Boston-Miami: The Heat Stays On

HANG TIME, Texas — From Romans vs. Visigoths to Hatfields vs. McCoys to Nikki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey, there’s nothing that gets our juices flowing more than a good feud.

That’s especially true when, as the immortal Keith Jackson used to say, you have “a couple of teams that really don’t like each other.”

So here are the Heat and Celtics, still spitting like a divorcing couple across the conference table, days after Rajon Rondo took down Dwyane Wade like it was a calf-roping contest, drawing a flagrant foul and postgame charges of punkdom from D-Wade.

The fact that they only play four times a season until the playoffs doesn’t mean the venom ever stops dripping from fangs in Miami and Boston, as pointed out by our good friend Ira Winderman in the Sun Sentinel:

This time it was Celtics coach Doc Rivers getting his first opportunity to react to the flagrant foul called on Boston point guard Rajon Rondo against Heat guard Dwyane Wade late in Tuesday’s Celtics loss at AmericanAirlines Arena.

“I thought it was nondescript. I really did,” he said. “[Rondo] grabbed him around the shoulders, it wasn’t that hard. So I think it’s much ado about nothing, personally.”

Relating it to his playing days, Rivers, the former fiery point guard, said, “That would have been maybe a foul. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. But I guess it is.”

Earlier, on his weekly radio appearance on Boston’s WEEI, Rivers responded to Wade calling the foul a “punk play” by Rondo considering it came in the final seconds of a game that had been decided. Rivers cited a foul by Wade against Rondo during the 2011 playoffs.

“I didn’t think it was that hard. I argued against the flagrant,” Rivers said. “Listen, Wade has committed a lot of hard fouls on Rondo and we forget about the elbow injury that Rondo had. That was created by Dwyane Wade. I don’t think it was a punk move, unless his is, too.”

Of course, what was already antagonistic atmosphere between the two top dogs in the Eastern Conference only went to a new level of woofing when free agent guard Ray “Hatfield” Allen of Boston chose to climb over the fence to become Ray “McCoy” Allen of Miami over the summer, which triggered a sense of betrayal in the always sensitive and decorous Kevin Garnett.

The fact that K.G. had turned his back and snubbed Allen’s attempt at a high-five during Tuesday night’s game had already churned the bitter waters and raised the laughably over-inflated insult-and-anger level to Defcon 1.

Now it will be interesting to see if the spitball shooting match can continue all the way up when the Heat visit the Celtics on Jan. 27. Visigoths get in free.


  1. SC says:

    I don’t know if anyone has addressed this idea yet but I feel that Rondo might have fouled him due to Wade trying to score when the game was over. If that is the case, then I agree with the foul. Understand the situation…Miami was up by 11pts and the clock was winding down (under 45 seonds left in the game) and Boston had conceded the win (not fouling the Heat, not defending the ball). Why was Wade trying to score when the game was over and an obvious Heat victory???? I’ve witneesed many times in this situation where Pierce, Rondo, and many others on other teams would allow the shot clock to run out so as to not appear to embarras the other team, or run up the score. How about staying out on the perimeter and casting up a shot that you are not trying to make. No, Wade was trying to drive to the hole and score. I would have done the same thing, Foul him hard to send a message (You are not going to rub the victory in our face, not going to disrespect us, nor are you going to disrespect the game of basketball!!!) My opinion.

    • brad says:

      I totally agree with you, and that’s what I’ve been saying. If I were in Rondo’s shoes, the clock was ticking down, I was holding my ground but conceding victory (not trying to foul) and Wade decides he wants to blow past me and get some free highlight dunk, I would’ve sent the exact message Rondo did. Anyone who can see both sides of the coin should understand this play. And it wasn’t malicious, even though the Wade tried to spread the theatrics and threats after the fact. The “punishment” absolutely fit the crime.

      • Average Joe says:

        There are other ways to give up a foul without a clothesline. You really don’t understand the damage that these big-ctrong athletes can do to each other and to themselves, especially if they have sufficient momentum and the wrong turn of biomechanics. Have you played basketball? Not with your buds, but with other athletes? If so, you’d understand my position. There are other ways to foul without unnecessary contact. Holding on to the arms or the torso, for example.

  2. quarogg says:

    to boston fanatics, d truth s, the celtics are over. embrace ur fate. a decade of heat is just starting. wait for ur another turn to be the greatest team again. or u may suggest KG, Pierce and Rondo to convert themselves as Androids if u want them to win another ring this year he he he he you better not…

  3. ThoughfultIntelligence says:

    Quick question……Dirty play has been described as dislocated elbows, WWE close lines, and ref chest bumps, but has anyone considered this videos as playing “dirty”? I feel in my opinion this has single handed started to destroy the real NBA. We have a bunch of players actors on the court instead of real men…..I feel the Miami/Boston rivalry is just that, a real basketball ball team (I am not a Boston) and a team of children taught how to act in front of the ref. THIS HAS BECOME OUR ENTERTAINMENT!!! A soap opera…..Where did the real old school basketball go??

    Tell me which team dominates this video!!!

    By the way all you “Heat” fans I know your going to cry and keep drinking the kool-aid and have your excuses but all I have to say is watch at 0:21 to 0:37 and tell me that’s a grown man out there!!! (that’s how heat got to the championship point blank) and in my OPINION how they cheated the wins against OKC (not a OKC fan either)


  4. Norris Cole's wife says:

    Rondo is a bitch. lol

  5. NumberEightySeven says:

    Bunch of haters! Hahaha! You make me laugh.

