Lakers Need To Let Nash Be Nash

HANG TIME WEST – The 0-8 learning curve of the preseason merged into an 0-1 regular season Tuesday night when the Lakers were given an ideal opponent for the Dwight HowardSteve Nash release party and handled it like a Howard free throw.

It was bad for L.A. in so many ways: The Mavericks going into Staples Center minus Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman with injuries that forced coach Rick Carlisle to sigh and send Brandan Wright and Elton Brand out against Howard and Pau Gasol. Yet the Mavs played with superior precision and energy, scoring a 99-91 win with Darren Collison easily out-performing Nash, and Howard making three of 14 attempts from the line.

The loss to an opponent that refused to take the excuse of being disjointed itself with lineup renovations wasn’t entirely unexpected.

But dragster point guards were always going to leave Nash with singed eyebrows and free throws were always going to be a problem for Howard, albeit not to this extent. Most of all, this was always going to take time.

For all the wonder about how the new personality mix would come together, with Howard and Nash going from leading roles to now having to fit in with Kobe Bryant, the new offense was the real question all along. Nash as the third Lakers point guard in 10 months. Adding the interior presence of Howard. Coach Mike Brown keeping pieces of the 2011-12 system and mixing it with the Princeton offense implemented by new assistant coach Eddie Jordan.

There is only one immediate concern as the Lakers were dealt a serious blow to win the November championship, and it is a big one: Nash. He has to be put in position to do more with his genius pick-and-roll work. As dangerous a shooter as he is, defenses will celebrate the chance to see Nash handcuffed by his own system and playing off the ball.

He had four assists in 34 minutes, even with Bryant going from possibly not playing a couple days before to logging 35 minutes and with the Lakers shooting 49.4 percent. Some assist opportunities were lost when Howard was fouled. But a team simply cannot have the advantage of Howard and Gasol against Wright, Brand and Eddy Curry and fail to crush the Mavericks inside. Not when Nash is supposed to be delivering the ball.

There will obviously be adjustments off Tuesday night, in addition to the improvements that will come as Bryant regains his health and Howard and Nash mesh with teammates over time. No alteration is more pressing, though, than doing better at incorporating Nash. That is no minor tweak based on the opener. But it is necessary.


  1. Patty says:


    • BasketballJones says:

      Obviously Nash must be worth something if the Lakers went out and got Him. I mean, why get Nash and Dwight Howard when you got Kobe? He seems to be a one man show anyways! The way I see it is that the Lakers know that they are not going to win any more championships with the way their team was before picking up Nash and Howard. I’m waiting to see how long it takes Kobe Bryant to start blaming their losses on Nash and Howard. Hey, at least it takes the heat off of Gasol and Bynum no longer has to worry about Kobe blaming him no more!

  2. Nash took a arrow to the Knee says:

    Nash is injured and maybe now Laker fans will see what everyone was talking about instead of calling us haters.

    Hope Nash gets better.

  3. W/E says:

    The lakers are done.Try again next year.

  4. john says:

    2–0 now……you need to loss 8 more to break the record of CHICAGO..MWP eat your words idiot

  5. paqnojo says:

    Wow! Really? It took the heat a very long time to come together as they did last year. It will take until after the All Star break for the Lakers to dominate. They have a new offense and new players. It is not going to work immediately. Also, I agree that the Triangle Offense is best for them. Never really liked Mike Brown. Bring shaw, and fire Brown. I’m not saying, I’m just saying!

  6. BasketballJones says:

    I don’t see Nash helping that team as long as Kobe Bryant is there. Unless the Lakers realize that Nash is totally capable of orchestrating their offense, they will struggle. As long as Kobe’s ego insists on it being “his” team, Nash will not be able to help them.

  7. jerkiobe says:

    one game,,new trash bench would u expect that the starting 5 will win em all…. give it time… and kobe doing his thing ,he,s not being selfish…

  8. Royce says:

    FYI-I’m not a Lakers fan, I’m a Bulls fan, but seriously be realistic.

  9. Royce says:

    I find it ridiculous that people are acting like the Lakers game means anything. I’m not saying this will work out or it won’t, but really. Does anyone think that if Dwight and Kobe get healthy, the Lakers aren’t the scariest team in the west. And is there some crazy reason everyone thinks the Lakers are slow. I know that they may not run the ball, but doesn’t mean their slow. Has anyone seen Dwight run the floor. He’s probably the fastest center in the league (when Healthy) period. I don’t doubt their will be chemistry issues, however if Dwight plays great D, which is what he does, and Lakers mesh a little, this team still will dominate. And who is saying they didn’t upgrade their bench from last year. Do people really not think Antawn Jamison is a better bench upgrade to team they had last year. The guy can score, and doesn’t have to do it with athleticism. I’m not saying he’s great, but he’s better than last year. This team is going to be number 1, 2, or 3 this year unless everyone Kobe and Nash miss more than half the season. And if they are healthy in playoffs they will be in western conference finals at least.

