Kevin Love And Larry Fitzgerald ‘SpreadLove’ For The Cause!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Two of Minnesota’s favorite sons — Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love and Arizona Cardinals All-Pro and Minneapolis native Larry Fitzgerald — got together recently for a cause.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Fitzgerald having lost his mother to the disease nine years ago, Love decided to shed his cranium stubble in support of those who have had to and are dealing with the disease.

There can’t be a better reason to go bald …


  1. Great stuff KL says:

    and excellent cause. All the best T-Wolves this season.

  2. Matthew says:

    It’s Movember! Men’s health is an even better cause because we men usually suffer in silence while our health issues get put on a back burner. Let’s get our male athlete’s behind men’s cancer awareness issues!!!

  3. Bojan says:

    I also thought Larry would cut his hair too. I think that is why this post is popular 😀

    Now, that would be awesome.

    @Larry: How about Kevin shaving you? 😉

  4. berry says:


  5. K-L says:

    His new nickname bald eagle! Representing usa! He soars up for rebound.

  6. ian says:

    Respect Kevin, you are a great guy not only a great player!

  7. ballinnnnnbgbujbrv says:

    I thought Larry was going to shave his head haha but what a great cause and fight

  8. cousins all day says:

    hes rich, if he wants to support cancer, he can just donate money

  9. K.LoveWolf says:

    2 things

    1. glad to see no one is trolling this video and is respecting klove and larry considering it is for such a great cause

    2. Kevin Love is as great of person as he is a player.

    My grandma died from breast cancer, but i know now she is looking down and smiling seeing what others are doing. Bless kevin and larry for doing this and for everyone battling breast cancer and any other form of it.

  10. dom42 says:

    gonna shave my head now

  11. JoshHamilton says:

    Kevin is in good look~

  12. kloveinthefirstround says:

    What a good looking kient

  13. FlipStar says:

    For a moment there, I thought Larry was finna cut his all off too LOL

    but in all seriousness, that is indeed for a GREAT cause.

    Cancer of all kinds is killing humanity one by one, so we must do what we can do provide moral and collective support

    Good job K-Love.

    Keep spreading the word man

  14. danmacatuno says:


  15. theansw3r says:

    Kevin Love is great as player as a person.

  16. lol says:

    WELL unless he redemeed himself for stepping on scola’s face

  17. derrick wilkinson says:

    i only hate it caause they dont update him in 2k13 but its for a good cost now he looks like marcin gortat hopefully he doesnt play like him

  18. Timmydoe says:

    Before: Kevin Love
    After: Marcin Gortat

  19. jeremykovac says:

    much respect k-love. this the type a ish that would get posted on straight up. larry fitz with the cameo too ahah

  20. Karlo Garcia says:

    Kevin shared the LOVE!

  21. Larry Moore says:

    This is something that we all should be aware of. Its great to see the concern you have for others. Support and Pray and we will win this battle.

  22. NBA fan says:

    He actually looks pretty good all shaved

  23. SpursFan says:


  24. Tyson says:

    What a great cause! Good on you K-Love!