Election Day: ‘Barack To Barack’

Kendall Marshall, the rookie point guard of the Suns did not specify politics or not Tuesday night. But since he asked….

The NBA community was part of the Twitter traffic as President Barack Obama won re-election in a race that generated financial contributions from around the league, from players to coaches to owners to commisioner David Stern, for the Democratic incumbent and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Royce White of the Rockets was poignant, DeJuan Blair of the Spurs celebrated, and Jason Richardson of the 76ers turned the phrase.

“Barack to Barack #Obama2012,” @jrich23 wrote as Obama closed in on a second consecutive White House win.

There was even a great basketball tie-in from Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post as results from the electoral college came in:

Soon, the campaign marathon neared a conclusion. Real or otherwise.

No, Humphries could not.

Obama won. Players took to the Twitterverse to celebrate.

The conversation continued late into the night in some parts of the country and early into Wednesday morning in others, with more undoubtedly to come in the days ahead.


  1. Kin Diesel says:

    Some rich people, even basketball players, are not so selfish as to hoard their money, as Johnny said. It’s for the greater good. They will pay more, but they will just be paying closer to the percentage that the little guy pays. Right now, they may pay more total money, but a smaller percentage of their total earnings. Kobe Bryant makes $27.8 million dollars this year. Yet by law, the most he can have deducted for Social Security is $113,700. I’m a Kobe fan, but this is one of the things that needs to change about our system. Imagine how much the owners and the filthy rich save due to these bogus tax laws. Helping others when you are much more wealthy should not feel like a punishment. It’s a duty. Nobody can get rich without the help of the little people in some way shape or form.

    • Eberhard says:

      Very intelligent post

    • Harrison Cole says:

      Everyone this is the NBA website. Hardly the place to discuss whether you like/dislike obama and Romney and how bad you think the government is going to be. The election is over so maybe we can move on and focus on the exciting NBA season happening right now

  2. The Truth says:

    We are in good hands, now with the election out of the way, the president can stop campaining and focus on his true agenda. His pursuit to take away our civil liberties will only intensify. Suspenstion of the 5th amendment under the NDAA or the increased surveilence under Obama has really upset me. More evil is bound to come as they plot on a way to go to war with Iran. Good Job America and say hello to the New World Order.

    P.S. Romney would have been no different

  3. Wes says:

    One of Obama’s campaign promise was to increase the tax on the rich, I imagine this will exclude his black brother bballers, otherwise why would they be so happy?????

    • Johnny says:

      ummm, because they’re happy to give up a little more of their salary to help the greater good? Not everyone is as interested in personal gain as you seem to be Wes.

      • MHM 35 says:

        I agree with the above Johnny, but it also seems like for people who have worked hard for their big money that it’s kind of a punishment for all their hard work to gain success.

  4. nbafan says:

    oh yeah and only chris humphries would believe ina cab driver on who won the election..bright guy eh?

  5. nbafan says:

    Were in good hands lol???? yeah easy for a rich baller to say , what about the other people , i guess 6 trillion in debt isnt a big deal to nba ballers

  6. newyorksteelo says:

    Congrats to Barack Obama for winning the election.