m not sure Shaw would either as a head coach. Phil is too old to come back and so is Sloan. Only option I see is Mike D’Antione. However, I would like to see a younger PG and Nash actually coming off the bench with Antwan J and Jordan Hill. Firstly, I believe this would deepen their bench. Secondly, it would allow Kobe to be Kobe. When I say Kobe be Kobe, I mean him to take his shots, get his one on one match ups coming off screens and actually having the ball in his hands dictating plays, that’s what he does best even though he’s not a PG. Dwight and Gasol will get theirs as they should be crashing the boards, setting screens and getting open when Kobe gets doubled. This also frees up the outside shot for easy 3’s with two 7 footers crashing the boards.
    Solution to the Lakers would be to hire a coach who understands that!!!
    Hire Coach D’Antione and get a young legit selfless starting PG.

  206. Joseph says:

    Dwight Howard+Kobe Bryant+Steve Nash+Pau Gasol+Phill Jackson=MORE THAN A 3PEAR!!!

      • TTKIN says:

        Gasol is only signed for this year and next and with jordan hill developing, those might the last 2 years with Pau 😦

        Both will be FAs the same offseason and the Lakers will have steve, Dwight (hopeful) and maybe Kobe. they wont be able to afford both. Hill will be worth too much by then.

  207. Mhike P says:

    I want phil j. Back to LAL.

  208. sawkapaw says:

    Jerry Sloan for sure. I like Phil Jason, but J. Slo is definitely better choice.

    He coached Malone-Stokton for about I don’t know 500 years or so. He can definitely make things work between Howard and Nash.

    Phil Jackson had never coached a team with a good pg or pure pg in his career even though we won a lot of championships. Both Bulls and Lakers team didn’t have a good pg.

  209. 16going417 says:

    I knew Brown was not the right guy from the start. Better they fire him now before they are 1-19 since Schuhmann thinks it takes 15 to 20 games to evaluate a team.

  210. Jayson cadelina says:

    Put in Brian Shaw as the new coach, i knew that Mike Brown wasnt meant for the lakers.

    • TTKIN says:

      I love Shaw but do you think a rookie coach is the answer? Just remember the defending conference champs have a coach of the year. I dont wana take that chance.

  211. bunkball says:

    It’s kind of funny how all of the antiLaker fans aren’t advocating M Brown to coach their favorite team now that he’s available but say that he’s a good coach.
    I would like to see Hakeem as headcoach if he’s willing and able to do so unless of course someone gives Phil a swift kick in the butt back to LA

  212. Me says:

    They should get rid of the whole management rather than the coach, Mike did not bring Howard into the team, nor Nash. Obviously the former team, especially Kobe, cannot function well with these new pieces. Plus seeing as how quick they were to make a decision as huge as this one, shows that it wasn’t a decision that was thought of thoroughly, but one that was made suddely and of course, they will definitely regret it. Meanwhile I won’t be surprised if Kobe asked for this to happen. He’d rather acknowlege someone else’s faults (it’s not even a fault in this case cos Mike’s a good coach) rather than acknowledge his own. But I see right through it, Kobe is not getting any younger and let’s face it, this dude is steady declining, firing Mike won’t change that.

  213. kobejoy says:

    Phil come back!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. chrysler13 says:

    take jerry sloan for head coach…………..

  215. L.A says:

    If Phil doens’t want to retun to the gig, I think Jerry Sloan is a good call!!! Ever since they hired Brown last season, I was really unconfortable with him there, totally lost front ultimate player such as Kobe. Jerry Sloan had Malone & Stockton only as huge great players, but maneged to make Utah a championship contenter loads of times! I think him in the Lakers would be a great fit.

  216. Beautiful Day says:

    How about checking the starting point guard? He’s old for the Princeton Offense HAHAHA Go Heat!

  217. Rickson says:

    I think is to early to fire that guy i don’t think the problem come from him i think is the players who don’t communicate and the season is still early Lakers have lots of new players so it gonna take a while for them to learn to play together as a team but if Lakers will really fire him and i think the better change to catchup in the league is Jeff Van Gundy former New York Knicks coach he was really good coach back then and i think Jeff Van Gundy know how to put new stars players like Nash and Howard to fit with Kobe and the Lakers’s system..

  218. Chocho says:

    Good Decision!!! lakers are on time to establish their real play level. GO KOBE

  219. Yo Barkley…..there’s a position available for you. I’d luv to see Chuck coach this team…..even though he probably wouldn’t be that good at it….LOL

  220. JUNE says:


  221. Antonio says:

    Put the offensive triangle back now. Brian Shaw is comming.

  222. Mike Ditka says:

    This isn’t football Buss.

  223. Tom says:

    i think this was the best move the lakers could have made. i was honestly even saying this to my friends when we would talk about the lakers, that the best thing for them would be to get a better coach. mike brown isn’t a good coach, and he’s always clearly being out coached.

  224. laker fan! says:

    finally !! best thing that ever happen to lakers since kobe ….

  225. TIFFANY says:

    bring phil jackson back , the best coach l a had

  226. Bradman says:

    Unbelievably quick. What is strange is everyone knows this isn’t a bad team. It is gonna take a little time for these players to get used to playing with each other. A complete system change isn’t the only answer, L.A. needs to add depth and they need to do it quickly.

  227. ck says:

    Bubba Gump loses gig. read all about it. I mean lets install the princeton offense on a team with dominant isolation players. What an idiot. no wonder theyr so tired on defense. How is he a coach in the nba. i mean how.

    • daniel says:

      thank u. lol. I keep saying if they put me as coach they would be 4-1…I mean it’s not that hard to figure out, spread the d out, they have to help and someone is wide open, also run screen and roll with nash, they only have 2 of the best big men in the league

  228. will says:

    That was dumb to put in a college game plan in the NBA. He sealed his own doom. change is not always good.

  229. Big Lakers Fans says:

    We’ve been watching the games and making comments about what Mike Brown must be feeling. Sheer panic..
    Dudes…get it together…I’m going to loose my job!!

  230. Pico Largo says:

    I think the best decision for the lakers is offer a contract to Cherryl Millrer 4 coach, because she can help this ladys basketball club…

  231. Matheus says:

    in my opinion should be the new coach


  232. peeps says:

    HAHAAHAHAHAA! … I hope they miss the playoffs

  233. The_Pharmacist says:

    Mike D’Antoni or Jerry Sloan???

  234. LT says:

    Phil Jackson best coach.

  235. Ngh says:

    Who will be a new coach?

  236. MJ says:

    Jerry Sloan !! PLEASE!!!!! Nash the next Stockton

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

  237. Gretchen says:

    With all that talent on that team, they should be contenders for The Heat!! I think he is a horrible coach, and happy to see him go! Maybe Mr.VanGundy could reunite with Dwight!

  238. greg says:

    he wasnt a good coach to begin with. why did he deserve the lakers job in the first place? because he got the cavs to the finals? lebron would of taken that team to the finals if i was coaching. he was just along for the ride

  239. Bart says:

    Finally!!! It’s one good decision.

  240. Kyrie Irving says:

    .. hell yeah! he’s undeserving to rule the LA allstar team.. what a shame! 1-4?.. aww.. hell naw!

  241. jaime says:

    he didn’t succeed with lebron and cpuldnt do it with the lakers.good riddance

  242. Tom says:

    Get Tim Cone, head coach of BMEG basketball team in the Philippines. He already mastered the triangle offense or
    get Shaw in replaced for Mike Brown. Time to change directions and need to get up and back on track

  243. Derrick says:

    By the way, they should bring in GANGNAN PSY as coach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  244. Agustin Leyva says:

    Bring back THE ZEN MASTER

  245. Air says:

    Bring Phil Jackson back!!!

  246. IVY says:

    Bout damn time he gone but they still need to play as a team we will finish top 3 give us phil or Sloan

  247. Gentledee says:

    thanks for your quick response LA Lakers Management…

  248. funk says:

    now, la have the chance to win the title.

  249. Derrick says:

    Kobe death stare works!

  250. Angelj92 says:

    We want Phil!!! Lakers 2013…

    But if Phil Jackson cant do it…

    We have…

    1. Jerry Sloan
    2. Mike D’Antoni
    3. Brian Shaw

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

  251. Margie Evans says:

    Now that Brown is out, DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL LAKERS FANS, on DIRECTV, access 2 LAKER GAMES. IS PHIL JACKSON available?

  252. Rex says:

    f you’re not Superstars then maybe it’s all coaching fault, but if you truly are then no matter who coaches you, you still perform, unless if the coach told you not to shoot the ball.

  253. Young Synsa says:

    I Know It But Didnt Think Is Was Gonna B Dat fast LOL!!!

  254. Shon Walker says:

    He Never Should’ve became The Lakers Coach. Brian Shaw should be Coaching them right now.

  255. junior fotso says:

    L.A got to relax how come you fire a coach after 5 games same coach that did better in the postseason a season ago than his predecessor the great phil jackson. gotta give the man a chance. D.H is coming from back surgery, Nash is old and often injured, Kobe is not what he once was(see last year playoff), the bench is incredibly awfull …..can’t wait to see where they go from here…

  256. Chad says:

    Mike Brown lacks leadership. You can tell how much respect a guy has when the platers are looking everywhere but the coach. If the Lakers are going to win, they need to bring in Rudy Tomjanovich.

  257. LBJ says:

    They still won’t win a lot of games!

    3 players can’t score all the points! Basketball is a team sport & depth is key!

    Old n fading fast……. 😛

  258. 08 says:

    nash is old, he cant play like a superstar like he were in phoenix , kobe isn’t his prime , metta for me is no helping the team , gasol is getting weak and dwight isn’t playing like in orlando , and the bench is horrible , the lakes aren’t get the ring this season , they need to make trades is like the knicks last year

  259. BigMac says:

    Damn they did not give him time or a bench for this new team but i guess it is all just part of the bouncin ball

  260. daniel maffei says:

    so sorry for that, but, with or without Brown Lakers will win the league

  261. Daan Verschueren says:

    Would be nice to see Phil Jackson returning as head coach.

  262. JCD says:

    They fired him way too early. Come on, at least give the guy 10 games or so.

    • Lakers Fan says:

      he got 13 games, including the preseason! those game don’t count but they’re still basketball games! How would you like to lose every pickup games you play on the street even thogh they don’t count?

