No Kobe In Season Opener?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With so much focus on Dwight Howard‘s back and whether or not he would be ready for the start of the Los Angeles Lakers’ regular season, few people worried about Kobe Bryant.

But with the opening night contest against the Dallas Mavericks just days away, it’s Bryant who could be in danger of missing the game with injury. Both of the Lakers’ stars sat out Wednesday night’s preseason loss to the Clippers and Bryant could, according to Lakers coach Mike Brown (via, be held out of the game against the Mavericks with a strained right foot:

“I don’t know if he’ll be ready,” Brown said after the Lakers 97-91 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday. “So yeah, I guess there is question. I’m just going to wait for [Lakers trainer] Gary Vitti to tell me he can play because there’s nothing I can do about it until they release him anyway.”

 Bryant sat out of Wednesday’s game and has already been ruled out of Thursday’s exhibition finale in San Diego against the Sacramento Kings. According to a team spokesman, he spent most of Wednesday’s game getting treatment on his foot in the training room, and did not come out to the Lakers bench during the game.

… Bryant’s injury means that the Lakers’ new-look starting five with him, Howard, Steve Nash,Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace will have played just one game together in the preseason before the regular season opens at home against the Dallas Mavericks on Oct. 30. Jodie Meeks started in Bryant’s place on Wednesday.

“Obviously it would have been great if they would have had more on-court time against a different-colored jersey,” Brown said. “But, again, I’m a long-term guy and not a short-term guy, so, they’ll be ready when it counts.”

That clearly excludes the preseason. The loss to the Clippers dropped the Lakers to 0-7, the worst preseason start in franchise history. Of course, none of the wins or losses accumulated before the start of regular season mean anything for a team with designs on competing for a championship.

But the one game played together for the Lakers’ projected starting five is not a whole lot of time to work out whatever kinks there might be. Now they’ll have to get that done at some point during the first month or so of the real season.


  1. specialfriedrice says:

    seriously someone writes this sort of article at the beggining of every season and then every fortnight for the rest of the season, hope this is your spare time and not your job…

  2. lakers forever says:

    everything is possible for the lakers. i hope also that they will acquire iverson and give him a chance to play again coz he wants another shot to play in NBA. i read some blogs where iverson got an interview when he was playing in turkey. he said that, if i would be given another chance to play in NBA, i would rather choose to play in NBA’s most popular team it’s either the celtics or the lakers…

  3. Comrade24 says:

    First, anyone that thinks that the Lakers won’t make the playoffs must be watching a different sport. There are some concerns for the Lakers this season though if they hope to win a championship. Many people are saying that the Lakers bench is going to hurt them this season and will be a major factor. I couldn’t disagree more. While i agree they do need Jamison to step up, and our bench has significantly less firepower than many teams (including their inter-city counterpart), i don’t think this will pose too much of an issue in the long run. The reasons are (1), The Lakers starting 5 is so deep that there is no need to have a full second unit on the team at any time. The Lakers will always have at least 1-2 all-star caliber players on the floor at any given time, and (2), when the playoffs start (the time when it really matters) every team’s rotation shortens to 7-8 players.

    However, as i see it, the Lakers concerns/keys to their season are:

    1: Age- Father time has caught up with Kobe Bryant, and he is no longer considered to be the best player in the league. His efficiency has dropped over the last few seasons. They need to focus on getting Kobe easier scoring opportunities coming off of screens. He also needs to further embrace the team concept (which to his credit, he’s done a much better job of since Gasol joined the Lakers). Kobe is now surrounded with the kind of talent that can with, if they play unselfishly. Also, with Nash and Gasol getting older, the Lakers are going to have to stay healthy in order to compete with the younger teams in the West.

    2) Complacency- This has been an issue for years with the Lakers. Their talent level may cause them to take possessions off and believe that they can just “turn on the switch” at the end of games and win. They need to give a consistent effort every possession and every game if they want to win a title.

