Report: End In Sight For Kobe?

 Even if he isn’t ready to share any specifics or an exact timeline, Kobe Bryant knows where the finish line is in his Hall of Fame career.

Could it be two years or maybe even three from now?

It’s hard to tell when the Los Angeles Lakers’ star refuses to divulge his master plan about how walking away from the game that framed his life the past two decades, including the four years before he entered the league just weeks after his high school graduation.

Bryant hinted in July that he would be ready to call it quits at 35, when his current contract expires.

Now comes word, via Ken Berger of, that Bryant is indeed sticking with that plan:

Speaking with in a quiet moment after practice, Bryant conceded that, in all likelihood, the finish line and the conclusion of his current contract will be one in the same. Bryant has two years left, and though he was careful to point out, “One can never be too sure,” he made it clear in the next breath it’s almost unfathomable he would play beyond 2013-14, which would be his 18th season.

“It’s just that three more years seems like a really long time to continue to stay at a high, high level of training and preparation and health,” Bryant said. “That’s a lot of years. For a guard? That’s a lot of years.”

Even after visiting the fountain of youth in the form of a knee procedure in Germany that allowed him to average nearly 39 minutes per game last season, Bryant senses that the end is near — and not only for his knees, wrist, ankles or other body parts, but also for his incomparably competitive mind. The window, he is ready to acknowledge, is two years. Two more chances to catch Jordan.

“It’s not about health necessarily,” he said. “It’s about ‘Do I want to do it? Do I have that hunger to continue to prepare at a high level?’ ”

Bill Parcells, a competitive sociopath from another sport, used to say that if you’re talking about retirement, it means you’ve basically already retired. To hear Bryant, the most cutthroat basketball combatant of his generation, speak about the day — the moment — when his smoldering desire to win finally will be extinguished, was something to behold.

So much so that the next question — about whether Bryant would ever change his mind and hang on for an extra year or two as a role player averaging 15 points just to pad his championship resume — needn’t have been asked.

“That’s not gonna happen,” Bryant said. “That’s just not me.”

True to his character, Bryant doesn’t seem interested in riding someone else’s coat tails during the twilight of his career. We can respect that stance. Any true competitor would.

It would have to be painful for a player who refused to subjugate his game and ego at the start of his career to Shaquille O’Neal do so at the end of his career.

But if the end is near for Kobe — and only Kobe knows when it will end — we all better get our popcorn ready to enjoy his final kick to the finish line.


  1. specialfriedrice says:

    @ Mark, great comment. so true, Kobe Bryant most over rated and selfish player of all time…got the 3 rings becuase of Shaq, the most dominont player of the modern era, So kobe blowers now your down to 2 rings of which both were gift wrapped and handed to him, Magic treated beating Lebron and the Cavs like they won the championship (then brought back Nelson over Alston…..for the Finals…) a team of 10 year olds would have beaten the Magic, then Boston did the same thing but only in one game, game 7, yes where Kobe ‘i am the Greatest’ shot 8 for 30 in game 7 and yet again was saved by his teams BIG MEN. Just hurry up and retire already, NBA will be even greater when he is finally gone.

  2. Paul Gipson says:

    Kobe one of the best players of all time. He is my favorite BBaller.

  3. Francisco says:

    well, great overrated player with only 1 and1/2 rings of his own, who was lucky to be a laker, who is statistically(averages) good , but not the best in his era , who INDIVIDUALLY has few personal acolates(mvp).Selfish as hell in his early years, he did not have the pressure because he rode on the Diesel back in his early years. who is not original, he is a far away copy of the GOAT, SO FAARRR statistically that his fans never look at it.NAMED the closesT thing to JORDAN for his game similarities and WRONGLY perceived by fans as the second OAT.even when you TELL the truth about him someone CALL YOU A HATER or defend him by bringing 81 points in a game and 5 rings.

  4. EROD says:

    Kobe retires, I retire from NBA. Lebron is good but he is not Michael nor Kobe.