      He lost all 12 games STRAIGHT, breaking all Lakers histroy! Piston game doesnt count because the Pistons are struggling and they don’t have talent like the Lakers

    • Lakers Fan says:

      The playoffs is all about learning your opponents after one or two game, learn from your mistakes, and come up with a strategy to win. The preseason games are not playoff games but they show how well a coach is. The Lakers got demolished 3 times by the Kings in the pre-season! Where is the improvement? Where is the “learning from your mistakes?” that he always said in the interviews post games?

  263. Joe Hryvenko says:

    Great move on management part .

    Sad for Brown however this is the big league !

  264. Tim says:

    In the words of Ron Burgandy, “Well that escalated quickly.”h

  265. Air says:

    Bring Phi Jackson out of retirement!!!

  266. ryan deleon says:

    i think the offense needed work..and mike brown was stuck of defense.. the defense will be there.. they need to get the offense moving..

    here comes jerry sloan

  267. Air says:

    If the Lakers don’t want to lose Dwight Howard to free agency, they have to re-hire Phil Jackson. He has 11 rings and will get the immediate respect from his players.

  268. James says:

    Longtime overdue bring in coach Sloan hell get the most out of Nash Kobe and Dwight

  269. Ricky says:

    Hire Mike D’Antoni, let me set the Princeton Plays!
    It’s gonna be sick!

  270. Lakers Fan says:

    I feel bad for Brown. But at the same time, he must be not doing something right. Even with last year roster, when Bynum was healthy. Phil Jackson wouldve lead the Lakers to the Finals if Bynum was healthy, but Brown didnt. Then he made all these decision earlier this season and preseason that hurt the Lakers more than helping them. He practice the bench more during the preseason then worrying about building team chemistry among the stars knowing that DH and Kobe personalities are quite opposite. Along with Nash, Gasol, Howard, and Kobe you would think it takes time to build that chemistry for them to click, so why not have the stars play as many minutes as possible in the preseason? losing 11 games straight is truly dissappointing and I dont care if ppl say the first 8 games didn’t count. Losing games make u lack of confident. Phil Jackson always try to win that first game of the season or of a series..

    • Average Joe says:

      “Phil Jackson wouldve lead the Lakers to the Finals if Bynum was healthy,” Jesus! The last time Phil was coach of the Lakers, they got swept by the Mavs. Bynum wasn’t playing well and the team was frustrated (Barea clothesline anyone?). In fact the whole team wasn’t playing well and Kobe had to jack up shots just to keep the Lakers in the series. I wonder why they didn’t blame Jackson on that one, not that I think he’s to blame. The blame then, as it is now, should rest solely on the players’ shoulders. If they play well, the team wins. If they don’t, they lose. They should be held accountable, as well. The coach doesn’t deserve to be the sole scapegoat on this debacle.

      • Lakers Fan says:

        Yo Average Joe, Bynum wasn’t healthy when Phil was coaching. Bynum never was as healthy as he was last season when he played for Mike Brown. The players do need to be accountable but in this case, it’s clearly the coach’s fault. You got so many talents on the team, even if they play without coaching, they can still beat the worse team in the West Conference. But instead, they got demolished 3 Times by the Kings. It’s gotta be the coach and his system thats messed with the player’s mind, keeping them from their true abilities.

  271. thekingo522 says:

    I guess now the Lakers are going to destroy everybody. I want to see what the excuse is going to be from now on. The Lakers fans are a bunch of whiners…No wonder Kobe calls Lakers fans dumb and stupid (well deserve)

  272. knightrider1755 says:

    Enter Mike D’Antoni. He and Steve Nash can now finish what they started in Phoenix. Whatever that was.

  273. Brandon says:

    As a Lakers fan, I wasn’t thrilled when they hired Mike Brown. But I wish they lined up another top-notch coach before firing Brown.

    Like Tellem said, such instability might scare Dwight Howard from re-signing.

  274. Hussein says:

    Yes ,,,, LAKERS WILL CHANGE TO THE 1 Conference Standing

    • Average Joe says:

      That remains to be seen. Lakers still have to address bench issues, number 1 being that the bench is very weak.

  275. D. Bad Boys says:

    gosh, we only gave the guy 5 games….i hope he does better somewhere else

  276. lakersfan says:

    possible new head coach either jerry sloan, don nelson, or brian shaw, mike diantoni or bribe avery johnson !

  277. lou says:

    Bring on D’antoni!!

  278. knightrider1755 says:

    Enter Mike D’Antoni.

  279. Miguel M says:

    I always thought Adelman was the best fit for the Lakers. But now i will see
    Byron Scott?!
    even Avery Johnson?!

    • Average Joe says:

      Scott is in CLeveland. Johnson is in Brooklyn. Sloan may want to coach the Lakers but not Phil. I bet he retired because he got tired of the drama in Lala Land. No way he’s going back with the current players the Lakers got.

  280. Joniel says:

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this. They should have hired Rick Adelman before than him.

  281. sergov says:

    Meanwhile lakers lose tonight and will GSW 1-5 start, after having if it d, antoni lol

  282. Heat says:

    So when do they announce B. Shaw as their new Head Coach? They should have gone with him over Brown to begin with. Kobe backed him in the coaching search.

