Steve Nash Out At Least A Week

HANG TIME WEST — Laker problems continued to mount Saturday, when the team that is 0-3 and unable to develop cohesion on offense learned point guard Steve Nash will be sidelined “a minimum of a week” with a fractured bone in his lower left leg.

The injury occurred in the second quarter Wednesday at Portland. An MRI revealed what the Lakers called a “small” non-displaced fracture in the head of his fibula.

Steve Blake started in Nash’s place Friday night against the Clippers and had eight points on two-of-six shooting, two assists and three turnovers in 39 minutes before fouling out. Darius Morris played 13 minutes in the 105-95 loss.

The Lakers have three games in the next week: home against the Pistons, at Utah, and home against the Warriors. If Nash is out much longer, he could miss the first reunion against the Suns, Nov. 16 in Los Angeles.


  1. laker who? says:

    Excuses again???? I thought they gonna win it all…. looks like the bobcats are more promising team this season….lakers ain’t gonna win something….. even if they fire brown…. they should build a team around D12 not kobe…..good luck ker lovers…. they need to beat the bobcats at least on standings… if they don’t what a waste on a true bigman Bynum…..

  2. marley says:

    guys calm down la will work it out its there only 3 games in the season even the deepest team in the nba hasn’t won a game (denver nuggets) and the celtics only just beat the wizards who were without john wall, there’s 82 games in a season not 3 lol when they go 0-10 then worry lol besides this offence is working why else would kobe be shooting at such a high percentage they just need to work on limiting the turnovers and it’ll all work out in the end LA Champs 2013

    • dirk45 says:

      LA Champs 2013? Never
      And I can tell you why. This 0-3 start already puts them in a disadvantage in the fight for the #1 seed in the west. Or do you really think they want to play game 7 of the western finals in OKC?

      • marley says:

        umm okc only one one game itself….. and i never said anything about #1 seed the spurs will probly win that easy

    • A Word of Wisdom for the Lakers says:

      they didn’t lose 3 games straight. They lost 11 games straight! Mike Brown keeps making the excuse that it’s exhibition games and they dont count. But winning is winning Everybody likes to win and so I’m sure does DH, Nash, Gaso, and especiall Kobe wanted to win. Even exhibitions games, you shouldn’t lose 8 games straight. that’s horrible!

  3. Chester says:

    yes the bench needs more time to develop chemistry. and when nash does come back he needs more shots, he’s the best shooter on the team and only getting 5 or 6 shots a game

  4. LALfromPhils says:

    I agree with A Word of Wisdom for Lakers…bring back Derek Fisher and ship out Steve Blake…Derek still has this leadership/point guard attitude than Blake…He might also be old, but look at what he brought to the young Oklahoma team last year…the LA LAKERS must not forget how Derek Fisher carried them through the 2010 championship season vs Orlando…They need a leader in the court right now…a Fisher – Nash and young Darius Morris combination will surely bring the lost glory for LAL…peace…

  5. Steven says:

    Lakers needs to fire the GM and the coach. Gasol is playing out of position and is really confused by Dwight Howard, while Howard himself is always a work in-progress. How Kobe signed on with Howard and Nash is beyond me; neither are great or even good players. Kobe let his friendship blinded his basketbal decision, but why Nash, who earned an undeserved MVP several seasons back and was never that good. His “good” years were few and long ago. Now he is just a slow,undersized undertalent,aged point guard. Having thrown good chunk of $ away at Howard, the Lakers are doomed. I would retire and skip the humility, Kobe.

  6. Wow... says:

    this Princeton offense isnt working out….

  7. lakerfan says:

    fire coach brown please and hire either spongebob or patrick lol they probably be better ha.

  8. LA.fanboy says:

    See now all LA Fans blame mike brown, let me see when LBJ was in Cavs they blame LBJ for not winning a ring, seriously LBJ carried the Cavs to the finals, you have a STAR STUDDED LINEUP dont blame your coach please. LBJ didnt blame Mike brown so just do your job LOSERS

  9. purpngold says:

    It’s all Mike Brown’s fault.. His style of offense, his ineffective defense, bad rotations, players with too many minutes, this is turning into a nightmare. We have the players, talent, experiece, desire, what we dont have is a good coach. We need someone who has an idea how to get the package together and make it work..use the tools we have, dont try to reinvent the wheel…

  10. mayo says:

    they need a new COACH!!!!!!!!!!! i like Mike D Antoni, Mike brown is the worst coach in NBA

  11. Team 9.2 says:

    They need a new coach.. that’s for sure

  12. specialfriedrice says:

    Best start to the new season ever, can anyone tell me if the Shaq lakers ever lost 10 games in a row, or Magics lakers. This season was 2 games old b4 Kobe went ‘enough of this playing as a team bussiness’ and played 40mins of Kobe running isos for himself Lakers 0 and 3 LOL, 10 straights losses with the pre season, and dont say its not playing on them, good luck Lakers lovers.

