Kobe Bryant Reacts To Mike Brown’s Firing

By NBA.com Staff

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant updated his Facebook page with the following in the wake of the Mike Brown firing news:


  1. Osman Mohamed says:

    finnaly Brown is done. That coach was nothing but a waste of money.

  2. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Don’t understand why Tony Parker, Zach Randolph, and Luol Deng, are ahead of Kobe in the MVP race! Kobe should be number 6! My opinion.

  3. Doubting the change says:

    Don’t think Mike Brown’s firing was the right move for the ‘win now, at all costs attitudes’. His firing is good long term, but short term it’s hard to implement an entirely new gameplan of a new coach. I can see lakers finishing below .500.

  4. Derek Fisher says:

    Oh, how I miss being on the lakers

  5. joheike says:

    I have predicted that with Mike Brown Lakers can never be better and never reach finals. Lakers should consider Brian Shaw as head coach, he was endorsed by Phil Jackson before he retired but instead Mike brown was installed as head coach…

  6. bball fan says:

    Phil Jackson had a totally stacked team when they added Karl Malone & Gary Payton. Who did they lose to? The Pistons, who had great team chemistry. Everyone needs to reminded that Phil Jackson lost in the finals twice while coaching the Lakers. The Lakers won’t win a championship, the Heat have the chemistry and they’ll probably repeat. The Lakers won’t get past the Clippers and the Thunder. Too many young teams out there with great teamwork.

  7. dattebayo says:

    It’s funny, the Lakers are now 2-4, without a headcoach, without Nash, Kobe and Howard are not at a 100% healthwise, Mike Brown was just fired because the players don’t play well and there are morons like “at14tao” here commenting that they will get Jackson (he will not take on this mess, forget about it) and he will turn this sissy ballclub into a contender that will win the Finals against Miami. First Round Exit, First Round Exit….

  8. Ao1 says:

    LeBron is great today! But will never be as great as MJ neither compared to Kobe

    • ranfan says:

      Well that’s good. He doesn’t need to be as great as MJ. His focus is to be himself. There are things that Lebron has that MJ didn’t, and there are things that MJ has that Lebron doesn’t.

  9. Ao1 says:

    Guys! Just watch when LeBron suffers injuries then you will realize he is a cry baby! He will not be as good as he is now when injury hits him.

  10. jabie says:

    guys in laker history only 1 brown who excel and that is shannon brown….bring him back….mike brown and kwame brown? damn wat a waste……gud luck lakers……win2 and get phil back or shaw…..dont bring D’antoni….he wont help…kobe doest fit to his system neither sloan….give a chance to shaw….i think he’ll do as good as phil but not as perfect though…..

  11. mike stop hating says:

    PJAX will bring back the thophy once again

  12. huge bball fan says:

    Mike Brown is a great NBA coach, he understands NBA players and the game. Should of been given more time and his system would of done well. His only fault is that he should of seen who Steve Nash was/is and why he was/has been so good. Fast break offence…Let Dwight, Kobe and Metta sort out the Defence.

  13. Bobby Richards says:

    People can blame Brown all they want it isn’t Brown that’ the problem.Everyone had such high expectations for this team that they failed to realize one thing.Team chemistry.Miami had the same problem back when Lebron James and Chris Bosh went to Miami to team up with Dwane Wade.The Heat had trouble with chemistry the first year they were together,but the next year they won the finals I expect the same will happen with the Lakers.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to M. Brown and the Lakers. The season is just starting but perhaps management had seen enough. I don’t think anyone expected such a slow start. If the Laker’s get healthy and play better defense they should be fine.

  15. at14tao says:

    Anyone who has practiced Zen knows “All I can do is focus on the here and now.” is exactly the same as saying “Phil Jackson is the direction I’m going.” It’s Zen code to Phil letting him know he’s needed. Phil Jackson IS coming back!!!! Sorry Lebron, you’re one and done!!! Or at least you’re not going to win another ring until this Laker team with Phil Jackson coaching is done.

  16. jasper says:

    mamba out….wow. how lame…

  17. ALEX says:

    The answer to Lakers woes is simple: Metta WorldPeace needs to stop shooting three pointers. Since when does he think he is a good three point shooter? Simply put, he is not a natural beyond the arc shooter. He needs to use his strength to drive in and go for two. He’ll have a higher percentage of scoring three points with each drive – 2 pts and 1 with the foul most likely will be called. Message to Metta: “Strive to become the Defensive Player of the Year again, heck, make it a competition between you and Dwight Howard, who was also named Defensive Player of the Year sometime ago.”