  283. BigRedPeppers says:

    What about bringing Stan Van Gundy!!! hahahahahaha

  284. Dale Rosal says:

    As a Lakers fan, I’m stunned and at the same time hoping for a better season for the Lakers and I hope the chemistry and depth of the team will work out the soonest. For me it’s 50-50 chances to bring back Phil Jackson, they could possibly hire a coach that is expert in triangle offense and the system of the Lakers…

    • Average Joe says:

      For the last time, the triangle wouldn’t fit Nash. Nash would be useless in the triangle, except in a shooter’s role. You have an elite point guard who can run the pick and roll all day long, use him well. The only man who will benefit from the triangle is Kobe because he still wants to be the first option on offense, unlike if the Lakers run pick and roll where he would be at least the third option.

  285. Asian Persuasion says:

    Hire Sloan if you want some killer Nash/Howard pick and rolls. He made D-Will/Boozer look like a superstars when they actually decided to listen to him. Sloan is a tougher coach that can whip some discipline into the Lakers and will not tolerate Howard “superstar” antics. I’m a Jazz fan, but I would happy for Sloan if he can finally get a ring with a big market team, even if its the dreaded Lakers 0__0

    • Average Joe says:

      Jazz fan, my foot. Why don’t you just come out and say it, since your post screams it all. No shame in being a Lakers fan.

  286. The_Pharmacist says:

    who should they hire?
    Mike D’Antoni? any other options??

  287. Andre says:

    Is Phil coming back?

  288. BigRedPeppers says:

    They don’t a bench because of Kobe’s salary… Simple as this!

  289. Quawn says:

    I was thinking this would happen but DAMN… WELP I aint trippin on to the next one, I wanna see my lakers succeed

  290. preme808 says:

    wow good job kobe and howard keep blaming your problems on other people…

  291. Rico Le Choco says:

    Please bring Phil back… Or give us coach “K”…

  292. John says:

    Finally, He should have been gone before last summer started.

  293. LAKB24 says:

    I learned from HOOPSHYPE.COM that LA will possibly look to Mike D’Antoni as a replacement coach. Let’s see what happens. I think the Lakers are too old for the “run n gun” method.

  294. Hm says:

    Stupidest thing the Lakers management has done since loading the bench with so much talent.

  295. Michael says:

    Oh my gosh..now Lakers are out of playoffs..until Phil comes back. Who will take those LA Lakers and set them up in 15-20 games ? Phil?

  296. CP3toStayinLA says:

    A game tonight without a head coach. I wonder if they’ll cancel “Backstage Lakers” also. It’ll be nice to see how the reality show covers this.

  297. Mumroy09 says:

    well happy they got rid of him hope things change for the better now

  298. Kris says:

    They should hire Stan Van Gundy.

  299. Grievous56 says:


  300. alan says:


  301. bj says:

    probably more ripples than visible !
    and what can they really do, cook their eggs or remove the chef ?

  302. Bonafide says:

    Turn On the Lights, The Party’s over!!!

    Time to get some work done and take BACK the WEST.

  303. Cuppa Joe says:

    0-8 during preseason was kind of a tell-tell after Dwight’s debut. The game vs. Piston shouldn’t count as they’re already struggling going 0-5 now.

  304. Hajj says:

    This is why I don’t like the Lakers and could never be a laker fan…even if I lived in LA.
    The clippers are definitely LA’s team in my book. Now why would they fire Mike Brown, even if his princeton offense is a bad idea for the team, a warning would have been sufficient…or at least giving him the time to fix their issues on offense/defense.

    Let’s not act like the players didn’t lose these games, it wasn’t Brown out there taking bad shots and not getting back on D.
    I was never sold on this “superteam” concept anyway and it goes to show that just because you put superstars together doesn’t guarantee a winning result.

    I think it is very unreasonable to fire a coach after five games, it makes no sense and any coach with half a brain will not take on such a volatile situation in LA. Coaching Kobe is like tutoring a rude and disrepectful child who doesn’t listen to begin with, so managing all these egos (Kobe, Howard) and immature superstars is a nightmare…so good luck on finding a good coach for the lakers at this point.

    Maybe Brian Shaw…maybe.

    But regardless of which new coach they get… I don’t see this Lakers team winning the championship…too old, too slow, too hollywood.


    • Ken says:

      I really believe that Mike Brown is the worst coach to ever make the NBA. They made a mistake even hiring him.

    • ranfan says:

      Coaching Kobe? Kobe coaches the team, gives them advice, and does what he can to help out. He’s the team captain. His “ego” is part of what makes him one of the best. Coaching Kobe can’t be all that bad anyway since Phil Jackson did quite a great job, and not just with the Lakers either.

      • Average Joe says:

        Really now? I’ve heard it say Kobe wasn’t one to talk to his team, let alone “coach” his teammates. The guy’s got one of the biggest superiority complex around, which basically means he doesn’t help develop “inferior” players and hangs them out to dry. I want some of whatever you’re smoking.

    • the answer says:

      The Lakers should hire Hajj to be their GM… He’s smart… they should get rid of Kobe, Dwight and Steve Nash… Right???

  305. l-train says:

    lakers will still keep losing, beacuse…i mean look at their bench….

    • Average Joe says:

      I highly doubt that. They will win in the regular season. Just look at their starting lineup. They’re all elite level players. But come playoffs, if they don’t improve on their bench, the Lakers are going to get slaughtered in the West.

  306. Just be says:

    lakers should Pat Rallie

  307. Al says:

    The Lakers are the most pathertic franchise ever.
    All of their championship are meaningless to me, I dont even consider them
    a real team. They are only relevant to the leage because they draw in so much money.