    3) Playing away from Staples- The Lakers last year boasted one of the best home records, but fell apart on the road. They’ll need to step it up on the road so they can be a top seed in the west. Home court advantage plays a huge role in the playoffs. If they’re going to face OKC in the playoffs, home court would be a huge advantage. They have to win on the road to get it.

  4. Boyan says:

    A lot of compliments for me 🙂 thank you guys…..unfortunately, the truth is painfull and burns. Get back to reality, LA had wrong trades and policy last 3 years. so the main responsible guy, Kupchak, should have been fired. Somebody new is supposed to come and rebuild this team, what will take 3 to 4 years without playoff spot, I wish you good luck LA fans 🙂

  5. drick says:

    I love DWIGHT and NASH but until MBROWN is the HCOACH of LA i don’t think they can handle the preasure and find their rythm as fast as the heat did to be a champ this year or two,,and take note DWIGHT’s contract s juz 1 year for LA f ths will not work, no doubt DWIGHT will go to BNETS,,and i smell a scrutiny incoming, a rewind of KOBE & BYNUM on the bench last year..

  6. dattebayo says:

    The preseason record means nothing, it never has and never will. The only things you take away from it is how certain players can play and step up and how the team executes on both ends of the court. The Lakers have probably the most experienced and most talented starting 5 you could wish for. But they played teams that won’t have a winning record in the coming season 7 times and they always had the same issues. Poor transition defense, poor offensive execution and poor bench production. The better their execution on offense becomes, the less they will have to defend in transition, but with so many guys that old they will always give up too many points in transition. I don’t see the Lakers coming out of the West unless they fix those 3 issues…

  7. jay says:

    To lWorMl

    Wow u have no idea what you are talking about. How old are u, really? Just the fact that you said, “MJ was the great player cause at his prime there is no one good enough to even throw a faid-away jumper..” shows u dont have a clue about basketball. lol so funny!

  8. nimble says:

    Come on Kobe you are the rock,wish you well soon.

  9. lWorMl says:

    yo guys, just chill.. why don’t you guys stop the hating. “kobe being overrated”, lakers the OLD team.. no bench players at all.. common guys… KOBE is KOBE, there is no one like him, even MJ is not KOBE!! MJ was the great player cause at his prime there is no one good enough to even throw a faid-away jumper.. Yes, all of them can dunk, even “Spud”.. but on todays prime, try making MJ atleast 25-28 yrs of age or even 34 like the “mamba”, lets see if he can even get all those rings with only “Scottie”(same age) on his side?? enough of taking down my man(“kobe”), it is what it is, he is the best.. why not check all his achievements and the records he is about to break this coming season!! -Lakers old team, com’on men… Dwight is still young, its just nash who is 38.. Lebron can’t even go by World Peace.. even Durrant as well, try checking their stats if World Peace is the one who defends both of them.. -Bench players, Jamison is the master of the shots that even anyone in the NBA couldnt make.. Hill is an underated player but plays big even Duhon.. why not try S.Blake as well giving you 3’s on the side… Ebanks can fly so as make 3’s. Meeks is a role player that doesnt even complain even he is just playing like 2-3 mins/quarter.. thats how the system goes in hollywood.. its all about their teamwork.. not only having like BIG 3 on a team, its how BIG the LAKERS is now.. thats how good as well “mitch kupchak” is.. not to mention, Lebron did mention to Kobe on their practice during the USA team, “there is no way you can get Dwight and still have Pau”… Duh, does anyone know who “Mitch Kupchak” is??? why not believe in KG, “anything is possible!!!”


  10. Amer says:

    “The loss to the Clippers dropped the Lakers to 0-7, the worst preseason start in franchise history.” WRONG. They went 0-9 in 2000 Preseason and 0-8 in 2009, and both times they won a chip. Not sayin it will happen this season but, this is the preseason and preseason does not matter at all! Theyre learning a new offence for christs sake! So just stop talkin and wait for tip-off. Then we will know if the superduperlakeshow can actually compete (which they will, at a very high level) but I still believe OKC & the Heat (maybe celtics) will have something to say.

