Lakers Need to Hire PJax … Again

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They botched this one from the start, ignoring Phil Jackson‘s advice and passing over Brian Shaw for Mike Brown.

But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

The firing of Brown today, the third fastest ouster of a coach in league history and the first under five games in a season in some 40 years, was more than just an admission of guilt on the part of the powers that be at Lakers’ headquarters. It was the latest in a long list of slip-ups by a once proud franchise that seems to have lost its way here recently.

Two straight earlier-than-expected playoff exits (one in Jackson’s final season and one in Brown’s first) were followed up with the biggest player acquisition splash the league has seen since The Decision.

And yet, here we are, five games into what was supposed to be a championship season in Los Angeles, and the Lakers are reeling again. An organization that prides itself on being about titles first and foremost ignored the sound advice from the only coach they’ve had that’s won anything since the Showtime Lakers era ended.

Nearing the end of another era, the Kobe Bryant era, the Lakers are at a crossroads. Do they backtrack and scramble to replace Brown with Jackson, the one coach we know Bryant respects? Or do they roll the dice again on trying to replace Phil and the championship zen that comes along with him?

For all of the names you’ll hear tossed around as potential replacements for Brown — from Mike D’Antoni to Nate McMillan to Mike Krzyzewski to Jerry Sloan — Jackson, 67, is the only one that comes with the sort of track record that lends itself to dealing with not only Bryant but the championship expectations of Lakers die-hards and a city that doesn’t get excited for much else.

With Brown at the helm the Lakers were just trying to stay relevant in a Western Conference that had been overtaken by those young upstarts in Oklahoma City. They’d even fallen behind the rival Spurs in the pecking order the past two years, not to mention fending off their Staples Center and city rivals, the Clippers.

There’s a simple solution to all of this for the Lakers. And it’s the same solution they ignored last time. TNT’s David Aldridge is reporting that the Lakers are not seriously considering Jackson. But they should. They need to make the call and do whatever it takes to lure Jackson out of semi-retirement and get back to the business at hand.

If Kobe wants to give serious chase to title No. 6, and Dwight Howard and Steve Nash want to get their hands on No. 1, the best way to do it is with the man who helped guide Kobe to those first five.

Someone in Los Angeles needs to swallow some pride and hire Phil Jackson … again.


  1. Bunsenburner says:

    Phil would be wise not to take this job.

  2. Patty says:

    Is Buss that vicious that he will not bring back Phil Jackson because of his Pride. Lakers Nation to write, e-mail, march, text message Buss to tell him he must bring Phil Jackson back.
    If Buss does not bring back Phil Jackson, all seat holders should leave the stadium.

  3. bob says:

    phil jaks is a boss

  4. 205torsten says:

    The Lakers should hire Stan van Gundy:) Lol

  5. LAKER BOY says:

    The Lakers Need Brown……….. Larry Brown!!!!

  6. Michael juby says:

    Hahaha, so phil Jackson takes a few years off and will now get a call saying they need him to lead: Kobe, Dwight frigging Howard, gasol, Steve frickin Nash, Ron Ron, and a few more useful guys on the bench. He’s going to take it, he’s basically being handed rings now whereas when he retired, they were a good team but they were probably harder rings to get with the old squad. He’s probably going to be containing laughter as he really thinks this hard decision through.

  7. Bob M says:

    D’Antoni is the guy. His Phoenix teams were within a hair of winning championships. Kobe has worked with D’Antoni, too. Nash was at his best with D’Antoni. I bet D’Antoni is in LA waiting to sign a contract.
    Phil is the best coach ever and this would be quite a fitting retirement party for his outstanding career, but There are so many new pieces and setting up his system would be too many Maalox moments for the great one.

  8. 16going417 says:

    I agree with Barkley and think Phil should come back only if he wants too. Phil was at the helm when the Lakers got swept by Dallas. So, Phil has to want to do this or it still will not work. You cannot just go through the motions and win. You have to put in the work

    I think coach K would be a perfect fit. He definitely knows how to handle an all star cast since he has been coaching the Olympic teams. Not sure how the others mentioned would fair.

  9. T says:

    People need to stop being so selfish and just let Phil Jackson retire in peace. The man’s almost 70 years old, and if you don’t think there is something wrong with trying to lure a senior citizen out of retirement and asking him to do a job that does take some physical toll on your body, then you got issues.

  10. Eugene says:

    Here’s what happened (as reported by 3 scantily-dressed blondes):

    Jerry is in He’f limo headed to the Playboy Mansion and picks up the LA Times for the first time in weeks and sees the Conference standings. “Halt the car'” he orders and asks “Hef” to drive him to Staples IMMEDIATELY.

    He calls Jeannnie, Jim and Mitch to report to his office. He sends Jeannie to find Phil and “get him in a good mood.” He tells Mitch and Jim that the LA Laker legacy is at stake at there is , “No time to waste.” Jeannie calls “Daddy” from Phil’s hotel and they (Phil and Jerry begin to discuss Phil’s return to the Lakers). AFTER Jeannie sets Phil into a “proper mood” Jerry and Phil begin to his return to the Lakers.

