Blake Griffin Goes Deep (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Most Blake Griffin highlights begin with the Los Angeles Clippers’ All-Star jumping jack taking flight and with him smashing the ball through the rim.

Every now and then we’ll stumble upon something a little different from Griffin, though. He does more than just dunk.

Griffin showed off his long ball at a public scrimmage at USC’s Galen Center (let’s see what you’ve got Matt Barkley). At the 28-second mark of this video (below) Griffin sinks a shot from the opposite free throw line that sends the crowd into a frenzy:

That’s a pretty good way to kick off a scrimmage and what promises to be a season-long battle for attention from fans in the Southland who have two pretty good options for their NBA basketball between the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.


  1. Lhanz says:

    rather have KLove than him. Blake is OVERRATED because of his high flying dunks.

  2. Melo says:

    Madelyn Burke is so FREAKIN HOT!!!

  3. OLGA says:

    Lol… look how relaxed he is while throwing it! Strong man!

  4. Saranghe beb says:

    I’m from L.A. so championship to either L.A. Lakers or L.A. Clippers . And for the none L.A. fun. Good luck to you. Co’z your going to need lots of it.

  5. SASpurs9 says:

    I dont know why everyone is saying this is overhyped. Yes its true that maybe it didnt deserve to be a headline but honestly what has deserved to be a headline during tha past month. Not much, in fact the whole summer didnt really have much but a couple of big trades, the draft, and a lot of free agent fever. The is usually full of random headlines during the off-season. Just enjoy the novelty of it and be done with it, I can guarantee that this season will be full of bad calls and bad situations to argue about. Save it for after October 31st.

  6. Me says:

    totally agree. if just dunking allows u to average 20 and 10. then you must be amazing. lol he’s working on his game and will only get better. sky is the limit. i remember people used to say lebron only dunks. even mj was reckless when he 1st came in the league being ultra athletic. let the haters hate

  7. GCast says:

    O oh watch out! It’s Griffin’s left hand warding off again!

  8. Griffiniskingofpowerforward says:

    You all complain about “all he can do is dunk”. If you can get 40 points in a game from “just dunking” what more do you need to do? it’s a high percentage shot,and it shows his versatility and post moves to get to the rim. shut your mouths unless you can dunk like him. THEN you can bitch

  9. Erik says:

    Sound like a bunch of bitter Laker fans. Just cause he dunks all over you….you don’t gotta hate him

  10. only smart guy here says:

    Stop crying that your team didnt draft this super star if anything his under rated i read so much hate i guess there are more haters in this world oh well

  11. mason says:

    NBA players do this all the time. Millsap should have been given BG’s All-Star spot last year.

  12. noyb says:

    Probably the most fun the Clips will have all year…

  13. lol machine says:

    when i read the headline i figured he dunked from the 3 point line

  14. Coach K says:

    It was a lucky shot!! u have to do it Baron and K.Love style before all this clippers peps gets all the hype up!! check out the vid.. Pretty old but just sayin

  15. james says:

    its funny the lakers fans are upset cuz they are not getting enough love!

  16. Blake Griffin #2 says:

    Why is everyone so bitter…just have fun with it

  17. Slippers says:

    If only he could do that from his own free throw line consistently!

  18. LaLaLand says:

    You’d almost think that was rigged….


    There’s only 1 option for most people in Los Angeles and that’s not going to change any time soon sir. Quit hyping up the impossible. Ownership matters.

  20. ISRL says:

    if only you can do that in a real game on consistence basis.

  21. Herr says:

    season hasn’t even started and we’re already overrating Blake Griffin. Going to be a very fun NBA season…. not…

    • lbj says:

      blake griffin is a joke! he is a sakuragi type of player from japan cartoon.

      • Mytownla says:

        So basically, if its not involving, Lebron, or any other Heat player for that matter, your going to hate on whoever it is. YOU ARE NOT A BASKETBALL FAN BRUH!!! Seriously, thats all you do is bash player after player. Grow the F up asap man. Averaging 19 and 7, and 21 for his career, i dont think qualifies as what you called a “Joke”. If he was on your team though, then all of the sudden you would be all over him. Stop choking on the heats roster and be a true basketball fan, who can appreciate the asthleticism that Blake brings to the game