Flopping Fines Start Now

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — So who’s going to be the first player to be officially warned by the league for a flopping violation?

Flopping penalties
Violation Penalty
Violation 1 Warning
Violation 2 $5,000 fine
Violation 3 $10,000 fine
Violation 4 $15,000 fine
Violation 5 $30,000 fine
Violation 6 Subject to discipline reasonable under the circumstances, including an increased fine and/or suspension.

In order to curtail flopping, the NBA has put a system in place to warn and fine players who disrespect the game by over-emphasizing contact. Flopping calls won’t be made on the court, but violations will be issued by a committee headed by the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations, Stu Jackson.

Here’s the official wording from the league and what will earn players a flopping violation…

“Flopping” will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player. The primary factor in determining whether a player committed a flop is whether his physical reaction to contact with another player is inconsistent with what would reasonably be expected given the force or direction of the contact.

Physical acts that constitute legitimate basketball plays (such as moving to a spot in order to draw an offensive foul) and minor physical reactions to contact will not be treated as flops.

The video above, including an absolutely hilarious example from Tony Parker, let’s you see what the league is talking about.

About 15-20 warnings were issued to players during the preseason. The Warriors’ Jarrett Jack revealed that he got one on Twitter, but that list wasn’t made public.

Those preseason warnings don’t really count, but beginning Tuesday, stuff gets real. And before the Heat and Celtics tip off on TNT, the season actually starts in Cleveland, and that means … Anderson Varejao!

Varejao could the the favorite to lead the league in flops, depending on how many minutes Reggie Evans gets in Brooklyn. The league will post a list of regular season flopping violations on its media web site, just as it does with technical fouls and flagrant fouls, so the names of the violators will be public.

And only time will tell how much the new system actually curtails egregious flopping.


  1. 503GOBLAZERS says:

    SMH, Schuhmann. You know how to properly use the word “curtail,” but you don’t know how to differentiate between “lets” and “let’s?” Where is the professionalism?

  2. scarface23 says:

    correction on my last sentence: a heavier fine and more games they shoud be suspended for and their tally should continue onto the playoffs.

  3. scarface23 says:

    How about lebron acting job when Chandler set a pic on him and lebron acts like he had a seizure?
    The only way the nba can fix this problem is give a huge fine of $50,000 as a warning. Second one is $50,000 fine and a 1 game suspension. And the more they do it, a heavier and fine and more games they should be suspended for and their tally’s should continue onto the playoffs.

  4. BasketballFan96 says:

    I simply stand against this rule. I don’t know how much the are getting paid but i’m sure they make well and for that reason should be the very best in their job. it would be better if the refs just gave techs for flopping… in my opinion its not wrong to show the refs that there is a foul or make it seem like there’s a foul. it’s the refs job to figure out whether it’s a foul or not. People hate players that flop (LeBron , Ginobili) but i think that if you dont do everything you can to win then you arent trying hard enough.

  5. Yo Pop! says:

    Im going to penalize the referees for not calling a travelling on DWade and PPierce. Haha!

  6. Patrickmarc says:

    We are lucky to have many cameras, because there are good actors sometimes.
    In soccer no replay, the referees are abused all the time.

  7. benggie says:

    if the player squares for the charge and takes the contact but doesn’t fall….is that call a blocking foul or a running on the offensive player?? thats my concern with the refs this year…..plus i dont like the NBA making new rules every year for each time a player finds a loophole on the rules

  8. JimD54 says:

    It’s a shame they couldn’t fix the flopping before last years playoffs, the refs gave Miami 47 foul shots in game 2 of the ECF against Boston, then let them flop their way past OKC for the title, now they want to fix it, the NBA is a joke……

    • showbaba7 says:

      @JimDd54: What are you trying to say. I think you are better off watching volleyball not basketball. You don’t know what you are talking.

  9. Pssshhh says:

    100 bucks says this will NOT work. They may have some luck penalizing those who flop when there’s ZERO contact, BUT it is virtually impossible to determine exactly HOW a player should react after being legitimately hit. And i’m not a big fan of flopping but some players like Lebron are so strong that if they don’t flop a little, defenders are gonna get away with hitting them when they drive to the paint.

