Report: LeBron James On Lakers’ Free Agent Radar For 2014?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It seems straight out of the realm of the truly ridiculous, we know. We haven’t even seen these new-look Los Angeles Lakers, with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the fold with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace. Yet the rumblings about the Lakers’ next big move are already cranking up.

That next big move being the possible pursuit and acquisition of one LeBron Raymone James in free agency in 2014, per a report from Brian Windhorst of

Now before you go over the edge, throwing stuff at your computer and knocking over trash cans, follow the logic on this thing:

Several teams’ executives have told they believe the Lakers are positioning themselves to make a run at LeBron James in 2014, when the Miami Heat star can choose to become a free agent.

… In the wake of the Howard trade, much as been made of the massive luxury-tax bill the Lakers are facing next season if they’re able to re-sign the big man. salary cap expert Larry Coon has estimated the Lakers could be on the hook for as much as $85 million just in taxes in 2013-14.

But look a little further, to that 2014-15 season, and you’ll see something else: The Lakers’ projected payroll is almost completely clear. Only Nash is signed for that season, at $9.7 million, though the Lakers will also be paying about $20 million to Howard if they can re-sign him this coming summer.

In July 2013, Bryant’s $30.4 million, Pau Gasol’s $19.2 million, Metta World Peace’s $7.7 million, Steve Blake‘s $4 million and Jordan Hill’s $3.5 million will come off the books. There likely won’t even be any first-round draft picks filling up the cap, either, as the Lakers have already traded their 2013 first-round pick to Phoenix in the Nash deal.

Opposing teams that are making their own long-range free agency plans think they see the Lakers’ plan coming into focus. As it stands, L.A. will have enough cap space to add a superstar like James.

“It’s not a mistake that all those deals end the same year Kobe’s does. They have probably been planning for their next phase for a while,” said one general manager. “The Busses and [Lakers GM] Mitch [Kupchak] are always thinking about the next big deal.”

There is a reason the Lakers have remained relevant in the championship conversation more consistently than any other team, including the Boston Celtics, the past 40 years.

What looks ridiculous to the naked eye looks completely different through those purple and gold tinted lenses worn by the Lakers’ brass. Think about it: They snagged Shaquille O’Neal in the prime of his career, stole Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies in the prime of his career and just finished up a summer when they did the unthinkable and brought both Nash (a sworn enemy of the Lakers for years while he was in both Dallas and Phoenix) and Howard (whose initial stance during his trade demand fiasco/saga was basically “anybody but the Lakers”) to Hollywood.

It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility to believe that James could indeed be their target in 2014, provided he chooses to terminate his current deal then or even in 2015, and could be swayed to join the party after possibly winning another title or two in Miami.

There are plenty of league executives who feel that it’s reasonable to assume that LeBron, who recently changed agents, will opt-out in 2014. More from that report:

“The agent part probably doesn’t matter. LeBron is the best player in the league and he’s making less than the max, so unless he’s seriously hurt he’s going to opt out in 2014, if only because I would assume he wants and deserves to get a true max,” said one league executive. “Even if the Heat win the next two titles there’s a feeling that LeBron is going to become a free agent in two years no matter what.”

If you feel a little bit twisted, speaking about fantasy basketball scenarios out loud, you can imagine how this is all playing out for James right now in Miami. Heat fans certainly don’t want to hear about this, never mind that it’s strictly a theory being floated by anonymous league executives.

But if we’ve learned anything from James and all that he’s been through the past three years, dating back to his final season in Cleveland, it’s that Kevin Garnett was spot on when he said, “anything’s possible.” Competitors have a way of becoming allies in today’s NBA. And unlike Bryant, who has spent much of his career as a relative loner, James claims friends everywhere.

He’s already teamed up with two of them (Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) in Miami with smashing results. With his best friend in the league, Clippers star Chris Paul, headed for the deep end of the free agent waters in 2013 along with Howard, things could get extremely interesting for several players and franchises between now and the potential LeBron-free agent-palooza in 2014.

Say whatever you want about all of the craziness. The tickets for the mega team the Lakers (or possibly the Clippers or someone else … ?) have in mind would sell out in seconds.


  1. smoothwade23 says:

    The fact that they’re already bringing up James going somewhere else is nonsense. They just got the title, plus Lakers have more options in the future. Why LeBron? Lakers being as big as they are they could make that move if they wanted to.

  2. NBAfan says:

    Gasol is a very good player, but he is not great. He is no superstar, that’s for sure. He’s an all-star at best, and not even a starting all-star at that. So yeah, Kobe won those last 2 rings “on his own” as far as superstars go. The only people who would ever consider Gasol a superstar are the Kobe haters who won’t accept he won back-to-back rings with no other real superstar in the team…unlike Shaq…who needed Kobe and D-Wade…

    D-Wade, is a starter at the all-star game every year…he is a SUPERSTAR without a doubt. Bosh started as an all-star, and could have done so more times if KG, Melo didn’t join the east….that’s what you call not doing it on your own…

    Enough about Lebron and the Cavs getting swept in the Finals…the 8th seeded knicks with an old and injured P. Ewing reached the finals and even won one game against the spurs…who did they have then? Spreewell and Houston (both at Gasol’s level at best)…so that makes them better than the King?

    If Kobe was on that cavs team, he would have had a chance to break Wilts 100 pt record….and would have average close to 40 ppg….

  3. miamiboy says:

    lebrons gonna retire in miami

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron SHOULD retire as a HEAT…

      D.Wade or Bosh (one of them, but not both, unless you hate the HEAT) should go to another team in the next couple of years….

  4. Joao says:

    I coud not disagree more when you say Kobe has been a relative loner, what about his titles with Shaq, then Gasol and always with a decent team built around him. If you put Lebron on those Lakers i guarantee at least the same -or even more- titles. Now you put Kobe on those Cavs teams that Lebron played absolutely all by himself and that is a real loner. I doubt Kobe would have stayed there just trying to make Conference Finals every year.

