Bryant No Longer Mr. Clutch In Eyes Of League’s General Managers

The 11th annual GM Survey signifies the dawn of a new era. According to the league’s general managers, Kobe Bryant is no longer Mr. Clutch.

For 10 years, when GMs were asked which player should be taking the shot with a game on the line, Bryant received the most votes. This year, he did not.

Kevin Durant is the new Mr. Clutch in the eyes of the league’s GMs. Durant received 46.7 percent of the vote on that question this year, ahead of Bryant’s 40.0 percent.

Last season, Bryant and Durant were nearly identical in the clutch. Durant shot 47-for-120 (39.2 percent) in clutch time*, while Bryant shot 44-for-122 (36.1 percent). Durant was better from 3-point range, but Bryant got to the free-throw line more often. Amazingly, Bryant (51-for-127) and Durant (54-for-133) were nearly identical in clutch time the season before as well.

*Clutch time = Last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime, with a score differential of five points or less.

If you go by true shooting percentage, the most clutch players over the last three years (minimum 100 FGA) have been Chauncey Billups (because he gets to the line so often), Jason Terry, Steve Nash, Manu Ginobili and … get ready for it … LeBron James.

Among the 79 players who have attempted at least 100 shots in clutch time over the last three years, Durant ranks 34th in true shooting percentage, while Bryant ranks 38th.


Though the GMs no longer think that Bryant is Mr. Clutch, they still consider him to be the best shooting guard in the league, as they have every year of the survey. From his days with Shaq to his days with Dwight, he’s the only player to rank No. 1 at his position all 11 years. GM Survey – best player by position

Year Best PG Best SG Best SF Best PF Best C
2002-03 Jason Kidd Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady Tim Duncan Shaquille O’Neal
2003-04 Jason Kidd Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady Tim Duncan Shaquille O’Neal
2004-05 Jason Kidd Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady Tim Duncan Shaquille O’Neal
2005-06 Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady Tim Duncan Shaquille O’Neal
2006-07 Steve Nash Kobe Bryant LeBron James Tim Duncan Shaquille O’Neal
2007-08 Steve Nash Kobe Bryant LeBron James Tim Duncan Tim Duncan
2008-08 Chris Paul Kobe Bryant LeBron James Tim Duncan Dwight Howard
2009-10 Chris Paul Kobe Bryant LeBron James Tim Duncan Dwight Howard
2010-11 Deron Williams Kobe Bryant LeBron James Gasol/Nowitzki Dwight Howard
2011-12 Derrick Rose Kobe Bryant LeBron James Dirk Nowitzki Dwight Howard
2012-13 Chris Paul Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kevin Love Dwight Howard


Dirk Nowitzki‘s reign as the top power forward lasted just two years, but he’s been at the head of the international class for the life of the survey. All 11 years, including the years when Steve Nash was named MVP, Nowitzki has been named the league’s best international player.


Overall, it seems that general managers are more definitive this year. Gregg Popovich was named the league’s best coach for the fourth time, but this time with 80 percent of the vote. That’s the highest percentage any coach has received in the history of the survey.

When the GMs were asked what player they’d start a franchise with, James received more than twice as many votes as he did last year and the most any player has ever received, even though he’s about to turn 28 and has over 32,000 minutes of NBA mileage on his body.


Just because they’re definitive, it doesn’t mean they’re right. In the previous 10 years, the GMs have predicted the Finals winner just five out of 10 times. In fact, the only teams that have received the most votes are the Lakers, Spurs and Heat. GM Survey – NBA champion prediction

Year Prediction Pct. Actual
2002-03 L.A. Lakers 61.5% San Antonio
2003-04 L.A. Lakers 52.4% Detroit
2004-05 San Antonio 45.2% San Antonio
2005-06 San Antonio 76.9% Miami
2006-07 San Antonio 42.9% San Antonio
2007-08 San Antonio 37.0% Boston
2008-08 L.A. Lakers 46.2% L.A. Lakers
2009-10 L.A. Lakers 60.7% L.A. Lakers
2010-11 L.A. Lakers 63.0% Dallas
2011-12 Miami 74.1% Miami
2012-13 Miami 70.0%

