Knicks Hit Heat With ‘Sandy’ Aftershock


Dwyane Wade, among NBA players, might be in charge of fashion and fatherhood, but fortunately for the New York Knicks, their fans and the five boroughs, he isn’t in charge of NBA scheduling.

In the game that Wade thought shouldn’t even be played – a reasonable and sober position, given the crush of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath on so many New Yorkers’ lives – things hardly could have turned out better for the home team.

The lights were on at Madison Square Garden and they were hot. Led by their media-conscious star forward Carmelo Anthony (30 points, 10 rebounds), the Knicks beat the NBA’s defending champions by 20, giving beleaguered citizens a welcome diversion at the end of a grueling week.

Anthony – who also served notice through the MSG P.A. announcer that he’s known these days as “Melo Anthony” (can the “Car-“) – addressed the fans before tipoff, then postmarked the Heat. As reported by Marc Berman of the New York Post, the devastation outside the arena had something to do with the dynamics inside it:

“We were kind of up and down the last couple of days,” Anthony said. “Then we heard they had canceled the marathon. We were like, we had to go out there and play and give New Yorkers a couple of hours of peace for coming to the game to support us.”

A warm shower would have been peace. A bowl of soup, a sandwich and some Internet access would have been peace. What the Knicks gave their fans was more than that, a little something to get excited about. They hit 19 of their 36 attempts from 3-point range (5-of-8 from Steve Novak). Raymond Felton, stepping into the Linsanity void, triggered it with 14 points and nine assists. New York grabbed a 17-6 lead and never faltered.

More from The Post:

“Before the game it was difficult because we were in the locker room and everyone has the hurricane on their mind and what the city is going through,” said Tyson Chandler, who was a perfect 5-for-5 for 10 points and six offensive rebounds. “And as we were going out onto the floor, we were like, ‘Look, we’re here, our friends are here. The thing we can do is put a smile on their faces and represent the city well.’ “

Folks in Miami know all about tropical storms. But did they know that, like earthquakes, those things can have aftershocks? The Heat got hit by one Friday.

The only possible downside for the Knicks is if Anthony – who now has an 11-10 personal record against James in NBA meetings, according to MSG Network analyst Alan Hahn – nurtures any delusions based on that. A big wind might start blowing back at him real fast.

Steve Aschburner has written about the NBA since 1980.


  1. yess lakers 0-3 says:

    im a knicks fan and this game was great because we win but but….game over do you see wade and lebron smile :O what thaaaa……heat let new york wins i see that nuggets game that increidible game do you think if miami play like that they destroyed uss but fells great for our city new york have smile this is like almos gahh like 2001 baseball series when the twin towers came down :”( yeap so sad this is nba but already miami loss but wee know that they gonna win the champions wo gonna battle them uss never wee gonna be embarresed by they…L.A. Bobcats jaj never 0-3 wooww ;O but yess thanks miami to give up that winn 😉 and yeahh im knicks but i give to miami 1 that lebron james win hes 2 ring that could be happy and shut up some mouths

  2. dattebayo says:

    NY won by 20 and at the end of the game James and Wade were all smiles, like they had just won by 20. I know it was their 2nd game of the season, but I really doubt that they gave it their all. Melo had 5 open looks to start the game, all came off of dribble penetration from Felton and there were no adjustments. Battier always came off of Anthony to play help defense and Melo burned him with 4 threes. If you want to win that game on the road and as a coach you see the best scorer in the league get 2 wide open looks, don’t you usually call a timeout and wake up your team? The second half was hardly better because the Knicks still got wide open looks from downtown and they were making them. In the playoffs, all those shooters could hardly breathe because the defense was so tight, this game resembled nothing of that.
    I am not trying to defend the Heat or demean the Knicks victory or something like that. I am just really disappointed with the Heat’s effort in that game, because I wanted to see a competitive game. Well deserved win for the Knicks!

