Barkley Ignites The Jordan-LeBron Flame …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re a few days away from the return of NBA TV’s Oct. 9 debut of “Open Court,” but the controversy is already bubbling over courtesy of TNT’s Charles Barkley.

The Hall of Famer said he believes LeBron James has a chance to surpass Michael Jordan one day, the league’s current MVP topping the man universally recognized as being the greatest player in NBA history:

“I do think he can be better than Michael,” Barkley said. “I thought I would never compare somebody to Michael Jordan. But this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That’s the only difference.”

If you do the math, there’s more than just a size, heft and speed disparity between the two. Jordan won six NBA titles, was The Finals MVP each time. James is months removed from his first title and Finals MVP. They are the only players to win the NBA title, regular-season MVP, The Finals MVP and Olympic gold medal in the same year.

Barkley believes James belongs in the discussion with Jordan and the other player mentioned most often in comparisons with Jordan:

“Unfortunately for LeBron, now that the monkey is off his back, he is going to be compared to two people:ย Kobe Bryantย and Michael Jordan,” O’Neal said. “So now the question is how many championships can he get? We all know he is a competitor.”

Tune into NBA TV Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET ย for the debut episode of “Open Court.”


  1. jeftravis says:

    Wadefan, you’re a fool, and no doubt a 20-something year old fool! You never watched the NBA in the 50’s or 60’s, or even the 80’s, so stfu. The NBA was fool of quality teams and players, but the Celtics were the most complete, unselfish, and disciplined team in the league. They didn’t run away with all those titles, though they did have some playoff series sweeps, but that’s happened in all eras. And I’m not talking about just the finals. I could make the same comment about the Bulls winning 6 in 8 during the 90’s .”Oh the Bulls running off those 6 titles in 8 seasons just shows how uneven the league was then”. You’re ignorant of league history. Today, you can win titles with 2 or 3 top players and a bunch of filler. The Heat had their big three, two filler guys in the starting 5, and a bunch of no-names on the bench and won a title. The Mavs didn’t even have the three top guys, they had 1 |(Kidd is not near the player he was when he was a top guy) and |J.J. Barea & Terry off the bench and won. No way they win it all in the 80’s or 90’s.

  2. Fo Real says:


  3. bob says:

    The game back then was more physical and the talent was better. Bird, magic, Thomas, Barkley, etc. These players were in their prime but were still better than most of the player today. So James would have to win 8 and
    with one of those rings with less talent on his team to be consider greater than mj.

  4. kuluti says:

    @JOSH—- I TOTALLY, DEFINITELY, & ABSOLUTELY AGREE with what you have just explained. So to those of you who always say something bad about LBJ, STOP IT!!! coz it’s not worth it. It goes to show that you don’t have any knowledge what NBA is all about..

  5. T-Mac says:

    I think IeBron will not supress Jordan,Jordan has a great talent,no one can supress him.In addition ,nba has many supersar in 90th.But mow,players competition is smaller than before.So in the 90th, get championship is more diffidult than now.It is my view!Jordan is a legend.

  6. liuzirui says:

    I think james can not supress jordan,also he won’t have 6 champions.Jordan is a legend.

  7. killuabest says:

    The write here shows doping problem issues ..while barkley really shows his envy to MJ.

  8. nash says:

    you guys are right, he will never be like M. jordan… He will be better in time idiots… this is history in the making.. just sit and enjoy it… #HEATNATION

  9. Amused says:

    Go back to sleep, Chuck.

  10. don says:

    LeBron will never be better than Michael Jordan.



    LeBron has already lost TWICE in the NBA Finals. Barkley should go back and view Michael’s NBA plight to greatness.

  11. arvz says:

    mj didnt team up with magic and barkley to get 6 rings. lebron chose to take the easier road to get a ring by teaming up with wade and bosh. thats just weak. we all know that without these other two superstars lebron wont have a chance on getting a ring. he’s one of the best players right now thats why im really disappointed he had to do that specially on the prime of his career.

  12. Bruce Jones says:

    I have a hard time saying the G.O.A.T . bcus To me basketball is played in Eras . Magic and bird happen to be two great players in the same era , MJ came at the end of there time . Now I can say MJ is my Favorite bcus how he shaped the game , from shoes , movies , commercials , clothes , global fame , when sports needed that person. I’m not a LBJ fan but I can see he is a monster , do i like how he does things NO! But I respect his game . it is his ERA Now to be great .Shaquille , Kobe , Duncan Played all in the same ERA , all of them were great some of the best of all time . MJ played in a ERA with great players , Pat Ewing , Charles , Dominic Wilkins , But he made it hard for them to get the ring . It is LBJ time now , I hope and wish the Durant can step up and be next in line , He has greatness all over him , he jus gotta get some more meat on him.

  13. monk says:

    NCAA championship? oh wait none for lebron… just sayin

  14. swoosh says:

    Jordan didn’t need to have another allstar guard or an allstar center on his team to win all those championships..Yes, he did have Pippen on his side and we all know that Pip was a great player and I think it’s because MJ made the players around him better..MJ is and always will be the greatest player of all time..

  15. well known says:

    Check this out.. no one here even thinks about this doubt MJ is ALL time great! Lebron is amazing, huge and maybe maybe will make top 5 of all time. Now, 1980’s & 90’s jordan played against teams who wone multiple championships multiple players on teams are hall of famers, If we look back and compare teams like… Celtics, Lakers, Pistons, 76’ers, Utah, Miami, Suns, Pacers and so so on.. Compare players on those teams vs today. Back then D was D every game was played in a very HIGH level alot more was on the line back then you wanted to be team leader to carry the team on your own back and take it to a championship.. these days players look out for themselves honestly! well, most most of them selfish players..its a new ERA more speed more money more ME ME AND ME

  16. RationalFan says:

    Lebron James is a phenomenal athlete, blessed in terms of size and power. He dominates due to the simple fact of physical superiority but with less finesse compared to MJ. He has talent for the basketball game. But why on earth would anyone want to compare him to MJ? Their styles are completely different, and Lebron is nowhere near at the moment. Statistic junkies would beg to differ but the game today is completely different to the 90s..

    MJ dominated an era which had the most physical basketball. The game today is so much softer, with referees calling fouls on almost any contact, protecting offensive players, and i am seriously not trying to be biased. Just watch the older basketball game tapes and you can see for yourself. To add, MJ created the signature moves and layed the ground for people like Lebron and Kobe to emulate. I think that speaks for itself.

    Kobe is the closest thing you can get to MJ, as Kobe has been trying to Imitate his style (with great success) and greatness in terms of NBA accomplishments. But i think the main edge that MJ has over Kobe is a more mature mindset.

  17. EVERYONE STOP!!!!!!!!….. this is the most stupid argument in the history of basketball. lets settle this once and for all, michael jordan not only has the titles, the mvps, scoring titles, finals mvp every time, on top of all that michael still was always looking for perfection. people understand something is not about titles or stats individually, is about who can come up with the most of both worlds. the reason michael is the (GOAT), is because he was able to collect the most from both side of the equation. a lot of poeple mention the celtics and the number of player that one so many titles, only one of them was able to put up the stats to go along with the rings, the others may have more titles than jordan but they dont have the stats to match him, abdul-jabbar, is the only other player you could say has as many from both side of the equation like MJ. what makes MJ standard so hard to meet is the fact he was perfect in the finals, and also was 6/6 on finals mvp. kobe bryant,lebron james and the latest supertar who is on his way to make it to this argument kevin durant, will never be able to meet the standards by which we want to compare them to. sorry people but for the future(at least for another 10 years no one will come even close to MJ) int the mean time lets enjoy the player we have today and wait for the next crop of players to see if someone has what it takes to meet the MJ STANDARD OF GREATNESS.

  18. MJ IS GOAT says:

    atleast mj can deliver when it is needed..

  19. netsurfer says:

    there is only one way to describe a great basketball player…. he is the player who makes his teammates play better around him…. when he does that, the result is a win…. if he does that often, it results to play-off berth….. if he does that more often than he should, it results to a championship….. its up to you guys to decide who that kind of player fits that description…. and please be true to yourself and make an unbiased decision…. then you will come up with the greatest basketball player.

  20. Patty says:

    Charles Barkley changes like the weather in Chicago, Illinois. He has always said the closest player to Michael Jordan was Kobe Bryant and now he is leaning towards Lebron James. What changed was Lebron James must have given him a gift.

    No one can depend on what Charles Barkley says. It will depend on who will put him in a television commercial or buy him a gift. If you do those things, he will say something nice about players.

    Charles Barkley has a BIG MOUTH and he is over rated.

  21. LBJ vs MJ says:

    this guy, LeBron James, he does everything well. Michael did everything well. LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. so so so true ! WHEN ITS SET N DONE LBJ – Greatest of all times ……. no im not another HEATs fan , OKC ALL DAY!! im just writing the true

  22. Simmo says:

    seriously, Kobe isn’t even in the equation with LBJ and MJ.

    Kobe is an offensive weapon and thats where it starts and ends.

  23. great gonzo says:

    That is it, I can not take this anymore. Lebron is overrated. The only person that should be compared to MJ is Kobe. That is the only person. Lebron is not great of a shooter and still not in my top 8 for clutch players. ESPN and reporters need to stop making him more than what he is. I can not take it anymore. The NBA a needs to stop spoiling their son Lebron. Also Charles just because MJ ruined your chance at a ring doesn’t you say people are better are better than MJ.