GMs have correctly predicted the conference champions 12 out of 18 times (there was no conference-champ question in 2002), and have got 36 of the 56 divisional champs over the years. Only twice have they predicted the MVP correctly… GM Survey – MVP prediction

Year Prediction Pct. Actual
2002-03 Kobe Bryant 30.8% Tim Duncan
2003-04 Tim Duncan 42.9% Kevin Garnett
2004-05 Shaquille O’Neal 57.1% Steve Nash
2005-06 Tim Duncan 58.3% Steve Nash
2006-07 LeBron James 39.3% Dirk Nowitzki
2007-08 LeBron James 29.6% Kobe Bryant
2008-08 LeBron James 55.6% LeBron James
2009-10 LeBron James 69.0% LeBron James
2010-11 Kevin Durant 66.7% Derrick Rose
2011-12 Kevin Durant 55.6% LeBron James
2012-13 LeBron James 66.7%

Here’s some more GM Survey history…

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player, who would it be?

Year Player Pct.
2002-03 Shaquille O’Neal 64.0%
2003-04 Tim Duncan 57.1%
2004-05 Tim Duncan 47.6%
2005-06 Tim Duncan 40.0%
2006-07 LeBron James 71.4%
2007-08 LeBron James 59.3%
2008-08 LeBron James 66.7%
2009-10 LeBron James 78.6%
2010-11 Kevin Durant 55.6%
2011-12 Durant/James 37.0%
2012-13 LeBron James 80.0%

More picks

Year Best coach Best defender Most athletic Best pure shooter Best passer
2002-03 Phil Jackson Gary Payton Vince Carter Ray Allen Jason Kidd
2003-04 Larry Brown Ben Wallace Tracy McGrady Ray Allen N/A
2004-05 Larry Brown Ron Artest LeBron James Peja Stojakovic N/A
2005-06 Larry Brown Ben Wallace LeBron James Ray Allen Jason Kidd
2006-07 Pat Riley Ben Wallace LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash
2007-08 Gregg Popovich Bruce Bowen LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash
2008-08 Gregg Popovich Kevin Garnett LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash
2009-10 Phil Jackson Dwight Howard LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash
2010-11 Phil Jackson Dwight Howard LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash
2011-12 Gregg Popovich Dwight Howard LeBron James Ray Allen Chris Paul
2012-13 Gregg Popovich Dwight Howard LeBron James Ray Allen Steve Nash


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  1. mrcontrovercy says:

    One could argue for a healthy rosé or wade, also.

  2. mrcontrovercy says:

    Kobe is still the man. Granted, he is older and his body can’t do some of the things he once could as well, but still the man. Top three for “mr clutch” are: Kobe, durant and lebron (no specific order)!

  3. stan says:

    hi i need friends talk to me or ill die

  4. Rick says:

    Chris Mhim is the best center EVER

  5. drdre23 says:

    reallly durant mr clurch, i have melo over him, kobe is still the clutchest, then melo… melo has better fg% then kobe and durant go and watch

  6. wooderson says:

    dwyane wade has been the best shooting guard since 07, fact. most athletic is demar derozen

  7. Kobe fans says:

    You guys all forgot to mention. Kobe was the Player of the decade. As you can see he was the “best SG” from 2002-2012
    c’mon this dude been the best for a decade now…I give him the most credit man. 16-17 seasons already still not fading out like many players. And he is by far the toughest basketball play i ever seen….he had been playing with broken hand, back, knees, akle….u name it he has it…..he been playing with them for over 4 years now….and in those years he won 2 rings…enough said.

  8. ebreezy14 says:

    Alright after reading all the comments its kinda hard not to comment on this article. You people should really re-read what you guys are about to post, what some of you guys post don’t even make any sense and you can tell you dont know your basketball. How the hell did MJ get into this convo? its about the present we clearly aren’t talking about the 90’s and second before you hate on Kobe you should really watch him play first before you say anything else. KD35 I didnt like him at first but after watching him on the 2010 fiba world championship ever since than he prove that he can be “Mr. Clutch”. My fav player is Kobe the Black Mamba Bryant and I honestly don’t know if im going to watch the nba after he retires. but KD is a lot better shooter now. But than Again EVERYONE let’s see whats up this season. Kobe looks hungry mang.

