Kobe, Dwight React Differently To Lakers’ Early-Season Struggles


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — One of the subplots of the Los Angeles Lakers’ acquisition of Dwight Howard was the contrast in personalities between the Lakers’ two biggest stars.

Howard is somewhat of a goofball, easy-going and known to smile on the court. Kobe Bryant is the exact opposite. The Lakers are as talented as any team in the league, but we weren’t quite sure how it would all come together, both on the floor and in the locker room.

The Lakers are now 1-4 after Wednesday’s 95-86 loss in Utah. Bryant, expectedly, is ticked. Howard isn’t, as Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles writes

Bryant’s frustration was apparent long before his final exit: He got into it with referee Ed Malloy after being called for a charge in the second quarter; he punched the ball inbounds rather than passed it when there was less than a second left in the third quarter; and he was caught on camera staring down coach Mike Brown when he was sitting on the bench during a timeout in the waning moments of the fourth.

Howard said after the game the Lakers would be better off bottling up those negative emotions.

“I think sometimes as a team we got to be able to not really show our frustrations that much,” Howard said after L.A. fell to 1-12 with their preseason record included. “A lot of the guys look at me and Kobe and they feed off us, so we have to do a better job of keeping our frustrations on the inside and just playing through it so our teammates won’t get down on themselves. So, we just got to do a better job at that.

“I know [Kobe] was a little frustrated tonight. He wants to win just as bad as all of us do, but we just got to stay together, remember it’s a process, and stay focused.”

There’s nothing here to suggest that there’s a problem between Bryant and Howard. But it’s a situation that’s worth keeping an eye on, especially if the Lakers continue to struggle.

There’s no easy diagnosis for L.A.’s problems at this point. In previous losses, defense was the problem. But on Wednesday, they couldn’t score against a Utah team that isn’t so great defensively.

We do know that the bench is an issue, as evidenced by the team’s cumulative plus-minus numbers. The four guys who have started every gam — Bryant, Howard, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace — are a plus-39 together in 124 minutes, strong on both ends of the floor (though those numbers are a bit skewed by Sunday’s blowout of the Pistons).

It would certainly help if Steve Nash was healthy. Nash not only has the skills to get the offense going, but he has the temperament to provide a bridge between Bryant’s intensity and Howard’s nonchalance.


  1. Roland says:

    WOW?! Kobe complaining? Be a DIVA-DADDY?! THATS A SURPRISE!! LOL!!! I cant Stand NOBE CRYANT and i hope the LAKERS go 5-77 this year!! (just 2 spite CROWBEE) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alex padilla says:

    Hang in there Lakers win loose tie ur number one

  3. onee says:

    I think it’s about time for all laker fans to switch to the Clippers!

  4. Drama99 says:

    its miami heat all over again.. everyone sayin FIRE the coach.. this team was overrated at the start of the season.. nash old, kobe old, dwight playin like hes old.. I mean really, ya’ll expected them to come straight out the gates with domination?

  5. Who is this Kobe Bryant player with 5 rings? Amazing!

  6. Scott says:

    Look there is no time for panic…yet. They lost the opener to the Mavs as Nash got hurt. They then lost games against the VERY Talented Clippers and on the road in Portland where they hardly ever win. They hammer Detroit at home then go on the road to Utah where they hardly ever win. So this team has lost at 2 tough road venues where they rarely win even during championship years, and they lost to a decent team and a very good team at home.

    The schedule will even itself out. With 6 straight home games this team could be 5-1 and go to 6 and 5 overall, right the ship and never look back!

  7. Armchair GM says:

    I bet they could beat Harvard.

  8. PatrickLA says:

    Clippers Bench could outplay and beat the Lakers starters! Wanna bet? Odom, Crawford, Bledsoe, Turiaff and Barnes is a damn good bench! We have NOBODY!

  9. Gipp says:

    Just like the Republican couldn’t buy the election, Lakers can’t buy a championship. Love seeing the Oligarchs crumble!!!

  10. wew says:

    obviously the coach has to have the bigger part of the blame.. LAL is an NBA team with NBA players.. it’s stupid to think that the players are not good enough when in fact they are in the NBA..

  11. Danule says:

    Lakers bench is not that bad, it just seems mike brown wants to play their worst bench players all the time. Why are chris duhon, and jodie meeks not playing? they have morris running around causing turnovers and chaotic diconnected offence.

  12. Edu Manzanas says:

    Hire SVG and let him be reacquainted with DH. He is a very good coach!

  13. Joshua says:

    Exactly The Lakers should find another coach a better coach not ike Mike Brown. He doesn’t fit to be the coach of the Lakers Team

  14. beast mode says:

    Lakers are so old, why is everyone thinking they will be in the western conference finals this year lol. Look at them. except for Dwight, all other starters are over 32 lol.

  15. cris says:

    screw mikebrown!

  16. dennicious says:

    the triangle gave the lakers 5 championship, why change to princeton? non sense!

  17. dennicious says:

    the triangle gave them 5 championship..why change to princeton?

  18. bionic says:

    Lakers should run and master 3 plays. Pick and roll Nash-> DH, Nash->Pau and Iso from Kobe with addition of screeners. That way you can get the best out of La stars. Another thing, bench is a mess… 2 almost equal fives is not a bad choice right now. Blake, KB, MWP, Jamison, DH- first line.. Nash, Meeks, ebanks, Pau, Hill- second. Sort of Hockey model with 2 strong lines. This could work…

  19. Stu says:

    Nash needs to be healthy to bridge Dwight and Kobe otherwise I don’t think they will gel!

  20. W/E says:

    D12 even struggles with rebounding,he seems to have trouble jumping high enough all the time, his athleticism has decreased dramatically after the back injury, if he was 100% things would be different but its impossible for anyone to reach 100% of his athletic ability again after a back injury. Nash and Gasol are no where near their prime,Kobe can still shoot but thats it. Its not only the coachs fault,the players are really struggling too and of course the competition is strong this year no wonder they got so much problems..

  21. Shady27 says:

    Hire again Phil Jackson

  22. janrarandoobidoo says:

    Mike Brown is not the issue here. BENCH is ….

  23. Anonymouse says:

    bring phil jackson back

  24. louie24 says:

    fire mike brown 0 win in the preseason is more than enough reason..and a loss in the season opener.. bring fish back then hire brian shaw or maybe d’anthony but please not these two mike brown and eddie jordan please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kobe-Dwight-Pau-Steve-Jodie says:

    Don’t be so harsh about mike brown.. please give him some time to work on the offense and defense of LA.. wait till LAKER’s get its 1-50 standing.. then maybe then, they let go of mike for brian shaw..

  26. Lordy says:

    I think a lot of you people are forgetting that dwight howard is nowhere near being the 3 time defensive player of the year that he has been in the past, you can tell he is nowhere near full potential and when he is it will give the lakers help in one of its biggest weaknesses, defence. Also, getting a new PG and a new C, as well as 2 new bench players, takes a long time to adjust to. Kobe also isn’t at 100% at the moment and Nash is out. have some patience, boston had a terrible start to the first half of the year, and ended up pushing the NBA finals champion to 7 games and almost stealing the series

  27. dwightkobe says:


  28. Kobe-Dwight-Pau-Steve-Jodie says:


    I think this is the best start for LA..

  29. Kobe-Dwight-Pau-Steve-Jodie says:

    I think after 1-41 standing, they let go of mike.. they have been getting pure shooters but they are not setting up the shooters.. why is that? they should have gotten Jaworski as head coach of LA..

  30. ejacks says:


  31. Bee Dizzle says:

    Everybody be cool……Everyone chill……

    It’s along season.

    The main starting line up haven’t even played together consistently yet. Dwight was gone in pres season and now Nash is out for a week. Give it time. Everything’s going to be just fine and dandy. it wouldn’t be a Laker season without all the drama and panic.

  32. kb24 fan says:

    Lakers is a great team but without a great coach. They acquired Howard and Nash to ensure they can reach the finals but we can say now that they cant even reach playoff with their present PRINCETON OFFENSE! Brown must be fired!

  33. Brick says:

    Jerry Sloan’s pick & roll and defensive mindset might be the key. Phil will never come back.




    yep world peace meant is 73 L and 9 W hahaha. sounds funny but it is happening right now right? dont be too much boastful metta coz u got d12 and nash thats why u said that but the reality is u dont even go to the playoffs this season, ur dreamin u can only do that at xbox hahahahaha… watch out the king and heat are coming…



  37. Tino says:

    Now you see the difference!

    James carrying his star-less (cleveland) team to the finals.
    Kobe with all these superstars surrounding him is on its way to never land.
    Yet he finds a way to point fingers and blame others for his team’s poor start.

    Wont be suprised if lakers do not make to the playoffs.

  38. imran says:

    man mike brown needs to go………………………… Lakers r drowning in the lake because of him

  39. MARk says:

    Blame the players not the coach.

  40. NBAfan says:

    Defense is where they lose the games. How’s the back treating ya’ Dwight?

    From what I’ve seen, the Princeton offense SEEMS to give players the freedom to act on offense, but that very same freedom paralyzes them I think. They should just run the Princeton offense in the first half. They should run something else in the second half. Pick and Roll with Nash. Dump it inside the two big guys. Just let Kobe do his thing.

    It’s one thing to get used to a complicated system, it’s another to keep accepting Ls just to do so. Just practice it for 2 quarters PLEASE!!!!

  41. rico says:

    a poem -roses are red violets are blue ,got to fire mike brown he’s pu!!!

  42. esteve says:

    Lakers are doomed. Honestly they are old and almost all the teams are trying to developed a young guns.. Im not saying they are done but there almost there. There big star is also big head. Howard and bryant and the rest cannot play togther. Metta worldwar should be traded to other team or put in the bench. let the young players play. and for the last or maybe first replaced the coach.. but sadly the coach is always to be blame but kobe should also do his part. His the leader now so he should act as one.

  43. Dwit Howard says:

    uhuhhh blame M. Brown 🙂 Let’s go HEAT!

  44. Dannyd says:

    Blake #5 is trash. We need to get him fiered

  45. Dirko says:

    2 words: ONE FOUR

  46. klaw says:

    Good team + bad coach = no champion
    PLEASE FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. paul says:

    lakers lack, fast break ofense, lack a good shooting guard off the bench.
    They have meeks and jamison, hard screens should be used and if the roll is not there screens should be set sametime for PG as corner shooter (jamison, meeks) when the roll is not there for primary roll send out to corner shooter. Simple plays like this can work, not no princeton blah blah

  48. Nestea says:

    Ever since the Mike Brown era, Lakers has been pretty ok on defensively. Last year and right now, the problem has always been offense. The team didn’t like the idea of the coaches calling plays everytime they move the ball down-court and wanted to utilize more of their bball IQ.