  6. Macubexx says:

    what’s with all these cries? can we have tissues please? Children pls stop whining. this is basketball puhleezzz. play first before you comment. they play to win.. to be injured or not.. to be punk or not.. its a man’s game.. if you’re afraid of blood and broken nose go play chess instead… stop all these nonsense

  7. bball fan says:

    That foul was a flagrant 1 for sure but the players today definitely shouldn’t be crying about fouls. The fouls today are nothing compared to when Rambis got clotheslined by Bird’s Celtics, when Jordan took a pounding from the Bad Boy Pistons, & when Riley’s Knicks played defense like a bunch of thugs. Hand-check defense needs to come back into the rules so players have to work harder to earn their points. Let the players play hard defense. Too many players today are celebrated for how good their offense is but they haven’t had hardnosed defense in their face. I’d like to see how they’d respond to it. Jordan & all the players before him showed us how they did it. They fought through hard fouls and weren’t crybabies about it. They should just play hard & quit the crying. And bring back that hand-check defense!

    • Average Joe says:

      Yes. Good call. I love those “physical” physical defense that they used to play, back when the rules allowed them. The overall defensive scheme in the NBA has gone soft, no doubt to quicken the pace of the game and allow more jams and highlight reel plays. That’s what gets headlines nowadays and at the end of the day, the NBA is still a business. I really doubt if they’re gonna bring back the era of hand-checks and no flagrant fouls.

  8. RPRONDO9 says:

    Everybody Hates On The Celtics &We Weren’t The First Team With A Big Three Th Spurs have Had A Big Three For A Very Long time &then There Was The Pistons &Then Don’t forget About The Lakers With Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Kobe &Shaq

  9. Andrew says:

    OMFG Rondo is going to get a real spanking

  10. tigerballz says:

    Come on Doc Rivers, any time you get your hands and arms around a player’s shoulders/neck/head, it’s a flagrant. No arguments.

  11. drick says:

    Celtics are done,,go heat…

  12. and it wasn’t that hard of a foul, HOWEVER, it was a “good foul?” At that point in the game? yeah, right. Just how doc rivers drew it up…

  13. warriors says:

    And Boston never recruits star players in their twilight, similar to Allen and the heat.

    jermaine o’neal
    ray allen
    kevin garnett
    rasheed wallace
    shaq after he followed lebron to cleveland.
    jason terry

  14. dgt2 says:

    If KG is the only guy allowed to stand tall in the celtics band its a real shame!,I hope mili,collins,willcox get better deal than
    perkins n bigbaby,ryan, to name a few.

  15. Einstein says:

    if you guys don’t want to get hurt then play the game of jack stone! hahahaha! losers! can’t accept the fact that you guys lost!

  16. christiaen says:

    Lookin’ at this footage, I can only think the league has grown soft making a fuzz about this.
    Just look back at the eigthies (Mchale’s foul on Kurt Rambis) or the nineties (New York Knicks anyone? Starks foul on Pippen is a nice example). Those players were men, and they played like it. Jordan had to endure a lot more than just “punk” fouls like these. That’s all I got to say about this topic.

  17. W/E says:

    That was a hug,nothing serius,just a hug,Wade deserves a hard elbow from rondo and not sweet hugs…

  18. godwade says:

    Doc ought to start yelling at him for all these technicals. I sure would.

  19. lol says:

    rondo is not a punk hes a good guy not like wade i mean when he injured rondo what his kids think about him? sad just sad

  20. Leonard Rhett says:

    What is the point of this? Wade tried to drive the lane with a 13 point lead and 20 seconds left in the game. There is a code in the NBA that you don’t show up an opponent when the game is decided. Wade, obviously, does not know or respect the history of the game-you just don’t do that. He had scored 27 points already and the game was over. It is just a lack of respect for the Celtics. Had that been against the Bad Boy Detroit Piston teams of the 90’s he would have been looking for his teeth, his jaw, or both.

  21. lol says:

    lol dwade can be a dirty payer because hes supported by stern since 2005

  22. D.Wade.Owns says:

    Boston still crying.

  23. Wow... says:

    guys. basketball is a physical game.

  24. Mr.305 says:

    Hands down, it was the right call. A flagrant foul is when somebody goes for something that is NOT the ball. He obviously didn’t mean to hurt Wade because there was no injury, and it wasn’t that serious. However he did take a shot at him and not the ball, making it a FLAGRANT 1. If it was more severe, it would have been a FLAGRANT 2. Regardless of who I go for, am not biased. If Wade would have done the same thing, it would have been a flagrant 1 as well.

  25. rosie99 says:

    even if Wade is a dirty player , it does not justify another players dirty plays

  26. rosie99 says:

    Rondo is a fantastic player .But , i believe , he needs to grow up …
    what was that when he was “spying” , eardropping when Heat coachs and players had time-out discussions ?
    what was that when he tried repeat KG’s push-up acts ?
    saying all those this play against Wade was not that bad if you compare World Peace’s elbow against Harden .
    still it was flagrant play .
    sorry for my bad English

  27. Ace says:

    I admire Wade’s ability but he’s one of the dirtier players in the league. What is ridiculous is that such a big deal is being made about such a small incident. All players, whether they are “dirty” or not, cop hard fouls from time to time. It’s part of the game. I think Rondo did it in retaliation to Wade’s hook that he got away with earlier, but who really cares? The ref’s called the foul, end of story.