  5. celtic says:


  6. It will be great to watch Kobe push hard to the finish line. He could proably play into his late 30s, but not at his current level. He has a lot of records to get in the coming years, including more championships. Lebron James will have a hard time catching up to the Kobe Bryant legacy.

  7. Mark says:

    bye bye Kobe, only those teens are going to miss you, for the others that saw Magic, Bird, Olajuwon and your mentor MJ, played (not youtube videos) you are just a player that wants to do everything that the other players already did, and better than you!… Way better!!

  8. Pippen says:

    What he has to prove?? come on, guy is pro from 1996 when he had 17 years perfect way to end

  9. Mr. real says:

    KB24 is a liabillity in the defense. Team defense is not an issue in the new revamped roster, but individual defense, especially in the back court (with nash) will give coach brown a headache

  10. Boyan says:

    I do not understand what do you watch while KB is playing, Don’t you see that he is barely running, Guy is old and can not play any more, “the best ever” should have retired this summer, but he has such a good contract……. This season will be very painful for him, with less than 20 PPG and bellow 40% FGA

  11. Ervin says:


  12. Mary Ross says:

    Kobe need one more ring!!!!! He will get it if he is playing with Lamar O . Come on Lakers get with the program. DH and SN will not be a factor!!!! The unity needs to be in place!!!!!

  13. cdubbb24 says:

    im going to have to get out to LA before kobe calls it quits.. STAPLES CENTER HERE I COME!!

  14. Rashawn says:

    Dam i have watch kobe played for years from kobe and shaq days to now and if nash is 38 nd can still play at a high level at da age of 38 i don’t see why kobe can’t do it i mean kobe have always proven people wrong like they always said he would never win another ring with out shaq he went on to 3 nba finals and got 2 rings out of it they said he would never reach 6 rings like jordan he now has the chance before he leave to gain another two or three rings ,you kno we all wonder how things would of turned out if magic johnson was healthy in the 90s him his self probbly would of have a 6 ring also but only god knows.” 30s is the new 20s

  15. Porter says:

    come on braynt youf still playing at a high level age aint notting but a number jordan played till he was 40 you still can carry your team its not like anyone can gaurd you mind beat muscle 😉

  16. tophercb says:

    THE MONEY! After Kobe’s contract is up, after the 30 million a year, what are the Lakers willing to pay Kobe at 37? What is he willing to accept? Seems to me the Lakers will be anxious, with the Luxury tax, to shed his contract. Will it be a matter of Pride with him to get the same money or will he be unselfish, and play for Vet. min. so that Howard and the Lakers can move on? Whose team will it be and will Howard be willing to wait any longer? For fans, It is easy to make decisions with other people’s money. Show me the money and I think you will have some answers.

  17. 24 says:

    Its great superstars in the league that can carry the torch, but the league won’t be the same without Kobe!

  18. 35 never says:

    hey kazam i agre with you kobe is mor intelligent that lebron but lebron jump more is more fast and powerfull and kobe has a good mentality but he is in that years geting im old thinking and hes mentality can goo away i kobe whit depresion is not kobe and i see many games of kobe including the 81 point but thats past no much buzzer only one last year vs detroit kobe do 2 or 3 in a seaon

  19. shane says:

    hell play till he 1st or second on the all time scoring list

  20. KAZAM says:


    WHAT???? CMON BRO, LEBRON does not have the intelligence????? are you kidding????
    maybe your right but LEBRON does not have to match KOBES intelligence as your trying to say,because LBJ is strong and powerful. i think that kobe is too intelligent not to get in the way or try to block the shot of LEBRON when he drives to the basket because kobes too intelligent not wanting to get INJURED + POSTERIZED.