    Jerry then tells Mitch and Jim the Brown is ,”Gone – tomorrow.” at 9:30 am, today Brown gets the news. Jerry, Mitch, Phil and his representatives are4 negotiating Phil’s return. The Staples Center will go NUTS when PJ steps back onto the court. The players will erupt in joy after contract signing becomes official. Everything in Lakerland will be as it should once this is done. Laker’s fans will be going NUTS: so will all of the other coaches in the NBA! LOL… Booo Hooo!!!

  11. HEAT says:

    I do not care who they hire, they will lose to the heat.

  12. Tom says:

    Hire sloan if you cant get jackson

  13. KHODEE says:


  14. kb24baller says:


  15. Joshua says:

    I want to be the voice and heart of the Lakers.

    For the sake of your Franchise History

  16. NBA Fan says:

    you laker fans really think phil gonna come back after all that drama… plus kobe talked down to phil’s type of game style calling it “a style used for unskilled players in short pants”. if i was phil i would tell LA thanks but no thanks. LA and their superstar team is gonna succeed like they did the last time.

  17. homura says:

    Larry Brown?..

  18. GniK911 says:

    nash’ talent will go to waste if they hire phil…remember, phil’s triangle offense doesn’t really need a good pg…however, this is where nash’ 3-point shooting comes in.the triangle needs a great low post player, a scoring shooting guard and a point guard who’s a 3-point shooter. can’t wait for the lakers management to pull this one out….2 great off season moves by hiring 2 future HOF…if they can hire PJ,instant championship(S)….

  19. Kimberpong says:

    Bring back phil who ever Kobe wants we should have. Kobe is the man and the boss.

  20. LAKERS4CHAMP says:

    Best choice but really unlikely. I agree that with Nash and DH, they should run more P&Rs, but they also need defense.

    Mike D’Antoni is not a guy known (if any) for D. He knows P&R, but no D, which is the big problem in LAkers game now. (with the TOs and poor bench.)

    Sloan can play P&Rs, and he’s known for Championship-scale defense.

    Hiring him would be a good choice, if/ when the Jackson Dream doesn’t come true.

  21. Samuel Naibaho says:

    if they do, perfect

  22. Samuel Naibaho says:

    If they dont get phil jackson, at get jerry sloan or coach k


    bring back COACH PHIL JACKSON!!!!! now…..NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. LAKER FAN says:


  25. JONGSKIE says:


  26. Two Methods of Government says:

    There are only two ways to effective governance … A dictatorship or a democracy.
    Either bring in a coach that evokes awe and respect among the players … Call him Phil Jackson if you will … or bring in a coach who can build consensus.
    Half measures will fall on their face.
    This would be particularly true with a team sinking under its own weight of awe-inspiring names (read egos).
    Hold your urge to scream for a minute – Think … Derek Fisher !
    He can be suited up TONIGHT.
    He can be had for a SONG (he is getting an amazing break and an opportunity to win his sixth … seventh … eight ring as a Laker).
    He is a FRIEND.
    He will not ‘order’, he will ‘suggest’. They will not play ‘for’ him – they will play ‘with’ him. They would be solving problems TOGETHER. It would be the first “ALL-PLAYERS TEAM”.
    Under him the bench would EXCEL.
    Okay, now … SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM … with joy, that is !

  27. disappointed says:

    Lakers should hire Jerry Jackson

  28. mario says:

    They should hire Jackson AND Shaw. Due to Phil’s physical condition Shaw can do most of the physical stuff and take over when Jackson retires in 1-2 years probably with one more ring.

  29. Tamara says:

    Phil Jackson and Barack Obama got my vote this week….

  30. moviearms says:

    Jerry Sloan? Well, he’s good. He was good in Utah in all those years. But I doubt how things would be like if he coached another team. Consider that Sloan hasn’t coached big names for years. The last big name was D. Will, and see how it ended… I really doubt the chemistry if Slaon coached LAL. Sloan is like a chef who can turn ordinary food into a great dish, but I think what LAL need is one who can turn great food into a 5-star-hotel dish.

  31. why? says:

    Why didnt i see Coach Larry Browns name? his a good fit also

  32. Lim says:

    For me I will only want either Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw. And FFS! sign Derek Fisher back. He’s not in any team now. He can be a backup, don’t have to be a starter. His clutch time shooting is too valuable. With Steve Nash creating opportunity for players, during the clutch time lakers is gonna rain 3 points everywhere.

  33. Fundamentalist says:

    This is a tough situational problem of the lakers which got
    “chemistry” as the major underlying problem. Chemistry could be engineered and the best man who can play this role effectively is Phil.

  34. john maccintosh says:

    you are crazy people!! brown is one of the best coaches of all time i cant understand how any sane man could fire him!!! phil jackson might have more titles but he will never be as good as Mike Brown. He makes teams so much better even the bad ones like he did with cleveland. His firing is unbelievable!! What a mistake by the Lakers. They will not find a better coach than MIke Brown

  35. mark2000 says:

    Brian Shaw would be a good coach it is recommended by phil himself. what more can you ask

  36. BHONG says:

    pls………………………hired,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the best coach ever and that is PHIL JACKSON

  37. john carlo peralta says:

    If you cant hire Phil Jackson ..then ask best play to him for the team…

  38. hire back phil jackson..that’s the right move.

