Barea And Sloan Are NBA’s First Official Floppers

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — We have our first official flops of the 2012-13 season.

The league announced Monday that J.J. Barea of the Wolves and Donald Sloan of the Cavs received warnings for flopping in games played on Friday.

Early in the fourth quarter of the Wolves’ win over the Kings, Barea took a forearm to the face from Jimmer Fredette, who was actually called for an offensive foul on the play. But Barea’s arm actions were clearly deemed to be an exaggeration of the impact…

Again, here’s a the “flopping” definition from the league…

A “flop” is an attempt to either fool referees into calling undeserved fouls or fool fans into thinking the referees missed a foul call by exaggerating the effect of contact with an opposing player.

Sloan’s flop, on a play in the fourth quarter of the Cavs’ loss to the Bulls on which no foul was called, was far more entertaining…

That was some serious drama after what seemed like very little contact from Nazr Mohammed, who may have been moving just a little on that screen. Bravo, Donald Sloan. Bravo.

Since these was the first flopping violation for either player, they each just get a warning. If either flops again, they’ll be fined $5,000.

You can check for flopping updates on the league’s official page here on


  1. Carl says:

    What about Russell Westbrook pulling down Stephen Jackson? That was just sad. Glad they lost.

  2. Cuppa Joe says:

    Good rule indeed.

  3. thesniper321 says:

    Seriously Sloan’s flop was hilarious, I can’t stop laughing what the hell was he thinking???

  4. Pawel says:

    I think after final game of the finals there will be a number of players who will instead of having lesson with Hakeem The Dream will take their lesson form some of the Hollywood stars – how to flopp.:)

  5. cavsfanlolwhatagenericusername says:

    hahahaha donald sloan looked like a ballerina… baller-ina… that was sensational!!

  6. DR J says:

    Enough with the warning and start attacking these actor’s purses immediately.

  7. Miami Heat Floppers says:

    Why are we talking about Barea’s flop when D-Wade and Lebron are the worst cry babies on the NBA?

    Why are they so strict on this matter now when back in the days you had Barkley, Rodman, Bill Laimbeer and many floppers who did it in way worst fashion than this?

    Want to know the answer?

    because the Heat won a championship by flopping their way through the playoffs.

  8. jerikobe says:

    well if you’re barrea are u just gonna make ur face like a punching bag??? and for sloan there was a screen and collision happened . i think not flopping.. for lbj 1000% percent dramatic actor…wow !!!

  9. Rio3000 says:

    greatest floppers in the league: Griffin and King James, near every game…………good rule

  10. Chris says:

    How is Ray Allen’s a flop? If Brewer went straight up to contest the shot then nothing would be called because Allen wouldn’t get knocked over, the fact that brewer left his spot, he had to rush over to get back and he jumped at Ray Allen to contest the shot knocking him over. If you look at it again he makes clear contact with Allen to the chest area. if you are in a still position and someone jumps in to you, you will more than likely fall over.

  11. Angelo says:

    I love JJ Barrea but that was a flop. he used jimmer’s arm to hit crafty.
    but about this flop rule, it is a Names Game. Bigger names receive the benefit of the doubt 99.9% of the time.
    let’s just hope this would be the start and not just a show to prove the rule’s existence. it would be great if fan’s could send clips of supposed flops of players and nba officials decides on whether they are flops or not. but 80 games and 2 warnings is not a good odds if they really want players and fans to take this rule seriously.

  12. Crybaby Blake says:

    Why warnings only? They should have fined them right away 2 grand, second incursion 10 grand, then the third a suspension. Teams can pay for these minimal fines if they can win games with them.

  13. mrslbj says:

    Hey! Labron is too busy balling don’t accuse him of flopping. I’m defending the KING so BACK OFF.

  14. Princess says:

    barea is a flopper

  15. jiaonizuo says:


  16. tortimer says:

    barea hit himself, lmfao

  17. @gahjet says:

    What if you’re just trying to avoid getting hit in the face? I could see this thing getting worse, by other players pretending to hit you and you have to of course flinch.

  18. pilipinas says:

    talk about Derek Fisher. The king of flop. and why make warnings? This is the refs job if they make the call or not. The refs made the rules about not to flop so as not to blame them if they had a bad call. lmao. Stupid rule. may the best acting win! lol

  19. Why Bother says:

    Only 2 flops in 80 games? They must only being giving warnings for ridiculous flops. Miami alone is good for at least 3 flops a game. When LeBron, Wade and Haslem start getting fined then you’ll know the league is taking this serious. Barea and Sloan getting slapped on the wrist isn’t going to stop the craftier players who are savvy enough not to make it so damn obvious.

  20. vivverine says:

    Wow, as expected, peripheral players get warnings, while stars get the fouls!
    It was foolish to think CP3, DWade, LeBron will get first fines. NBA takes care of their stars.

  21. R says:

    I got called for a charge the other night in my match. I really don’t like people who flop. In terms of the NBA, they need an effective way to call it every time it happens.

  22. googergieger says:

    Quite a few of Miami players actually.

  23. Mario says:

    Ah! – Then, I am going to see Paul Pierce receive about a dozen a game.

  24. the ashman says:

    I have been waiting for SO LONG for the league to do something on flopping, and now we have the first recipient of the league’s fury! Get ready to see Reggie Evans and Manu Ginobili lose 10 grand on flops. And watch out, Lebron. We all remember the game in the 2011 playoffs vs the Bulls:

  25. Pgulinp1 says:

    what about ALlen game winning shot, he made it, heat won it’s all ok but his fall down is a sample of flop,exaggeration of contact… nba said in that nba against flopping video that this is ilegal now… so go on, but ofc nba won’t accuse big stars for flopping. chris poul is one more superstar who act for oscar every game

  26. HMH says:

    Blake Griffin will be broke at the end of this season….

  27. Greg says:

    Heh – Sloan reacted like he’d been hit by a car – well played, sir.

  28. The Fox says:

    Ah I remember John Stockton being a master at that. Between his exagerated flopping and Karl Malones elbow-to-the-throat drives to the basket…

  29. Jacob says:

    Absolutely loving this rule and just having the league show some visibility on holding players accountable is great. This will go a long way to make players stop being cheap and play the game the right way.

  30. michel says:

    Wheres Ray Allens?

  31. WFUnDina says:

    I don’t think Barea was a flop. You can’t use your arm to create space. Over exaggerating and flopping are 2 different things. If the refs would call that offensive foul more, he wouldn’t have to over exaggerate it. The other 1 I agree with.

  32. Paul Pierce says:

    Waiting for Kobe to get 4 of these a night.

    • Jones17 says:

      Says a Paul Pierce fan…all of the top players do it, don’t be biased. LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Durant, Ginobili, Griffin, Cp3 to name a few.

  33. celtic533 says:

    lol donald sloan wants to ballet!

  34. Rob says:

    Waiting for Steve Blake to get one from the Lakers vs. Clippers game when he grabbed and pushed off Blake’s arm. “exaggerating the effect of contact”

  35. Ryan says:

    The Wolves are my team and I love the numbers Barea has been putting up lately, but I totally agree on him being a flopper. He is one of the worst. He pulls that exact move on almost every contact.

  36. Derek says:

    I want to see about 10 warnings go out a night due to flopping

  37. rapido_ratrat says:

    waiting for dwade to receive one