  21. KAZAM says:

    just to be clear kobe did not bring home the first three championships that he have, it was SHAQ who was the most dominant force in that first 3 championships that kobe has, to prove shaq was the finals mvp in that 3 champioships.


    better to retire now kobe you too old u cant even match lbj, wade nor jeremy lin in 1 on 1 match. stop dreamin alright la laker is to old like boston celtics. the king is always the king… fukers 🙂


    better to reture now kobe you to old u cant even match lbj, wade nor jeremy lin in 1 on 1 match. stop dreamin alright la laker is to old like boston celtics. the king is always the king… fukers 🙂

  24. KAZAM says:

    Maybe after seing the thunder/ spurs beat them in the playoffs this next 2 years, im sure he will retire. nobody is still sure wether dwight will re-sign with the lakerts next season.
    we all know that he is the reigning ballhogger in the nba but i think that will change this season, he might be the facilitator, but still be beaten by the thunder/ spurs.
    also he will retire the next 2 years after seeing miami wins its threepeat

  25. Ray says:

    I think he is the most hated player ever played the game. Although he has some unique skills but the way he present it with his errogance is aweful!

  26. Lebron6 says:

    Look i wasnt always a kobe fan im a lebron fan but, even tho i didnt like kobe its just cuz i never really wanted to watch his AMAZING! career i missed out on the but durning this summer after the olmpics i saw how good kobe really was and i wish the best of luck for his last 2 yrs yes he will retire from the game & move on to european leagues like he said. Maybe they would win a championship this yr id like to see

  27. 35 never says:

    kobe is retiring when he is 17ppg less because there is when his ppg go down but to he retire if howard decides to go or nashh yeap that what i think hes a legend his competing with young good players:kd,lebron,carmelo,and next kirie irving

  28. anthony says:

    Just pray that Dwight Howard will re-sign during/after this year. But Howard knowing Kobe is out in 1 year, and Steve Nash has 3 years, might either see another epic trade or him leaving at the end of this season

  29. bonnifer tagaza says:

    who will not want to sign a 50million dollar 3yr contract… he’s bluffing

  30. Thomason says:

    Kobe retiring is the right call, hes all beat up, even the fingers on his shooting is beat up, hes two steps slower, most guys can guard his drive which leaves him with taking contested jumpers… his defense ehhh wont go there… He should retire before he drops his stats to low

  31. Slim says:

    Please Kobe Keep Playing , You can be the number 1 scoring leader in the history , i do believe that when he is 38 years old can play at a high level , i mean look at Nash , But its not about health , its about Desire like kobe said .

    simply put No Kobe No Nba for me , no one can amaze more .

  32. lakermig says:

    Mj had the most flair, kobe best all round offence, lbj most physically superior, but the best of the best were kareem and billy cause they combined all those thing ..kareem even more so but you cant argue with 11 rings

  33. lakermig says:


  34. OBLAKS says:

    The retirement plan of kobe is one of the motivation he want to show to his teammates so that they will play 100% effort to win the NBA title.No way he will retire next few years .

  35. kb8 says:

    81 points against raptors
    12 3’s against sonics

  36. kb8 says:

    MJ and KB28 are LIVING LEGENDS. Ilove no. 23 and no.24!

  37. nimble says:

    NBA will never be the same after the master retires.

  38. Nando says:

    Kobe will retire with atleast one more ring and 2nd or 3rd on the all time scoreing list… After he leaves along side Howard and Casol, we will welcome Kevin Durant or John Wall to the Lakers…. L.N 4-Life… p.s.. He will return as the LAL head coach….

  39. Ace says:

    He can retire today for all I care. It’s a team sport and selfish individuals like Kobe can leave anytime, sooner the better.

  40. GW says:

    ”For a guard?” its much harder for big men to continue. Taking a jab at almost every big man there especially at Shaq who managed to play longer than that. But what do i know, maybe im just reading inbetween the lines too much.

  41. Kamote says:

    as hard as it was seeing MJ retiring before (especially with the Bulls)… and also seeing MJ almost having the winning shot at his last All-star game… this just makes us realize that Basketball is beyond the greats that played the game. A great competitor like Kobe will retire as a lot of other greats had and would… but the game moves on. The game is not about stars.

  42. Danny says:

    MJ played till like 40+ years old…

  43. Phil-J says:

    Kobe is great i hope he would stay even as a coach after he retires. For Lebron hope he would reach the level like Kobe and MJ has done. He has to prove himself more. I would love to see him there too.