    I think we all agree that it is not Mike Brown’s say to run Princeton. Let’s face it, he is not even the offense coach (Eddie Jordan is). Mike, correct me if I am wrong, is the prep-talk and defense coach. I remember the Lakers were not World Beaters in Phil Jackson’s first season, at least not until Eddie Jones was traded for Glen Rice.

    The Princeton, just like the Triangle, will take a long getting used to, especially for Nash and Howard, who wasn’t with the team in the Jackson era. Give them time..

  49. poorman says:

    obviously only the heat can convince superstar to come together and play basketball and win a championship..not a heat fan..just saying the truth..

  50. andy han says:

    metta world peace said that the lakers would win 73 games, no worries they just gotta go 72-5 the rest of the season

  51. cheech says:

    i just hope dwight dont resign at the end of the season , so they lost bynum who would resign and they wont win the title hihihihihihi

  52. Brian says:

    The problem with the Lakers is lack of defense! The Lakers have no problem scoring — sure every team will miss shots, but on the most part the Lakers can score. Lakers have difficulty defending on the perimeter. Once they begin to play defense, they will begin to win.

  53. bu says:

    Ricky made v good points.

    All the great coaches hv the ability to earn respect from & submerge the egos of superstars & play in a system they developed (Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Pop……) Brown clearly has no proven “systems” nor personality that players respect (from LBJ to Kobe). Now with a good 4.5 starters (we have to discount Nash as he is slowing down as well as a big defensive liability comes playoff times), & no bench, super egos with Kobe, never serious Howard, strange heavy minutes played by starters without clear solid rotations, this team is in a complete mess.

    So the GM should be fired (if it’s solely his decision for these changes), as he didn’t do the right things to create complimentary pieces & a solid bench to Kobe for 1 last run but got a big name star in Howard with poor unserious working attitude with the wrong, if not a bad coach. If you compare with what other organizations did (Cavs with LBJ, Magic with Howard, & even a few years ago with the Lakers themselves), you’ll notice problems now.

    Then, change Mike Brown & bring in a better coash with a better system rather than trying to copy Princeton Offense without no emphasis on defense.

    Write-off this season for any championship hopes & try to use it to be a practise ground to rebuild for next season.

  54. killuabest says:


  55. princess says:

    funny LA fans

  56. Chris says:

    Somewhere Phil Jackson is singing “Call me, Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

  57. Amy says:

    “Howard is somewhat of a goofball, easy-going and known to smile on the court. Kobe Bryant is the exact opposite. The Lakers are as talented as any team in the league, but we weren’t quite sure how it would all come together, both on the floor and in the locker room.”

    “We weren’t quite sure” uh wasn’t it the media who said seasons over lakers vs heat in the finals all bc of the big trade.

  58. Shane says:

    so everyone is saying its a “PROCESS”… the Mavs have more “Newer” team than anyone in the league… Always giving excuses to LA… Pathetic

  59. chuhchihmoh says:

    fired mike brown and hired jerry sloan the ex utah jazz coach

  60. Mikey T says:

    Either way, I hate to blame a coach for a teams struggles, but I just feel a change is imminent. A championship-caliber coach at the very least should be able to have his guys know and believe in his system, fire his team up before a big battle or turning point, and most of all demand respect… Sad to say it, but Mike Brown does none of that for them. Nothing personal against Coach Brown, but he just doesn’t seem to have the confidence of his key players, which is always a perfect storm for a underachieving team.

    S/N: If Phil Jackson is unavailable, look no further than Nate McMillan!!! One of the most slept on coaches in the league… and he’s a free agent!

  61. Jeigh Joans says:

    I believe the guy with the fist full of rings wins the battle of opinions. Dwights attitude here is the reason he is ringless. He has no killer instinct.. no grit.. he has short-circuited his own power-grid. Kobe is a proven winner.. and howard won’t learn a thing from him if he doesn’t drop that bumpkinistic perspective he has. He talks like him and Kobe are equals.. This will not end well. And I won’t even get into Mr. Brown’s rendition of coaching.. He must be an excellent interviewer because his performance, particularly in late game situations, is absolutely terrible.. I guess I did go in on Mr. Brown.. but he really deserves it.. Imagine what Phil would do with this very same lineup.

  62. NGuyen says:

    this is definitely coaching problems…mike doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing…

  63. lol says:

    OMG laker fans cursing the coach. this team ain’t going nowhere, its theplayers fault, they are shooting horrible from the field and the free throw line, and are to slow to keep up with faster and more athletic players, i still think heat will clearly repeat this year

  64. nastykix says:

    Nah don’t fire Mike Brown. Demote him to towel boy & hire Jerry Sloan. Sloan will show Brown how to coach a great team. Princeton offense……Come on man. When’s the last time Princeton won an NCAA title????????????????????? Think about it.

  65. mikko says:

    and some say mike brown is better than spo…

  66. king says:

    Fire coach Brown and hire Coach Stan Van Gundy.

  67. saab says:

    this is like the fab 4 on 03-04 roster


    when the pistons grab their championship.

    oneal – howard
    malone – gasol
    payton – artest

  68. MGFunk says:

    Although I am a Laker Hater for life, I suggest Howard not tell a 5 TIME CHAMPION how to act on the court. Secondly, I predict that if the Lakers lose their next two games, Mike Brown will be fired. Also, how in the WORLD could Mike Brown sit Kobe down as much as he does? Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Lakers but I love basketball, and as I watched my Utah Jazz beat the Lakers last night, I wondered why in the hell did Mike Brown not play Kobe the entire 4th quarter (though I was extremely happy. My love for the game was battling with my love for the Jazz).

    It would be awesome to see Phil come back to coach the Lakers. That would be great for the NBA and lovers of the game of basketball, but really bad for Laker Haters as myself, since I beileve all the Lakers need to become a championship contender, is a coach that can play better chess…if you know what I mean-

  69. Jeffrey Yap says:

    make trade to Atlanata’s point guards…..i think one of their guards fit to LAKERS roster….release 1 or 2 LA’s PG…
    sorry if anyone will get offended with my comments(if many will disagree)…it will be fine for me if someone will object..
    we are in open conversation, sharing our own opinions…Please dont hate me im just an Loyal and avid LAKER fan…Thanks!

    • Average Joe says:

      No one’s hating you, man but them trades you talking about is pretty improbable. Atlanta will NOT let go of either Jeff Teague or Lou Williams. They are just too valuable, particularly Teague, because they are very athletic, quick and they have above average basketball IQ. In an age of quick point guards, I just don’t see ATL sending one of their PGs to the Lakers. That would be bad business on their part.

  70. Jeffrey Yap says:

    My point of view with the Lakers…….No offense to Mike Brown but since last season i started hating his moves towards the team…during playoffs,,,how can he let Pau and Andrew Bynum not getting rested even if their out of gas(they come out lower percentage because of their stamina…why did Mike Brown done that kind decisions? don’t he trust his bench? Troy Murphy and Josh McRoberts can and to the flavor to the game(SPICE)…he’s not using his rotation wisely…i’ve bin with the Lakers since i LOVE and have knowledge about basketball……….Please make a move LA Management……Dont waste the last bullet left in Kobe’s Era. They can do this! i dont know about their coach!????? GOD BLESS the LAKERS…….

  71. bongskie says:

    rehired phil jackson!!!!thats all folks

  72. GniK911 says:

    i think kobe is not to blame for the losses…if you watched the utah at the final minutes of the game you can see him being the only one trying to carry their team to the end.the other 4 starters were standing and watching.they weren’t even spacing the floor for an iso play…so i think the lakers players still look to kobe everytime. even dwight was standing around not asking for the ball.i think the players mentality has to change.if they want to win they should put responsibilities on themselves too. yes he is a ball hog most of the time but if he doesn’t, who’s gonna step up and do what he’s doing?

    nash is getting old.and i think his excuses about not running the pick and roll often with the lakers are bull…he’s getting slow. dwight is obviously not 100% recovered and you can definitely notice it.he’s very slow,he’s vertical jump is not there and he’s always a step too late on D. gasol is having problems with the offense.he’s a good post player but he’s camping out at the perimeter almost every position.i think he’s falling in love with jump shots and is getting afraid to bump bodies down low. metta is metta…he really needs to choose his shots well.

    6 straight home games.if they don’t do anything on this opportunity then all is lost.

  73. joeboy says:

    Bring Back D Fish as Head Coach. He Knows KOBE Much better than anybody else in NBA

  74. Joshua Yeo says:

    Mike Brown deserves to be fired
    He fired Derek fisher!
    How dare he
    he should have been fired in the preseason seriously

  75. Genozide says:

    Remember that the Suns is a horrible team until Nash came.. Nash is old but he’s still an allstar last year.. If he comes back, who knows what will happen.

  76. Cleveland fan says:

    All you people saying fire Mike Brown make me laugh. For the people that argue that Kobe is better then Lebron where is that argument now? Lebron was coached by Mike with A LOT less talent around him and did an awesome job with the Cavaliers but now when Mike is coaching Kobe they go into a 1-12 hole? It’s not the coach. They have so much talent on the Lakers team and when Mike coach’s a team that went 60+ multiple seasons in a row how can you blame it on him. Kobe demonstrates his frustrations on the court so therefore how is that a good leader? Someone you’re suppose to look for answers, etc.

    Lakers have to start controlling their tempers now and get things under control, they’re turning out to be the New York Knicks of last year, but worst.

  77. Peter says:

    Kobe’s emotion and his competitive fire are the components that have driven him to be one of the msot dominat and hard working players in the game over his career. Much like KG this competitive attitude tends to help drive teammates around him as well, because they see how much he cares about each win.

    Howard on the other hand is known for having a childish attitude, so-so effort, and has lately been the #1 enemy to anything involving team morale…and he is criticising Kobe for his attitude? Got to be kidding me…

  78. JJ says:

    Waive KOBE…………… He is the reason that the lakers are losing…………

  79. GniK911 says:

    what’s the deal with mike brown not u sing jodie meeks???in my opinion the bench need more offense than defense….meeks is much better than ebanks….

  80. chrosched says:

    i do not think the Mike Brown is a good coach

  81. To the Laker’s owners; how can you sell out your long time fans to Time Warner for 3 billion dollars. You spend all the money on these old players like Nash that gets hurt during the second game of the season, then you get Dwight Howard and he is not even helping the team. He fouls out and laughs about it. You should have kept Bynum and fire Mike Brown then bring back Phil Jackson. As far as me being a fan, I will not drop Direct TV to watch the Lakers lose on Time Warner.