  9. DWADE123 says:


    MVP: Lebron James
    6th man: James Harden
    Coach of the year: Gregg Popovich
    Most Improved: Amar’e Stoudemire
    Rookie of the year: Harison Barnes
    Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard

  10. mvp 2012 says:

    LeBron is clutch but people just love to hate on him he will take a lot more clutch shots this year people the reason LeBron was hesitant to take the game winners was because he still felt like he didn’t to step on Dwade’s toes but now that Wade came out and said it was Bron’s team he will be taking be more clutch shots and also LeBron is all about winning and making that play which sometime him going 1 on 2 or 3 is better play than him gigging the rock to someone else. I also agree Kobe is more clutch than KD either though the stats say other wise I might be bias being that Kobe is my 2nd favorite player behind Lebron but also coaches game plan more against Kobe in the clutch than they do against KD. Go Heat 2012-13 champions

    • mvp 2012 says:

      i Meant giving not gigging my laptop was messing up my bad i also meant people understand the reason lebron blah blah

  11. im a laker fan n I’m very glad to say i got to see kobe play
    many people been doubting kobe skill the last couple yeras sayn he wont play at a high level haha bs to me he was the
    leading scorer last season just he was out for the last couple games but durant later in the future will be the closes player to kobe in my opinion body size n playing wise but nobody will ever be kobe whos plays with injuries on his shooting hands n who plays with injuries period n it seems like his skill isnt fading away even tho hes getting older next season hill still be top 5 scorers

  12. jah.martins says:


    Playoff Crunch time Stats Go-ahead or game-tying shots:

    Kobe Bryant – 7-of-25 (28%)
    Michael Jordan – 9-of-18 (50%)

  13. jah.martins says:


    Playoff Crunch time Stats Go-ahead or game-tying shots

    Kobe Bryant – 7-of-25 (28%)
    Michael Jordan – 9-of-18 (50%)

  14. Doe Columbus says:

    and that is why the NBA has so many losing GM’S!! I love Durant, but Kobe and his five rings are taking the last shot! I noticed you don’t really like Westbrook either! when he is a world champion soon you will!!

  15. Joaquin says:

    He never been mr. Clutch.. The perception is not the reality, and the reality is that kobe bryant have a poor FG% in those situations, 50-150 for saying a number (this numbers are just an example) is that you lose or not win in 100 games.. The double of wins, the real mr clutch always will be michael jeffrey jordan, he shoot over 50% in FG, thats clutch…

    • Kobe fans says:

      Well…..i think this article is about the CURRENT nba players not the history of NBA. thx for the history lesson bro. Everyone know the greatest player of all is MJ. tell us something we don’t know.

  16. euro says:

    I think that a team of Lebron and Durant with scrub defensive players can easily win a championship.

  17. LAL says:

    Kobe is doing it for 17 years KD just started few years back.. com’on ppl when it comes to clutch u already know black mamba, attack conquer

  18. LAL says:

    D Rose will be another Brandon Roy mark my words he’s done

  19. cdubbb24 says:

    pure and simple KD is not there with the MAMBA. so what he’s hit some clutch shots. KOBE has done it year after year for going on 17 years now. HOW DARE YOU EVEN COMPARE THE TWO.


  20. wINSANITY says:

    don’t forget CARMELO ANTHONY!!! in my opinion the Melo man belongs to the top 3 best clutch shooters of this era. to those people who will disagree just search on YOUTUBE.
    Lebron might be the best player right now but he is no clutch!!!

  21. 16going417 says:

    LOL, your second paragraph says it all. Kobe has been voted clutch every year for the past 10 years. Now you want to compare 34 year old Kobe to 24 year old Kevin Durant???? HA HA HA, let’s talk about this when Durant or James has been voted clutch 10 years STRAIGHT!!!!!!

  22. Wade03jordan23 says:

    wat about wade he is the best sg right now

  23. Wout says:

    I think Rondo-time is coming

  24. tracy says:

    i remember when tracy was the man he would still be in the discussion if not for those injuries this is what happens when you carry bad teams for so long and when he did get a good team heis body gave out

  25. jojo says:

    kobe is the best clutch player!!!

  26. UnbelievaBull says:

    Before anyone else goes about posting here or even on the rest of this site for any articles in the future, no matter what happens to players past or present, as long as they’ve signed a contract to play in the league they’re saying -they’ve come to play. Period.