    And one more thing Sekou is not the Kobe hater it’s Jason Whitlock…..I hate that guy really!…

    • Slaxl says:

      kobe can never be a coach just like MJ can’t either -imagine kobe at 55 – if he is screaming orders to his team and they fail to execute – he’d probably pick up the ball and show them how its to be done and probably would be able to do it better than them

  44. Student says:


  45. NASTE says:

    Kobe is the 2econd great. The greatest and most scariest shadow MJ will ever have.
    IN 10 games who would win the most? MJ, KOBE, LBJ, or these nutz?

  46. gerzon says:

    people forget that.,Scotie P. is the All Defensive First Team for 8 years in a row: thats the time when Jordan win 6 championship. and Denis Rodman: 7 years NBA king of rebound . what will happen if Kobe got this two men in his team?..,we are no talk about Toni Kukoc ( king of Europa) as the sixth man. so.,dont ever mention that MJ doesnt have a good backup.,Shaq only have All Defensive second Team. it means that Shaq prefer focus on offensive. so with ANdrew Bynum that never be write as All Defensive second or third team. dont ever talk about backup: because of MJ backup is much better than Kobe. if you tlak about Shaq ability; so we will talk about Dennis Rodman 7years NBA rebounding king. if KObe have that friends around him (two Defensive First Team in Pippen and Rodman),.he would score 50 + points every day he want.,and his highest not 81 but could be more than 100.

  47. raraboy says:

    he is going to retire alright…….and then make a comeback after one or two season…the dude is mimicking jordan no doubt……even trying everything to be better…look at his jersey numbers….24 one higher than jordan…even in the olympics…he wore 10

    • dattebayo says:

      yeah, Kobe kinda fails to realize that 23 comes ahead of 24 and 9 is ahead of 10, there is no catching up that way…

  48. specialfriedrice says:

    he has one goal, to become the all time scoring leader he’ll keep coming back till he gets it, and he’ll keep running iso’s and shoot more shoots at his teams expence…

  49. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    The nba willl be so much better when this ballhog retires.

  50. Ebz says:

    Maybe Kobe will move to PHX just like steve nash did

  51. NBAfan says:

    1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years….just enjoy the rest of Kobe in the NBA…he is the last of an era that maybe Dr. J started, and MJ made very popular.

    Kobe…is the last one of his kind in my opinion. The real end of one era and the official beginning of another when Kobe retires.

    Durant…I’m putting my money on you even though you seem to be plateauing a bit…the next one with the spider nickname…

    • mvp says:

      yeah. regular okc fan that keeps critising lebron (i like both lbj and kd, so im not hating on kd) did you see waht c. barkley saidß the guy today whos more capable to be Better than MJ is lbj (i personally hate c.barkley tough). not saying that kd cant be it, he probably can become the best scorer ever! but youre clearly alebron hater.

      the kinds that you speak about of kobe, mj and erving, doesnt make sense. there are much more that are just that damn good and you guys forget them: russel 11 titles, magic, chamberlain 50 ppg season! and so on. kobe´s era is with duncan, oneal, garnett, nash, nowitzki, pierce, allen, kidd , carter and so on. mj is with thomas, drexler, olajuwan, barkley, malone, stockton and so on. just dont mix eras, ok?

      And Kobe might retire in 3 yeras couse of Nash. It would be fun if the two big enemies with great battles that they had retired w/ a title or two togeether. Theyre surely top 25 maybe of All time 🙂

      • Ryan says:

        Kobe is better then all those players in both eras…sans MJ period. KD is the best scorer in the game but he’s not, and won’t be, the greatest scorer of all-time. Are you really saying that Kobe is only top 25, ever?!?! That, my friend, is a farce and you should never watch basketball again.

  52. Rodolphe says:

    You are the greatest lakers who ever played the game Mr MAMBA!!!!!
    all the buzzer beater that you scored, i just hope that you beat the record of Mr Jabbar for the most point in a carrer
    Thanks for all those yearsand, still best is coming!!!