  10. xhion says:

    hire back Phil jackson ^^

  11. animalpak says:

    Just play like Jason Kidd!

  12. True Lakers Fan says:

    We lost this game at the freethrow line. HATERS please focus on your own teams instead of ours. LAL will be fine especially if Kobe keeps up the hot shooting (11-14 FG) Hell Yeah! In a month or so when we are 20-4 (my prediction) we will see who is laughing. #LAKERNATION

  13. trekkerojan says:

    mike brown looked like a smart coach back in cleveland but the truth is that he got lbj. w/o lebron, he’d be just a common bottom 10 nba coach. i think i’m even gracious w/ that bottom 10, (5 maybe more accurate, hahaaa).

  14. trekkerojan says:

    That’s the Mette WP first shade on how the Lakers being overloaded (and over ego with the likes of kobe, dh, mwp) will break the bulls’ all-tine win-loss record. You can’t do it kobe, you just can’t.

  15. rill says:

    Ha Ha it’s funny how all the blame is being put on Brown. When the fail it will be because of the person that put this cast of characters together and Kobe.

  16. trekkerojan says:

    I commend that Princeton Offense if it is bad for the Lakers, then, let them continue with it. Right on!

  17. Some dude says:

    Goodbye Mike Brown and welcome (ANYBODY).

  18. sansei says:

    There is only one solution… fire Mike Brown and get Phil Jackson back to coaching. Princeton offense will not work and Mike Brown just cannot coach…

  19. Iván says:

    If i was Mike Brown, i’ll put Howard on the freethrow line all day until he get a decent percentage

  20. Iván says:

    3 of 14??? WTF?????

  21. rrp1971 says:

    Change the coaching staff

  22. DHAm says:


  23. DAVE69 says:


  24. Someone says:

    Let’s say having a 0-8 preseason record can be overlooked (many players are just trying to get in tune, try new tactics etc.), and of course it’s the first match of the season. All are saying it’s not enough chemistry, coaching skills etc. But most people fail to realize that the new look Lakers faced a Dallas team without their leading scorer, and also that has 3 NEW additions in their starting lineup : Mayo, Collison and Brand. No one is thinking how come Dallas could get the chemistry and the Lakers didn’t ? The league has changed a lot the last couple of years, its not enough to be a an old, talented, future hall of fame basketball player that can score 25 ppg with a 30% FG percentage. The rookies and young players are taking over, so it should be wise to stop aging all those rosters and start getting young, talented players instead.

  25. HaleyBird says:

    Where is Phil these days? This crew is just screaming for the Triangle Offense.. No buy in, No Mike Brown! Maybe pre-mature but they won’t let a season slip away with this collective group.

  26. Larry Smith says:

    i think Nash is the greatest BUT if he is going to play off the ball this is going to a long season. He is a maestro not a great ball player any more

  27. MH#6 says:

    if i would be lakers coach .. i would just tell them one thing.. u guys will win title if ur team names MIAMI HEAT ! since u guys are Lakers .. sorryy.. maybe when Lebron and Durant retires

  28. Jerry says:

    It’s beginning of season. Even Miami’s big three was in a rut before becoming championship contenders. Lakers just need time to get there.

  29. BigBrain says:

    I agree with Ben, Forget the Princeton offense and let the lakers play how they know how to play. Obviously it takes time to learn a new offense but stats dont lie. Lakers need new coachin staff

  30. danito says:


  31. Daniel Burdin says:

    Has everyone forgotten that Miami struggled when their BIg Three first got together?… People are so damn reactionary after only one game, its stupid to form an opinion now haha

  32. True_Lakers_Fan says:

    Brian Shaw? Where is Brian Shaw?

  33. Karlo Garcia says:

    It’s still early, Not counting them out just by 1 game.

  34. flitcherz03 says:

    lets see tomorrow if the lakers will ajust … there 2 big man DH and PG cant switch defence they are too slow … they need much more like hill for hustle play…

  35. MRP says:

    oh lakers hater……., just enjoy right now…. its just 1 game….hahaha…….. see what’s gonna happen this whole seasons…..