  3. Wayne from TO says:

    I am a HEAT fan, but I will tell you this… the HEAT got BEAT by NY. There was no throwing of the game. The HEAT tried but NY was the better team on the night! That said… there will not be many occasions where a team scores 19 of 36 three pointers. Lets GO HEAT… Lets GO BOSH (shaped in TO)

  4. Tommy says:

    Happy for the Knicks, Carmelo, and New York. Carmelo’s been under so much scrutiny as a team killer after he came back from his injury last year. This game shows the complete opposite, he’s the heart of this team. Hope the knicks make it far, they’re pretty deep

  5. Uberbunk says:

    Im glad the Knicks took this game especially after the tragedy that befell New York. Melo is an exceptional Olympian and regardless of whether or not Miami played to full potential to me is a mute point. Way to go Knicks Moral is huge for your suffering city

  6. ap says:

    am i the only one who thinks that the heat gave this game away? because at the end of the game when they showed the players shaking hands, Lebron and d wade were all smiles… i couldn’t see the other heat players faces. but i know i wouldn’t be all smiles after getting blown out by 20. and also Lebron always rallies when his team is down big late in the game. that rally never came, the heat just kept turning the ball over. Another reason why i think they threw the game away was because of the devastation hurricane sandy caused to NY. New York HAD to win after that if you catch my drift (no pun intended).

  7. Realnez1 says:

    LOL @ the ignorant fans thinking the heat gave the knicks a win… The knicks DESTROYED the heat, period. Get used to the New Knicks! better coach, defensive now, and great pgs!

  8. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    The Knicks shoot the three like they did they can beat anybody like that, but they got to bring it night in and night out, they were ballin, Rashard Wallace.

  9. Jerry says:

    See. NYK is the better team. They have more speed and better shooters.

  10. newyorksteelo says:

    Those of you insinuating the Heat threw the game are either Heat fans that cannot accept the loss, or completely blind to yesterdays game. You have to give credit where credit is due. Miami got beat bad due to the defensive effort from the Knicks as well as their offense. I have never seen the Knicks play like that before. Melo had James on lock defensively. The Heat just could not penetrate, and believe me you, they tried hard to. Even the fouls from the Knicks seemed excessive at times (DEFENSE). Mike Woodson is changing this team for the better. The Heat on the other hand lack a solid bench, especially a backup point guard to help Chalmers who got into foul trouble early. They also seemed to enter the game too overconfident. In all honesty, the Knicks wiped the floor with the Heat, no question!

  11. john says:

    respect for newyork.

  12. Karlo Garcia says:

    Happy for New York 2 get the win especially for peace & happiness. Don’t know if i were a Knick fan i should be satisfied with the win b/c Knicks tend 2 win a big game & then let u down the next. So far great win for the city of New York.

  13. Kenny says:

    nice pic of carmelos hairy, sweaty armpit

  14. PEDRO says:


    • Bruno D says:

      No they didn’t reeree, We were on fire at both ends of the court. Your a joke, you didnt even watch the game and if you did, your just a burrhurt Heat fan. Knicks played better last night then Heat ever played. Its one thing if we didnt do that well and still won but the Heat of course would have chose to win. They l;eft there best players in overtime. wahhh wahhh

  15. Logicat says:

    I’ll take the win, but if you’re a long time knick fan then YOU ALREADY KNOW!. I’m still having flashbacks of Ewing predicting championships, walking around the Garden waving his hands in the air after making a shot to go up by two points, and then lose the game. I hope they stay focused and don’t let take the presumptuous spirit that the majority of Knicks star players tend to have before they get anywhere close to showing they have a legitimate shot. But again, thanks Knicks for this win against Miami.

  16. Chester says:

    new York has to decide between chandler or stoudemire. chandler is their best defender, and amares best position is center. also carmelo is most effective at the 4 so a decision has to be made. i would bring stat of the bench to work with 2nd unit.