  24. MOI MAALA says:

    michael is the greatest plyer…mafia entered and killed his father just to stop him from winning championships…next comment pls..

  25. jordan-no-more says:

    I dont think its right to compare MJ with LBJ, MJ is the best in his time but to be honest, basketball is fast evolving, Just think of this, if MJ and LBJ played in the same season, who would you think will dominate?? Its not about the rings, MVP’s, All star selection, its about how you play in the NBA, how people see a player evolve from being great to being the best! Excuse to those MJ fans out there, but i believe LBJ will dominate 10-7, 10 being the highest! Just imagine, MJ playing in these recent seasons with ol those good players that the NBA had in the league right now, I dont think MJ will win 6 championships, MVP? i dont think so too!! As i had said, you cant compare MJ’s run to LBJ’s.

  26. Dim says:

    I don’t give a fig if LBJ looses when he is compared to MJ as long as he beats Kobe! So let LBJ be compared to MJ and if he looses at least he will beat Kobe!!!!

    There is only one greatest someone in any area ( sport, music, acting, politics etc.) and in basketball unfortunately for Bron and his fans, MJ is basketball icon like Pele is to soccer regardless of Lionel Messi’s incredible talent.
    Also, we have to take into account the progress of science and athletes. From training equipment, injury recovery time,, gatorade yes gatorade, personal trainers’ better formation etc. All these facts give an edge to modern players that old school ones did not have I suspect. So given the conditions in which MJ played and compared to LBJ you’ve got to hold your heart and declare MJ the best not out of love but out of respect!

    Now I do not compare players based on their performance on court because if there is a discussion about comparing them it means somehow that we suspect they may all be equally good.

    Therefore, i take the fight off court. I compare mistakes, behaviors and decision making. For example, magic vs bird, i give bird the edge by 1 point that he collects off court over magic since in my opinion they both earn a point on court. Kobe gets 0 off court, LBJ and MJ are still tied off court until one of them makes a bad move. Starting from MJ up to date, most talented players are bigger than their peers on and off the court. But truly, only MJ, LBJ and Rose( sorry but that boy is magical) are bigger than basketball.

    If you are not happy about LBJ and D-Rose turn off your TV when they play and the following day atvwork, pretend you don’t watch basketball when your colleagues praise these two guys!!

    On court total points = 3
    Off court total points = 2

    Magic 2 + 1= 3
    Bird. 2+ 2 = 4
    Kobe 3 + 0 = 3
    LBJ. 3+ 2 = 5
    MJ 3 + 2 = 6
    No curve

    MJ’s 3 + 2 = 6 is not a math error. You don’t understand it because nobody understands MJ’s talent. He is so amazing even numbers don’t make any sense anymore!

  27. HUH! says:


  28. white gorilla says:

    i think all u need to get your hand off it face facts jordan is and will always be the greatest ever the only one close is magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rai says:

    to finish the discussion who is the only player who win multiple title without an all star big man?
    MJ is the only player who won a title without an all star big man…. that’s just to show you that MJ is the greatest. if you will look in nba history every championship team has big man and a guard combination, bulls are the only team to won with a small forward and shooting guard combo and without a dominant big man…

  30. incredibilistic says:

    It’s WAY too early to have this conversation and honestly not even Kobe (and I’m a staunch Lakers fan) should be compared to Jordan but at least Kobe has 5 rings with a chance to win at least one more before he retires.

    If LeBron wants to be in the same light as Jordan he has to win back-to-back championships. Something very few have been able to do but, again, Kobe has done…twice. If LeBron can manage to win again this year he’ll have a case but if he can’t make it happen again this year we can stop talking about this.

    Yes, LeBron will likely win multiple championships but in order to be in the same room as Jordan you have to repeat and 3-peat at least once in your career.

    Look at Duncan. He’s won 4 rings but very quietly because they were never consecutively. There’s certainly more to LeBron’s game and his mark on the sport but getting 4 rings across 20 seasons doesn’t compare to Jordan’s dominance.

  31. Realist2012 says:

    Just wait and watch, The Decision thing lull’s his “Greatness” to me. I didn’t see Jordan or Kobe go out and say hey reggie, I don’t have the competitive nature to play against you so how about you come to my team and help me out and bring barkley or malone with you. After the finals he even mentioned going after Ray Allen. I’m like, really? I guess an injured and aging Celtics team taking them to a game 7 was too scary. I like Lebron as a player don’t get me wrong but the extra stuff cheapened it for me. Luckily his actions seemed to have spawned a lot of good teams this off season so I thank him for that . I think this coming season will be interesting but I don’t think you’ll see who you expect in this years finals.

