Jackson Weighs In On MJ-LBJ Debate

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When Charles Barkley says it, people take notice, debate it and then chalk it up to “Charles being Charles.”

But when Phil Jackson weighs in and suggests that LeBron James could one day surpass Michael Jordan as the NBA’s greatest player of all time, folks tend to perk up and get a little more serious about source (no offense to Charles).

Having coached Jordan to six titles and serving as one of the most significant influences in his career, Jackson has an understanding of him as a player that few others on the planet possess.

So when he talks about this particular subject, as he did with Waddle & Silvy on ESPN 1000 in Chicago (and addressed it here with Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel), we should all at least listen to his perspective:

“He’s got all the physical attributes. I think we all question the prepping that went into LeBron. His defense was shaky when he was a younger player and finding his way through that direction. He is a player that can play four positions. Except for perhaps the center spot, which he hasn’t given a shot at yet, he can play those other four positions quite well. This is unique. Michael could play three and was very good at all three of those, but as a power player that LeBron can become, I think he has an opportunity to explore and advance some of the status that he has already gained.”

As for the specific comparisons of their games and where they rank on the all-time great list, Jackson didn’t delve into the one-on-one comparison.

He did, however, give his own assessment of where James stands right now in terms of his individual development. It’s one of the more interesting breakdowns of LeBron that we’ve seen:

“I have a hard time judging that best player, but I do think that Michael had more moves in the post and he had more of a, perhaps, shooting touch with his back to the basket and all these kind of things that were part of his game. LeBron has this train out of control when he gets the ball in transition that he can go coast to coast without anyone getting in his way and if they do, he’s going to over run them.  And he’s got the power with the body and he’s developed a left hand that’s extremely good. There’s a lot of things that you are seeing in the development of this player that leads towards that, but the ideal and the whole reason behind this is what kind of championships are you gonna get from a player like this? Can he match what Michael has done?”

LeBron clearly has a few more championships to win (at least five) before some people warm up to the idea of comparing him to Jordan in any way.

But Jackson remembers what it was like when Jordan got his hands on that first one and believes that the scent of multiple Larry O’Brien trophies could inspire LeBron the same way:

 “Winning six championships is an elusive thing out there and they haven’t won two yet. But he’s kind of got the smell of it and even the Olympic experience this summer, he was the granted leader of that team and was the critical player when they needed something to happen in the final games. I think he’s there. I think he’s at that position. He’s got good things ahead of him and a lot of it depends upon if he’s gonna be healthy for the remainder of his career.”

The best part for those of us lucky enough to have witnessed Jordan’s exploits as they happened is we get to watch LeBron chase the ghost of Jordan the way Kobe Bryant has throughout his career …


  1. earl manigaut says:

    mj is mj dont compare him to kobe and lebron…mj is the greatest..kobe he just imitated jordan’s moves..that’s why he is maybe second..lbj is just a different player from the two..mj is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be..

  2. ee says:

    we also forget that if jordan didnt retire for the first time he might have won 8 rings in a row

  3. 1malaysia says:

    MJ is the epitome of basketball and NBA. wearing his shoes is already an honor let alone to be compared next to him. but records are meant to be broken, so it’s not impossible for james, or kobe or perhaps anyone in the league right now. i still think though Mj is the greatest one and kobe is defininety the person who ever comes close to him.

  4. NbaGuy123 says:

    Even to be compared with MJ should be an honor for anyone. Kobe Bryant and Le’bron James are really the only two players that you can even compare next to the great one (not counting Magic, B. Russel, K. Malone, and many other NBA greats,) Kobe is at the last stage of his carreer but still has the chance to add more to his legacy. As for Le’bron, he has the door of opportunity to take that crown, but he’ll have to hurry. Overall they’re all great players. IMAGINE if MJ, KB, and LBJ would have played against each other in their prime!! That would have been LEGIT.

  5. bryon says:

    Derrick Rose had a chance to go down as one of the greatest if not greatest player to play in the nba before he tore his acl

  6. Dee Dee says:

    I think Lebron has the potential to be a great all time player. However, I believe it is wrong to compare him to Michael Jordan. Mr. Jordan is great because he was a great player and he made a great impact on the sports arena as a whole. I know there were many great players that preceded MJ however we are talking MJ vs. Lebron at this moment.

  7. BOOGIE says:

    If Lebron had played on a better team when he got in the league, this conversation would have been had years ago. the fact is, love him or hate him, Lebron has ALWAYS had the potential to be, at least, as great as Jordan. The only reason anyone ever mentions Kobe in the comparison is about his rings, that’s all. Not taking anything away from Kobe, can’t front on his game at all. He is one of the greatest to ever do it. However, when it comes to pure athletic ability, Lebron is a different player. He’s faste, stronger and more dimensional as a player than either Kobe & Jordan. It’s that reason that he has what it takes to be as great, if not greater, than Jordan. it can happen as long as he stays focused.

  8. sanjay says:

    both are tremendous along with kobe. lebron is physically ridiculous and adding finesse these days. It is the team that surrounds them mattered most! So this miami team has tough competition due to new concept of teaming superstars on the roaster. If miami can win one more this season they will on their way to win a few championship in coming years.

    lebron needs to win 3 more to start some serious comparisons to see who is better. He may not win 6 but definitely 4 is within his reach!

    Missing against dallas dint help his cause! But he got the hang of finals at least. he has already 3 finals!

    individually they are all awesome and it is hard to separate one from each other. Mj was fluent and fast, kobe is athletic and fluent too, lbj is power,speed and athletic than the other! And cant fofget my man magic( he had 5 rings and 9 finals by 31 or 32!! Are you kidding me?)

  9. Jay Royale says:

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  10. Robert says:

    How many times has Lebron choked under pressure? How many times has Jordan? Can anyone recall a time when Jordan choked when it really counted? Lebron is not the caliber player that Jordan is. Sure he’s a good player, maybe great, but he’s not amongst Jordan and Bird and Johnson. He just isn’t. That seems really obvious and shouldn’t even warrant discussion.

  11. THomas Brown says:

    The comparisons of greatest of all time can take many forms . overall the best indiviual player would be either jordan or kobe( im leaning more towards jordan due to the sense he played with hand checking which was better than the lack of defense today) best the best players would either be russel, magic, jordan(iknow but he’s both), Chamberlain, big o , and larry legend. Lebron has one a championship, a championship but lets think about this, who has won one or two championships and people say that one player is the best to ever play the gmae. I’ll admit rings don’t mean a thing (karl malone anyone?) but Lebron’s not there yet. I dont understand why he’s recieve two MVPs when kevin durant took one of the worst teams in the league to the 8th place in the western conference, 4th place and then to second place in the tougher conference, please believe i’m not saying lebron’s horrible but he’s not as good as some of the legends as some may think….i would like someone to give me 5 non-physical reasons why lebron is better than kobe or jordan, and lets be real the whole he can play four positions thing name one power forward who’s skilled enough to guard anyone who can step out and shoot at any moment in the league today. The only person i know in the history of the game who can do this is hakeem and he retired what a decade ago….but seriously give me a reason

  12. wil says:


  13. wil says:

    Whos is Phil Jackson anyway? Somebody fortunate enough to be handed down two great teams and all of the sudden his two cents add up to more than Charles, but then again, who is Charles Barkley?


  14. Mazter says:

    Jordan was drafted by the then 27-55 Bulls and took them to 38, 30 and 42 wins season and a three peat of first round losses. It wasn’t until the drafting of Pippen and Grant and their support in the 88 play offs that Jordan was able to lead the Bulls past the first round. And with the emerging of Pippen an Grant in to an All Star like players finally the Bulls reached the Conference Finals twice before reaching Finals and winning three times. The there was the retirement and the comeback. He put up great numbers in that first play offs, but still they were beaten by Shaq and Penny. And that’s when Rodman, another Hall of Famer came in, and started the second three peat.

    LeBron was drafted by the 17-65 Cavaliers and took them inmediately to 35,42 and 50 wins. Without the support of any All Star he took them to the NBA Finals at a age or point in a carreer where Jordan was only hoping to survive the first round. He even went further and took them to a 60 win season. Now sure, he wasn’t able to get them past the Magic or Celtics in most of those years, but Jordan wasn’t able to get his team past the Pistons either without the help of an all-star teammate. And where both he and Bryant had their way cut out for them by their front office by getting them good teammates, the Cavs were not able to do the same for LeBron.

    The point I want to make is that even Jordan (or Kobe) couldn’t do it without a good supporting cast. He won more rings, he had better teammates when doing so. Jordan made more clutch shots, but LeBron decided his important games long before they entered the last minute. Jordan was 27 when he won his first ring and Finals-MVP award, so is LeBron They are both great players, I think to decide which one is better has to do with much more then only counting rings, moves or stats. But can only be done at the end of LJ’s carreer. Right now he is on the right track. And it is because now he has great teammates, just like Jordan and Bryant did.

    • Joe says:

      Do not try to play ‘wrong’ statistic man. 1985-1986 Bulls’ record of 3-52 was because Jordan missed 64 games that season, banzai!
      I think to sum up the comparison is to quote what Phil Jackson said: “but the ideal and the whole reason behind this is what kind of championships are you gonna get from a player like this? Can he match what Michael has done?”


  15. CHICAGO RED says:

    The comparisons can continue…
    LBJ is dominating in the area of physical talent and ability, maybe even a hair above MJ. But it stops there. he does not have the KILLER in him like MJ although he is getting it. LBJ is a closer comparison to Big O or Magic who I believe is atop of that list neck and neck with MJ 1A/B as greatest ever. MJ was a supreme competitor who never reliquished his dominance to ANYONE at ANYTIME. Always the alpha dog. In Finals MJ is UNDEFEATED in 6 tries and would have had at least 8 if he had not taken a hiatus. LBJ is 1-3. With that said please don’t forget about a guy closing in on 6 by the name of Kobe Bean Bryant. Neither of which is or will be the force that MJ was. He killed guys mentally & physically before, during, and after the game. Even long after he has retired as we are even debating now.

    LBJ and KB are great players and deserve revereance, but MJ “his Airness” they will never be. The Mamba nor the Lion match the Jumpman “FLIGHT” characters.

  16. ALBERT says:


  17. Feivel says:

    MJ was the best clutch player ever. Hands down. What you’re forgetting is that Jordan made every player around him better. He had more athletic ability than Lebron, was a better defender and was also a true leader like Steve Nash. All of you who wanna whine like babies about having a “big 3”, are you forgetting about the 90s bulls teams?

    3 top 50 players of all time, without any real argument and all hall of famers:

    Let’s not forget about the “glue guys” that keep the team together and help out the 90s Bulls over the years:

    2 of those “glue guys” sunk championship winning shots. Don’t compare those teams to anything the Heat, Lakers or anyone else ever has. I’m even willing to bet that the 50s/60s Celtics could have been easily beaten by the 90s Bulls, based on matchups and overall chemistry. Pippen would hound teammates just as much as Jordan to bring out the best in them. Jordan made EVERYONE around him better. I have yet to see that in Kobe, LBJ or anyone else really besides Steve Nash in the past decade of hoops.