  82. jouise says:

    sign KENYON MARTIN and CHRIS ANDERSEN for better defense rebounding…
    they will help somehow…

  83. Danny says:

    FIRE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Lakers-R-Us says:

    It’s hurting my eyes to read all these blogs from my fellow Laker fans! Quit saying fire Mike Brown! The season has just started! The Lakers are not focusing on defense, ( with the exception of Dwight Howard)! And Kobe! Metta included! They have the worst bench in the league! That is what’s killing them in my opinion! You can’t have a bench squad performing like this and be a championship caliber team! My opinion is that they are gonna have to make a trade in the future for quality bench players! And I hope Mike Brown keeps hammering defense into their heads! I know people will disagree with me but I think they’ll be alright!

  85. ray says:

    princeton offence nuff said

  86. Seas says:

    Fire everybody on the coaching staff!! There’s no defense, there’s no consistency in offense!! There is no flow to the Princeton O… Why implement new system a complicated on e with a news set of star players!!! Why why why??? Frustrated Laker Fan……

  87. cube says:

    Same old issue, (BEFORE) MALONE, PAYTON KOBE, Result itS simple dont work, (NOW) HOWARD, NASH KOBE, same result.. not working

  88. Seas says:

    FIRE MIKE BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. LA GREEDS says:

    Princeton Offense is not bad as it looks, IF AND ONLY IF the point guard will rotate the ball/play and not KOBE for christ sake ballhogger like him, maybe if nash gets healthy again, the offense SHOULD run with nash and make some god damn Pick N Roll/Pop with Howard or Gasol, or Isolation/Drive Play by Kobe. and it’s done! just like lebron did with cavs a couple of years ago.

  90. dameon hart says:

    forget the lakers miami all the way but on the real the lakers shudve kept andrew bynum

  91. Vodka says:


  92. AFGun says:

    how mike brown ever got re hired as a coach after displaying his lack of basketball IQ with the cavs is beyond me. FIRE MIKE BROWN AND HIRE JERRY SLOAN. ITS THAT SIMPLE!!

  93. Rooney says:

    If kobe retires, he will go to baseball like MJ and dominate that sport like he dominates basketball.

    LBJ = only 1 ring and like 27 years old, never overtake kobe or come close to him, probably won’t even tie luke walton.

  94. Karlo Garcia says:

    They will eventually get it together. Not if but when.

  95. Kobaz says:

    BROWN’S GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Vash says:

    i think they have to fire mike brown and bring back Phil and Fisher

  97. Laker's are crybaby's says:

    Wow now it’ Mike Brown fault. Even though he didn’t win a championship with LeBron he still he good overall records with them. Maybe the Lakers need to put aside that ego and play basketball. It wasn’t no complaining last year start of the season. Guess its just an excuse for the Lakers….Face the fact no team is scared to challenge them old bags and one young cat, Lakers winning a championship forget about it. HEAT REPEAT been a fan before LeBron came by the way.

  98. June says:

    Useless bench.

  99. IGGy fan says:

    The problem of their struggle is the coach. He did’nt use jodie meeks chris duhon or earl clark in the line up. U just need to trust in ur bench 2. let jamison play 20+mins in the game as well. Look the 1st 5 of the Miami a small line up they win because there fast and all shooters!

  100. Dixie Eli - TN says:

    cant think of nobody more dervin than Los Angeles to lose, i love seein em lose, just to know the locals gettin on’ry

  101. Concern NBA FAN says:

    ALthough they fell into a spot where all the people think that they cant win or make a playoff spot… think again man… this is NBA WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS.. its much more like ZERO TO HERO to Lakers…. Its to early to make conclusions on how the lakers will play on court…. But if kobe and the others will move around the ball finding the man like they did when there is still Shaq, Horry, Fisher and Kobe they’ll definitely win this season over the over-rated miami HEAT 😛

  102. warrior09 says:

    it’s not brown’s fault honestly.. its the players who don’t want to absorbs Brown’s way and rule. YOu come to think of it, Brown sends the cavaliers into a strong team in east and get into the conference finals in the east with Lebron alone in so many times..so i think, it’s not Brown, ITS THE PLAYERS itself who don’t want to absorb Browns way of coaching.. lakers embraced so much the Jackson way..move on! lol

  103. MIAMIKILLA says:


  104. MM says:

    Howard will quit on Kobe, Nash, Mike Brown and Buss; just like he quit on Jameer, Stan van Gundy and Mr. DeVos in Orlando.

  105. Paul says:

    @ 8:43 minutes left in the game the Lakers had a chance to call a time out and bring ALL their starters back in the game. What happened? Why did that NOT happen?

    COACH brown

  106. Midterm says:

    apparently, Fire Mike brown!!!
    DW12 is not being DW12,
    Kobe is not being Kobe.

  107. Trevor Jackson says:

    I wonder what Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) is thinking about that 73-9 Record.

  108. jaycedj says:

    just fire Brown already… so they could adjust to a new system sooner

  109. Ontoy_ka says:

    Makes billions of people very happy….

  110. rarq23 says:

    What Kobe and Dwight need to do is to take a salary level the same as Lebron did.

  111. mike says:

    hear me hear me lakers fans…dont blame coach brown…when kobe takes less than 20 shots ina game…the lakers win more…look into it before you say anything…kobe isnt as good as you lakers fans make him out to be …hes a scorer ,but he doesnt make his teammates better like jordan did or lebron does…kobe is the best 6th man in history

  112. black jesus says:


  113. GoldRush says:

    What the Lakers need is Defense at the perimeter and respectable shooters!

    Mike Brown can be fired later, having a new coach would mean new set plays and they’re already confused at the moment.

  114. Vdaloca says:

    People say Knicks was a dysfunctional team with Melo and Stat. But this Lakers team is kind of the same.
    Kobe, like Jordan is a triangle offense type of player. Dwight and Nash are not. Any system that favors Nash and Howard, won’t favor Kobe and vice verca.

  115. Dutchess says:

    LAL needs to build around their future players, Kobe is on his last leg. I am sick of hearing about the sore foot and can’t practice, but he sure can play 100% without a limp in the world.

    Everyone wants to be a coach, but put in the situation what would you do better. Remember a coach can’t play for you, but it is his job to mix the right chemistry in there and I don’t see that right now. No they don’t have a bench, but I don’t see them having a starting 5 either.

    Turnovers and Freethrows can win or loose the game

    Dwight isn’t as dominate like he was in Orl because now there is so much talent and power among him, he isn’t standing out as much. I’m with Shaq on that one.

    Kobe wants everyone to be quiet, his emotion is louder than all of us. And when you got so much talent on a team, doesn’t make them the best unless they connect with one another as a TEAM.

  116. Shabba says:

    The lakers need some better bench but keep (jordan hill) he good

  117. find says:


  118. HeatKingsofEast says:

    as usual, nba.com writers are playing it safe when writing an article regarding the lakers. with or without the steve nash, just admit it the lakers are struggling to win. i’m not saying they will not win or they will not make the playoffs but THEY ARE STRUGGLING TO WIN as of the pre-season, the start of the season and up to now.

  119. PSYCHO says:

    HAHA look at everyone saying coach brown should be fired
    now does everyone understand what lebron had to carry in cleveland? HE CARRIED THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE
    smh… haters

  120. jerikobe says:

    pak u bench… pau cant post what like what he did on the olympics..dwight cant rebound and hold off the ball..metta cant do fastbreak lay ups… blake cant hit veerrrryyyyy wide open shots…my goodnesss kobe was facilitating the most of the game..he’s teammates are terrible and so the coach…mamba’s getting mad..

  121. Ontoy_ka says:

    Get kobe out of the the picture and lakers will be just fine. his arrogance ruins the game.

  122. LA Guy says:

    I find it funny, for some “Laker fans” to bring back the triangle offense etc etc. If they actually pay attention on how the triangle offense works having a great point guard will be useless. They need to let Steve Nash run the offense instead. Last game against Utah was no excuse. Kobe complaining on a no call, didnt get back on D yet they scored.

  123. smileylb says:

    Bring in Mike D’Antoni! 🙂

  124. BigLuke says:

    Lakers have been a mess since the Luke Walton trade. Therefore, BRING BACK LUKE!!!!!! LOL.

  125. Marco Polo says:

    yes. MIKE BROWN must be fired now

  126. Joseph says:

    This is GREEEEEEEEEEEAT. I love it as SUNS fan. The Suns have a better record then the Lakers. That’s what happens when you stack up, now you got to pack up! Nash is still a Phoenix Suns at heart and like paps always taught me “always keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Good going Nash the Phoenix Suns spy who is dismantling the poor, poor Lakers core as we speak. Suns Manager and Nash Plan: brilliant!, brilliant! brilliaaaaaaaant I say!! LMAO

  127. Lavern DaCosta says:


  128. Nate says:

    Starters kobe, steve blake, Metta, Jordan hill, Dwight. put nash and gasol with the second unit and this solves all the problems. Nash should always play with the second unit because his whole career has been making decent players much better.

  129. pollo says:

    Mike Brown fueraaaaaaaa

  130. DeBrosh says:

    how quickly people forget! Miami went through this too! remember bump into Coach Spo!!!

  131. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Its easy to explain the Lakers slow start, There are 3 team captians, 2 coming from different teams who are accustomed to be in charge of their teams. Now they are on one team with the Lakers, 3 superstars who have to figure out who is really the Leader. Kobe has earned the right of being that leader, because of his 5 Championship rings. I think at the same time you need teamwork attitude because thats how championships are won. Not one player can do it by himself. Kobe needs to think team because there is no “I” in team. Clippers have that positive energy in the air where everybody is excited to be part of something new and all guys feel like their contribution will matter and be appreciated by their fellow teammates and fans. I don’t see that with the Lakers.

  132. Germany says:

    Mike Brown is a defensive WIZARD, that’s why the hired him. Championships are won with defence. Cleveland had back to back 60 game winning seasons, through defence. It’s a new situation for everybody, it’s to early to judge. Princeton Offence, OK, a little crazy, the experts are saying. Barclay said, I want my accountant from Princeton, not my offence. That was hilarious. Let’s talk about it after 20 games. What happens if, they win all their next sixteen games, then they have 16 wins and 4 losses and everybody’s happy. Don’t forget Howard is a free agent at the end of the season, he will not sign anywhere before the end of the season. There are 25 million reasons why he won’t. If, any blame is put on him for not winning the championship (the won’t in the first year), he will be gone. Interesting situation.

  133. Raptors says:

    The stuff Lebron went through with Mike Brown and he still took Cleveland to the finals. Lebron was basically coach of that team.

  134. BB Fan says:

    That is the maturity of Dwight Howard. Kobe NEVER mature. He never gave credit to others. When things happen, he likes to blame OTHERS when he had like 6 TO to blame. It is like before when the lakers got gasol. The lakers couldn’t even beat the suns with Bynum and Odom on the team, then he will blame his PG and Center. Therefore, I suggest all those “KOBE FANS” out there, u should show no respects to him… cuz he does not respect the game of basketball.