    The game has never changed. It’s still about determination, consistent effort and love for the game. Whether or not a player succeeds in this league will come down to that. I’m not downplaying anyone’s injuries or family issues. Even if you’ve got that, but are with contract to play, you should bring your game with you. Countless comparisons from the past, present and in the future have been done, are doing and will be doing with names like these.

    Let’s take it from the standard of basketball excellence: Michael Jordan. Ask him how he was doing before he got injured and after he got injured. Ask MJ if he played well with the flu. Ask Michael what happened when defenders were very physical against him. Ask Air Jordan what he could do with the basketball at age 40. Ask him how he played before retirement and after retirement. Tell me how many excuses did he make?

    That’s right.

    I have love for all these players who bring their game, as long as they’re still in the league. I have love for those players that gave it their all, come practice or game-time and even if they’re good statistically or not. But there will never be an excuse for guys that make excuses.

    The game hasn’t changed. Players have.

  27. Dnx says:

    All i see is that GM’s sure don’t know much about predicting. Their way off the mark on many. In a post MJ era Kobe remains the best. LeBron has to earn much more.. titles… because at the end of the line winning a title is the ultimate prize after 100 or so games in a season. And yes, Kobe is getting old. I am so glad i saw him play all my youth and lived so many amazing moments as a Lakers fan. He’s been my Michael Jordan.

  28. MJ23/KB24 says:

    Kobe is a better clutch player than durant for me. kobe being the best clutch player for 10years?! and durant only 1yr. may be this years best clutch player is durant but in overall kobe is better.

    • Game Time says:

      I think if you gave any of the great shooters in today’s game the same amount of last minute shots as Kobe you’d get better results…actually that’s what makes some guys better clutch shooters to me is the shot selection. Fading away from the 3pt line and making one out of ten doesn’t mean you’re clutch…

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Game Time the problem with your logic is that all the other players get those shots as well. You play 82 games a season and there will be plenty of times to take those shots during the course of the year. Yet year after year Kobe is always at the top of the list in MAKING THE MOST game winning shots. Now of course you will miss some and if not most of those shots. Another thing, most of the league leading stats are because the player did more then the rest to get that title. Logic is that if you shot more you score more right? I don’t hear people saying that the only reason Ray Allen made the most threes is because he shot the most. Most of the time the league leading scorer is someone that took the most shots.

  29. Alex214 says:

    Everyone seems to forget that just because KD had a better season than Kobe and made a few more clutch shots now you guys think he is more clutch than Kobe no way. Even in the poll question about this topic kobe leads by a large amount. One or two years of good basketball doesn’t make a career out of a player Kobe has been doing it well over a decade now. The only reason why kobe is not making more clutch shots now is because he is slower(age) and not as healthy as before. Also, KD is bigger which in my opinion is a great advantage if you don’t think so then ask Dirk Nowitzki lol. Talking about best shooting guard no one is saying that wade is bad it just so happens that kobe is better to be at his age and still play at that level not many athletes can do that you have to be very special. As far as more complete player goes Lebron would be the choice i don’t play favoritism when it comes to the players kobe is my favorite since i have watched him all his career but i know when a player is no longer the top player, so Lebron is now at the top lets just see if he could keep it up at age 34. Another thing is that Kobe’s injuries have been more and more serious of the ones of KD, LBJ, Wade so who knows what would have been of these players if they had those.

  30. imtheCLUTCH says:




  31. The Truth says:

    LOL This made me laugh so much. If all these “League GM’s” say Kobe is not clutch anymore then tell yall Head coaches to stop gameplanning from and stop doubling my man Kobe in the 4th quarter. If he is not clutch anymore let him go 1-on-1 in the 4th quarter but guess what yall are too scared to do that. Give respect those you have earned it.

  32. Carlos says:

    To be honest if you really would ask me who is clutch IMO since MJ.

    1. C. Billiups
    2. G. Arenas
    3. V. Carter

    Just cause they show highlights Kobe hitting 1-2 game winning shots a season how many does he actually miss. I’ve seen these three hit atleast 5 big game shots to end games

    • Fo Real says:

      t-mac 13 PTS IN 35 SEC …..most clutch performance ever!!!!!!!