  18. LakersNation says:

    We NEED Phil Jackson Back !

  19. Bill E says:

    Did anyone notice, after Kobe’s death stare, with about 7 seconds left in the Utah game, one of the Laker players
    leaving the court before play ended? It looked to me like Kobe was headed for the locker room before the game
    had ended. Just asking.

  20. supplanter33 says:

    Mike Brown coaching the Cavs 61-21 with one superstar Lebron James.
    Mike Brown coaching the Lakers 1-4 with 4 superstars kobe, nash, dwight, gasol and 1 two time defensive player of the year world peace. Heck the Lakers dont need a coach to win with all those superstars. Well thats how good Lebron is. i think this make things clearer between who is the best player in the league now.

  21. supplanter33 says:


  22. Igosahk says:

    no more loser face Mike Brown!

  23. RakAttaQ says:

    Good Luck MB! THat’s all I can cay.

    To the Lakers, it’s one game at a time from hereon. Who knows the firing of MB can also fire up these guys (not becoz of sympathy).

    For tonight’s game just play DEFENSE, help each other out. Your offense is just fine as long as Kobe and Dwight can produce (minus the free throws). Sorry but the starters will have to play the bulk of the minutes.

    Hopefully you’ll land a real coach soon.

  24. 13LAZE says:

    Kobe is great but the number of rings doesn’t prove a great player. This is a teamwork and we never mention those others in the same team. Thats very unfair to those. Lebron and Wade Co. will be successful as they are very talented.

    Kobe can’t be blaming his coach for 1-4 stats. Thats not how basketball works.

  25. Joe says:

    always thought brown was a hack ever since he pretended to coach lebron in cleveland. this is good for the lakers and thats coming from a kings fan

  26. jayworski says:

    thats life : better luck next time coach mike…

  27. Firas says:

    This firing has black mamba written all over it. Did u see the death stare Koba gave Mike Brown in the last game, next day he’s fired.

  28. Brian G says:

    I wanted the Lakers to fire Mike Brown in the off season…He should have never been hired in the first place..just like they shouldn’t have signed a old Steve Nash…Lakers aren’t young or athletic enough to make a run! Younger Buss is killing the team as well…0-1 for your first big hire…

  29. babacar says:

    ppl are so stupid mike brown got fired so the first thing they think kobe s behind wtf lebron gotta do in the convo..the media n his poor job got him fired i knew he was gonna get fired after the loss to jazz the article came out like if u see kobe s face u know there is something wrong so i all them ignorants who think its kobe s fault or trying to compare him with lebron ya all can have my middle finger..

  30. Potato head says:

    Good bye POTATO HEAD!

  31. Team Sport Fan says:

    Bernie won two championships with the semi-pro St. Louis Swarm basketball team. Why not give him some time to see how he does with the Lakers?

  32. Mr.Google612 says:

    about damn time, he wasnt or never will lead any team to a championship in the NBA he needs to be and defensive coach or college because he gets a lot of talent and can not produce for all the tea in china he might be a good guy but he methods are piss poor!!!! BRING BACK PHIL!!!!!!!!

  33. AIemjayAI says:


  34. Raymund says:

    Yes! Finally,no more mike brown

  35. lakersfan says:


  36. Pukas says:

    Why do we get so sentimental when coach like Mike B loss his job? Its all part of the game, like players getting traded on days they have off with their family without prior knowledge. The game is not what it use to be anymore. Its all business now so, take it or leave it, whether or not the Mamba means what he said its from his heart. Its a business decision and if he is a part of that decision then just hope its for the best outcome of the team. Attack the issue and not the Mamba!

  37. The People says:

    Usually I would put the Lakers woes down to a lack of team chemistry,,,but then I look to the Mavs who virtually have a entire new team, especially with Dirk out, and they are playing some good ball. Coaching change was prob too soon in the season. i think the problem is too many big names in one team. Mavs have a team, the lakers have a group of stars. the mavs players dont have the star quality, the ego that comes along with their names….thats why they can acually play as a team from day dot. A champion team with always beat a team of champions

  38. Game Time says:

    It’s so phony.

  39. kb24 says:

    hire coach K. it’s a no brainer.

