Roy’s Return Is Real!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This comeback is apparently no fluke.

Brandon Roy‘s clearly not aiming to be a redemption story and scuttle off to the bench after a few minutes here and there for the Minnesota Timberwolves this season. Roy is serious about not just resuming his NBA career but also returning to the All-Star ways that made him the face of a franchise in Portland.

Did you see him go to work in the Timerbwolves’ preseason opener? Sure, it took Roy a few minutes to find his flow. It’s been a while since he’s played in a live NBA game, preseason or otherwise.

But he came alive in the third quarter of a blowout win over the Indiana Pacers, his first work against an opposing team since a 2011 first-round playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.

It was vintage Roy. Iin two blinks of an eye, he piled up the first six points of the game after halftime at the Fargodome in North Dakota, reminding keen observers that there is plenty of basketball left in those degenerative knees that caused him to retire practically after that series against Dallas.

He finished with 13 points, four rebounds, an assist, a steal and just one turnover in 24 solid minutes against competition that doesn’t wear the same color jerseys.

Jerry Zgoda of the Star-Tribune was there and explains how Roy’s night played out in person:

In all, he played nearly 24 minutes — exactly half the game coach Rick Adelman predicted his starters might play — while sitting out the entire fourth quarter.

“I think it takes time sometimes,” Roy said afterward. “I felt good. I was excited. This was my first game since Game 6 of the Dallas series over a year ago, and it was good just to get out there again.”

When he was on the floor, he scored both driving to the basket with either hand and by shooting, and scoring, outside off teammates’ screens.

“I thought he did good,” Adelman said. “He went and got to the basket a couple of times. He said he felt good. He’s just going to get better. It’s his first game back in a year. I like the way he worked himself in. He didn’t force anything. He played hard. He’s going to be solid.”

Roy attempted to draw a charge during Wednesday’s first half. He banged knees with an opponent, drew the foul on himself instead and went crashing to the floor in the process.

He got up wincing but played on.

“It’s not anything new,” Roy said. “I’ve been taking some bumps in practice. Those are normal. I went knee to knee. I was like, ‘Hey, this is just part of the game.’ It’s just good to take those hits now so I know I can turn around and respond.”

If Roy’s responds the same way all season, Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love might get his wish and finally see the postseason in his professional career.

With Roy, Ricky Rubio and Love paving the way, Adelman’s team has a very real chance of shedding their lottery label and moving up into that mix for one of those final four playoff spots in a Western Conference that is never short on postseason challengers.

But it takes more than just an All-Star like Love, a promising young star-to-be like Rubio and a bunch of role players. You need someone else with intimate knowledge of taking and making big shots, with an understanding for what it takes to get there (to the postseason) and the skills to help make that happen.

Roy could be that someone for the Timberwolves this season.


  1. hope roy can turn the minny from a lottery team to a playoffs contender

  2. melo says:

    roy is not wearing any knee protection

  3. B-ROY!! #7always and forever.. blazersss says:

    And to think that his last game on the blazers court was when he made the come back and scored 18, in the fourth, beating the mavs and tieing the series. best come back ever!

  4. B-ROY!! #7always and forever.. blazersss says:

    Brandon Roy will always be a blazer at heart. ❤ #7 for life! I WISH ROY THE BEST OF LUCK… cannot wait to see him back on the blazer court… but this time in a different jersey =(
    blazer for lifee<3
    -MRS. ROY<3 😉

  5. Len B says:

    The real issue is can his knees hold up over time. He’s playing on rested knees right now. I’m pulling for him though. I hope he can make it through the season.

  6. Yazzie says:

    Hell yeah way to go in the debut B roy happy as hell to see you back in the league wish you was still the leader of our team but you needed the rest and wasnt getting provided to you at the time when you needed it forcing you to retire because of all the lingering injuries cant wait to see you preform all season and hope can stay healthy and still be able to be in the league for year to come

  7. knickolodione says:

    ROY is back wow and now i can see wolves at 9

  8. muho from turkey says:

    man ıim so happy for hım. he could be up there wıth lebron and durant ıf hıs knees let hım. he wıll be very good wıth the wolfs. ı cant waıt for nba to start so many great teams ıt ıs hard to predıct who ıs gonna wın ıt all.