    • Lakersince76 says:

      That won’t happen. I hope records don’t mean much to Kobe. Although I’m a big Kobe fan, LeBron will break any record Kobe obtains except rings

  53. Kannu says:

    “Lakers” is Kobe, “Kobe” is Lakers

  54. Jowell says:

    ballhog nothing else, people put him highly yet he will never attain the greatness of the one and only Michael Jordan. he will always be below some of the great ones. not just as a basketball player, as a person as well. legends get RESPECT. i neednt say more.

  55. bongski says:

    Considering his competitive nature (hey wait, where’s the originality? MJ invented “competitive nature” right?), Kobe will retire only after he gets his 6th and 7th rings so he can sleep soundly at night (mistakenly) thinking (or should I say, dreaming) he is greater than MJ.

    So, I believe he’ll play in the NBA until he reaches 50 years old or until his Black Mamba knees give up, whichever comes first.

    I am no Kobe-hater, mind you. Just a well-read lover of the game…

    • Ryan says:

      Ok, so you’re saying no one before Michael Jordan had “competitive nature?” Since Jordan “invented” it right? lol. What does that even mean?!?! Clearly, Bird and Magic had no “competitive nature” nor any other athlete in the NBA or across any other sport for that matter. Your very first sentenance discredits your entire post. So much for being a “well-read” lover of the game. Kobe speaks the truth, when he says something he means it. He will play2-3 years max and call it a career. He is alreay in the Jordan conversation, a 6th ring solidifies it even more, and a 7th ring puts him over the top. He was the best thing going for a long time and the closest thing we will ever see to MJ.

  56. Nathan says:

    Kobe has been around for strong 16 years, he’s showed and done what he can do. He’s brang back 5 championship rings. Bringing 5 championships back is very rare. I am a big fan of Kobe Bryant and his mind set of the game is the strongest in the NBA. No one can read his mind but him, if he thinks there’s only 2 years left in him, we’ll then that’s all he’s got.. I think that Kobe is the only person in the world to becoming the next Michael Jordan, I’m not saying he’s there yet but he’s the only competitor for the G.O.A.T. Jordan changed the game and made shots where no one could do. Kobe had done the exact things what Jordan did. Basically studied his techniques and style and put them into the game. It’s hard and rare to try things what other players did. But the thing is that Kobe did it every game. Same as Jordan.

    Kobe is coming to the end and its sad to say but he’s got 2 years to decide, extend or retire.
    Good luck Kobe Bryant

  57. jasper says:

    honestly i think that kobe could play till he’s 45, but that wont happen.with the style that kobe plays like now which is 60% jump shots 40% drive he can play till hes 45. if he reduces his game to 85% jumpers 15% drive and reduces his total shots to 12-14 instead of 20-25 if he makes 6 or 7 out of 13 shots and two of them are three’s. he’ll probably shoot at least 4 free throws and get 18 points a game. if he plays 60% jumpers 40% drive of course he cant play for another 4 years but if he uses my strategy he can play till he’s 40+. We’ll still consider him one of the best players in the league even at an old age.

  58. alex says:

    Psychologically ,when you feel like you have all the time in the world to do something, there isn’t as much pressure, and you don’t have that sense of urgency. When you have a clear deadline, every second is valuable, and you begin to appreciate every moment of it. It’s important for Kobe to be aware that his time is limited, in order to motivate himself and push himself NOW. We might just see the best Kobe, we have ever seen, and I look forward to watching the New Lakers play.

  59. I’m going to stop thinking about 2 years time and start thinking about this season. He’s not retiring this season. Let’s just focus on that when it’s a reality. At the moment we have over 700 days of Kobe to relish, let’s just hope he brings home a championship for LA this season!

  60. legendary24 says:

    The day kobe retires is gonna be a sad day for the game of basketball. we should all enjoy him while we can. not to take anything away from the new generation but kobe is one of the most skilled and complete players to play after jordan and to play ever.