  40. The Lakers should hire Derek Fisher as the head coach. He knows the system that brought the Lakers NBA titles. He could even be a player coach. Then, adding Kobe as a co-player/coach would be wild.

  41. Asplato says:

    I feel bad for Mike, however that’s the nature of the beast. I’m sure he will bounce back, Here’s the hard truth. We are all held to a certain level of production at our jobs. If we don’t perform as expected then we are replaced. That simple. He can’t score a basket or play defense for the players, but he can motivate and strike a sense of urgency in his players, if for no other reason then to save his job.

  42. anonymous says:

    kobe, sorry i mean the lakers made a right decision firing mike brown. lawl

  43. DWM says:

    FB? haha.. Lame.

  44. JP says:

    What about Stan Van Gundy? But you have to talk to your new partner D. Howard if is ok with that.Will be fun to see Howard reaction LOL

  45. lakerslakerslakers says:

    why miami fans gotta jump in and talk about lebron on this and every story i have no idea.
    anyway mike brown had his shot….however the chemistry still isn’t there. but we didn’t see dallas making those excuses.they simply couldn’t keep him there with all those losses….1-4 + 0-8 preseason? c’mon.

  46. Anonymouse says:

    hire brian shaw!!!!

  47. ludwig9393 says:

    trade Pau to Houston for Jlin ++ πŸ™‚

  48. lakersfan says:

    All you guys are an Idiots by thinking He got fired because of Kobe,

  49. Jay Dubberly says:

    Dear Mike Brown,

    You deserved this as much as you deserved your COY award. Take that as you will.

  50. Josh says:

    Hire Phil again. If not him, then TAKE PHIL’S ORIGINAL ADVICE AND GET BRIAN SHAW.

  51. Ms Ann says:

    To wish Coach Mike Brown well and the best for him and his family is double dribble after using that ugly so-call death stare in Utah.If,a child had exhibited that kind of stare it would have been a reaction of discipline.Staying focus with energy is not what is needed at this time with the team.Gasol is in a frenzy on how to react on the court and in the back of his head is he really still on the trade block.My warrior Artest is really calm and should be more aggressive.As a fan of the Lakers,its time to really have some honesty and healthy relationships among the players.Maybe,its time to remove Mitch Kupchak and have a 21st century vision on the day to day game with players being so atheletic/runners.The Lakers bench is not prime beef at all.Mike Brown is known for defense,so what is this Princeton game in the NBA.

  52. Me says:

    lol yea right Kobe, I know you had a role to play in his firing, see right thru you

  53. kenny says:

    I don’t think it’s Mike Browns fault it’s just ceamistry but i’m glad it’s not working out because i’m tiered of seeing all these supper team it’s bad for the leage

  54. pasigiri says:

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it’s still rough to see. Mike Brown was in a tough situation in LA and to come in behind Phil Jackson makes it even harder. No disrespect to Mike Brown (nothing but the best to him and his family), but this should have never been. Shaw should have been coach from the jump.

  55. Edward Bowie says:

    Maybe Brian Shaw will be the next coach!

  56. Avan says:

    I think that this was the right step. Something had to change and certainly the bench could not be completely vanished.
    Of course it was not completely the fault of Mike Brown, yet he, in my opinion, does not have what it takes to lead a team to a championship.

  57. 88taichi says:

    this is a good moved, bring back the showtime/pick-n-role/triangle offence=championship.bring back bryan shaw.or d’antonie.this give the lakers has a big chance for the trophy. all the way Lakers……….

  58. mike says:

    mamba out??? give me a break!!!

  59. WaRose says:

    Thats Kobe! always focused on the next game, never give up.

  60. Jay Ray says:

    Good luck Mike Brown! Too bad it was a bad fit with the Lakers. Hope to see you coach again! If you need some r and r come down to Hermosa Beach for dinner and drinks. Jay Ray

  61. mike says:

    i love how kobe pretends to be sad about this even tho he was probably the one pushing the front office to do it ….kobe is the biggest BIIATCH in nba history and will never be compared to jordan or even lebron when it comes to being great teammates and players…kobe is a scorerer first and a dooshbag second

    • TTKIN says:

      If he’ll never be compared to them, then why is he compared to them constantly haha. But nice that you acknowledged he is a great scorer above all else haha.

      • Average Joe says:

        He specifically said compared to Jordan or Lebron “when it comes to being great teammates and players.” So obviously, the point of comparison are team chemistry and skills. And yes, he is a scorer, just not a very efficient one. Career FG% of below 44%? Tsk! Tsk! He jacks up too many shots just to maintain a high scoring average.