    • Lakers2013champs says:

      check your facts, you are wrong, this is the first time they went winless.. check my post above

  11. Realistic says:

    Actually, the most hated franchise in history is the Celtics. for a short period of time it will continue to be the heat. Lakers is the most band wagon-ed team in history because of all the superstars they bring in since they make the most money.

  12. Oula says:

    Quick recovery to KB24. Lakers will win championship this year. May God bless L.A. Lakers.

  13. illion says:

    boyan how could you say that ? i can obviosly tell you a bandwagon type a fan ! pre-season is nothing but time to get a feel for your new teammates and the lakers starting out 0-7 means nothing when the games count and april rolls around ! youll see…. they making the playoffs dude

  14. Kbus says:

    why does everyone argue over lakers or kobe? If you really love basketball youre just gonna enjoy the game and the way its played. screw kobe’s age or the laker bench or the preseason record, just enjoy the game. -.-

  15. joe says:

    the link i clicked on on said that kobe may miss season, not merely the opener. I’m glad its just one game.

  16. L.P. says:

    Eric Bledsoe reminds me AI.

  17. DutchLaker says:

    Only thing i have to sayto people who actually think that pre-season ( and how some nutmeg said; summer league pfwhaaahaa) counts..

  18. David Stern says:

    LAKERS WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GUARANTEE IT!! GOOD DAY.

  19. Lakers need CP#3 says:

    Nash is too weak when it comes to defence and he will get injuired guarding these athletic pg. Trade Pau for a legit athletic pg. Nash should come off the bench and be a mentor.

  20. HAHAHAHHA says:


  21. lakerssincebirth says:

    lakers will make it to the playoffs and for sure will march to the finals!!! Even if KOBE as an injured foot,it does not matter at all since he already had that before and he was still able to carry the team to a championship,how much more when NASH and DWIGHT are already here in L.A. for sure they will win the championship without a doubt!!! Even if they say that Miami had it before(having the BIG 3) and it took them a year to have the ring,well in this case it won’t happen to the LAKERS because LAKERS is not MIAMI!!!! KOBE the best!!!

  22. jay says:

    We just have to wait until the season starts b4 we can make any comments really. mark my word though, when the lakers are not living up to the expectations and hype thats being giving them prematurely whatch all the excuses come flying from both the laker fans and media. Just like the last couple of years people kept making excuses for the crybaby lakers and they went out in the 2nd round twice. I dont care if they have old steve nash, a center coming off back surgery and a overhyped KB who is in the twilight of his career!!!

  23. Dr.Rasheed Syed says:

    Injuries Injuries…
    it is better to take care of injuries now then in Playoffs. Mike brown is correct in resting Kobe, heck, i would rest D12 for more longer time. There is so much pressure from Lakers organization on players (tickets/marketing) and it is going to get worse as the time goes on.

    I hate to see any NBA player getting injured, specially in playoffs.
    I have said many times: Lakers are old (besides d12) and are prone to injuries. Poor bench output so far. It will take time for the chemistry to gel and then watch out NBA. Are they going to Finals? too early to say. This year competition just got better. How about the clippers? they look good to me.

    Long journey,
    I spend lot of time and energy to watch Lakers games. Of course, I want them to win every game and I see it is coming soon 🙂 can’t wait!

  24. Bill says:

    Wow, lots of incredible posts.

    It is foolish to question the Lakers talent. Guarantee Lakers top 4 will all be in the Hall of Fame. Metta was great once, and now he is in incredible shape once again and is looking very good in pre-season. Bench still needs to prove they can keep leads for Lakers (they haven’t in pre-season) but clearly Coach Brown has been more interested in figuring out who he has than winning games. Some of the line ups he has had on the court have been very offensively challenged.

    It is reasonable to predict that Lakers get out of the gate slowly simply because Dwight is rusty and they have to work on team chemistry (added to typical older team early season apathy). Laker hates will be thrilled, Laker fans will be nervous.