  9. KOBE BRYANT says:


  10. Ricardo says:

    As someone with a similar condition in the ankles, I surely hope that Brandon can pull this off. Not only all that talent is not going to be wasted but it gives some hope to everyone out there, professional athlete or not, that suffers from the same condition.
    Degenerative cartilage in a joint is a very painful disease. There are loads of people out there with a similar condition in the knees, ankles, hips or elbows that can understand and relate to the kind of pain the he was last year.. I was already excited from seeing Kobe jumping again last year, but Roy is a whole new deal. We are talking about a seriously talented and young guy that was forced to retire because of unbearable pain. If he can finish this year, it will speak volumes for this kind of therapy and maybe one day it will be widely available for all the non millionaire types out there.

  11. DR fan says:

    It should be fun watching the wolves this season, I just loved watching Rubio’s playmaker abilities, in 3 years or so, the dude should be in the top 5 ‘pure’ point guards

  12. YEAH says:




  13. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    @nbaspecter LOL at you! “especially if they head up against an older more injury-prone team like the Lakers or the Spurs”
    The worst statement/comment I’ve seen thus far on here, I mean how do you mean to tell me “especially Lakers and Spurs” two teams who are #1 favourites to win the title and the other #4 favourite to win the title? Your an idiot at best and if your hoping for a T-wolve team that has not seen playoffs in more than half a decade to see two of the best teams in the West for this decade then your clearly a window licker!

    LOL cant believe you man, I know your theory is based on youth and leg speed Vs ageing or injured players but sorry to tell you Kirilenko is no rookie my friend, he’s 32. And BRoy knees make him look like his 35 when his on the floor. He’s lost all the agility and explosiveness he had! Other than that a Rubio is coming back from a knee reconstruction. Lets just say Rubio was no “Drose” in terms of explosiveness or speed just imagine how slow he’ll be after he gets back?? Slow down cheerleader and just hope the Twolves make the 8 and bless if they verse a team like Memphis or Dallas instead

  14. Prada says:

    i think they can get the 5th or 6th spot

  15. regmac says:

    ROTY! ROY is back!

  16. EC says:

    Yes, it´s good to see Roy back and yes, maybe he is the on with the “intimate knowledge of taking and making big shots, with an understanding for what it takes to get there (to the postseason) and the skills to help make that happen”…… but I really think the Wolves could make it even without Roy.

    Kirilenko, Budinger, Cunningham, Amundson are really good additions, together with AllStar Love and Williams providing so many options on the F positions. Combined with a rising Pekovic who is now backed up by a talented shot blocking sophomore instead of Milicic who hasn´t developed his game in years.

    Shved needs time but will connect with “European style” Rubio, Pekovic and Kirilenko and learn from Roy and Co. Still having Ridnour and Barea who are experienced and playoff proven (esp. Barea)…..

    Overall the Wolves have
    – 12 players with the potential to REGULARLY score in double digits…
    – defensively improved with the additions of Kirilenko, Stiemsma…
    – gained experience with the addition of Roy, Kirlienko…
    – still kept a promising young core with Love, Rubio, Shved, Budinger, Cunningham, Williams, Pekovic, Stiemsma…
    – comparably good options on all positions and for different systems, e.g. putting Love on C, going small, etc.

    Well done management!!! Everybody is talking about the good moves of the Lakers, Heat… but taking a look into the future the Wolves are imo prepared best…

    If Rubio returns in old shape, Shved and Roy release their potential…. the Wolves will be the team nobody wants to play against!!!

  17. Herr says:

    Like he’s never left is a bit of an insult to Portland fans. Did you happen to see what happened to this team after he left? They all quit.

