‘Superman’ Drama Returns In Lakerland Between Shaq & Dwight

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They couldn’t even get through a full week of training camp in Los Angeles before the dueling big men of the Lakers’ past and present got cranked up again.

This time it’s current Lakers center Dwight Howard firing back at former Lakers center (and current TNT analyst) Shaquille O’Neal for his seemingly never-ending assault on Howard’s game and name.

The latest dust-up stems from words Shaq uttered on “Open Court” (clip above, debut episode airs Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET on NBA TV), when he ranked Brook Lopez and Andrew Bynum over Howard when the conversation turned to the best big men in the game.

“We as players, we always watch people before us,” O’Neal said. “When I came in, it was Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon, guys who played like true centers who played inside. What we have now are centers that are going to the European style, which is a lot of pick-and-roll. Dwight Howard, who’s a pick-and-roll player, some people say he’s the best center in the league, but me being an old-school center, I’m going to go with Robin Lopez and Andrew Bynum because they play with their back to the basket.”

Shaq was later corrected by other members on the “Open Court” panel for mistaking Hornets center Robin Lopez for his twin brother on the Nets. But the damage was already done.

By the time the information was relayed to Howard after the Lakers finished practice Thursday, well … as you might expect, it wasn’t pretty.

(The fireworks kick off at the 5:31 mark of the video, below.)

Howard fired back at O’Neal for being a hypocrite, disingenuous and basically washed up.

“I don’t care what Shaq says,” Howard said. “Shaq played the game. He’s done. He’s gone. It’s time to move on. He hated the fact when he played that the older guys were talking about him and how he played and now he’s doing the exact same thing. Just let it go. There’s no sense for him to be talking trash to me. He did his thing in the league. He’s one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. Just sit back and relax. You did your thing. Your time is up. So, I don’t really care. I don’t really care. He can say whatever he wants to say.”

The Lakers will retire Shaq’s jersey this season. But don’t expect any warm embraces from one big man to another. Howard doesn’t seem at all interested in any meeting of the minds between giants.

“What do we need to get on the same page for?” Howard said. “I have respect for him and what he did for basketball. That’s it. Like I said, he’s already did his thing. He played. When my time is up, there’s going to be somebody else who can do everything I can do, and probably do it better. Instead of me talking about him, I’ll do my job to try to help him to get to where I’m at. I think that’s what guys who have done it before us should do.”

The crack in this relationship dates back Howard’s Orlando roots and the fact that he not only followed in Shaq’s footsteps there as the face of the franchise and one of the elite young bigs in the league, but also at his adoption of the Superman nickname that Shaq had used years earlier.

Rather than rehash all of the foolishness that has transpired between the two over the years, we’ll just go ahead and agree with Howard on one thing: It’s time for both men to move on from this petty feud.

Both of them have their own credentials (Howard is obviously still working on his impressive pile) that should get them into the greatest-big-men-of all-time club long after their playing careers have faded from the minds of fans.

So there’s really no point in this continued sparring over who might be the best when they’ll both rank behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Olajuwon (for starters), when the discussion of the greatest big man of all time starts up.

Howard had much more pressing matters to tend to anyway, namely helping Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol try to unseat the Miami Heat as NBA champs. He can’t win a war of words with Shaq because the big fella has the bully pulpit every week on TNT and NBA TV.

Again, it’s time for both men to simply move on from this entire mess.


  1. Lakersince76 says:

    Although I’m a huge Laker fan I understand what Shaq is saying. Dwight is a TWEEN. Power Forward size with center ability. Dwight is a great player because of his physical gifts and work ethics. Bynum and Lopez are true CENTERS and both are more skilled than D12. Left hand Right hand, back to the basket, 275lb+ and long. However I think Dwight is consistantly more dominant than both. If it weren’t for the fact that Pau is so soft, long and has that ridiculous contract, Dwight wouldn’t be a Laker today. Dwight may not be a TRUE center but his is a perfect fit for this LA team

  2. Nick says:

    Olajuwon is not better than Shaq – I’ll give you Wilt and Kareem based on their whole career but not the Dream, as much as I respect what he did.

    Regardless of such a pathetic argument – Dwight Howard doesn’t belong in this conversation yet!

  3. Dwight then Bynum says:

    the “fireworks” below must be these comments because that’s where the sparks are!!!!!!

    BTW, Shaq and Dwight are about equal with the exception of Shaq’s superior size and strength…I mean Shaq mostly overpowered opposing centers…oh and the punctuation (or lack of) is just laziness on my part for the grammar police…

    Dwight is now what Shaq was in his Orlando days physically but just a better (much better rebounder and defender)

  4. Lakers4Life says:

    I really like the response that DH12 gave. Sounded polite and respectful to the Diesel but also defended his stance effectively.
    DH12 for the first ever Miss Universe and NBA champ ever 2013!