  32. justine says:

    Greatness is not just about “doing everything well”. not just about “bigger, stronger, faster”. not just about stats. LEADERSHIP, WILL TO WIN, BEING A CLOSER. You can never measure that. Lebron is just learning to be a closer. MJ was a closer since college. Kobe was a closer very early in the NBA. Dwane was a much better closer than Lebron before his injuries.

    MJ played in an era against Magic, Bird, Dr. J., Kareem, Isaiah in the 80’s. Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, Shaq, Reggie, Stockton and Malone. Look at the competition Lebron has now. Aging greats and raw stars. Look at who he is playing with. With 2 players that are maybe both top 10 in the entire NBA.

  33. Oz says:

    It’s not the fact that he “cheated”, it’s the fact he joined a team with Superstars. Jordan didn’t join a team filled with Superstars. He became a Superstar and Pippen was dratfed and then developed into a Superstar. That’s the difference! Also the Bulls first title didn’t have the Superstars/Talent that Lebron has with Miami Heat! Also the game play of today is totally different to when Jordan played. There was a lot more contact back in Jordan’s era compared to now. These days all you have to do is touch the other guy and it’s a foul. Sure 10 Lebron’s would destroy 1 MJ, but their main position is different, therefore physical size etc is different. As if you see a true guard with Lebron’s size and vice versa with Jordan’s size in Lebron’s true position.

  34. Judge says:

    @ ralf…..
    Kobe earns millions of dollars by playing basketball… he won multiple championships, he is known all over the world… how about you ralf? do you have 1% of kobe’s wealth and his fame?

    • Patty says:


      I agree with you. Kobe Bryant is a Spectacular player and he is the only one that can be compared to Michael Jordan.

      Kobe Bryant is not leaving the stage for a while. Lebron James is trying hard to push Kobe to retirement.
      Lebron James, That is not going to happen.

  35. LT says:

    Wait What…he’s not even better than Kobe yet. Right now he is, because he’s younger but comparing the careers, Kobe is better. AND…he got robbed of a few MVPs IMO. I will say if LeBron ends up winning 5 or 6 rings, THEN…we can start comparing the three.

    • Patty says:

      LT, I agree with you. Kobe Bryant is the only one that can be compared to Michael Jordan.

      Time will tell about where Lebron James will be in history.

  36. Troy says:

    MJ & Kobe are completely different players from Lebron,

  37. socalskurrupted says:

    I just saw Rajon Randon, hahah is that a joke. He is no where close to any of them. Also Kobe Bryant is the best player ever to play. Lebron James isn’t, that’s a slap in the face.

  38. Jake says:

    Rose was on his path to change the face of basketball as we know it and to take it to a another level. What happened to him is just not fair. Hoping he recovers and gets his game back. He deserves better than this

  39. fritz says:

    hey JOSH…the partial Australian…good points, but lets see lebron play the detroit bad boys…the knicks with Xman and Oak and the rest of the wrecking crew, than lets see him deal with Reg Miller and Rik Smits with the Davis Boys…and when he finishes those three teams let Lebron face the best of the West (during the Jordan Era i’m referring to)…this Era of teams are weak because all the best players are stacked on a few teams…the rest of the teams are suspect and still the Heat can’t do 72-10….lebron didn’t cheat and i don’t think that’s what the other dude meant..i’m sure you, like me and everybody else who’s on this board, know what he means…bird magic, jordan, ewing, and all those squads built their teams and pip became a hall of famer because of jordan…can lebron make a teammate a hall of famer? lebron barely won a ring in a very very weak league right now….and guess what, it’s his only ring he’ll ever win…he’s already 10 years plus in the league and he squeezed one out in a shortened season…i’m not saying he’s not good, but we should compare lebron to people like bernard king and karl malone…big strong scorers…..i don’t like lebron nor do i respect him, but he’s a very solid player and that cannot be disputed, but his comparisons have to make sense…just because he is bigger than mj doesn’t mean he’s stronger than mj!!!! like i said, he went through THUMP AND BUMP, DETROIT BAD BOYS, and THE NASTY KNICKS….!!! i have a feeling lebron wouldn’t be mentally strong enough to deal with that…and the sad thing is we will never know because the league is WEAK right now…g’day mate!

    • Josh says:

      Fritz, if the league is as weak as you say it is, then I suggest you stop watching it, and stick to the highlights of the era you think was better. Why are you trying so hard to devalue LeBron’s achievement? The shortened season isn’t a valid point, because everyone else played the same length season. How does one ‘barely’ win a ring? In 7 games? I think you’ll notice they won it in 5. Your use of overexaggerations betray your disdain for the man in question, as you freely admitted. But again, the ring is a team achievement. LeBron was a great player before he won the ring, just like no one disputes that Steve Nash is great. I never even made the statement that LeBron was better than Jordan, so I’m not sure why you’re arguing the point to me. However, do you really believe that Jordan is the only reason Pippen was great? It may pay to notice that the Bulls won 55 games in the 1993-94 season (a feat that you will notice wasn’t replicated with LeBron and the Cavs, but to be fair, they lost their coach as well). Jordan may have helped push Pippen to greatness, but he surely can’t be solely credited. That’s a disrespect to Pippen. My original issue was with people making over the top comments because they don’t like someone, and it seems you have successfully continued that trend.