    Remember game 3, 1998 NBA Finals? 96 – 54, Bulls. In the words of Pippen, Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday. (For those of you who don’t remember the game, Malone put up 37 of his teams 54 points and the 42 point win is the most lopsided in Finals history). What about the 95-96 Bulls? The way they dominated the game that season makes them practically the most dominant NBA team in history. Who was behind that? Jordan & Pippen. If Pippen hadn’t gone through most of his career as Michael’s sidekick, he could have been compared to LBJ, except Pippen was a much, much better defender. He could still dish the ball, rebound & make his own shot just as well, but like LBJ, lacks the killer instinct of Jordan or Kobe.

    If LBJ does stay healthy and wins multiple championships, scoring titles, MVPs, he’ll still never equate to MJ. In the end, one era of basketball can’t properly be compared to another due to different styles of play, rules and various other factors. I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but fully healthy 90s Bulls teams could have likely beaten any other team in NBA history, especially the teams from the last 3-peat, because Jordan dictated the type of game he wanted to play. He generally set the pace of the game and that is why he is so much more dominant than Kobe or LBJ. Teams don’t quadruple team LBJ & Kobe, but they did Jordan before Jordan started winning rings (i.e. Detroit’s “Jordan Rules” defense).

    • CHICAGO RED says:

      I AGREE 100%.
      6-0 in Finals
      1-3 in Finals

      Is the debate over now?…
      Dominant with the team that drafted him and built from ground up. Same team for all of his career. (Can we really count Washington)
      OH yeah… that Guy Scottie was just as dominant and more comparable to LBJ. Not sure LBJ would be effective against Scottie in his prime 1on1 without a TRUE post game.

      • Fo Real says:

        lol hes 27 , Michael didnt even get to the finals at the age Lebron has done it 3 times(thats impressive) by that age…. plus Jordan had scottie when he made it to the finals the first time, Bron had Varejao and Mo willams lol talk about ablilty now.

        BUT MJ = THE BEST OF ALL TIME AND FOREVER!!!! and Always will because he made the game what it is today.

    • ee says:

      rodman top 50 of all time? lol

  18. sakkkkkkkaaa says:

    phil jackson is better than lbj kobe and mj lmao

  19. Carlos says:

    Just group the like players together:

    Jordan, Kobe, AI, Miller, Wade, Pierce Ultimate Scorers 2 guards

    Magic, Lebron, O. Robertson, Pippen Hybrid Players All Around players

    Kareem, Russell, Olajuwon, Shaq Dominate Big men

    You can’t really compare these players unless they are in the same category. I always like the hybrid players cause they gel teams together great decision making skills for the best of the team. One point in the Ultimate scores career they were called a ball hog, if your only gonna score what’s the point? This is basketball not Tennis/Golf. The team doesn’t revolve around you if so you wouldn’t make it to a championship by yourself. You would need a big man, hybrid player or a great coach. Kobe had two of them. Best: 1. Jordan 2. LBJ 3. Olajuwon My favorite: 1. Magic 2. LBJ 3. Olajuwon

  20. jon says:

    Lbj can be better but he is not there yet les s see what he does then we can have this conversation but until then even kobe is better than him

  21. camo says:

    why is everyone saying he needs to win 6 championships to be the best?
    wilt chamberlain only won 2, can we not consider him one of the best ever?

  22. rex says:


  23. ToLoe says:

    In my opinion there is actually nothing to compare but stats.
    All the other things are just too different.
    Without any doubt Lebron is an incredible player and probably he is more than capable of winning several championships. He’s a freak athlete and it’s hard to imagine anything on the court that he cannot do.
    However he’s got the grace of a tractor. He’s a freight train, a machine, a steaming piston, something that simply runs over you.
    What’s greatness? Look at MJ’s style of play.
    Isn’t there “something” in the way he moved,- in the way he played the game thats (what a word) “beautiful”?

    To me these players are “gifted” just in very different ways and it’s a pleasure having (had) the chance to witness both their games during their active playing careers.

    Honestly; is there a need for an odd comparison like this? Isn’t it like comparing a roaring muscelcar to a gracious racehorse?
    Both are definitely prepared to win and to be damn good and fast. Shouldn’t we be satisfied with either ones uniqueness? I am hardly able to tell why is that, but given the choice I would always pick variety and appreciating singularity over simply measuring the quantity by which things seem to be similar to established standards.

    Let’s say it like that: It’s a great treasure for the sport of basketball and millions of fans around the globe to see their game being performed by players like MJ and LBJ and i quess a lot of kids all around the world would easily miss out on supper, having the chance to make half of the shots in a late afternoon pick-up game with their freinds, which a guy like MJ or LBJ is hitting on any given regular season night.

  24. lakermig says:

    Mj had the most flair, kobe best all round offence, lbj most physically superior, but the best of the best were kareem and billy cause they combined all those thing ..kareem even more so but you cant argue with 11 rings

  25. Lakersince76 says:

    LeBron will break all of MJ’s records except rings. Because of his size he is a better all around player than MJ and everyone else. I’m a long time Laker fan but Lebron is a freak of nature. It’s like Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippn and Dominique Wilkins all in one person.

  26. Cely says:

    People compare lebron to mj alllll the time what I would like to say is let lebron make his own history by just been lebron there not the same lebron is way better at defense and Michael was way better at offense there’s a difference there. Lebron is unique just like Michael was. And Michael didn’t win a those rings by himself or was he playing by himself in the court ? Give credit to pip and all the guys that was there with him 2 smh

  27. Career says:

    If LBJ can chase MJ or even Kobe i think he can make he’s own career in NBA like others do! its a game everything happens every season new good rookies new build teams! so let’s just see if LBJ can do better or make he’s own career let’s see how he step up in the all time greatest player in NBA like pippen do.

  28. kb8 says:

    MJ can get 8 rings if he did not retired for 2 years! he got the 6 ring for 2 3peats and no one can do that.! He is THE GREATEST!

  29. Perro says:

    Compare Lbj is lika compairing Dwight to Wilt. And as Kenny revently said in an intervjue: The biggest difference between them is that Michael carried the Bulls practically alone and got all the double teams,and Lbj well if he had won 6 championships with Cavs then yeah,,,sure but in the Heat theres several other options to go 2 if Lbj doesnt have the ball double team him and Wade does it all,so for me?he´s not even close and 2 b honest i dont even think that Lbj would want to b even compared with Michael since he did what no man could,,,I think Lbj just wanna win championships and b the best HE can b,period!:

  30. Boogie says:

    Imagine if Lebron would have had a Shaq or Pippen or any other star player like that!!! He would have about 4 rings already!!!!

  31. nba4ever says:

    People here keep saying “dont forget, Jordan had Pippen. Pippen, in reality, was Michael Jordans greatest accomplishment. I was there in the old days, at the games, Pippen was useless that first year, he probably wouldn’t have made it in the league period with any team if it were not for Jordan. We at Chicago Stadium use to call Pippen a “Panzy”, no one could work out why we recruited him.
    Lebron or Kobe have not created anyone. Pippen wasn’t traded to Chicago after he become a legend, he was a nobody when he came to Chicago. Jordan turned Pippen into a Juggernaut. Same with Horace Grant. Horace wasn’t a pre-ready made allstar when he came to Chicago, Jordan and his mega competitve training sessions turned him into a monster. If it were not for Jordan, Horace probably would have had a similar career to his twin brother Harvey.
    Jordan belonged to a team the grew organically around him. Even when Rodman came to the Bulls, it was fair that he did as Chicago really got nothing for Horace.
    If Lebron had stayed in Cleveland and achieved his championship and any other championships there, he could have possibly reached Jordans level of greatness, but now that has been lost.

  32. Oz says:

    LBJ or Kobe will never be as good as MJ. Just watch the video of Kenny Smith, Steve Kerr, Chris Webber, Shaq, Steve Smith & Charles Barkley talking about it. Kenny Smith sums the whole thing up, “MJ never played on a team where anybody on the court got double teamed but him. Kobe played with Shaq. LBJ plays with D-Wade. MJ never played with a player that would get double team, so MJ had to carry the offensive load for his entire career, not just a season and then on the other end be first team defensive player. There is no one gonna be ever like that, coz none of these guys – Kobe, LBJ etc, these superteams will never ever have that burden put on themselves!”

  33. Big Dog says:

    Here we go, i am going to use logic so that hopefully we can get some more educated comments:)
    Principle of comparison:
    The more rings you have, the better the player is.
    MJ has 6 rings
    Robert Horry has 7 rings
    Robert Horry has more rings.
    Robert Horry is a better player.
    The point is that the argument of who is better is completely invalid, self defeating and not logical at all! You cant satisfy everything to make a valid argument. The beauty of these great players are that we get to watch them play, and make “new” records, beat old ones, and create new style. Why are so many people dumb enough to waste so much time out of their lives with a completely erroneous and invalid argument? Please just enjoy the game for what it is!! I promise you will die happier.

  34. jjg says:

    I think this question should be included in the discussion when talking about the GOAT. At a pressure pact game, let’s say a game 7 for the NBA championship, who would you rather take the last shot to win the game, Jordan, Kobe or Lebron?

    My answer:
    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe
    3. Bird
    5. Magic
    6. Nowitski
    7. Wade

    Lebron’s teammate has a better track record than him when it comes to pressure pact games so how can he be compared to Kobe or Jordan, makes no sense….

    • Fo Real says:

      He’s 27 bud, you act like he isnt going to have opportunities to knock down big buckets in the future

  35. BLITZNBLUNTZ says:


  36. NBAfan says:

    BTW, there is no MJ-Lebron Debate!!!!!

    Who’s debating anything between these two? You trying to start something out of nothing Sekou?

    He wins one single ring FINALLY, and he’s being DEBATED against MJ now? hahaha…..Dirk has one ring and he didn’t have D-Wade or Bosh to team up with him…oh…and YEAH,,, he beat Lebron and D-Wade and Bosh to get that ring….

    So Dirk should be debated against MJ not Lebron…please…

  37. Beau says:

    MJ made the game look easier than anyone else ever. Lebron no doubt is a better athlete (bigger,stronger,faster etc), but MJ was a MUCH MUCH better basketball player. He had a better touch,better fadeaway, pull up jumper,better defender,better dribbler,better coming off the screen able to either split the defense and dunk or pull up for a jumper….plus MJ didnt have to ditch Chicago and go form a superteam with 2 other all stars which, to me,will always make MJ better than anyone else ever. Thats why the NBA of the 80s and 90s was so much better.Those guys were just more professional and seemed like they were more mature.They were men,these guys are kids.Not all,but many are.Anyways,MJ is light years ahead of Lebron.Dont compare the 2. Its an insult.I hate how peoples memories are so short

  38. rex says:


  39. axL says:

    Lebron and Kobe don’t have a right to be compared to MJ…….. MJ never lost a championship where lebron lose 2 and kobe lose 2 championships……… kobe has 5 rings but only 2 finals mvp he is only a supporter to oneal in 3 rings, so its like kobe has 2 not 5 compared to MJ’s 6…..(LBJ 1, kobe 2, MJ 6))))

  40. NBAfan says:

    Lebron has the tools for sure. There was no doubt about that even from his rookie season. That’s why people crowned him so early, but of course, 9 years in, 1 for 3 in the finals, a 1-hr long ESPN show and teaming up with D-Wade and C Bosh, and Battier, and Miller and now Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis…..he has one ring.

