Rush’s Injury Sparks Quick Support Across Social Media


Brandon Rush landed badly. At impact, he was facing to the side, over toward the Golden State Warriors’ bench. His left knee was facing toward the basket.

A bunch of onlookers in Oracle Arena, and viewing from home, turned their heads too.

Gruesome injuries occasionally happen in the NBA. They usually wind up on YouTube for those folks who can stomach witnessing the bad news that comes from the human body meeting forces beyond its capabilities. Think former Clippers guard Shaun Livingston‘s devastating leg injury in 2007 or current Warriors center Andrew Bogut‘s arm-crumping fall from the rim in 2010.

These days, cringing occurs in real time. Social media lit up after Rush, soaring high for a one-handed dunk, got fouled in the air by Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph. Rush grabbed his knee after the awkward landing and clearly was in such pain that he couldn’t stick around to shoot his free throws.

Randolph, still working his way back from knee surgery himself, was rattled by the mishap. During a break, he ran to the Golden State locker room to check on Rush. Later the Memphis big man put out a Tweet:

That’s how it goes in the NBA these days. Players can cut directly to the chase. Warriors forward Carl Landry also let Rush and his followers know what he was thinking about his fallen teammate:

Rush was to be examined further on Saturday. The injury certainly looked serious enough that coach Mark Jackson‘s expected reliance on the fifth-year swingman will be scuttled for some period of time.

Rush’s work is only beginning, though he did what he could – all fingers, no knees – to put followers and fans at ease.

Easier Tweeted, of course, than done.

Steve Aschburner has written about the NBA since 1980. 


  1. Keith says:

    Instead of Randolph “praying” for Rush after the fact, maybe he should have just not upended him in the first place. Or maybe Randolph should have prayed for him before the hit. I never understood “prayer” after the fact. Doesn’t anybody else think about that?

    • Joe says:

      Must be a GS fan. Randolph didn’t up-end him. Do you even know what that term means? It was a fair play that ended badly. You make it sound like the Bynum forearm incident.

      • qucee says:

        thanks joe….a lot of overreaction in those comments. Stuff just happens some times, and if your up in the air….that’s even more likely to happen. Basketball is a rough sport….and every player knows that. But some fans should learn that too.

  2. Chester says:

    shades of amares push of Andrew bogut when he was dunking leading to that terrible elbow injury

  3. Mark says:

    I believe Mickael Pietrus is still unsigned… Would be a good fit until Rush is better – which could be a while…

    • greg says:

      Randolph has a history of bad play. He should be punished and fined for his intentional push on Rush who was in a vulnerable position. David Stern you should do what’s right!

  4. IG says:

    Let’s not get optimistic here. That play had “torn ACL” written all over it. He’ll be out the whole season

  5. Chester says:

    its good to see some good old fashioned nba play

  6. MICK SEYER says:

    ZACH RANDOLPH is a bully player! I think he did this to Brandon Rush in deliberate fashion. He would send some opponents crashing on the floor. Like the last game vs. LA Clippers. He sent Blake Griffin on the floor crashing hard! Grow up Mr. Randolph. You have to be professional. This is your means of livelihood and so as to your opponents. And please leave Blake Griffin alone. Please… Ok?

  7. uoykcuf says:

    Wish nothing serious, if so, speedy recovery!

  8. AnnoYouLater says:

    i hope nothing srs….but its a good opportunity for harrison barnes to start…

    • tobias funke says:

      Barnes is already starting. Can’t believe we already got hit with an injury. I hope everything’s alright with Rush.