Panic Time For the Lakers?

HANG TIME WEST — Nothing has changed. The Lakers are still very much a work in progress, now at 0-3 with a 105-95 loss to the faster, deeper Clippers stacked on top of everything else, Kobe Bryant is still basically right from the other day, and the intra-arena matchup is still building into a real rivalry even without a playoff series as a usual requisite to qualify as competitive bad blood.

Check that. One thing did change Friday night at Staples Center.

The calls for coach Mike Brown to be fired got louder and more frequent.

Not that it will be taken into account by the panicked masses, but this was different than losing to the Mavericks without Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman and then to the Trail Blazers, heavy favorites for the lottery. Steve Nash was in street clothes with a leg injury, a setback for the night and for the big picture because what Nash and the Lakers need most is time together to work out the grinding offense. Plus, the Clippers are good. Good enough to beat the Lakers with both teams at full strength, good enough to finish higher in the standings and go longer in the playoffs.

It apparently won’t even be taken into account within the Lakers locker room – Bryant told a group of reporters after dropping to 0-3 for the first time in 34 years that “We’re hitting the panic button now.” And Brown, as quoted by Greg Beacham of the Associated Press, was equally frank: “We need a win, obviously. I’m not trying to fool anyone. That’s why Kobe played the (43) minutes he did, which is too many.”

It was immediately unclear whether Bryant was serious or more hitting the sarcasm button late Friday night. The first option is possible given the direction, but the second is as realistic given his comments one day before and 180 degrees away.

After practice Thursday, Bryant was asked if he is surprised the way the Lakers started.

“I’m always surprised when I lose, but at the same time, it’s pretty entertaining to me,” he replied. “Nobody wants to win here more than I do. Nobody, nobody. I’m not panicking or jumping off a bridge because we’re 0-2. It is a process, but we have to approach the process with a sense of urgency. Just because we have this talented roster, we want it to happen. But we have to push for it to happen.”

He was asked about criticism toward Brown’s offense.

“I don’t understand,” Bryant said. “(The city) has seen us win multiple championships here, playing an offense that is tough to learn, that had a sequence of options and took five guys being on the same page working together. They know how that stuff works, so for them to be so stupid now and say: ‘Well, let Steve dribble the ball around and create opportunities for everybody, let Dwight (Howard) post up or let me (isolate)… it’s not idiotic but it’s close.”

He was asked about the growing number of Brown’s critics.

“I can say it because I’ve won,” Bryant responded. “It might be tough for (Mike Brown) to say it, but I’ll say it for him: ‘Everybody, shut up.’ Let us work and at the end of the day, you’ll be happy with the results as you normally are.”

One additional loss before Thanksgiving does not shake Bryant from the certainty of “stupid” and near “idiotic” and “Everybody, shut up” to searching for the panic button. That’s not him.

Just as importantly, it’s not management either. Unlike some owners and executives, the group at the top of the Lakers masthead will care not at all that fans are taking to the streets with tar and feathers. The Buss family and GM Mitch Kupchak have faced a lot of crisis moments through the years, and this isn’t one of them.

If Brown hasn’t lost the locker room, he hasn’t lost his job, and a veteran roster understood going in as well as anyone that this was always going to take time. Three games is not time. It’s just close to idiotic.


  1. A better played game tonight against the Pistons. It appeared that the Lakers did “tweek” the offense a little by, atleast pushing the ball down court and scoring in transition vs setting up in a half court set all the time with that “STUPID” Princeton offense. I think the team executed on their own and simply played ball instead of listening to coach “CLOWN” ! We had 64 points by half time and shot right at 60% from the field. The bench still needs some help…Is it just me, but doesn’t Antwan Jamison looks unorthodox and confused on the floor? ” A solid win although it was the Pistons, at best it might provide atleast more confidence amongst the team…We’ll see….

  2. DO-1 says:






  5. Lakers-R-Us says:

    @theking0522! You sound STUPID, DUMB, and IDIOTIC! And you should STFU! Bandwagoner and hater!

    • theking0522 says:

      ahhhhh, ahhhhh. Are you crying little baby? LOL…..Win a game first. Kobe called you “stupid, dumb and idiotic.” Are you mad because your superstar thinks that Lakers fans KNOW NOTHING about basketball? hahahha. Kobe calls you dumb. Go and hide under mama’s skirt.

  6. Moca says:

    It’s time to fire Mike Brown before it’s too late.
    He can’t bring out the best of this team.