  40. Jason says:

    I’m a HUGE Jordan fan, born and raised in Chicago. But I agree that LeBron has a CHANCE to be better than Jordan. Saying he has a chance doesn’t say that he necessarily will be, but he has all the tools to do it. Every great player brings something new to the game (my argument for why Kobe can never be better than Jordan). When Mike arrived, no one had his combination of speed, athleticism, domination on the defensive and offensive ends at a wing position, pure will. He changed the game and the way future players played it. LeBron is the same. He’s 6’8″ 260, can handle the ball as a guard, is as quick as a guard, and has court vision like a guard. He has explosive athleticism (something that Oscar Robertson or Magic didn’t have), and has become a FORCE on defense. No one in history has played the game quite in the same way he plays it, and he’s changing how the game is played (look for Miami to play him alot at the four, the league will become more positionless in the coming years as more LeBron like players emerge). If he does things right in his career (titles, endorsements), he can be better. But only time will tell if he fulfills that potential.

  41. BFoulds says:

    I enjoyed some of these posts and I laughed so hard that I spilled my coffee at a few of these. Reading things like Wade is better than LeBron like this guy above me makes me wonder if some of you guys are watching the same basketball that I’m watching. I watch NBA basketball (just saying). Anyways, Here are my stats

    Born in 1982
    Favorite team: San Antonio Spurs

    Now that we all know I’ve seen Jordan and LeBron play and that I don’t prefer either team over the other, here are my unbias opinions (some facts). LeBron is bigger and taller than Jordan. LeBron might be faster in a straight sprint than Jordan ie the 40 yard dash (if anyone knows what they ran thats great post it). When it comes to quickness , slashing, and keeping defenders off balance, Jordan is superior. Jordan has a much stronger will to win, and a much stronger competitive drive than LeBron. LeBron is competitive, but Jordan takes that to a whole new level. If anyone here thinks LeBron is better than Jordan right now, you have not seen Jordan play in the finals. He took his game to a level nobody had ever seen, ever, each time he went to the finals. Why do you think he is 6-0 in the finals? He would not lose. He wouldn’t allow it, period! LeBron is no where near that type of player. LeBron could be more fundamentally sound if he were to keep working on his game, but right now he is not there. Jordan lead the league in scoring, was top 3 in steals, and made all defensive team over and over and over and over and… you get my point. Jordan is the greatest all around player of all time. LeBron could get there potentially, but that does not mean he’s close right now. I’ll be watching him for the rest of his career of course. He’s a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame, and right now I’d rank him closer to an Oscar Robertson / Magic Johnson hybrid, but Jordan is still on another level currently than LeBron has ever played at.

  42. aso says:

    kobe and lebron are great players but jordan is the greatest 6-0 in finals appearance baby.

  43. Barkley is RIGHT!! says:

    With the new trend, where a megastar wouldn’t sign with a team unless the team already has other megastar on it, LBJ will win more rings than MJ. Too bad the trend wasn’t going on back then, otherwise MJ wouldve got more rings. Scottie and Rodman weren tthe top five in the league back then. D-wade certainly is top five right now. LBJ got way too much help. We never know how good he is. And LBJ will contiinue to use the trend so he can get more rings. New trend allows player to take advantage of their starpower and choose only good team to go to without getting a bad name. MJ couldnt do that back then bc he’ wouldve got a bad name. But good thing he didnt thats why he remains a legend!

    • Mytownla says:

      Really? Lebron is going to win at least 7 rings? Because of this “trend” you speak of…. Bro… it’ll be best if you jump off of a 3 story building and end your life, asap. Thats just how idiotic your comment is smh

  44. Jose Pedro says:

    Lebron who? At least we cannot call him “Ringless” anymore.
    First of all, the best player in the Miami Heat roaster is Wade. Second, Lebron will never be as good as MJ. No matter how many rings he gets. MJ was always way better than the rest of the players in his team, and also only Pippen was an all star. To me, both Wade and Bosh are better players than Pippen. Even if Lebron got 6 rings, he wouldn’t be as important as MJ for his team in the seasons he got them.

    • Jason says:

      I can argue maybe Wade being better than Pip, I don’t think he is but it’s debatable. But Bosh definitely shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Scottie. Its not even clsoe.

    • K says:

      I think your comment about Wade being the best player on the Heat roster can be argued; however, everyone is entitled to their opinions! It would be interested to asked every GM in the NBA if they had their choice of getting D-Wade or LeBron on their team; who would they take?

    • Bryan says:

      Wade better than LBJ?….you obviously don’t watch basketball.

      • Jose Pedro says:

        People that think that Lebron is better than Wade is just because they only look at the statsheet.
        OK, let’s be just a little bit more objective. Just by watching Wade play on the 2006 NBA Finals, at least 20% of the NBA fans would say that Wade is better than Lebron, or at least that they would prefer Wade on their team to play the last minutes of close games. I think this can be even more than 30% of the fans, but let’s say it’s about 20%. How many people would say that Pippen was better than MJ or that they would choose Pippen before MJ in any situation?

    • W/E says:

      lol what r u talking about,Pippen is probably the best perimeter defensive player in the history of the NBA,he was as fast as lebron and MORE agile and quick, not a great shooter but GREAT all around,this guy was playing mad defence on every play,D wade is good but pippen is better, the bulls had just 2 good players really,all the others were awfull or mediocre at best…rodman was great rebounder but 6ppg cant win u championships

      • Mytownla says:

        smh i wonder if you just an 8 year old boy making rediculos comments kuz you aint got nothin else to do

  45. K says:

    This is the hardest debated question in sports today! What is the clear cut deciding factor to determine who’s the “GOAT?” To be truthful, there’s no deciding factor; only individual opinions! Micheal Jordan was amazing, there’s no denying it! This man took the game to another level! However, sports is made up of era’s! You had the Wilt Chamberlein era, the Oscar Robinson era, the Magic & Bird era, the Jordan era, the Shaq & Kobe era and now the Lebron era! An just like we probably thought no one would ever come along and eclipes what each one of those players did during their era, then lo and behold another great player arises to create another era. You will never reach a consensus on this question, because outside of an individual opinion what else can you base it on?

    • AZ says:

      If Jordan and Lebron were to switch places, Lebron Pippen and the Bulls would not have won as many titles.Jordan and the Cavs most likely would not of one any titles either buy could of easily made it to the finals with the east being so weak back then and with the heat they probably would of won 80 games and 2 rings by now. Everyone who knows basketball knows Lebron is the best right now and he will be one of the greatest but not at the level of. MJ.

  46. SYDALE says:

    LeBron has a chance to be better than MJ… He just won’t succeed in doing it… I can see LeBron getting 1 more MVP and 2 more rings by the time he’s done…

    • K says:

      So is it your argument that the number of rings are what determines that MJ is better then Lebron? If so, then Bill Russell should be considered the “GOAT!!!!!”

      • JJ says:

        No. MJ dominated everytime in the playoffs and brought life to the Bulls. You can’t say that to LBJ.

  47. usbuck says:

    Tu_Macho, I’m A Witness! While Bird, Magic, Jordan played I hated them all because they kept my favorite teams and players from advancing. But after the anger and disappointment wore off I learned to appreciate their greatness as human beings and players. Now it appears that the same thing I did to others is being done to LeBron–but for a different reason! Who has LeBron disappointed? Cleveland? That racist owner? Skipp Bayless? I contend he hasn’t disappointed anyone except Durant and his fans! Die-hard Jordan and Kobe fans hate Lebron for same reason Cleveland fans hate him — He’s the greatest freaking Basket-Ball Player in the World! No one has performed as welll under as much pressure and scrutiny! Magic and Bird built the NBA, Jordan sole NBA to fans around the world. And now many are DISAPPOINTED that LEBRON now OWNS the NBA!

  48. Samir says:

    To be honest Kevin Durant will be better then Lebrun mark my word, Lebron is only stronger but Durant is the hardest player to check and is a better shooter and more clutch….. I will take a more clutch player any day……90s basketball was hard to play offense now days u see guys like battier checking powerforwards lool

    • K says:

      Now I would agree with your opinion regarding Durant if the question asked who was the best pure scorer; then hands down Durant would get that over Lebron! But that’s not the question! I think Durant will score a zillion points before his career is over and may even win a championship or two! But Durant and Lebron are two totally different types of players! Durant is a very good scorer/ player; however, It would really surprise me if Durant is ever in the discussion of being the “GOAT!!!!”

  49. JM says:

    lebron has more choke moments than the number of air jordans sold worldwide. Why would he be better than Jordan?

  50. Bttrthnevryone says:

    Well according to kareem, the best player he ever played was The GOAT Earl Manigault. The greatest that never was, if things worked out differently then the only people we’d be debating about would be him, mj and the big O. On a real level, how many of the top 50 players of all time played when jordan played? A lot! Plus take in consideration that the defense was way better then and hand checking was allowed on the guards so it was even more difficult to dominate. No one will ever know unless they got a time machine and put lebron back in that time

  51. AZ says:

    Thats ridiculous, first of all Jordan was faster and had more vert in his younger days and he also played against much better competition in the 80s and 90s with less talented teams.Lebron wont even be close by the time hes done playing.

  52. Tu_Macho says:

    Just wanted to point out that this is the second great 90’s player that makes this statement, first one was Scottie who played alongside Jordan mind you, and its for a reason. LBJ is the best player right now and at the end of his career will be considered one of the greats. And to all those saying that he has not changed the game, you have not watched LBJ play. He is doing it in front of your own eyes and your to busy living in the past you dont get to fully appreciate this mans game. He is a beast a complete dominate force at all facets of the game. Tell me what other player plays and dominates positions 1-5! He is the first hybrid 1-5 guy we have seen. Thats why the Heat are champions, because they were matchup nightmares

  53. paleologou vasilis says:


  54. derek says:

    lebron did win his championship a year younger than mj did.

  55. Rich says:

    I freakin hate Lebron but yes he can be even better than Jordan. Who’s better than these 2 – Kobe ! Not a Laker fan, never a Laker fan.

  56. aso says:

    Jordan era hand check was legal and its more physical now hand check is illegal and easy to get a flagrant foul,those who say its more physical now you don’t know anything pls don’t comment when you don’t know what you are saying,lebron is the best player in the league right now but jordan is the best of all time rings,award and stats don’t lie.

  57. Chester says:

    a few too many kids here who have grown up with in the last decade. James and kobe look so dominant because the basketball standard has been so low the last decade

  58. Dave says:

    bigger, faster, stronger — LeBron

    leadership, killer instict and relentless destruction of the opposition, competitiveness, work ethic, fundamentals, style, love for the game — Jordan

    • dattebayo says:

      Right, James has no work ethic, that’s why he is not athletic…
      Exactly, James has no love for the game, that’s what you can always see when he is on the court, no heart to drive, no competing on defense…

      Seriously, if you think a 3 time MVP of the NBA has no work ethic, no competitiveness or doesn’t love the game, you have to be a hater.

  59. Starlin03 says:


  60. catinga says:

    Jordan re invented NBA, Lebron is just a player

  61. pakit says:

    ha ha ha….long way 4 him & liters of gatorade 2 consumed.

  62. Carlos says:

    Great post Josh!!! I believe it all boils down to what type of player you perfer. The ultimate scorer who broke the mold of a sg or the facilitator who can average a triple double with over 30 pts a game. Now these comments are made by ex-NBA Hall of Famers and it should be noted that Pippen played alongside of MJ and Charles Barkley was a close friend. So if the discussion was made by these two guys it should be in consideration or on the way to a 50/50 split debate. My favorite basketball player was Magic but I never denied that MJ was the best, it was just my personal opinion. You have to put these players in a scenario, If MJ was on the Cavs team would they have had the best record in the NBA for those years. Would Lebron have dominated the rival east coast dynasties in the 80s like MJ did?

  63. Truman says:

    The Lakers have a better chance then ever before to sweep the league without having to rely solely upon the aging yet capable shoulders of the GOAT, Kobe.

  64. usbuck says:

    Jordan was the biggest ball-hog in the history of basketball. Kobe is second. And Iverson is third.

    • Carlos says:

      True statement… But who had the best supporting cast? Who made the best out of their situation? Who made it to the Finals without an all star cast? A.I.

  65. Truman says:

    Kobe is the greatest of all time. He has won five championships all without any real help, excepting Shaq. Michael Jordan had Pippen and Rodman as well as other greats such as Kerr. Lebron had Wade and Bosh as well as three point snipers Battier and Miller. Not only that, the Heat team are all young, all, athletically speaking, monsters. And now, with Howard and Nash as teammates as well as veteran big man Jamison and well-rounded, if somewhat inconsistent, Gasol.

    • NorthPhilly5 says:

      how can you say Kobe had no help???????????????? SHAQ was the best center in the league and the most dominant player in the league Kobe was his sidekick bro Shaq won 3 finals MVP’s with Kobe. Robert Horry saved 2 of their seasons. dereck fisher was a great point guard in the early 00’s your comment makes me think you never watched them play. Iverson owned the Lakers in the finals if it wasnt for Shaq and his magic elbow the Sixers would won. Kobe became the best player in the Lakers after Shaq left to the Heat and do you remember the Lakers missing the playoffs? lol Kobe then had Gasol Odom Artest and Bynum.That was a great team. Artest was the best defender in the league Kobe only had to score the ball common man.

  66. Chester says:

    the stats are not that close. Jordan also had 3 less years in the league at 27 due to college. Jordan wins out there. James will be the greatest traveller of all time though

  67. cdubbb24 says:

    No one will be JORDAN. JORDAN WAS JORDAN.