    @keithmon, probably because he didn’t actually throw the ball. Which is fair enough, the NBA is too quick to punish gestures with techs these days, I’m glad they didn’t whistle Wade for a tech because it would have made the whole situation even more farcical.

  28. Luke says:

    For you people who think that this isn’t a flagarant foul: do any of you play basketball? I play high-school ball and if someone intentionally clotheslined me as I’m going to the basket then I would be ticked for sure. Wade could have been injured on that play if his feet had gotten caught under him. This isn’t football. You don’t do that.

  29. Luke says:

    Rondo is absolutely out of controle. Doc Rivers is doing him no favors by defending him. He needs to learn his lesson.

  30. leonard says:

    so the others aren’t intelligent?

  31. keithmon says:

    Just asking but, why didn’t Wade get a tech for gesturing like he was going to slam the ball off the back side of Rajon?

  32. d3 says:

    @dratiger dwade dont like u team heat

  33. Ian says:

    Anyone else remember the foul Wade committed on Darren Collison in the playoffs If not, go look it up and tell me wade isn’t a dirty player. And if you need more example to justify Wades dirtiness, please let me know, I’ve got plenty to show you. So don’t sit here and tell me wade isnt dirty. Wade also whines constantly and is one of the worst flopperes in the league.

    • Lee says:

      Seems you and me are the only ones that dont bite the current affairs the media spews us. Sadly were gonna have to face the fact that 90% of miami fans never watched the game until 2 seasons ago and that kind of bandwagon behavior is only going to be reflected in their posts. Now dwade has a new article about how he wants to help NY recover more than play the knicks tonight, well intentioned but more proof the media just paints the big ticket sellers and current champions as saints to get more hype.

  34. SK83R97 says:

    What happened to Rondo was just an accident, it is impossible that Wade wanted to injure Rondo.
    But I don’t really think it was a flagrant foul, it just looked harder than it was.

  35. Danny says:

    Rondo always try to start something. No doubt the coach is going to defend him…

    • Carl says:

      No one here has said anything about the times D-Wade has been dirty. All of a sudden he’s the victim because it happened to him once. Oh please.

  36. Craig says:

    If you think this play was a flagrant…you are soft…that was such a light foul and a smart one at that. As a matter of fact when Dwade does his pump and jump into you to draw contact and the bucket, I often question why more people don’t hack him like that. He is going to make the shot a better majority of the time and if I were defending him and he did that, I would foul worse then Rondo, not because I am a punk but because I am smart enough to only allow 2 points instead of 3.

    • Average Joe says:

      If you think that play wasn’t a flagrant, you should go review the NBA rules. Flagrant fouls are called on contact above the shoulders, and since that play’s contact happened on the neck and shoulder area, that should be a flagrant. The refs were right to call it flagrant 1 since the contact apparently wasn’t excessive (some could make a case that it was, I really don’t know) and they had to take control of the ballgame. If the flagrant wasn’t called then, the officials could’ve lost any remaining integrity that they have and officiating games could be more difficult in the future, especially with these two teams playing each other.

  37. Lee says:

    Ok, all you miami fans calling rondo a punk for that foul why dont you relieve the pacer series last season and look at Dwade linbacker slam into Darren Collison from behind. Yeaaaaaaaah, try and spin that into a clean play. Wade has just as many, if not more, flagrant fouls than rondo. And to anyone who tries to pull the BS card or saying, Wade was just upset with the no call on Jones, guess what, Rondo was upset about the no call when Wade hooked him to get to the rim the play before. So maybe theyre both emotional players who gets frustrated, at least rondo took it to the same player that cheated him and not sprint head first down the floor to a player that wasnt involved. Plus spearing someone from behind is way more dangerous and injury prone that wrapping up with a strong follow through. Sorry Miami fans that think DWade does nothing but $h!1 gold, hes just as dirty as rondo, this play is just what happened last so thats what the media is going to talk about. Youre all a bunch of sheep

  38. Jeeven says:

    rondo’s a punk. plain and simple.

  39. mk says:

    everyone likes somebody else.hats why we are different. But someone who doesnt respect D wade dosnt understand basketball at all. He can not be compared with cobe,rondo and james also in some points. He is much better guys. Because he is intelligent guys.
    if you did not played basketball, you will never see it. amigo

  40. D Wade is no angel. He has had his fair share questionable fouls over the last few years.

  41. what the? says:

    Is it just me or do things look worse in slow motion then in real time

  42. Craig says:

    This is interesting, as Wade would have flopped last year. Nothing he could do this year.
    Still a foul, but interesting how players are watching there game.

  43. KGFan says:

    Glad to hear all of the reports about Rondo becoming a leader this year are coming to fruition. He may as well go back to pushing officials.

  44. Al says:

    Wade is a hypocrite! The nerve to call Ronda’s foul “punk-play” when he broke Kobe’s nose during 2011 All-star game. Last time I checked, All Star games are suppose to be an exhibition game. NBA players are a bunch of drama queen. That’s why most games are aired on TNT “We Know Drama”.

  45. Dirty-D says:

    WADE? isint that the guy that broke Kobe’s nose in the all star game? I don’t know who’s worse Rondo or Wade. But a lot has to be said about a guy that deserves a flagrant 2 in the historically defenseless NBA all star game….