    Kobe should retire, Dwight should leave, and kutchpak should be fired next.

    I look forward to the Lakers entering the next phase of beeing bottom feeded like the mid 90’s when
    Nick Van Excel was their best player.

    • ranfan says:

      Lol you just so jelly. The lakers have had some of the best big men in the league. Must be so butthurt

      • 34yr fan says:

        Lakers “BOUGHT” those ‘big men’ after another team gave them their chance to shine…..good luck this time though!! Not gonna bring ANY more rings to the Dr.’s family…..sorry , but the truth hurts. If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it ….right here!!

    • NATE says:


  308. Dutchess says:

    Hey Eliko, Kobe is and always have been the head coach except for when Phil was there…

  309. ThunderUp! says:

    Not surprised. I figured it would happen. Its been a long time for the Lakers to go 1-4. The clock is ticking for the team the Lakers have now to win a championship. With Kobe and Nash’s age, Dwight’s contract coming up, the Lakers team, time is now. The Western Conference has very tough competition with the Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, and Mavericks who all already have winning records currently. The Lakers need an immediate solution now.

  310. enigma2742 says:


  311. Dirk Diggler says:

    They should hire Phil Jackson I bet he’d be a good coach

  312. Davis says:

    its not just the 1-4 start the pre season games also the team looked good running the offense because they were going against the Pistons arguably the worst team in the NBA and if u include the preseason games theyre 1-12

  313. Rudy says:

    it was about time!

  314. Mac says:


    Earn your inheritance for once.

    Call Phil ASAP!

  315. Ahmadou says:

    Good riddance.
    We need a better point guard. Slash out some useless players to free up spots for people like Jamal Crawford or Mo Williams.
    Lakers for Life!

  316. isaac says:

    FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! 1 year and a half too late, but still its done!

  317. Kobe says:

    Does the offense rank take into account the 20+ turnovers every game?

  318. Mu Zhu says:

    I’ve been waiting for this news for a year!

  319. Scott The Magician says:

    I dont know who to blame, but i know with no Nash, no team chemistry yet and no bench…its not entirely his fault. or actually not even probably 1/10th his fault….
    coach is always first to take the fall though
    good luck in the future mike brown!!!

    • J says:

      Meh it’s more than 1/10th if you ask me. The team didn’t play well LAST year either, he put in a NEW system LAST year as well and since he then CHANGED it AGAIN it obviously wasn’t working and since this new system isn’t working either you have to put the blame on the coach. Two trys, two different systems, same results.

  320. John M says:

    I saw this coming, did anyone see Bryant mad dogging Mike Brown at the UTAH game? Bryant probably didnt want him there anymore….who knows hopefully it turns our team around!!! LAKERS#1

  321. AnnoYouLater says:

    i knew this would happen…they should have hired Brian Shaw,the guy started his coaching career with Phil jackson and been with the Lakers for a long time,more or less he has the principle of Phil and the lakers wont have to adjust to0 much…

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

  322. LukSWAG says:

    FINALLY!!! Waiting for Mike D’Antoni or Jerry Sloan, then everything will start seriously for championship. Thanks Mike for everything, but Lakers aren’t for you! #GoLakers

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….Yup, it Always the coaches fault!! What a joke. The PROBLEM is AGE……. Speed……and NO chemistry. But what does one expect when you want an ‘all-star’ team instead of a “TEAM 1st” type of team . If they can’t stay perfectly healthy ….especially after the break and into the playoffs–(if they indeed make it to the playoffs)–they will have NO chance because the bench is not strong enough! Just sayin…..

      • me says:

        age and speed??? not the coach’s fault?? San Antonio is probably just as old but the only difference is they have a better coach – so yes, its the coach’s fault.

  323. Isaac says:

    About time.. we shoulda got rid of him last year..

  324. Bermir says:

    I just hope this doesn’t mean the Lakers stop losing…

  325. Sonny says:

    Why didn’t they do that last season?

  326. Joey B says:

    5 games….WOW!!! Unbelieveable.

  327. Friikazoid says:

    You’ve got to be kiddin me , Brown was a coach that could work with superstars , unlike Mr. Spoelstra down in south beach (honestly , we all know lebron decides what happens over there) . Does anyone even remember the extremely ugly start the heat took 2 years ago?The Lakers weren’t even playin that bad .. Firing a coach after 5 games into the season , No offense to the Knicks , but they have as much basketball I.Q. down in LaLa-land as they do in New York.

    • D-Eddie says:

      Great point….Maimi had a terrible start a couple years ago and they still made it the Finals. They should have given Brown more time.

    • coach_spo says:

      i’m sure you’re black coz you keep on defending your brother. if lebron is the only reason why miami won a championship, then why does lebron has to move from cleveland away from your brother mike brown??? coach spo led miam to two nba finals and got them a championship, give credit to whom it is due and don’t disrespect other coach just to defend your brother. fact of the matter is, mike brown is not a championship calibre coach. he always fell short.

      • Mr_Speechless says:

        AGREEEEE!!!!!!!!….. think about how Coach Spo make the big three work as one and sharing the ball not being individual showtime!!. And look at the game play designed by coach spo it is AWESOME.

