Shaq Stirs It Up On Open Court … Again!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal has a way of making headlines even when he’s not trying to (just drop “Shaq” and “Dwight Howard” into the search window above and see what happens).

Shaq has no greater forum than NBA TV’s Open Court (11 p.m. ET tonight), where he not only has controversial company (Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson and others) but also a host of equally controversial topics to dissect.

They’re going in on the “Dream Team” debate this time, arguing which group of U.S. Olympians ranks as the greatest crew of all time. Leave it up to Shaq to stir it up like this:


  1. john moore says:

    Listening to Shaq constantly quoting his stats. I would like to give him a few he and others never seem to mention.
    In order to accomplish this feat, you have to be a good player and be on a decent team. I have watched these players whole
    careers and Shaq to my knowledge has been in more losing sweeps than any player in NBA history. 0-3 vs Pacers, 0-4 vs Rockets, 0-4 vs Bulls, 0-4 vs Utah, 0-4 vs Spurs. Not to mention 1-4 against Suns and Utah. It shows how winning can make you
    forget all of the tough losses one might endure.

  2. Meddulla says:

    Shaq! I love you man, but I think you’re scorned. We all know (those of us that were around back then) you should’ve made the 92 team over Christian Laettner

  3. why so serious? says:

    do u notice that all these bball expects don’t even care about 2012 team. the question come up and they dropped them 2012 team out of the conversation cuz they all know 2012 team is not even worthy to compare with original dream team

    • learnabit says:

      LOOL are you serious? The 2012 team would literally destroy 92. They are more athletic and more talented. Lebron would guard MJ, and would have him on lock down. And on the other side, theres no one stopping him and Durant. Let’s face it. Everyone might say MJ is the greatest, but that’s because he never played against Lebron. And we’ve seen what Lebron has done to every player hes guarded, destroyed.

      Paul, Kobe, James, Durant and you dont even need a 5… you could basically play Paul, Kobe, Carmelo, James, Durant.. and you have yourself a 20 point win. Game over.

  4. willett says:

    I agree with shaq

  5. shootshootdiddywhopcummacummawangdang says:

    The Dream Team’s discussion will go on for ever and a day, and you gotta love it. Imagine if Shaq had of been the 1 college player accepted in Dream Team 1… WOW.

  6. W/E says:

    DREAM TEAM II?!?!? what about DREAM TEAM III,1996 dream team 3 was better than dream team 2 and as good as dream team 1 except it didnt have MJ and of course Bird and Magic but who were already past their primes in 92…gary payton and Scottie pippen were at their primes in 1996 playing awesome basketbal at both ends,if Dream team 3 had MJ also we would be talking about a 96 dream team as good or even better than the 92 one.

    • I agree with W/E about Dream Team III. Even though they didn’t have MJ, they did have Penny Hardaway, who, neither MJ, or Pippen could check in that series when Jordan came back from retirement. They had both Shaq & Olajuwon, who would have dominated Ewing & Robinson down low. Add Mitch Richmond, Reggie Miller, and Grant Hill on the perimeter & you have good matches for Drexler, Pippen, and Mullin. Now, Pippen, Barkley, Robinson, Stockton, and Malone were on both squads; so for argument’s sake let’s replace them with Glen Rice, Kemp, Mourning, KJ, and Larry Johnson. So looking at those matchups, the 96 team would clearly have a more talented & athletic frontcourt, the only advantage that I see the original Dream Team having would be His Airness. Pippen and Grant Hill would be pretty much even, Drexler vs Miller/Richmond would be even, Barkley/Malone vs LJ/Kemp would be even, and Mullin wouldn’t be able to guard Rice. The 96 team would have the advantage on the interior both offensively & defensively with Hakeem, Zo, and Shaq & that would be the difference in the game.

  7. BenT says:

    I love Hang Time, and love Open Court. One complaint- the “background” music in the video was so overwhelming I had trouble hearing the discussion.

    Other than that, keep up the great work! (And who, pray tell, was “surprised” to hear Shaq say his team would win?)


  8. 16going417 says:

    Shaq should have kept quiet, but that is not his style. Even Reggie did not want to back him up, but you cannot say you will lose. So, Reggie was “forced” to agree with Shaq. Good thing we basketball fans are smart and know the real deal. 92 Dream Team the best ever. End of discussion.

    The ONLY thing you can even think about discussing concerning the 92 team is Christian Laettner being on that team LOL.

  9. lakermig says:

    hahahaha aint no way

  10. Willie says:

    Shaq is crazy dream team 1 is the greatest team ever put together dream team 2 couldn’t care they jockey strap stop playing

  11. says:

    I do disagree with Shaq,but his team was underrated.But the original 92 Dream Team had big name players and big name egos,so its possible The Dream Team II could be a scare.But they cant beat the 92 Olympic team,and nor can the current team

  12. Fr3D says:

    I disagree with Shaq BUT, most teams were staring in awe at the first dream team and come the end of the game run and try to get some autographs signed, the others dream team faced competition much more fierce.