  135. bunkball says:

    If this team keeps sprinting they are going to have the record for most turnovers in a single season and most likely injuries. This is not Lakers basketball. They need to slow it down and play smarter. Run more isolation plays for Kobe and draw the double team to open up the big boys for a wide open dunk. They have the muscle for half court ball but …..M Brown is an idiot

  136. Big Al says:

    I’ve always been campaigning that the Clippers are the Staples Center squatters, but now the Lakers are the lowest in the west at 1-4. At least three of those four losses are to supposedly lesser teams. The Nash sideline doesn’t really justify this catastrophic performance. There are two superstars in this team, so this shouldn’t be happening at all. Obviously, there’s a very bad combination within the squad. The bench is certainly useless, so a reshuffle is pretty much welcome. Trade at will, and pick up Iverson while you’re at it.

  137. Hunter says:

    If they fire Brown and get Larry Brown I will be nervous.

  138. jm says:

    Change the coach!!!!”

  139. L8kers4life says:

    There is no way, having the player we have, that we are not at least 4 & 1. Mike Brown doesn’t have the sence or know how to motivate this team. Pau is playing with no energy and where is Jody Meeks? Why doesn’t Brown give him any minutes. Bottom line Brown has to go if we are to go anywhere this year, if not say bye to Dwight and the Lakers future for many years to come!

  140. carl says:

    i totally disagree with u NBA… mike brown did it to the finals before in cleveland is not bcoz of his offensive play… but it was on lebron james isolation play… why dont you review a little video on cleveland before… the only thing mike brown in cleveland is the defensive part… but the main contribution is on lebron james but playing an isolation play… which u can see on his team before there are plenty of talented guys on their team but they are just for flowers…

    I think the bench of the LA is not bad… the only problem is mike brown dont know how to use there players… like the point guard position… i think chris duhon is much better than steve blake or meeks when it comes to making a set play… but in terms of offense i think meeks is much better than steve blake and chris duhon… but as u can see meeks and duhon does not needed on mike brown plays… he is much using steve blake and morris… so what the use os this two bench players… so my conclusion is they hire a new coach that is more talented on the offense part…. alll try to bring back there triangular offense… there are plenty of talented coach out there who is not coaching in the NBA… like Mike Krzyzewski, mike brown, phil jackson. mike d antoni or brian shaw… i think phil jackson wont back anymore… because he is enjoying is retirement day…

  141. voiceofreason says:

    u know, i think the lakers are a great team. For you fans, i hate to break to you, but Nash is old, probebly retiring in 2 years, and Kobe around 4, and we all know how good Dwight is by himself. I still think the Lakers could have their run, but this Big 3 thing probebly wont last long.

  142. FIRE MIKE BROWN says:


  143. Twin says:


    • Twin says:


  144. duncan ewing says:

    Dear lakers team

    I am kind of surprised with a 1-12 start, your worst start to any season, really? I thought this new starting line up meant another NBA ring next year, but it seems that this early start is shocking and not like you guys. I firmly believe you guys need to find your strength and greatness, this season is not over just yet, we can still turn it around, come on guys lets do this, we have teams like dallas and san antionio that are 4-1 and the heat that are 4-1, they might win it again next year unless you guys can come back strong, dallas did it in 2007, we can win 60 games, if we believe, people might write you guys off early, but will be amazed when you win 28 of 30 games and take first in the west, what do you say, lets do this

  145. MIKE BROWN IS A JOKE! says:


  146. lakerfan says:

    lakers bench are very talented except for blake…and with the coach…..give jamison more playing time..put chris duhon instead of blake..and world peace should come from the bench…

  147. Christian says:


    I wish PHIL JACKSON can comeback to the LAKERS 😦

  148. saah says:

    Fire Mike Brown. And get a new bench. Laker don’t have no bench and i don’t see how they gonna beat a team like OKC with no bench.

  149. SIm says:

    Someone get Phil Jackson back to put these Lakers moving. Howard is playing like a girl and Jackson would take care of that

  150. billybob says:

    Lakers might have one of the top starting 5, but their bench needs some help. When Kobe rest, you need better players than Ebanks and Morris as subs. Lakers has no energy/impact off the bench. Hill is probably the best sub they have right now, at least he plays with some effort. If they keep losing, I think Coach Brown will be out before Thanksgiving.

  151. jimothy the destroyer says:

    Brown should burned to death in public

    • lebron james says:

      it doesnt matter anyways, the lakers can be clicking and still cant touch the best man in the game!!!! LEBRON

  152. wynnfab says:

    Princeton offense or whatever has not won any tournament, so why implement it? Basketball is played with guts and brawn and skills. There is no scientific explanation to the game, so let the players play their style of game. Its up to the coach how to utilize them. Is very obvious the coach of Lakers doesnt know what he’s doing on the basketball court.

  153. Monsta says:

    MAN FORGET THIS LAKER DRAMA! Let’s see a post about Jamal Crawford breaking the ankels of that poor sap from San Antonio.

  154. bebee1 says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    You got to be kidding.
    Mike Brown is fine, Mike didn’t:

    1. Shoot 33.8% from the floor nor
    2. Shoot 17.4% from 3 nor
    3, Shoot 69.6% from the foul line.
    He didn’t have 18 turnovers and 11 asists.
    Blame the players not the coach

  155. TTKIN says:

    I have supported Mike Brown since the moment they announced he was hired. And until now I have been very calm about the Lakers and their start to the season. But this is ridiculous now. If they lose either of their next 2 games (both against easy opponents before going up against the real competition), then something needs to change. Considering everyone points out how awful the bench is, maybe the key is to put in the shooters that were hired to shoot (cough cough Jodie Meeks).

    During the preseason Meeks said having consistent lineup would really help everyones game and get better, and since then, Meeks has been in and out of the lineup sporadically.

    And now that Jerry Slaon has said he would take the job, I am almost fully behind getting rid of Brown. Sloan is my second favorite coach next behind only Phil (once Pop and Adelman retire, I’ll have a little bit of adjusting to make on that list).

  156. NbaGuy123 says:

    Seems to me like Phil Jackson needs to come out of retirement, don’t ya think?

  157. Dean M says:

    with Howard and a healthy Nash this Laker team can go places,but not with Mike Brown at the helm
    Fire Brown before it gets out of hand..Lakers and Brown is a bad combo. Nip it in the bud before options run out

  158. Joel says:

    How good would this team be with Phil Jackson???

  159. Realistic says:

    Let me ask y’all this. Is Eric Spoelstra still a bad coach for everyone that claims he is when he has 2 superstars and a star while Brown has 3 superstars and a star? What does that also say about both teams leaderships? This is just a community question.

  160. Lex Bryant says:

    Okay unless you’re a Laker fan, you should not be in this forum! We are not like typical fans that sit and whine, “FIRE THE COACH” every time something goes bad. Laker fans could care less if we were 5-0 or 0-5! Regardless, WE WANT MIKE BROWN GONE!!!! That man is NOT Laker material!!!!!!! If this foolishness continues, Howard might become a little female again, and decide the drama is too much, making him leave us!!! Kobe Bryant does not deserve to have this happen to him in the later years of his career!!! Please Mitch, FIRE BROWN!!!!!

    • Average Joe says:

      Dude, this is a free forum. Anyone can have their say, whether they are Lakers fans or not. Lakers fans and Boston fans comment on articles about the Heat or Clippers and Heat and Clipper fans comment on articles about Boston or LA. So nobody should say that only Lakers fans are allowed to comment here or anywhere.

      Having said that, I believe that Mike Brown should be given at least until 20 games into the season to prove that he candle this All-Star lineup. He handled himself pretty well last season. It may be just that the Lakers are struggling with the new offense and also struggling to defend some of the quicker teams. You may call for Brown’s head but I think that management will let this run until 20 or 25 games out before they make a decision.

  161. tavy ramazula says:



  162. dattebayo says:

    The Lakers still have 8 games at home in November and they play 5 times against teams that will not make the playoffs. Their record is only 1-4 and with 3 straight wins they are at .500. Could somebody explain to those lalaker fans that the season ain’t over tomorrow? Howard and Nash barely played together and they are expected to be the best pick and roll combo you can possibly have. Just wait and see, even Miami went 8-9 to start their first season and these Lakers will struggle as well. At ASW the Lakers will have a much better record than .200, just wait and see…

  163. earl manigaut says:

    lakers need to talk…kobe needs to regroup his team..kobe is a great player his team will listen to him..

  164. Search Hub says:

    Fire the guys and get Larry brown he is available!

  165. NBAFan says:

    Listen this is what happened with the Heat when they first got together. Every critic dismissed them when they went on loosing streaks and said they couldnt get it done. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. Mike Spolstra dint have the know how to coach so many stars. “Fire Him”. 1 year later the same critics say they are the best team in the league and Spolstra is one of the greatest coaches ever.

    Give it time. Too many fans want want want. I am not a heat fan and I am not a laker fan. I do realise though that greatness doesnt happen overnight. The lakers do have poor defense right now. Instead of blaming the coach watch the game and the highlights. Look at Howard complaining to the ref. about a foul that wasnt called instead of playing D. The Jazz run a fastbreak and score with ease. The same guy that rebounded Howards shot scores the bucket. So tell me he didnt have enough time to get his whiny butt down court and make a defensive stop. This is where changes need to start. Stop crying about calls that wont be changed after the fact and play some D. That is what makes a champion.

    • dattebayo says:

      I agree with most of what you said, but please tell me one thing. Who has said that Erik Spoelstra is one of the greatest coaches ever? He is a great defensive coach and he demands defensive effort from his players, but I have yet to see a reason that he is capable of setting up set plays out of timeouts consistently and adjust the offense when the players don’t make the right plays.

      • NBAFan says:

        That comment may have been misconstrued a little bit about Spolstra. I was going based on the commantators from the first game who would not shut up about how good he is since he has a ring as a head coach now. I put it that way to kind of proove a point about how they started out about an entire season of how he should be fired and then turn around and say he is the perfect guy for the job.

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Finally somebody who gets it. I’ve been saying that for the longest time and it seemed like I was the only person who could see it. The Heat had a slow start just like the Lakers and the critics are doing the same like in Miami.

  166. DANITo says:

    magic johnson predicted last week, one of the coaches wont be in L A . he doesnt like coach brown, he said it last year and this year. so if the lakers dont do good this week. hell be fired. brian shaw should be the coach

  167. tetsuo697_2 says:

    there’s not enough balls on the court.

  168. Chris Chen says:

    Not only the shooting is not on fire. Brown should pay the price. In his offense, every ball gives to Howard, and Jazz player steal again and again!! Gasol and play in the low post, Jordan Hill can do also, why not makes the offense flexible!!