        A way back when D Wade was starting, Spoelstra is the guy who trained him and look at the output a deadly finisher 😛

    • Larian1983 says:

      I think u are just enjoying the struggles Lakers are having right now, isn’t it true? Now Lakers surprised everyone by making changes this early, are u worried? Relax man, even as a Lakers fan, I honestly think the future of the Lakers from this point is still unknown, they can go either direction.

  328. Ace Goodheart says:

    Oh Happy Day!!! Mike Brown Is Gone *fist-pump* We Are The Los Angeles Lakers And We Can Defn Do Better Than Him #Purpleandgold

  329. Craig says:

    Wow. Cut-throat! It took everyone at least 2 years to mostly learn Phil Jackson’s Triangle offense. Brown got a pre-season and 5 games with injured starters and no bench – to teach them the Princeton offense. There are better coaches than Brown, to be sure, but hanging this debacle on him reeks. Either way, the Lakers will struggle through 2012, then they’ll make a strong run after the all-star break. But the catalysts will be healed bodies and chemistry.

  330. The_Pharmacist says:

    sooner or later he will get fired >
    who should they hire?
    Mike D’Antoni? any other options??

  331. Eliko says:

    who is the head coach right now ?

  332. iFliiBoiTellem says:

    Well, that elevated quickly and who knows Dwight might leave too.

  333. Dutchess says:

    Well get ready to fired every other coach that comes through there too…

  334. cdubbb24 says:

    getting rid of brown was only the first step. finding the right coach for this team is the important part though, i seriously doubt phil is ready for this task.

  335. ted komori says:

    it was a matter of time that Mike Brown would be fired. He was given a long leash last yrea and now this year with no wins in the preseason and now a 1-4 at the beginning of the season with all of the talent and still not able to achieve a win.

  336. Kevin M says:

    It’s about time they fire a coach that runs an offense that is not suitable for the NBA and is over his head. Brown only looked respectable in Cleavland because of Le Bron With a hall of fame point guard,Kobe and Two elite big men the Lakers could run pick and roll all day long with better results. The Defense has also been horrible especially in transition. Firing Brown is the right thing after a start like that.

  337. Dave says:

    Players win, coaches lose.

  338. beelzebub says:

    too bad for brown, he will find another job after taking another two year break.

  339. greg owens says:

    first Sloan or Jackson?

    • NASHTY says:

      JERRY SLOAN for sure. This is going to be a crazy team if Sloan is coaching. Black guys just don’t fit in as LA coaches.

      • Derrick Rose says:

        Did you just really say something that ignorant? Please have seveal seats. Color has nothing to do with the ability to coach fool.

      • J says:

        According to anthropology and modern day brain scans blacks do have smaller craniums soooo that should have some impact, albeit sports aren’t exactly stacked with need of intellect… outside of the coaching position.

      • D-Eddie says:

        That’s an idiotic comment…the Lakers need to hire Byron Scott…he understands the Laker culture and his the ability to bring a defensive mentality to a squad…he brought a winnng cultre to New Jersey and New Orleans…I vote for B. Scott!

      • hoopfan says:

        I’m sure if Doc Rivers or Alvin Gentry or even Byron Scot is available right now you’ll be one of the first to cry your heart out and comment or suggest to everyone to get them for your beloved LA.. And to J, try to be more sensible. Try to do a research and you might see that there’s a lot of black people who are successful and more intelligent than you are. Some more, sports do need IQ’s not just talent. Maybe you don’t have any talents on about any sports? Heck, you don’t even deserved to comment here. Your comment just proved everyone how ill-educated, lack of values cretin you are. Oh, and I’m not even a black but your comment is just to immature. Grow up! It’s 20th century now. Racism is just too old and too wrong.

      • RH says:

        too bad byron scott has a job in cleveland.
        I would love jeff van gundy to get back to coaching, but I don’t think he wants to

      • Derilan says:

        @hoopfan Hey genius, it’s the 21st century not the 20th century, and judging by your grammatical prowess or lack there of if anyone needs an education it would be you.

    • J says:

      Hmm I forgot all about jerry sloan being out there, I wonder if he would want to come back. lol he would basically have a much more athletic malone in Howard and just as good a pick and roll player in steve nash as stockton was.

      • Nonbiasedfan says:

        are u serious with that comment? just because howard is athletic on the pick and roll doesn’t mean he can shoot the mid-range or judge certain situations. why is everybody stressing on howard being on the p&r? can’t anyone else see how gasol should be the main p&r for lakers? howard is too predictable.

      • Filipe Foz says:

        Howard is not malone, nor he plays in the same place… Nash is a terrific PG, one of the best, for sure, but… Stockton is the definition of PG

        but i would love to see Sloan as laker coach… but it would be difficult the Sloan/Kobe act

      • J says:

        Well obviously Howard is not Malone what I meant is that he’s a malone type players that excels in the pick and roll. Just like Steve nash is not stockton but they both excel in the pick and roll that’s just there play style.

  340. static says:

    Hahahaha, with all the hype surrounding the Lakers, Knicks quietly making it to the Finals this year.

    • Nonbiasedfan says:

      ikr!? knicks all the way. i really think the knicks have a way better team than any other team in the NBA, they just haven’t learned how to play with each other yet

      • mcdrew says:

        Nonbiased fan sounds pretty biased. The Knicks are def not the best team, and they’ve already had plenty of time together. Best team is the Heat, coming from a Magic fan. (And a Magic management hater.)

    • Jr says:

      child please, the knicks??? hahahaha

    • gjako says:

      thats more rash than this firing

  341. Ben says:

    sad really. maybe brown took the fall because the players didnt respect him. Theres got to be some reason for the players’ lack of urgency on the court right?

  342. Jay says:

    good mike brown dont ever come back your wack !

  343. Malachi says:

    I think it was too early for Mike Brown to get the slow. They didn’t give him enough time. But when a team starts off slow, the coach is always the first to go.

    • purpngold says:

      I think it took forever: Way tool long.. This guy shouldnt have been hired to begin with. He messed up last season, he was for sure going to mess this one up too. How many seasons does it take to see that the coach cant do the job. The players had enough of him, and the city is fed up as well. The team’s play reflects all that..

  344. TV63 says:

    Wow That was fast. This isn’t the answer! Lakers management screwed up not getting some young blood and making a better offer to Sessions to stay as backup. The big elephant in the room is Damn! They’re old and falling apart! That’s a fact that can’t change no matter who coaches.

  345. Mane says:

    I would give him 10 games before firing. The six game home streak would be good test to get the team working. I mean the Lakers got the offense working better then in the past two years, defence wasn´t clicking yet but with time, maybe. Too bad for him.

  346. Sam Jobrani says:

    Kobe fired him with his eyes last night.

  347. CHI CITY D ROSE says:

    hahahahaha! bum coach!

  348. rossell says:

    now get jerry sloan….or bring back phil jackson..

  349. viking1 says:

    Won’t win a title unless they get something from their bench. You can’t ask four starters to play 38+ minutes all year and through four playoff series. Especially when two of those starters are 35 years old or older, and one of them has logged more minutes than just about any other player in the history of the league. And seriously, what’s the point of Nash in the Princeton offense? He can’t guard anyone, let alone Russell Westbrook, and if you take the ball out of his hands to run an offense…I just don’t get it. Let Nash run the offense and Kobe, and everyone else, will get his. I mean, c’mon, Nash led last years Suns team to over 100 PPG. And look at that squad. He still can’t play D, however.

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

      • the answer says:

        what is your deal big guy? you keep saying that…

      • skrutz says:

        Some people think that copy-pasting their comment without even reading what they’re replying to will make people listen. At least it’s all spelled correctly!

      • purpngold says:

        D antoni just might work. It would certainly create some excitement, reminiscent of the 80s show time.

  350. Julian says:

    All I can say is: wow, but not very suprised

  351. Gian says:

    I hope this works to the Lakers benefit. We need to hire Shaw as the coach, the man learned from Phil Jackson himself.

  352. J says:

    Brown did a lot of weird things. Although I like some aspects of the princeton offense, they really should run more. Their defense was also horrid and I have no clue why he doesn’t play jodie meeks and or get jamison more involved.

  353. Karlo Garcia says:

    After 4 games Mike Brown get fired? REALLY.

  354. Ed says:

    Trade Gasol for some depth?

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

      • Nonbiasedfan says:

        i think gasol and nash would be a better combination since gasol can hit the mid-range with ease

    • uoykcuf says:

      how about this? Trade gasol for Bosh and Wade meanwhile get another trade MWP for Rondo. Afterwards go back and trade nash for lebron. That should please everyone.

  355. wolf says:

    I knew it before this sesson start that the lakers going no where ..unless they putD.Haward on the bench along with gazul and let jordan hill become a starter..its a matter of who want to win hard ..not asking for media attention

  356. dn788 says:


    • purpngold says:

      Things are looking up already. There is still plenty of time for the Lakers to get it together and bring home the trophy..

  357. Ok says:

    Fire their bench while youre at it

    • Gameon says:


    • yia says:

      exactly they are horrible

      • lakersfan says:

        Yeah they miss in to signing Barbosa and few other good bench players, we should had keep Barns, I think Jamison is going to find his game with a new coach.

    • Common Sense says:

      excellent…thank you…The players are the ones playing like a bunch of old men after a huge thanksgiving meal. It had to have been bad blood because the players aren’t even trying out there. Incredible talent that’s incredibly lazy. They must hate Brown. But they should have told management in training camp that they weren’t going to play for Brown. That way we’d have a better start out the gate.

      • purpngold says:

        If a coach can’t hold the respect of the locker room, he has no business being there.. what does that say about the coach? The players refuse to play for a coach they dont trust or believe in.

      • Average Joe says:

        @purpngold What does that say about the players, then? They’re paid millions of dollars to be professionals, to play for whoever the management decides to coach them. If they’re not professional enough to play come what may, then they have no business being in the NBA. Your comment just proves that Lakers are the greatest bunch of drama queens who aren’t even professional enough to play for a good coach, even granting that they don’t want anything to have with that coach.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I remembered during the summer lakers fan boys said lakers got a strong bench. And Jamison is going to be the 6th man of the year. What happened lakers fan boys?

  358. nionios says:

    xamos! ante kairos htan!

  359. KOBE #1 FAN says:


    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

  360. tele says:

    He deserved it, they should get Stan Van Gundy, it would be funny but still he is a good coach -.-

    • lakersfan says:

      How can You even say that, when Him and DH12 didn’t got along he is one of the reason Howard decide to ask for a trade. you might be Lakers haters.