  46. daniel says:

    People forget Dwade gave a cheap shot on Kobe in an all star game WTF!!!!!
    Kobe had a concussion after Wade fouled him hard on a game that had no meaning.
    Give me a break!!!
    What goes around comes around

  47. Batto says:

    There a difference b/w dirty and being competitive. The all-start game became worth watch after wade fouled Kobe. And it was not a flagrant foul. Wade competitive, Garnett, Celtics are dirty and intentially try to injure you like Matt Fake peace.

  48. K.I.N.G says:

    ET needs to shut up and go home lol

  49. thejerr says:

    if i was rondo, id have stomped (tripped) on his arm for a lil payback while he was down, ya know, kevin love style

    • K says:

      Rondo couldn’t knock Wade down on his best day! If they were playing football; which Rondo must have thought they were, DWade would have carried his little lightweight butt into the end zone!

  50. Jorn says:

    Rondo is a punk.

  51. Jorn says:

    Rondo IS a punk!

  52. robin says:

    Beat the Heat, wade the dirtiest guy in the nba, if somebody block his shot, he start talking bad words to the opposing guy….go go go It’s Celtics time, #18 is on the way

    • K says:

      Are you serious? A Celtic fan should never ever open their mouth regarding a player or a coach that complains to much! Rondo is the most out of control player, when it comes to complaining or what the heck I’ll just bump you if I don’t like your call! An as good of a coach as Doc Rivers is; he also cries all the time!

      • Lee says:

        Lol Miami wants to talk about crying. “There are some guys literally crying in the locker room right now”

      • Game Time says:

        Living in the past much Lee?

      • Lee says:

        Futile attempt to target me rather than the point at hand, I cant help it that Miami has a history of crying. Fact is, if a Miami fan is gonna complain about another team crying, they need to remember they got a locker room full of the same thing. But you already knew this and have no plausible argument to refute the claim that Miami has tears in their eyes too so you try and attack me out of frustration.

        Same with my reply to your comment about hooking, Wade hooked rondo across the neck/shoulder to get to the rim, only difference Wade got away with it. Both are guilty of physical plays and for a fan of either team to say the other one is the only team that makes punk plays is just plain ignorance. Accept the fact that Miami is jsut as dirty as Boston and youll be able to enjoy those wins a whole lot more. It beats than getting butt hurt over the fact that someone doesnt share your one sided view that the your team can do no wrong.

  53. lordroadkill says:

    The celtics will take it all period, no team can survive with a judas amoung them (allen)

    • K says:

      That judas thing was funny! However, the Chicago Bulls lasted pretty well when they had their Judas (Dennis Rodman)! If you remember Dennis Rodman played with Chicago biggest rival (Detroit Pistons) when they were the Bad Boys and Rodman was one of the most hated players by Chicago fans while he was with Detroit.

  54. cantbeattheheat says:

    the heat will win the championish this year no doubt

  55. me says:

    it is not a flagrant foul. all of you are a bunch of sissies and floppers.

    • K says:

      Then what is a flagrant foul; a player landing on the floor with a broken neck? Help all us “floppers and sissies” to understand your definition of a flagrant foul?

  56. Chakad says:

    that is obvious why rondo did that
    because niether him nor any player can gaurd Dwawde and its the only way you can stop this legend

  57. Mohcel says:

    They’re all punks that’s why im choosing the lesser evil. Boston. LOL

  58. Luke says:

    They’re all dirty: D-Wade, Rondo, and KG. As a Bulls fan I don’t like either of these teams. I have to say that, in this case, it was a dirty play by Rondo and if I were Wade I would have kicked his annoying little butt. The play that Rondo got hurt on last year wasn’t dirty, just a smart foul and an accident. As much as I hate the Heat and D-Wade especially, I have to say that Rondo is a whiny little punk.

  59. brad says:

    Totally agreed with Doc on this one. It was blown way out of proportion because it was on a national stage and it was Boston/Miami. Rondo’s foul was likely out of frustration, but it was also not even close to physically harmful. It prevented Wade from getting a shot up, and it sent a message in a game that had already been decided. If Rondo’s foul was a ‘punk move’, then Wade’s late-game drive was equally deserving of that label. Rondo and the rest of the Celtics won’t lay down and let the heat walk all over them, and that’s what will make this series so compelling to watch.

    • Game Time says:

      So basically when you can’t beat a team on the score board you should do it physically, right?

      • brad says:

        No one was physically beaten during this game, so whatever you’re implying is completely ridiculous. The game was decided, and Rondo prevented Wade from getting a pointless shot up and kicking dirt in his face. That’s all this play was, and any overblown or theatrical reaction to it only underscores the absurdity of the media-driven fallout.

      • Game Time says:

        So Wade was supposed to just stand there and get a turnover? Your 2nd comment is even more asinine than the 1st.

      • brad says:

        And your arrogant faux-rebuttals continue to miss the point. The game was over. If the outcome had still be in contention, the Celtics would have begun the foul game to stop the clock. Wade made the decision to drive in and go for a free dunk in the closing seconds of a done deal against a rival, and Rondo let him know it wasn’t going to happen. If anything, Wade’s reaction, name-calling, and underhanded threats for their next meeting speak more of his character than Rondo’s refusal to take blatant salt in the wound. A boxing match? Really? Basketball is a physical sport, especially when you ask for it with an arrogant move towards a an opponent who was conceding victory.

      • Game Time says:

        Brad I’m directly on point while you keep making excuse for Rondo’s eroneous foul. Simply put it wasn’t nessecary beyond making a point of “I don’t like you or losing to you”. So if that’s your point, I get it. Is it right compared to the facts I stated? No. Even more to my point, the game would have been over quicker without the foul once Boston regained possession with less than 24secs to play.

    • K says:

      I agree Miami needs to understand that Boston knows they can’t beat them in a basketball game so they try to turn it into a football game! Everytime Miami plays Boston from this point forward; everytime DWade and Lebron attacks the rim they need to go in with their knees and elbow up high! Every foul against Rondo would be hard! Kind of like the unwritten rule Detriot had when they use to play Chicago! My bigs would beat him like a punching bag!

  60. DMC says:

    D Wade dirtiest?? hmmm that means Metta World Peace needs some catching up to do!…. what an irony,,,

  61. Cheese says:

    Wow look at all the Heat fans crying lol. In the 80s and 90s this would have been a regular foul and thats it… NBA is so soft nowadays

    • Game Time says:

      Players nowadays are bigger, stronger and do more damage, but I can see how you don’t understand that being stuck in the past.

  62. B says:

    Whoever thinks that, that was not a dirty play by Rondo is an idiot. Rondo learned how to be dirty from the dirtiest player ever K.G. that is the only way they can try to beat Miami. If you watched the game, Miami didnt even play hard, it looked like they were just having fun and messing around out there. Boston only had 1 player last year who i like and he is now in Miami. Boston is too old and KG and Rondo are the dirties players.

  63. joey says:

    that was a flagrant? wade has dished out more than his fair share. you could ask him, he KNOWS that wasnt a flagrant. what the hell is the nba turning into if this is whats considered a “flagrant”? nut up and shut up

  64. salve says:

    yeah!!!stop complaining because wade has done that hard foul a lot of time

  65. D.Wade says:

    Sounds like Boston are still mad after losing over and over again to the Heat and Wade especially. Rondo is a girl when he gets fouled and starts throwing his arms around ends up getting a technical, whether it be complaining to the ref or straight up hitting him with his chest. Rondo needs to do some growing up and Doc needs to start telling him too.

  66. Bob says:

    I would love to see additional penalties for any intentional foul. It is not so much because of potential injury, but because those are not basketball plays. Any bozo can grab a player and hold his arms. Why should that be rewarded (see fouls vs. Howard). The NBA has for too long created a situation where fouls, supposedly something to be avoided, are intentionally performed as good strategy. Wasn’t Hack-a-Shack exciting to watch (Answer:”NO”)

  67. Fabio says:

    The only problem is that “around the shoulders” there’s a neck!

  68. Light's out says:

    Punk Play was when D-Wade hit Kobe with a shoulder blcok straight in the face on an All Star EXHIBITION match!

    • K says:

      You know it’s funny in the way people see things! All contact is not intentional! In the World of sports there is a lot of incidental contact; which was the case, with the Kobe thing in the All-Star game! What Rondo did was intentional and deserved a flagrant foul!

      • LoLLoL says:

        what Dwade done in last all star game to Kobe was just trying to grab him before he jump, but it’s just a little too late since Kobe was already jumping up .. so it made Dwade intentional which is not true. but too Rondo he is not the first time grabbing people intentional. KG is the samething. both of them are immature players with bad attitudes. Both of them just can’t face other people who are stronger and better than these two. I can’t disagree their ability and skill, but it’s just they been like kids. if Lebron called queen James, then KG and Rondo should be called whining Kings.

  69. Freida says:

    I am so sick of players trying to hurt other players. You don’t grab another player around the neck to stop a player. that should be a flagrant 1. Thank goodness Wade held is anger back as he was ready to throw the ball at Rondo. He would have deserved it. Can’t stand the Celtics. Over the years, KG always tried to hurt other players.

    James can’t help it if players getting in the way. He has every right to go down the middle. If someone is outside the box area, then it is a charge. If they are in the box area, good for James.

  70. bu says:

    Yeah, fully agreed. Wade is one of the strongest shooting guards for his size & Rondo can only pull him down completlely to stop the shot and the and one. But you must agree that he did it to vent a bit of frustration as well as all of the Celtics, incl Rondo played out of sync & far from teamwork, esp on D.

  71. K says:

    Interesting thought! Contact above the shoulders is usually looked at as a flagrant foul, however; it is inconsistently called in the NBA! If anything you give a flagrant simply because of the quickly growing rivalry that has developed amongst these two teams over the past three years. Rondo has a little dirtiness about his game at times, especially when Boston plays Miami! This sort of stuff can be expected anytime these two teams get together. The is a great old-fashion rivalry that hasn’t been seen since the old Bad Boys of the Detriot Piston v. the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls. Boston plays like this against Miami because for Boston, Miami is the only thing standing in their way to a possible championship!

  72. Paul Mancuso says:

    I think that the Heat i general have nothing to complain about regarding fouls. Both James and wade push there way to the basket and always get the foul cal. Regarding Wade he is a cry baby. He is one of the dirties players in the league.