    But let’s all be patient and see what they look like in January. By then we should know if they are going to be just very good or great.

    Anyway you look at it, Lakers will be much better this year than last and they were a very good team, just not good enough, last year. I am for one am excited to see what they can become.

  25. kkca says:

    amazing reading all these comments…lmao Lakers not making the playoff….kobe too old…Lakers a disgrace by not winning a game in a preseason lol you all giving me

    The bench is definitely not strong enough, thats for sure, Barbosa was all free during this summer dont know why Lakers didnt step up to get him by selling a player like steve blake, keep Sessions who was way fast and a good young player.

    Kobe and the rest of the team are all fine. Kobe is 34 and can still compete! he is not the most athletic that’s for sure but he is clever than Lebron and the rest of the league..

    This is just preseason, win or no win we all at 0 when season starts so shhhhshhhhshhhshh, shut it!

    if the bench is not good enough the GM will upgrade it somewhere in the season, anyone wanna bet? so if you not a LA fan, just take care of own business please. Thanks

  26. coach151 says:

    I will never understand why people write on these Blogs and make the comments the do… Not one of you are on the Lakers Staff, so apparently you can’t do anything to improve the team, just complain about it… I don’t like seeing my Lakers lose to teams like the Clippers, but we all live in LA and we are going to find a bit or a rivalry going on… Addressing what has taken place over the off season is really GREAT THING the Lakers have put together… If the team was 7-0 instead of 0-7 everyone would be jumping back on the Lakers Bandwagon (which we are sooooo use to) and claiming the Lakers Champions already… But like the other 31 teams we have to play the games, now the Sac Kings do have some good youngsters, and the Clippers are a returning playoff team, Golden State was a fluke and Portland will compete to their Division Title… No, the trades and moves Mitch made were excellent, in fact brilliant for the most part… Nash will be able to control the flow of the game (just don’t play Steve Blake), Metta, Kobe, Paul, & Dwight will hand over so nice leads to the second team, they just have to learn to maintain the norm and keep or add to the lead… Mike Brown has to coach, not sit and spectate, (and not play Steve Blake), this is a Championship calibar team, its just a small adjusting period we’re going through… I don’t think any real Laker fan is happy right now with the losing, but they now the pot of gold is waiting at the end of the rainbow…

  27. Grapes Fandangger says:

    0-7 is not a good start even if its the preseason. BUT DONT TRIP. The lakers will mold together, and when they do they’ll be a force. They have to much talent on this team not to win, they just need to figure out the best way to complement each other.

  28. Brian Presto says:

    you are so dumb, like the post said.. they have played ONE game together! and in that game they played just a few min. shut your mouth and look at the facts. and do your self a favor take 3 steps backwards and punch yourself in the face 😉

  29. alakerfan2477 says:

    ignore them all,anyone who knows little about this game they also know that the most hated franchise is the lakers,and we all lakers fans know why is that so

  30. tdk says:


  31. Vince says:

    Of course Kobe is overrated! Like any other NBA star. This is all about marketing, NBA products need fantastic players. But this doesn’t mean that Kobe is not the best player. Kobe is a lot less overrated than for example Melo. Even old he has a few years more at top level and with this team they can be very successful!

  32. LA says:

    Are you kidding me? Not make the playoffs? I would be shocked if the lakers didn’t make it to the FINALS. Nash carried his suns to the playoffos, Dwight carried his Magic to the playoffs, Kobe and Pau carried the Lakers to the playoffs numerous times and won CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    They are resting Kobe because it is pre-season, the whole point is to build some chemistry and give the bench playing time. The record means nothing as stated, the last two times the Lakers were winless in pre-seaosn they won CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    So please, stop with the hating. The Lakers have the best starting 5 in the NBA, period. The bench is weak, but once Jamison, Meeks, Ebanks, and Hill get going, we will be unstoppable.
    We almost beat the Thunder in the playoffs mind you, we just didn’t have the defensive presence or quickness on offense.
    Defensive – Dwight. Offensive quickness -Nash. Kobe- everything else, oh yeah and we got PAU.
    No one can stack up against the lakers, even Miami. Lebron can’t take them all on, and Dwayde is more injury prone than anyone else.
    Lebrons back can’t carry the Heat to another, Mike Miller was huge for them, the guy can’t even run full court offense.
    Give me a break, the only threat is OKC and with all the attention and questions for Harden, they have their own problems.
    Gonna be a interesting season. PSYCHED