    • TruthHurts says:

      Too bad Kobe has 4 more rings than Lebron. And he got 1 one of them with hardly any backup. Lebron is nothing. Not until he proves himself like Kobe time after time.

      • The Fact Is... says:

        Truth hurts but the fact is…… Le Bron James got 2 MVPs under Mike Brown, who they say an inefficient coach! He got another one with Erik Spoelstra who they say an inexperienced coach! Kobe needed one of the best coaches in the NBA, Phil Jackson (11 championships), to have his only MVP in 15 years of his career…..

    • babacar says:

      man i think ure high or u dont know basketball at all u cant compare lebron and kobe ..lebron is good kobe is great ..

      • lakers24 says:

        And Kobe didn’t have to leave his team to win a championship.

      • The Fact Is.... says:

        Lebron gets his 2 MVPs under an inefficient coach Mike Brown! He got another one with an inexperienced coach Erik Spo. Kobe needed the best coach in the NBA to get his ONLY MVP award in his 15 years career…..

    • Dude says:

      MJ was just as bad, if not worse than Kobe in how he treated people around him

    • Carl says:

      Here we go again. Kobe Bryant averaging 44% is NORMAL FOR A SHOOTING GUARD. It’s that simple.

      • dattebayo says:

        Right, Kobe shooting at 44% is normal cause he is a shooting guard. MJ shot 50% , Clyde Drexler shot 47%, Byron Scott shot 48%, Reggie Miller shot 47%, Joe Dumars and Ray Allen shot 46% from the floor and they are all shooting guards too. Kobe attempts tough shots and he makes many and leaves you dazzled cause you expect him to miss, but that doesn’t mean he is an efficient scorer and that doesn’t mean 44% is a good percentage for a high volume shooter like Kobe.

      • @dattebayo…………why are you comparing kobe’s worst FG% to other’s highest FG%?…………your so dumb please leave the NBA if you don’t know how to compare Players or just simply stop comparing kobe to other players

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Actually, if you were following the Lakers and not basing it off old numbers. He is shooting 60% right now, top 25 in the league in FG%. Also, FG% is very mis-leading and is just a perfect stat for the trolls and haters to stay on when finding SOME WAY to put a champion down.

    • SHAQ DADDY says:

      KOBE is gettting what he deserve & the laker fans are too!

  62. Wayne Morgan says:


    Being an old Laker Fan, back to the ’60’s, before moving overseas to Australia, I am proud of you as an athlete, a leader, and a “unflappable” competitor.

    Keep up the good work.

  63. Ben says:

    Well said Kobe.

  64. Laker Nation says:

    yes no more MIKE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. suzanne pell says:

    Thank god – Milk Dud is gone………wrong guy for the job – They haven’t played well since he started coaching – Mutiny on the Milk Dud

    • World Peace says:

      Unfortunately, a new coach won’t fix team chemistry. I don’t know who would want to coach LA after Kobe pushed Brown out the door and after Dwight pushed Van Gundy out also of Orlando. Sounds like a coaching Nightmare!

      • mr person says:

        @worldpeace kobe didnt get brown out kupchak did

      • J says:

        “Unfortunately, a new coach won’t fix team chemistry”

        Right, tell Phil Jackson that. That dude was able to win three championships by having the mind to psychologically tweak his players minds enough to coexist until they finally self imploded. Coachs… GOOD coaches fix chemistry as well as the strategy of the game

      • sis says:

        Van Gundy should have been shown the door many years ago (back when Orlando could not get a ring when La bron was still in Cleveland). Mitch did the right thing. It is no use in letting the infection grow into gang green. LA has a good team, let’s bring in coach who can get the job done. I did not like the way LeBron got rid of Brown in Cleveland…but Brown does not have what it takes to compete with the elite coaches. There are alot of quality coaches available….c’mon, let’s get Kobe and Dwight a ring.

      • Imad Akel says:

        This is a coaching nightmare for anyone EXCEPT Phil Jackson

        However Phil Jackson will cost the Lakers a fortune, IF he agrees to come back…

      • Imad Akel says:

        I think Brian Shaw would be a GREAT fit (coz he’s young, which means he will listen to his players and ease the tension more than Old School coaches would)

        But i don’t think the Pacers would be willing to release him if only just to spite the Lakers.