Mark Cuban Pledges $1 Million To Victims of Hurricane Sandy

HANG TIME DALLAS — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has pledged to donate $1 million to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, he announced Friday via Twitter.

Cuban asked for suggestions as to an entity he should donate the funds. He will make the donation in the name of the Dallas Mavericks and his television network AXSTV, formerly known as HDNet.

“The more devastation I saw on TV the more I felt the need to contribute,” Cuban said in the e-mail.

On his Twitter account Friday, Cuban wrote:

“Im going to donate $1mm dollars to support the victims of  in the name of @dallasmavs and @AXSTV . Any suggestions on which entity ?”


Prior to sending out his tweet, Cuban said he gave $7,500 to

Cuban’s total donation of more than $1 million will actually surpass the amount the NBA and the league’s players’ association together pledged on Thursday. The NBA and NBPA are making a commitment of $1 million to the Red Cross and other organizations, including The Salvation Army, New York Cares and Jersey Cares,whichhave mobilized to assist the people and communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

In addition, NBA teams and players around the league are supporting a number of humanitarian organizations to help bring aid to those impacted by the storm’s devastation. The league and its broadcast partners will also air pregame and in-game messages to encourage fans to support relief efforts by the Red Cross.

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, after a long ride Friday into New York City where the Heat are playing the New York Knicks tonight, said he plans to donate the equivalent of his paycheck from the game to relief efforts. The Madison Square Garden Company will donate $500,000, it announced Friday, and host a telethon on the MSG Network to support relief efforts. 

The NBA postponed the Brooklyn Nets’ home opener against the Knicks on Thursday due largely to a shutdown of public transportation.

Also on Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers announced they will donate $50,000 and will match donations up to an additional $50,000 from its fans to the American Red Cross.


  1. .I think its great that that the millionaires want to donate and help, we need them…BUT it’s the common people that touches my heart……this is something my future son in law posted on faced book this morning…”I cant sleep with my heart being heavy like this knowing im laying n a bed n ppl dont even have a bed to lay on!! I gotta find a way to keep helping storm effected ppl just not sitting rite n my stomach that ppl lost err thing n im still laying here please contact me if u kno families n need or yourself” Interesting he personally has very little, he gave up working so he could help…Thank you so much for all that everyone is doing to help IT IS APPRECIATED…Carolann Klingert

  2. caloyski says:

    I admire Mark Cuban’s gesture, I hope that the other owners follow suit–leadership at its best

  3. A. Trujillo says:

    Easy, I feel your pain, but remember they are not obligated to donate. Exposing their contribution is intended to be to encourage others to do the same. They got my respect.

  4. harry says:

    does anyone else find it a little insulting that the star studded lakers only donate $50k ? For a multi million/billion dollar franchise its barely loose change imo

  5. Chester says:

    good on you cuban there still hope for you yet after this good gesture

  6. Regina Laurie says:

    I am sick of millionaires taking pokes at each other. I think it is insensitive for two men to make jokes when there has been terrible tragedy the past few days. You may be able to donate a million dollars to a charity, but that does not make you a great man. A great man would be helping people quietly, with respect for a person’s misfortune. These men should be ashamed of themselves for constantly seeking attention. Put your money where your mouth is, but shut up about it.

    • moclov4 says:

      Regina Laurie,

      Are you serious?!?! Do you know how much of a philanthropist and overall good guy, not just an owner of an NBA team, but a good human being Mark Cuban is? Mark Cuban is not a “constant attention seeker”, he is not doing this to further his image or anything like that; I am shocked and APALLED at your ignorance and judgment about things you obviously know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT. What the hell have YOU done to help hurricane victims? This man, along with a few other millionaires (he’s a billionaire though) have donated amounts of money to help people whose lives have been changed on a grand scale. I think YOU should shut the hell up and actually try to do something that could even COME CLOSE to being anywhere near as charitable and meaningful as these donations.

      You obviously know next to nothing about how things like this work; most likely Mark Cuban does not even personally manage his own twitter – he has some intern or someone do things like this; this was probably a required PR thing … NOT LIKE A TON OF OTHER MEDIA wouldn’t have NOTICED someone donating A MILLION DOLLARS and reported it anyway. You are the worst kind of person, who bashes someone they don’t know, about something they have no knowledge about, when they are doing nothing but good things for people on a huge scale, and all YOU can do is hate, hate, hate. And blindly, with misinformation and personal biases or something it seems, on top of that. Now go rethink your life, and go donate your time at a local soup kitchen; even then that would only scratch the surface of anything close to what these few men have already done with their money and efforts.

    • What Regina? says:

      What are you even talking about, Regina? Where was joke making involved at all here?

    • MrNBA says:

      Who’s making jokes? A large sum donated by a single person will never go unnoticed. And that’s a good thing because feats like that need to be recognized. It gives people hope. By the way, how much have you donated?

    • Shake says:

      People don’t care if you’re a great person or not. They need help… through money and donations.
      this is the most stupid comment i’ve ever read… keep your good moral to yourself…

  7. BFoulds says:

    All the men who are agreeing to donate money toward the relief are exceptional men. THANK YOU!

    • adam says:

      This is amazing and makes me very very very happy! Im from Canada, and we even got the hurricane here, not as bad as new york obviously, but we still had some deaths.. so to see these guys donating the big money that they are just shows how the NBA is still one big family. Much love n respect!