  5. KOBE BRYANT says:

    Hey lbj how about this clark,duhon and blake for wade bosh and lebron? Lakers starting lineup: pg.wade sg.kobe sf.lebronze pf.gasol c.howard 6th man: Nash bench:MWP,meeks,hill,jamison,goudlock,morris,sacre,,DJO,ebanks,CDR LAKERS WIN

  6. johndoe says:

    I am so thrilled by the Howard-Nash-Kobe-Gasol lakers. But this article made me realize that yeah Howard doesnt really have the post move ol’school. Heck, DeAndre or the Polish Hammer may be better than him now. But! who says an SF cant play PG or post like PF (see LeBron James), or a PG that drives like an SF (see DRose, Westbrook) or PF can reliable shoot? (yeah Dirk). Thing is, the game is evolving, and a center now need also to lean Pick and Roll, shoot from the outside(learn this DH!) etc. aside from the traditional stuff e.g.rebound like crazy, give help on defense, intimidate shots etc. With that I say Howard is still the best center today. Albeit not that far behind is Bynum.

    ps. Thunders-Lakers at WCF, i dont even care who wins.

  7. LOL!! Haslem better than Howard? look at the stats men. Haslem has “1” good night and thats all while howard almost every day he had a good game

  8. A true center doesn’t need to score, the true reason why teams have center is for defence.

  9. Kobe is 10 times better than CARMELO Anthony

  10. Patrickmarc says:

    Shaq should remember how bad he was at free throws, and how referees at that time where tolerant when he was pushing with his body. He couldn’t do all these things now. He is a player of another age.

  11. DHAM says:


    • Love the hangtime podcast says:

      If you watch the video Dwight did his best to not respond to Shaq. I thought he kept it very low key.

  12. swaesean says:

    shaq is playing the new super man lopez over dwight your crazy stupid.

  13. jeof says:

    Hey shaq your only looking for the offensive player, i forgot u dont play defense or even rebound the ball that much, Howard cover’s all aspect of a big man specially defense coz defense wins championships…

  14. Last thing... says:

    D.Howard is just an imitation of the Diesel! Of course you can’t really say that on tv because that would open a big door for a couple of Lakers to get called out…. It’s funny that I don’t think Howard realizes he should develop more to his game than being a carbon copy of someone else’s career. As far as Shaq worried about Howard being a better Laker than he was, I don’t think he cares about that..Lol He seems to be taking all of Shaq’s footsteps, hope he doesn’t sign on with Reebok! LOL smh I think it’s more of a you seem to be eating off what I’ve done type thing, no originality! The best big man in game is still Tim Duncan…

  15. Love the hangtime podcast says:

    Sekou, I normally enjoy your articles, but this:

    “Howard fired back at O’Neal for being a hypocrite, disingenuous and basically washed up.”

    is a very dramatic take on what Dwight was saying, which seemed to be far more low key, and more likely to add fuel to the fire you seemingly want put out.

  16. Shaq says:

    Dwight learned from me , and now he’s acting like he dont know me pshh . man lakers no im the best center that ever lived and he knows it too … i got my rings and lbj is goin to get his this decade sooo its w.e DUCES

  17. bu says:

    Shaq, Barkeley,…et al are PAID to stir up controversies. Besides, anyone can hv his/her opinion on anything. Some facts like guys here pointed out:

    What is the “standard” in measuring a center?

    It’s a team sport, and the cast is important as to the playing style of the center.

    Shaq can’t shoot nor did he have low post moves like Kevin McHale & Olajuwon. Yet, he’s a true monster with his size & agility, & had rings with Lakers & Heat (almost with Magic). Dominant? Yes, he was.

    Howard? He’s a bit like a “move with the flow” kinda center with great defensive timing & awareness. He has a poor shot (like Shaq) & no great low post move. He also never played in a very good basketball system nor did he played with true PG. So the situation & scenario is different from those other great centers of the past & present. DH is playing to his strengths in Magic’s system while Bynum, Lopez played to theirs, with low post moves & some big time dominance down low as a typical centre is defined to do.

    So Shaq is right about playing style, but very unfair to compare them. What DH does, I don’t think Lopez & Bynum can do individually or with their teammates.

    I’d say, the only fair & better way to compare players is their basketball IQ & their will to win.

  18. Realist2012 says:

    Well like Olajuwon vs Shaq. The Dream was “unguardable and could take his man in the post or face him with his dribble skills. Back then a lot said shaq was better but only within hook shot / dunk range. I think Shaq was speaking in that retrospect, but I don’t think he worded himself correctly. Howard was a machine for orlando because he had to be and he played hard, I’m reserving any speculation on him until i see how he plays with a legitimate point guard , 2 guard and Gasol. If he can be a team player vs old school dominique wilkens syndrome i.e. try to do it all by himself. I’d like to see Nash get a much deserved ring. (I’m a Rockets fan and a Nash fan) Have to respect true point guards that make anyone look like allstars.

  19. Scott says:

    Whoh! Shaq did have his game ok…..but he sounds foolish. Ewing?? Ewing was the very start of jump shooting centers that werent just “back to the basket” centers. Olajuwan would shoot jumpers alot too. Shaq had no jumper , he has to play with his back to the basket. Howard simply plays alot better Defense than Shaq did.