    • Lakers2013champs says:

      Actually the Lakers went 6-2 in the preseason of 2008 when they won the championship in 2009, and in 2009 went 6-2 as well and won the championship. So for those acting like they know something, you dont, because when they won the 2000 championship they were 3-5 and in 01s championship they were 3-5 and in 02s championship went 4-4.

      I do agree that preseason does not mean anything as the coaching staff is giving players more of a chance to develop and see what they have that will not normally get that chance until garbage time in the regular season. Lets see what happens tonight if dwight ends up playing. Also let the regular season tell the story of how the Lakers are this year, not the summer league or pre season. thanks

  33. Laker says:

    in 2008 and 2009 the lakers went 0-8 in preseason…..guess what happen?? NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

  34. Laker says:

    Really? Kobe OverRated? People say him and MJ are the BEST SG EVER to play. Lebron is overrated…..most of his is luck on how fast and big he is…..kobe and mj had a normal nba body….lebron is just lucky with his body buil!!

    • clos801 says:

      that is the most stupid thing i’ve heard in a while. Lebron’s biggest talents are his strength and athleticism, just like kobe’s talent is being able to shoot. How are you going to say someone is overrated cause they’re big and fast.

  35. seth says:

    Re tooled lakers is now a championsip caliber team but coaching may be the problem. If they wont advance in the first round, Brown has to go.

  36. Jeffrey says:

    A winless lakers in a preseason is just awful…i doubt they win over dallas without kobe in the court? Howard,nash, worldpeace ang gasol should step up. If this continues… might as well bring back bynum before its too late…

  37. W/E says:

    Kobe bryant turned 34 two months ago,hes NOT OLD but he is not a team player and thats a major problem for his team,MJ and Kareem were leading their teams and were winning championships at that age…

    • jay says:

      he is old by nba standards. This is a young mans game. we are talking 82 games in a season not counting pre-season and playoffs. Not saying he can’t do what MJ and kareem did but winning is a team effort, including good coaching.

    • jay says:

      What exactly does “best winner” mean? WINNING TAKES THE EFFORT OF THE ENTIRE TEAM, including the bench. So what ever “winning” kobe does is the result of a good team and good coaching.

  38. Kingk says:

    I’ll be shocked if kobe doesn’t play in the season opener

  39. Notorious JOE says:

    kobe bryant is todays best winner, and one of the best leaders in the league. lakers will be at the top of their division. F#$% pre-season….

    • Arun says:

      Agree with the “winner part” not sure if he is the right leader. Now that we have Nash we have a great leader in the team. Nobody can beat Kobe’s competitiveness.

  40. jay says:

    I dont know why so many people like holding up for the lakers, well besides the fans. It is what it is. Between injuries and age the lakers are not going too far. Sure they will make playoffs but they wont last too long. And I DONT CARE ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE THE FREAKIN BLACK MAMBA! he is old now, face facts. It happens to all the greats! Kobe is no exception! Stop falling for all the hype people. BTW as much as i love kobe, he is overrated. YEAH I SAID IT!!!! Its about time someone had the balls to say it. I dont follow what the majority has to say about him, no band wagon for me. LOOK AT HIS PERCENTAGES, ITS ALL IN THE STATS! ok bring on the hate mail lol

    • chitown says:

      why can’t most laker fans accept that? about kobe being old, overrated…etc?

      • jay says:

        well probably bcuz this is there version of MJ even though he doesnt even come close in my opinion, as great as Kobe is. Sometime people fall in love with the idea of something even if it’s not fact. The media has a lot to do with that too.

