Jeremy Lin Working His Way Back

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s awful quiet on the Linsanity front these days.

That might have something to do with the fact the fact that Houston Rockets’ point guard Jeremy Lin isn’t generating the sort of attention most folks are used to from a player who became the global toast of the game last season while starring in New York.

There’s a reason for that, though. Lin, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, is still trying to work his way back from the knee injury that ended his season prematurely:

Though he has not had any setbacks or missed practice time, Jeremy Lin acknowledged on Tuesday that he is still working his way back from last season’s knee injury.

Lin had always maintained that he was 100 percent healthy, though Rockets coach Kevin McHale had often spoke about Lin’s comeback. On Tuesday, Lin said he expected to be at full speed in time for the Oct. 31 opener, but was not there yet and does not expect to play extensively in the preseason opener.

“My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet,” Lin said. “I’m still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery. I probably won’t get to play too much. Hopefully, as the preseason goes on I’ll get to play more and more to build that endurance.”

The Rockets have to have Lin in “pre-surgery” form by Halloween. With the amount of responsibility they have placed on his shoulders and the fact that he is the unquestioned face of the franchise, Lin has to be ready to go.

But it makes the conspiracy theorists among us wonder, did the Knicks know something the Rockets didn’t about Lin and his knee injury when they allowed him to walk in free agency?


  1. keithcypes says:

    I am a Knicks fan j.Lin is a OK back up combo gurad.I like most of y’all I fell for it I argued wit my brothers quite w bit until the mia game he wad exposed couldn’t even get the ball past halfcourt.worm out by the great MARIO CHALMERSnuff said

  2. CUSEMAN15 says:

    Jeremy is soooo overrated. He is definitely not the face of any franchise and shouldnt be. Theres nothing about his game that impresses me and shouldnt impress really anyone. He had has his fifteen minutes of fame.The Knicks knew he wasn’t a franchise player and did not deserve a huge contract. The rockets were foolish in believing that he could be the face of their franchise. Definitely the most overrated point guard (if not player) this year

  3. Luis says:

    Most overrated point gaurd ever.

  4. bu says:

    Lin has a huge load & expectations on his shoulders. Hope he excels & do well.

  5. Lillian says:

    The comment of Smith indicates that he knows very little of Asian culture: Being humble and never stating things fully is the way to go. But it doesn’t mean he has something that Knicks know but the Rockets don’t. Smith, you need to study some Asian culture to make knowledgeable comments.

  6. MVP says:

    oh me oh my,
    when does this lin attention stop??sick and tired of seeing this face in the headlines…he has never proven anything and just because he has chinese roots (or whatever) all of the chinese people getting euphoric..and this is the reason why the nba push him in the media..yes, he had outstanding 5 games, yes it’s a great hollywood story, and yes he’s fallen dramatically in his stats ever since teams know about “his game” of him will wake up this season and understand, that he’ll never become a franchise player..there will be alot of dissapointed faces out there. just unfair for a young player who has to fullfill big foodsteps created by the media…

    • Average Joe says:

      I’m gonna call you on that one. Among the things I like about Jeremy Lin is that he is willing to learn. If you noticed last season, it was only when Melo returned to the Knicks that D’Antoni’s offense stopped running through Lin. I believe that without a ball-stopper i.e. ball hog in the Rockets squad, Lin will flourish. And he is coached by McHale, who also coached KG to superstardom back in Minne. I’m not saying he’ll be an All-Star but he’ll be damn well better than Felton. Much, much better IMHO.

  7. arthur says:

    God bless You brother hope u recover soon!

  8. Mr. real says:

    without any ballhog in the team (melo??), Jeremy Lin is a star!

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Lin is overpaid and trash, Melo carried the knicks into the playoffs while lin sat and didn’t play because he was only 80%. Don’t ever compare the two

    • Belizeboy says:

      I like Lin but I gotta say I’m kinda tired of hearing people talk about him like he’s an actual NBA star. Yeah he’s a star to the public, but NBA wise he hasn’t done anything to prove himself as a star player.

  9. mj says:

    Lin improved from his first year in the league to his second year (last year). I expect him to continue to improve. I was impressed with him in the in-depth interview he did with Jason Friedman. He believes that every point guard does something better than he does it. So, he believes he can learn from everybody and studies film of many point guards to see how to improve. He also watches film of himselfto identify his weaknesses and tendencies (bad habits). Since he is a very smart person who graduated from Harvard, I expect him to continue to work hard and improve and eventually become an All-Star.