  7. NBAfan says:

    more than half the team is new, they are still finding their rhythm

    the system is new, everybody is learning it still on top of finding their rhythm

    It’s a tough system to get used to, but when it’s done…WATCH OUT!!!

    the question is, will it be done by the all star break or is this more a 2-year plan?

  8. zhao says:

    just a joke

  9. KB24 says:

    Lakers! go get another coach! i think Kobe is a good coach :))))

  10. SHAQ DADDY says:

    WOW! that is the dumbest comment i have ever heard you must be a laker fan! I have never seen any sport loose all they want & win a championship! Please explain how that will work? RESCUE ME PLEASE!!!!!

  11. TANGA! DONT YOU EVER CLICK MY name says:

    wahahaha what a losser…. whats up? bro. ? 73-9 ? w0w good goal wahahaha in your dreams plus preseason they are 0-11
    nice kobe and . nash,, lazy players … cant handle a fast tempo game,, because they are sooo OLD wahahahahahahah plus howard and gasol are HUGE they cant run fast enough. leading to a fast break pts ..tsktsktsk.. better luck next 10 yrs wahaha

  12. Jeremy Wiggins says:

    Nahhh…they just need to fire Mike Brown!..

  13. XLance says:

    Bookmark this article, because you would want to come back and re-read in less than a month..

  14. jbishop says:

    This is honestly a great time for the Lakers to go after K.D. I’d seriously offer OKC everybody but Nash. They need to keep Dwight or get Ibaka but otherwise they need to go after K.D. for the future.

  15. Levi says:

    I am a laker fan and usually my gut instict is right…. Brown looks lost over by the bench with this dumb founded look on his face half the game when his offensive sets or defensive scheme doesn’t work. The lakers got some great new players.. but from what they have shown so far.. they just don’t fit. This Princeton Offense plays against all of Steve Nash’s strengths and amplifies the 2 things he has never been good at… defense and speed. Our Bench has no go to player, unless you count Jordan Hill’s tip-ins off of every one elses misses, and when they use this rotation keeping Howard or Gasol in with 4 bench guys, there is no one with the ball handling skill to get it in to the post… including (the under performing for his 3rd season) Steve Blake. I just don’t see how with this Princeton offense and Brown’s coaching can make up for their lack of speed on defense. I am sure Phil is sitting back waching this all unfold and salivating because he has a Zen answer on how to make the peices fit…. I would love to see the Lakers bring him on as maybe a consultant or the master behind the scenes that brings it together. I am not going to panic.. but 11 losses in a row and only having all the peices together twice is not good for chemistry and confidence which at this level is almost as important as talent.

    • purpngold says:

      Looking at the upcoming schedule for this month, we’ll be lucky to get 5 wins.. Thank god we play the kings 2wice. This is one of the worst coaches the Lakers have eve had, I dont see a future with this coaching schemes. I might be hitting the panic button too early but I just dont see the Lakers making strides with the game plan Mike Brown is bringing..Mitch, help us, get on the horn and get Sloan, Phil, someone, anyone.

      • Average Joe says:

        You’re thankful you’re playing the Kings twice this month? They’re the Kings who beat your team three times in the postseason. I’ll be watching the games to see how the Kings stack up against the Lakers now that these are meaningful games they’re playing.

  16. purpngold says:

    Mike Brown is a defensive coach, he is clueless on how to use the offensive weapons the Lakers posses. This Princeton offense is a gamble that is not going to work. An 0-11 start is proof of that, the games are not even close, the Lakers are losing by double digits every game. Arguably the most talent stacked team on the NBA, this results are not acceptable. Something is definately wrong, and that is Mike Browns coaching. If he intends to keep his job, stop inhibiting the talent by forcing them to play a college level offense. We have proven talented vet players that know how to play the game at the NBA level, Mike Brown needs to get out of the way and let the players play.. what’s it going to take for him to see this, only his firing after setting a franchise record for the worst start..0-? who knows what. If The Lakers cant beat the Pistons, one of the worst teams in the league, Brown needs to get fired!!

  17. rowdy maya says:

    The premise that stacking your starting line up with All Star nominated players is a guarantee winning formula is now being challenged. All the GM’s who failed to lure All Star talent to their team are sitting back and taking notes. Team chemistry cannot be established in record time even with All Stars and despite believing in their super human basketball skills, Nash, Howard, Gasol and Kobe are all losers right now because they don’t have chemistry. Having a stupid offensive scheme doesn’t help either. I am not a fan of the Lakers, but I am a fan of basketball and I’m happy that the Lakers attempt to mimic the Heat & Celtics formula for winning a championship isn’t working for them.