    • cdubbb24 says:

      i second this. the day he black mamba retires will be a sad one for sure. too bad the greatests cant last forever….

  61. RJohnson says:

    I just have to say that I have not always been a Kobe fan. I am however a true admirer of his competitive drive and relentless preparation for the game.

    It is his preparation for every game that I think might be catching up with him. I have seen, read and heard of how much raw time he puts into basketball and that has to have taken a toll on him and his life.

    I for one, hope to see him at least come close to the top of the all-time scoring list. It is a bit of a ling shot for him to become the all-time leader. I’m no mathematician, but it would take 3 to 4 years of averaging 20 points per game to do that.

  62. Patty says:

    There are not too many Superior basketball players left in the basketball I am hoping that Kobe Bryant does not retire.

    Labron James does not have the intelligence to be another Kobe Bryant. He is Jealous of Kobe and wants him to leave basketball.

    Who do we have in basketball to replace Kobe Bryant? That a Soul!!!

    I am glad that Kevin Garnett didnot retire. We donot have too many talented players in the basketball. Yes, we do have average players, but not Superior players. It really is a WATER down league.

    Please, Kobe, donot retire.

    • theking says:

      le bron is the future. he is better than kobe. lebron has a higher IQ – knows not to jack up 100 shots per game.

      • sam says:

        haha keep crying. lebron is not as intelligent as Kobe is a joke.

      • I am a HUGE Miami fan, and Lebron fan…but i must disagree with you on this bro….Lebron still has lots to learn…however we are comparing apples to oranges…both have two different game types, and Kobe vs Lebron in both of their primes would have been a showdown…Don’t get me wrong Lebron is on his way to becomming arguably one of the greats and can easily be compared to Kobe and Jordan, but only stat wise…Player wise, Kobe and Jordan are from a different era, that was based on different principles and skill sets. And unlike Lebron, both Jordan and Kobe had the best coach of all time to develop them into tru champions with heart. The good thing is lebron is working with pat Riley which to me is the closet thing we have to Phil in the league, and hopefully Lebron is learning all he can, so that soon he cane reach new peaks in his career. Kobe brings the old school swagger to the game that we all long for, and he should try to stay with the game as long as his body holds out…

    • Fo Real says:

      where did u get that info about lebron wanting Kobe out u dillusional F&^%

  63. Patty says:

    Kobe, I hope you are listening to me. You donot have to retire @ 35.

    You have a brillant mine and you are a brillant basketball STAR!!! We all should be begging you to stay in basketball.

  64. McG says:

    Personally I would like to see Kobe play out his contract, then simply move up the bench and be the Lakers head coach. A bold move that Jerry would have made but Jim may not. In any event I believe Kobe would be a great coach. What better way to remain in the game?

  65. ProudToSayI'mLakersFan says:

    I was move to LA since 1996 same as Bryant rookie year till now he make me enjoy all every Lakers game I ‘m not worry about when he gonna retire what I gonna do is keep watching all the game that he will play untill last game (REMEMBER THIS IS A PRESENT) so I don’t need to just watch the tape when he RETIRE

  66. lg says:

    i will stop watching basketball after kobe retires

  67. KB24 says:

    kobe the best ever even if he doesnt get that sixth ring which i doubt i belive he can past jordan with 7 and be the G.O.A.T.

  68. 17,6 says:

    well said enriquepc i totally agree only he knows when he is gonna retire and i agree he has been the best player up until 2010 arguably til 2011 cuz lebron chocked and avg 17PPG in the finals vs the mavs…but 2012 was all lebron but hey if he think he can get that 7th ring he will stick around trust me…he has said multiple times that he doesn’t care about the most pts scored list but only about bill russel ladder meaning the most championship rings…that said imma break down in tears when he does retire i’ve been watchin him and the lakers since i was 10…:(

  69. Not says:

    It’s like Sekou is a big time hater of Kobe, every time I see a blog that concerns us Kobe fans, then a blog about how good Lebron is pops up….you don’t have to repeat and repeat that Kobe’s already at the finish line, it only makes harder for us fans to move on….