  13. John Doe says:

    What the hell, there are lots of games left they can win. Don’t sweat it the first week. Maybe that’s exactly what they need to grow together.

    I have to admit though – Mike Brown doesn’t look too good. What about hiring Derek Fisher as a coach?

    Anyway, the Lakers should forget the offense for a while – they should start doing the Phil Jackson like fundamental drills to get rid of the turnovers and focus on defense. If you have Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard, offense will fix it self eaasily especially if you have great defense. They don’t need no Princeton. They are good enough to create their own style.

    Defense wins championships….

  14. mrcivic_990 says:

    i agree, kevin nicholls, Brin BACK PHIL JACKSON and DERRICK FISHER. get rid of steve blake

  15. vamos a la playa says:

    th D is just horrible, with nash is even worse because he can’t guard a toddler.
    bad spacing, no off ball movement, etc.
    clippers deserved a lot because they can have easy points with the fastbreaks.

  16. jerikobe says:

    get well soon nash….!!!!

  17. jay says:


    The Lakers should hire Mike D’Antoni, the architect of the Suns best playoff teams with Nash to get the Lakers runnin and gunnin and winning. They also need to get rid of Ron Artest (or at least put him on the bench) and put someone in his spot who can get out in transition and more important make the wide open 3! These changes will make the Lakers look much better quick!

  18. mvp says:

    Things will come to place. But hey’ve gotta have a sence of urgency, not like Kobe says:”dumb or stupid fans bla… bla… bla… things will come to place…”Just not dream too low or too high… No 73-9, but as well no missing the playoffs… People tend to forget that these 4 guys are future HOF’s. They know how to win… We know things will click, but they can’t lose that easily… they have to start winning… And it’s a big blow that Nash is injured… if they wanted to make some chemistry, they have to have Nash around… he is probably the biggest key for this superteam to work… if he fails on anything, the others wont be so great… but if he goes right, it could have them a title… he might be he reason if the lakers win or dont win a title… just watch…

    • A Word of Wisdom for the Lakers says:

      but Nash is 38 yo. does that mean injuries like this is more likely to happen. So if Nash is the reason the Lakers win or dont win a title then it’s more likely that the Lakers don’t win a title. Without nash, I’d say the Lakers team this year is still an improvement compare to last year. If they got to the playoffs last year, they should get further this year. They just gotta stop expecting so much from Nash or any one player. Just play basketball.

  19. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    Bring back PHIL JACKSON

  20. mike smith says:

    mike brown needs to put some more time into meeks. a couple other bench players need to start standing up, jamison and hill. already an unhealthy reliance on an old starting line up, injuries have already begun and this team looks like it might be behind the 8 ball for some time

  21. noyb says:

    Shades of Karl Malone and Gary Payton in LAL years ago…

    • shuttlesworth says:

      why? did the 2003 team also start and end the regular season with a losing record?
      i guess you’ve probably forgotten, problems only started to crop up in the finals, when malone was DNP all throughout because of injuries.

  22. A Word of Wisdom for the Lakers says:

    btw…will derek fisher play for a small paycheck in exchange for another ring? For the “win-now” mode, I see derek fisher is much better than steve blake or darius morris..

  23. swarn bains says:

    howard and nash are misfit with each other. one of them has to go if they want to come back, same way staudamyre is a msifit in nicks. he has to go also

    • dirk45 says:

      Howard and Nash aren’t a misfit. Nash and Kobe are a misfit. When Nash runs the offense Bryant should be reduced to option #3 behind Howard and Pau and KB will never accept such an option. Brown will have to find a solution to this and I don’t think there will be a good one.

  24. the ashman says:

    Considering how bad the Lakers have played offensively (sloppy turnovers, terrible execution, etc.) even with Nash healthy, I think these Lakers will drop a lot more games.

  25. A Word of Wisdom for the Lakers says:

    Ok. we all know the Lakers have a lot of talented players. But they need to stop having such high expectations for one another. You don’t just throw the ball there because a certain player suppose to be at a certain position at a certain time. Just simply play basketball! if you look and theres noone there, then hang on to the ball and create another play. Don’t need to commit a turnover. Quit blaming on the timing. Just play basketball.

    • Aventura says:

      They have talented players but slow players. I have been saying this from the day LA got DH. LA will not be successful with DH. Speed is more important than size in new NBA basketball.

      • A Word of Wisdom for the Lakers says:

        speed is important, but it, alone, won’t get you the title. If the Lakers minimize the turnovers, it’s pretty much a half-court game, where speed doesn’t cut it. It’s turnovers that create fast-breaks for the other team.