  20. W/E says:

    D12 best post defender and rebounder in the league,he might not be so skilled offensively but hey shaq wasnt either,they r both no where near Hakeems or Kareem skill level,they both overpower their defenders in the paint,Shaq was stronger but Dwight plays more intense defence, still Hakeem would own them on both ends with easy,he did owned Shaq BIG TIME btw..

  21. Reggie says:

    I like Shaq but for some reason he’s bitter when it comes to Dwight Howard. Why? Maybe because Dwight has won the defensive player of the year award three times and he’s only 26, maybe that he has the possibility of winning multiple mvps. Maybe cause he stole the superman nickname by executing one of the sickest dunks of all time. I don’t know, but Shaq needs to get over whatever it is. This display by Shaq makes me further my belief that Shaq was at fault for the breakup of the kobe and Shaq duo.

    • HAWKS says:

      welll i disagree with the part of winning mvps

      i am pretty sure dwight isnt really focusing on mvp as much as keeping his role as a true, intimidating (sorry for spelling) defender

  22. 24 says:

    What do u mean both need to move on? I don’t see Dwight instigating anything! Shaq is jealous because of that stupid superman stuff and the fact the the attention is no longer on him. He is afraid of what Dwight can become! Shaq grow the f up! Scared we will forget him, he keep on talking foolish we will!!!!!!

  23. NYfan says:

    Shaq should have said when has Dwight Howard won MVP of the NBA?? The answer is Never

    When will dwight howard win MVP of NBA? The Answer is that since Howard has so much better competition than him, he will never be close to being an MVP in NBA

    What will happen to Dwight if the Lakers fail to make the NBA championship??

  24. NYfan says:

    Shaq is wrong about Brook Lopez being better than Dwight Howard but is right about that Dwight Howard does not make the top 15 list of current NBA players which i will list the order below

    1) Lebron James
    2) Kevin Durant
    3) Carmello Anthony
    4) Russel Westbrook
    5)Deron Williams
    6)Dirk Nowinski
    7)Dwane Wade
    9)Chris Paul
    10)Kobe Bryant
    11)Kevin Love
    12)Tim Duncan
    13) Tony Parker
    14) Rudy Gay
    15) Derick Rose- If he was not injured he would be number 1 on my list

    • W/E says:

      Derrick rose cant even shoot the ball and ur gunna put him at no1?!?oh and u know nothing about basketball,u cant put c.anthony or any player who cant play defence at no3….D12 is top 5 just cause of his incredible post defence and rebounding abilties…he is the only player whos so good at that…and average 20ppg

  25. AlexanderW. says:

    Sekou Smith is getting ahead of him when he states that shaq will be behind olajuwan in the greatest centers of all time discussion.. For as much as I can’t stand shaqs ignorance he had a better career than Olajuwan

  26. Heawaits12 says:

    Brook Lopez is better than Dwight at losing!!!

  27. Lebron Traveled says:

    I think Kwame Brown ist better than Dwight Howard, LOL

  28. Laker fan says:

    Shaq is to TNT, what Sapp is to the NFL network. Two grown men, who can’t let go of their playing days and get a joy out of bashing younger more talented athletes who are enjoying their time in the leagues. Never though Shaq will turn into a Bill Walton…just need a DR.J type person now to keep putting his big mouth in place. (watch NBC coverage of games……if you don’t get the Walton, DR.J reference).

  29. LBJ For The Win says:

    LoL @ Shaq !
    Dude B.Lopez is better than D.Howard ? Seriously ? are u High ?

  30. merryhairyfish says:

    Lol does anybody else know that @lbj is just trying to troll you haha

  31. David says:

    Shaq is just desperate for attention. Shaq has a huge ego and with a huge ego comes jealousy…..which is what he always seems to express to Dwight but only he tries to disguise it as constructive criticism. Shaq keeps putting these expectations on Dwight & dissing him in hopes to maybe scare Dwight away from the Lakers after the 2012-13 season because Shaq is afraid that Dwight could potentially accomplish more as a Laker than he did.

  32. brock says:

    Dwight is a better rebounder, post defender and offensively, shot blocker and creates for his teamates. On top of that he stays healhy. Brook is gonna be great but not Dwight great


    Dwight handled that question real well I must admit.

  34. Lhes says:

    Just do your thing Dwight..You should not be affected by this thing..Shaq is only giving his opinion on the topic men… geez…just improve your game,,

  35. Shaq knows good and damn well that Howard is the best center in the league today. I think his comments are aimed more at putting some fire under D12’s @ss to be more aggressive. I have heard Shaq say that he would like to see Howard avg 28 & 14. The only way for him to do that would be for him to be more aggressive and dominant on offense. The only knock that myself and many others have ever had on Howard’s game is that he doesn’t seem like he plays with that mean streak and chip on his shoulder that we saw the Diesel play with during his playing days. However, unlike Bynum, Dwight does bring it every single night regardless of whether he is being fed consistently or not. Lopez is not even in the conversation because a 7 footer who can’t even avg double figures in rebounds is pathetic. Howard has 3 CONSECUTIVE DPOY awards, and is THE ONLY PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY TO LEAD THE LEAGUE IN FG% REBS AND BLOCKS in a single season. He is clearly the best big man in the game today. Shaq, more than likely just feels like Dwight should widen that gap even more between himself and today’s other centers so that it wouldn’t even be a debate based on Howard’s potential. It still remains to be seen how Bynum will fare as the #1 option on his team, but so far his career stats, consistency or maturity level has not been equal to D12, nor has he yet played a full season. Right now Dwight is the top of the totem pole when it comes to big men in today’s NBA, even if the pole is not that high.