    • Game Time says:

      It’s called attacking the rim and it’s a legal part of basketball. Hooking onto someone’s is not. The Celtic TEAM is dirty! Wade is a star and doesn’t need his career ended by a shrunken head troll like Rondo.

      • Lee says:

        Tahts funny because Wade hooked rondo the possession before to get an easy lay up yet you seem not to have anything to say about that.

      • Game Time says:

        Pffft, please. Don’t divert from the point. Besides that just strengthens the argument that Rondo was upset and took a cheap shot at Wade.

    • K says:

      Dude on the playground the fight would have been on! The referees had to call that contact a flagrant, one because it was above the shoulders and secondly because of the rivalry amongst these two teams! You can belief this matter is not over for either of these teams! Round 2, January 27, 2013 in Boston. Get your ringside tickets early because it’s going to be packed!

  73. Realistic says:

    You can’t hook your arms around a players neck especially when he is about to take off. If Wade didn’t stop, it would have been a nasty flagrant 2 foul. its more as a dirty foul than a flagrant, since there wasn’t a collision. you could still argue that it was at most a flagrant 1 because the game was already decided before that happened.

    • Lee says:

      Im glad you said you cant hook your arms around other players necks because Wade did it the possession before to Rondo and got away with it. He reached across rondos chest/neck. grabbed his shoulder and pushed off to get the lay up. Anyone who wants to call rondos foul a punk play seems to some how forget about the possession not a minute before. I agree though, flagrant 1 was the worst it coulda been, there was no excessive follow through, just a hard wrap up to keep him from getting up the shot.

  74. casey says:

    If I remember correctly, didn’t KG do the same thing to the Minnesota timberwolves when he came to Boston?

    • KSidhu says:

      KG was traded. It was a decision the Twolves made and then asked KG if it was ok. Get your fact straight dummy.

      • K says:

        If that makes you feel better then great! So let’s just say Lebron and Bosh were traded as well! Since both their former teams got something from their current team for them! It’s called a sign and trade! So since your using that theory for Garnett, then let’s use that same rational for the Miami super team!

      • Giddi says:

        If you want to hate on the Heat, please get your facts right, KG was traded to Boston in a sign-and-trade, the same process Lebron and Bosh made to come to Miami.

  75. Game Time says:

    Seriously Doc? I rememeber that injury to Rondo and it was his fault. Rondo was guarding Wade and the ball went loose, Wade boxed out Rondo (using his right hand which is legal) who then tried to move Wade out the way, using his right elbow (which is not legal). You can see how Rondo’s arm is causing Wade to sumble back. While stumbling Wade’s right hand does grab onto Rondo bringing him down, but agian that’s Rondo’s fault for trying to illegally move Wade out the way. Look at the video at about 59sec.

    • Sambo says:

      Are you serious? I’m neither a Boston fan nor a Heat fan, but I can tell the truth without being biased. It’s obvious from the video you posted that Wade grabbed Rondo’s arm and blocked him from getting the ball after he stole the ball and was ready to run for it. Now that is a clear foul, not a flagrant though…look at it objectively and you’ll see I’m right

      • Game Time says:

        The guy with a racial slur for a screen-name is unbiased. Surely you jest? If you want to be objective then take into account both players faults on the play. Rondo was guarding Wade to close, and Wade used his hand to grab Rondo. In effect you could blame both, but I choose to see if from an official’s perspective in which case Wade was allowed to box out Rondo from getting the loose ball. Thus no flagrant was given to Wade. Rondo however is not allowed to use his elbow to get past Wade.

      • chris says:

        shut up game time.

      • Craig says:

        Is this a serious conversation, I have watched the video numerous times and watched this live, d-wade was upset Rondo picked his pocket, and so he boxed out Rondo, causing Rondo to try and make a move to get to the ball which then led to d-wade grabbing Rondo, pulling him down and injuring him. This video proves 2 things 1) Game Time…you’re an idiot and 2) D-wade is the master of punk plays. Him calling Rondo a punk is sickening because Wade has become the NBA’s number 1 whiner/child/baby. I used to like him but he acts like he is 5…he doesn’t know how to man up and accept any responsibility for himself, he lacks integrity and any good character. D-wade if you ever ready this……GROW UP!

      • Kel says:

        My problem is that at least Rondo knows that it was a bit of a cheap shot; he just doesn’t care. It’s not like he was trying to hurt Wade. But Wade does things like this often, and tries to play it off like he’s some perfect little angel. The NBA officials treat him that way, too. He and James constantly push off people and bully their way using illegal hook fouls, and the refs never call it on them. It’s almost like the refs think because they’re so talented, making the call is pointless, or perhaps Stern tells the refs to have a different set of rules for star players. But since they are great players, why do they then feel the need to push defenders away with their off arm? Shouldn’t they be good enough to get around the defender without having to resort to lazy tactics? Officials need to be consistent, but they definitely take a player’s reputation into account. But they should only look at the play independently, and treat everyone the same. Just because Wade is a poster boy, doesn’t mean he never commits fouls. Just because LeBron can finish strong at the basket, it doesn’t mean that when he misses it’s automatically a foul. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen refs not call a foul because the basket was made (even when it is a foul), or call a foul only after seeing that the basket was missed (instead of looking at the actions of the players). Or when people like Wade, Ginobli or Fisher flail in the air. Don’t call those! It’s getting worse than soccer. And at least in soccer, flops are usually ignored.