    I’m excited to see Roy, but he’s a traitor if he doesn’t return to Portland once his contract with the Wolves are up. Wolves, even with Roy, can hit the post-season, but I don’t see where this team is exactly going. Rubio and Love don’t have the game nor potential to ever get deep in the playoffs.

    • Califan says:

      The Blazers asked Roy to retire. He most likely didn’t want to and during his year away tried to recover…he could have just taken the money and went on with his life. Instead he is trying to make a comeback, and as a basketball fan I am very excited to see him play even if it’s not with Portland. If you’re a Blazers fan then I understand how his comeback can rub you the wrong way, but as a basketball fan you should be happy to see a player of his caliber return. Especially since it’s not to one of the already stacked and dominate teams.

      • B-ROY!! #7always and forever.. blazersss says:

        blazers never told roy to reitre?? but whateverr.. you should be happy for roy. he wasnt able to go back to blazers because of the amnesty clause.. =( but he will always be a blazer at heart! #7 for life<3

  18. semikalosi says:

    It’s great to see him back. I’m a huge Roy fan and have followed his career since he entered the league. As long as he stays healthy then he’ll definitely get better and be a bigger contributor than what Min had ever hoped for. As long as he stays healthy, we could see a shade of the old Roy deeper into the season. As long as he stays healthy.

    But, we all know that one bad injury to his knees and it’s over., for good. That’s the sad part.

  19. Paulh says:

    Never easy to get back after such a seemingly long layoff. However, he has every chance if you consider that with Portland making the playoffs in 2011 and the lockout last season, he has only played 4 months less competitive basketball than most of his Timberwolf teammates since being out. If Roy plays his way back to anything like full strength, Wolves are making the playoffs!

  20. CHRISTUBB says:

    D12 will be traded to heat for Jo Anth/Rio. Marks these words. He’s trade bait.

    • bizzman23 says:

      Yes because every team is dying to Joel Anthony as their starting. I can see Mitch now saying “Hey Pat, What is it going to take for Joel Anthony to become a Laker. We’l offer you anything D12, Pau, how about Kobe too”. You Heat fans crack me up, you make the good fans look bad.

    • KOBE BRYANT says:


  21. Realistic says:

    Brandon Roy was the 3rd best shooting guard in the league before his incident. It was a shame for him to retire, but happy that he is back and looked good in the preseason game, but I’m only going by just stats because i didn’t watch it. Remember, it is preseason and teams are playing the bench a lot to see what kind of players that they have. when it comes to regular season, teams are going to buckle down both offensively and defensively with the main weapons they have, which makes it a much more difficult challenge. Don’t be surprised if he plays average or below average in the regular season. Hopefully that is not the case and he is playing at a high level like he use to.

  22. blazerfan07 says:

    Absolutely thrilled to see B-Roy back on the court. It’s a shame it’s not for the Blazers, although Brandon will have my full support!

    • D Lion says:

      Agreed…I hope Brandon lights it up in Minnesota and I wish him absolutely nothing but the best. Still, any success that he gets will come with a constant, rueful reminder that he is no longer in Portland. 😦

  23. Kamote says:

    Just great steals for the T-Wolves these past years. Trading draft picks which ended with Love, waiting for Rubio, bagging Adelman. Now even if Roy plays 70% of what he used to, for about 20-25 mins (to preserve his knees) coming as 6th man and 4th quarter clutch guy, he is still more than the T-Wolves hoped for. Even Kirilenko coming back is a great thing for them. AK47 getting his head back into the game and doesn’t have to do much but just be effective on both sides of the court.

    Though its still about Love’s and Rubio’s maturity, its still great considering you’ve got two former All-Stars and franchise players (AK47 was contending at the playoffs in between Stockton-Malone and DWill-Boozer era). And these two are still relatively young compared to Kidd, Brand, Allen, Camby or any other vets who are still valued players despite their age and diminished roles. Top that with having great coach that is always able to even make a team with mediocre players (see Houston) fight for a playoff spot.

  24. ShawnKemp says:

    Good for Roy. Now all we need is Danny Manning to lace em up again.