  39. no jackson says:

    ahh not jackson is bee ord again bring a coach ho noww how to change team chemistry jackson is not the best on that bring jerry sloan 😀

  40. Tavo Duran says:

    Never really liked Mike Brown as the Laker coach !! I think Stan Van Gundy would be a good choice , even though , probably not .. Don´t think Dwight would be to pleased !!

  41. ivanjoe says:

    If Phil Jackson were to come back to the team any time soon, here are some of my concerns about it:

    1. Nash won’t be playing on his comfort zone. The triangle doesn’t really need a true PG for the offense to set up. Just ask Fisher.
    2. Installing the triangle within the offense is a long, tedious process, especially that the Lakers are on win-now mode. Even though Kobe and Pau have been known for this offense, some of the guys won’t immediately get into their spots in the offense, Again, it would take time for them to understand the tendencies of the triangle.

    Let’s just see what happens, maybe I’m wrong. It’s still a long season though. Besides Phil, there are still other coaches out there who can get the head coaching duties for the team.

  42. bob says:

    phil jax is really good dudes

  43. LaKeRsAlLdAy says:

    i love the thought of mike Krzyzewski being the lakers head coach hope that happens if not then its all about jackson or sloan all of wich have a great relationship with the main man in LA…. kobe bryant

    • john maccintosh says:

      you are crazy people!! brown is one of the best coaches of all time i cant understand how any sane man could fire him!!! phil jackson might have more titles but he will never be as good as Mike Brown. He makes teams so much better even the bad ones like he did with cleveland. His firing is unbelievable!! What a mistake by the Lakers. They will not find a better coach than MIke Brown

  44. Ebabacar says:

    I have never been a fan of Mike Brown and i was disgruntled when they hired him so his firing is not as shocking to me! But that being said letus go back to the Lakers culture! we are known for being a stable organization that brings to the table success; the story of Mike Brown belongs to the past, we need to focus on what’s next! Beside Phil Jackson, the only other coach out there with an identity and a system is Jerry Sloan. We know his character and what he is about. That’s strongly something we need to stress. We laker fans don’t want Mike D’anthony as a replacement otherwise we will see another exit in a year or so! Bring Jackson back or convince Jerry Sloan to come and coach our team; He has the ability to handle these superstars with different personalities .

  45. Titens says:

    I don’t really understand this. I mean, i’d love to see phill again, and i never liked brown in the first place. But why is everyone who were saying this was a process that was due to take time, that the important part came in June… now are all suddenly acting like there was no hope at all with brown of even competing, that it was a great mistake, and all. It’s the sudden changes of heart that puzzles me the most.

  46. CHIEF RAPRAP says:


  47. #1LakerFan says:

    C’mon Jim Buss and Company! You guys have to put your pride aside and let the Lakers fan see true Lakers Basketball! BRING BACK PHIL JACKSON!!!!

  48. Average Joe says:

    Don’t believe it will materialize. I think Jackson went into retirement because he got fed up by Kobe and the drama of Lala Land.

  49. Jose Daniel Castro says:

    Phil Jackson backm thats will be good news

  50. kb24 says:

    nate mcmillan!!

  51. Thony Moise says:

    Let’s go Micth, give a buzz to Phil! Kobe, give him some help in doing so!

  52. john maccintosh says:

    Shaqeuile O’neill on the phone….can’t NBA find any experts to comment on the news? at least some ex nba player or coach…random people playing experts..shaqueile oneal whos next Ed O’neill? at least Ed is known..and who names their kids Shaqueiulle??

  53. mike says:

    first one to comment hi mom

  54. M. Brown says:

    I want Phil as my successor.

  55. clone says:

    Pat Riley would fit nicely too ;p

  56. Bok says:

    As much as I love Phil Jax, it’s so sad to say that he can no longer keep up with the physical demands of the NBA schedule. I hope they consider Sloan, Shaw or D’Antoni.

  57. qwerty says:

    if the lakers dont land phil again then i think they need to go after coach k hard, hes a playes coach that commands respect and has a great relationship with kobe who still leads this team and has a say in what management does with the team

  58. Big O says:

    Best decision the Lakers’ organization has made since Hiring Phil the second time around. Mike Brown was not ready. He was very excited to be a coach again, but he wasn’t ready to coach in the NBA just yet- atleast not a team like the Lakers. Phil Jackson coming back for the third time is not too bad of an Idea. But I think this Lakers team needs to run the pick and roll as their primary offense . Mike d atoni will be a decent choice but his style lacks championship defense. so the best choice is Jerry Sloan.

  59. John says:

    Lakers make the right move! Hire Phil Jackson!!!

  60. Bring Back Phill Jacksonnnn! says:

    Bring Back Phill Jacksonnnn!