  17. kingofaces2895 says:

    The knicks had a great game. They were fueled by their desire to put on a show for the people affected by sandy and I liked that. However, and I’m going to be honest here, the Heat didn’t put their best effort in this game by any stretch of the imagination. Dwayne Wade was chucking up what he knows to be low percentage shots and LeBron really wasn’t trying to get inside the paint. The three point shooters for the heat all had a lazy night. I think Dwayne Wade convinced the other guys to let the Knicks win just so that the New York people could have something to celebrate about. Even if the Heat had put their best effort, this would have been a great game the way those Knicks were playing. We’ll see what happens when Amare gets back. It’s really looking like it’s about time they traded him. They could use a more defensively focused power forward. It won’t be so easy next time in American Airlines Arena, ya hear?

  18. JV says:

    Miami LOSS and NYKnicks won, thats all. Miami played all but the KNICKS bench is far more superior than the HEAT. LBJ, WADE and BOSH will get thier share of points but they need more from the other players especially the bench. Thats why NBA have 15 player team for them to build on and to utilize. Example is the LAKERS, they are losing coz theres no bench production, all starters. NOVAK has 17 pts, JR has his points, felton has 14 i think, brewer is really good in defense, kidd 3 3-pointers etc. All team effort. Melo also grabbed 10reb and thats BIG. We should understand basketball well and NBA is not a 4 team league, theres a lot more than OKC, HEAT, Lakers and Celtics…..

  19. Jacob says:

    I’m from NYC and this game, even though it was only for a few hours, gave a nice retreat from everything that has been going on here in the Greatest City in the World. The Knicks represented our City well and I hope they continue to play with heart for NYC. Emotional win! Continue to pray for everyone affected and for the people who have lost their homes and loved ones. Lets go Knicks!!

  20. W/E says:

    maybe the rotation its better without amare…

  21. Kingk says:

    Even though I’m a heat fan i don’t think it’s true that the heat didn’t try, they just got outplayed by emotion but i think they’ll be ok. Shoutout to all the people affected by the storm. Keep your head up! The Knicks taught that valueable lesson last night

  22. vern says:

    This was good play! All that LBJ wasn’t playing to win is BS. Give new york their due. The ball was shared, they took the best shot after swinging the ball, they played a defensive game other teams will try to duplicate. It was played as a team sport was supposed to be played, as a team. N.Y. fans know this is just one game but it’s a very good first game. It clearly shows that this will be a different season than last and if we could get Stoudemire back healthy,the league is gonna have problems containing the Knicks.

  23. amitpal says:

    Well it took like 9 years but I think melo is finally ready to be a real leader on a team. Ive always thought that the key reason he never did great in the post season was becuz he was never a great leader. Of course I might be wrong. The knicks do have a history of getting u hyped and then letting u down.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Melo is scoring machine when he wants to be. He is in no way a leader. If he can take the Nicks through a productive season and past the 1st round, then we can say he’s stepping up as one.

  24. jzarecta says:

    I think Heat threw NY a bone. I never saw LBJ playing to take over the game and the whole mood of the game, Dwade was joking around with Melo even 20 bellow. Heat will be fine, and they will make it up tonight. NY story, could play much better for the people of new york than Miami.

    • Belizeboy says:

      I saw the same thing. Still a win is a win and good job by NY because they still had to make the shots.

    • Bruno D says:

      Knicks offense and defense was flawless and top-notch. Will they play like that every night? I doubt it and are the knicks better then the heat? Of course not, but we outplayed them last night and I dont think the Heat could beat any team that plays as good as the knicks played last night period

    • Coach Dee says:

      you’ll never see that happening b’coz LBJ can’t take over a game.
      It’s the media that’ll hype it to make it look like it.

  25. newyorksteelo says:

    Absolutely awesome. Great defensive effort from the Knicks and particularly from Carmelo. Just goes to show just how good this team can be if they put in the effort on the defensive end. Awesome!