  5. Lakers 101 says:

    I think it’s possible if Lakers snatch him and seeing Kobe (as I believe won’t be retiring anytime soon) play a couple or three more season with Howard and possible LeBron and Cp3, that will be epic.
    And c’mon Lakers always want the nba highlight stay in LA…..
    Go Lakers !!!!!!!

  6. clif says:

    I think it would be better to compare finals MVPs instead of championship rings…. MJ swept all his finals appearances…

  7. JeffX says:

    Where the hell is LBJ. He has become silent on an issue about his favorite player? Is he worried that he will have to change teams if LeBron moves?

  8. hahahahahaha………. kobe is todays best SG why would he want to be with the ……..2nd best SG(Wade) ……..a ………long neck tirant(Bosh) …….and a …….stupid king(LBJ)? when he already got ironman(Howard)…….. the most talented big man today(Gasol)……. and……. one of the greatest playmaker in the nba(Nash).

  9. LakerFan says:

    if Lebron goes to the Lakers, OH MY! the other teams wil backout and create their own league without the Lakers! hahaha!

  10. cmarc says:

    when lebron becomes a free agent he will only sign with miami, he doesn’t want to be the bad guy again and go through what he went through with cleveland. he will stay in miami in his prime and possibly even longer…

  11. John says:

    It’s funny that it’s possible for Lebron to leave Miami for an even greedier situation.

  12. Chris says:

    the plan of attack is that the Lakers will get two more superstars in addition to having Dwight Howard and Nash. Then, Kobe will unretire and accept about 1 million salary like Michael Jordan did with the Wzards back in 2001. andwhat does that mean, Lebron, Howard, Kobe, Nash, and another prime superstar. now tell me, does that sound like a plan or what.

  13. Blake says:


  14. Houdini says:

    All this talk is just a way of saying Lebron is the best basketball player, and will still be the best basketball player for many years to come. It’s all business anyway, and the Laker management better have something for its fans to look forward to after failing to get past the 2nd round of the playoffs again for the next 2 years, so yeah, this is like Laker management saying:
    “don’t worry that we again failed to get past the 2nd round of the playoffs, even with Dwight and Nash, as we’re planning to get Lebron James to replace Kobe for the start of the 2014 season, that pretty much guarantees us of winning the championship again.” So again, good job to the Buss family and Laker management, they do know how to appease their fans. They wouldn’t want the Laker faithful to dwell in sorrow for more than 5 years not being able to win anything since 2010.

  15. LeWade says:

    I know this may sound nuts… but I can see if the Lakers seriously go after Lebron while Kobe still wants to plat, Kobe will do his best to go to Miami.

    • hahahahahaha………..Kobe is today’s best SG why would he want to play with the ……….second best SG(Wade)……….a long neck(Bosh)………. and a so called King(LBJ)? when he already have Ironman(Howard)……….the most talented big man today(Gasol)……….one of the best playmaker in the history of NBA(Nash). so tell me why?

  16. Ricky says:

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  17. METTA WAR PIECE says:

    Lakers should eye for Kevin Durant more than Lebron James. Durant has so much years left in the NBA and with his current skill set, any NBA franchise would want him on their teams. Lebron James will be getting older but still a solid all-around player so he should stay with his current team.

  18. Michael Jordan says:

    Wonder if Kobe will go to europe or play on the wizards when he done in la

  19. ErnAngis says:

    We dont need LBJ in LA, BLACKMAMBA is there for long time and one player one name team.

  20. Oscar says:

    Hi to everybody

    I said that “The money can buy so much things…the competitors have hungry…but the egos have names…”

  21. Tonyswag says:

    Lebron to the clips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nba where epic happens

  22. lakerspasion says:

    and the loyalty for the team? miami give LeBron everything, he never has to leave heat. C’mon LeBron, I trust you, you’re my idol!

  23. this is what will happen: LBJ will tear his ACL then retire at 2014 then DIE!!!!!! at mid 2014

  24. Nooooo! Don’t leave the Miami in the 2014-2015 Season!

  25. DWL says:


  26. mr.yuwanakno says:

    dont get ur hopes up L..a i highly doubt he would want 2 traded from his gay friends (bangbros)

  27. Jay says:

    lakers all day

  28. FUNNY says:

    nash and howard are not enough so they’re trying to get more superstars, I wonder how many players will left once they got Lebron… maybe 5 stars with no bench players

  29. noyb says:

    Let’s see… Starting LAL line-up in 2014 – Howard, James, Gasol, Bryant (1-2 year extention), Paul? Whoa……..

  30. Gabriel says:

    Sorry to let you guys down, LeBron is not going to Lakers in 2014. He doesn’t want to be more hated.

  31. BoyHEAT says:

    and I thought as HEAT fans where the only one who was greedy during the Dwightmare! But can also happen. I also love the Lakers but I think there crossing the line here! LeBron should make an 3 to 5 years extension to Miami if he doesn’t want another HATE city! It would also be a good idea to go back to Cleavland to ask forgiveness to his former loyal fans or maybe join a rebuilding team (which may be a force in the next 3 years) like Houston or Minnesota or even Washington! I know LeBron has no loyalty in choosing a city to play but he has to think about the outcomes if he wants to achieve that Multiple Ring Dream he was.


    • nevin15 says:

      If I were a Cleveland fan I would hate the idea of coming back cuz you can’t leave your team then get a ring then come back and ask for loyal fans… And as for lebron coming to LA, I’m a huge lakers fan but that would never happen

  32. Swaggie Boy says:

    Look here, why would LBJ go to another team in 2014, didn’t he just leave Cleveland to win championships and have a better supporting cast ( Bosh, Wade, Battier, Allen and Lewis)

  33. zteve nazh says:

    every player has their own pride and i think that LBJ will know what he needs to do. 2014 is still a lot of time to think for a move that would make a difference in the NBA, We would never until that time comes. so lets just focus on the exciting 2012-2013 NBA SEASON.


    shut up people,….. too much nonsense.