  18. izzy says:

    Lakers biggest weaknes is Mike Brown. I felt that way before the season began and I feel more strongly about it now. If Phil Jackson was coach….. Completely different story. That would be a team to rival the 96′ bulls

  19. David Hicks says:

    0-10 might not be a bad thing. I’d rather see the Lakers lose their first 10 and have the coaching staff replaced before the 11th game, than see them go 3-10 and keep the same staff all year. With the second scenario they would, probably at best, finish the season with a few more wins than losses — not enough wins to make the playoffs. With the first scenario they would have a better chance of winning substantially the remainder of the season and making the playoffs. The Lakers DO have four very talented players, and with the right coaching staff, the remaining 72 games could end with many more wins than losses. Of course, you have to be careful for what you wish.

  20. MH#6 says:

    they are lucky … they maybeeee could get a win against detroit.. but then i see a nice bunch of loses again 🙂 … they are slow like bunch of turtles .. any medium age team and young team can beat them easily .. and when lakers bench goes in .. . other team coaches are celebrating 😀

  21. TurkLaker says:

    Mike Brown is not right coach for team

    • purpngold says:

      Brown is trying to sell the team on something Im not buying, and for that matter nor is the rest of the city of Los Angeles. The only reason we havent had a riot yet is because Kobe is keeping the city under control by backing up Brown. Brown needs to get out of dodge with that Princeton nonsense he has brought over. Use the advantages of all the talent you have at your disposal, dont try to mold them into something that is clearly not working. Let Nash run and dish, use Gasol and D12 to outrun the other less talented and athletic bigs of the opposing teams, run picknrolls, let Kobe do his thing, all I see is the short give and go that leads no where but a dead end. This is really dissapointing, changes better come quick, or bring in someone who has a better idea of what to do.

  22. uoykcuf says:

    if they lose all the games, they won’t even make the playoffs.
    Face the reality, 0-11 and counting.

    • Ben says:

      The reality is 0-3 and counting. Preseason is meaningless.

      Not that I’m surprised by the Lakers start at all. I did not understand why they were so hyped up this year – Howard is not such a big upgrade (even acknowledging that he is better than Bynum, which I don’t think is 100% certain any more) and Nash is great but Sessions is a good distributor. And the bench is as average as always.

      Nevertheless – even though they are not as good as the overhype, they are not as bad as 0-3. They ill bounce back and make the playoffs. And you never know what will happen in the playoffs. My guess is they lose in the conference semis to the Thunder or Spurs again, just like last year.

  23. W/E says:

    Its sad watching the Lakers play,nowhere near where ppl expected them to be,they r so slow,their defence is horrible,bench is AWFULL,once the 3rd quarter ends u got the feeling they already surrended and lost the game,not fun to watch really..

  24. theking0522 says:

    No, they cannot lose all the games you want. If they do, they won’t make the playoffs. Man, no wonder Kobe is out there calling Lakers fans “stupid” and “dumb.” You should be ashamed that your star player is calling you “dumb.”

  25. ism says:

    Well…however good the Lakers are looking on paper, I can’t help but sneer a little seeing them lose the way they do. If they do become the great team they could, even with so many older players, I might come to admire them, but now there isn’t much reason for that. Not much chemistry etc.
    I’d rather enjoy watching the Spurs, the best “team”-team of last season, who can still, despite of their stars’ age, be great(er) this season. I will also put hopes into the Mavericks, whom I believe to be able to be an underdog contender, just the way they were when they won a championship. There is fuel in their tank, let’s see what they can bring. At least some heavy rain-making from Dirk.
    And of course, I expect Miami to be great again. From an objective point of view, if there is such a thing, they are my title favourites, like it or not, fan issues put aside. And OKC…well, I am excited what they can bring, losing 2 times in the very late playoffs, not having Harden anymore…their potential is so great!
    To sum it up – I’d rather cut the Lakers some slack, give them time. There are so many other exciting things happening elsewhere right now. Which is, basically, the only thing the Lakers have done wrong as of now – not being as exciting as people hoped for. But it takes time, they will get a win someday, anyway!

  26. theking0522 says:

    I love that Princeton offense, because the Lakers are LOSING!!!! LOL. The Lakers fans want Steve Nash to do his “thing.” That is not going to happen. Kobe says Lakers fans are DUMB and STUPID, I AGREE WITH KOBE and he said this offense will work. Of course it will work, because he will keep getting his 30 points, and that is fine with me as long as they lose. Hey, and how about the 73 wins Metta Peace and the Lakers fans predicted? Everybody knew they were not going to break the 1998 Bulls record, exempt for LA fans. Well, that proves Kobe’s point and what we all knew: LAKERS FANS ARE “STUPID” “DUMB” and “Idiotic” and should “SHUT UP.” Kobe said and we must believe him. Princeton offense it is.