  70. OVA says:

    It’s not hard to predict. If LA wins the playoffs this year he retires. If they lose he retires.

  71. KOBEBEANN says:

    I remember when Kobe got drafted. To finally hear him talk retirement is just crazy. Idk if basketball will ever be the same. Right now it all just seems like hype instead of love for the game. Much love and Respect to the Black Mamba.

  72. LAKESHOOOOW says:

    I have a lot of respect for Kobe. He was one of the greatest to ever play the game. 2 years left does sound about right. Even if he doesnt reach that 6 Championships mark, id still respect what he has done in this league. Now, there is just too much talent on the rise for Kobe to stay at a high level. BUT YOU WOULD HAVE TOP BE AN IDIOT TO DENY HIS GREATNESS AND HOW HE PLAYED THE GAME. Past=Kobe Present=Lebron Future=Durant

  73. Dev says:

    Kobe does say in two years but I hope he plays until Nash retires, the two enemies for a long time coming together to try and win a championship, I feel it would only make sense for both of these extraordinary players to leave the game at the same time hopefully with a championship. If Kobe does indeed retire in two years I will enjoy watching him play and cherish these next two years. This should be an exciting season for all basketball fans

  74. Reggie says:

    Man, I’ve been watching kobe since I was six years old. It’s kind of tough right now to hear that he’s close to retirement. The game just won’t be the same anymore. It’s just gonna be missing something. I do think he’s gonna extend for one more year to most likely retire with Steve Nash but man can you imagine Sunday afternoon abc laker games without kobe. It really gets me emotional man. Easily top 5 all time in my opinion. Second only to MJ. Much love Kobe.

  75. Phil says:

    “True to his character, Bryant doesn’t seem interested in riding someone else’s coat tails during the twilight of his career. We can respect that stance. Any true competitor would.”

    That sentence seems to be “poking the bear” regarding players such as Shaq and Ray Allen.

    • I agree that the statement is a “poking” statement, but what is being missed is while both Shaq and Ray are not only legands in their own rights Shaq rode to another title with Miami, hopefully Ray could too! C’mon whats wrong with loving the game. Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is clearly on a very exclusive list known as being one of the best players of all time, but he is still missing a very vital skill that could even take him to another level rather than meeting the status quo which is being humble…he’s not the only “true” competitor out there lots of other guys wee great in theri prime, loved the game or needed more money or somthing, and just stood in thier comfort and rode out the rest of their careers. Ofcourse overtime their skills diminished, thats all part of a natural thing called aging. If Kobe loves the game as much as he claims he need to retire when his body retires and it just can’t go on…See Jordan came back for the love of the game, then he got crossed by AI, his ankles almost ripped off and realized a new generation and era of basketball which led him to realize his body retired…C’mon Kobe, you got too many years of greatness left in you, look at Nash, I don’t think he will retire until hes 60 at this rate…think about your legacy…There was a “Jordan” era, leave the game with a “Kobe” era…

  76. john gambina says:

    AllI i have got to say is Kobe as giving more than enough to this franchise and to the NBA. What more can he do . It is up of course to him what he does and when, All I can say is thank you. I would hope he gives not the fans but the Lakers a heads up on when he plans to depart. That would be so they can plan accordly .I support him in no matter what he does . He should do what he thinks is best for himself and his family .

  77. ko0kie says:

    he already sees the lakers window of opportunity vanishing.. in 2-3 years.. not only he’s gone, but gasol and nash could be retiring too.. and I don’t think a 36-year old kobe can win just dwight in his prime..

  78. CUSEMAN15 says:


  79. Not says:

    I’m just not ready for him to retire yet, it may sound selfish of me, but c’mon….the most exciting player, most deadliest, most clutch, and the only one for me who’s up there with Jordan,maybe not in front of him but absolutely right behind him, not Lebron, whose all muscle and size, but the finesse that mj has, is Kobe and only Kobe…best player of his generation for sure….

    • Arun says:

      I hear you. I think Lebron will wear out by thae time he is 33.