  35. RyU says:

    not a fan of the idea…

  36. Dapper Jay says:

    This is what will happen: Kobe will retire after the 2013-2014 season or go to the Euro League, Dwight Howard will be a UFA after this year and he will go to Brooklyn as he planned earlier (except now he doesn’t have to wait for a trade to go through), Steve Nash will retire after the 2013-2014 season and might go play soccer for two years, and the Lakers will fire Mike Brown for not being able to bring LA a ring. The Lakers will then be left with wack MWP, whom they will trade for cash considerations and a couple of second-round picks. As for LeBron, he will either stay with Miami or he will go to Cleveland, as he has said that if he had the chance to play in Cleveland again, he would, and he may. Sure, I would LOVE for him to go to the Celtics, but even I know that won’t happen. Though, in the NBA, where “Amazing Happens”, I can quote KG in saying that “Anything is possible”…….except for LBJ going to the Lakers lmao

  37. sherwin says:

    king james will not go to lakers!!!!!
    he is loyal to miami!!!!!

  38. zACH says:

    This will only happen if lebron chooses to be a freeagent and what if he re signs with the heat this is just a dream lebron wont leave miami untill his prime is over…

  39. jax says:

    i heard the lakers are getting nookie from boardwalk empire also

  40. SDF05 says:

    Lebron James moving into Lakers sounds great, and maybe, just maybe, likely because Kobe could be retiring and getting cleared of player contracts like Nash and Metta World Peace in 2 years. Look how they got Nash AND Howard without spending a big sum of money.

    But from my perspective, Lebron will never come to LA unless he wants to, just like when he left cavs.

    And to those who comment on these pages should really check their punctuation and grammer. For now, let’s Rock and Roll with the Big 4 in Hollywood!! Go Lakers!! Always a fan no matter what happens!!

    P.S: I love when, everytime, there is something about Kobe or Lebron, people starts to talk and compare about them by saying that Lebron is better or Kobe is Better.

    Lebron is SF, Kobe is SG. Even if LEbron played better last season by getting his first ring, Kobe is a whole lot better than him, but not better than MJ. Lebron is a future-hall of Famer, and he can dominate, but NOBODY CAN MATCH KOBE EXCEPT JORDAN HIMSELF!

    And just remember, it’s all about chemistry and teamwork that leads to rings. It is always faith, dedication and courage that makes a person a LEGEND, not the Talent and skills.

  41. HMMMMMMM says:

    Since we’re on the topic of speculation, it really depends on how the next two years plays out.

    -If you think about it, nothing is stopping Miami from making it to the finals this season or the Lakers for that matter. What if Lebron spends the next two years missing out on a ring because of Lakers? Why would he want to sign with them?

    -The reason Lebron took a lower contract in the first place was because he wanted to play in Miami with that team to win a ring and that’s what happened so it was worth it. If he wants to get a max contract when he’s 30 that’s his decision, honestly.

    -Lakers aren’t the only team that has a ton of cap space in 2014. Look at the Mavericks. They have just as much potential to make a run for him. Lets speculate on these “Several teams’ executives” could be.

  42. Matthew says:

    Fans are just that… Fanatics. Most fans have no clue about how to run a business or a professional sports team. The Lakers going after the best players makes sense regardless of that persons name or history. If they are an All-Star and budding rookie, of course teams want them on their roster. When good players become free agents, every team with a half decent shot at obtaining them throw a few options around to see what they need to do to obtain more talent and skill. Does it always work out? No… but how can a GM expect to keep his job if he does not even consider grabbing the best players to put on the team. How many teams are in the league? How many Super-stars are in the league? The math does not add up.

  43. king already have a ring says:

    i think kobe has two years left, so LA need a replacement such as best as KINGJAMES. thats not imposibble theyre good at that. but what ever team that KINGJAMES choose. its ok to me cause for sure it will give him another ring. And will be the greatest player of all time. For Sure!!!!!

  44. Cobra says:

    I think seeing Lebron James in a lakers uniform would be great because u would have three potential superstars that people have been waiting to see together and they could possibly bring us a championship if they were together

    • Wind says:

      yeah it will be great but it is still better if not, i’m a lakers fan, but if lebron will be in the lakers, there will be no thrill for the nba because both of them are great players that’s why it’s better if lebron and kobe will not be on the same team.


    i dont see THE KING going to LA, its like KOBE going to MIAMI. haha very funny article! LBJ leave Cleaveland, cuts his purse, got hated by most of the Cavs fans but he got a trip to the finals on the first year of WADE,LBJ,BOSH trio won hist third season MVP award, finals mvp award, and the elusive CHAMPIONSHIP ring w/c is his first for the second season on HEAT and probably that wont be the last with the addition of ALLEN and LEWIS. they had figured a way to win. There’s no way he will leave Miami if they keep winning, that scenario was far different from his situations before on Cleaveland. So LA fans please wake up. i know ure GM an LA royalties are chasing THE KING, who doesnt want the best player in the world? but does LBJ wants to go in LA land? he’d rather stay in Cleaveland again but that was pretty much a fantasy too. he wont leave MIami at the height of their (MIAMI TRIO) era..

  46. hawaiifan says:

    For those of you who thinks that LeBron to LA will never happen, haven’t you guys learned anything from watching basketball all these time? Don’t you guys know by now that if it’s LAKERS you’re talking about, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

  47. James says:

    If Lebron James is winning championships, why would he leave? HELLO! Who does that? Who has ever chosen to leave a team that they just won a championship with? I’m serious, who? You stats guys, show us your magic. It would be interesting to know. Who in the history of the NBA, after having just won a championship, left their team to go play for another team. Not traded but voluntarily chose to leave. Please don’t give me some 8th man name that nobody has ever heard of. I’m talking about a starting 5 or 6th man, preferably an All-Star. And please don’t say Jordan who quit because his Dad died and he thought he could play baseball…

  48. robors says:

    If Lebron James is winning championships, why would he leave? HELLO! Who does that? Who has ever chosen to leave a team that they just won a championship with? I’m serious, who? You stats guys, show us your magic. It would be interesting to know. Who in the history of the NBA, after having just won a championship, left their team to go play for another team. Not traded but voluntarily chose to leave. Please don’t give me some 8th man name that nobody has ever heard of. I’m talking about a starting 5 or 6th man, preferably an All-Star. And please don’t say Jordan who quit because his Dad died and he thought he could play baseball…

  49. KOBE should end his career soon,….aint even a top 5 player no more+bron is greater than him,already.

  50. Matthew says:

    LOL Lebron will never go to the lakers! He won a ring with the heat and he will win another one this year.

