Must See PG Block (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One of two things can happen when a pair of guys used to operating above the rim head to the basket at the same time on opposing sides.

Either someone’s getting dunker on and freeze-framed forever as a player who jumped into the wrong space at the wrong time or what could have been a lasting memory suddenly becomes much ado about nothing.

Derrick Williams was on his way to a monster jam, one that would have made everybody’s top five a classic freeze frame for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward. And then Paul George, the Indiana Pacers’ swingman, happened:


  1. AsPe says:

    LOL, “PG” is there just to make people click on it.
    It isn’t a must see video, anyway.

  2. uoykcuf says:

    I got to admit, I thought it was a “P”oint “G”uard block video as well. Like a mixtape of PG blocks, turns out to be “P”aul “G”eorge block. Such misleading title, are we going to say DW dunk, TC block and RR dime from now on?
    Another scam for more views. tsk tsk sink so low.

  3. pradeep says:

    @ LAKERFAN , are u being serious here.. PG stands for ‘P’aul ‘G’eorge..

  4. LAKERFAN says:


  5. LAKERFAN says:

    Paul George= SG or SF he is not a PG, I mean, I was not a PG the past seasons…………

  6. you are clueless says:

    Sekou, boring day at the office?

  7. Mark. NYC says:

    P.G block. Thought George was a two. What do I know Im no expert.Lol

  8. larry oconnor says:

    Derrick made a fatal flaw and that was to show boat his dunk. He brought the dunk back behind his head low and vulnerable to Paul George. If he wanted to just score he could have jumped with his back to the defender and two handed it into the rim in front, using his body as a shield. He is still young. I hear a lot of chatter about him not living up to expectations but I believe with the right coaching he can become a long term threat!