Memphis Bid, Jersey Ads Get BOG Review


A star-studded group of investors — including NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley, entertainer Justin Timberlake and former NBA players Penny Hardaway and Elliot Perry — could be approved to purchase the Memphis Grizzlies at the NBA’s Board of Governors two-day meeting today and Thursday in Manhattan.

And with the league’s other 29 owners, they could find themselves with a new revenue stream in the form of jersey-patch ads.

The Memphis sale and a report from the NBA’s planning committee on the pros and cons of placing ads on jerseys are two of the items believed to be on the BOG agenda. Though the actual list of topics isn’t made public, other items may include:

  • Reports on revenue sharing and collective bargaining.
  • Arena news, including the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn and improvements to Madison Square Garden in New York.
  • Discussion of rule changes via the competition committee, including flopping and other referee points-of-emphasis.
  • Updates on ticket sales, network contracts and sponsorships.
  • Review of the NBA China program and preseason games played internationally this fall.

The status of the Sacramento Kings’ arena deal and possible relocation is not believed to be among the scheduled topics, nor is any formal discussion of efforts in Seattle to gain an existing or expansion franchise.

A Los Angeles investor, Steve Kaplan, has joined the Grizzlies purchase group headed by Robert Pera, according to a story Tuesday in the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. Kaplan was involved with current Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley’s unsuccessful attempt to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, the paper reported.

Any move to put ads on players’ jerseys -– common practice in international play and even in the WNBA -– would not come at NBA commissioner David Stern’s urging. Neither would it happen, though, over his objections.

Stern told reporters during the Boston Celtics’ stop in Milan earlier this month that he would rather not see the sponsors’ patches on uniforms. “As a personal matter, I am not in favor of it, but I’m not standing in the way of it,” Stern said. “If my board wants to do it, we’ll do it.”


  1. Kingk says:

    Don’t like the sound of having ads

  2. JDL says:

    I dont mind if it happens, when they previously discussed this matter they where thinking of putting a small 2inch by 2inch patch on the jerseys. As long as they dont become the entire jersey like we see in Soccer then it should be fine, but hopefully they can use the revenue generated to help small market teams but something tells me that big market teams like LA BOS MIA etc will be offered more money because of how marketable they are. This could be dangerous because of the fact that the only thing preventing those big market teams from scooping all the NBA stars is the LUXURY TAX and this added revenue might just let them bite the tax bullet and sign players they cant afford.

  3. Nathan says:

    No ads thanks. Theirs enough of that going around!

    Not a Celtics fan, but such a meaningful jersey with Advertising on it, Imagine! Makes me sick.

  4. Nick says:

    I’m really against putting ads on jerseys. I don’t know what it is but it just feels tacky and it would ruin the overall appearance of the jerseys. Being from Australia I think it’s awesome how when I look at American sports leagues like the NBA, NFL and MLB the uniforms have such a clean and traditional look, it’d be a real shame to lose that for the sake of a little extra revenue. It’s not even like the NBA is struggling for revenue or anything and needs to look at options to increase it.

  5. Paolo says:

    NBA owners, don’t you get enough money already? You just want a bit more, don’t you, by placing some stupid ads on those beautiful jerseys? C’mon, man!

  6. Please NO AD on NBA jerseys says:

    You just have to look at everywhere else in the world (I’m french) … Ads are everywhere on every basketball jersey … and it’s awful !!!! Nobody ever buys one !!!! The only positive side effect will be the increased value of my “pre-ad” amazing collection !

  7. swissflix says:

    if they put adds on the shirts, the NBA will lose any credit it has left. Like they don’t make enough money already. With adds on the shirts, that league will no longer be something special. Won’t be buying merchandise anymore.

  8. Nate says:

    It really takes away from the jersey…I mean, what happens when someone gets inducted to the HOF? “24 Kobe Bryant…sponsored by by Nike; ‘Just Do It'”…
    It might be an ok financial choice…but I can safely say it will NOT be received well.

  9. Jaypee says:

    It’e the other way around, if people see the ads on the jersey, they will be annoyed on that product and even not support the brand.

  10. JHCT says:

    Every sports these days has ads on it…. I thought the NBA was special because it didn’t. Maybe we should all boycott the purchasing of jerseys and any NBA products so they don’t do it!

  11. jazzfan says:

    so you’re telling me that one ad will ruin your experience? i don’t understand as i’m from Australia but it seems you like you guys just whine about nothing.

  12. Boston33 says:

    Will no longer be buying a jersey if this happens…..

  13. vincreations says:

    dont like the ads.. pointless

  14. The Truth says:

    Looks like I have to grab my jersey’s fast before they do this stupid ads on the jerseys.

  15. Martyn says:

    I really hope this does not get approved because I wont be buying anymore jerseys and support dumb ads.The jerseys are not Nascar cars.