  36. Ted says:

    That Princeton offense of Jordan did not have any success in Philly. It had little success in Washington, and now you’re still bringing it to LA with Nash running the controls? Nash is pick and roll guard. If you wouldn’t take advantage of that, you might as well stayed with Derek Fisher. Dump the Princeton Offense. Or dump both Mike Brown and Eddie Jordan.

  37. Brian says:

    Where is the one who said that the lakers are gonna win everything??? The so called “Youve be warned”…. I think that a mouse ate his fingers and he can type after the humiliation last night.

  38. Steve says:

    Ok peyton was not producing nearly as well as nash this late in their careers so stop the comparisons. 2 Malone was injured during the 2nd round against SAS and barely played in the finals. D12 and Gasol are far greater than malone was when he was in LA. Stop it people know your facts. Simply no excuse on D, but whats amazing is steve nash Fg % and the LA team Ft as a unit was horrible…growing pains be patient.

  39. aso says:

    TEAM CHEMISTRY?Hey lakers fans dallas has many new plyers too but they still beat the lakers don’t be a sore loser just accept the fact that the lakers are old and slow they can’t stop collison and Beaubois.

  40. ned jayyab says:

    just let the best to play his game,i mean NASHVILLE,he is the man and he is the best after u JORDANVILLE

  41. bo says:

    Been a Lakers fan my whole life. After watching tonight’s game, even I don’t think they have what it takes to win a championship this year. Looks like Heat will repeat and D12 will leave during the off season.

  42. tavy ramazula says:

    need a real coach <how many more games lakers need ro loss so we can get a new coach

  43. jeck1476 says:

    With Kobe Bryant… Nash cannot be Nash.

  44. james says:

    if i dont see any improvement in the game today i would say princeton offense will fail this talented team miserably

  45. FridayThe13th says:

    you thought the lakers will win the 1st game didnt you? haha SQUIDWARD!!!!

  46. You heard it here says:

    Princeton offense WILL NOT work! Nash has to run HIS offense, not Brown’s. Fire the coach and have nash and kobe coach the team

  47. bunbury says:

    It was ugly (from a lakers fan perspective). Kobe was the only one that looked good, gasol was ok. BUT metta looked lost, nash played like a grandpa. and a 50% howard. this team if they dont improve– will not make it to the playoffs.

    I said it before the year started and i’ll say it again. Nash is too old, period. the lakers made a mistake of letting sessions go. they should have gotten someone else with that odom clause.

  48. atik says:

    they will be like the heat where they have a losing streak but after a players only meeting they will b set to win

  49. Marco says:

    Just let Nash run the offense and things will fall into place. And it’s true that chemistry takes time…. The only problem the Lakers have is their bench. Take into account that their backcourt is aging and they have almost no suiteble back ups. This could break them up in the play offs.

  50. One Kenobi says:

    Fire all coaching staff and sign Gary Vitti..

  51. THE BULL says:

    Why don’t they hire BRIAN SHAW and fire MIKE BROWN?! BRING BACK THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE!!! 🙂

  52. Chris says:

    Basketball is a team effort and chemistry , been unselfish is not a good formula or part of a wining team, been full of all stars does not guarantee a wining season.. They better get their act together soon for the well been and excitement of L.A. fans.

  53. dmac24 says:

    its one game dang give the team time to jell the heat went throw the same thing there first year as a big three

  54. ImJusSayin says:

    Its not “one game to me” and no this will not work. I am a laker fan and cannot believe how many people want to blame the players. D12 still can’t shoot free throws, so what everyone knew this. The veteran starters can’t outrun these youthful teams, everyone knows this as well except the one person that should matter MIKE BROWN. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last year with the lockout but he has made no effort to use the talent he has available. He is not a scapegoat he is the problem. What other coach would try to run this type of playbook with this lineup? No one. Nash and/or Kobe could run this team better on the fly than Browns planning.

  55. they wont win anything,kobe the shotjackin ballhog,dwights FT % and they misshandling nash,will ruin it all.

  56. sam says:

    I see the team is on a loosing streak. The Mavs were without Derik…..good luck.

  57. Lodz for Real says:

    Kick .. Mike Brown and hire Mike D Antoni …. For Nash

  58. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    they cant even beat the mavs without dirk and kaman! nash is so confused because kobe loves to hog the ball! LAKER FANS dont blam your coach blame your players just ADMITT IT!

