Report: Stoudemire To Miss 6 Weeks

From staff reports

We mentioned it in this space yesterday how the Knicks are among several teams facing a mountain of uncertainty as the season opener nears. Not only is New York fighting to move up a few notches in the Eastern Conference pecking order, but they’re also fighting to keep their new in-state NBA brethren, the Nets, from supplanting them as New York’s premiere team.

That mountain the Knicks have to climb, both in the league and in their own state, just got a whole heckuva lot higher. All-Star big man Amar’e Stoudemire is reportedly going to be out at least six weeks — not the expected three weeks — after he re-injured his left knee in a preseason game against Toronto on Oct. 19. Chris Broussard over at has the details on Stoudemire:

New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire will miss at least the first six weeks of the season after re-injuring his surgically repaired left knee, according to league sources.

The news comes as a blow to the Knicks, who initially expected Stoudemire to return within two to three weeks after he ruptured a popliteal cyst behind the knee during the Knicks’ exhibition game against Toronto on Oct. 19.

But after Stoudemire received a second opinion over the weekend from Dr. Thomas Carter, the Phoenix Suns team doctor, it was determined he would need more time to heal. Carter performed microfracture surgery on Stoudemire’s left knee in 2005.

It is not clear whether Stoudemire will use the extra time off to have a procedure or for rest and rehab. Stoudemire may be out between 6-8 weeks, according to two of the sources.

The Knicks, who open the season Thursday at Brooklyn, are expected to make an official announcement on Tuesday.

With Tyson Chandler reeling from a collision with Gerald Wallace in the preseason, Knicks fans will have to hope that the veteran frontcourt combination of Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas (among others) have enough energy left to do a yeoman’s job in the post while Stoudemire and Chandler heal up. Carmelo Anthony is there to pick up the scoring slack and has the stage set to start off with a monstrous scoring outburst, but is that best for New York’s long-term plan? No matter how it shakes out, the start of the season for the Knicks just got a whole lot tougher.


  1. Thomas says:

    Amar’e has shown the commitment with this franchise, training in his vacation and improving a lot. It was a bad luck he got injured, but the season is long, he’ll be back and if we go to the playoffs and we’re healthy we can beat everyone, even Miami and the Lakers.

  2. Chuckster says:

    Amare came to NY and did it big with Raymond Felton. Where is the appreciation?! When Melo came, it all started to mess up because these two don’t fit together on one court. Now he got hurt, aaight, but that’s not his fault. In the preseason game vs. Toronto he was in an awesome shape, he may lose it now, but this guy is a fighter and he will be back. All the change is required on him, not on Melo, and he picked up the challenge… so show the guy some love if you are true fans…

  3. Knicks Fan says:

    Amar’e Stoudemire needs to go somewhere else. I just wish we could trade the guy already.

  4. Fo Real says:

    Amare your a mess

  5. Knicks Fan says:

    I am so sick and tired of Amar’e Stoudemire being out every single year. I just wish we could trade the guy already.

  6. Brian says:

    Nothing’s new.

  7. Hype Bodyshots says:

    Amar’e is such a joke,he is constantly hurt, and anybody who says that he isn’t affecting our record is stupid,I;ve been a Knicks fan my whole life. And I think we could have saved a lot of wasted money on him,and kept Lee and Lin. Imagine if we had Lee,Lin,Carmelo,and JR Smith. It’d be over.

  8. Diehard Knick Fan says:

    NY has always been a place to rehab injured players & send them off to do great things for other teams-not to mention a retirement home for past-their-prime, but talented veterans; this is a case where I think its best to part ways, because STAT will never be 100%-or even close-so maybe we can pick up a quality replacement sometime during the season. There is a lot of potential this year, but again, we are stacked with old legs and veterans who are close to retirement. Maybe its time to bring someone up from the D league……kinda the same scenario as Lin, but a PF/C. If we get lucky, that will free up 19M to get a quality replacement (we also kinda old at the center position…) Too bad Howard already went to LA…at this point, I would even settle for a Bynum caliber player

  9. jojo says:

    i think amare should rest that knee and by the time he’s back the knicks record would be suprisingly 13-0

  10. Lg says:

    We should have kept David Lee for 60 million

  11. Yogi Bear says:

    They should AMNESTY this guy…
    J. LIN should have been retained if not because of salary caps…
    Sickly or Brittle Players should never have got a max contract like this….
    Knicks first round EXIT AGAIN

    • John Rivera says:

      Knicks already used their amnesty on Chauncey Billups last year to bring in Tyson Chandler. Sorry

  12. Any contract can be traded. But some are VERY difficult. Amare is one of those. Amare, what a joke, can you stay healthy for once. How these guys get hurt and the season hasnt even started is a joke. I heard Chris Kaman isnt playing tonight. For the love of god man.

    • John Rivera says:

      If Gilbert Arenas’s could be traded then Amare’s can too, just gotta find a team dumb enough. Why can’t there be another Isiah Thomas type GM out there! lol

  13. Arun says:

    NY Knicks ahould have never signed Amare for max contract. He was good in PHX because he had Nash around him. Nash makes everybody looks good.

    • John Rivera says:

      100% incorrect, Amare was an MVP candidate in 2010-11 before Melo arrived, so he proved he CAN play without Nash.

  14. nba says:

    There is no point trying to trade him, his uninsured max contract isn’t going anywhere, lets just hope he can return and play basketball like he did in phoenix

  15. LFP says:

    Looks like spurning the team which supported Stoudamire through thick and thin, including a whole season with an eye injury, has brought some bad luck to the guy πŸ™‚

  16. Saah says:

    Had enough of Amar’e Stoudemire. This guy will never be healthy. As a Knicks fan I think we should trade him so Carmelo can get real help. And Carmelo is getting old so is now or never for Knicks.

  17. heat242 says: