LeBron Embraces The Skyhook

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As if he needed another tool to dominate the competition, LeBron James is digging into the Hall of Fame bag of tricks of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for his latest weapon.

James was spotted, by the Miami Herald‘s Joseph Goodman, polishing up his skyhook, after practice:

It’s not nearly as wicked or impressive as the trick shot he was honing earlier this summer during U.S. Men’s Senior National Team’s march to gold at the London Olympics:

But a skyhook for a player whose in the midst of redefining his position and has become the sort of unstoppable force capable of putting a team on his shoulders and carrying that team to a championship … wicked!


  1. The whole Miami heat could wear the number 23 on their jerseys

  2. That is THE LEBRON´S MOVE. period.

  3. If Lebron makes that move in a game the stadium will shot down for sure.
    Im not sure where you put Allen in the team. You put him as 6 secure men or as starter because Mario Chalmers is in that position.
    Lewis will fight against James Jones for the a role in the game of 3 points. You have Miller Battier Cole Chalmers Bosh Allen Lebron Wade Harris Lewis and on. All of them can shot from 3 point range.
    The x factor for the Heat will be mide range area points, in my opinion. But I insist If Lebron makes that move in a game the whole stadium will shut down.

  4. mr.ed says:

    still just a hookshot.

    he’d have to grow a few more inches in height and wingspan if he wants that to be a genuine skyhook.
    the ball’s already on it’s way down when kareem shot it, thus it’d be goaltending if someone even tried to block it.
    but that hookshot lebron is doing, a help defender can easily block it if timed right.

    props to him for trying though. and switching hands. people forget how dangerous kareem’s skyhook was because he could shoot it with either hand.

  5. Jerex says:

    Come on people!
    is that hard to understand?

  6. Sea Pea says:

    More of a Greg Ostertag+Jason Kidd in one man.

  7. Jerry says:

    haha…. it really doesn’t matter, he need to improve his own post moves, specially his foot work, that would make him UNSTOPABLE

  8. haters at work says:

    Kareem + Magic in one man OMG

  9. Lakers wont win says:

    The lakers will not win if they don’t learn to play together. From what I’ve been seeing, every single star is trying to show off their skills instead of playing their role. They don’t learn from one another. Also, if the lakers bench keep losing games by 20-30 ponits, they lakers will have no hope at winning a title. Their stars wont be able to last because they’re old, and the bench won’t be able to hold up resting minutes for the stars. Goodluck lakers!

    • trix says:

      It’s unfair to say all those things without seeing all their stars on the floor at once…They are starting Rober Sacre over Dwight Howard!!!! That makes a huge difference. And lets not forget D12 is younger than lebron and the other heat stars. So the lakers stars are not all old…and besides kobe and nash proved they can play at high level even at this age. Pau is a smart player and doesn’t rely on athleticism. They will be fine. But lets not get ahead of ourselves with a few pre-season games without D12 and the stars not playing major minutes. As a basketball fan i can’t wait for the season. Lakers, Heat, Thunder (and maybe the Celtics) matchups in the playoffs gonna be amazing.

      • Carl says:

        Dwight can’t play right now.

      • you are clueless says:

        How is dwight being younger than lebron relevant? LBJ is 27.. in his prime. If anything that is a disadvantage for dwight, coupled with the fact that he had back surgery over the summer.

      • trix says:

        I was just pointing out that Dwight is younger because the previous comments said how lakers stars are all old which in fact is not entirely true because part of the reason they got d12 was to have someone after kobe retires

  10. mikeydangerous says:

    That’s not really a skyhook, it’s just a regular hook shot.

    The skyhook was unique because you have to 1) keep your body between you and the defender (LeBron is turning too early), and 2) use precise movements to create kinetic linking from your launch foot up your body to your hand, getting the ball as high as possible before flicking your wrist for the shot. It’s an incredible feat in kinetics, control, and timing.

    There’s nothing precise about LeBron’s movements in that video. He’s just working on some rote post-up hook shots.

    • rev.milly says:

      mikeydangerous… you sound so ridiculous that……that…..well-your just goofy!!! Kinectic linking?? Please just BQ. Kareem’s sweeping hook was a sky hook because of his leanght and ability to put his body between him and the defender… Lebron is just using a rolling hook, it’s not sky hook, but it looks like he wants to use it with alternate hands…

  11. mikeydangerous says:

    That’s not really a skyhook. That’s just a hook shot. The skyhook is a very precise movement involving specific kinetic linking so you can get the ball as high as possible before putting it up, while keeping your body between you and the defender. He’s still turning too early which would let the defender get in too close. There is nothing precise about LeBron’s movements in that video.

    • Califan says:

      Kinetic linking; are you serious? Although you’re right about the part on getting the ball to the highest point. Still the only reason it’s not a Skyhook is because that was Kareem’s move. It was still a hook shot that Kareem did just that he made it look so good and changed it up a bit.

  12. Fo Real says:

    HAHA LeBron with the skyhook… If he can get the locked down it wont be good for other teams