  169. salomon says:

    Its really not that complicated! They have an amazing team, and all they got to do is this, fire Mike Brown! Second, try to mix it up between the Bench and the Starters.
    Perhaps have Nash and come in with the second unit to help them get easy shots!
    Mike Brown has changed LA’s system every year for the past 3 years. No consistency.

  170. salomon says:

    First of, fire Mike Brown! Second, try to mix it up between the Bench and the Starters.
    Perhaps have Nash and come in with the second unit to help them get easy shots!
    Mike Brown has changed LA’s system every year for the past 3 years. No consistency.

    • dattebayo says:

      He was hired last season and they had no training camp and he took them to 41-25. Now he has Nash and Howard, totally different players than Bynum and Sessions, wouldn’t it be just natural to change the system because it fits those players better? All he did was change the offense from throwing it down in the post as often (because Howard can’t post up like Bynum) and have more movement on offense which benefits Kobe most, of all people. Kobe shot terrible from the floor last year, in the first 4 games he is averaging 27 points shooting 56% from the field and 42% from deep. The reason the Lakers are losing is transition defense (because they don’t get back), turnovers/bad shots and no bench production. It ain’t Browns fault that Nash can’t play, Kobe and Howard are whining at every noncall instead of getting back and that the Lakers top 4 players get more money as 10 other teams in the league pay all their players.

      • dattebayo says:

        Just to clarify, Steve Nash is a great player and I meant to say he is currently sidelined due to injury and can’t play atm.
        Secondly, Nash, Howard, Kobe and Gasol currently earn 75 million USD and that is more than what 22 other teams pay for their entire roster including Chicago, Clippers, Thunder, Spurs and Dallas.

    • TTKIN says:

      Mike Brown has only been there for 1.5 years, not 3.

      Nash should definitely start, but I agree he needs to mix the bench and starters more. All 4 of their glorified superstars have been the main guy on their respective teams before. they all know how to get everyone involved. But how in the hell does a team with 2 of the best 7 footers in the game NOT work inside-out all the time?? The one time they did that, they crushed the Pistons. And the Pistons have a better front line than some of the other teams theyve faced this year. Monroe aint no slouch.

  171. hahahah says:

    give a decent european coach team like this and they will win it all right away

  172. MetaWorldpeace says:

    LeBron had 2 60+win seasons with Mike Brown, and the Lakers cant even get a couple?

  173. JIGOLO says:

    MIKE BROWN is the problem not the players, HE is more focus studying the next TOY STORY script than working out on game plans. cmon mr POTATO

  174. the lakers are having a major ego issues roght nom. they better come together soon or the season could be over before the games of christmas day. it would be ashame if the lakers was out of the playoffs because of ego got in the way.

  175. hia says:

    What do you expect when you put rapist in kobe and thug in artest together?

  176. Fouad says:

    Look at miami 2 years ago. no one to heat more than there coach. The lakers will be fine. when they start wining they will be unstoppable. The bench is not too good. Im clippers season ticket holder and I can tell you they have some guys on the bench.

    • TTKIN says:

      Most of whom are far past their primes and out of shape. Ill believe in their bench when all their 30 somethings are still able to play at the end of the year. Lakers are old but their guys dont really have histories of injuries.

  177. I think the way you’ve described the polarity of emotion within the Laker’s locker room is spot on. Nash may help provide some emotional glue to start aligning these two differing personalities but I’d have to think that age and stage of career is a huge contributor too. Kobe is in the twilight of his stunning career and is vehemently and rather urgently chasing a 6th title. Dwight , as with most players would love a title or few (hence his move to Lakers during the Kobe era), but it’s not necessarily now-OR-never for him like it is with Kobe. At (almost) 27 years of age he still has several years of quality ball under his belt, injury-permitting obviously.

    Their contrasting career-ages would definitely compound the differences between these two superstars’ mentalities and approaches to each game and more pertinently the season as whole, which is ultimately Kobe’s last gasp efforts at a final gem in his sparkly crown.

  178. Hater says:

    Where is dont click my name guy LOL i know hes reading, and he is all talk just like the lakers. worst team ever hahahahahaha

  179. lakerslove says:

    bench scoring 36-12. jodie meeks and duhon should be given playing time. utilize them more.

  180. Warhok says:

    The Lakers must choose between firing Mike Brown and hiring a coach suited for the job or making Mike Brown play a different style that will make the Lakers more efficient. Dude, there’s Steve Nash and Dwight, they can’t win properly? what’s up with that. Find a coach that will make use of Steve Nash’s awesome plays. With that, I hope kobe can make 35ppg haha.

  181. bunbury says:

    I hate to say this, but they will need to trade Gasol for at least two good pieces, they need 3 point shooting badly. I mean they are a horrible outside shooting team. Gasol is an overrated outside shooter. I really like him but they should trade him for amare stoudemire. as long as the doctors give the ok on amare of course.

    • TTKIN says:

      Lakers cant afford Amare though. and amare has shown that he has problems playing next to other ball-dominant players when theyre not running the pick n roll for him. and clearly the lakers have a problem running the pick n roll so far this year.

  182. Bill says:

    All of this is somewhat ridiculous in my opinion. Clearly the Lakers aren’t playing well. They have had four stinkers out of five games played. Keep it up and end up in the lottery and as the biggest flop in NBA history when judging results versus potential.

    But give it some time before you rush to judgment. The Spurs got slaughtered by the Clips last night. Should we conclude that the Clips are clearly superior to the Spurs? Obviously not.

    Much like the Spurs against the Clippers, the Lakers couldn’t hit any shots last night. It happens in the NBA. Since the Spurs were 4-0 going into their game and the Lakers 1-3, it seems less forgivable for the Lakers to have a dud, but shooting comes and goes. They also displayed some issues that still point to poor team work and this is what really needs to be worked out and will take some time.

    I am life long Laker fan and all four losses have been quite painful to watch. Also, I have yet to become convinced that Brown is a gifted coach. I frankly felt as though the Lakers under achieved last season.

    But, it is simply too early to “freak out”. The Lakers are a great franchise. Brown didn’t unilaterally instill the Princeton offense. You can be sure he had Kupchak and ownerships buy in.

    As per another recent article here, let’s give them 20 games and then evaluate where they are at.

  183. LALLDAY88 says:

    Mike Brown is a good coach, but not for this team. He has no experience in utilizing teams with more than one superstar, let alone aging superstars.

  184. shibal says:

    where the hell is jodie meeks

    • TTKIN says:

      Dude RIGHT?!?! He was supposed to be the big time shooter they picked up this offseason and they have barely put him ont he floor. Ebanks is a good hustle guy, but he puts up jump shots like Malik Sealy in the movie Eddie. ebanks shoots, shoots more, and then shoots after that, and he misses them all. bring in meeks who is a sniper.

      then again, we shoulda seen this coming cuz brown barely played Kapono last year.

  185. Jay says:

    Lakers need a couple more shooters off the bench and a new coach mike brown is a goof and hasnt helped the lakers since he steped foot in the orginzation.

  186. willis says:

    Dude, Kobe looks like a kid next to that freak

  187. bunbury says:

    Howard is 100% CORRECT. I’m sorry but I agree- Kobe is not being a good leader. The rest of the team start losing confidence and focus when they see their leader showing off his fustrated emotions. He is the one that told everybody to shut up afterall. i think it’s time for him to shut up and support his coach and teammates.

  188. Hey! Im YOU..yeah me.. says:

    but its ok! kobe gains 5 championship rings and more thropies ……Lastly this season ,is the kobe’s last MVP award…..

  189. TRI says:

    I agree, mike brown is nothing! he was only good for that one season because lebron really wanted the ring. Without Lebron, hes nothing. They have to FIRE MIKE BROWN!!!!!! What a horrible move by the Lakers for hiring Mike Brown.

  190. LA_LC says:

    no wonder Lebron James signed to other team (from Cleveland to Miami)

  191. Sosay says:

    stan van gundy is looking for work

  192. Booom says:

    LA LA FANS are noob if they are losing coach is the problem hahaha but if their winning players are great come on u guys you are just disappointed because your Super power team looks empty hahaha… remember way back 2003 getting premiere veterans like malone and payton + kobe and shaq? and what happen?….. I think repeat is coming sorry lakers fans hahahha…..

  193. Ladyshakalaka says:

    The point guard is the extension of the coach, unfortunately they do not have a great point guard, honestly Dwight Howard is very immature and I don’t believe he’s ready for a championship team. Unfirtunately, LA hired Mike Brown who has a winning percentage as a coach but it has nothing to do with his coaching abilities. I watch Mike Brown coach for years with the Cavaliers and Lebron James had to work so hard for every point& every win, that is what fed him up and he left Cleveland( thank goodness). LA doesn’t have a Lebron James and LA will not win this season and Coach Brown will be fired its just a matter of when. I think sooner than later. Kobe is past his prime and dealing with injury at his age takes a toll. He is playing too many minutes. Pau Gasol needs a facilitator and they don’t have one. Even when Nash comes back he is past his prime and in constant pain with his back problems. Every other player excluding Howard is a role player and not elite role players. Jamison was a talent but past us prime! I’m glad that LA is failing because I am sick and tired of thier monolopy in the league and I want to see the smaller market teams succeed!

  194. Kamil says:

    I am not a Lakers fan or a Mike Brown fan. Born and raised in New York City. Although Mike Brown is not performing, remember he somehow coached Lebron and the cavs to a NBA Final against the Spurs in which ofcourse they got swept, but he also helped them win 60+ two seaons in a row. You can argue all of that was simply Lebrons doing. I never thought Mike was a great coach but oh well.

    Larry Brown should come outta retirement and show these ladies how to play.
    If not, trade Pau Gasol for Ramon Sessions, Bismack Biyambo and Gerald Henderson.

    • bunbury says:

      changes are coming unless they turn it around fast. BIG IF!!!! the real question is when. hopefully, they wont wait until they are 5-20.

  195. dwynn says:

    Where is that guy Dont ever click me again!?LAKERS CHAMPS 2013!!!Hahaha…





  197. Look everybody hateing on L.A on their season openers. Its the 1st part of the season you caint base a teams skills on the 1st couple of weeks. Let them learn from their mistakes and gain chemistry and go from there.

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree. It is the very beginning so it’s too early to judge still, it’s just that 1-12 start that jumps out. 1-4 aint too bad, that can be made up. But with the amount of talent they have, they should have a cumulative winning percent better than .07 just by accident.

  198. BronWells says:

    That Sports Illustrated cover with Howard and Nash jinxed it for them for the entire season, bunch of jerks.