  27. LAKERSFAN4EVER says:


  28. matador23flash says:

    Please…… bring back Phill….. Mike B. make us a favor and quit…..

  29. sam says:

    Theses Lakers except Kobe they don’t have the heart of champions, they lack of the killer instinct don’t see motivation to win they just want to put an entertainment show. From what I see they are just bunch of Sisys trying to play in a men game, if I’m the owner will move them to WNBA. Joke of the league.

  30. Staff says:

    Reblogged this on Double Guns and commented: started the Mike Brown: Water Temperature watch. We also think it’s a story to watch, but not quite a story that should be taken too seriously this early in the season. Mike Brown’s job is safe…for now.

  31. JKing24 says:

    We need to play team basketball.. When everyone is getting off… Kobe gets 40 one night… Dwight dropping 30 another.. I mean we do that in one night and who’s gonna stop us…Lakers things don’t magicaly come together you have to want it…Kobe playin 43 minutes on a healing foot????? Step up win or go home. Play or get dub…its not mike brown its the players Kobe teach and lead keep doing u

  32. eskay says:

    Mike brown is a goofy coach .. Get rid of him



  34. Shiz Mack says:

    Brown, has to go!! ASAP He wasn’t a great coach in Cleveland. Brown had a great player in LaBron and a whole bunch of role players. The true testament to a great coach is be able to manage great talent. That what sets Riley, Jackson and Red Auerbach apart from the rest of the pack!!!!!!!! Damn, a Princeton offense. It has never won a NBA championship or even a NCAA championship for that matter. damn foolery Brown has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ever heard the Guys like DURANT AND HOWARD?……….. YOUR JUST SO STUPID


    @ francis,,, use ur brain not ur mouth.. kobe has 1 too 2 years left and he will retire wut r u sayin 6 to 7 yirs left.



  38. Miami who says:

    Bring back Phil Jackson or hire Jerry Sloan!!! Pick and roll is the best offense for Lakers. By the way.. The Knicks defeated the Heat by 20pts!!! Who’s the super team???? Go Knicks!!!

  39. LuLu says:

    in part the prpblem is the Princeton offense, and Pau should be playing closer to the basket. In part it is defense, and Mike Brown has lost it in this regard. Managing the time of other players he he has also failed at, as others here have noted. Yes, it is time to worry and nearly panic, every game in an 82-game season is important, home court in the playoffs being so very crucial.

  40. mike says:

    AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean… still 73-9 right???

    • theking0522 says:

      LOL. That is funny bro. Everybody knew that was not going to happen. But like Kobe said: “LA fans are dumb and stupid”

  41. scott says:

    they even get past the conference finals the way there playing…

  42. el loco says:

    lakers who-___??? hahahaha.. where ‘s the 73 – 9 … lol

  43. jonski22 says:

    i believe it’s a matter of coaching now…..and Princeton offense ffing Kobe’s team…everybody is role player…unless Kobe retires..then DHoward can say that it’s his team…they can start the fab five and run offense by Nash, Nash is good in controlling that ball, Kobe has his trust….then it’s a matter of substitution…take Kobe, Meta and Gasol early…and put Jamison, Meeks and Hill, it’s like Orlando surround DH12 with shooter…then Blake, Kobe, Meta, Gasol and Ebanks/Sacre..they know how to play with each other…they been doing it for years…from that it will evolve..the chemistry will gel…

    but seriously fire Mike Brown…he can’t handle multiple superstars………..

  44. Oscar Cadag says:

    There is a problem in the coaching staff in L.A. It feel so sad, that they don’t bring their games seriously in the pre – season and now in this regular season, just play what you are in the past (Dwight Howard and Steve Nash) and put it up with the allied team mate and forget the princeton offense if it’s not applicable to them!! Concern L.A nation..

  45. francis says:

    i think what the lakers need is to lock them up in a room for a few days so that the chemistry issue is solved..

    fans obviously need a scape goat, and unfortunately the one pointed is mike brown, come on, when he was in cleveland he went to the playoffs with lebron, lebron and kobe doesn’t differ too much, kobe scores a lot, but lbj has a lot more of defense..

    time will tell if the lakers will make the finals with this line up, nash has only 3 years left of play (at most) kobe is around 6-7 years..

    plus the big question here is if they will reach the finals,

    SAS is a though team to beat even though their age is not much different with the lakers, then OKC, even if harden is not there anymore, it is still quite a though team especially now KD is upping his game along with westbrook.

