Election Day 2012: NBA Players Take To The Ballots … And Twitter

From NBA.com staff reports

The NBA is one of the more plugged-in leagues in terms of social media (the NBA’s official Twitter account, for example, has more than 6 million followers) and its players are no different. With Election Day getting rolling in the U.S. today, players across the league are taking to Twitter and urging their followers to vote — and in some cases, revealing who got their vote/support: President Barack Obama or Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

We here at NBA.com will keep you up to date with what the players are saying via Twitter, so consider this page your one-stop shop for all things Election Day. At least as it pertains to the NBA …


  1. Really? says:

    Its funny cause all these players who voted for Obama dont really understand what they just voted for. If they had a coach of GM who put the team in double the amount of debt, who focused more on the physical therapy of the team than actually winning games, and he gave most of their salary to other people on the team that didn’t contribute in winning games, they would claim foul and want that coach or GM fired. Guys life just doesn’t work this way. You voted for a man that is opposite in what you look for in a Coach, GM or team owner.

    • Aficion says:

      Of course, keeping your players healthy and providing them with the best bench and back-up players possible leads to the best long-term solution. So, in fact, maybe ‘life’ does work like that. Or better yet, why don’t we both admit that no one really knows how life works, admit there’s grey area, and make a moral choice over one that’s based in false logic?

    • BOSTON BEER says:

      Which means you voted for a man who is delusional, misinformed, and borderline sociopathic. I mean, that guy beats up dogs like Michael Vick. As in, he’s sick.

  2. Me says:

    i didn’t even know this Hawes dude but I just guessed that he was white n I was right…lol J Sully, I thought it was only white folks that kept who they were voting for a secret? but hey, I guess that’s his preference….

  3. markymark says:

    Thank you Jared Sullinger! People need to keep their voting decisions private, especially celebrities like nba players. It’s unethical and an abuse of your position to do so because of their exposure and potential influence on others.

    • Vote Mitt Romney says:

      Vote for Mitt. He is the best candidate!

      • david says:

        yea its wrong for the players to do it but okay if any celebrity endores a candidate. if someone wants to share who they vote for their is nothing wrong with that at all. the only reason they should be careful about is they could lose fans. I could careless what anyone thinks i dont let it effect my voting.