  36. Alex says:

    Shaq’s words almost made as much sense as Kazaam did. Almost.

  37. Rocky says:

    Shaq maybe wrong but lets face it If Dwight was playing in the 90s HE WOULD NOT BE AN ALL-STAR!!!

  38. Danny says:

    In fact Lopez cant even rebound well, you serious? Why not put Biedrins in there SHAQ?

  39. Danny says:

    Obviously, Shaq doesnt like Howard now and saying Lopez is better than Howard? what a joke. Its true that Shaq’s time is already up. Just great. More Drama!

  40. digitioli says:

    it’s a team game.
    Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Mikan, Russell – great and great team players. Even Walton before all of the injuries.
    Bynum not so much.
    Howard jury still out – this year will be very telling.
    Shaq loves to talk smaq, and now that is part of his job.
    let’s not forget hack a shaq…
    and which kind of center was shaq? he had no shot outside of 5 feet.
    bizarre criticism.

  41. marmar says:

    dwight has low bball iq, fact.
    take it as it is lakers fans

    • Mytownla says:

      Judging by your comment, YOU ARE the one with a basketball i.q thats well below a negative. I guess a peson with a low basketball i.q is still capable of being a dpoy 3 years in a row, which would’ve been four, if he didnt get injured. bro.. stfu and go read a book or some shi%

  42. Daslickflip says:

    I can see why shaq like bynum better because bynum is actually the best offensive centre in the league while dwight is the best defensive centre and more reliable then bynum.
    But Brooke Lopez?!
    The guy is slower than Bynum and not nearly as strong or mobile.
    Brooke Lopez is a poor man’s Bynum.
    That makes dwight worst than that..
    Shaq just lost all credibility when he said that.
    Bynum you can make an argument, and a good one at that but there is absolutley none for brooke lopez.
    Yes he can shoot outside and he has some moves in the post but against length like Bynum and speed like dwight he wont be able to make any shots.
    He has no natural ability what so ever…
    He cant even run the pick and roll with one of the premier pick and roll players in Deron Williams.. hes too slow.
    But that said… Brooklyn looks good to me man!

  43. jimsiiiii says:

    now i understood why did kobe and shaq went into quarrel almost a decade ago

  44. Pat says:

    “Dwight Howard is a pick and roll player”.
    “Bynum and Lopez are better back to the basket centers”

    Whether Shaq is hating or not is the question…..however all I heard was two true facts. Dwight’s the better center all around, especially defensively. But in terms of back to the basket one -on-one moves, Bynum for sure is better, and Brook…..idk.

  45. serg says:

    Bynum has better footwork, better offensive skills then howard, but Howard is more dominate. He’s stronger and over powers his defenders and he’s a better defender. Both great, but depends what your team needs more, i’m really curious to see how Bynum will play with philly. Also a healthy brook lopez produces quality numbers and is a good center, he got potential. Waiting to see him and joe and deron click!

  46. Sea Pea says:

    Shaq was more dominant than Olajuwon but Olajuwon had more skills. Kareem was a little soft on defense. Chamberlain was the greatest all around.

  47. mac says:

    personally id rather dump the ball in to brook lopez at the end of the game. he has a a better posy up game than dwight and is an 80% free throw shooter. howard is a better defender and rebounder but at the end of the day brook lopez is a more polished scorer!

  48. nclakerfan says:

    Shaq said that Lopez is better because he can shoot like a throwback center and howard is a pick and roll dunker. If that is the case then Shaq was never in the top 50 centers…all he could do was dunk, couldn’t shoot worth a damn. I can remember numerous times the airballs flying at the rim.

  49. chris says:

    i normally like shaq but that video was painful to watch. he realised no one agreed with him and he knew he wasn’t smart enough to think of some more excuses, so he just attacked his colleagues instead. only barkley has the balls to tell him he’s an idiot, everyone else will just say ok and laugh behind his back.

  50. jayone8 says:

    shaq is just mad cause didnt finish as a laker.

  51. Belizeboy says:

    I was surprised at Howard’s response. No hidden message or jab back at Shaq; he just told it like it is. Good attitutde and may be signs of him maturing out there in LA.

    • lbj says:

      the reason why he didn’t say anything bec he knows for himself that shaq is far better than him. if he will play defense with shaq, shaq will eat him alive and dunk him inside the ring!

  52. magicman101 says:

    Where you are? You can’t even make 50% of your free throws and cry like a baby whenever you get fouled… who wants to learn that? All your points are within 5 ft of the basket…

  53. kingk says:

    Shaq is shaqtin’ a foot and is speaking like a true hater.

  54. Jeff says:

    Hey Dwight, Kiss the rings!!


  55. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Shaq’s nomber one problem is that he’s still competitve when he really shouldn’t be. He still wants to be connected with the game and have the attention. He can’t handle the fact that he’s not playing anymore and to some degree,that he doesn’t matter as much as he did back in the days. You can see,how Barkley is relaxed and having fun and Shaq is all serious talking non sence. Sometimes you can just see that it bothers him that Barkley is just better for tv then him and is way funnier them him. If Shaq continues acting like that he’s gonna lose allot of respect . Let Howard do his thing and no matter what he says,Dwight is the best center in the league. He’s not a typical center but who cares ? He’s 3 time defensive champion who rebounds really good and can score points. One good season from Bynum doesn’t mean he’s better then Howard. I wanna see Andrew taking his team to finals or conference finals. Is not gonna happen.

  56. J says:

    Don’t agree with you at all Sekou on the Olajuwon being better than Shaq. Shaq is right there with Wilt, Kareem, and Bill Russell. Olajuwon is behind those guys. Dwight has to win at least a couple of rings first before talking about legacy

    • nclakerfan says:

      you are insane and must have never seen Olajuwon play. I would put him up there with the best….he was amazing in his back to back championships and throughout his career.

    • Sea Pea says:

      Shaq is more dominant than hakeem but Olajuwon had more skills. Kareem and Shaq equal on defense. Shaq’s lack of defense puts him behind Russel and Wilt. It took a long time for Olajuwon to dominate. Shaq was a beast from day 1.

      • bizzman23 says:

        The Dream is the best Center ever; he was Dwight with a skill set on the offensive end, honestly the first really athletic center. Crazy Stupid BBall fans that play too much 2K screaming out Wilt is the greatest, please don’t be fooled by the numbers. He played in an era where the next tallest center was on average 6 foot 7inches. He didn’t dominate Russell because Russell was a few inches bigger than the average center plus he was more talented than the other centers.

  57. OneTake says:

    Did anyone mention defensive ability? Where Dwight Howard stands above any center, and most players in the league.
    Not many other players have won DPOY 3 times, and even less that could do it whilst consistently putting up 20ppg.
    Shaq was more dominant offensively, but shaq couldnt have turned a team with Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu in the frontcourt into a top 10 defensive team for years running!

  58. Nathan says:

    Maybe Shaq is just pushing him to work harder by setting him a challenge to beat his stats.. and then when he does do better… Shaq takes credit for it for pushing him with his mental challenge. Doctor Shaq 😉 he aint stupid

  59. dattebayo says:

    Last season, the only people who were saying Bynum was better than Howard were Laker fans that don’t comprehend the game or wouldn’t give the respect to other deserving players simply because they don’t play for the purple and gold. The best proof for that is the lack of Bynum>Dwight comments in this blog since the trade. Dwight Howard is a 3 time DPOY and multiple Allstar, Bynum made the Allstar team for the first time last season and he needs regular treatment for his knees and even with those he is the slowest guy in the league. Bynum has some moves on offense, but those only work because he plays smaller and weaker opponents in almost every game. In addition to that he plays with Pau Gasol, Howard always played alone on offense and had to create for himself every time he had the ball.

    Shaq is either outta his mind to say Bynum is better than Howard or he is gettin’ paid to say it just for the media to have something to rant about, like there are no other dramas in lalaland. If Bynum was as healthy as he could be last season, he will never be as good as Dwight, simple as that.

  60. Chester says:

    thanks for a great laugh gcast

  61. John Doe says:

    well – in some ways I have to agree with Shaq – I do actually think Bynum has more skills than Dwight. The question is if Bynum will use his potential and be mature. Brook Lopez is definitly more matured than Howard, Bynum and Shaq combined. And that is why he is better.
    I do feel like Shaq – playing with the back to the basket is a big man. Pure athletisism doesn’t work – we’ve seen that a couple of times (e.g. LeBron). I hope Howard can develop a bit more of that real big man game and mature more. Let’s hope the Lakers vets and organization will help!

  62. supplanter33 says:

    Who won most rings shaq or dwight? Shaq.
    Who has better offensive and defensive game shaq or dwight? Shaq.
    Whose more dominant shaq or dwight?Shaq
    Whose era has the most dominant big man shaq’s or dwights? Shaqs.
    whose overall the better player shaq or dwight? Shaq.
    Who knows more what he is talking about in terms of basketball experience and skill shaq or dwight? Dwight?

  63. LA-Lakers@Manila says:

    Hey Manila Boy Philippines!! Don’t be so nervous.. Takot na takot ka naman eh.. Just face the fact that LA is soooooooo much better and they can beat OKC any time, also Heat.. Anyway, just need you to congratulate us after this season..

  64. GCast says:

    Shaq’s just sad that when DH12’s career ends, DH12 will rank higher than him.

  65. I think shaq need too let go of his constance disrespect and dislike for Dwight it’s getting old.i’m sure that he didn’t like it when the guys before him disrespected him leave it alone Shaq.