  46. jerikobe says:

    the bench this season is worse than last season.. can we take back lo,barnes from the clip? mwp trying to be jamal on that
    ariza, farmar and shasha please go back and leave the euroleague for awhile…
    but sad to see my lakers losing. kobe doing all his best to win. pau can post blake grievin.. ughhhh! horrible

  47. drick says:


  48. jay- where is don't you ever click my name? says:

    wahahahah where are you bro? hahaha 0-3 .. is that it? is this your super team?, wahaha what a joke!!!! what a losser!!!!! dream on bro IN YOUR FACE!!!!! Old! kobe!! wahaha

  49. TRU*NBAFAN says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but Kobe is right…”Everybody, shut up!” It is WAY too early to speculate. Stop blaming Brown.

  50. MacubeXx says:

    lemme press the panic button!! haha but remember when you press it, it doesn’t always mean it’ll solve the problem.

  51. I Know It All says:

    It’s not so much as the offense, it’s more to do with the lack of desire or intensity on the parts of the players. They are not trying hard enoug or hustling. This is the NBA, wins are not giving out because you parade a good lineup, you have to go out and play and EARN your victories. There is no urgency, no pace in the way the Lakers are playing right now.

    And, the defense is just appalling. It is almost as if they got Dwight Howard and all the other player decided that they must now gamble for steals, get slack on defense and expect Dwight to clean up the mess. That’s not how it works. Each player is supposed to play honest defense and if they get beaten, Dwight can provide interior cover. Instead these Lakers just don’t play defense, allowing anybody penetrate into their paint and then expecting Dwight to block it all. They will never win anything playing defense that way. Dwight in the 3 games played for the Lakers so far has gotten into foul troubles, mainly because players penetrate too easily from the perimeter and draw fouls on him. Besides, Dwight is getting winded by so much responsibility already. Pau Gasol is no help to Dwight at all. Pau does not box out, he doesn’t play any semblance of defense in the interior, he can’t guard the pick and roll, he doesn’t rebound well enough giving their opponents too many second chances.

    I am no so much concerned with the offense for now. When you have Kobe, Nash, Pau and Dwight Howard on your team, offensive issues with scoring the ball will not be a problem for a long time. The issues there will work themselves out. I am alarmed at the poor defense and defensive intensity and intelligence though. No one on the Lakers is playing defense, and one of the main culprits is Kobe Bryant (he over helps too often and senselessly and he gambles for too many steals now and these allow ayers he is defending to be open for shots far too often or to penetrate almost unhindered into the Lakers paint).
    When Dwight is guarding another player, Kobe still goes to try to help. That’s just daft. Why are you trying to help a 3-time defensive player of the year? Dwight can guard his man, one-on-one and Kobe should stick to his man who usually ends up hitting an open shot from the kick-out or penetrating the paint to score and draw fouls on Dwight.

    This whole thing should always start with defense. Even the Miami Heat two years ago, when they had issues meshing Dwyane Wade and LeBron and Chris Bosh on the offense, the defense (and defensive intensity) was still very visible.

    Everyone can complain about the Princeton offense all day long, and that isnt the main problem. The problems are; the Lakers not giving a damn about playing defense the right way, the Lakers not playing hard enough or with any intensity, and the Lakers not willing to do ANYTHING to ensure they win.

    It’s going to be a long season Lakers fans

  52. B-B-Fan says:

    if it’s 0-5 then it’s panic time!

  53. 2090seasonNbaPLAYER says:

    im not sure… but in my opinion,, the coaching style, is the problem here, Mike Brown is a great coach who specialize in defense, its not effective for the team, especially kobe, KOBE play offense all night, if the coach is PHIL JACKSON, and show how the TRIANGLE OFFENSE to NASH and HOWARD, it will be great. HOWARD, can be effective, like SHAQ do. BEFORE. and NASH is useful about T-OFFENSE cause he is able to find man even he’s eyes close. but BOTTOM LINE . no need to panic. they just need to ADJUST. the bench is not bad at all, unlike others said, u have JAMISON, who is veratile, post or shoot outiside, u have BLAKE is a very good role player, and JODIE MEEKS is a SHARPHOOTER can provide kobe to some rest, it just need to manage the time well. and it will be do good. like MIAMI before, in thier early first season. they have problems.