    Yes, he’s got MVP trophies and he IS the best player in the league officially (less about him improving much, more about Kobe getting older)….but Jordan? Man….

    Lets compare him to Kobe first before you even mention Jordan…

    • Fo Real says:

      I agree to some degree with you. LeBron has everything to make him self A true Legend.

      The comparisons are to premature right now… Need to wait 5 more years to see if he can be thrown into the Jordan Comparison

  41. rex says:


  42. STUSSY says:

    if only the young MJ can play on this era he would definitely averages 40.0+ PPG, the rules then and now is completely different, i dont think LJ can survive the detroit pistons badboys

    btw im a huge fan of LJ i just disagree on charles barkley’s statement… both players are unique in their own way

  43. rex says:

    i think if lebron coached by phil jackson he has 8 rings already

    • NBAfan says:

      Jackson won 11 rings…but during those years, he had the best players in the league. He had Jordan from year one. Pippen from year one. Even had Rodman his second 3-peat. He had Shaq and Kobe….and he had Kobe for the last 2 he won….

      if he won a championship with just Pippen and Co..then he’d be the best coach in my opinion…but Jackson never won a ring without the best player in the league in his team…..

      stop hyping Jackson up. He achieved a lot as a coach, but he also had the right tools to do it. I consider the 8th seeded knicks reaching the finals a better achievement than winning rings with Jordan + Pippen or Shaq + Kobe or Kobe + Gasol….please. By the way…Gasol ain’t no Pippen , and he ain’t no young Kobe for sure….

  44. rex says:

    all of the comments here is childidh do you think jordan can win 6 championship without phil jackson and kobe can win 5 without jackson. at least lebron got 1 without phil jackson

  45. Joe Gallagher says:

    Oscar Robertson – for his era – was as good as Jordan, and far more consistent. I am a big Kobe and Laker fan, but Kobe’s shooting percentage is considerably lower than Michael’s. As for LeBron, he just runs people over; that’s not basketball and I don’t enjoy watching him turn it into football.

  46. I agree with most that Jordan is the best.. But the argument that he was loyal to the bulls has multiple holes in it. Jordan openly hated his GM and if you put him in today’s game, he probably leaves his team around the same time Lebron does.

    As for playing styles, completely different body’s, styles, and era’s. Lebron is a cross of Dr. J Magic and Karl Malone.. Jordan was a pure shooting guard.. In the end, they will BOTH have great Leagacies

  47. Mikel Peloton says:

    MJ will always be MJ. He is and will always be the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME. As a fan, I am thrilled and excited for LEBRON and KOBE to chase JORDAN’s exploits considering that it will just give us the opportunity to watch greatness evolve before our eyes.

    I think the debate is not just on KOBE and LEBRON, but rather, a wake up call to every NBA PLAYER that they are playing not just for the MONEY. Instead, play for the opportunity to etch theirGREATNESS in order to leave a LEGACY to the game of basketball. That should be the mentality of every NBA PLAYER.

    I am sad to hear that an NBA TEAM is beaten by a EUROPEAN TEAM. If that is the case, then, a EUROPEAN TEAM should be part of the GLOBAL NBA in order for the fans to see the best players in the world and that if an NBA team is crowned as a WORLD CHAMPION, we could rightfully say that they really are the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

  48. Swiss says:

    When all is said and done LeBron can only be compared to the Legacy he will leave behind. You cant judge till he has retired and then you can compare. Whilst MJ was playing Im sure he got the same stick that he’d never be as good as Wilt or Bill and LeBron will continue to not be recognized till after his career, then we will all reminisce about the days that LBJ dominated the game. For me MJ will always be the greatest as I grew up watching him, to the older generation Im sure Bill Russell will always be the greatest and for the youngsters now Im sure LeBron will always be their greatest. I also think it is a lot more than rings or awards too. I dont think they really do a player justice. Rings are a team award and no one has won a ring on their own, not even the great MJ could do it without his supporting cast. If it was soley to do with rings then that would mean that Robert Horry would be considered for one of the greatest players of all time. Also if that is the case then Terrel Harris should be considered better than the likes of Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley. Rings are great but they dont recognize if a player is better than another. Lets just enjoy LeBron whilst he is playing, as he is a once in a generation player, and do the comparisons when he finishes

  49. Dr.Rasheed Syed says:

    KD is great but what about reloaded-Lakers? Don’t count my Lakers out yet due to old age.
    I only fear KD’s 3-pointers and Westbrook’s hot shooting, quickness.
    MWP will be exhausted guarding KD.
    MWP will be counterproductive with 3-pointers due to exhaustion from guarding the great KD.

    No respect for Coach Mike Brown. Lakers need better Coach during the game. He doesn’t know when to take timeout.
    He maybe better off game then during game. I don’t know what world he lives in during game.
    He has to get rest for players, fatigue played out last year with Thunder playoff’s game while coach was in La la land.

    Steve nash and D12 maybe the game changer with Kobe doing his thing. Lets see what happens…

  50. Mick says:

    in the world that we live in today, there’s more to basketball and on the court skills that makes up a great player. michael was a role model that you could tell your kids to look up to. i wouldnt tell my kids to look up to lebron

  51. roger says:

    Ok this should end all comparisons! Let’s start with the Bill Russell issue. Yes he has 11 rings to Mike’s 6. Who on this panel doesn’t think MJ wouldn’t have dominate Mr. Russell like he did with agruably the greatest collection of centers in NBA history of the time MJ played! Ewing, Robinson, Mutumbo, Mourning, Shaq and so on unlike todays game with 1 or 2 good centers! Russell had a great team but his skills is no where near close to MJ’s! PERIOD! Now Lebron, there was never a time when MJ played that you question his heart, his skill level, or his killer instinct, like we did Lebron! Yes MJ had Scottie but he was drafted by the bulls and was turned into a perinnial allstar, he wasn’t a established star like Wade and Bosh! Let’s talk defense and great teams! How many great teams are there today? MJ played against the Lakers, Pistons, Hawks, Cavs, Knicks,Sixers, Suns, Magic, Blazers, Golden State (with RUN-TMC), Jazz, Sonics, Hornets (Mourning, Larry Johnson, Dell Curry). And a host of other team that could beat teams today! Let’s talk defense, I play ball it’s harder to play and keep your strength and focus when you know everytime you go to the rim you gonna get your block knocked off! I seen LBJ part the red seas! LOL! I have seen as big as he is, flop! I seen LBJ get lost on defense often! Not a good one on one defender! Let’s talk clutch who do you want to take the last shot LBJ or MJ! Will LBJ make anyone besides himself a allstar, a hall of famer! Let’s talk Phil Jackson! Not even the creator of the offense that the Bulls and Lakers ran! He stole that from Tex Winter! If Phil was such a great coach why didn’t he take any other NBA job like the Clippers and win a championship! Of course you can win with MJ, Scottie, Shaq and Kobe! He could have had any NBA job in the league! So he really is ego tripping because he is tied to the Bulls and MJ’s legacy! He never picked up a ball for the Bulls! So, MJ is the GOAT ,Magic is second! Oh let’s talk about Kareem! If Michael hadn’t broken his foot and missed 64 games, reitired a million times and played a thousand years he would have had that all time record! Wilt C’MON MAN!! KOBE close but no cigar!

  52. Make Sense says:

    To me I believe Bill Russell should be the greatest of all time. He has 11 championship rings. (Watch all the MJ supporters change the criteria to meet their ideas.) We always talk about MJ but no one recognizes Bill. NO ONE, except Phil Jackson can touch him and Phil didn’t win his rings playing. All Phil was saying the LBJ has the skillset to be better than MJ. All things will and must change. It’s called evolution.

  53. Pgulinp1 says:

    hy i’m from Europe and i can tell you one thing for shure – ALL INTERNATIONAL NBA FANS ARE FANS COSE OF MJ. MJ was somthing special, all this story about him ,about his playing, dunking, about his life story, about that moving to baseball cose of death of his father just to coming back stronger and better then ever. It’s not only about stats, Lebron can have better numbers but he can’t be better then MJ, been 6 times in nba finals, come up with 6 rings, mvp awards means nothing without rings…Also u must understand one more thing , before 1990-91 there is NO way how could MJ won his first ring before that, bad boy pistons, Lakers with Jabbar and Magic, boston with Bird,,, and lebron run intos his biggest rival from draft- Wade to help him win a championship.. FOr me is sooooooo retarded to compare player with 1 ring to MJ , come on are you serious, win first championship in short season playing against really bad team Knicks, average Indiana, old and injuried Boston and waaay too young OKC , they didn’t face any harded opponent in playoff, OKC was mentaly dead after first game, and i don’t care what you will say about it but refs give them nice push during whole playoff run. Only real treat in East was Orlando and Bulls and guess what -Rose and Howard were out. So let’s see what will happen this season, can Heat run again, can they play against this year much stronger Boston, better 76ers, better Knicks, and ofc in west against LAL.
    Kobe is only player who can be compared to MJ after Jordans era, that’s it. Lebron go win some championships then you can be compared to greatest, you just can’t be GOAT with 1 ring, Jabbar have 6, Jordan have 6, Kobe have 5, Duncan have 4 .

  54. Isaac says:

    Lebron doesn’t have enough in his arsenal to be that great. By the time jordan went on his first championship run he had a complete arsenal of moves to show off and was the best player in the NBA. Lebron is to one dimensional. Most of his points come off fast breaks or drive and sent to the freethrow line. Not a good jumpshooter by any means and no real post game and is still competing with an older star but if he was that good there would be no question about him being the best but yet still has debates on comparisons with stars today.

    • Francisco says:

      nonsense comment, I doubt michael was considered the best before winning a ring, Lebron is by far most complete than michael, Still competing with older star, Lebron has been the best player for years, season after season his numbers are mvp numbers, if you refer to Kobe, the only thing that people mention are rings, remember kobe is a laker, lebron was a cavalier.
      kobe success is based in longevity, he has been in the top 5 for around 13 years, taking away his first 3 o 4 seasons.never the Best

      • NBAfan says:

        Please Kobe was at his peak as a player when Dirk and Nash won regular season MVPs.

        Lets see Lebron score 81 or outscore the whole mavs team on his own in 3 quarters, or score how many 40 pts in a row….yeah…NEVER…only when he plays NBA2k and sets the difficulty at rookie…..