    • Game Time says:

      So true.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Carlos Man you can’t be serious about your statement saying that 1-2 highlights of Kobe’s game winners. You would have to combine all three players career game winning shots to compare to Kobe. I still can believe the nerve of people. Kobe must have been tearing your favorite apart for years for you to make such a arrogant claim.

  33. Romesh says:

    People who look at stats to determine the value of a player, shouldn’t be allowed to talk basketball. You should be banned from posting coz you don’t understand! and I am not gonna spend time explaining it to you.

  34. Francisco says:

    I have been saying this for years, Kobe NEVER has been the best clutch player in the league, once you defined CLUTCH
    and put the numbers behind it , it is clear Durant # 34 KOBE # 38, he has 37 guys who did it better than him period.

    • hahahahahahahahahaha……………….. Durant “yet” only has one good clutch year and then you compare him to kobe? i would say that he is more clutch if he hit 6 buzzer beater in 1 year, I STILL PREFER KOBE AS THE LAST PERSON TO HIT THOES FINAL SHOOT

      • .... lol says:

        some times they dont need to hit buzzer beaters ==’ not every game comes close. it depends on the whole game and how the players play. you cant be clutch if the game is not close enough to win or lose

  35. NBAfan says:

    Clutch is both AN ART AND A SCIENCE…The Schu here is a stats guy and he’s repin’ the science let me be the yin to your yang….

    I define a “clutch” shot to be a basket that needed to be made to turn or keep the flow of your game in your team’s favor. In my opinion, a clutch shot can be made in the 2nd quarter.

    Plainly defining “clutch” through ARBITRARY parameters like 20 seconds left, less than 3 points down, blah blah blah does not paint a comprehensive enough picture..

    At the end of the day, the players play to win, and you win a game throughout the 48 minutes of a ball game…KEY SHOTS CAN HAPPEN THROUGHOUT THE GAME if you know what you’re really looking at….someone CLUTCH is a player who takes these shots….make or not…that’s up to destiny…or percentages (whatever floats your boat).

    If I’m the coach, and there’s only 3 seconds left, with the game on the line…do I give it to Kobe, a guy who can get his shot off on ANY defender (ask D-Wade)…or a 6’10 SF who has ample mobility and can shoot from anywhere inside the arena? I don’t know…I’ll have to look into their EYES and see who wants it more….THAT MY FRIEND IS THE BEST ALL WE CAN DO WHEN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH COMES….I bet you…both the Black Mamba’s and the Durantula’s eyes will be shouting at me…give me the shot….

  36. Joel says:

    The term (field goal attemp) refers to a basket scored on any shot or tap other than a free throw. your basing this on a (minimum of 100 FGA) because a free throw is not a shot attemp none of those player that took free throw should be on this list.

  37. kobeista says:

    dont make kobe angry please… howard and nash will help him

  38. HiLL says:

    MJ would’ve dominated this era. If you would ask MJ who’s more clutch Kobe or KD he’d say Kobe. When Durant starts to dominant the closing moments of games for at least 10 years then you can start comparing him to Kobe.

  39. Kale says:

    To me being “clutch” means that you can hit a shot with 20 seconds or less on the clock. To me as a Laker fan Kobe was not as clutch as Durant last year after he had that big year the last time L.A won a title. But to state that Kobe can not make the clutch shot is false he can still hit it just not as often thats my opinion

    • Average Joe says:

      Unfortunately your opinion of clutch is not the same as the NBA’s definition of the word. And the NBA’s definition of clutch is actually the one in force here so as much as I like your comment, it would have no weight in a forum of basketball experts. If NBA GM’s say that KD is more clutch than Kobe this past season, I would be inclined to believe them since they have the insight, experience and knowledge that most of us lack.

      And Schuhman did not “state” that Kobe could not make clutch shots. The article’s gist is that KD is better at the clutch than Kobe and covered his arguments with stats to prove his case.

  40. jerry tan says:

    in 2009, wade is better than kobe

    • @ jerry Tan ……………………………………. man still stuck in 09? maybe you’re still drraming that we are still at 2009….wake up bro we’re here at 2012 already

    • NBAfan says:

      GM Surveys are taken before the season…the opinions of the “experts” were Kobe all the way, even if one could argue that Wade HAD a better season than Kobe in 2009, they still voted Kobe as the best SG going into 2010….that says a lot….

      I am a fan of Kobe because of his continued evolution as a player…I really think he can play until he is 40 and still be effective as a scorer and a leader in any team…contender or otherwise…he is the only guy who can really give Jabbar’s record a run for his money if he really wants to….

      I am at complete awe of Wade’s athleticism and courage, but I am disappointed by the absence of any real change in his game….I think he’ll be lucky to start for a team at age 35….he’s in the same category as Shaq, Iverson, and Carter…guys who had incredible physical advantages, and relied on them way too much for their own good…

      That is why Wade will always be number 2 until Kobe retires in my book…but I’m not a GM.

      • E-SY says:

        Bold statement that Kobe continuesly evoluated as a player and Wade did not. I don’t agree on that. The rest makes perfect sense, but both players developed most of their game in the early years and after that it’s experience that counts. You only have as much to develop as the talent that is in you and the edge on this point I think goes to Kobe. Wade has been overruled by his teammate LeBron if it comes to talent and he is the only player in the league at this moment that has even more potential to evolve and finally become a better and more complete player than Kobe is. We could argue about the fact that he might just already be there…

      • Francisco says:


      • Game Time says:

        Bias. Wade doesn’t need to change his game (yet). Not sure why you would hold that against a player who can average 25 alongside the league MVP. Kobe on the other hand limits his teams scoring by taking the most shots. When he scores 40 it means no one else got to 20. That’s not evolution of his game it’s called ball hogging.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @E-SY… Sorry to burst your bubble, but are your kidding me when you say that Lebron might be a more complete player then Kobe today??? The man that can’t shoot a three consistently??? The man that just know got good at on-ball denfense??? The man that until last year didn’t know what clutch meant??? To be more complete then another person you have to do better then them in every stat. Lebron will never be a better scorer then Kobe. He can be better at defense, but that’s do to his physical stature.

  41. derek says:


    At the very least, you’d think Wade would have been named top SG in 2006-07, what after having arguably the most dominant finals performance ever, a great playoffs and a great season.

  42. bball boy says:

    kobe bryant is the best since micheal jordan! and the lakers will win the championship in 2013

  43. Ryan says:

    These GM’s are just stupid. How many years has Kobe been competing? One good “clutch” year for durant does not make him more clutch than Kobe, a guy who has been in the league for how long? I’m not even a Kobe fan or durant hater.

  44. wade #1 says:

    wat about wade he is the best guard in 08-09 and 05-06 and 09-10

    • MHM 35 says:

      dude get over it. Wade is #2 or below.

    • LBJ fans says:

      LOL those years….was kobe prime…05-06 kobe dominated the game by himself(not as a team tho), 08-09, 09-10 kobe was the best and most clutch i ever seen him in. thats one of the reason why he was won those rings in 08-10.

  45. Jason Hamp says:

    If Durant hits six game winners in a seasaon then I will call him Mr Clutch till then Kobe is the man

  46. big phill says:

    I wish tracy Mcgrady wouldn’t have never got those back injuries…..he is still in my opinion one of the greatest of all time….until Lebron came he was the best at that position…if he didn’t get hurt he would probably still be the best at that position

    • NBAfan says:

      Lots of lost potential…Anfernee Hardaway, Grant Hill, Vince Carter, T-Mac, and maybe B Roy….he’s trying a comeback but he will never be what he used to be in my opinion….

      • E-SY says:

        Oww… I like those names! But all lost potential, with that I don’t agree. Sure, for T-Mac and Roy, but Grant Hill had a great career and Penny Hardaway started off very good, but couldn’t push it for too long. VC is a different story; his extreme explosiveness and athlethesism are unmatched and my guess is they will remain unseen for the next 10 years or so. But it seemed impossible to keep that up for all too long. With the Nets he showed some flashes of those skills (remember him dunking over Mourning), but that was that.

        I could add a couple of names to your list of players that could have been the absolute top of the league, but they are not, so I’m afraid the article is complete and we have to give players like Kobe and LeBron credit. KD still is on about the same page as T-Mac is… he has to continue this story for at least 4-5 years to become one of those all time greatest.