  54. Rubin Turner says:

    Lakers are fine. Obviously, the media wants to build a similar script around their early struggles like they did the Heat. It drives news headlines with every subsequent loss and ratchets fans emotions for sports talk radio. However, as Kobe said (and I’m not a Lakers fan) he knows how to win, that it takes time to get your dance down pat with new partners and if he is not worried, neither should anyone else be, media or fan. Save this article for later in the season. Right now, it is a waste and that’s putting it nicely.

  55. Andytu says:

    Is panic time only, and only when KB24 leaves LA Lakers, anything else are just “normal” ~ By a sarcastic fan

  56. Barry Fay says:

    Oh, and by the way – just forget about putting such low quality, jumpy, unwatchable videos on the page, it´s just annoying!

  57. Barry Fay says:

    ‘Well, let Steve dribble the ball around and create opportunities for everybody, let Dwight (Howard) post up or let me (isolate)”
    was that tongue in cheek, or what? That´s EXACTLY what they should do! Maybe at 0 – 10 they can look back and take Kobe´s unintended (?) advice!

  58. laker fan says:

    pls have mike brown fired c’mon its not working..hire brian shaw as the head coach…

  59. Sam says:

    I will say the effort as shown by Lakers is so substandard. They have a bench which is worse than the previous years, they have 3 players who are the top players and are not playing at the highest level. And Kobe is asking us (the fans) to shut up. My believe is that the princeton offense is not working. Give Nash and Kobe to plan for the offense as I don’t see anyone in coaching staff to plan the offense and give the coaching staff the charge of defense strategy. I am certain they will make it to playoff if not win. Otherwise, I am sure they will not even make it to playoffs.

  60. Lakerfan says:

    Lakers is a very good team .. w/ new lineup , im not really suprise about the result …. the lakers need to learn to share the ball and how to manage their own jobs , Kobe we all know hes gonna score … soo its put to nash to stand up and take charge on the ball movement .. hard work , trust on teammates , less turnover , WIN !

    • uoykcuf says:

      nash injured, kobe’s ego, Coward’s ego, more forced shot, more turnovers, WINLESS!

    • Average Joe says:

      The Princeton Offense takes care of the ball movement. If it were up to Nash, the Lakers may have won their opener against Dallas. This offense stifles Nash and, judging by what happened in Phoenix when Terry Porter was coach, I’d say Nash shouldn’t have come to LA.

  61. Zombie says:

    This is proof that throwing a bunch of stars together is going to equal wins.

  62. nyman libran says:

    bring back the zen master

  63. John says:

    Good job by the Lakers not giving up, although some iso’s, post ups and pick n rolls would be good when they’re struggling.

  64. KB24ever says:

    we need phil now…..please

  65. jf moon says:

    bring back phil jackson!!! Brown plz leave LA you dont belong there.

    • uoykcuf says:

      yes, blame the coach when things aren’t working. I admit mb wasn’t a great coach but this chemistry and ego thing? Not even Pjax can save it this time.

      • purpngold says:

        When your franchise player leaves due to bad coaching, and when a talent stacked team is not even competitively close in games, yes, coaching is to be blamed..

  66. steppx says:

    Well………..i keep saying it, age age age. Artest is a liability now on defense, let alone yakking up 3pt bricks. Kobe isnt the defender he once was and last night is evidence of that. And Nash, as i said from the start, should retire. He’s pushing forty. Age gets to teams collectively. The Lakers are, as a team, SLOW.

  67. 2e says:

    Take a look at the Lakers starters versus the bench, and you will realize you have five Republicans and seven Democrats. Those Republicans get 95% of the players salary budget and the seven democrats get five percent. If the Lakers think this is the right combination, they are fooling themselves. They will be lucky to get to the playoffs with or without Mike Brown.

  68. NBAer says:

    Yes you win a lot, but over the years Lakers have developed losing mentality. You keep saying it’s OK to lose in preseason, than it is OK to lose in regular season. Than when you lose in second round of playoffs you just quietly disappear in your summer holiday. It’s not OK to lose any game for team packed like Lakers are.

    Even working on new tactics you still must win some games and brake some records. But you broke record for worst start in some 30 years.You don’t want to make Jack Nicholson unhappy… right?

    Now you shut up, start working on winning mentality and stop making excuses.

  69. E-SY says:

    Don’t know and don’t care about those Lakers… The Clips did the job well!!! Too much firepower for the Lakers and I hope the Clippers take it straight to the play-off finals! Surely enjoyed this one!

  70. Chester says:

    i think its gonna be like the first miami big three season where it took ages for things to gel. having said that, those miami players are younger.
    the lakers biggest problem is their bench which is horrid to say the least bar jamison, who i dont think they are using well. Blake is ok, but after that thats it. and no backup for ron artest

  71. YearZeroNIN says:

    How much cheating like this has Kobe Bryant done in his career??? Just like Lance Armstrong, Kobe Bryant may need to be STRIPPED of his 2 most recent Championship Rings!! Just like Lance Armstrong, Kobe may have cheated … just like he and his superteam of superfriends did in tonight’s NBA game against the superior Clippers.

  72. MR. DNA says:

    As a Long time fan of this amazing sport, I must say that I am not please with this new Princeton offense mike B is tryna implement. However, This is a veteran team that we all know can play ball. What they need right now is to develop chemistry. With that in place, there will be less turnovers and this will also put their defense among the top defensive teams in the league. In as much as we all wanna see the purple and gold play and win, i say its too early to hit the panic button now. <but Mike B, you also gotta know that Mitt Kap and the buss family are watching you and considering other options should you happen to go 0-10. Just saying

  73. AnnoYouLater says:

    i’ve watched all 3 games…and from the 1st game i already noticed that they are too stiff and easy to guard…they barely move when they are on the offense even with Nash,i think what they need to try putting some of young players to start…like making Gasol and MWP off the bench and putting some agile players in…

  74. YearZeroNIN says:

    “Shut up and let us work??” Which is what Kobe said. WELL, today’s game against the Clippers, Kobe and his new superteam of superfriends certainly “worked” the referees. They tried to FIX this game … and still got their butts kicked. One call was ridiculous — something I have never ever seen before. In the second half of this game, they sent Kobe Bryant to the free-throw line for a pair of free throws. He missed the first free throw. SUDDENLY, the refs decide to REVERSE THE MISS and take Kobe off the free-throw line and put Ron Artest (who wasn’t even fouled on the play) on the free-throw line. WOW!!! Stop allowing biased Laker fans to referee games!!! It destroys the integrity of the game!!! Because of this bogus manipulation, Kobe was 10-10 in free throws; he should’ve been 10-11 or 11-12 in free throws. NBA Referees — STOP PROTECTING KOBE LIKE THIS!! It’s getting WAY TOO OBVIOUS YOU’RE FIXING GAMES!! STOP!! You’re going to get in trouble!! Is KOBE worth losing your job positions?????

    • Game Time says:

      FOR REAL! Howard was getting away with murder! It’s all good because the Clippers beating 8 players on the court makes it soooo much sweeter.

    • theking0522 says:

      The part I liked the most is whe he called LA fans “stupid” “dumb” and “idiotic.” We all knew that, but has you ever heard a superstar using such NICE language to describe his own fans?

      • Average Joe says:

        Not all LA fans,man. You still got Clips on the other side of the fence. I think Kobe only meant Laker fans.

  75. Maeo says:

    What. The hell. Get yourself together, Mike.

  76. minime says:

    P.s Blake is playing ok this year so far… And play Meeks more minutes as well.

  77. bringback Phil Jackson!!! says:

    we want Phil Jackson now!!!!!!!!!!

    • theking0522 says:

      LOL, cry babies!!! I thought you were unstoppable. Let me tell you what Kobe thinks about you: “Stupid and Dumb fans.” LOL. First time I hear a superstar asking his fans to SHUT UP and calling them “stupid and dumb”

      • Average Joe says:

        Finally, someone brave enough to speak the truth (I’m talking about Kobe by the way). LOL.

  78. minime says:

    Panic? I’m not going to panic unless the Lakers go 0-10 then i”ll start to panic and demand Brown to be fired. It will take the Lakers a good week or 2 b4 they start to figure it out. After that they will be fine.

    Brown needs to know how to rotate his players. I mean seriously playing Nash 35min a game and blake 13min then when Nash gets injured he plays blake 38min??? Seriously Brown get you’re head on straight and learn how too rotate our players better, we are 9 deep. I want to see jamison/Ebanks/HIll and do i even dare say it, blake playing at least 20min a game. These guys all have game and great potential Brown, start rotating more and even using Nash in the 2nd unit.

    Other then that the only other thing I can see the Lakers need to work on are the Turnovers. I mean seriously 20 turn overs a game isn’t great guys. Slow the game down a bit until we get use to our offense and get use to playing with each other.

    That is all…

    • Game Time says:

      Technically they are 0-11 LMAO!