        Francisco the die-hard Lebron fan and the even more die-hard Kobe hater giving opinions on Kobe and Lebron…as soon as I saw the name Francisco, I knew what was coming….didn’t really need to read it….

        Teams just want to win really. Maybe the strategy was to let Lebron get his stats and they’ll still win…and his ZERO RINGS with the cavs proved that strategy worked….IF D-Wade and Bosh leaves the Heat…I DOUBT the heat will win another ring…….

      • Fo Real says:

        @ NBAfan

        Take Pau away from Kobe even better take Shaq away in 2000. Kobe is 1 lucky Bastard whos got a lot of talent.
        He always has great teams to play with mean while LeBron had NO ONE EVER till he made it happen.

        Take Nash and Howard away, Kobe be knoced out of the first round!

        Scoring 81 is nice but dont mean Shi% in a loosing season. How man tripple doubles does he have?? Kobe has 17 LeBrons got like 32 in half the time. I give Kobe his respect when its due but Dont bash LeBron just because you hate him.


    • Fo Real says:

      First of all your retarded, 1 Dimensional SMH…. I should kick u in the face with a golf shoe

  55. Hate my warriors says:

    If wilt played today the all time highest point game would be owned by Bryant. My point you can’t judge best by the awards and achievements. You can judge careers by that but not ability. Imagine if bird had played without majgic in the league. He probably would have won 2x as much as he did in awards and post season. But he still nowhere near the player Jordan was.
    What if Jordan had to play against all the young guns Kobe has had to outlast…tmac vin sanity, AI….. Sure he could come out on top. But don’t forget this league has a habit of giving MVP to who they think should win it not who is the best.

  56. iownuwfs says:

    You Who are all talking about kobe with more rings – yes kobe has more rings but majority of those rings where won when Lebron / Durant an the company of players that dominant the league now where all still coming into there game. I am pretty sure we can all agree to that – yes Lakers won 2 when lebron was dominatiing in 2009 -2010 ( Season MVP) but it was clear that the cavs where not as a complete team as others ( lakers,Boston etc) – it is clear that superstars no matter how could and how dominant – they need help – I never saw Kobe or even MJ take a team of nobodys to the best record in the league ? MJ had the likes of Pippen and co Kobe had the likes of Shaq / Gasol / an Co Lebron had what – who even knows the other players on that Cavs team that dominanted when Lebron was a Cav –

    The Truth is
    Lebron is the most dominant player in the game NOW note – the key word is NOW not in the past not in the future all though he most likely will be !!! prob for years to come ( but there is no argument that suggest otherwise –

  57. W/E says:

    I dont know how much valid is the concept of the best basketball player ever since basketball is a team game and not 1v1 ,what we know for sure is that Jordan had all the specific skills and abilities that define the complete and great basketball team leader who managed to achieve everything in his career.Of course we must not forget that Jordan had the best teammate he could ever dream of…the best perimeter defender in the history of the NBA team up with the best scorer ever no wonder they were unstopable in their primes best duo ever, both of em 2 of the greatest all around players ever….Throw these 2 guys in any era and they will win multiple championships for sure…but if u put them separately on different teams although they r still great they probably wont win championships,MJ needed a great all around player scottie pippen to build a championship team same with Lebron with Dwade and Bosh,Lebron failed twice alone,MJ never reached the finals until he got the great player called pippen and together never failed..BBall is a team game…

  58. Seriously? says:

    Lebron has won one championship, ONE, and people are already going crazy,,,as predicted. Not to mention he won it after quitting in Cleveland. Say what you want to defend the queen but neither Kobe nor Jordan quit on their team when times got rough. IMO he threw all his chances of be the greatest ever out the window when he decided to take a shortcut and form a super team. Sure, Lebron is the best in the league right now and no doubt puts up insane stats. But the one thing that doesn’t show up on a stat sheet is the will to win no matter the circumstances. He sure hasn’t showed that in the past when things weren’t going his way. It’s when the going gets tough, that’s when the best players shine through and pick things back up. He definitely did not show that mentality in the season before his championship when he and the rest of the Heat were crying in the locker room after a REGULAR SEASON game loss, nor did he show it in Cleveland.

  59. Dave says:

    This debate on Jordan and Lebron should also include Magic who did play all five positions as a rookie he took over for Kareem in the NBA championship and dominated the 76ers…give Magic his due…he may not have the natural strength and power or quickness and airness those two offered but he made is team much better then Jordan and Lebron does. Ask Kurt Rambis and other less talented players how much Magic made them better…

  60. Bill says:

    Exactly where does Jackson evenly remotely intimate that Lebron may be better than Jordan someday? What a misleading headline and opening paragraph.

    Jackson states that Lebron has the physical gifts but that can be said of many who have played the game. Bottom line is that Lebron is an extraordinary athlete with no where near the skill set of Jordan or Kobe. It really isn’t close.

    I acknowledge Lebron as the best player in the game currently. After all, I am pretty sure Jordan is retired and Kobe begins his 17th season. But for now, Lebron is just one of many great players to play the game. Let’s see what he does over the next ten years in terms of personal skill development and championships.

  61. lets go says:

    How the hell can you compare two great players? They even don’t play the same position! a 6-6 guy that his career is viewed as GOAT, the other is a 6-8 or 6-9 athlethic dude who maybe is entering his prime now. MJ of course was a winner, was the face of his team. LBJ tried it in Cleveland but just kind of quit and joined a better team to achieve big things. One is a 30-6-5 man who won all his finals, 6. The other is a 27-7-7 statistic rat who has one for now 1 ring. Jordan needed 7 seasons to win his first ring, while James have needed 9 seasons even though his first finals appearance was in his 4th season but got swept.

  62. kenny lynch says:

    Lebron James will never be Jordan Joran did it with out another supper star just a star in pippen and Jordan won his 1 season earleir. and Lebron is over rated because last years finals was rigged because the NBA couldn’t have there so calledbest player without a titial the Thunder got screwed and I think by the end of there career Durant will be closer to Jordan thin James

    • Common Sense says:

      scottie pippen is in the hall of fame! So is Rodman! I liked the comment about Durant but I feel stupid agreeing with you after you said all that! Stop it please.And people that say things are rigged, blaming the refs, please… you scream TEAM fan!!!your obviously not an NBA fan!

  63. LBJ is the KinG of BB in this ERA.

    To all u morons who thinks rigns alone makes a player great over others then i guess R-Horry is so great that even Kobe Bean cants touch his greatness???? LMFAOOOO…………………..

    To all u haters n sore cavs fans who still hating n crying over Lebron, plez get a life and be happy with it ( not judging anyones life :))……………………………..

    To all great morons, who r crying over Lebron joinning two other stars n who thinks Jordan N Kobe won their championships with out any great players , well can u plez tell S-Pip who is way better then D-Wade and Big Diseal who crushed his foes n is 100x better then C-bosh n also Gasol who is more skilled then C-bosh nd dont forget Rodman that they all are nothing n r bunch of F level players (SMH)……….

    I wonder where Dan Gilbert is hiding becuse he said “the cavs will win a championships before self calming king and you can take that to the bank” so did any rich guy take his offer to take him to the bank?? LMFAOOo Dan Gilbert ur a sore looooosssseeeeerrrrrrr for life……………… (sorry to say it but u left me with no choice)

    I caint wait the NBA season to start becuse, the Lakers r stacked up n la la land fans r already started to party like they won some jack, the old spurs still got fight in them n wants to prove they can do it one more time ( got respect for them becuz they r well coached and drama free), Denver got much better n r more ready to clash with the big dogs n give them hell in playoff series, Clips r ready for the prime time or else CP3 is gonna say bye bye to clips nations and griffen better bring his shooting game n his team gotta protect him from getting beat up in the paint by other teams, ooooh budddddddyyy OKC is gonna run wild this season becuse they r so hungery for a championship n hope they stay helahty, Old Boston still got fight in them n wants to win so bad becuse they r sore n crying over ray ray n already saying they dont know who ray ray is anymore n their fans think that boston is a threat to Heat ( Yeah thats why they only won 1 rigns in their big 3 era lmfaoooo looooosssseeerrrrssss), Bulls r hoping D-Rose to wake them up n we all wish D-Rose a well recovery so he can come back n clash with the big dogs so bulls fans can talk trash again how they can beat other top dogs in the playoff in the east (lmfaooo), Both NYC teams are ready to clash with big dogs n got something to prove in the playoof n hope finally melo can alteast win one playoff series, philly is gonna make some noise in the regular season n then vanish in the postseason, N finally the Champs Heats are gonne be gunning in all cylinders ( come playoff ray ray is gonna put old boston to rest for good n shut up KG n punk kid rondo ) n crushing their foes in the playoff n hope they stay healthy then no one can beat them in a seven game series and u can take that to the bank.

    GOOOOOOO NBA best sports in the WORLD.

  64. LS says:

    The fact that MJ continues to be the benchmark for players says a lot about his achievements, his legacy, and his overall mark on the game of basketball. Jordan was/is a maestro. It remains to be seen what LeBron will be.

  65. AmateurBallerBlog says:

    LeBron defensively has little more to do to match Jordan. Offensively, Lebron needs only slightly more finesse to match Jordan’s back to the basket shooting touches–something Kobe has imitated quite beautifully. The question remains…does LeBron even need to work on this part of his game? I mean of course if he does…he’ll be unstoppable seeing that almost every other part of his offensive game minus free throws has been either polished or simply granted by athleticism. Ball IQ? Jordan and LeBron are practically the same. Its only up to circumstance and consistency that will allow LeBron more championships now. As for the Kobe-LeBron debate…lets not even get into that.

    One more hting: Championships in my opinion do not register to me as what makes a player great (Although Finals MVP might be a better grading tool). In this respect, I think if LeBron were to retire today, he would still go down as a modern era legend. LeBron’s durability will be tested, and over the next decade, he and Kevin Durant will have the NBA cruising along amazingly. Kobe’s days are limited, but he’s already established himself as n era-defining player and a legend in my books.

  66. Gustavo says:

    Kobe is still the closest player to Jordan. Lebron has his own style, like a ‘train out of control’, but don’t match Jordan or even Kobe capacity for shooting. Maybe Lebron will develop a better shooting on the next 3 or 4 seasons, when his age will force him to change his game style.

  67. Bangladesh says:

    the bar set by MJ is too high for either LBJ or Kobe (and I’m a Laker fan). Had Lebron won one with Larry Hughes as the sidekick and then two when Cavs had the best regular season record we’d have a discussion. BTW DQ your post makes no sense if guiding a team with no other superstar to the finals puts you above MJ and Kobe then Kidd is the GOAT. Also Kobe made the playoffs every single year after Shaq left except for one

  68. Alvin says:

    First thing first, beat Kobe and then compare with Jordan!