  59. Lodz says:

    Kick .. Mike Brown and hire Mike D Antoni …. For Nash

  60. mike says:

    settle down people, it’s the first regular season game! already making excuses. i will say coach brown is clueless. he was clueless in Cleveland and he’s even dumber now. how in the world does this guy still have a job after what he’s done in his career. I’m convinced he’s there for the free gear…anyways. Lakers won’t win it this year. Kobe is Kobe Dwight still doesn’t have a post game and Nash probably wont’ finish the season. Chuck keep working on Dwight’s foul shots you’re doing a bang up job. Unbelievable…

  61. Brick says:

    If pick & roll will work best for nash & d lakers then kick mike brown out & d princeton offense. replace him with jerry sloan & his pick n roll.

  62. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    HAAA lakers to win it all in 2013?? naaaa GO HEAT!!

  63. Lakers fan says:

    oh….acquiring Howard? bad move! Bynum is as great as Howard, the only difference is Bynum can shoot free throw better than howard…it’s just don’t make any sense

  64. beevo says:

    @ DT I agree

  65. jake says:

    First of all Mike Brown and his coaching staff including his “genius” idea to bring the princeton offense has got to go! Inorder to maximize Nash and his talents as well as Howard they need to have knockdown shooters on the perimeter with that being said I think the lakers starting 5 should be Nash Kobe Meeks Jamison and Dwight. Pau and MWP r too stationary and just get in the way of letting Nash do his thing. It will also help stabilize the bemch having a guy like Pau and mwp to run the offense through with Hill cleaning up the garbage.

  66. RR says:

    The new offense for the Lakers is not effective for Nash, He loves to run and pick and rolls even with those old knees that you guys are saying. On my own opinion stick what Steve Nash does best, thats the reason why LA signed him, Any point guard can do the Princeton Offense. So dont waste all that money for nothing. Use Nash’s skills and talent, Coach Mike Brown told the media that there would be hard times for LA, but that should be not the case. C’mon you have 4 superstar in the team. The Coaching staff is the real problem. If Larry Brown, Phil Jackson, or a George Carl will coach this team, they will be having a 70 plus season wins… I dont really trust their offense..

  67. Yogi Bear says:


    Eddie Jordan never a playoff coach…. Mike Brown in CLEVELAND chokes..

    NASH needs the ball… not of the ball…. MIKE D’ANTONI… run run run

  68. TTKIN says:

    Lakers need to realize their best move this offseason was getting Nash. Not Howard. They already had Bynum. Nash is the main one, they need to let him do his thing. Just like the announcers said last night, you have Nash, a genius and running the ball, and you have 2 big guys who run the court like guards. They need to speed it up a bit. Half court offense was fine under Phil, but Brown didnt even use the half court that much when he was in Cleveland.

    • Game Time says:

      They are not going to fair any better speeding things up. Gasol and Kobe cannot play fast pace constantly and even Nash will burn out.

  69. stan says:

    the lakers will work out with the princeton and with all their pieces. you guys need a bit of faith, because when the miami heat first got together they started off 9-8, i never thought howards effect would be greater than bynum, but i did expect nash’s to be. the main reason we are loosing in the preseason and now is simple.

    -we aren’t dominating the boards
    -we are not playing good defense
    -dwight has got to make his freethrows, and hasn’t shown his presence defensively.
    -nash has got to be more agressive

    the good thing is that kobe isn’t ballhoging, and was able to play off the ball. this allowed him to get better shots, and to be more agressive towards the rim. pau gasol isn’t consistant with his jumper like he used to, but he is playing very well. our bench played pretty good, but maybe jamison should be more agressive.

  70. Pipoy says:

    Man i thought the Lakers would bag this game coz the mavericks are running low on man power but i didn’t expect this kind of outcome.i know that a lot of people would feel different especially a lot of Lakers fans but i don’t think that Nash is comfortable with this kind of system. He doesn’t even look like the same Nash that we all know…Maybe he’s just trying to fit in or it’s just new to him but he can’t play the way that he likes to play. How would i describe what was happening during the game? “MESSY” would be a great word to describe it.

  71. Heat Fan says:

    See now all LA Fans blame mike brown, let me see when LBJ was in Cavs they blame LBJ for not winning a ring, seriously LBJ carried the Cavs to the finals, you have a STAR STUDDED LINEUP dont blame your coach please. LBJ didnt blame Mike brown so just do your job LOSERS

  72. TTKIN says:

    They started off pretty good offensively. Pau Gasol was ballin it up! 23 and 13!

  73. Lakers says:

    Didn’t miami waste one WHOLE season to get chemistry? lol
    You laker haters, ya’ll are just scared.
    you guys got what guys wanted in the first game. congrads.
    believe what you see and enjoy since it will soon be the other way around.

