Hang Time Podcast (Episode 90) The Season Opener With Rick Fox

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With a new NBA season comes new expectations, new responsibilities, new faces and new beginnings.

The same can be said of the Hang Time Podcast, the award-winning Hang Time Podcast mind you, and our new starting lineup.

In addition to the weekly musings of myself and co-host Lang Whitaker, who survived Sandy without a scratch, former Los Angeles Lakers star and NBA TV’s Rick Fox — three-time NBA champion/producer/actor/renaissance man — joins the party this season as the third member of the crew.

Fox couldn’t have shown up at a more opportune time than Episode 90, what with the Lakers dropping their season opener to the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night, setting off a mini-panic across the Southland and in Lakers’ circles around the globe. He was there the last time the Lakers assembled a Hall of Fame squad (Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant and Co. for the 2003-04 season), which ultimately turned out to be a failed attempt at winning a title.

We didn’t let the Celtics off the hook either, not after the way Kevin Garnett treated former teammate Ray Allen last night in Miami (with the no-look, no-reaction move when Allen tried to greet him). The Heat rang in the new season right, collecting their championship rings, hanging their banner and then handling their rivals before a packed house.

Check out all that and more on Episode 90 of the Hang Time Podcast, The Season Opener with Rick Fox.


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  1. marb says:

    You cannot blamed KG for giving the cold shoulder on Ray Allen even Rondo. As a Celtic fan, I also hated Ray Allen for leaving Boston and worse, selecting to join the team that you know your former teammates or if you can call them friends? Hated the most. I didn’t like what Danny Ainge did with the proposed trade talks but that is professional basketball, Boston tried to win him back by offering more money and a no-trade clause but instead he chose to leave. Is he trying to win another ring the easy way by joining the younger Wade, LBJ, Bosh lineup? Whatever his decision or goal is, all I can say is that he lost his Celtic-Pride. Boston Celtics is not just a team but a brotherhood, you can see that mentality in KG and the other great Celtics like Bill Russel who were proud of the heritage.

  2. marb says:

    The Boston lost to the Heat on the opening game of the season but there is still hope, if you look closely on the Celtics offense, it has greatly improved compared to last season. They now have plenty of shooters to rely upon and what Barbosa did was pretty amazing considering the fact that he just got on the team. But Boston is not known for it’s offense but for it’s defense and in that part I’m somewhat disappointed. Jeff Green should man up, if he cannot make those shots then he should be a force to reckon with to prevent any easy baskets. I hope Bradley returns in perfect shape, he may not be better offensively than Courtney Lee, but his defensive skills will aid Boston greatly.

  3. celtic533 says:

    KG doesn’t like traitors

  4. LS says:

    Commentators are annoying…It seems, thank goodness, that players pay very little attention to them. So should the fans. Enjoy the season and cheer for your favorite team.

  5. derrick says:

    ray is a traitor, and deserves every disrespect handed him by KG

  6. robin says:

    Love Boston…Celtics vs Milwaukee

  7. thesniper321 says:

    Kg can react like he wants I don’ t care, that loss should be the main dish the celtics bench failed it’s more important than some one refusing to return greeting lol

  8. Craig says:

    on paper 04 Lakers had a better big 4

    KG showed no form, He’s hurting, he lost a friend. Shame he reacted the way he did.

  9. Cheese says:

    Imagine if Pippen left the Bulls and joined the bad boy Pistons after they demolished the Bulls for 3 straight years, how would you expect Jordan and the rest of the Bulls to react ??? Its just not right to join your bigest rivals team

  10. Locococo says:

    KG is just a frustrated person, he knows how things are when you have to leave, he is a perfect match in such a despicable team, same to Rondo, who has became the most despreciable player in the league by far…..

    • Peter says:

      Ahem – have you not heard of Dwyane Wade? You know, the guy who seems to lead the entire league in the advanted statistic “Injuries caused by dirty fouls”.

  11. asvdkjksleg says:

    Accept the fact KG. Dont keep on whinning

  12. showbaba7 says:

    In the spirit of sportmanship KG should have returned the good gesture back to him. Common, after all, Ray has been together with them for years and they both have up and down moment together and including a championship ring. Timberwolves too should send KG out of thier field for going to Celtics? No. It’s all sports and its all business decissions.

    • Peter says:

      Totally different situations

      The Wolvse traded KG to the Celitcs. He never asked for a trade and he probably would have been happy to stay, becuase he was always very loyal to that team. He actually completely opposed the trade until Boston had convinced Ray to come over, and only then did he open up to the idea.

      Ray Allen was a free agent and Boston wanted to bring him back. They threw everything at him (including more money AND a no-trade clause) but he rejected the offer, instead signing for their most hated (the same team that has crushed Boston’s title hopes two seasons in a row) for half the money.

      Ray had the right to sign with the Heat because that’s what being a “free agent” means, but KG has the every right to thinking of him as a traitorous a-hole as well.

  13. ILOVEBOSTON says:


  14. Staff says:

    Reblogged this on Double Guns and commented:
    Rick Fox makes a fantastic point in his first appearance on the Hang Time Podcast. The current Lakers are reminiscent of the 2003-2004 Lakers. Which foursome would you rather have? Payton-Malone-Shaq-Young Kobe or Nash-Gasol-Howard-Current Kobe?

    Those Lakers lost in the NBA Finals after a 56-26 regular season.

  15. cheeckoo says:

    I think that hearing (again and again) the “jeremy lin leaving new york” talk is becoming something of a inside joke

    here is the good download link:
    [audio src="http://www.nba.com/.element/mp3/2.0/sect/podcastmp3/podcast/Hangtime_Podcast_2012_1031.mp3" /]