  10. anthony says:

    When Gallinari flopped on P.Gasol’s screen, I don’t see Gasol over reacting when he got kicked in the nuts. Balls of steel!

  11. Coco says:

    Gallanari…The best actor of the year! lolz

  12. Awesome says:

    This is just awesome! I’ve been waiting along time for this, I’m sick of flopping ruining the game that i love. Making it look like soccer

  13. jcrazy says:

    They shouldnt be flopping anyway im sure these players watch to much soccer

  14. Percentage says:

    Shouldn’t they take a percantage of the actuall players salary, for example: Take a 5% of the players salary, so if for example Melo flops it will hurt just as much as it would if Tony Douglas flopped? Just sayin

  15. ElRoger says:

    I guess this a step forward for basketball I hope other sports take this example too (mainly soccer) but maybe what they could do is put the flopping fines after the game, because that way you can help yourself with all the images you want, I think calling a flop in the midle of the game will only make players question every desicion the judges make, since most of them are likes small kids that think they can do whatever they want on court. Anyway big step forward for the game.

  16. weirdo says:

    Wade’s was NOT a flop it was a fade away and if you look closely he landed akwardly on his foot so he fell backwards NOT a flop.

  17. Diddy Ayox says:

    This system should be revoked. That is just taking out the fun of the game.

  18. vivverine says:

    They shouldn’t have showed the second part. What happens when they have fined CP3 for his overembellished reactional flops a few times and he does it again? Will the fefs still have to call a foul on the other player and fine CP3 later?
    What happens when players stop flopping and refs stop spotting fouls because of that?
    The fines will come in waves. This will draw lots of media attention.
    In the mean time Wade, LeBron Rose will take as many steps as they wish going to the basket.

  19. Stone says:

    This rule is stupid. Who are you to tell Lebron or any big player that they overreacted when they got hit or pushed by a smaller guy? The only way he can get a foul called is if he flops a little to show the refs that he really got hit cos under normal circumstances he wouldn’t flinch. But should the strength and size of such players be used against them?? Unless it’s a blatant and obvious flop, i don’t see how you can determine whether a player overreacted to getting hit.

  20. ivan says:

    come on people ..clearly wade flopped

  21. W/E says:

    WHAT?!?! flopping is part of the game! some guys are PAID MILLIONS because they have mastered the flop ability,reggie evans for example,if Nba2k13 had a flopping ability Evans would be ranked at 99,another example LBJ would have a 97 ranking at flopping. flopping is AN ART. not everyone can do it right.

  22. Jordan says:

    Faith in the NAB restored.

  23. BBall Fan says:

    Big deal, a fine for someone that makes millions, the call has already been made, the outcome already determined and possibly changed the game. Once they made their decisions on what was a flop or not, are they going to take away any points that were earned from a free throw or and extra possession maybe causing one team to win or lose by one or two points? No they will not.
    I say first flop, technical foul, second flop in the same game, ejected from game.
    Players don’t care about fines, but if they face a possible ejection from a game, then nominations for best actor and a Emmy might not need to happen at an NBA game.

  24. Mitch says:

    How is the Gallinari situation a flop?! Dude got thrusted by a shoulder to the face! And half of those examples if not more of ‘non flops’ are clearly flops! This is going to be a long season when it comes to ‘flop’ calls…

  25. matt says:

    this will be like when they cracked down players complaining about calls – enforced unreasonable technical fouls / fines for a couple of weeks and then just forgot about the whole thing and never spoke of it again

  26. Justin P says:

    That’s good NBA needs to crack down on flopping.

  27. Justin P says:

    That’s good I think they should crack down on flopping.

  28. Andrew says:

    I think the introduction of the rule is going to be very interesting this year and despite some delays and controversy it will cause, the game should ultimately benefit, because lets be honest, ‘flopping’ is just a cheap move and definitely not how the game should be played.
    It will be particularly interesting to see how players (e.g. Wade) modify their game to avoid fines/suspensions and whether the refs will give the benefit of the doubt and not call flopping against the ‘notorious flopping stars’ of the game

  29. illone says:

    I dont like the money penalty. It’ll hurt the min guy way more than the max guy. And guys flop so much, I’m not sure it’ll work. But if it works then fine.