  51. Daan Verschueren says:

    If LeBron gets to choose between playing with DH12 and Kobe or with Wade and CB he should opt for Wade and Bosh.
    If the Lakers go on and acquire LBJ, they wont have enough money left to get extra guys on their bench. They’ll pay much for an extension of Kobe because there’s no way he’ll leave L.A. and propably even more for Dwight.
    With the heat, he has the best shot of winning more championships due to the deeper bench.

    So LBJ should not become a Laker in 2014

    • men there are lot of things that gonna happen in 2013 and 2014 the lakers could get rid of Blake(if he will have an inconsistent year),Duhon,M.W.P(if he will have another bad year),Clark,Hill(if he will be hit by another injury) so the lakers could sign average type of player to be our bench and maybe we could also get harden, so you never know

  52. If Kobe would still play at that time,HE IS JUST THE LUCKIEST PLAYER EVER! dude playing with the greatest players of all time,get 3 peat with heat,than with howard? lol,awesome.

  53. Marcus says:

    Wait everyone stop!!! this is not a dream, nightmare or fantasy. The Lakers Organization is actually very calculating and this article breaks the veil slightly on how they go about Their Next Phase. Of course I see them making a move on Lebron who wouldn’t want the best player of the current league on their team but not just Lebron. Maybe Kevin Durant or whoever else is the most relevant at the time. I myself would want to get one of them to be the new center of my franchise. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS whether you personally like Lebron or not …you get the best player you can find and pitch him your organization (then adjust your roster because it beats rebuilding from scratch like all other teams).

  54. LucasPestz says:

    ohhh meeee geeerrrrdddd if the BADDEST BAD BOYS OF PISTONS WHERE HERE (Billups,Hamilton,Prince,Rasheed Wallace, Big Ben Wallace) all of them i said all of them Kobe , Lebron, D-Wade, Howard are all dust in the finger nails! Dust Baby! Dust!

  55. Deion Cyriacks says:

    LeBron won’t go through the drama of leaving a team again like that. He’ll be in miami until his prime is over at least.

  56. Richard says:

    That sounds possible, i wonder how lebron and Howard will co- exhist. that is if hHoward does not fly the zCoop for the Brooklyn nets next year. I would not rule the Nets out either. Prokhov and Jay Z are two very sharp businessmen, lebron in brooklyn and the Nets would OWN new York !!!!!

  57. melvin davila says:


  58. james says:

    itll take alot to get Lebron to lakers..but if it happens, he will be a much better leader than kobe ever was

  59. Roman says:

    There are 30 teams in nba and it’s really boring and sad that a chosen few always get, buy/ or are given the best players weather it’s lebron,kobe or anybody else. What about the others, who is going to watch them play and when will they win something. Is that fair competition? I say it’s bad for the entire league. There are hardly any superstars left on the east and then you hear people saying the west is so much better – i mean daaa aaaa.

    Also I would like to add that this bryant/lebron debate by fans(arguing,insulting) is really stupid.

  60. Ivan says:

    This post is ridiculous. I hate all this stupid hype for nothing. In 2014, the Lakers are gonna have a more washed-up or retired Kobe Bryant, same for Pau Gasol, and Nash will either most likely play his last year or retire. Either way, Nash wont be as good. The Lakers will be way too old to compete. Say Lebron goes there. Ok They have Dwight and him. Who else? Jamison will be too old to make a significant contribution coming off the bench and they dont have anyone else on that bench that is a capable starter. Plus Pat Riley knows how to keep his guys. Wade is just 31 after January, and bosh is still in his late 20s. The heat will be younger in 2 years than the lakers will. Also, Battier, Ray Allen, chalmers are good supporting players that are durable for the most part. The heat have in my opinion 3 more seasons including this one to contend. As of now, I dont see why Lebron would go to LA.

  61. Tilney1004 says:

    Can the stupid posts about who’s the greatest of all time stop please, every great player has his era, his series, his moment, his rings. But you can’t compare Russell to Chamberlain, Chamberlain to Kareem, Kareem to Magic, Magic to Bird, Bird to MJ, MJ to Barkley, Barkley to Kobe, or even Kobe to Lebron. They’re all different players who were and are at different ages, different positions, different sizes, had differing athleticism, from different places, playing in different teams , in a very changeable NBA, in different times. That’s the way I see it. Just admire all of them for their talents.

  62. Blommen says:

    Shouldn’t we wait and see if LA even is an attractive destination first? look, it’s super impressive with the talent they have gathered in the offseason, but we still don’t know if it’s going to work at all or they really are going to be the powerhouse everybody expects to see. If the Lakers look like bunch of chickens running around with no heads by 2014 because their system doesn’t work and Mike Brown can’t control the egos of all his stars (looking at you Dwight) I doubt LeBron will be clamouring to go there.

  63. AsianBaller17 says:

    I don’t think there is really much point to the trade, LeBron and Kobe are both players that like to have the ball in their hands a whole lot and also be a leader of the team. This doesn’t work where there are 2 leaders. This is similar to the Carmelo and Amare dilemma in New York, when both players are used to have the ball in their hands a whole lot because their previous teams relied on them as leaders, but when the come together, the combination just doesn’t work.

  64. Lakers dueche says:

    hey lets just send all the good players to the Lakers!!!