    • larry oconnor says:

      Waste? I don’t call it a waste when you win the Eastern Conference Championship your first year together. I don’t call it a waste when you make it to the finals only to be beaten by a team who was kicking @$$. It was the Mavs time! They had the moxie that year. It would have been a waste if they had lost in the first round, or didn’t learn anything from it.

  74. Kobe #1 fan says:

    its one game for crying out loud wake up people we have 81 games left were just getting use to our team

  75. LakersWhat? says:

    Over hyped. the fact is this, they may have a “Big three” (And I use that term loosely) filled roster in 3 spots in the starting lineup, but the Lakers Bench is absolutely H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E, HORRIBLE.

    Take a look at the Miami HEAT for example: They have MAJOR depth this year. That roster just feels complete and like a well oiled machine.

    Dont count out OKC just yet either.

  76. bsj968 says:

    First, I am Mavs fan and it was nice to see my team of ‘scrubs’ work well together.

    The Lakers problem is really simple. Brown should make every one shoot free throws for the entire practice session. 12 for 31. That is Fail.

  77. Yoyo says:

    Howard should practice free throw a lot

  78. MudsanitY says:

    ohhh where’s “you have been warned”? now that his LA has been whooped? haha 😀

  79. ivan says:


  80. the reality says:

    Just so simple…Bring back Phil Jackson. Get rid of Mike Brown. That’s what Lakers need to do. Simple as that.

    • Mytownla says:

      “the reality” needs to change your name becasue its pretty obvious your far from it. Why does everybody keep saying that LA needs to bring back Phil like they have a choice or some ish… Phil is RETIRED! he has already said MORE THAN ONCE that he will not return to the NBA as a coach, so stop saying te Lakers need to do this and do that mr reality and stfu

  81. cdubbb24 says:


  82. Pspboyf says:


    Lakers Are strong on paper but like the Miami Heat They have to figure out how to play together.. I hate the stupid comments from this man.. taking away the logic because he is a laker fan.. BS

    • Mytownla says:

      How do you comment on a person who hasnt even made a comment yet? You made yourself to be really pathetic bruh smh

  83. anonymous says:

    @nbatruefan do you think shaq and pau will win a championship without kobe or by their own?? of course you need the help of your teammates. stop saying kobe is a ball-hog. look lebron, he left cleveland, with the help of wade and bosh in miami, he won a championship. so shut up you all kobe haters. let’s see how far Lakers can go! team chemistry is the key!

  84. joseph says:

    Give nash the ball and let him make the decisions. This princton read and react offense could perhaps work with a team without talent. But this new lakers team has so much talent, that you really can’t overlook this. You must let the players abuse their talents.
    Lakers should run atleast 70 % Pick and roll with Nash. and the rest abit of kobe isolation and other player set plays.

    Nash is an ageless player. One of the best play makers the game has ever seen. He is just under utilized in this team. Give him the ball and let him make his team mates better.

  85. Carl says:

    They’ll be fine. Just give it time.

    • Game Time says:

      Carl do you realize that has been said for the past two seasons? Your team has now changed up it’s roster and offense, is winless (even if one season game) and you think they will be fine? I love the optimism but reality is also your friend.

      • Mytownla says:

        Gametime STFU!!! You seriously are olny writing negative comment after negative comment simply becasue you are one of the many LAKER HATERS! I’ve been a fan for 25 years now, since day 1. Im not worried about a winless preseason, nor am i worried about losing the FIRST game. All the Lakers need to do is figure out how to mesh, an how to play together to their strengths and when they do, you cant say that they wont be a force to be reckoned with. Seriousy, you sound like a compete idiot taling hater trash stfu you moron and grow the f up

      • Hm says:


        He may sound like a “hater” (in Lakers terminology, any non-fan is a “hater”) but you’re basically proving him right that many Lakers fans are delusional.

  86. LAKERS says:

    You people are so lame. It’s the first game of the regular seasona and already everyone has given up hopes. Let them build their chemistry

    • Game Time says:

      It’s not just the one game, it’s the winless preseason that has never happened. And no it did not in 2000 or 2009. That’s just Laker fanboy propaganda. Anyhow chemistry for this team will not be built in time to win a champinship this year and if it doesn’t happen this year it won’t next, or the year after, etc.

  87. Maarten says:

    It just hurts me to see Mike Brown being such a terrible coach. First he had that ridiculous playing style with Lebron in Cleveland, and now he’s ruining one of the best teams in the league. I still have no clue why he was hired.

    Sorry Mike, you’re probably a good person, but please leave this job to someone who can handle it.