      • sam says:

        You wish Lebron hater

      • Fo Real says:

        Your out of your mind. LeBron is the Prototype to how an athlete should be. His fitness level is way above any player in the Nba. He is probably going to play until 36 at minimum. You guys act like Lebron’s got no endurance. Dont hate on him just cherish your memories of Kobe and STFU with that stupid nonsense.

        Kobe is a Great and I got mad respect but his time is over, he is accepting it so should you.

  80. J says:

    Yea Kobe, Don’t Pull a SHAQ and ride the coattails of other players when you can’t even play anymore.

    • Lady J says:

      Kobe you can’t play forever hang up the shoes while your on top. Please don’t jump around to different teams trying to win more rings like so more other players are doing.Make a difference to a team don’t blend in with the crowd.

  81. WynautSB says:


  82. bu says:

    Yeah, looks like another 2 yrs at this high level, then move on to smtg else. Afterall he said clearly that he wanted to finish “high” & doesn’t seem like he’ll end up like Jordan coming bk into the game as a team owner & then, got so itched & got into the team to act as leader then, creating some “flakes” in his career.

    Life is not just basketball. If he wins 1/2 in the next 2 yrs, that’d be a good exclamation mark already.

  83. Alessio Laker says:

    I believe he will retire only if his stats start to fail him, he has a big ego to let that happen so he will retire instead.

  84. TTKIN says:

    He is saying 2 years now, but with Nash signed for 3, I still think he may sign a 1 year deal after his current one is up

  85. Mike says:

    Kobe still got a good 4 years left imo. He’s bluffing

  86. Mytownla says:

    The black mamba… The closest thing to Jordan, since Jordan… Ppl i.e haters, tend to try and make the arguement that he is too old. You haters either tend to forget, or intentionally ignore the fact that hes coming off of a 27.9ppg season, in which he would of won the scoring title if he didnt decide to kinda sit out the last game against Sac Town, thus allowing KD35 to be the scoring champ. Nash is going to mesh with the rest of the starting five with his pure greatness, and continue to be the great dstributor we all know him to be. When the season kicks off against the mavs, and Howard plays his 1st game as a Laker, i see nothing but highlights and more coming from Nash to his co-workers. Its going to be an amazing season, cant wait.

  87. Patrickmarc says:

    30 minutes per game, for Kobe is enough. I would prefer him playing less,
    but watching him for years.
    At 40 years old,with no injury, still amazing in the last 10 minutes of the match

  88. Arun says:

    Kobe will play till he is 38 and at a high level till he is 36 for sure. After that may be a 15 ppg player.

    Its the hunger which keeps him going mentally and phisically. He is just a true competitor.

    • Mytownla says:

      If you saw the interview Kobe has with Stephen A, you would of known that Kobe sai he wll never stick around to average anything less than 20ppg

    • wadefan says:

      the article said that when asked if he would be a 15ppg player and he said no.. why even comment?

    • trix says:

      I doubt he is going to hang around as a 15 ppg player. He said multiple times that he will never do that.

      • Arun says:

        I have seen the interview. However, Kobe keeps saying things and then doesn’t care about it sometimes. When i say Kobe might play as a lets says 15ppg it means not playing 35 mins. He is going to may be play limited around 28-30 mins. My gut says he will play till 38. Lets see.

      • NASTE says:

        Probably until he’s number 2 on the scoring list. NASTE

  89. EnriquePC says:

    Only Kobe knows when he is going to retire, I think if he can win the championship this season or either the next season he will think how much he wants to stay and how much can he compete against the greatest of the sports. Kobe was the best player of the league until 2010, Lebron is the best player of the league now but Kobe is still there so he can wrap up and win all at the end.

    • Scott The Magician says:

      Just reading this kills me, if only the greats could play forever. Its amazing to have seen his career from start to finish. something i cherrish in my life as heving been witness to.

    • NASTE says:

      At the end of the day I’m voting for KOBE, Kobe is the greatest I’ve ever seen so that’s who I’m voting for. Kobe 24 would beat and out smart Jordan.