  65. Hunh-Wha? says:


    • Dieter says:

      And now for the big picture: Wade had O’Neil still in his prime. James had no one. That’s the answer for the difference in rings. If Lebron would’ve had Rajon Rondo on his side the year before he went to Miami, than he would’ve had a ring in Clevland. Kareem had more rings than Magic, but he also ain’t a better player than Magic


    @roman i will agreed with ur proposal hahahahaha thats a good idea, hopefully with that line up lakers will win in 1st round playoffs hahahaha


    @sensiblescot i will agree with u hahahaha


    @kaupo ur a dreamer huh keep dreamin its free hahahaha


    hehehehehehe. its funny huh, al those miami hater #1 all LA fans, now u want the king in LA funny funny funny,

  70. waveplanet says:

    Lebron joining the lakers? that’s daydreaming guys. Lebron will finish his contract with the heat and then maybe go to another team. With wade and bosh in miami, he has the perfect team. They will win at least a couple of championships together. Playing with your friends, earnings lots of money, and winning championships, that’s what’s it’s all about. I’m not even a Lebron fan, i love d wade, but the heat is the best team right now and for years to come. Why would Lebron leave and be hated again. No chance, guys. Let’s go Heat!

  71. akira37 says:

    Lebron, just stay on miami heat and go for more NBA titles.. .

  72. akira37 says:

    Lebron, just stay on miami heat.. .

  73. Lakers fan says:

    Personally i wouldn’t want to see James joining LA after Bryant retirement. I would prefer Howard with another superstar or 2 all-stars.

  74. BillCollector1999 says:

    doubt it i see other free agents going to MIA in 2014

  75. LakerHater says:

    Even if LeBron were a free agent he would not go anywhere. LeBron has made that move once (from Cleveland to Miami) which gave him a lot of haters and hatred. If i were Lebron i would say where I am and stay with MIami Heat and win some more championships.

  76. kaupo says:

    Lebron? No Lakers must go for Durant, he is the next league star after Kobe retires. Durant+Howard this is it. I believe Lakers managers can make this happen.

    • travis says:

      lebron is better than durrant and kobe jelly bean bryant did you watch the finals kobe did on his couch and durant seen it first hand enough said and kobe would not have five rings if he was in clev

  77. Gaso says:

    In what kind of universe LeBron will play in LA!!!???

  78. Roman says:

    I have a proposal for the Lakers:

    why don’t you buy superman, batman, ironman and spiderman to play fatch with Kobe and you may actually win championship.

  79. SensibleScot says:

    Lebron will stay with the Heat and get a Max contract. Wade will be a vet and lucky to get paid with his injuries and Bosh will either get traded or go into free agency. A younger superstar will join the Heat.

    Lebron will never team up with an elite point guard because he wants to handle the ball.

  80. ThePhoenix says:

    LeBron is DEF not Kobe. Lebron doesnt cheat on his wife. All goes to moral character IMO…

    I used to like Kobe as he was from Upper Darby, two towns over from me.

    I used to dislike Lebron because he kept getting the MVP when i thought Wade deserved it.

    Now I see more of who these people are, what drives them.

    and I REALLY respect Lebron

  81. james from baltimore says:

    Lebron will not go to lakers he wants to make his own legacy not follow in kobes. However kobe and lebron will both never be more influeintial and come anywhere near topping jordan as greatest players. Jordan won more than just mvps and rings. He won defensive player awards was 9 times defensive first team. 5 time scoring champion 3 time mvp, 6 rings. Kobe has 1 mvp maybe 5 rings howver has never won a defensive title same with lebron. they are only good on offensive

    • Dieter says:

      “Kobe has 1 mvp maybe 5 rings howver has never won a defensive title same with lebron. they are only good on offensive”

      lol, yeah Derek Fisher and Mario Chamlers were the elite defenders who got them a championship, rofl

      • travis says:

        your crazy lebron can hold any position on the floor he is way more than a offisive player but he is no jordan

    • AM says:

      Lebron is only good on defense? You don’t know anything about basketball, he’s the second best defender in the league right now

  82. Sean says:

    Which combination would be stronger? LeBron and D. Rose or LeBron ad CP3?

  83. JeKapombe says:


  84. trueHEATfan says:

    This is why I despise the Laker organization. Always trying to take somebody elses greats by flashing all the glamor and cash they can at them. Yeah, you say LBJ abandoned Cleveland so why woul’dnt he leave south beach for L.A. I say Le’Bron gave his heart and soul to the Cavs and they gave him nothing but heartbreak in return. He finally built up enough courage to leave and you guys say he is disloyal… really? Since when did eight season of an NBA career make someone disloyal. Many other superstar players have done it but LBJ does it and it is some huge ordeal. Yeah even though he came to my favorite team does not mean I agree with the way it was done( the Decision was un-called for LBJ), I think The King is very content with the throne he is currently sitting on and is not gong out west.
    LeBron will more than likely leave Durant over there to run the west, yes Laker fans there is still a team by the name of OKC that you have to contend with so don’t plan that parade just yet. This news story needs to crawl right back into the hole it crawled out of. King James is having way to much fun dominating the league from his comfy throne in the 305. Busses and Mitch will try along with every other team with cap room in 2014, but the truth is Le’Bron is going to force players come play with him like he always did since Cleveland, only problem when he was in Cavs was just that, he was in Cleveland, LOL; nobody in there right mind would choose to play there. It is much easier to convince people now that he is in Miami, don’t believe me? Just ask Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis who both took significant cuts in pay to play with the best of the best. Miami and OKC in finals 2013.

  85. Ralph Ngugi says:

    This is the problem with toady’s NBA, it is all about theories. LBJ is playing for the Heat. please let us enjoy the game………Who is better between Kobe and MJ, What team does MJ play for, did the team make it to the playoffs last year. As long as he ain’t gonna step into the court this season we really don’t. KB vs LBJ, this is not tennis.

  86. kevin says:

    As much as I hated this guy before, I would wanna see him become the Lakers’ franchise player when Kobe leaves the game. He’s more of a teammate guy than Kobe.