    I.d rather see them call ALL flops and have something like, for every flop in a game, you start the next game with a foul. So if you flop 12 times in a game, you’ve already fouled out of the next two games. No money penality, or if there is (as in no pay for a game) it would hurt each player propotionately to their salary.

  30. james says:

    A player can fall without any contact with another player due to slip, losing balance and momentum from minor contact. I don’t like the idea of second guessing every fall of a player from the video.

  31. Henrik Jensen says:

    One of The best aggreements made in a long long time 🙂

    Great job NBA !!

  32. D-Rose says:

    How about the verbal flop. Yelling HEYY! everytime you make drive to the basket, pretending to get hit.Specially Kobe and Pau do that at every play. To me that flopping too.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Yes good call. Dwyane Wade does that a lot and it really annoys me.

      Another thing I’d like to see is to do with charge/block calls. The defender needs to be stationary when the contact is made. That’s fine, but I don’t like when the guy has already left his feet for the basket and the defender slides across and underneath him. Sure, when the contact is made he might be still but its dangerous for the offensive player. He could come down and break a wrist or something. And you’re rewarding the guy who put him in danger. I think the defender should need to have the position before the offensive player has left his feet.

  33. Shvitripopiergaila says:

    What are the most non-flopping players in NBA?

  34. Fat says:

    Oh come on!!!! Wade did no flop? Ever since he came into the league that how he earned most of his FT.

  35. rantrave says:

    if those fines goes into charitable institutions i think this new rule would be fine.. those players highlighted in the video are rich anyway haha!. peace

  36. John Doe says:

    This looks like a big big big discussion to me. There are some obvious flops in the clip – but some of them could be discussed quite a bit. I’m not a fan of flopping (especially if its the unrespectful way as Tony Parkers in the clip) or trying to draw fouls (sticking out the leg). But this is really though to get right…

  37. Temitope Oloyede says:

    they are definitely gonna give a lot of wrong fines this year, the distinction is not clear in some cases. some are clearly flops though

  38. Craig says:

    Every call is good news to me, bigger fines.

  39. Steve says:

    The shoulder to the face on Gallinari was an over embellishment, not the reaction to getting hit in the face by a dirty, no talent player. Why don’t we go back and review cheap shots like that? Seems like a more useful thing considering the referees do not protect the safety of players.

  40. PHilip says:

    i do not know why they put charges on flopping? it is where the intensity happens! it is where the fans gets involved! basketball is a mind game. of course players will be tricky! it is up to the refs if they will call it or not! i totally disagree with this… but well, lets see if it will help the game..! thanks

  41. PHilip says:

    i do not know why they put charges on flopping? it is where the intensity happens! it is where the fans gets involved! basketball is a mind game. of course players will be tricky! it is the a it s up tp the refs if they will call it or not! i totally disagree with this… but well, lets see if it will help the game..! thanks

  42. Also, I think the stick figure definitely took a legit charge! He was robbed!

  43. gpm23 says:

    makes the game more complicated.! this will delay games; reviews

  44. Smart Basketball Dude says:

    Uhh….NBA fan do you even watch Derrick Rose? The amount of contact he receives on plays and doesn’t get calls compared to someone like Lebron James or Dwade is unfair…Just watch any Drose vid please…and secondly they just aren’t calling people trying to draw the charge as flops that’s all and if you’ve played basketball you would understand that.

  45. Radamus says:

    As long as they don’t make flop calls during the game and make their flop fines fair and consistent I don’t have a problem, but in the examples shown the only one that was really clear to me was the Parker flop. If they really want to improve the game they should start calling steps and Blake Griffen type offensive fouls, particularly on the stars. You shouldn’t be able to take 5 or 6 steps, or use people as a pommel horse, just because it results in a crowd pleasing dunk. Things like that, and the more ridiculous flops, are turning the NBA into the WWF.

