The Voice Of Every Fan (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — From Los Angeles to New York to Portland to Miami, and all points between, fans around the NBA are rejoicing at the start of a new season.

In an effort to make sure the voices of each and every fan base are heard, our friends at The NOC decided to share the reflections of said fans through one man (and be careful, Lakers, Knicks, Heat, Trail Blazers and every other fan base, because the truth about your favorite team isn’t always easy to swallow):


  1. jerkiobe says:

    kobe will have an efficient fg% this year… the bench i bet will still be the 30th worst bench,,

  2. (õ õ) says:

    Sekou Smith get a life

  3. Jard says:

    The guy in the screen is so gay….

  4. jacob says:

    what the lakers really need to do is run there offense through Nash and Gasol because Kobe and Dwight are too selfish. and on the defensive end let Howard and Metta do most of the heavy lifting because Kobe and Nash are not very gifted Defensive players

    • Kobe can't play defensive?? says:

      Bro do you even watch basketball?? Are you telling me the put “not very talented defenders” on the all nba defensive first and second team?

    • Nas says:

      Kobe not a gifted defender? hahahaha, guess those 9 NBA All-Defensive first teams (tied for highest with MJ and Gary Payton) were just a fluke! Where have you been living the past decade?

      • kingofaces2895 says:

        Yeah… first of all… that was a fluke. The people who decide the All-defensive first and second teams got swayed by Kobe’s excellent offense into putting his above average defense in All-NBA. Kobe was in his prime a great perimeter defender… not an All-Defensive worthy one. As a follow up, what jacob is saying is that Kobe and Nash are old so they cant keep up defensively with some of the younger, more athletic guards the NBA has these days.
        I would have honestly put D-Wade in the all-defensive first team over Kobe atleast 4 out of the last 9ish years they’ve played in the nba together

  5. Andre Padua says:

    The LAKERS need to act now and stop the Princeton Non-sense Talent Killer Offense. Run the offense that benefits everyone. Coach Brown has to wake -up and need to adjust on this. The lakers need to be a fast paced offense with Kobe, Dwight and Steve Nash on the roster. The starters couldn’t execute the Princeton Offense right so what do you expect on the second unit? I think you cannot blame all the woes on the second unit…the systm should be blamed hard. Coah Brown and company…Wake-up please.!

    • Cody Gephart says:

      Its not the princeton offense they score just fine……….have watched them play defense? No because they play none and that is why they lose, Kobe and dwight had 30 point games i think their offense is fine……..they play ZERO DEFENSE!