  88. theking0522 says:

    Hey, I thought the Lakers were going to destroy everybody. And don’t come with the chemistry excuse. i didn’t see any Lakers fan talking about chemistry during the off-season. It was all about how the Lakers were unstoppable. How about losing to a team without their best player???? It was fascinating to hear the Lakers fans crowning the Lakers before the season began..Here is a though: WIN A FREAKING GAME FIRST!!!! Finally, how is that MWP prediction working for you, Lakers fans? I thought this team was going to crush the Bulls’ record for more wins during a season. Oh well, i guess you have to play the game before talking smack.

    • Game Time says:

      As I recall they said it was only preseason and it didn’t matter. Now the excuses will be it’s only one game and it doesn’t matter. Well FYI Laker fans this is only the begining…of the end.

      • Hm says:

        After ten or so losses, the excuse will be: “Regular season doesn’t matter, we’re aiming for the playoffs!”

  89. Kingk says:

    This reminds me of how the heat started of in their first season. Lakers fans shouldn’t worry, it takes time to build up chemistry

  90. DT says:

    Mike Brown is destroying the team
    Why is he still there anyways?

  91. KB24 says:

    far from being the contenders we all Lakers fans hope; no chemistry and this can be easy to understand, Princeton offence don’t know if it could be the right choice, at least not for all 48 minutes…and free throws…I hope this won’t become a trend for the season BTW go Lakers!!!

  92. drick says:

    hahahahaha……a SCRUTINY COMING…………

  93. dmac says:

    let nash be nash and the lakers will become the suns ……….. no rings

    dallas had a better record the year after nas left … no defence, no rings

  94. Lakers in 2013??? I think YES! says:

    I tried, all last season to stand behind Mike Brown, but he just has to go! He fails to play to the strength of his personnel, makes bad / untimely substitutions, and generally sits there after each loss and says “we are improving / this will take time”. Sorry, a team with this many seasoned players on it should be able to mesh better and quicker than this. This team was built to WIN NOW! You could almost see the thought balloons above players heads on offence, thinking “do I go here? Or there???”

    Really, the team was down 8 heading into the 4th qtr, and it takes Mike Brown until the 8 minute mark to make his move and bring Kobe, Nash and Gasol back in??? Managing minutes is fine, but how about winning games??? 0-9 this season SHOULD have Mike Brown sweating, because losing to this depleated Mavericks team at Staples is just unacceptable!

    • 16going417 says:

      This is all Mike Browns fault. He has hall of fame players on his roster and he cannot beat teams that do not even have all stars on their roster. Mike Brown better realize this so called Princeton offense is not what the Lakers need to run. They have the maestro of pick and roll running their offense in Steve Nash and that is not the style they play?

      When you have hall of fame players on your team and you cannot win it is the COACHES fault plain and simple. And if everyone is waiting for the all-star break to appear and then the Lakers start to get it together it will be too late.

      Mike Brown’s head on a platter for me please!!!!!

  95. back_2_back says:

    no matter how good your players are individually if they are coached poorly, this is the loss you have. i always thought mike brown is overrated coach. lakers will not have another championship under him. it’s hard to be compared to a coach like phil jackson but mike brown just don’t have it. he’s no championship calibre coach. he always fell short.

  96. lakermig says:


  97. Mr. Oouch says:

    they got a bad bench too. People should lower their expectations about this team. Not all team consists of superstars always work.

  98. cesar says:

    All Star Team?? Looks like “OLD STARS” for me… as i can see their system is the problem(PRINCETON)… its better to bring back the old offence last year….Mike \brown better adjust it immediately before it will be too late and he will get fired for this …

  99. arshdeep toor says:

    kobe din even hog the ball and he was making his shots as well gasol had the most attempts

  100. cezzz16 says:

    you can’t play princeton when there’s a ballhogging Guard, lol

  101. xianvalencia says:

    Too many reason for that lost:
    – Aging backcourt
    – Bench production
    – Chemistry
    – COACH

  102. far east says:

    lakers signs new deal with turner which sports the (illuminati symbol) i guess its just the price they have to pay for merging with the devil…

  103. heatfan says:

    it will take time for them to learn their offence

  104. Jimbo says:

    Some may say it is too premature to tell… but I think the Lakers are gonna have it worse than last year.

  105. James lakers says:

    why use princeton offense when they never won a championship.. should get a new coach before its too late.. Go Lakers.. bring back the triangle with Phil Jackson’s apprentice before or pick and roll for nash is the master..

  106. gremer says:

    As a Phoenix Suns fan, this is just exactly how Nash was under Terry Porter and I am telling you, even with Shaq, max Amar’e, red-hot Jrich, we were barely in the running for the playoffs because Porter handcuffed Nash. I’m telling you, Chuck is right, let Steve do his thing, and the rest will fall into place.

