Another Look: Jordan Goes Up! (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Seeing DeAndre Jordan play above the rim is a regular occurrence these days for the Los Angeles Clippers and their growing legion of fans.

You’d think we would all be immune to it by now, seeing one of the Clippers (namely Jordan and Blake Griffin) on the receiving end a lob from All-Star point guard Chris Paul.

But we’re not there yet. Hours after detonation, Jordan’s wicked work from last night is still worth Another Look:


  1. wow says:

    not a left hand , it is right hand dunk 🙂

  2. E-SY says:

    He is d@mn good, works hard and plays spectaculair!

  3. joe says:

    he’s not the best centre in the league, but he’s definately my favourite. I hope he can develop his game to the point where he can be in the conversation (for current players)

    • Love the hangtime podcast says:

      Agree completely, guy has a great personality and I’d love to see him do well.

  4. Cord says: