Irving For MVP in 2017?

Opening night and there were enough MVP awards inside two arenas that if you laid them end-to-end they might stretch all the way from American Airlines Arena in Miami to Staples Center in Los Angeles, which is where we’ve already got the 2013 NBA Finals scheduled for next June. Don’t we?

There was LeBron James with his three trophies, Steve Nash with his two, then Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett with one apiece. Toss in Dirk Nowitzki recovering from knee surgery back in Dallas and there were eight MVP seasons represented in the two marquee games that everybody was watching.

But if the parlor game was to pick out an opening night candidate to be named MVP five years from now, maybe it was little ol’ Kyrie Irving hiding in the shadows of Cleveland.

While Dwyane Wade was often breathtaking and James his usual overpowering self, Irving picked up right were he left off as the 2012 Rookie of the Year and was simply splendid in the Cavs win over the Wizards. There were 29 points, six rebounds and three assists. He slashed, he drove, he pulled up to stick in 3-pointers. But more impressive than numbers or any individual highlight was the way Irving simply had everything under control.

Even when Washington wiped out a 16-point lead to go up by two in the fourth quarter, the point guard turned to coach Byron Scott and said “don’t worry” as he checked back into the game. Then he drove the Cavs’ 20-8 finishing kick. Strong stuff for a 20-year-old.

It was an evening to be dazzled by Anderson Varejao’s board work, rookie Dion Waiters’ flash and Tristan Thompson’s solid play. But on an opening night when there were past winners oozing out of the woodwork in Miami and L.A., the future MVP might well have leaped right out of your HDTV screen.

That is, if you knew to look out of the spotlight to find Kyrie Irving.


  1. PSYCHO says:


  2. LOLMAN says:

    You guys are retarded. LeBron for MVP will be MVP in the years 2013-2017 LMFAO

  3. Batto says:

    Kyrie not getting anywhere till he leaves CAVs. Road to success if moving out of Cav and joining a better team.

  4. Game Time says:

    Nothing great is going to happen for the Cavs for a long time. Sorry it’s just he way it is.

  5. Brian says:

    My new favorite player! Socring version of CP3!

  6. KyIrvingFan2 says:

    With the way he played last night, Kyrie could be in the top 10 in scoring if he goes hard

  7. Raphajiujitsu says:

    The next player to go to Miami. lol!!



  9. KobeFan says:

    Yeah Kyrie would probably beat Kobe but not becouse he is better , but he is a looot younger mate..

  10. shhhhh says:

    Dan is a HATER . Like boot said “why not? if derrick rose can be mvp”

  11. linsanity -0.2 says:

    2012-2013 Lin will average more turnover then asist . ROCKETs seen that coming , so they had to get another playmaker = James Jarden

  12. nba 2013 says:

    Kyrie would beat Lin 1v1 score 21-4

  13. Jeremy Lin says:

    um dude im not ready yet , but my teamate @JAMESHARDEN shure is . go ROCKETs 🙂 hello fans

  14. Dan says:

    That performance from the Chevaliers was nothing great, they only just beat the heavy under-strength wizards team where varejao collected 12 offense rebounds, I wouldn’t be jumping to the conclusions of this article after that match, I think Irving is a good and possibly a great player in the future but you can’t to those conclusions.

  15. WWE says:

    Yes, 29 points, but…3 AST and 4 TO. MVP??-NO.

  16. angeloooism says:

    I can see it this 2015. Mark my word.

  17. boot says:

    why not? if derrick rose can be mvp…

  18. linsanity 2.0 says:

    Lin will be MVP before either Erving or Wall could

  19. Dunson says:

    Only a good write can write such an article. good writing skills…. MVP!!! lol

  20. Dunson says:

    are you nuts? MVP for the state of Ohio man.

  21. kingofaces2895 says:

    I am really surprised more people are not already seeing this kid as an all star surefire for the next 12 years. Watching Irving play so well as a rookie, I knew there was more to this kid than meets the eye. His per 40 minute numbers as a rookie were off the charts, we are talking better than Lebron’s per 40 minute numbers. If this young fella works on his defense, he is going to enter the discussion for top 3 nba player within 1 year. He’ll be right there with Durant and Lebron

  22. BoogieMan says:

    Kyrie will be awesome in 5 years. But lets not forget Anthony Davis and KD (who will be 29 years old only…).

  23. err yeah... says:

    Just better hope he doesnt take his talents to South Beach ASAP. looooool

  24. Dale Cooper says:

    I definitely think he’ll be the next MVP who isn’t LeBron or Durant, whenever that is.

  25. Chuck B says:

    too early to tell my friend..but Kyrie irving is playing with much finesse now and he maybe up for an all star nod in the next few years.

  26. Cavaliers420 says:

    2017? How about 2013!

    • roselyn says:

      no… maybe 2020

    • E-SY says:

      Well there still is LeBron… but Most Valuable to his team in bringing the team deep into the play-offs, it has to be Irving. Let’s first see them grabbing a spot among the top 8; Kyrie is ready to lead the way!

  27. NBA 2013 says:

    Kyrie Irving CAN BEAT Kobe bryant 1v1 , thats why he didnt accept the challenge .