  69. Shane says:

    I’m a Kobe fan and I love watching James. Both are once in a generation talents that we as fans got to see overlap. But neither of those players will ever be equal to MJ. MJ had such magical moments (Cleveland Shot, Fathers Day Game, double nickel, 1998 Finals winner, the epic dunk contest, the shrug the countless game winners). Even his initial retirement adds to his legacy in that yes we all say that they could have won 8 if he hadn’t retired, but he came back after almost 2 years away from the game and went on to have another 3 Peat with a different core of players. It’s like his career was scripted. Oh and Space Jam, nuff said…

  70. elijrpablo says:

    Going to be real tough. With the likes of Durant, a couple more years for the Celtics, the newly rebuilt Lakers, and probably a sprinkle of magic from the Spurs, the road is going to be steep and curvy. LBJ has his work cut out for him and it would be interesting to see how far, how many, and how magical he can finish. On the other hand, people have placed all spotlight on LBJ. Given Wade’s competitiveness, it’s not a far fetched idea that he’d want the spotlight back – soon (probably on another team, though).

  71. MJ4ever says:

    LBJ may be athletic and strong, but MJ’s playing style was the thing that made the fans love him. His style was fancy and enjoyable to watch. LBJ may be the greatest player in terms of the statistics but in the hearts of the people who have actually seen jordan play, jordan will still be the greatest player for us.

  72. richard` says:

    other than LBJ and KOBE, KEVIN DURANT is the other player can be the greatest player of all time..

  73. WynautSB says:

    dirk won the title alone..

  74. WynautSB says:

    so are people just gonna take kobe for granted? thats dis

  75. DQ says:


    look out the roster

    way back in 2007 , lebron brings the cavs without supertstar teamate , can jordan do this one and kobe. that’s the case of comparission . when mj and kobe get to the finals when there own . when ? and i remember when shaq leaves the lakers , kobe did not brings the lakers even if in the playoff . so ,

  76. bok says:

    These comparisons are pointless. No one will ever be like Jordan. Kobe has modeled his game after Jordan and has been extremely successful, but at the end of his career, he will always be remembered as a 2nd, less impressive version of Jordan. Lebron is a completely unique and an entirely different player than Jordan. In fact, Lebron shouldn’t be compared with anyone.
    On a side note, I also think this “number of rings” argument is used too heavily when comparing players. If you want to compare players, the main criteria should be MVP trophies, individual statistics, and some sort of formula that would calculate how well teammates and opposing players play when the certain player (Kobe, LEbron, etc.) is on the court. So many factors (such as teammates, the way the season unfolded, the opposing teams’ strength throughout the season and playoffs, etc.) account for the number of rings a player owns, that it is not fair to use it as a strong criteria when ranking players.

  77. El Hadji says:

    It is very different, Phil is forgetting that Lebron James got his ring with Dwayne Wade to his side and Kobe got couple of rings with Shaq as teammate we can’t forget that…no disrespect to Pippen but he’s no Shaq or Wade so Michael Jordan will forever be the best basket-ball player of all times.

    The antics of his heroic work in offense as well as in defense are absolutely remarkable…only if a player re-emerges and win titles back to back the way Michael did, will we address the topic. Otherwise, please people let the topic rests.

    If Lebron would have stayed in Cleveland and win a title with his team, he would have been on the right path to be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Jordan…he has not done that, he teamed up with the competition to win a title -> this is not how you do it and this is not how you build a legacy for yourself. Not in my book at least, now people can say what they want about Lebron and Kobe…they have skills and they are great players but there’s only one greatest.

    Michael Jordan.

    Nobody else has the killer instinct someone else brought up earlier in the posts, no one else has that intense burning fire to win and the only other player who came close is probably Kobe. If Kobe knew how to be a better teammate and took better shots while knowing when to share the ball then maybe he could’ve won more titles.
    But Michael had that character of a winner that no one else had ever since brought into the NBA…Y’all just need to give it up including you Phil Jackson…you can talk about Lebron and Kobe all you want but please do not ever compare Jordan to any other basket-ball player, it is not a balanced comparison.


  78. airsegu says:

    Stop comparing Kobe and Jordan
    Kobe, Great player
    Jordan the best

    Only a few facts to judge Best ever Vs Great and close this non ending and stupid debate:
    – No loosing in the finals – when you have a championship in your Grasp you never miss
    – Collect all Finals MVP Titles – your are just the best player on your team, no discussion, no Shaq
    – Clutch Killer: No bad games, no bad descision in deciding moments

    This will always separate Kobe from Mike, whatever happens now, even if Kobe adds 3 titles he already showed his weakness in some situations…

  79. mike says:

    on paper jordan won 6

    we forget the 2 dark years, where jordan was out (bulls barely lost conf semis to knicks w scottie as leader) and jordan just returning (lost to magic after a series of fumbles in clutch moments).

    jordan would have been at top of his game those 2 years, its hard to imagine the rockets would have kept him from having 8 finals MVP’s in a row.

  80. Sea Pea says:

    LBJ is chasing Oscar that’s it.

  81. KB ...3 says:

    why, ? Michael is Michael… LBJ6 is Himself …. why would you guys compare for. if y’all wanna compare michael then use like DR. J , Dominique , players like that You fell me naa LBK6, He is one of the greatest right now naa back in a days. so compare LBJ6 to Kobe , Melo, wade Etc….

  82. Groovn says:

    I like LBJ not because I think he’s as good as mike or kobe. I was never a fan of mj or kobe despite I believe how great they have been as a player. So I don’t need LBJ to have 6 rings in order for me to feel secure to be a fan of him. Let him play his best games and years later he should be a well-remembered player.

    • Mytownla says:

      Lebron is as good as mj and kobe??? Thats where i stoped reading your down syndrome like comment. Dot ever speak basketball eve again in life. Your better off jumping off of a cliff or something smh

  83. aaron b says:

    also OKC should of won this year but all those bs calls from the ref and serge and harden choked alittle bit, westbrook and durant are gonna win many titles and serge will grow to hoefully into DOP

  84. aaron b says:

    KEVIN DURANT will be the greatest of all time just watch all this about LBJ will die down when KD wins the title this year

  85. Destaid says:

    wait a minute! lebron has 1 ring. M.J. got 6 rings. they can shoot and whatever.. but why are you forgetting about Bill Russell?!?! he had won 11 rings in 13 seasons!! is it because they are old school? old school basketball are tougher.. the fouls and the defense are tough. Not like now, the nba had set new rules so that players can avoid injuries.. can we include the shoes also? in the old school era, their shoes have no ankle support and other shoe technology, right now, players use different kinds of shoes with improved technology (still they get injured). So what is my point? My point is, before you compare someone, compare it also with a person who is in a different era, in an era where tougher guys existed. Yeah, maybe if lebron, kobe, and MJ were born in those days, maybe they can out dribble their opponents, but i think their opponents will foul them hard when they drive and will get a serious back injury which was a common injury in those days, and could lead in to their retirement….

  86. ivan says:

    Bryant, got 5 champ. but only has 2 finals MVP. kobe need to have atleast 5 Finals MVP before comparing to the Great MJ.
    Even LBJ.

  87. Lakers4Life says:

    Lebron’s more of a freight train than a finesse player. Jordan and especially Kobe have the capability to get around bigger, more athletic defenders. Lebron does not. This isn’t much of a problem for him considering the league is more guard centred nowadays. The only person who can stop him is DH12. Iggy can to a certain extent, but lacks size and Josh Smith just isn;t a good enough defender, but Lebron cannot score around DH12 and other such defenders. Kobe and Jordan could. That’s why for now respect to Lebron’s achievements, though he’s one of my least favorite players, but he’s no Kobe. He’s definately no Jordan.
    PS: Jordan was not the GOTN. It’s Magic.

  88. Alessio Laker says:

    There’s no where in this article that Jackson suggested that

    so what are you guys even talkin’ about????

  89. MJ says:

    Both Kobe and Lebron demanded to be traded because they needed more talent to help them win championships.

  90. Tom says:

    Well for one thing why was it ok to compare a young Kobe to Michael when Kobe had Shaq and Phil Jackson by the way, but it is not ok to compare a young Lebron to Kobe? Kobe didn’t even lead the Lakers to 3 of those titles Shaq did with his 35 pts per game and 15 rebounds per game in the finals. Another thing is the only reason people say this is interesting is because Phil Jackson said it. If Barkley or anybody else had of said this same thing people would have been saying it is not as interesting.

    • Tom says:

      Correcton: I meant to say Jordan, not Kobe

      Well for one thing why was it ok to compare a young Kobe to Michael when Kobe had Shaq and Phil Jackson by the way, but it is not ok to compare a young Lebron to Jordan? Kobe didn’t even lead the Lakers to 3 of those titles Shaq did with his 35 pts per game and 15 rebounds per game in the finals. Another thing is the only reason people say this is interesting is because Phil Jackson said it. If Barkley or anybody else had of said this same thing people would have been saying it is not as interesting.

  91. mykel says:

    Please… I dont know what are you talking about, you dont need to compare LBJ to MJ its a very very far from reality. It is not because of the ring title.. cant you see a lot of players won championship rings but in different team? best example robert horry has 7th championship rings but in different team (so it doesnt mean that he is better than MJ ) LOL or it is not about position played because it is totally different or it is not about the weight of the player because LBJ is more heavy that MJ, but for me it is all about team you played, MJ havet 6 championship rings from 1 team and it is from chicago but LBJ won the championship ring when the time he transfer miami because he cannot bring Cleveland by himself so by all aspect LBJ is still far from reality because for me MJ is the best player and second is Kobe. I disagree for LBJ as of now.

  92. John Doe says:

    LeBron still has work to do. Not adding to the number of won championships – that is just a stupid measurement. But he has to reach his full potential and have this crazy drive and will. Without that he will just continue to be the guy that travels in every youtube clip…

    Other than that stop comparing players (especially ones that are way to different to compare) – be happy and enjoy watching!

  93. Alberto Levy says:

    Lebron went running to Miami because he couldnt win in his own real home. Who forgot to mention that, also Lebron lost finals, something Michael never did. Lebron join a super team, something Michael never did. Media trying to sell you hipe so you buy shoes ect. Even if Lebron wins 12 titles, he cheated by going to Miami with two other Superstars in their mid 20’s stop the lies.

  94. mj23 says:





  95. arthur dreams says:

    The comparisons to jordan need to just stop! first it was kobe and now lebron. Jordan’s stats are unreal, combine that with the fact that he won 6 titles with 2 threepeats, and we could argue that he could of won 2 more had he not retired. Plus jordan’ s competition was way better throughout the league than lebron’s. Add to the fact that jordan single handely transformed the game. how many scoring titles, how many combined mvps including finals, regular season, all star games. No one will truly could ever be better than michael and ya’ll know it. If someone wins 10 scoring titles 10 mvp’s and 8 championships then we can talk.

