‘The Return?’ For Rose, It’s ‘The Arrival’

Derrick Rose is the star of a series sneaker commercials billed as “The Return,” tracking the fallen Chicago Bulls star’s comeback from knee surgery. But he’s been co-starring lately in a special feature known as “The Arrival.”

The arrival, that is, of his son. Rose and longtime girlfriend Mieka Reese, who happens to be the niece of former NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway, had worked hard to keep the pregnancy under the media radar. Heck, Rose has tried to keep his relationship with Reese away from the media glare as well.

But posting photos of your newborn on Twitter is the opposite of avoiding public attention. Apparently proud papa-ness trumps privacy. Besides, that rehab grind gets pretty boring, so it’s nice to lighten things up a little.

The infant reportedly is Derrick Jr. So what’s with the P.J. reference? Could it be a combination of Rose’s nickname “Pooh” and Junior?

As far as Bulls fans are concerned, of course, Rose is still the kid and member of the family they’re most interested in. They’re still hoping he’s back in their lineup by February or March, even if he’s taking baby steps.


  1. Oula says:

    Derrick Rose is the most humble superstar I have ever seen. May God continue to bless you and your family. I had a chance to watch DRose play for Memphis Tigers & Bulls at FedEx Forum. This guy is a great player yet very humble. He lets his game talk for him. DRose will win a championship in the near future.. Good luck with the baby boy. Merci bien!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. David says:

    Congrats Derrick Rose, I am so proud of you… I hope you get abck soon on the basketball court.

  3. Bulls fan forever says:

    I don’t know Derrick Rose, but I wish I did. Seems like a really good man. I have 4 kids and love them. I wish Derrick the best. And thanks to the aewsome NBA fans being supportive for a good thing even though he’s not on your team. Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tee B says:

    Congrats D-Rose, hurry back to the court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. KOJ says:

    Congratulations D Rose.
    Though a diehard CELTIC fan, I got respect for you game.
    Get better soon!

  6. Heat Fan says:

    I think we need paternity test

  7. Heat Fan says:

    Just sayn thats a pretty white kid for two really black people to have……..

  8. csk says:

    Congrats D Rose. missing you in court.

  9. AnnoYouLater says:

    grow up quick lil rose…and be like daddy….

  10. anthony says:

    In 20 sum odd years, he will be a future all-star for a team.

  11. K.I.N.G says:

    Congrats Papa Rose!!!

    I wish you and your new beautiful family all the best!!!

    I must say though, that kid is adorable!!

  12. nahi1982 says:

    congrats derrick to your partner & self… words could never explain the enjoy of having kids… may you & your partner be blessed with happiness & health


  14. Tre' says:

    🙂 Congraulations Derrick! I’m so happy for you! I may be a Celtics fan, but I love being supportive!

    Cheers to around the league!


  15. Gustavo says:

    I hate the bulls but congratulations on a beautiful baby boy D. Rose; hope you stay healthy to enjoy your son for years to come. But please come back soon so we can beat you again. HEAT REPEAT!

    • MMGTH3BOSS says:

      The Heat are a sad team of superstars who got together to win a ring GO BULLS ( Im a cavs fan though)

  16. ThatBullsFan says:

    Congrats D-Rose, having a child takes alot of patience, focus, drive, push and determination!!!!!!

  17. marc says:

    Congrats D rose! their nothing like being a father to a son, take your time on your rehab, and keep your spirits up!

  18. 2545 albert says:

    congrats to Derrick and his family

  19. Sea Pea says:

    That kid is gonna have a serious crossover.

  20. Dennis says:

    Congrats D Rose! I just hope Rose is like Pierce or Wade.. one team for life.

  21. Korie says:

    congrats to d-rose hurry back soon, go bulls!