  107. kobe says:

    mike brown is idiot!!! please cut him and steve blake….

  108. allaroundballer says:

    You can say Nash playin pick n roll with Howard-Gasol, IF ONLY Kobe accept his role to be spot shooter, while Nash kick out the ball because he can’t get the big man

  109. Andy says:

    Let put Nash as a second team, subs with Steve Blake
    So second team has more power.
    First team Howard, Kobe, Pau G, and Steve Blake
    Second Nash, Meta World and Jamison

    Nash won’t work with Kobe

  110. Dirk45 says:

    The real question is: If the Lakers let Nash be Nash, will he still be Nash? I think he just looked old today.

  111. john says:

    9 more games in order to break 72-10record of chicago hahahhaha. I will remember MWP words… big loser LA fans hahaha

  112. baboy says:

    the lakers looks like the knicks.. too many stars that has no chemistry in terms of play style.. nash and kobe both need the ball in their hands.. nash cant play off ball.. kobe can but his ego always gets the better off him.. this team is doomed.. and to be champs this year is just a dream…

  113. jonski22 says:

    unleash the old dog!!!!!

    Kenny said it right…Princeton never won an NCAA…

  114. steppx says:

    I said before, nash is almost forty. The problem isnt letting him be himself, its that HE IS FORTY:……………..also, howard’s deficencies as a player were hid by SVG…………for which Dwight had him fired…………and now with a mediocre, at best, coach, Howard is lost…………a dolt on positioning. Kobe already has a sore foot.

    this team IS NOT going to win a title, let alone the pacific division.

  115. the bull says:

    the lakers will be champ this season huh…this is not the first time L.A. got multiple superstars..remember malone,payton,shaq and the ballhog kobe?

    • YearZeroNIN says:

      the bull, yep. This 2012 Laker team looks like that team with Malone, Payton, Shaq, Kobe. The problem is the Lakers added marquee names … but they got older. Steve Nash, while a future hall-of-famer, is a terrible addition because of his age/health. But because his name is “Steve Nash,” suddenly some people get too hasty when predicting the 2012 Lakers will be contenders. Steve Nash would have been a great addition if he was in his PRIME, but not now!!! Shaq made what could be a good point: Dwight Howard’s back injury may be affecting him more than people realize. Multiple times tonight: Howard was inside and tried to go up strong but struggled. If he had a dunk, it was only one or two??? But Dallas visibly got in the paint more or had more dunks!! If the Lakers continue to not jell well as a team, good luck making the playoffs!!! If they play poor team defense like tonight, they will NOT even make the playoffs.

    • err yeah... says:

      umm yeah, they made it to the NBA FINALS?!

    • Boom says:

      remember that ballhog Kobe winning in 2009 and 2010?

    • name of names says:

      so what’s the connection of it?

    • T-Mac Fan says:

      And how’d that turn out???

      Losing to a starless Detroit in the finals… That’s not what I call a high commendation for the previous “all-star” lineup in LaLa land. Nash should be the system. He should be the one in charge of the offense. For crying out loud, he made Marcin Gortat and Raja Bell and all of the other borderline NBA players look like solid players. What could he do with all-stars around.

      Kobe, again has said all the right things to the media, but if he doesn’t follow through with them in the game, it doesn’t matter much… Nash shouldn’t be turned into Derek Fisher, what a waste of talent that would be.

      • LOL says:

        A starless detroit in the finals? really? if i remember correctly they had their whole starting lineup in the allstar game didnt they?so they were just as good as the lakers! haha dumb comments haha stop hating on the lakers. i know ur just scared of them!

    • Ace says:

      and remember the 5 rings that ballhog has ? and remember the 16 times champs ? pff u r so right man !

      • NBATrueFan says:

        5 Rings won because of other players, Kobe proved he couldn’t do it on his own the year he was begging to be traded. Luckily the Lakers got Pau the following season. But 11 of those 16 championships have absolutely nothing to do with the ball hog so there was no point in bringing that up. Especially cause the past means nothing when speaking of players in the now.

      • MikeJ33 says:

        Dont forget in the finals Shaq and Malone where hurt…..

    • bob says:

      Yes, but both Payton and Malone were at the end of their careers and nowhere near their primes.
      Also, Kobe and Shaq had feuds then.

      However, Dwight is in his prime/nearing it and both Kobe and Nash can still play.