      • uoykcuf says:

        They didn’t get along doesn’t mean SVG is not a good coach, what if i suggest isiah thomas for the coach? Am I a lakers haters as well? It’s just an opinion but I understand that’s how laketards think. SVG will be a long shot though, I am putting my money on mike.d but not Jerry.
        What will the laketards blame when another losing streak occurs? Kobe the rapist? Dwight coward or even the fans itself? It will be an interesting season.

    • purpngold says:

      The Van Gundy Brothers, either one of them would be the worst choice. These guys are both Laker haters, its clearly exposed during broadcasts. Didn’t they also get fired from their respectable previous teams? Good coaches don’t get fired..

  361. T9 says:

    Good decision, very inconsistant past season as well, even with Bynum healthy at the time. Best of luck to him but Lakers is not a team to coach for him.

  362. Anthony Andujo says:

    its about tiime!

  363. YS says:

    Go HEAT !!!!!!!!!

  364. Danny says:

    Who’s the replacement?? Is Phil returning??

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

      • pakyaw says:

        does this mean no more excuses for Lakers..right? i dont wanna hear anymore excuses again..if this still doesnt work out,it means it’s the player itself and the leadership of M.J’s COPYCAT….

  365. mike says:

    Wow. Is this the fastest firing of a head coach in nba history?

  366. steppx says:

    right under the bus…….this way Mr Brown…..

  367. justin says:

    Wow! Just an hour ago, they reported that Mike Brown was on hot seat.
    Not surprised about the fact that he’s fired, but the timing and how quick it was..especially for Lakers who are known to not make snap judgement.
    So, who’s going to be the next coach? Nate McMillan? Jerry Sloan?

    • Imad Akel says:

      big mistake from the Lakers… BIG mistake. They are adding instability. Now they need a new coach to try to start a NEW system AGAIN. Unless they get Phil Jackson, this quick firing was not worth it…

      P.S. D’antoni won’t do. He struggled to get the Knicks together. He will struggle with the Lakers, especially with an injured Nash right now.

  368. chriscolossal says:

    Aw hell naw

  369. Nick says:

    Mr Potato Head, down for the count.

    • J says:

      ha you know he kind of does look like mr potatoe head.. I never thought about that till you mentioned it.

      • lakersfan says:

        Here are some more options. Don Nelson Sr,, Jeff Vangundy, Lenny Wilkens, Try Jerry West I know he is the GM of the Warriors, Ron Harper he was coach by Phill Jacson, Or Kareen Abdul Jabar. all sound good. But to me Jeane Buzz has to do some sweet talking to Phill to convince to get bak to coach the team.

  370. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    that was fast..

    • francis says:

      Bring in Jerry Slone “The picknroll Master”! or Bring back Phil!

      • Jamison Hendricks says:

        D’antoni all the way. The Phoenix Run-and-Gun offense is what Nash loves. It will bring back Showtime. Dwight Howard will become a better version of Stodumire. Gasol, Kobe and Artest will stress defense. Having Howard, (3 time defensive player of the year) won’t hurt. D’antoni’s offense plus Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense = Lakers Championship

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        no matter who the lakers get as a head coach they still wont work right .kobe is not the type of guy u put all stars around him this time in his career. Hes just going to hog the ball for the remainder of his career nothing lke LBJ rightnow and never was. Too all you haters sayin fake show will already win this year.. id keep your eyes on the defendin heat to go back to back! I called it in the beginning of the season that it wouldnt work man am i right!

      • SAM says:

        Kobe’s veteran leadership on defense? uhhh, what? Getting angry at the other players because you are too slow to do anything yourself is not what I call leadership.

      • lakersfan says:

        Phill Jackson, my 1st choice, Sloan my 2nd, Shaw my 3rd and Mike D’antoni.

      • lakersfan says:

        If Phill Jackson on’t do it Bring Brian Shaw He worked with Jackson and he knows his triangle offence, I can be a good cosch of the year. and Everybody got along with Shaw.

      • White Mamba says:

        “It has been my privilege to introduce to you that Stan van Gundy will be the Lakers’ new head coach” – Mitch Kupchak

      • NBATrueFan says:

        Sloan wouldn’t coach the Lakers, Sloan doesn’t put up with ego’s, Kobe would be benched in a heartbeat if he tried to do his “1 man show” routine.

    • sawkapaw says:

      Jerry Sloan for sure. I like Phil Jason, but J. Slo is definitely better choice.

      He coached Malone-Stokton for about I don’t know 500 years or so. He can definitely make things work between Howard and Nash.

      Phil Jackson had never coached a team with a good pg or pure pg in his career even though we won a lot of championships. Both Bulls and Lakers team didn’t have a good pg

    • Dex says:

      It’s not the coach fault he has no bench to keep the offence going…

      • Lakers Fan says:

        Mike Brown made the bench look bad but they’re actually not that bad. I’m sure Phil Jackson can turn them into a good bench because he would know how to bring out the best in the players.

        The sad thing is, although Mike Brown is fired, he still gets to walk away with $13 million without having to work the next two seasons…

      • Lakers Fan says:

        I mean 3 seasons, including this one…

    • Miami says:

      LA is a slow team the only way they will have a chance to get a coach who can push the game to half court to take advantage of Gasol and DH. I am a Miami Heat fan but still not happy with Spo’s coaching. Doc Rivers can always beat Spo on a game plan. Miami Heat team is way stronger than Boston but noway you are able to see it on the court.