  46. I like the last example of how the defender did not flop but got away with a push in Ronny Turiaf’s back to secure the rebound! It’s going to be fun to see how confused the refs are going to be in determining split-second flops which are finable and legitimate.

  47. arislocote says:

    I wonder why is Blake Griffin not on this video even once?

  48. jason adkins says:

    totally agreed! How anyone missed Gasol’s shoulder to Galinari’s face is a bad omen to me of how the rest of these situations will be treated.

    And I believe Wade’s was a legit fall.

  49. AJT says:

    They all flop.! if you watch the video all over again.. it is not easy to decide when to call a flop in a close call. they had to review it carefully.

  50. Streets03 says:

    you want to know what a flop is? show any footage of rajon rondo with or without the ball

  51. A2G says:

    notice they did not put the LeBrons flops that help them win the Finals

  52. Stephen says:

    In the Gasol-Gallinari exchange, Gasol clearly thrust his shoulder into Gallinari’s face as Gallinari tried to fight through the screen. I think Gasol committed an offensive foul on the play, Gallinari’s reaction was legitimate, as he did legitimately get the wind knocked out of him, and this wasn’t a flop. My problem with the rule is that even after watching this video intelligent people could still have a huge gray area in which it isn’t at all obvious what’s a flop and what isn’t.

    • Derek says:

      It may have been an offensive foul, but Gallinari’s reaction was definitely not legitimate. Both legs flinging in the air does not result from an impact a person running into a screen especially a small forward. Furthermore, while he laid on the ground for a minute writhing in pain, he had no reaction after getting up with the help of his teammate and physician. I agree, it will be hard to judge flops but this was quite obvious of flinging out to get a call.

      • koby says:

        i think in the Gallinari case you can’t 100% decide if it not innocent fall, you can’t judge if or how much he is in pain, there his a doubt about that case so to me penalty him for a flop will be wrong and immoral!

  53. NBA Fan says:

    Can’t believe they didnt show a clip of DRose and his rediculous head twitches when driving in for a lay up or a tear drop, I swear its rediculous, he can almost twerk his head 90 degrees from his neck when in mid air.

  54. Dan says:

    What happens in the finals with scores tied and 1 minute to go? Refs haven’t seen flopping all season and they get fooled by D-Wade sticking his leg out? You think D-Wade wouldn’t sacrifice $20k for 2 free throws to win the ‘ship?

  55. lebron dont flop all the time says:

    i agree whit no flooping people game 2 finals durants shot people think lebron fouled him not i see a normal shot like that of kevin durant anfd yess is not floppindg is controling the brain of refeeres O_o yess durant see lebrons hands he up hes legs and he tries to control the brain of refeeres O_o jaja Yess and for evan turner yess no more flopping harden and and tooo westbrook rose howard i say lebron but lebron is not so much isbecause payy of albrits because other teams are flopping 😀
    the title of this is not more flopping its
    no more controling brains of refeeres XD

    • I’m not a Thunder fan, but a basketball fan, first and foremost. Durant got fouled so many times, but without a fould call last year vs. Miami. It was ridiculous. LeBron however does get fouled a lot and still scores with his upper body strenght, and he finishes and makes the shot anyway. Some he gets an and-1, some he doesn’t, but he plays through it either way. Durant did too. That’s why I respect both players as far as skills on the court. Now off the court is another story, but I won’t go there because LeBron finally did prove worthy of an NBA Championship.

  56. Dave says:

    i don’t know if this system will work but flopping has to be discouraged as much as possible before it turns into soccer. its not a contact sport, basketball but lets not forget the players are bigger and stronger than ever so a more physical game should be encouraged

    • JayCeeAnd says:

      The first 5 violations are not going to work to starters and players making x-millions of dollars (unless they’ve a large number of illegitimate children and are paying huge sums in child support and alimony). But bench players in whom losing these monies to fines would notice this loss in pocket change and they may rethink taking that dive.

  57. Pamela says:

    will tell how much the new system actually curtails egregious flopping.