  199. peeps says:

    I love to watch Lakers fans, and now even Kobe, freak out … hopefully they miss the playoffs

  200. Hey! Im YOU..yeah me.. says:

    They better change there coach…. cause I compare to there lastly seasons ,the lakers was so good in there games…..but in 2011-2012 and right now , even they have Dwight and Nash,,, the lakers are thumbsDown…Why they won’t try to find other coach that have more coaching style and experienced…… dontcha worry kobe ,You gain 5 rings and more thropies…..

  201. Gentledee says:

    Please release Mike Brown of his Duties…thanks LA management…With his system this tean look horible, Nash has no place on this team, Nash look weak. So for the second time get rid of Mike Brown. He’s like what the Knicks dis when they hired Mike D’Anthno. These two coaches are not championship leaders…get rid of Mike or we will see the players start to turn against each other…

  202. Sigh.. says:

    Instead of running the Princeton offense (which really only works on energetic teams with shooters), why they don’t go back to the fundamentals for now? Implement a consistent pick-and-roll/fade game, I personally believe it will solve their problems.

    • dd def says:

      that’s a really really good point, especially when you look at pau and howard as your roll men, with kobe nash and artest playin p&r ballhandler, it would be beastly. take into consideration that artest could also play roll man, and he and pau could pick&pop effectively. it seems this year more than ever that the pick n roll offense is really predominant and has been very effective for just about every team that’s been using it. the reason p&r is still such a widely used attack after decades is because it’s that effective. time tested tried and true, this team would really benefit from that looking at the starting 5 particularly. but also because it’s such a simple offense it’s easier to learn your teammates and build that chemistry faster, it’s easier for even a weak bench to run effectively and for the young guys to learn and execute, and then the game starts to flow and come naturally and in rythm, suddenly the confidence is back and that number in the w column starts to rise.

  203. OG.LAL says:

    Princeton offense doesn’t work ,Blake last his confidence he is afraid to shoot the ball how about rest of the bench Jamison
    Meeks,Duhon they are talented players they should produce.i think answer is one just fire Mike Brown and Jordan.Derek Fisher can be really good coach! ,

  204. GMoney says:

    And all of the sudden its clear that Phil won those championships and not Kobe.

    • Game Time says:

      Kobe benifited from a coach who knew how to effectivley use him in the 4th. Know that he’s left to play most of the games he just out their jacking up shots.

  205. BBall Fan says:

    Dwight won’t, he is still a kid and always will be, if he didn’t get frustrated like he says, why is he not still with the Magic, he will get tired of losing, he will get tired of Kobe bitching at him, the fans will booo and it will hurt his feelings, the Dwama will start as it did in Orlando and he will not sign and will want to be traded to the Nets. He won’t change, his teammates are already tired of his kiddy games in the locker room. Dwight wants to be an all star but he doesn’t know how to handle not being the first option of a team, he wants all the glory but doesn’t want the pain and suffering it takes to get there.

  206. Boom says:

    RE-BUMP LA LAKERS – Its better to have ROLE PLAYERS rather than STAR PLAYER without TWINKLED. twak..twak…

  207. ee says:

    more shooters you need more reliable shooters l.a

  208. James says:

    I still think Lakers can overcome this early season struggle. But personally, in my opinion, the best way they could do is, take out Mike Brown and the Princeton offense then bring back Phil “the Zen Master” Jackson and his Triangle offense, then Lakers will be title contenders again.

  209. Chocho says:

    Guys , im a big fan from mexico , sorry for my english witten. Im not demanding blood but simply the team doesnt look like a TEAM. Attitudes like D Howard, or Mike Brown simply are non compatible with guys like Kobe and Gasol. I really like Kobe being so evident with his frustration. PLEASE EXECUTIVES HEAR KOBE HI HAS GOT THE ANSWER. Mike Brown has no size to manage a team like this. Hi could be good on little teams. LETS GO KOBE MEXICO SUPPORT YOUR ATTITUDES!!!!!!

  210. docstone says:

    Not too worry…….Lakers are only making room for The Clippers.

  211. ko0kie says:

    lol. those who predicted the championship for la are problable the same people who want mike brown fired now.. give the man and the team some time, especially now where they are again left without a solid PG.

  212. D.Antoni says:

    Hire Mike D.Antoni

  213. joe says:

    maybe they should sign another hall of famer…not enough talent on this small market modest group…

  214. james says:

    simple. fire mike brown bring mike d’antoni.. kobe knows mike from the olympicsand mike coached nash so it shuld help with the chemistry

  215. Ao1 says:

    Too much turnovers!! Metta keep shooting even if he knows he’s now a poor 3-point shooter.

  216. lakerfan says:

    where’s jodie meeks and chris duhon? Fire Mike Brown.

  217. glyceman says:

    should’ve hired brian shaw after phil..

  218. Ao1 says:

    Get rid of Metta!

  219. bball fan says:

    The Lakers are stacked old & with the wrong mix of chemistry. The Heat stacked themselves young with the right mix of chemistry. The Lakers won’t win a championship just like when they stacked old when they got Karl Malone & Gary Payton. And we all saw how bad their chemistry was. They keep trying to load up their team for short term success and not for the long term. The Heat did it the right way. The Clippers will end up as the top L.A. team by the end of the season. This is all coming from someone who is not a fan of any of these teams.

  220. Ao1 says:

    LA’s offense is pretty much the problem. The players are good enough but their offense hindering them of what/who they are!

  221. D. Orama says:

    They should have hired Brian Shaw who would have kept the triangle or even tweaked the offense to better suit their skills.

  222. jabloodz says:

    to much of skilled players to be playing an offence like if they are the lesser teams…triangle offence for the bigs,isolation kobe and nash pick an roll…rest history!!!

  223. the truth says:

    im a big lakers fan but right nw i cant stand what im seeing my team is falling apart ever since mike brown took over the lakers have been going down stream adding or subtracting players it dosent matter he just keeps making the wrong decision for the players at hand. plzzz Fire brown plzz mitch

  224. Da Kirk says:

    I’ve said from day one Lakers wont win a title this season, the parts just dont fit properly, Mike Brown being the main one. Now from this early stage i’m not writing the Lakers off completely, its way too early for that, i just cant see them winning it all.

  225. lalord says:

    those damn FT Dwight!!

  226. Larrylaker says:

    40yr lakers fan. Fire mike brown. Defines the word terrible! Look terrible up in websters dictionary. It say ” see brown, mike” !!!!

  227. danield66 says:

    It doesn’t matter what offense you use. The talent and the experience of the Lakers should allow them to win anyway. Not the Championship but the majority of their games. The proper guidance would give them that. I have watched every game so far and i can see it. The coaching staff needs to be changed. No more excuses. If the problem isn’t fixed Dwight Howard will not be staying with the Lakers and the demise of the greatest NBA franchise will be evident for years to come.

  228. paqnojo says:

    PLEASE!!! Bring SHAW as a coach. The traingle would be insane with D12, Kobe Pau, Nash and MWP. FIRE MIKE BROWN!. This is to great of a team to let this chance go to waste.

  229. badboydavid09 says:

    hire brain shaw back as head coach an mike brown as def or stan van gurdy some one plz hel p lol

  230. ImJusSayin says:

    Mike Brown has NO ability to think on the fly or adjust to situations. If a player gets hot and its time he pulls them and ends the comeback. Foye had completely destroyed the LAL comeback before Brown took Morris off of him. Thats just 2 examples of why this 28 year Laker fan will stick with the Clippers for awhile at least they give it there all every night win or lose.

  231. onee says:

    History repeats itself, chemistry has been culprit, and this does not only involve the players also the coaching staff of course.

  232. Mike Brown says:

    Here’s what i’m gonna do, I will turn the Fatigue OFF, injury OFF, set difficulty to Rookie, set game sliders to 100, Fouls OFF and if doesn’t worked out, I will set a controller 2 and i’m sure we will win games, I Can turn this around.

  233. MR_MVP says:

    THE SEASON IS STILL VERY NEW, LAKERS just need to fix so areas!!, IT’S still a long long time to go before finals!!, Mike Brown is not the problem it’s player around Kobe & D12, Lakers you need to get some shooters to let your two best player to work!, Say good bye to Metta World Peace and Blake to Phoenix and get back Beasley and get Shannon Brown to where he plays his best ball Laker land!!, and also their are way better players in the free agency pick up Michael Reed, open up the court for Kobe & D12, easy as “KOBE WILL GET HIS 6th RING THIS SEASON!!

    • clos801 says:

      Why in the world would phoenix take metta and blake for beasley and brown? only a laker fan would say something like that.

      • NBAGuy02 says:

        Lol for real Phoenix wouldnt even take the Lakers entire bench for Beasley and Brown, they are way too key to the Suns, only a bandwagon LA fan would even think about that -_-

  234. donie says:

    Potato head brown. What a clown I feel a shame to be a Laker fan and it’s all because of potato head brown, boy I though nerds were smart. He has no leadership at all, He has no respect from the players, the fan, the city. I am very upset with the Bus Family they are showing us they don’t care about winning or about keeping acquisition happy, They should have fire Mike brown after pre- season. I have nothing againts brown personally but professionally he’s not a winner, more a loser. ANd if Jim Bus doesn’t fire him lets show fire mike brown sign at the game, we want mike potato head brown face on a plate, give him the boot, worse mistake and the ever. We have to turn this franchise around, is not respectable anymore, it’s a joke, all the great laker living legends and RIP are not proud of laker basketball, lakers are a joke kmon Buss it’s time to bring glory back to this time, Fire Mike Brown ASAP no excuses NOW bring shaw back any coach that has leadership and can bring the best of our player to motivated them, I prefer Fisher as our coach instead of stupid brown

  235. oldandmad says:

    You know the way the lakers treated loyal fans with the TimeWarner Cable deal, they’re kind of geting pay back

  236. Mike Brown says:

    What! After all the D12 drama and hype last off season??? The Mighty Lakers are down 1-4? I think Dwight should start writing some serious apology letter to SGV! LOL!

  237. Derek Fisher back says:

    They need a reliable backup guard… Put Derek Fisher back… Fire Duhon as he is not effective… Cmon, Morris is the better point guard than him means he is just draining the salaries worth for others….

  238. Just do it says:

    They called them AVENGERS! even avengers superheros needed time to gel with each other what more than the laker they are just humans give them at least 10 more games. but FIRE MIKE BROWN replace Brian Shaw

  239. Bill McBoobie says:

    Oh you sad laker fans…typical impatient LALA children who can’t wait frikin 5 games without demanding blood….how about some trial and error and a little struggle for once, you just can’t always buy your rings, like you did in the past.

  240. bey krews says:

    blaming the coach?? oh come on!!

    as of this moment,there simply is no chemistry between these guys yet.
    they will only be a “superteam” on the court when Kobe starts trusting his team mates and letting Nash( or Blake )control the ball and the offense and they should learn how to move without the ball and choose their spots.