    • dattebayo says:

      I can see how Kobe is always an allstar starter cause the fans vote for him, but I don’t understand how this dude is always All NBA 1st Team and All NBA 1st Defensive Team, especially in the last 2 years it makes no sense. All Kobe did last year was score more inefficiently than ever and upp his usage percentage despite playing next to 2 allstars. In 2010 and 2011 Wade had a better all around year and last year you could argue Parker had a better season. And I would consider a lot of players better defenders because that’s what they do on the court (Sefolosha, Rondo, Bradley, Afflalo,…).

    • Arun says:

      Kobe’s rings and stats talks about his greatness. Kobe for ring #6.

  41. daniel says:

    they will surely make the playoffs buddy man! im just surprised you say something like that i wont speak to you buddy man!

  42. sam says:

    I’m afraid to say it but look like this team is a bust, because all the media attention they got and the hype, every team they play will be 110% ready for them. And 0-7 in pre season and same in summer league that’s not good. The bench is very weak, injuries problems and age? Any way good luck.

  43. KB24 says:

    He’ll play for sure!!!

  44. Fo Real says:

    Ha so it begins, INJURIES will be LA’s biggest problem!
    They got no Bench and that is going to be another KEY issue for them.

    I really hope they stay Healthy though because this season has the potential to be the best NBA season in the last 10-15 years.

  45. aa says:

    Lakers should have kept Barnes in the roster

    • Arun says:

      I know Matt is playing well now. However, he is not consistent. Remember Matt has a great season last year (last month of the season) and then he was 0 factor in playoffs. So, dont worry about not sighning Barnes. Devin is a good player and will develop as a player this season. I am sure he will be a factor.

    • coach151 says:


  46. Botond Gergely says:

    Are you kidding me ? The Lakers don’t care about the preseason, they barely care about the regular season. This 0-7 means nothing . They will be a top 4 team in the West .

  47. Boyan says:

    Obviously Lakers will not clinch playoff this year. Very bad player selection and trades. The worst bench by far in NBA, starters are really old and overpaid. 0-7 preaseson says everything, I do not understand how people can be so blind and predict this team to win championship

    • Marc Eruela says:

      excuse me!! It’s just the pre season..NOT the REGULAR SEASON

      • Marc Eruela says:

        they’re still not serious this PRE SEASON..

      • Tyler Williams says:

        Pre season means absolutely nothing! The Lakers are a playoff team this year. They could win the championship as an 8th seed. Anyone who thinks its crazy to consider them a title contender obviously doesn’t know basketball (Marc Eruela). Lakers are finals bound and hopefully title bound this year!

    • ChenZhen says:

      @boyan theres always ppl like u found on these blogs. its the preseason and the bench was playing majority of the times. it will take the lakers couple of months to find the rhythm and chemistry just like the heat. btw, obviously ur not a laker fan so why r you even on the lakers blog again ? oh thats right, ur one of those laker haters, right ? listen, all you laker haters out there, those negative comments/opinions dont even fade us (laker fans) u might think it does but really…it doesn’t. we dont care of what u think about our lakers. laker fans are a ‘million’ strong in los angeles. we are the city of champions and always will be. we stand behind our laker owners/gm/players from day one. we laugh and we love ur negative comments/opinions. dont worry about the lakers, worry about ur team..ur players..ur town because they need ur support more than they need urs. trust me.

      • coach151 says:

        And please move home… 16 World Titles! 17th is on the way!

      • alex says:

        since when was this the lakers blog?
        so to want to read a story about the lakers you either have to be a fan or you hate them
        and also please type english your comment hurt my brain

    • stevenashfan says:

      obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. the lakers are sure to make it to the playoffs but winning the championship will be a different story

    • Ilstar says:

      seriously? in 2000 lakers had 0 wins in the preseason, guess what happened, in 2009 lakers had 0 preseason wins, again, guess what happened

      • Wrong says:

        Actually in 2000 preseasons Lakers were like 3-5 and In 2009 6-2, definitely not winless like this year.