    • Ben says:

      That team made the NBA finals…

      In any event, I am certainly not going to say ‘I told you so’ after just one game, but Howard simply isn’t a huge upgrade over Bynum. Just a slight upgrade. And Nash, while a clear upgrade over Sessions even a year or two ago, is getting older. The Lakers didn’t upgrade their bench, they didn’t plug the biggest hole of SF where they should be ditching World Peace – a minor upgrade at C and a moderate upgrade at PG doesn’t add up to going from losing 4-1 in round 2 to winning a championship, to me.

      Also, not at all surprised that it only takes Dwight a single game to get a Flagrant foul. If Dwight wants to win a championship – and make no mistake, even if the Kobe era finishes without another, Lakers will build around Dwight and always be pushing for a championship – he needs to curb his tendency to make silly technical and flagrant fouls.

      All in all, this game was pretty much on par for what I expected from the Lakers. They will improve, but I doubt it will be enough improvement to get past OKC in the West.

    • Truth teller says:

      You truly dont know your history. The Lakers started that year 17-3 until Malone got hurt, then they still made it to the finals with a hobled Malone. They will be fine, it takes time. Anyone remember the 9-8 heat?

      • SAM says:

        Yes, we remember the 9-8 heat.. But their stars were/are in their prime, whereas the Lakers stars (aside from dwight) are on their way out of the league. Despite most of the league playing small, which gives the Lakers an advantage, they aren’t going to be fast enough to keep up with OKC or MIA. If OKC had kept Harden, LAL would literally have no chance in beating them in a 7 game series. Without Harden, LAL might be able to win 2 games against OKC.

  116. Ben says:

    horrible showing for the Lakers. maybe the TNT guys are right. Princeton offense wont work with D12 and Nash. Nash needs the ball to be effective and Kobe said himself Nash will be the primary handler for the team. So why arent they playing like it?

    • YearZeroNIN says:

      Ben, I saw some of tonight’s game. Possibly they strayed away from Nash tonight because he struggled. I recall Beaubois or Darren Collison picked Nash’s pocket and scored … and made it look easy. I’m sure he’ll play better later, though. But how healthy is Nash??? Why does he always lay on his back??? Instead of sitting on the bench with everyone else, when he’s not in the game??? Is Nash dealing with minor injuries???

      • NBATrueFan says:

        Nash is old and has bad knees, that’s why he rests on the sideline instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

      • SS says:

        Nash has been on his back like that for years lol. and hes been playing great for all those years. Just something he has to do. Won’t effect his game.

      • JAY-LA says:

        I think it was noted that he has spondylolisthesis. Which causes back pain. He’s had that his entire life.

      • Robert A says:

        i disagree. I think nash was only picked because he was fullcourt pressured and he couldn’t push the ball up because of the offensive set they wre running(Princeton). I like the offense because Pau benefits from it but they can’t keep running it because it takes too much time off the shotclock and Nash can’t create any shots for anyone. There’s too much talent ont this team to lose 9 straight games. They lost the preseason games because of the princeton offense that’s too difficult to create any shots with.

    • E-SY says:

      Could it be that they have the superstars now, but not the type of players that make eachother better? The system Kobe and Howard require are totally different and Nash and Kobe are an even worse combination. This is an example of how the situation could turn out to become reversed synergy: 1 + 1 = 0.5?! Multiple players who won’t be able to play as good as they possibly can because they simply don’t combine?

      It’s just one game, so they may work things out… but I don’t think the whole will ever be better than the sum of it’s parts in this case. If they can be as good as they individually where, this is still a dangerous team though…

      • NBATrueFan says:

        Though it isn’t just 1 game. Combined it’s like 3 games. Though Kobe and Nash have played together in I believe 7 games now. With the addition of Nash, the Lakers would have been better off keeping Bynum.

    • White Mamba says:

      There’s too much going on with the Lakers: Pick and Rolls, Princeton Offense, etc. But the solution is just TO PLAY IT SIMPLE. They just need to play basketball the way they know how.

    • Leonardo says:

      Because Mike Brown is too stupid for that. actually this is funny, because watching the game yesterday night i had the same impression that Nash was playng too much off the ball and he MUST be the man to run lakers’ plays. everytime gasol or metta got the ball outside the paint to run a play, it ended with a turnover or a forced shot from metta. they dont know to run the offense they just have to take the ball in a good position to shoot it, and this is nash’s role. moreover i still have hopes to see Gasol playing as focused as he plays for Spain…

    • sOUTH bEACH says:

      I have been saying that LA will be one of the slowest team in NBA since they got DH. The game got faster, speed is more important than size now. Two of the fastest team played in finals last year, OKC, and Heat. Miami Heat got the title w/o even having a true center.