      • Game Time says:

        Craig thank you for agreeing with me and thus proving my point. D Wade was boxing Rondo out after the ball was knocked loose. According to these things called rules in the NBA, it’s perfectly legal to box out an opponent to keep them from getting the ball.

    • SAM says:

      Rondo wouldn’t have dislocated his elbow if he didn’t try to throw dwade to the ground.

      • wadefan says:

        exactly.. wade was using his right arm, on rondo’s right arm.. he got tripped and was falling.. rondo braced himself with his arm and it got hurt.. everybody knows not to put your hand if you are falling, just take the impact and try to roll it off, they were both being physical but it was a simple accident.. and yaya i know my name was wadefan and i must be extremely bias.. but really watch the video.. both were pushing.. wade fell, rondo fell, rondo put is arm down to catch himself, rondo hurt his arm..

    • chinita says:

      Oh, get over it. I watched the game and i played this vid over and over again to see whose fault it is, and i say IT’S NOT DWADE’s FAULT. they both tried to stop each other from retrieving the ball. Dwade boxed him out, and Rondo clipped his arms on Dwade’s shoulder. Dwade got outbalanced since Rondo was forcing him to knock down using his arms. and as Dwade stepped back, he got tangled with Rondo’s foot.and he tried to grip on Rondo’s waist to not to fall, but Rondo’s not too strong to hold on to Wade, so he got knocked down. and unfortunately Rondo used his left arm as a support but his arm wasn’t just enough to hold them both, they’re just too heavy. think about it. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. IT WASN’T RONDO’S FAULT EITHER. THEY’RE JUST BOTH PLAYING BASKETBALL AND IT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BOTH WANT TO WIN. nobody’s fault.

  76. jzarecta says:

    Boston time is done. They should have been eliminated by the Bulls last season. They were barely relevant during the regular season. I don’t think this rivalry is relevant, but on the demise of the Bulls, and the departure of Dwight, this might be all there is left on the Eastern Conference.

    • kILLarifIC says:

      hopefully knicks and nets can be pretty good because theres no comp in the east. people giving 76ers too much credit after 1 game, knicks and nets havent done 1 thing yet, pacers have some good pieces but not 1 true leader . if the blazers, rockets, warrior, or timberwolves were in the east theyde all def make the playoffs. but the true is that the west has alot more very good teams

  77. Just-a-thought says:

    It wasn’t a punk-play. It was a “good old foul’, making sure Wade doesn’t score. It wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t even nasty. It just made sure Wade doesn’t put it up, as we all know if there’s ANYONE who can score if he can only get that ball up, it’s Wade. Rondo played bad defense, and decided he’s not letting Wade score.. That was the only way to do it. It wasn’t even a flagrant foul… The only justification to punish Rondo on this particular foul, comes from the need to make sure people don’t resort to “easy” stops, and focus on real defense…

    But all in all – this is really much ado about nothing.

    • Mak Legend says:

      Rondo should have knocked him out, Wade is the dirtiest player in the game and will do absolutely anything to win. Lets not forget Wade is the same one who slammed Rondo and dislocated his elbow. Payback is a bitch and Wade has 1 coming! I hope it’s right before the playoffs. I have no love for Miami, Wade, Lebron, Bosh or Ray Allen. They are all a bunch of players who couldn’t get it done where they were. Even when Wade did win he ha to recruit Shaq.

      • K says:

        If Dwade is the dirtiest player in the league then he’s running neck and neck with Kevin Garrnett! If they kept a stat, Garnett would lead the league in illegal screens and thrown elbows every year! DWade understands his importance to his team; otherwise, he possible would have smacked Rondo in the head with the basketball! One other point, nobody was complaining when Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen got together in Boston to create the first super team! But now since Miami did it; all of a sudden it’s an issue! I love this rivalry, this is exactly what the NBA needed!

      • bahahamaklegend says:

        “They are all a bunch of players who couldn’t get it done where they were” …….sounds like someone who loves Kobe…. how many titles did Kobe win without Shaq before Shaq came in….0…….how many titles did Kobe win after shaq left? 0…..bottom of the league, getting Gasol + Bynum.. picking up Fisher again…..oh you have yourself a championship kobe…..pick up artest… oh you have yourself a championship kobe…… fisher leaves…..0 championships again…..pick up nash/howard LOL like who are you you dummie!
        Oh, you wanna be cuter? How many championships did MJ win without pippen? 0……remember when jordan left.. and came back.. you do realise they were terrible right? And needed to pick up Rodman and a couple of other focal pieces to win……I mean otherwise.. how many championships did Jordan win without those guys? 0……
        Next time you do some talking, educate yourself.

      • mark doblin says:

        some people are just sad that the maimi won the championship and the celtics didnt. haha

      • mike smith says:

        NOBODY !! wins a title by themselves. they all had excellent teammates from Magic to Bird to Kareem to MJ lebron kobe, they all had fantastic teammates

      • DeBrosh says:

        Mak Legend- you really have legendary dumbness!! nuff said…..