  10. Who Cares about jeremy Lin, kobe is thinking about retiring due to knee injuries…Now thats serious news

  11. GrammarGeek says:

    “It’s awful quiet on the Linsanity front these days.” …WHAT HAPPENED TO THE “-ly”, BRO? -.-“

  12. David says:

    Give it a break. This guy was a 1 hit wonder and he only got as much attention as hed did because he did it in New York and the New York media and Skip Bayless hyped him up because New York is/was desperate for some kind of excitemnt seeing how they hadn’t won a playoff game in like what? A decade? And now you huys think he’s ready to be the franchise player in Houston??This is going to be funny when by the end of the season this guy has been exposed and all the false hype was for nothing.

  13. Lakers4Life says:

    A lot of people are going to be very disappointed if this kid doesn’t turn himself into an all-star this year with all the hullabaloo last year. Myself included.

  14. Realistic says:

    Also not to mention that Lin was playing against teams with below average defending point guards when the Linsanity era was going on.

  15. Realistic says:

    Signing Lin to that contract was probably the most stupid thing to do for a above average point guard. I will agree that the first week or two when he was tearing up the league was very impressive, but lets have a reality check. He was a player that nobody has ever heard about, so there wasn’t a game plan devised for him because he was just randomly thrown into the lineup. The same was for Ivan Johnson when he gave the heat a hard time in his nba debut, but slowed down drastically when coaches devised a game plan for him. Lin slowed down drastically ever since he versed the heat and was exposed for his weaknesses. He turns the ball over too much for his position and is a slow paced player with mediocre defense. He is still young and has a lot of time to improve to be an elite point guard, but what I have seen, to me, he is not worth the contract that he is receiving. Lets not forget that the rockets tried to trade everybody including draft picks they had for Dwight Howard even though he told them that he might not stay.

  16. jp2123 says:

    I think what makes more sense is this. Jeremy Lin hasnt played 5-5 (real games) for months because of the knee injury. His Knee might be good but he is not 100% in his game. Im excited to see him tonight and follow the season.

  17. Jeremy Lin never had gone from Knicks because he was all nights show time. In years I never had seen a player like him, he makes the difference. Just my opinion.

  18. tjMAX says:

    Please don’t make stories up agin about lin’s injury. If he didn’t feel right, don’t force him to do it. A lot of players didn’t show up in preseason game. Lin has a week of training camp and found out he was not ready completely because 5-5 play in several days can tell whether you are ready. So I don’t expect him to be big tonight. Let other rookies and veterans do it. They all want to show their potentials. Lin, hope you’ll have enough time to be ready by Oct. 31. Support you.

  19. Yoko hirokawa says:

    Can’t wait to see Jeremy on the court. Jeremy go! God will be with you.

  20. HIFUer says:

    Personally, I don’t like what he said. I know it is a strategy to lower people’s expectations but as a professional athelete, you have to show your toughness not excuses. As your big fan , I don’t care if you have a bad game or you don’t put up big numbers. What I care is your willingness to win and not afraid of being criticized. Ignore those haters who spend all their time and energy looking at your stat sheet, just play for the god and enjoy the game! Go Rockets!!!

  21. Somebody says:

    Jeremy Lin your my inspiration!

  22. El Drake Shell says:

    Wasn’t Lin playing streetball in Taipei last month. I saw the video Didn’t seem too concerned about his knee then. Where was he when the Knicks needed him in the playoffs last year??? Houston…we have a problem. Let’s go Knicks!

    • RJ says:

      Yeah, and he wasnt playing very hard. It was pick-up basketball against your average Taiwanese street ballers. That’s not exactly on the same level as playing high intensity basketball with lean, 200 lb. plus nba players. I’m sure at this point, he’s just trying to get stronger around that knee again, and regain his quickness. Last year in the playoffs, he was less than a couple months off of his injury.

      Implying that he doesn’t care or doesn’t have drive to play or things like that based on what you mentioned is ridiculous. And really stupid. I’m sure that you don’t actually buy into any of it yourself, anyway; you’re just trying to hate because he’s not on your team anymore. Player loyalty is way better than team loyalty because it’s the same as loyalty to an actual person with heart and soul, as opposed to loyalty to a corporation who’s goal is profits. Don’t agree that that is their goal? See: New York Knicks – the last decade.

  23. masiuc says:

    I’m in Detroit, and looking forward to seeing Jeremy Lin and Rockets to play the season opener game in Palace. Can’t wait anymore. Go, Jeremy, Go!

  24. purpngold says:

    lets hope lin can get back to last seasons form. alot of fun watching him play.

  25. Hilda says:

    Let’s go, Jeremy! We can’t wait for tonight’s preseason game. We’ll pray that you will regain all the great abilities that you had pre-injury and gain more experience with all the skills in this tough games. Just keep it up and we believe in you! Let’s go, Rockets!

    • tjMAX says:

      I believe him too but you can’t force him to play like before if he is not there yet. He must know his body. I pray for him too and God will tell him whether he’s ready.