    Better not mess up or they will be the most overRated team in sports history and Kobe will start pointing his fingers again.

  241. Ed says:

    the fans and the team already lost confidence in Mike Brown, it is time to get rid of him and hire another coach.

  242. Tom says:

    When you have Kobe, Howard, Gausol and sometimes Nash and you can only win 1 game out of 5, it’s more than just the coach, there are some other deficiencies going on.

  243. Vin says:

    Need Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw, Triangle offense needs to happen.

  244. Frenchie says:

    silent laugh from a Celtics fan…


    THINK about it laker fans… your garbage hyped team is… ahem ahem cant take anymore im gonna puke.. hahahahhaha pweehhhh

  246. SYDALE says:

    I’m absolutely loving it… LOL! Popcorn anyone?

  247. Carlos says:

    MIKE D’ANTONI is the solution for this team. The Lakers already have very good defensive players, they just need an ofensive coach. Just imagine Steve Nash playing free, just how he knows with the teammates that he has. That is what is expected from this team.

    • KnixFan says:

      I agree. They need to RUN while they still can.
      BROWN is not using the core to their full potential.
      Its a flawed system & I think if they don’t win, he’ll get canned.

  248. disappointed says:

    Please FIRE MIKE BROWN!!!

  249. Corey says:

    When has the Buss family ever made an intelligent decision when it comes to basketball? They are lucky their team is in LA or no one would want to play there. They just throw money at people and the people stay for the city and the publicity. If the Buss family were to own a small market team they would be a Bobcats organization.

  250. NBA says:

    People need to wake up. Its not Mike Browns fault. Brown led a much worse Cleveland team to the best record in the league for two years. The lakers may have alot of star power but they have absolutely no bench to back it up which is why they will continue to lose. Laker fans need to learn that putting a team on paper is not magic, the heat did it and it took them 2 seasons to win, and thats with unselfish players not pure scorers. Kobe is a scorer and hasnt had to play alongside this type of star power since his days with Shaq. Going to take time to get used to it. IT IS NOT BROWN’S FAULT. Brown is a good coach, despite his playoff troubles in Cleve. we arn’t in the playoffs right now, Brown has had great regular season records, its the team not the Coach.

  251. thesniper321 says:

    fire mike brown?? Why??? the lakers are not balanced at all, They got no bench, zero team chemistry, steven nash is useless if he can’t run (and a big liabilty in defense) and you expect big things from them already? Yeah right firing mike brown going to solving those problems magicaly!!
    Seriously stick to naruto

  252. 2pacalyse says:

    Dwight needs to look up to Kobe…5 rings speaks for itself..if he cannot get that killer instinct…lakers are in trouble

    • Game Time says:

      And yet Kobe had to get Dwight and Nash to try to get number 6. Let’s not forget how he got the rest. It sure wasn’t on his own. BTW, Robert Horry 7 rings…speaks for itself.

      • Le2e says:

        Yet another completely irrelevant troll from Game Time. Did you not read what the man said and wtf does Horry have to do with any of this? Let me baby this up for you: Kobe has more experience with championship caliber teams, he knows when to panic, when to chill, when to get frustrated. Dwight would benefit from having a little more fire and desire to play better instead of smiling and acting like nothing is wrong.

        No where in there did he say Kobe won all his rings by himself and no where in there did anyone bring up Horry. Stay on topic please.

        BTW Russel has 11 rings…speaks for itself. ( I can quote unrelated stats too! )

      • Fo Real says:


        I like it! lmao

        And I Agree dwight needs to stop being a clown and become a winner if he plans on being a Great centre in the history of the game.
        And you dont become a winner by acting like a joke!

        He’s got an opportunity to be the face of a Legenday Franchise in the future and he has to proove he can handle the job.

        LOL im not even a Lakers fan but its pissing me off to!

  253. john encinares says:

    you know what Dwight, i admire you being a good player.but i just want you to take this seriously.we all know you guys have a system to follow and to make it work.but Bryant’s philosophy and approach to the game and attitude seems to prove more than what your trying to do.Bryant has won multiple rings with his approach and that’s the way Gasol accept it when they hear words from Kobe cause that’s how their going to be better.so until your approach and goof balling has not prove to win championship yet, then better yet think about it and follow Kobe’s lead.

  254. jvitech says:

    I agree! Get Phil Jackson ASAP!

  255. The Worm 91 says:

    this team got the wrong ingredients. an expensive dish with an awful taste.

  256. hagonoy says:

    bring in brian shaw to navigate LA.brown diffenitely lacks the crucial decision making

    • pakyaw says:

      SHUT UP…its not the coach…its the player itself,..for god sake!.they’re all not rookie anymore,theyre all veteran…its about their EGO(Kobe,”i still want my 30 shot a game” LOL)

  257. Mark says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to win more than Kobe, Dwight. Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut and let Kobe express his frustrations, its worked before. That way Brown gets fired, and they can do something with this season.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I think it is going to be interesting between these two despite the outcome of the following games. Howard apparently is the new face pretty soon but will he drive kobe to an early retirement?
      I am expecting Shaq vs Kobe 2.0.
      Only at lalaland.

  258. Seriously says:

    ^I agree fully on that.

    regards, frustrated lakers fan

  259. Beebz says:

    lakers are so going down, heat for the repeat!

  260. Sentral says:

    Kobe and Howard will get traded soon.

  261. Pgulinp1 says:

    Brown killing them, they could brake down that game million times but noooooooooo, half court ofence, retarded moves, having Howard handeling a ball waay too far from basket, gasol looks like totaly lost , Artest and Blake – brick shooters , they ruined 3 fast brakes… and that bench… for love of God.. only Hill can play

  262. Nothing says:

    Fire Mike Brown!

  263. phil jacksn can you come back please and mike brown why did you switched the offense should have left it the same man

  264. jonas24 says:

    what I want with kobe is that when he becomes more frustrated his will to win extends more further, the lakers are in 6 straight home games, I expect the lakers 5-1 or 6 wins and that’s it my team is ready to roll!

    • pakyaw says:

      dont make excuses…blaming Mike Brown?..what they need is leadership on that team, i said this before, Kobe is not a good vocal leader..D. Fisher is..many of Kobetard disagree with me on this one…but that’s the truth…

  265. Pat says:

    Solution is to not fire Brown, but reestablish the triangle offense again.

    • TTKIN says:

      But to do that you need a triangle offense master. People all around the league know what the offense is, but that doesnt mean they can coach it. And although everyone is calling for Phil to come back, he has no interest in doing so, and everyone seems to forget he was the one overseeing the team when their turmoil hit the fan to the point where Dallas made them look like a little league team.

      • paqnojo says:

        This is a much stronger starting line up than what he had back then. Fisher for Nash and D12 for Bynum. Big difference. Him or Shaw can handle this.

  266. Ricky says:

    If anyone still believes this team is going to win the championship, think again. The hype is dead, and the reality is visible, the Lakers aren’t that good. The only good that the Lakers have is their starters. You think Steve Nash’s injury is going to be the last one someone from the starting line up will suffer? There’s no depth on this team. 1-12 since the preseason is a joke. Everyone is blaming Mike Brown, I blame the GM for hiring him. Mike Brown of all coaches? Even I can coach the Lakers and get a 1-12 combined record.

    “Oh, Mike Brown took Cleveland to the finals.”. Correction, LEBRON JAMES DID. Mike Brown has so much talent that he doesn’t know what to do with it, and Princeton offense is not the answer, if LA doesn’t act quick, they won’t even make it to the playoffs. 50 Wins isn’t even guaranteed to land you a spot in the West.

    • Fo Real says:

      I AGREE 100%

      Both satements you said are correct and factual.
      Mike Brown aint sh$% and was luck to have LeBron to take him to the Finals in Cleveland.
      L.A has some serious work to do …SERIOUS ..With no bench, they rely heavily on their starter and which will inevtably cause heavy fatigue and injuries.
      This Pinceton offense is garbage and clearly isn’t working for LA’s sake they need to get into a new offense(bring back the triangle)

      Honestly I want the Lakers to do good and make it to the Finals because I want a LAL v MIA FINALS sooooo bad
      But if this keeps out OKC and SA will have their way with them.

    • dd def says:

      so is this an admission that lebron is better than kobe since lebron with minimal talent and much less experience was able to lead his team coached by mike brown to 60+ wins and deep playoff runs, but kobe can’t lead a loaded lineup to two wins with mike brown coaching?

      • joaquin says:

        yes, he is better than kobe

      • LA GREEDS says:

        of course yes

      • Joe says:

        Not necessarily. The offense the lakers have and what the cavs had are very different. I’m not saying lebron is better than kobe or defending kobe at all. Kobe has done well these past games, but unfortunately it isn’t a one man team. The cavs somehow fit well together, even though lebron took the heavy load. The rest of the roster during those years were just enough to get the win. However, Lebron is much more of a team player than kobe ever was. Sure you can count on both of them on scoring, but yeah lebron was always the more contributive one.

    • Boxy says:

      Actually Brown does NOT have a lot of talent to work with. Gasol is weak, Howard a baby, Nash and Kobe are too old, Artest is mentally unstable…and the dear old bench is just as unreliable as last year. God Bless Brown for trying hard with what he was given and the constant pressure to work magic with it.

      • JDKing says:

        I completely agree, up to the point where you said the bench is as unreliable as last year. From my observation the lakers bench have several years of unreliability. And lakers have had a terrible choice of bench players for ages.

  267. Ejayy says:

    Man their are way better players in the free agency than the lakers have on their bench just drop and pick up sum of the guys up there arent even worth alot.

  268. JOHN says:

    i am a big lakers fan i live in the bahamas management should have let brian shaw take over after phil left

    • TTKIN says:

      I know everyone on the team liked Shaw, but the expectation annualy in lakerland is to win the whole thin g, and although he was a great winner as a player, he would be a rookie coach taking on big responsiblity.

      That being said, Rick Adelman was available and they hired Brown instead. Ive always supported Brown but they shouldve gone with adelman.

      • Boxy says:

        Shaw is a good guy but not at all the coach Mike Brown was and is. Same poop/diff toilet. The Lakers are a team that feels they can buy up top players and expect to win right away. It didnt work for the Yankees and it WONT work for them!

  269. JOHN says:

    3 words FIRE MIKE BROWN

    • jason adkins says:

      Mike Brown should have been fired after the season opener. And the message could not be any clearer. He is not getting out of this team what they are capable of and it is expressly his fault.

      • SAM says:

        What exactly are they capable of? Last I checked Segway’s werent allowed in the NBA, better luck in Turkey Kobe.

      • Angelo says:

        A Ball Hog, an immature big baby, an old dude, a crazy guy, inconsistent softee and a bunch of nobodies: wow! that should work!lol
        the problem to me is the bench. unless they could build a second unit that could somehow hold off the opponents offensively and defensively, they are not going anywhere. or…
        put blake, kobe, metta, and dwight as starters and put nash and gasol on the second unit. crazy but the lakers are already bottoming out. they got no choice. they don’t have the Cap space to have an option.

    • JUICE says:

      You said it. Why the hell did jim buss hired the guy anyway. Frustrating times in lalaland

    • McG says:

      A little soon for that but I’m sure he’s on a short leash. If things continue on this path he won’t last the season. Anything less than a trip to at least the conference finals and he won’t be back next season.

    • nATE says:

      yOU ARE FIRED!

    • kkca says:

      nice 3 words!

    • Zak says:

      You sound like a Heat fan from 2010.

    • Opinionated says:

      I agree. The Lakers have elite players that should operate as such. I’ve nothing against Mike, but the man has instituted a change that is not geared nor right for his crew or caliber game-type the NBA operates in. Whoever planted the idea of running the Princeton offense into Mike B’s head, well he/she needs to be fired.

      On another note, what would it take to light a fire under the Lakers butts on defense ? Last night looked like a Highschool Girls Junior Varsity squad on the defensive end… I don’t blame Kobe for his frustration, I really don’t — However, he too needs to enact his positional leadership role and enforce his team ‘wakeup’, defend, and the offense will come.

      Sad to see such an elite team go to the dumps. If I were the manager, then sleep is not an option until this is fixed.

      • dirk45 says:

        “Whoever planted the idea of running the Princeton offense into Mike B’s head, well he/she needs to be fired.”

        I’d guess his first name ist Kobe and his last name starts with a B. And firing Brown solves only half of the problem.

        Kobe wanted the Princeton offense because he would have been only the number three option in a Nash run pick and roll offense. I’d go with a Dallas style flow offense. They have lots of players that have a great bball intelligence, Let them prove it.

        But the title will be out of reach this year. The starters need to log too many minutes to get the wins (and they will come) to get a good place in the playoff race. This is bad news for injury prone old players like Nash and Kobe, not to mention Howards back.

    • LOL, Those are my exact same thoughts when I watch every Laker game. Mike Brown is simply not an NBA head coach.. Plain and simple. Especially for a big time team like the Lakers with major pressure on them and all eyes on them and with two megastars on the same team.
      Mike Brown had METTA WORLD PEACE playing SG at points in the game!! Lakers got Jodie Meeks who was one of the best 3pt shooters in the entire NBA last season and Brown does not use him at all. He would be a great backup to Kobe. And Lakers are among the bottom dwellers in 3pt shooting.
      There are too many bad things about Brown to list in one setting, his coaching his mind boggling sometimes

      • Bronco says:

        Crazy the way people blame the coach when a team looses but kneel down and worship the players when a team wins. Its a total joke that Kobe and the rest of the whiners CANT play well for another then Phil Jackson.

      • GniK911 says:

        i think you’re right….jodie is the best option for sg on this team when bryant’s sitting…ebanks is a useless player…they should’ve gotten CDG at training camp.he’s much more well rounded at SF.

    • Zeitgeist says:

      where is the “mia san mia” mentality ?

      bring back D-Fish ( is he without team?) , waive Morris ! fish always has been there mental leader and set the tone on toughness.

      start with Bryant, Gasol,Nash,D12 and Ebanks
      bring Meeks,Jamison, Fisher, Hill and MWP off the bench

      let Nash be a player/headcoach and Mike Brown gets the job as defensiv coach. 😉

      winning by dominating the boards is the key for this years lakers.

      • ShellyLakes says:

        EXACTLY!!!! I never understood why they got rid of Fish in the first place!!! Lakers need his voice and honestly I believe he is the closest we will ever get to Kobe actually listening to someone.

      • TTKIN says:

        Morris’ contract is guaranteed, waiving him isnt really an option. Also, the reason fisher was traded last year is cuz he did not want to take a bench job. he wants to be in those crucial seconds taking the big shots…problem is that nash will be playing those times during the game, not fish.

      • Big Al says:

        You can’t be serious in letting that klutz Ebanks start. If management had half a brain, they’d send him and perhaps the entire bench packing. They should have done better in getting Sessions to stay. He’s a lot better than Fisher and could stay injury-free unlike old Nash.

      • Jme says:

        D fish is a great guy character wise but he is way past his prime and he could not anymore keep up with the younger, stronger, faster and more explosive guards in the league. That is why they got sessions last year but sessions is usually inconsistent. Better bring back the triangle and let Howard be the the offensive anchor. Mike brown would always be an average coach..

    • Game Time says:

      People act like the Lakers didn’t get swept when Phil was there. Times have changed and teams have gotten better. The LA formula isn’t working anymore so just deal with it.

      • New Bench + New Coach says:

        I honestly think that if they had a better 2nd unit that they wouldnt be in this huge mess. I dont understand how they go from having a great starting line-up to having nobodies on their bench. Mike Brown needs to learn how to play with the bench, Jodie Meeks is an excellent 3pt shooter, but how many minutes does he play a game? How can you expect the Lakers to win games when their coach is defensive minded, yet their transition defense is beyond terrible. Mike Brown should be fired.

    • Joe says:

      I concur with John and the rest of you guys

      • Lakersfan says:

        If We fired Mike Brown whos available as a coach.? I just don’t like the new offence that hey have, they did much better last year.

    • Lakers Fan says:

      Like I said before…The Piston game doesn’t count as good coach and that the offense system works. It’s because the Pistons are also struggling. If you have two teams that are struggling playing against each other, the team with more talents would win. It’s not the coaching!!

      So, Fire MIKE BROWN. Get Brian Shaw and Mike D’antoni. The Lakers will be UNSTOPPABLE with the addition of the coaches. Get Derick Fisher back as a backup point guard.

      Because the Piston game doesnt count, this means Mike Brown just coach a 16 times championship team to a 12 games losing streak! if not 11.

      • i have to agree with you about firing mike brown…….but i don’t agree that we should replace him with mike D’anthoni, cuz lakers starter aren’t that young or fast to play mike’s Run And Gun offence

    • JOHN P says:

      2 words PHIL JACKSON

      • kanuk says:

        mike brown is a turrrible coach. i was saying the same thing when he ruined cleveland and i couldn’t believe it when LA hired his paltry services … but then it became understandable when we saw the relatively low salary that he was contracted for … ya get what ya pay for.

      • cris says:

        How did he ruin Cleveland when clevelands heydays were when he was coach?

    • dd def says:

      you know without a bench there’s only so much a coach can do. when no one is hitting shots, there’s not much a coach can do, there are things, sure, like substitutions, write out a cute little play or something, but bottom line is it comes to player execution, it’s not all because of mike brown that ya’ll are loosing, this group has hardly played together yet, starting the season with some unfortunate injuries which i’m sure are probably mike browns fault, but the biggest thing is the bench being less deep than a wading pool. so when one of the 5 allstars comes out there’s no body to go in and contribute and put in good minutes.
      so yeah, there are a few issues, not just the coach, that need to some dealing with. but if i know the lakers they’ll get it together and bounce back. and when the teams starts to gel, and the chemistry is equal to talent level, we’ll have the beast reawakened. as someone who is not and never has been a lakers fan, i do have faith in what has proven to be a tough team year after year, pitfall after pitfall, so i expect they’ll right this ship. patience laker fans, you’ll get there.

    • Tanis says:

      heat will win it anyways…king james, no contest…there bench in incredible aswell

    • dandre0408 says:

      Mike Brown is fine, Mike didn’t:

      1. Shoot 33.8% from the floor nor
      2. Shoot 17.4% from 3 nor
      3, Shoot 69.6% from the foul line.
      He didn’t have 18 turnovers and 11 asists.
      Blame the players not the coach.

      • Game Time says:

        Most sensible comment i’ve seen. How is it the players aren’t held accountable for this? I mean what kind of logic is to proclaim how great Kobe is as far as rings, but blame the shortcomings of HIS team soley on the coach?

      • Sponz says:

        Spot on. You’re absolutely right. I do agree with some of the comments that the lakers should get Fisher back also. Mike Brown is a capable coach however I don’t think he would command the respect that Fish does. He’s the only guy that can hold the players accountable and get their arses in gear.

      • me says:

        because the princeton offense doesnt work for the team.. thay have steve nash right?

    • mike (not brown) says:


      It is hard not to look at Mike Brown and call for his head – even at this early stage; but that still would not fix all the issues. Maybe we should be looking at the trades that got the Lakers to this point. Granted it is very difficult to turn down getting your hands on Howard, Nash and Jamison but was it right for the way the league is today including how it is being refereed. This is a young guards league. Lakers tried to get CP3 (where would we be now) and had hopes for Sessions . . but. .

      The roster has years of experience which counts for so much but there is a lack of young athletic players on there. Shannon Brown was great in that role but had to move on. Hard to get your hands on these sort of players without lottery picks. Gerald Green might have been worth the (little) money last year but I guess he did not show enough at the time.

      Lakers being hamstrung (kind of) with luxury tax payments can only pay those with proven records but maybe they should have seen the game changing and downsizing and speeding up and gotten younger. Lakers have a team created to play in the half court 5on5 against teams that are set defensively which means every score is contested. Most teams now play to outnumber their opponents on the offensive end to get as many easy buckets as possible. Lakers seem to only have had a handful of them all season!

      But until all the starters are on new contracts either with the Lakers or elsewhere this is the way they will have to play.

    • World Peace.... says:

      What Metta meant was the Lakers will lose 73 games this year, right ?

    • RASTA says:


    • kobe_himself says:

      Its MB’s fault because…u as the head coach have the ability to TAKE PLAYERS OUT of the court if they are struggling or having a mismatch against another… MB has FAILED again and again to recognize mismatches and his own teammate that are struggling. Pau GASOL should have been outplayed so many times in the playoffs last few years…BUT MB refuse to take action..he keeps putting gasol in against the stronger, faster, more athletic powerforwards that just slams gasol to the ground… THAT IS THE MAIN REASONS WHY LAKERS R LOSING TO START OFF TOO

    • Bonafide says:

      When was the last time the ‘Princeton Offense” won any meaningful championship games?


      it is hard to admit, but the LAST QUALITY bench player the Lakers had was LAMAR ODOM.

    • Imad Akel says:

      I am a Laker hater, but if they stay this bad there will be no competition.
      They are a 4 pr 5 player team right now. The lakers gotta find a way tp make the rest of their roster better.
      Also i always thought coach Brown is a good coach, but if your team is drowining and in desperate for depth for the love of God, PLAY YOUR ROOKIE. Jodie Meeks needs to see some playing time. It can’t hurt at this point.