  25. Jonathan says:

    I am very happy for Brandon. I have always been a big fan of his. I hope his progress will just continue smoothly.

  26. Ron Jon says:

    Lets be real folks

  27. BROY4LIFE says:

    I Knew he would have a nice preseason opener. I NEVER doubt B-Roy. Just knowing what he did to Dallas In game 4 of the playoffs, WITH 2 bad knees and being in constant pain, he will be even better now that his knees are feeling good and he has confidence in them again. And even if he is not feeling well, Roy is a WARRIOR and always leaves it all out on the floor. WATCH OUT NBA THE NATURAL IS BACK!!

  28. cta says:

    I love brandon roy as much as anyone else, but please, sekou, don’t say that Brandon Roy is returning to his all-star ways based off of 24 minutes of action in a single preseason game. I hate to be a cynic, but his degenerative knees -aka no meniscus, so it’s bone on bone in there- doesn’t just get better with time. No operation or rest will heal that, so to suggest he will be the same player is sadly misleading and creates false hope and expectations. Appreciate him for as long as he’s back, but don’t go sensationalizing the second he returns. But then again, you’re a journalist so I guess you can’t really help it.

  29. l-train says:

    Wolves gonna be beastin this year

  30. JeffX says:

    What a great story, hope the fairytale doesn’t end for Roy. If he is good the Wolves WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, if he isn’t they might get close with all the other young players and Rubio making his comeback. They have two good point guards and a shooting guard now. Time will tell.

  31. whatever man says:

    Wow- he is going to disappoint all you fans in Minnesota, he has played one pre-season game. Let’s see how he pans out in mid-season or if/when the team makes the playoffs. He has no cartilage in his knees and that is going to take a toll on him, just like in Portland. Roy has had more microscopic knee surgeries than Oden and they go all the way back to his college years. I like the Wolves- they have some good peices and a great coach- they will probably make the playoffs this season, but I do not believe Roy is going to be able to go when he is needed. He is not the same player he once was, he’s said it and his doctors have said it. Good luck Wolves.

    • B-ROY!! #7always and forever.. blazersss says:

      hahahahaha… WOW.. mr. negative.. lol
      sit down and turn on the tv to basketball cause ur about to see B-Roy prove you wrong 😉
      go blazers! =D

    • MHM 35 says:

      Hey, Batman didn’t have cartilage in his knees and he still went out and did what he needed to do. Brandon Roy will be Batman.

      No I wasn’t serious at all, that’s all for my stupid ignorant comments

  32. I am very excited for this season! I am a huge basketball fan who has moved around the U.S. quite a bit…so needless to say, I will be cheering for a variety of teams, the T-Wolves included!

  33. nbaspecter says:

    Wow, really hope that Roy can stay healthy, Timberwolves have more than a great chance at challenging for the 7th or 8th seed in the West, and with guys like Love, Pekovic, Kirilenko and Roy, not factoring in Rubio’s return, has the great potential to make some noise in the playoffs, especially if they head up against an older, more injury-prone team like the Lakers or the Spurs who can run out of steam towards the postseason.

    Roy brought an almost unparalleled game to the NBA, with one of the most unique scoring capabilities inside and out, and who’s team has always been faced with a myriad of injuries. Hopefully this signifies a turn for the better, and he can help lead Minnesota to success.

    Go T-Wolves!

    • J says:

      “has the great potential to make some noise in the playoffs, especially if they head up against an older, more injury-prone team like the Lakers or the Spurs who can run out of steam towards the postseason.”

      lol, good one.

    • Lady J says:

      Roy I’m happy to see you return with the Wolves under the coaching of Hollins.

  34. K.LoveWolf says:

    dude… i can’t wait to watch the wolves this year! so much fun!

  35. Chester says:

    i am happy for Roy and its good to see him back on the court but there’s the rest of the pre season and 82 games to go, not to mention the playoffs if the wolves make it. so lets not get ahead of ourselves.
    one game does not a comeback make.