  96. TTKIN says:

    MJ and Kobe have 1 thing Lebron doesnt have…a LETHAL jump shot. Lebron can hit em…every now and then. Every sports broadcaster on earth at the beginning of last season was saying James was smart for not taking any 3s. I cant dub a guy the greatest ever if he cant hit jumpers. Who am I more worried about taking a mid range jumper to win the game…MJ (greatest closer ever), Kobe (still one of the greatest ever), Lebron (who until last year was said to be one of the weakest players in THE MOMENT). So ya, until he gets his jumper to the point where you are scared to play loose on him, he will always be chasing chasing chasing…

  97. KOBE says:

    he has no words for Kobe at all. clearly he had problem with Kobe during his Laker coaching year. Agree or disagree?

    • Groovn says:

      Disagree. You completely ignore the context of the interview and what they were focusing on and jsut say oh Phil doesnt like Kobe so he was not mentioning him…You have a very very narrow vision.

    • dd def says:

      i think it was probably more that the question he was answering was how does someone who coached jordan to 6 rings view the james/jordan comparison specifically. i think he and kobe have a huge mutual respect.

  98. To me any win is a good win.

  99. Chris says:

    Stop comparing Lebron to Michael, there is no comparison. If you want to compare Lebron to anyone, it would be Magic simply because they’re both big man lebron 6’8” magic 6’9”, can play 4 maybe all 5 positions which Magic already displayed in the ’80 finals, got the pg-like abilities and can do a little bit of everything on the court consistently. If you wanna compare anyone to Mike, it would be Kobe. Lebron will never be on Michael’s level statistic wise and with the accolades Michael has accumulated over his career but Lebron is definitely gonna make his mark when his career is over.

  100. bbop says:

    lebron plzzzz no where near jordan or even kobe im tired of the nba trying to sell nba tickets by hyping and rigging games for him n the CHEAT to win like 2012 finals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEBRON IS A GREAT ATHLETE BUT DONT EVER PUT HIM WITH MJ AND KOBE !!!!!!!!! PERIOD

    • emedr05 says:

      You realize if it was about selling tickets and being popular the Heat would have lost, right? You’re talking about a team that the whole nation (except Miami) was rooting against, and you’re claiming the league rigged it so they could win against the media darling Thunder? Really, that makes sense to you? In what world is disappointing your audience a good marketing technique?

  101. ancientrs says:

    Lebron is still chasing Kobe, let alone Jordan. If Lebron isn’t even in kobes league, why are we even mentioning him in the same breath as Michael.

    • NInja says:

      hey noob are you crayz? im not a kobe hater but kobe got his 3rings from shaq. kobe is great but he cant beat lebron. 3mvp for lebron and kobe 2? 1from lbj 5 from kobe (-3 from shaq)

  102. IlickBeeSong says:

    LBJ will be legend SOON …

  103. wade says:

    Anthony Davis will soon be the greatest player of all time!

  104. Alan says:

    Le Bron & Michael are from different eras & should not be compared with each other. I don’t think Le Bron is interested. He just wants to be a winner. He gave all those years to Cleveland or he would have been a winner before now. He will win more rings & he will be recognised as a great player but comparison of players from different eras is pointless as each player plays in his own era with different rivals for the top honours but he can only be compared with who is playing NOW.

  105. Dave says:

    Forget Michael, can Lebron beat Bill Russell’s 11 rings?

    • rich says:

      Damn you are so right!! According to everyone on here they think jordan is the best cus he has six. But russell has five more than jordan so how come russell isn’t considered the best

    • NBA says:

      i think Robert Honry had 7 rings…. he must be better than MJ.


    • Common Sense says:

      thank you!!! The reason rings keep being brought up is because they want Kobe to be closer to Jordan than Lebron, but Lebron is clearly a closer specimen statistically. But yes, if rings define best player ever, I believe Bill Russell is almost twice as good as Jordan!

  106. 2quick says:

    Yes, Lebron is a great player but why does everyone keep comparing him to Jordan? James is in a league of his own, “LeBron has this train out of control when he gets the ball in transition that he can go coast to coast without anyone getting in his way and if they do, he’s going to over run them.” Jordan, nor Kobe had those attibutes, and in my opinion makes them much greater because they don’t have ANY real physical advantage over the defense like Lebron. Kobe and Jordan have PURE skill weighing 205-220 lbs and playing SG. Lebrons a forward at 260 lbs playing various positions, Again league of his own, If anything Lebron is a highly athletic version of Magic that is more of a realistic comparion

  107. Arun says:

    MJ is the greatest. I am a Kobe fan and I wouldn’t rate Kobe = MJ. Kobe is almost right there.
    However, right now LBJ is the best player on planet. However, if he wamts to be compared with the achievements MJ or even Kobe has aquired then he needs to get atleast 3-4 rings.

    Best Players right now (my personal rating)

    1. LeBron
    2. Kobe
    3. Durant
    4. D Howard
    5. Carmelo

    • Nathan says:

      Carmelo? Really? He’s a cancer.

      • Arun says:

        I couldn’t think of anybody better offesively than him. BTW, he has picked up on D…

      • Mytownla says:

        A cancer? Seriously, why do ppl diss Melo so much, as f his talents are deserving enough to be mentioned with the other big stars in the game today. You think Melo made the USA team cosecutively, on accident? Melo is clutch, and Lebron doesnt posses the J that Melo has. Lebron may be an all around better player, but dont take away from Melos skill, as f the dude is a scrub

  108. Lakershehe says:

    Phill will be ashamed in June

  109. Garimoth says:

    This players compete in different times and competing with different players. Such a stupid debate. For all stupid basketball fanatics, Just do this

    1. Make an actual simulation of this players on their prime,
    2. place them in a game or a computer software.
    3. put them in a team with dummy team members ( even stats in any positions even back up players )
    4. make their team compete to each other in simulation. (simulation must be realistic as much as possible).

    Things will be decided there!!!!!! STUPID FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. djWilz says:

    not like that planning to join same team the 3star dwade cbosh ljames. coz lebron know he cant win a ring without a to dwade and cbosh….

    • TTKIN says:

      EXACTLY! First thing Michael said when he found out about Lebron signing in Miami…”I never wouldve called up Larry Bird or another one of my rivals and said ‘hey wana play together?'”

      • joe says:

        because michael played in cleveland right? players don’t just move to teams because of the players on the roster, but because of the organisation and the actual appeal of living in a different area (to quote joakim noah, ”ive never heard anyody say im going to cleveland for vacation”). ”if” (and i hate these ‘if’ statements, so note i am aware of my hypocracy) mj had been drafted to a team like cleveland back then, who didn’t get him support players good enough to make a proper championship run, I think its safe to say he would have left to.

    • NInja says:

      hey noob jordan had pippen that time

  111. AnnoYouLater says:

    LBJ is known for choking and making bad decisions on clutch situation…for me that is the main thing that distance him to Jordan and Kobe…

    • Carlos says:

      Yeah when Lebron scored 25 pts straight in the 4th quarter to defeat the Pistons in the playoffs. Kobe has one of the worst clutch shots in NBA history it seems like he makes a lot but he takes 3x more. Ask the Suns and the Jazz about his clutch time bad decisions. Air ball!!!

  112. djWilz says:

    loyalty first before you comparing. MJ have 6 rings in the chi-town where he drafted. not like you want to join the other team and plan to other player to join the same team to win a easy ring.

  113. bOxstOppER says:




  114. ladyshakalaka says:

    Why cant we just accept Lebron James right now as an amazing talent and spectacular player. Why do you have to compare him to anybody. Lebron is unique and he will accomplish what he will accomplish and leave it at that! To me Lebron James is the most physically gifted player I have ever seen play, He is also one of the most kindest players I’ve seen. I am so happy that Lebron won his championship because now the HATERS can no longer say he is not a champion because he will always be a champion. Even if he never wins another championship it doesn’t matter because he has played with total commitment and effort his entire career and is a CHAMPION! Many many great players that are hall of famers’ never won a championship! (ie; Barkley, Miller, Malone, Stockton, Ewing just to name a few!)

    There are so many players that do not give 110% when they play are are not consistent. I rather have a player that gives 110% is not arrogant and treats people with respect (Lebron) than a player who is nasty, arrogant and selfish to the core (Jordan, just watch his hall of fame speech)). Lebron is the Best in my eyes and it doesn’t matter if he ever wins another championship he doesn’t have to be “like mike” he’s a better person which is more important!

    God bless you Lebron!

  115. LBJ will never win says:

    post my comments!!! Why is mine always later than everyone else’s?!!

  116. Gerry says:

    Well, MJ is such a hard act to follow. Kobe, LBJ are great players and can probably even out the 6 championships MJ has. But it is the way MJ acquire those championship rings. Most importantly is the thought of retiring for 2 years and comeback to get THRE MORE (consecutive) NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS, It is something extraordinary. Question is…are there any great players right now who can duplicate that…..any player in any sports…. Dare to stop playing on the top of their games and comeback

  117. Bennett says:

    The one crucial aspect of that everyone, now even Phil, seem to forget is that the game is much different now than when Jordan Played. The defense was much tougher back then, and you could do more without getting a foul called on you. If you put Jordan in this era of basketball if the way the refs calls fouls now Jordan would get to the line 10-15 more times a game I think if he kept attacking the basket. so even if he hits 80% of his free throws that means he would average around 40 points a game. IF Jordan is averaging 40+ points a game then this debate holds no water.

    • Potchi says:

      Stupid comparison!
      You are maybe right that the defense is tighter before. But if you put lebron in Jordan’s era with his power do you think a handcheck will stop him from going to the basket? Remember that lebron can push off people as well if he’s on that era as charging calls were not popular back then.
      Please compare equally if you want readers to take it seriously or else it will just be an opinion from a no brainer.

    • Leiron says:

      NO NO NO The individual defence may have been tougher back then but the team defence and defensive schemes were nowhere near as good as today. The bad boy pistons, the greatest defensive team of that era, gave up 100 points per game. That is worse than the Cavs last year! Look it up. Watch entire games from that period and teams take a lot of possessions off at the defensive end, especially in the open court. The pace was much quicker too. Watching the 1993 Finals again (Bulls vs Suns), I lost count of how many times they would be showing the replay of the previous basket and the other team had already scored at the other end.

  118. Donn says:

    MJ23 : Greatest Of All Time!!!!

  119. Henry says:

    To be honest, im tired of people comparing players of today to the players of the past.
    yea, MJ was the best player of his era, and now lebron’s the best today. to all you lakers fans kobe comes second, you can’t deny how good lebron is now. when we’re talking individual talent, lebron takes the cake, and beats out the fat lady in line. i think that saying lebron is like MJ is kind of a cliche at this point because we all heard these stories of players coming into the NBA saying they’re the next so and so, but really i think that these players should just make their own dynasty. Lebron is lebron and MJ is MJ. yea its great to be compared, but its not something to look into and say lebron’s the next MJ

    another point is that MJ was a guard while Lebron’s a forward, 2 different roles, and when it comes to size lebron makes jordan look like his baby brother (no disrespect) yet lebron can run like a gazelle on steroids

    i think its great inspiration and a really good motivator to be LIKE MJ but not to be the NEXT MJ. the saying doesn’t go, to be the best you have to BE the best, you gotta BEAT the best.