  58. err yeah... says:

    So basically, if you just take 2 hits instead of 1 it’s not a flop. ALRIGHT!!

  59. rowenabell says:

    Is there a system in place for alerting Stu Jackson to potential flops? If so, is it the referee’s job to report potential flops? Coaches? Or is Stu Jackson and his team expected to wade through every minute of game footage looking for flops?

  60. Mitchell says:

    The flop examples seem to be very opinionated. All the flop calls did seem to be flops, but all but one of the non-calls seemed like flops to. Sure there was contact on each of those flops, but not enough to send them to the ground or for one to wildly flail their arms. Hopefully the league will seem to call it more even during the season than what is shown in that video.

  61. Game Time says:

    Evans – Flopped
    Parker – Flopped
    Wade – Did not flop. The way he came down was awkward and he possibly saved himself from an injury. Plus he got right back up.
    Smith – Flopped
    Gallinari – 50/50

    • John Smith says:

      Wade didn’t flop but it is an offensive foul. I guess it can be called either one. Sticking your leg out during a shot even for balance is an offensive foul even if it does not create contact.

      • joshsuyker says:

        “Sticking your leg out during a shot even for balance is an offensive foul even if it does not create contact”. Are you serious? A foul without contact? Lets see refs calling fouls in situations where two players don’t even make contact with one another and see what happens in terms of fans, commentators, etc…

      • Fan says:

        I think he meant kicking out your leg to draw contact will no longer be considered a foul on the defense. Reggie Miller did it all the time!

      • illumi says:

        yeah! tell that to the mav’s main man…

      • Game Time says:

        ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’m just gonna write off your response as either 1. a noob to watching basketball, 2. a Miami hater, or 3. both.

    • bigbadbasham says:

      This entire video = Flopped.

    • Edub says:

      How is Wade’s not a flop? He kicked his leg out and rolled on the ground for no reason. Of course it’s a flop, he does it all the time.

      • showbaba7 says:

        If you watch Miami frequently you will know that Wade always throw himself on the floor when coming down, the intension is not flooping but it helps him to control his body to the floor and avoid uncessary injury. Derrick Rose does same, although I am not saying two of them don’t floop but to say because they throw themselves on the floor to reduce impact of injury or landing is a floop is not acceptable.

      • R4 says:

        will this balance the NBA time will tell. and will scoring averages go down because now players will not be going to free throw line at will. Let’s see how much does these ball players average after not getting a foul call. Will Lebron or Wade be superstars. Because I know that Kobe can shoot far better and Durant can consist score at will.

    • Marco29 says:

      CP3 flopps much more than Parker who was really fouled by Ibaka. I am not sure these rules will make the foul treatment more fair and equal. Superstars will still be favoured and will not be impacted by the fines.
      Anwyay, it will always be an appreciation issue, good luck to the commission to decide what is a flopp and what isn’t. Who will report the potential flopps anyway? The commission cannot watch every game to fine the players. What if the player has been called a foul by the refs? Will he be punished twice while others are punished only by the commission?

  62. Karlo Garcia says:


    • Angelo says:

      i think the point is : less contact + excessive reaction = FLOP
      contact + reaction = NO FLOP

      Gallinari knew Pau was about to set the pick and he knew he will run on Pau. if Pau wasn’t yet on the right spot, it could have been an offensive foul. but it was a good screen, Gallinari tried to sell it then he hit the floor and was still selling it.
      Wade’s move was an offensive foul and it is used to create a contact to fool the ref to thinking he got hit on the shot.
      i just want to add this flop masterpiece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddXmNCO_cn8
      but everything boils down on the “Superstar Treatment”. Big name players (including my team’s star Dirk) take advantage on the fact that they will always get the call on their favor. so it’s a good thing they put huge penalties for huge pocketed players. the problem is, they can fine the elite floppers and they can pay because they have the money, but that doesn’t change the result of the game.
      last four to two minutes, everything should be replayed and the refs should have the power to change a call from no defensive to offensive foul and vice-versa or to no call. and on those replays, they should punish a flop with a technical within the game.