      • MNeal says:

        Those who play the duration of an entire season, and playoffs, for 10+ years without injury deserves alot of credit. Unfortunate plays and accidents happen and players get hurt and never are the same. It’s a testiment to those who are able to play at a high level for 10-15+ years. Think about the strain all professional athletes put on their bodies. Penny, G. Hill, T-Mac and B. Roy are exceptional talents, Kobe (16-17yrs into his career) has been playing at an elite level for so long we start to wonder when is he going to fade off to the norm of the NBA. Its amazing in my eyes. I hope to see Lebron and KD play for a long time.

  47. Arun says:

    In my personal opition Mr.Clutch is still Kobe Bryant. Kobe knows how to create those last 2-3 points with his book of zillion moves. KD is great but KB is a better choice for that final shot. (to me cluth is the final buzzer beater and game winning shots)

    • expert says:

      I agree. Put stats aside Kobe is the guy I want with the ball. What about ice in his veins? Being cold blooded? Hitting the dagger? Forget about stats and think about which guy, with 3 seconds left, your favorite team up by 2…who are you more afraid of? I love Durant but I’d much rather have him shoot it than Kobe. Kobe wants to make that shot, he wants to be the hero or the scape goat. Kobe isn’t one of those guys out there trying to be the best they can be, the reason he’s amazing is because he wants to be the best ever. You get there by making insanely difficult shots with the game on the line. I don’t like Kobe as a person, but as a basketball fan I’m proud and honored to say I watched him play. I got to see one of the greatest ever do things I didn’t think was possible, in a way that makes basketball so beautiful

  48. W/E says:

    Kobe Bryant is getting old and hes gunna do w/e it takes to leave his mark in the NBA…and thats the reason he takes all those horrible shots in the fourth quarter,no matter with who he plays with, hes still gunna take the iso fade away contested three point shot at the end of the fourth quarter that will cost his team the game…

    • MNeal says:

      His mark has been left on the NBA. Those clutch moments are meant for the Kobe Bryants, Kevin Durants etc. I can live with Kobe taking those shots 10 out of 10 times, everyday!
      He has been pretty clutch throughout his career…hasn’t he?

  49. Game Time says:

    Clutch to me is hitting the last shot to win a game with time running. Free throws are gimmes. If a bad free throw shooter makes the majority of his attempts during the last 30secs does that make him clutch? I don’t think so. May sound crazy or stupid to some but think about it.

    • MSanchez says:

      You could consider him as a player that hits clutch free throws…

    • Nice Try says:

      Stop trying to justify Kobe and Durant being lower than 30th in terms of actually making clutch shots. If this was about ESPN highlights, then sure those two are who you want. Nobody ever sees highlights of them missing more often than not.

      • Game Time says:

        That’s because a highlight isn’t about a player missing shots…and if it was Kobe would have the most highlights since he’s number five on the list for most shots missed.

    • look it's a turtle... says:


    • AussieCeltic says:

      well unfortunately Clutch has already been defined by baskbetball history. So you can’t just think of it as whatever you want..

      It is what Schuhmann says it is, not what you sai it is. Good day,

  50. Elijah Olson says:

    Amateur hour? They seriously need a fact checker/spell checker. The Lakers did not win the title in 2003, the Spurs did, so the GM’s only predicted the champion 5/10 correctly – not six. also Apparently we had a 2008-08 season but not a 2008-09 season. Someone notify Doc Brown.

    • DJ3 says:

      Apparently, John was sleeping from December 31st 2008 to the start of the 2009-10 season. Someone needs to inform him about what happened during that span.

  51. Love the hangtime podcast says:

    LeChoke? More like LeClutch…

    Take that haters.

  52. Braulio perez says:

    One big mistake. In 2002-2003 the champions were the San Antonio Spurs in the series against the Nets. LA won the three-peat in 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002

  53. Sea Pea says:

    I’d like to see who’s clutch statistics are better in the playoffs.

  54. kaydeelethal says:

    Hw many years has bryant been for a.comparison ? Damn guys

    Dj. Kaydee #Takeoverdjs

    On Oct 22, 2012 8:59 PM, “ | Hang Time Blog” wrote:

    ** John Schuhmann posted: ” [nba-video vid=channels/nba_tv/2012/10/10/] HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The 11th annual GM Survey signifies the dawn of a new era. According to the league’s general managers, Kobe Bryant is no longer Mr. Clutch. For 1″