  66. John John says:

    Its simple – – ignore shaq. just act like you don’t know who he is. REMEMEBR WHAT KOBE SAID TO RAJA BELL? “Who is this kid”? LMAO…

    DH – just ignore Shaq

  67. Heeeeeeeey says:

    I for one think Dwight is overrated. He has the size and built and that alone makes him a solid guy. Great defense and could really make a difference. But I don’t like that he doesn’t take enough time to develop more post moves which he lacks and he can’t really create a shot for himself. Also, his comedy act is a distraction. He just has to drop it and develop that killer instinct. But I don’t deny that he’s the best big man today. I just think he’s overrated.

  68. Bonafide says:

    Shaqs mad coz Dwight is going to follow the Shaq route. First Orlando, now LA. Next thing you know Dwight is going to play for Miami, then Pheonix, then Cleveland, and retire in Boston.

    All we need now is for Dwight to drop some Albums and star in his own Genie movie (Kazaam).

  69. lakersfan says:

    OMG does shaq just said that Lopez is better that Dwight Howard?
    I think that howard was better than lopez when he was 12!
    You cant compare howard with any center in the world right now!!!
    He is the most dominent Center, and its not even close

  70. shaqs right says:

    robin lopez best centre in the NBA!!!!!

    • Mytownla says:

      Please explain… what exactly is a “centre” again? Exactly… your basetball i.q is worst than your grammer, idiot

  71. PAul says:

    This is not a story…

  72. whoosh28 says:

    Bynum is better than Howard. Lopez is better at offense than Howard. Howard still looks awkward when trying to score in any way other than a dunk. Howard is immature, he has underachieved, and when he goes to the West and plays with the BIG BOYS; folks will realize just how overrated Howard is.

    Yet, don’t dismiss Shaq as dumb. He might be doing LA a favor. Howard seems to have issues with motivation and Shaq insulting him might just motivate Howard to do something other than his comic acts (where the only one that thinks he is funny is him). Shaq is playing around. And he is laughing at how Howard claims he doesn’t care yet gets all worked up about it. Shaq is having fun.

    • Pgulinp1 says:

      I would pick shaq in his prime always over Howard but SHAQ my man PLS LET IT GO, for me is sooo patetic to heard retired superstar who try to “diss” new players for what? He Sounds like a little child who seeks attention… Howard is good player – best nba center right now, comparing him with some 13-6 dude lopez is just patetic, that lopez can’t put up his numbers in Nets- top 5 worst nba teams on East. Bynum can’t give Lakers adventage over OKC we already saw that so let it go shaq, let it go fans, give howard time to play to show how good or how bad he is

  73. mtjohns4 says:

    Shaq is correct. We have seen the peek of Howard’s ability. His size alone will get him 20-10 a night, but his heart won’t win a ring…He needs MEN like Kobe and Nash. I would say that after Kobe leaves, the Lakers will have to pull off another amazing summer to bring winners into Staples

    • bizzman23 says:

      I’m convinced that most of the fans on these blogs have no idea about sports. They yell and scream about superstars not winning it all by themselves. This is not a video game, I can’t take the Kings and win the championship with Tyrek Evans and Cousins it can’t be done. Don’t give me the Dirk talk, the Mavs won that series because of the Jet also (he defended Lebron, and kept them in every single game, because Dirk played horrible for 3 quarters, BUT showed up in the 4th quarter) ultimately the Heat lost because Lebron came up small, but that’s another topic. It takes more than 1 star to win it all in the NBA. Jordan, Kobe, Russell, Bird, Magic, all the greats had other stars around them to win Championships. One thing LA can do is pull off block buster trades and manage to get championships out of it. So to say Howard has peaked is crazy talk he’s only 26 or 27 years old. To say he has no heart doesn’t even make sense; he took that sorry team of Orlando to the finals. So for Shaq to hate on Howard is wrong, you can have your opinion and even critique, but he’s not even respecting Howard Robin and Brook lopez are better than Howard cmon. I’m not even a Lakers fan and I find that to be stupid, my team got the Lakers old Center by the way, the one Shaq claims is better than Howard, but cmon Bynum’s not better either more polished on offense, but he’s not better.

  74. Chester says:

    shaq behind hakeem? i don’t think so. what’s wrong by the way with a champion former player having an opinion. that’s what he’s paid to do and he’s earned it. also dwight has brought this on himself. first orlando, then superman, bad free throws, now lakers. not exactly original.

    • bizzman23 says:

      He’s allowed to have an opinion, but he’s hating on Howard man you know he is. Also, Shaq went to the Lakers by choice ie sign a contract, Howard was traded to LA.


    yea shaq is right lopez better than d12, yall laker fans your players too old to handle miami.. and u cant beat OKC in western conference too bad to hear huh. btch

  76. Pgulinp1 says:

    First of all i respect Shaq soooo much but when it comes to Howard talks i hate him… In his prime shaq was better player then Howard, WE ALL KNOW THAT, but now he is retired, he is old and he still trash talks about howard for no reason . I think he only resents the fact that he made ​​no efforts to resolve the problems with Kobe when they were young, They could have 5,6 rings probably even more but they split up, after his Miami years his carrer went down so brutal and fast. i even think right now shaq is scared of fact that howard can become “real superman in LAL”. From first day of dwight talks about trading shaq said that he can’t go to lakers? why not? why so afraid of Howard? And in the end this disrespect when he compared him to some average dude named Lopez who can’t be even in top 10 nba center right now. , and this year Bynum looks terribly, fat and out of shape

  77. bizzman23 says:

    And Kobe was the reason the relationship didn’t last? Yeah right, Shaq probably used to say “Kobe you ain’t no Eddie Jones” or “Kobe you ain’t no Brent Barry”. Shaq is really jealous of a player and he’s retired, imagine how he was when he played and was at the top of his game. He needs to let it go, seriously Shaq is one of the greatest, but with all the elbows he’s thrown and out weighing other centers by a 1000 lbs how hard was it for him to dominate? Let Howard have his time, you got yours and wasn’t trashed by saying Robin Lopez is better than Howard, Robin Lopez wasn’t even the best Center in Phoenix, of course he meant Brook Lopez, but you see my point he just wants to hate on Howard. Besides Brook Lopez averages like 6 rebounds, who wants that out of their Center position that’s why they kept Humphries for rebounding purposes.

    • ShaqIsSuperman says:

      Shaq may have quite the ego, but it is no match for Kobe’s (“I’m not selfish, because I’ve got 5 championships.”), who is nowhere near as dominant a player as Shaq was. Yes, it’s Kobe’s fault, who couldn’t even carry the Lakers on his own, who whined to get traded until they finally got Gasol (and Bynum).

  78. luap_yaj says:

    steve nash will make the overall play…….

  79. R51NM5N says:

    If I were Shaq, I’d start working out and get back on shape, then get back playing and show Dwight who’s the real superman.

  80. cdubbb24 says:

    still mad cause he was given the nickname SUPERMAN.


  81. swatguy says:

    Well needed commentary SS. Will it be heeded, time will tell. I do doubt the media will “Let it go”. I believe Dr. O’Neal will return the volley. Dwight may have left the court yesterday.

  82. larry oconnor says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the best version of Dwight Howard going up against the best version of Shaq?

    • bizzman23 says:

      Shaq would win because of pure size and his skill set was better, but I like Howard he needs the right coaches to work on his game and he can get there.

    • maxwell says:

      Shaq would definitely win. Howard wouldn’t be able to handle the physical play and end up crying about everything. And also how many times did Shaq completely take over a game and score 30-40+ points to win the game? How many times has Dwight done that? Yeah…

  83. Knife says:

    why would you refer to this situation as a “petty feud” or a “mess”? one former professional basketball player said that he thinks two other current basketball players are better than one particular basketball player… that’s it. That’s all that happened. In all honesty… stats are stats… but there is no way that dwight howard can be better than Bynum when Bynum has two rings… one of which, he won by beating dwight

    • QuestionMark says:

      Again with the rings, rings doesn’t determine who the better player is, Bynum has 2 rings because of Kobe and Gasol, they had a good team. If you count who is better in terms of rings, Bill Russell is the GOAT, and Horry is better than Jordan.

      • Bob says:

        I love that point. Certainly, you want all the rings you can get during your time, but your team has a lot to do with that fact. Just ask Wilt!
        To the original point…. Shaq in his prime would steal DH’s lunch money everyday. Shaq was a beast and always showed up in the clutch. I believe Shaq is stirring the pot ala the Chuckster, for publicity. However, all this Shaq hating is crazy. The Shaq/ Kobe Lakers would put a big beat down on today’s Heat. Do you think LBJ is going to go to the hole at will on Shaq?
        Peace, basketball is a great sport. Leave the drama to Charles and Shaq

    • dd def says:

      you’re absolutely right, mario chalmers is definately a better PG than nash cause nash doesnt have a ring like chalmers does. see that logic? doesn’t work does it? no, cause it’s terrible logic. rings prove nothing about an individual. or it proves that paul pierce will never be as good as richard johnson, bench warmer of numerous championship bulls teams. you big silly.

  84. jimmy says:

    shaq just hating on dwight howard

  85. john says:

    Shaq just know, since Dwight has become a Laker, he will be the Best Big Man that has ever played in the “Purple and Gold” and he can’t stand it!

    • MackDaddy says:

      Umm…. you do realise that Wilt and Kareem both played for the Lakers right?

      • john says:

        Yes I do, but when it’s all said and done, he will be the best, if he stay healthy. It’s the same as comparing Jesse Owens or Carl Lewis to Usain Bolt. Or Mark Spitz to Phelps. Those guys were good during their time, but athletes are bigger, faster, better and stronger.

    • Drako says:

      Dwight the best Big Man with the Lakers? Both,him and Shaq, are behind Abdul-Jabbar and Chamberlain hands down.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Hello lakers fan boy, I guess you never heard of Kareem? Also, it’s yellow and purple, get it right.