      • purpngold says:

        Brown had his chance last season, he couldnt do it. This season, even with more talent, things are looking worse. Brown is a devensive minded coach, that’s it, and not a great coach at that either. Lakers are giving up 107 pts a game, 101 during preseason, and the princeton offense only produced 86 pts in preseason and 97 in the first 3 reg games. How are we supposed to win? Changes are coming… The sooner the better..

    • AMS says:

      Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  79. Henrykellz says:

    No need to panic , just yet . i can see them improving every game . kobe is gonna do his thing regardless.. and with the the help of dwight , gasol , and nash.. they cant be beaten.. the offense is not the problem.. just because a title has never been won using it doesnt mean anything . anything is possible . especially with this line-up of all stars.. their team chemistry is the problem . im a TRUE laker fan . i have faith in the Lakers that they can turn this 0-3 start around .. now #lessgoo!!!

  80. Boom2x says:

    I’m sure that they just need a little more time. Things are just rough now.

    • theking0522 says:

      Every SMART fan said that at the beginning of the season. But, let me use KOBE’S description of LA fans, because you are “dumb” and “stupid” you thought you were going to destroy every team out there. LA fans said they didn’t need chemistry because you had Kobe and Nash who had a high basketball IQ. Guess what? Now you are telling me that they need time. Why didn’t you say thought during the pre-season? Let me call KOBE again: “dumb and stupid fans”

  81. Dann says:

    Lakers is close for a big move. Forget about princeton. Just play your game. It will make you unstoppable .

    • theking0522 says:

      They are close to nothing!!! Kobe said that he supports the Princeton offense. The Lakers don’t care what yu think. Kobe is the boss in that team.

      • purpngold says:

        We’ll see how long that lasts, when Kobe is fed up of losing due to Browns inability to bring the right game plan, Brown will get fired, Brown’s days in the NBA are numbered. He needs to go try the princeton offence on a division III college team, cause it sure aint working in the NBA. Brown as a Lakers coach was my biggest fear. Mitch did a great job on the aquisitions, one more move left to solidify this team if he wants to have a succesful season. Brown is just not the right coach for this team.. he’s got to go..the sooner the better.

  82. jacob says:

    the lakers are going to continue to lose with kobe shooting 23 shots a game and the next two lakers shooting a combined 19. That’s selfish basketball any way you look at it. instead of letting kobe stop the ball on every possession they should keep momentum going whether it hurt Kobe’s rythm it will be good for the TEAM.

    • Really??? says:

      Did you watch the game? The Lakers went inside everytime they had the chance. Gasol and Howard didn’t have enough chance not because they didn’t get enough possession of the ball, it’s because of the inside D of the Clippers. They only went to Kobe when they realised they can’t rely much on the low post game of the two Laker bigs. The stats also proves this as Gasol and Howard got 14 and 8 turnovers respectively. They’re not guards that bring the ball so you can’t deny the fact that they were given the ball whenever there was a chance.

    • chris says:

      I 2nd that really?? 14 of 23 is pretty efficient. No one else can make shots. If it wasn’t for Kobe putting the ball in the hole they would have gotten blowed out. Why do you think Mike Brown kept him in 43 minutes. Blake is scared to shoot, Metta is streaky and Howard doesn’t have the post game that Bynum had…at least not yet. The problem is cleary defense.

    • Sangers says:

      I also agree with “Really???”. Kobe was the only one who was hot. Some of his shots were even last second shot clock scrambles because the rest of the offense couldn’t get itself together in the first 20 seconds of the shotclock. This was a Kobe vs Clippers game because everyone else on the Lakers was ineffective.

  83. cp3 best pg says:

    cp3 showing why he is the best pg in the game and 2nd best player in the league

  84. cefri anthony says:

    Damn! Bring Phil back!

    • Lakers says:

      The Lakers spent so much money and effort getting megastars together to build a Super Team but to let Mike Brown coach the team is a big mistake! A good coach should’ve spent the pre-season games to let the stars, who are so unique in their individual way, to learn how to play together and build chemistry. Instead, Mike Brown wasted the preseason games for him to figure out which bench player he wants to keep or cut from the roster. A good coach should be able to figure out the bench roster from watching them during the practices. Goodluck Lakers!

      • Sangers says:

        Nice work. You completely didn’t pay attention to their pre-season and then made a wild guess at what happened, which as it turns out… is completely wrong. To bring you up to speed, Howard was injured for the first 3/4 of the pre-season and Kobe was injured for the last half of it.