    • david says:

      you kidding right kobe comes second you do know kobe got more rings then Lebron right?? LOL and im not even a laker fan

      • TTKIN says:

        at this very point in time, yes Lebron is now better than Kobe (that doesnt mean more valuable). But beofre everyone watches Lebron and declares him better than Kobe, they should go watch replays of the Lakers post-Shaq. Watch Kobe play the game…you think you can stop him…you’re wrong. They gave Kobe the keys to the franchise cuz they knew he was ready. his FG% woulda been a lot higher if his second best player wasnt (insert random meaningless name here). MJ always had someone to dteer defenders, Kobe didnt have anyone between 04-08.

      • NInja says:

        hey noob kobe got his 3 ring from shaq

      • Nathan says:

        Mehmet Okur has the same amount of rings as LeBron James.. does that make him as good? Just sayin,,

      • Henry says:

        look here goof, how does that make kobe a better player? Im talking about pure talent and skill: speed, power, strength, you name it lebron’s better at it. Don’t get me wrong, kobe’s a lock down defender and he’s probably one of the best shooters in the league right now, and that something he’s got on lebron, but all in all, lebron is just better. Kobe’s probably only gonna be in this league a few years longer while lebron’s just hitting his peak, he’s gonna win more rings for sure. I don’t know if they’re gonna win this year but I know lebron’s gonna have more than just 1

        also, its really dumb to say “look at the replays”- you’re point is now invalid because it was in the past if kobe went up against lebron back when kobe was in his prime, then yea maybe kobe could probably smoke him. but lebron could have probably matched kobe and at some point even beat him. but thats physically impossible. if you wanna see MJ play against lebron go play some 2k. my point is lebron is the best now, and maybe about 3, 4 years ago (which btw some of you kids were probably still learning your times tables) kobe was the best, hell im even willing to say just 2 years ago kobe was at the top. hes still SECOND best after all those years, its just he’s almost 40 and he’s already thinking about retiring

        oh and im a Chicago fan btw, so don’t think just cause im putting lebron on a pedestal, doesn’t mean im a heat fan. Ever since the 2011 ECF, I’ve had a certain hatred towards the heat, I just admire great players like a real basketball fan should

    • Carlos says:

      You could put any top guard in that Lakers lineup and won three rings. Have you seen their squad? They might have won it without Kobe. But take Lebron off the Heat and see how far they go. We’ve already seen what happened to the Cavs when he decided to leave.

  120. Califan says:

    The crazy thing is Lebron isn’t even trying to be like Jordan and was never chasing him…that would be Kobe.

  121. Clark says:

    If MJ didn’t retire for almost 2 years or say 2 years while in Chicago Bulls, he might have over 6 championship rings…

    • The DR34M says:

      Michael Jordan should thank his Nike sponsored lucky stars he never met Hakeem Olajuwon in the Big Dance…

      …is what some people would like to answer here. Over the course of those 8 season in which the Bulls won 6 titles, the Rockets and Bulls had a 8-8 record and in the first 3 seasons the Rockets held a 5-1 record over the Bulls. But there is no point in arguing the woulda-shoulda-coulda, the Bulls won 6 titles and MJ retired for 2 years and the Rockets won the titles then.

  122. Javier says:

    I grew up watching MJ playing for the chicago bulls. Back then everyone want to be like MJ. He was a role model to the entire world when he was playing. Now a days some kids or teenager have diferent role model such as Jay Z, kenya West, Mr. Obama and so on. Back them when MJ was playing everyone wanted to be like Mickey and that ladys and Gentlesmen was the biggest accomplishment of MJ and you would not find that in any stats or records books. Become the fines and best role model for todays youngter and you will be the best in my book.

  123. Fo Real says:

    LeBron has the opportunity … It is possible

    If anybody can its him.

  124. jfack says:

    how i see it. who would you give the ball to at the end of the game? id give it to mj of course. bron is awesome. im glad he got a championship to stop the criticism but until he becomes more clutch ill never accept him as better than mj.

  125. LBJ will never win says:

    Consecutive wins show that MJ totally dominated his era! LBJ needs to show total domination in order to be in a comparison. Don’t just see a little bit of skills and start comparing! Wait till LBJ get at least 4 more rings, then we can start writing articles like this. How can you compare someone with 1 title vs one with 6 consecutive titles? It’s clearly out of question! If that’s a real comparison, it makes no sense for anyone to try hard to win that many titles because u know in the end people still think you’re just as good as someone who only has 1 title!

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      jordan didnt have 6 consecutive title he had two seperate three-peats

    • Anonymus says:

      How about comparing individual achievements over team, wouldnt that be a more accurate reflection of an individuals skill? Jordan won 5 MVP’s i believe, LeBron already has 3 and Kobe has one. This is awarded to the most “VALUABLE” player each year, so the person who has the most impact on his team winning. Just a though for you to think about.

  126. bronbron says:

    phill was just joking. he just wanted a job..like to coach lbj

  127. KB24 says:

    Just not enough pure talent…..the comparison is between Kobe and MJ…hands down

  128. Get real says:

    Hype, hype and more hype. Helps to sell tickets and shoes, I guess. Respect to Lebron, he’s done so much already, but in basketball terms, I don’t see why he’s better than Magic, let alone MJ. Seriously. And despite Lebron’s unbelievable athleticism, the truth is, he’s not, nor will he ever be, as intelligent or mentally gifted, if you will, as MJ,Magic etc. The rest is just hype

    • likedamaster says:

      I agree with this. Bird, can also be thrown up there. Nevertheless, I do think Lebron gets a lot of credit because like MJ, there was no dominant big man(emphasis dominant) doing all the work and I’m alright with that. Although, hype needs to tone down till at least after he gets his threepeat first. My opinion.

      • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

        Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe.. all clutch players.. they could do it with the game on the line.

        LeBron is famous for missing free throws and shots in the 4th quarter.. I know LBJ is a marketers wet dream but can you be serious? A greatest player of all time, who misses more than makes, shots in the 4th quarter..??

        R U EVEN SEROUS!?

  129. LBJ will never win says:

    Lebrone will never win this chase if he continues to play with Dwade. If LBJ gets 5 more rings with the Heat in the next five years, he will still be behind D-wade, who will have a total of 7. But like i said in other comment before, MJ didn’t get help from a top five player like D-wade when he won his 6 CONSECUTIVE rings. LBJ got Dwade and we shall see if he can win 6 consecutive titles. People underrate the consecutive winnings. It’s not an easy thing to do. This is another eason why ppl still won’t think Kobe is better than MJ even if he wins 2 more rings. It’s because they’re not consecutive wins!

    • Nathan says:

      You know.. they weren’t consecutive right? The rockets won twice in between the bulls 3-peats

      • Nathan says:

        given he was in retirement.. but who knows what would have happened those two years.

      • THE GUY in next door says:

        Jordan only retired one year but when he got back, wearing number 45, he lost in the playoff series against the Magic

    • Mister 215 says:

      So Jordan won 6 in a row??? Correct me if i’m wrong but I thought he won three in a row twice??? Oh yea, Kobe won his championships back to back as well. His team was not better the Jordans teams. Not talking about the three with Shaq. Stats are what people use to put someone over the next. The Two most overrated awards are MVPs and Scoring titles. Correct me if I’m wrong (again) but a league MVP is supposed to mean that you were the best player that year, not just for your team, but that you are the best overall. If this is true then how can a player be voted the best player for a decade, but only win one MVP??? Next is scoring titles. There was NEVER a better offensive scoring player then Kobe, yet he only managed to get twice. To show you how much he cares about that stat he could have won it last year, but instead sat out of the game and that handed to title to Durant.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree 100%

        It’s just crazy how great they make Lebron seem, I mean don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing player, but everyone has such a short memory. When number 8 was on the floor, he was more unstoppable than Lebron, Durant and all those guys. He could guard anyone, and nobody could guard him. His combination of athleticism, speed and quickness were unmatched when he was at the very top of his game. I’ve watched so many clips of Lebron getting it handed to him trying to guard number 8. I remember when Bulls vs Lakers in 98, Kobe was 19, and had 33 against Jordan and the Bulls while Jordan had 36. It was crazy seeing how similar they played each other, fadeaways, dunks, layups impossible shots.
        It bothers me being a Kobe fan and seeing Lebron being marketed the way he is, always in my heart will I think Kobe will always be a better player than Lebron when they were at the top of their games. We must all forget number 8 averaged 30ppg 7rpg 6apg as well as a block and 2 steals a game. Lebron’s numbers are not like we haven’t seen them before.
        I just know with Lebron at the top of his game and Kobe at his a few years back, it wouldn’t even be close. No matter how much people ride Lebron’s sack. Lebron will go down as a top player, but when you take away all the stats, the awards, the sponsors, the fame and fortune, and really looked at these guys Kobe’s prime was more dominant than Lebron’s.

      • LBJ will never win says:

        Everybody talk about how good LBJ is because he’s playing right now. Just like how people used to talk about how good Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were when they were playing. But we all know, at the end of the day, if LBJ doesn’t get as many rings as MJ, people will soon put LBJ behind just like they did with Larry Bird and Magic and bring MJ back to the top of the list. kids in the future won’t remember all the basketball moments that LBJ is having right now. And no, youtube won’t be able to show it all. They only remember how many rings LBJ got. Everything else will fade. Seeing all the actions by LBJ now got people hyped up and thinking he’s better than MJ. But he’s not better until he achieves more accomplishments than MJ or Kobe. He got many more years to go, and like Phil said, he better hope he continues to be healthy

      • C's says:

        @MISTER215.. YES JORDAN WINS 6 IN A ROW, he was retired for 2 seasons,(the 2 seasons that the rockets won) and then he came back and won another 3… the BULLS win 3 titles twice.
        And tell me PLEASE… if we dont use STATS what we are going to use to compare players???LOL
        Next : just for you to know. Jordan have won 5 scoring titles.. Kobe have won 2. There was NEVER a better offensive player then JORDAN.He was UNSTOPPABLE, no one could get close to him.
        Next: defensive player – Jordan have won 1 , Kobe never get close to win 1.
        Next : titles – Jordan has 6 , Kobe has 5 (Shaq lead 3 of them) but im not gonna use that to compare.
        Next : Mvps , you said that Kobe have won 1 Mvp and was the best player of the decade? Jordan has 3 of those and is The greatest of all time.Not desrespecting Kobe , he is one of my idols , one of my favorite player of all time .
        im just comment this because your comment didnt make sense.

