Waiters Serving Up Tasty Dish

The Cavaliers have heard it all.

They reached to take Dion Waiters with the No. 4 pick in the draft.

He was never even a starter in his two seasons spent at Syracuse.

He has never been the catch-and-shoot-type scorer the Cavs need.

He promptly got injured at the Las Vegas Summer League because he was overweight.

Well, as Matt Damon famously said in Good Will Hunting, how do you like them apples?

That was the rookie Waiters, in just his fourth NBA game, burning the Clippers with 28 sizzling points on a white-hot 7-for-11 shooting from 3-point range.

Dion Waiters’ shot chart through Nov. 5, 2013

It was one thing to see the 20-year-old take the floor and look like an established veteran on Opening Night last week. But that was at home and that was against the Wizards. Since that time, Waiters has continued to look anything but overwhelmed, moving confidently around the court and moving the ball.

Well, let’s get one thing straight. Talent and ability had nothing at all to do with Waiters not starting at Syracuse. That was just a decision made by coach Jim Boeheim, who rarely went to the final minutes in Waiters’ two seasons with the Orange without having the ball and the game in his hands. Waiters was a star and big-time producer.

Cavs coach Byron Scott has been an ardent defender from the day Waiters was drafted, refusing to pigeon-hole him into either guard spot. He’s just a guard, Scott has said over and over. He just knows how to play. Just ask the Clippers.

The biggest adjustment that Waiters has had to make from college is playing without the ball in his hands now that he’s starting alongside Kyrie Irving. Yet the transition has been smooth as he’s worked on coming off screens and improving his footwork to get better shots.

On Monday night, the Cavs’ kiddie corps backcourt of Irving and Waiters doubled up the Clippers veteran backcourt of Chris Paul and Willie Green, 52-26. Cleveland’s duo made things look easy for much of the game and made the plays and shots that held off L.A.’s late fourth-quarter run.

In four games, Waiters is averaging 16.3 points and has hit 11 of 20 3-pointers, making at least one in every game.

Now we know why Scott has been ignoring the critics and nodding his head toward Waiters. One more bit of validation and a glimpse at a future that might require sunglasses.


  1. ArchVince says:

    Wow.. And to think we haven’t even seen the best of him.. I knew he was a good scorer but I never thought he was this deadly from the 3pt Line. I always thought Waiters was a good slashing guard. I guess you never know.

    This back court of Irving and Waiters is definitely one to watch out for. Irving is a beast, 4 years from now, Irving will be the best PG in the league.


    I watched the game vs the Clippers and he reminded me of Marcus Thorton or JR Smith. He made some Really tough shots. He’s definitely one of those players will can put up Big numbers if he’s in rhythm.

    Teams better put a warning label on his scouting report. We may have the 3rd candidate for R.O.Y

  3. Brandon says:

    Agree wait till mid season to see what the CAVS are really made of

  4. The Nightfox says:

    They’ve played 3 or 4 games. Take it easy. If he’s still doing this, mid-season, then I agree, he’s for real.

  5. FlipStar says:

    Kyrie is a monster. I love that ninja’s game. He’s so poised and a special player. The Cavaliers organization rebounded well from the “Decision” if you ask me …

  6. willie says:

    poor cavs fans, still waiting for the next Lebron… hahaha…. 🙂

  7. secret says:

    wow… waiters is good.

  8. Michael Burger says:

    i still think robinson would be a better pick and pro

  9. Slender says:

    When I saw the Cavs take Waiters, I went beserk, as I am a huge Cav fan and I didn’t like their pick. But now, i’m all smiles as he has silenced me with this last performance.

  10. joe says:

    nice win last night. go cavs.

  11. lets go cavs and great job deon for taking the cavs to a great win #CUSETOWN

  12. none says:

    I see the future… D Wade is getting a little old so this cat will move to the Heat in a couple years to play with LeBron!!

  13. none says:

    I see the future… D Wade is getting a little old so this cat will move to the Heat in a couple years to play with LeBron!!

    • StoneColdSteveo says:

      Dude, not everyone is ending up with the Miami Lebrons. Dion’s ours at least for the next 6 years

  14. Number 16 says:

    Yup, I was one of those silenced by Waiters. This kid is amazing and, at a young age of 20, will still continue to improve.

  15. jerikobe says:

    he knows how to handle the ball too.. gosh kyrie is a beast … 20 years old but so was so confident when he shot that 3pt clutch. And varejao please be healthy always… you are so handsome with that jumpers u made!

  16. P says:

    Yeah Buddy! Kyrie is The Truth (Paul Pierce is old), and D-Dub is The Proof!! Let’s go CAVS!!!