  87. Obz says:


  88. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Money Isn’t Everything…. Remember 2010 free agency???? Who got the most $$$$???? WADE??? NO!!! BOSH??? NO!!! wait LBJ??? Uhm NO!!!! It’s Joe Johnson… Where is he now??? If the Lakers want LBJ so bad why they didn’t Push for a trade with bynum and pau during 2010????

  89. jheartfred says:

    I dont think another move like this would be bearable for LBJ… he’s still winning back hearts of fan after leaving Cleveland… doing this would not cement him as a LEGENDARY PLAYER but a LEGENDARY TRAITOR..

  90. Angelo says:

    if the heat could win the championship this year or next year or both, he won’t leave miami atleast for another contract. but if they won’t win any for two years, i won’t be surprised if he bolts out. he already did it once, it won’t be that shocking. the factors for james leaving the heat if they won’t be champs again before 2014 would be wade and his health issues, old main supporting casts in miami. but it’s not like LA will be ready with a solid team for him too. it’s just easier for LA because almost everyone would wanna play there. it won’t be about the money though. it would be, who can build a better team around him. at this part of james’ career, he would not want to rebuild from scratch.

  91. zip says:

    Why aren’t we talking about LeBron going to the Kings? Or the Bucks? Because this is the the NBA and the Lakers are the NBA. Why would anyone support their local team when it is so much easier to be a Lakers fan?

  92. I bet my 89 Air Jordans, with the glow in the dark tongue, that Lebron will go back to Cleveland to finish out his career. The fans in Ohio might still resent him, but, they won’t be able to stay away from the arena once one of the greatest players to ever play the game takes the court. Who knows, maybe James Harden and Deandre Jordan will join him. Unless, they’ve already signed to play for the Las Vegas, Devils at that time.

    • Fo Real says:

      I agree man its his home state, why wouldn’t he wana end it at home. By than Kyrie may be a force.

  93. jul says:

    “LeBron is the BEST player in the league”
    -one league executive


    Oh god….nba editors and their predictions for 2014? its not even 2013 this is like saying kevin love is on the celtics radar for 2017 like why would someone just say this out of the blue?

  95. LA GREEDS says:


  96. drewbird says:

    I doubt he’ll leave Maimi, but if he did go anywhere it would be Chicago. They cleared so much cap space this year to make room for someone to complement Rose.

  97. dantheman says:

    let’s remember that Kobe still has two years on his contract. This year and next year. He may retire, he may decide to play another year or two, especially if they are winning.

    I agree with @laker joe: I don’t see lebron moving because he doesn’t want to be like the guy who gets divorced more than once in his life.
    He lost a lot of respect in the minds of a lot of people when he moved in free agency in 2010.

    With that said, and with respect to the article, Sekou Smith makes a good point. If lebron does move for whatever reason there’s a realistic and legitimate chance that it could be the lakers he moves to because who else in the league will have more money to spend on lebron’s max deal? no one.

    I don’t peg lebron as being the player who is in it for the money though.

    • Marco29 says:

      You have to give credit to LAL organization for always putting together contending teams. For sure they are already planning the after Kobe-era. LBJ would be the perfect candidate: the best player in the best team.
      On the one hand he could be hated for changing again but if he wins 1 or 2 other titles in Miami, what will be his options to leave a trace in NBA history: joining to a storied franchise like LAL or BOC where he will measure up again some of the all-time greats and be a part of the history of the franchise.
      He would have gotten what he came in Miami for: one or more rings much quicker than he would have staid in Cleveland and he will look for a new challenge: it fits with his “career plan”.

  98. ric says:

    its just simple math, why would the guy want to go to la?? for championships? he can get that with the heat now. 2 years with the heat 2 trips to the finals….. nash will retire for sure, and just to be kobe’s shadow and not get any kind of recognition, thats why he chose the heat.. he will get part recognition here as for being mvp and finals mvp ( as of now ) if he gets another ring in miami, its most than likely he will go back to cleveland and finish there.. he even made a comment about that the first season with the heat.. keep on dreaming california boys! not everybody wants to play in la

    • Josh polk says:

      Never going back to the Cavs. He will be to old to carry them alone this time and they will want a ring it will tarnish him forever not just a short time

  99. Sascha says:

    If Lebron was go great, he could have lead Cleveland to a championship. I dislike Super Teams. I miss the Jordan/Barkley/Ewing/Malone days when playing didnt bounce around like the balls they dribble for CHAMPIONSHIPS. Yes, that is the idea of the game, but if he’s so great, he could have lead Cleveland.

    • Really?? says:

      Jordan had two hall of famers on his team(rodman and pippen), Barkeley nvr won a championship, and Karl Malone had Stockton who has also become a hall of famer and they didnt get rings either…. how can you compare those players to lebron who didnt even have anyone at the all star level to help him out in Cleveland??

    • Marco29 says:

      You forget Jordan had Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman at his side, Malone had Stockton, Barkley joined The Dream in Houston and only Jordan won championships in your list. 2″Super teams” have always existed in LA, Boston, Chicago, etc… There are too many good players in the league now for one guy to win a championship on his own. You need at least 2 or 3 super players to win.

    • Fo Real says:

      Next best player in Cleveland was Mo Willams and Varejao lol ….. yeah thats a championship roster … dude he would never have won there.

    • Dieter says:

      Jackson’s Chicago was a superteam. C’mon Steve Kerr was a great point guard, Rodman was a beast and one of the best power forward ever, Pippen was also fenomenal, Jordan is considered by many as the goat. And than I’m not even mentioning Grant or Kukoc. Rodman > Bosh, Pippen > Wade, Kerr > Chamlers, Jackson >>> Spoelstra, Kukoc > the whole Miami bench, Jordan vs James: Probably the only spot where I would give Miami the advantadge, because Lebron is a freak of nature, and where I saw him as a really dumb player a few years back, he’s catching up in understanding how to play the game. If you really hate superteams, than you would’ve been disgusted by Jackson’s Chicago. Comparing that Chicago team with Lebron’s Clevland is ridiculous. Garnett had the same problem and went to Boston, it’s like a 1% chance for a superstar to win a championship on a weak team.