    • Feivel says:

      @Boyan. You’re a fool. I’m not a huge Lakers fan, but they will struggle during the first couple months of the season. That has actually been said on more than one occasion. I’m not saying they will win a championship, but they are definitely title contenders this year, right up there with Oklahama, San Antonio in the West and Celtics, Heat, healthy Bulls in the East. Anything can happen in the playoffs. The Celtics almost took the Heat in 7 games last year, for example.

    • Casper says:

      You sound stupid man…you obviously don’t know anything much about basketball. For you to say the Lakers won’t even make the playoffs??? I could understand you saying that they won’t make it to the finals…but playoffs??? Go watch some highlights or commentaries or something man…lol

    • TheDream45 says:

      pretty much no team plays serious in preseason because they’re just getting their chemistry, offense and defense right for the regular season. if they played serious heat, celtics, thunder, and like 10 other teams would have either undefeated records or records over .600 genius

    • jd says:

      in 2000, Lakers were 0-8 in preseason… Won championship that year… in 2009, Lakers were 0-9 in Preseason.. Guess what happen that year… 2009 CHAMPS..! hahah…

      • Game Time says:

        HAHAHAHA! You laker fans are idiots! They were 6-2 in 2009. I don’t know what in 2000 but they sure weren’t winless. Propaganda coming from scared faker fans.

    • Gameon says:

      Thank you, I need people to open their eyes they want this Laker team to be so great but it is not going to happen you have older starters and a horrific bench your starters can’t play 48 minutes a night in an 82 game season. Get real people the Lakers need to think about how they are going to rebuild. Laker fans have the lowest basketball IQ ever they thought that the Lakers would take it last year and the year before and you see how that played out for them. Kobe knows his body and he knows his game is declining that is why he has put it out there that he is retiring soon, his contract will be up soon and he knows that the Lakers are not going to sign him for another few years of 30.4 million. By the end of 2014 he will be in his 19th NBA season yeah he will only be 36 but with 19 season legs he has to be smart.
      IT IS OVER, get over it, preseason tells a lot about a team you dont see the Heat or OKC going 0-7 come on now

      • celticsfan says:

        lakers WIll make the playoffs. I hate the Lakers, but it is enevitable. Kobe is a gamer, he knows how to win games, steve nash knows how to distribute the ball and pace the game, Dwight almost took the magic. Yes, they nash and kobe are old, but so were the celtics. Yes, it would be extremely tough to win the playoffs, especially against young teams like the bulls or the heat, but u have to give them at least a playoff spot.

    • wats wrong with this guy^ says:

      wat!?!?!?! U must be a Heat fan to say something so stupid

    • coach151 says:

      Obviously you don’t know squat about sports… This is one of the best benches the Lakers has had in at least 5 years… If you looked at the game last night you would have to give all the blame to the coaching staff… Mitch has finally given a Head Coach something to work with, now its up to Brown to bring the Ring Home! STOP PLAYING STEVE BLAKE!!!

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        Yeah becuase I would totally want the scrubs over 09 Lakers. Your know nothing about the Lakers. They had Lamar Odom, who would make big plays to help the Lakers to a W and is the reason why the lakers had one of the most efficent bench in the NBA from 09-11. But I would totally want some old or inexperience players for my bench. you obviously watch basketball.

    • don'tsmokecrack says:


    • bunbury says:

      Boyan, every team is optimistic every year (including fans). the knicks, the nets, the mavs, even the bobcats and the wizards think they’ll be much better this year. But we’ll know for sure how good or bad they really are once the season starts.

    • celtic533 says:

      Are you tweaking?I hate the Lakers but i’m not stupid.Even as a Celtics fan i have to the Lakers credit. Year in and year out they manage to if not contend for a title, be a solid team.This year they definetly one of the contenders.

  48. FlipStar says:

    Knowing how competitive Kobe is, I doubt he’ll be missing the opener