      • LoLLoL says:

        haha, Boston is the first team with all bunch of players who coudln’t get it done where they were. Who is the first BIG THREE in NBA. People are jealous Miami got stronger than any team in NBA. ok, now Lakers got BIG 4 with well known 3 players, and they still 0-10 since pre-season. Too many poeple just like whinning too much. Funny thing is, when Dwade got his first champingship Shaq only have 13 points average per game, with 10 reb. 0.607 field goal, avg. 3.17 TO. and Dwade did 34.7 avg. 2.67 steal, 7.8 rebs. 4.68 % field goal. and with Dwade’s size in NBA, he got 1 block per game, and Shaq only 0.50 blocks per game. so with Shaq or without, doesn’t really change much. if you watched the Final, the 2nd best defensive player should be Alonzo Morning. so please don’t be too jealous, and be mature.

      • LoLLoL says:

        oh yeah, by the way, when Rondo broke his arm was the position he was in. He had his arm in bad position, or it’s Wade’s arm more stronger. so Rondo need to get himself stronger and bigger arms in order to aviod 2nd time injure.

      • SAM says:

        If anything, the 2006 heat were the least stacked team to win a championship in the 2000-2010 decade.. Not sure you have a clue what you are talking about. Also, I understand you don’t like the heat, but wishing that players get hurt shows how immature you are. Furthermore, any real NBA fan enjoys and welcomes heated rivalries such as this one. Take a lap, cool off, you seem really angry.

      • Craig says:

        I have to know K….have you ever played basketball and or set a screen? On top of that every post player in the NBA throws elbows, ON TOP OF THAT, Boston never bought their roster nor did Pierce, Garnett, and Allen have lunch meetings to discuss going to Boston. Miami specifically colluded to make this happen whereas Danny Ainge made the “Boston Super Team” all through an aray of transactions. BY THE WAY….Lebron can’t do it on his own, therefore he will never be considered “great”. He is an absolute freak of an athlete, but if he needed to make a team to win, he will never be a champion.

      • puma says:

        ahahahahah buddy ur a moron…have u been watching basketball for the past 10 years? name me one player that did it by himself…not duncam, not kobe, not anyone inxcluding michael himself…irtiest player in the league then u clearly havent seen KG or ron artest play a game…im almost positive artest commits more hard fouls in practice than wade has his whole career….haters will hate and thats ok but just do some homework or get someone to proof read what u have to say first

        sincerly another person shutting u up

      • kodentk says:

        to bahahamaklegend, what kind of argument is that? I can do the same argument. Think about it, how many rings does Shaq have before playing with Kobe? 0. How many rings he got not playing with Kobe? 1. If I remembered it right, Kobe got 2 rings wihout Shaq. You said Kobe got his rings because of Paul, and Bynum, then Shaq got his only ring after leaving lakers is because he has D Wayne. This game require teamwork, you can’t actually say Dirk got his ring because of Jason Kid, or Jason Terry. It needs 5 guys and others on the bench.

      • Jon says:

        If you are going to start mentioning players “who couldn’t get it done where they were,” does that not include Kevin Garnett. I didn’t see him on your list. You mentioned Shaq, but not really on your list.

      • Denis says:

        @Mark Legend. Your an absolute LOSER!!! This ain’t a year for BOSTON! ahahaha HEAT ALL-DAY!!!!

      • APHX says:

        FYI neither coud Pierce, Garnett, or Allen. Whole reason this new Big Three idea started right? Well LeBron took his Cavs to the Finals, and Wade earned a ring without the Big Three, Oh you said he needed Shaq? I guess Kobe’s 3 peat doesnt count then?

    • dratiger says:

      I don’t like D-Wade

      • K says:

        An you think he cares? This man does more for the Chicago, Milwaukee and Miami areas charity wise then most athletes do for their own families! What Rondo did deserved a flagrant foul and if it had been the other way around it still would have deserved a flagrant foul! The people who are justifying this type of play are simply haters of the Miami Heat!

      • Rules says:

        I would have called it a flagrant 2 on the court…… 100%
        Could have severly injured the player… was around the neck/head area….was at a time in the game where the result was already known. Flagrant 2.

      • chris says:

        ‘rules’. seriously? shut up.

      • LoLLoL says:

        Haters just can’t seeing others who are better, that’s why they haters. in fact, they are not hating them, they just hating themself can’t be better.. so i am glad you dont’ like Dwade, because you know in fact that Dwade is better! Thank you for your support.

    • kILLarifIC says:

      honest truth is that it was a frustration foul.. im a heat fan the truth is that it was a frustration foul and he made sure wade didnt make the shot. it can be called a flagrent only because he had his arm around the neck/head area. but at same time it could have gone without being a flagrant. refs wanted to make sure they stayed in control of the game and didnt want it to get carried away. Rondo is definetly 1 of the eite point guards in the league, he just needs to learn how to keep his composure.

    • Angelo says:

      I agree. it was nothing. So Wade should stop whining. Cry-baby. He should stop playing a physical sport and start playing bowling if he doesn’t like being grabbed or hacked. Now for the Boston Celtics. They should atleast make their games against the heat a bit more competitive if they really want to make this feud believable and not look like a bunch of sore losers. The last time i checked, rivals were supposed to be EQUAL fighting for 1 goal.

      • blackball says:

        if it was nothing they would have to call a flag 1. if you dont like the way some calls are made maybe you should just watch bowling instead.

      • Angelo says:

        dude, i know it was a foul. a hard foul. a flagrant foul. my point was it was a part of the game and nothing to get all upset about. i had no problem with the call, i am talking about the reactions. ok? are you fine now? do you want some tea to calm you down a bit?lol

    • MVP says:

      the game was already decided,Terrible foul that could’ve seriously injured a player