      • Fo Real says:

        I agree with everything u said BUT Pip isn’t better than Wade bro. Pip was incredible and definately a legend but offensively no where near Wade.

        On Defense PIP was a Monster, 1 of the best of all time but Wade is also good(sick at blocking) but PIP def wins on D

        offense Wade > PIP
        Defense PIP>Wade

        Overall Wade>PIP

        This is in my poinion. Wade has shown that he can be a suceesfull #1 option. Pippen not so much.

  100. mvp says:

    Of course no non laker fan wants to see this happen. They already can’t handle Howard in the purple and gold, now Lebron? “IF” Kobe does actually retire after the season, the Lakers will have the money to pursue LJ. Who wouldn’t want to play in the LA? The biggest market in the NBA? LJ in LA would not be fair to the rest of the league just like Howard…multiple rings would be out of control

    • Dieter says:

      Who wouldn’t want to play in the LA?

      By choosing a team, you always choose a new city to live in 2. Not everyone wants to live in LA, I’d rather play for and live in Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, Boston, Austin, … I think most free agents see the city where they’re gonna live as a big factor in their decision. I don’t see any reason why James would think playing with Howard would give him more chance to win a title than playing together with Irving, Rose, Rondo, Bosh in 2 years. We know he likes Miami and Clevland alot, we don’t know his opnion about LA, therefore I don’t see the Lakers having a bigger chance in signing him than alot of other teams with a superstar. My guess is that when Wade retires, Miami will sign a superstar point guard, and Lebron stays in Miami. I’m not a Heat fan, but Lebron is, and I really don’t think him moving out of Miami would benefit him.

  101. Sanjeevi says:

    Its not about the players. Ita about the frachies. LA wants the best palyer in the world in their team. After Kobe, they will defenitley look for Lebron. No doubt about it. But, what I am doubting is, Kobe will never ever come charm, crisp, power as long as he hang over in NBA. Thus Kobe & Lebron duo will never ever happen.

  102. GoMavz says:

    Be real folks. He got his first ring as a heat, do you think he will jump to lakers after 2 years? He will retire as a heat superstar.
    P.S. Howard is not dominant as shaq to play with any other superstar

  103. laker joe says:

    now i do like lebron and i would love nothing more then to see him in a laker uniform but i just cant see him leaving a nother team the way he did the cavs i dont think he wants to be hated agin

  104. Bigboy11 says:

    Kobe may retire. After this season. He is old people lot of miles. On him , and. Wade he is playing the same amour of. Years like lebron.bosh 9 he. May be older But he has less nba time than. Lebron and bosh he has been injured more. Some of it has been fake

  105. Badonkadonk says:

    Thats some wishful thinking there, there is no way lebron will go to the Lakers! As soon as Kobe leaves LA will be just like Orlando slightly talented with an injured Dwight Howard! Besides if Lebron went to LA it would be a short while before Kobe is forgotten about, plus LA cant win without Coach Phil!!

  106. Danny says:

    If Derrick Rose gets healthy again and back to his MVP mode, Lebron James should definitely come to Chicago!!!!! He already made a mistake for not coming to Chicago 2 years ago, but now he has as another chance!!!!!!!!

    • yeah. trade NOAH,DENG,BOZZER,ROBINSON, NAZR,GIBSON,BUTLER AND KIRK FOR LBJ ONLY and then the bulls will sign almost all of their summer league players and after selecting which of them should enter the NBA they should reserve one spot for the great BRIAN”WHITE MAMBA” SCALABRINE….HAHAHAHA 😀

  107. No LeBron won’t stay in South Beach. Obviously he wants to play Kobe in the championship just as Magic and Bird did their career. But the Heat are old and have those 2 years only left as a great team. He will be a Laker. He will carry Kobe’s torch and eventually solidify himself as another Laker great, not a Heat great or Cavalier. A Laker.

  108. Mike says:

    maybe. who knows. i never thought lebron would head to my fav. team and look at us now ( : everyone is so afraid of us lol.

    • Josh polk says:

      Laker fans are not affraid of the heat never have been never will be. Respect for Riley only because he brought the Lakers ring’s and learned from the best team in NBA history.

  109. asdam says:

    lakers media too much for them nba helps them putting the spot on a relaxed james askin him
    where u go to play next season!!! hahahahaa nice!!!

  110. DWADE 3 says:

    James should be traded for durant or someone young and good. Bosh should be traded for hibbert.

  111. i dont ever want lebron on the lakers its like being a fan of the lakers but you go for the celtics

  112. charles says:

    Lakers aren’t the Lakers by accident. They have great planning on their side. The only caveat is that Pat Riley knows their tricks and is a capable executive who has already planned how to lock his superstars for the future. If they win again this year, why would Lebron leave?

  113. kingk says:

    he’s gonna stay at miami because he has his chance to win in miami, so there is no need to leave. he’s still one of the top 25 paid athletes

  114. christian says:

    Seems anyone can be an NBA writer. This guys are a joke, Howard hasn’t played a minute for the Lakers and they are already saying Lebron is in the Lakers radar in 2 years. Hey NBA writers, guess what? Lebron is in every other team’s radar as well if he ever becomes a free agent. Lebron is never going to the Lakers, he ain’t Laker material.

    • Average Joe says:

      But would you have read the article is it is titled “Bobcats on the hunt for James in 2014”? Guess not. Sekou is a good writer, far from the best, but he is good at stirring up intrigue and making us click to read his column. This is the internet, dude. Clicks get them paid. Remember that before you spout anything about these writers being $hitty. They’re not Michael Crichton, but they are better than you.