      • Common Sense says:

        wow…very very uneducated. please do me a favor. take some time out of your day…take Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan. And take their statistics and match them up. line by line, year by year. This will all end there. Lebron is close to Jordan and Kobe is sort of close to Lebron. 6 consecutive is right, he retired because his father was murdered, but decided to come back, the 6 consecutive years he played he won 6 titles. Sorry…you told us to correct you if you were wrong…you were wrong

      • Jonesy37 says:

        Um C’s, Jordan played half a season in 94/95. So his rings weren’t consecutive.

      • THE GUY in next door says:

        @CS mayn I almost agreed on everything, except for the 2 retired seasons of MJ – no! he didn’t retired 2 seasons, he went back when the MLB hit the lock out – remember? he wore that number 45 and he lost against the magic on the playoff series – that’s how the rockets ended up for back two back… moving on, and yeah I like kobe bryant, LeBron james, and all the great players in NBA – I like them and I jizz on them… but die hard fans of any individual players are so bias, it is make me sad coz they really don’t know what is basketball.

        and also, in this topic, LeBron can be better…. i am gonna repeat, CAN BE… what is CAN BE? potentially? HE is not better yet… I think that was CHUCK have meant…

    • likedamaster says:

      Consecutive means back to back, which Jordan did but only with 3 and later another 3. MJ came back in 95 for the playoffs which they got eliminated from before going all the way in 96. Just an FYI.

    • the answer says:

      you dont know what you’re talking about

    • Swiss says:

      Oh Please, Im not saying LBJ is better than MJ but the whole Lebron cant be better than MJ because he joined D-Wade is just a joke! Have people forgotten Pippen? Id almost rate Pippen a better side kick than Wade. The difference is that Wade was the franchise player till LeBron came in. MJ had over his time some great supporting cast as well in Pippen, Kukoc, Longley, Rodman etc. Pippen wouldve been a franchise player had he been playing elsewhere. Great Players cant do it all on their own & thats why LBJ didnt get a ring in Cleveland. No LBJ isnt as good as MJ and he may never be, but the fact that he is playing with Wade just means that he now doesnt have to do it all on his own, something MJ never did either.

    • Anonymus says:

      Didn’t get help from a top 5 player??!! Please!!! How can you say Pippen wasn’t a top 5 player, was he just put in the 50 best players of all time for a laugh?? Think before you make a ridiculous statement like that.

    • artifex says:

      “MJ didn’t get help from a top five player”
      someone is again underrating Scottie Pippen, a 3 time All NBA First team player and 8 time All NBA defense First team player!!!
      Also, Kobe won 3-peat in 00-02 and repeat in 09/10… so, consecutive, too. One expert even argued, that repeat would be easier, which I don’t know I will buy.
      Still, MJ stays the best, not for your reasons, but he’s a legacy and noone can beat a legacy. Players can only build their own legacy, Russell did in the 60s, MAgic and Bird in 80s and though I’m not a fan of them Kobe and LeBron deserve their own. Independent! It’s difficult, impossible (?) to compare legacies, it’s just enjoyable to witness and to remember…

  130. Kurt says:

    I give Jordan his credit but he is not the greatest player of all time he has the stats but look at Kareem, Magic, Russell, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain

  131. Jesse says:

    nothing more BEAUTIFUL than watching Michael Jordan play

  132. amitpal says:

    Lebron is a great player and one of the better all around player ever. But I dont think he will ever being best of all time. Hes not a killer like jordan was. Jordan wanted to crush his opponent’s lebron doesnt have that. He doesnt have the clutch genes and the killer insints. Also jordan was a monster on both ends of the court. People forget jordan was quicker and actually more athletic then lebron. Jordan could shut someone down on one end and put up 50 on the other end. U could say lebron did that in the finals against kd but people forget kd acrually averaged like 28 points a game and shot around 50percent. To be honest without the refs making bad calls I dont think lebron would have won.

  133. Moed says:

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says to be honest, including Michael Jordan himself, but everyone who once believed that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever play on the court will still believe that. All the stats and moments and achievements will not amount to much to change a person’s opinion.

    • artifex says:

      Best comment I think so far, true, honest and applicable to me, probably.
      The first season I ever watched was the 91/92 season (early years of NBA in Europe), guess whom I was rooting for…
      If you count by rings, Russell is the best, if you count by points it’s Wilt (per game) or Kareem (overall), but the sum of it all and all thos “memorable moments” will always be subjective (since everyon’s memory is different).
      Plus, it’s that era of bball that will never return. Today’s NBA is different and I’ve read dozens of comments why one or the other was/is more competitive/difficult etc. at least, NBA got more diverse in recent years (different champions, more contenders), got a lot of well playing and entertaining rookies and to me 3 standouts in Kobe, LeBron and KD that are great to watch.
      Look forward to a great and interesting season…

    • Gameon says:

      So true

  134. Ted says:

    With all due respect to LBJ, Jordan just has that magic, Jordan has several significant moments in his career, like the shot in Cleveland, 1998 NBA Finals Game 6, the 63 point performance against Boston and a lot more. but to LBJ, I can only name a few. I know he has several big games already but it just wasn’t big enough for me.

    • corleone says:

      who cares what you think. don’t you remember what they said about jordan before he got his first ring ? scorers can’t win championships and all that BS. lets just let lebron be him and then when his career is over we can start judging it

      • artifex says:

        That’s a good point. LeBron’s story isn’t written in full, yet. But to this point, if I compare the Bulls in 1987 and the Cavs in 2007, I’d say he has accomplished a lot in his first years, first championship in 8th season, Jordan in his 7th… (says me, big fan of Jordan, not really of the Heat but give credit where credit is due!)

    • dd def says:

      well that’s part of the legend that is michael jordan. i mean, the fathers day game, the flu game, the double nickle, the shrug. i mean, his big moments were so much more significant than any other player’s big moments, and they seemed to happen at the perfect time like someone had written the story already and he was just acting it out. there will never be another mj, just good immitations if you will. that’s not a shot at kobe either, just, michael is unique.

    • NewYorker says:

      So true. When MJ stepped on the court you just had a feeling that something amazing might happen and most of the time it did. I think Magic said it best, it was “poetry in motion”.

      Team wins championships. MJ was a leader on the Bulls team. If he hadn’t retired the 1st they probably would have won 8 titles.
      Too me it’s not just about the rings. LBJ is obviously a great player. Different, not as great as MJ.

      Charles is full of it. When LBJ joined D-Wade and Bosh everyone was saying “ok, he’s out of the conversation for the greatest of all time”, because he went the shortcut route. Now he won 1 title and people like Barkley do a 180 and say he might be better than MJ. Oh please…

      • Gameon says:

        i was just going to bring up the same point LBJ had to team up with some super stars to get his ONE championship but MJ challenged the other players on his team to rise to the occasion with him he made the players around him better because they had to be all they could be to come up to the standard of the true king (MJ). LBJ has to get those not 4 not 5 not 6…7…8 to match MJ because he took the “let’s team up” route. Just like when people said Kobe had 3 rings because of Shaq (this part is hard for me because I am a true Laker Hater) but he had to earn those next two rings on his own to even be mentioned in the same sentence as MJ. I am not at the point of giving those kudos to Lebron just yet.

  135. Christiaen says:

    Let him chase it, let’s see if he can beat the odds.
    Bryant is the one that came closest in recent years, but he will never get over the hump. Though dominant in many ways, he’s still hasn’t obtained the legacy Jordan has, but then again, his playing days are not over yet.
    As for Lebron, a totally different player than Jordan was, for the first half of his career he doesn’t come close. Since last season however, the door has been opened. He already had 3 MVP’s, and added that ring. If that fact ignites the same fire Jordan had troughout his career, we’re in for some speculation.
    Let’s just say he needs to add some more rings (obviously) in the mix, maybe another Mvp-title and some scoring champions (say the next five seasons in a row), a defensive player of the year award, maybe a dunk championship (you game, Lebron?), and some more clutch plays and shots like Jordan and Kobe. Look’s like he’s got his work cut out for him.
    But, give Lebron credit, he’s got the ability to do all that. Can’t wait to see where he’ll finish in a decade or so.

    • lbj says:

      Even phil jackson saying that the king is better than jordan when he got retired!

      • Mytownla says:

        @ lbj and when did Phil ever say that? Your dreams and imaginations dont count moron. There you go again, making rediculos and idiotic comments. Grow up, and hop off of lebrons sack, cheerleader

    • Kiko says:

      One of the most thoughtful and non-biased posts I’ve seen in these comments. Props to you. I agree with you on everything, but I still believe Kobe is right up there with Michael, and definitely deserves a fair comparison. Lebron has the potential to reach that point, but that is still in the far future.

      • Anyway! says:

        I totally agree with Christiaen that there is a possibility, but it will require time and great sacrifice.

        @lbj…You always say the stupidest things, just give it up…Phil NEVER said Lebron is better than Mike, so you’re either illiterate or you have a problem with comprehension, but you’re wrong as always…Please do the world a favor and stop posting!!!

        @Kiko…Lebron can get in the mix, and he has a better chance than Kobe, I feel, only because he has at least another 10-12 years in him, and not because he’s a better player…We just have to watch and see…I think Kobe is a close second, but if you take a look at their career stats and achievements, Kobe won’t catch Mike either, but he is definitely the only one I would entertain in this type of conversation…at this point…

      • dd def says:

        i think the biggest edge lebron has in this conversation is that he came into the league with the keys to a franchise in his pocket already. even though he was the young fella he was the most dominant player on the team so he was able to slap some good numbers up for himself in a way that kobe, who came into the league on shaq’s lakers, had to earn his time on the floor and work his way up to franchise key holder. of course i will say this just as fuel for the proverbial fire: neither jordan nor james have had an 81 pt game. oh ho ho.
        and i’d like to also say kudos to this chunk of posts, cause it is very tasteful, fair, and just good ball-talk. so rare to see here, specially when these 3 players are mentioned.

      • OVA says:

        @ DD Def, that is the worst argument I’ve ever heard. Lebron had the keys handed to him…in Cleveland? Those keys must have been to a busted Delorean, that Lebron then turned into the Back to the Future car and was able to change the history of a losing franchise.

        As for your statment about Kobe. Yeah 81pts is a real accomplishment in a losing season. What the heck is the point of proving how many shots you can make if it doesn’t get you through the 1st round of the playoffs. That’s when they needed an 81pt game.

      • Kaare says:

        totally agree with OVA. Match kobe playoff stats vs michaels and learn the truth of the G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Ps Lebron, is for me, not in this conversation before he wins more rings

    • MHM 35 says:

      yeah lbj shut up and stop looking stupid.

      Um… Kobe is a different player than MJ… so is LeBron. Stop comparing them. I think we can both agree they’re in the top 10 goats and i think a lot of people would argue they are all in the top 5 but idk. it’s dumb to try to make one of them the best. They’re Jordan Jockers. Kobe Fanatics. LeBron BallHuggers (I don’t know what else to call them… but that’s definitely what lbj is… sorry to you other Heat fans… don’t hate LeBron James one bit… just hate kids like lbj that don’t think objectively because of their obsesion with him)… anyways… three different players. so quit the comparisons