      • J says:

        They actually call it purple and gold… not purple and yellow… might want to get it right yourself.

      • john, you’ve got to be kidding and must be too young to have watched Shaq in his prime, when he was much stronger and equally athletic as Dwight is (and he played with his back to the basket). Shaq would literally kill Dwight in his prime hands down.

      • uoykcuf says:

        You might want to check back to my older post. That hue is yellow, I don’t care what they “called” it. Or did you ride the gold bus to school today?
        Please repeat after me, it’s yellow and purple.
        Don’t be a fool and follow what people “called”.

  86. Steven says:

    Also I wouldn’t say Brook is better than Dwight but shaq’s right he is one dimensional, (being that he can only play pick and roll basketball, although it should work out good since that is all Steve Nash can do as well.)

    • Mytownla says:

      Wtf are you talking about? How much baskeall do you really watch homie? So basically, all Nash knows how to do is play pick and roll, he doesnt know how to shot the lights out, he doesnt know how toread a defense and made the best decisions, he doesnt know how to make his team better, and be one of the best distributors in the game? smh you should go watch some basketball tapes, and re-think what you said, bruh!

  87. Fireworks? Pure sensationalism… slow news day hey?

  88. rnbc says:

    Who’s the more mature player now? It appears that Howard is the professional and Shaq is but a bag full of air!

  89. Steven says:

    I can’t stand these drama filled “hyped up” teams. Smh play the game, shut up, and stop cryin’.

  90. HEAT says:

    Shaq get off dwights back seriusly its anyoing as hell. I am not a Laker fan but Shaq should let it go, and just let dwight howard play. I am tired of Shaq every week trashing dwight. He needs to let that superman hatred go….

  91. Frank says:

    Shaq, every time you open your mouth, you prove to everyone just how much of an idiot you are.

    Brook Lopez is better than Dwight Howard – You’ve got to be kidding me!

    • larry oconnor says:

      its even worse than that…he said Robin Lopez is better than Dwight!!! lol

      • Brook Lopez has the potential to be better than Dwight…he already has the skillset…the only difference is that dwight is more dominant down low…but Brook Lopez has a pure jumpshot and can score over dwight outside the paint…it is a possibility…but howard is gonna win more championships than him

      • Dwight is Superman Return, Shaq is Superman Gone says:

        Guys! give Shaq credit for being an old school. He is now a doctorate, so he must know what he’s saying. But an old school joke said his Ph.D. is a High School Diploma. So his knowledge is only equivalent to a High School teen, who’s still growing, not quite mature yet. Clearly he doesn’t know who he’s talking about if he can’t differentiate who thinks is a better center than DH, Brook or Lobin? If Brook is a better jump shooter, is that a “true” Center skillset? A true Center is one who plays the best at that position, even if you’re a 6 foot player, as long as you’ dominate in the Center position, then you’re a true center. DH need not to get caught up with dirty flies around his head and focus on being the best Center of his Era. But that was a GREAT comment coming from Dwight. Much more mature than the high school big kid with the PhD

    • QuestionMark says:

      In terms of playing back to the basket, Shaq may be right, in terms of power and being an overall big man, Howard is much better.

    • lbj says:

      udonis haslem is better than howard in center position. do you watch game 4 of pacers and miami. udonis make crucial jump shots in 4th quarter to win the game!

      • TTKIN says:

        If he’s so much better why are you always on this website saying Miami will trade Haslem for Howard?

      • MH says:

        The idiotic IBJ is back. I thight you wanted DH to joint your heat !!!!
        What happen now ?

      • lbj says:

        @TTKIN bec we paid a lot to udonis if we trade him to howard we can maximize our cap space and get 1 more key player with the likes of manu ginobili and andre kirilenko for our back to back championship!

      • Nonso says:

        i hope you were joking because if you’re not you need to kill yourself

      • Mytownla says:

        Lbj stfu and stop talking basketball. Every comment you make is absolutely retarded, like at 1st i was under the impression that you jus make these comments to be funny, but now i truley believe you are more basketball illiterate than my 2 year old. Udonis “smoke some trees” Haslem, better than howard, really??? Is that why your always proposing a trade involving udonis? U are such an idiot, im starting to believe that your probaly some 8 year old kid on here that has nothing else to do smh

    • J says:

      Just another dumb comment from childish shaq who’s ego is so fragile and IQ so low that he gets a boost from bragging about his highschool doctorate.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Actually look at Brook’s stats and they’re pretty good considering he’s only been in 4 or 5 years plus the injuries. Howard is far more athletic but Lopez can at least score consistantly from beyond 5feet and make his free throws.

    • 2e says:

      Howard has a lot to prove before the Lakers fans will accept him as a substitute for with a bum kneeBynum who brought the Lakers a few championships, ,

    • Heawaits12 says:

      I have been a laker fan since before Shaq but i disliked shaq when he was with teh Franchise and i dislike Shaq equally today… what a wimpy whiny baby

    • Jimbo says:

      If only the lopez brothers could grab a rebound!
      Sorry Howard is the best big man in the league today, maybe the other guys should learn pick n roll like Dwight.