  115. Alex says:

    I cannot believe what I am hearing. If the lakers where to do that it is like a slap to the face to kobe. Ive been a lakers fan all my life and you didnt see magic johnson competition being in the conversation to bring Michael Jordan to the lakers. Its like if the lakers never where to appreciate Kobe Bryant and his loyalty to our city of LA if they bring Lebron James as a Lakers I cannot vision myself being a Lakers fan with Lebron on the roster
    It is just not right

    • CR15 says:

      So the only way to pay respect to Kobe is to lose for a few years? Respect the fans who pay money to see the Lakers I reckon. Kobe is one of the greats but he is not the whole franchise, especially if he is no longer even playing there… Do you suggest that the Lakers ‘settle’ for Noris Cole or Jeff Teague or something?? They need big free agents to keep winning because it is doubtful that they will have great draft picks in the next few years after the Kobe era.

      • MIGO says:

        Not taking a crack @ you but Kobe was drafted on 1996 13th pick by Charlotte Hornets…… they really can prolly find something in first round not top ten that works lol not as good but something jajajajaja

    • you are clueless says:

      You are right.. The Lakers should never draft any star, ever again… Wouldn’t want to hurt Kobe’s feelings..

  116. dy4tone says:

    lebron to lakers hmm.

  117. Spaz26 says:

    im not a Heat fan, just a fan of mr. James..

    its a possibility that he will play for LA LA Land but i think LeBron will choose to play in Cleveland again..playing with Kyrie Irving can still be a tough duo, now that’s the scene i want him to end his career..

    but first try getting a 3-PEAT for the Heat 😀

    • aaaaaa says:

      No chance for a 3-peat… This year they have to get through the Celtics, Bulls(when Rose is back), Thunder, Lakers, and Spurs. And who knows about next year

      • Fo Real says:

        lol they just have to beat who ever wins the west( LA or OKC) I dont think anybody in the east has a solid chance of beating MIA in 7 games this season. Next Season CHI has a chance.

  118. 16going417 says:

    I like anything that gets Heat and Celtics fans upset. However, as a Lakers fan, it is obvious to me that people at sit around all day and do nothing, but dream up stuff to write about in order to generate debate.

    I agree the Lakers have pulled off some great moves over the years, but this type of flamboyant reporting serves no purpose. Especially since the 2012-13 season has not even started and you guys are talking about “What If” free agency in 2014…….

  119. Patty says:

    LeBron Raymone James should never go to the Lakers. This guy should stay where he is. He is not Laker material.

    Stop trying to top Kobe. Lebron can never be a Kobe Bryant.

    • robin says:

      exactly. he will never be kobe. he does need 100 shots to get 30 points.

      • robin says:

        exactly. he will never be kobe. he does not need 100 shots to get 30 points like kobe.

      • Mister 215 says:

        So your saying that Kobe needs 100 shots to score 30 points??? He scored 81 points off of 46 shots. He made 28 which is over 50% shooting. Nobody has ever scored better the Kobe…. EVER!!!! The record for the most threes he went 12 for 18, another well above 50% stat. He has made more difficult shot then anyone in league history…. With comments like that you need to find yourself, because you’re lost.

  120. Sea Pea says:

    Wade only has 2 more franchise years in him anyways and the injury bug will really start to take it’s toll. I would bolt if I was Lebron. If Kobe will not retire. He is too competive. If he can get Lebron then he can challenge Bill Russel for those 11 Championships. If he can get one in the Howard era then that is only 5 more to catch russel. 5 more will cement LeBron as better than Jordan,.

    • Average Joe says:

      Here we go with all the talk of being better is having more titles. It’s not the titles that cement a man’s legacy in the NBA. They’re a big part, for sure, but it’s how a player changed the game that truly speaks of his greatness.

      • MIGO says:

        I agree with AJ, look at two hall of famers who made their mark, on their positions, and never won a championship mosstly cause of Jordan , but Barkley and Ewing are 2 of the best examples on ppl taht impacted the game and never won a ring, however hall of famers 2 of the best 50 of all time multiple all-star selection you count them, i do i agree taht championships put you on perhaps another level but nobody is saying right now that for example Bill Rusell is the best all time because he won 11 rings and he was a game changer on his day too, and although i have my reservations against the likes of Kobe and Lebron I do acknowledge that are the greatest players of their times but it takes a lot to actually becalled best of all time i dont thinks Kobe is there although he had the chance and i know that Lebron is not there althouhg he has a great chance of acomplishing that feat however we should leave that disscusion for when his career is nearly over that way we can weight his accolades and compare to others like Mike, although LBJ has a lot of them right now he still has a long way to go, and this will be the last thing think about the comparison Kobe and LBJ came into the league @ age 18, MJ was drafted on 1984 @ 21 three years is a lot AND he retired twice, so if MJ had came in @ 18 and had not retired the 2 times he did even the MJ haters would agree that we should not be having this conversation again……

    • mikep17 says:

      this is just ridiculous dude. you dont know about basketball.

      • Anht says:

        I agree with MIGO, rings dont make you better… Mike changed the game. he made his team better to win a chip. LBJ went to a better team to win one… not to mention “ALL” the other awards Mike has..

    • dgatorr says:

      sorry pea-brain, lebron will never replace MJ, no one will. time and place, along with the complete differances physically, in the two, will never cancel each other out. they will both hold their own complete stats and ways of play, of that time and place. they simply are two completely differant players ! and i dont care what any media jock has to say, they only want you to buy their stories, when they make all that sort of comparisons.

    • BM1 says:

      SP do U have an Idea what 6 Championships looks like? LeBron ll give LAL 5 more before Kobe retires?
      Maybe … never know … but Personally I doubt it …

  121. Crossed over says:

    James wouldn’t be a bad replacement for Bryant if he decides to retire when his contract runs out.

    • tokits says:


    • Imad Akel says:

      you guys are crazy
      you think Kobe Bryant is retiring at 36? No way.
      Kobe is trying to best Jordan in every way possible, and Jordan played till he was 40.
      Even Shaq stayed till 39.
      Kobe isn’t going to retire in 2 years. I don’t see it.

  122. Karlo Garcia says:

    I doubt myself James would want 2 b traded.