  68. samzan35 says:

    There is no way … Lebron can’t be compared to Jordan. They have two totally different styles. Jordan changed the game and lebron isnt even close to changing it

  69. Tizzle B says:

    LeBron will be better than MJ whether people want to face it or not

  70. Tizzle B says:

    Loved post by Josh

  71. beals says:

    He has a point. Barkley knows what he’s talking about and has played with/against the best so when he talks, it’s smart to listen. Although Michael will always be considered the best basketball player ever no matter who beats him in stats, Lebron has that potential to beat him. Bosh aint apart of the “big 3” barkley even said so himself! Lebron has Wade who. Jordan had Pippen. Pippen could take Wade anyday so bringing other teammates into the discussion is ridiculous considering Jordan had better teammates. The game has changed in so many dynamic ways and have taken away form the game tremendously. If Jordan played today in his prime LBJ would own him because he plays so much different attributed to the rules. The people who argue on Jordan’s behalf are blind and naive and stupid. Open your eyes and watch him play. Rings and championships don’t count for anything neither because look at his competition. Dwight,Nash,Bryant,Westbrook,Rose,Durant,Williams,Griffin, and when some of those stars are combined onto the same team they could have beaten beaten almost every single one of the oldschool teams.

  72. bong says:

    As MJ owns the 90’s era owning 6 championship and multiple MVP’s and distinctions. LBJ is just starting to have his own era. So for now there’s so much to prove for LBJ. No comparison yet.

  73. Raptors Fan says:

    Well I don’t know how do you guy compare MJ vs Lebron

    MJ is retired already and he did not play vs Lebron.

    You guy only one compare KD vs LBJ cause they still play the basketball game now.

    You can’t just compare how many championship that they won

    MJ was a great player for sure, however if he did not have a great support cast like Pippen, Steve, and so on.

    For Lebron played in Cleveland did not have great support cast players. Now he has super supporting cast player.

    If you put MJ or Lebron on worst time in the league see if MJ or LBJ wins any championship or not

    Lebron is the best player in the league right now no doubt

    MJ was the best player in his play time.

    • Carlos says:

      Exactly like A. Iverson with the Sixers, LBJ with the Cavs and KG with the Timberwolves. Since LBJ and A.I. I have never seen a team prosper and make it to the Finals with only one superstar and average supporting cast.

  74. Kale says:

    I believe u cannot put LeBron over MJ because u cannot put LeBron (looking at a career standpoint) over Wilt, Kobe, Magic, nor Bird. Yes LeBron is a great player in his own right but just because u win a champoinship doesnt make you or will u Greatest if All Time. To all who say LeBron “Cheated” though i do like what he did getting with 2 other superstars i cannot deny the fact that it was a smart decision on his part when he first got there and even today he is not the most clutch player in the NBA that title goes t either Kobe or Kevin Durant but going to a team with 2 other superstars would ease the load and he wouldve have to take the big shots now i think hes clutch enough to make some game winning shots not all but some. And to all the haters out there who will say how did bird,wilt, magic, and kobe het in front of LeBron they all revolutionized the game in some way or another and had legendary careers

  75. Dirty D says:

    And at the end of all this talk if you ask 100 people who were old enough to see michael jordan in action if they would rather build a team around a 26 year old michael or a 26 year old lebron. Over 90% would quickly say Michael. To say lebron could be better, is nothing more than speculation based on Barkley’s opinion.

  76. KG21 says:

    Barkley is a loser, failed miserably against Jordan. Don’t listen to him.

  77. roy says:

    Kobe is the greatest player of all time!!

  78. Diego says:

    They are both great.. But MJ is better than Lebron.. High basketball IQ.. Consistent in every important playoff games.. More guts to take the last shot.. And lastly, the excitement MJ brings in every game..

  79. lakermig says:

    you bulls fans sorry MJ fans are a joke so first you try winning every argument for MJ being the greatest ever with stats and now that someone might better MJ’s stats its not about stats its about titles and then if he gets the titles it still doesn’t mean anything cause he went to a super team.
    Im not a heat fan and not a LBJ fan but he is awesome and the only one that can compete with jordan in the way he dominates every facet of the game. And yes LBJ can be better than MJ, In my opinion Kobe is soo close we have already seen that MJ was no one of a kind alien just a lot of ppl making it out to be that way.
    But lemme just say this LBJ’s stats are on par if not better, but i doubt hell ever get 6 titles he’d have to win every year till the age of 32 which is near impossible and doin it after the age of 32 well isnt easy. But let’s say he does, him being with the heat makes him no less amazing and definitely not worse than MJ cause MJ had 2 other hall of famers in pippen and rodman who are way better than wade and bosh not to mention a wayyy better all round team with actual centre longley for the last 3 kukoc best 6th man kerr good role player horace grant and so overall had a way better team not to mention it was an actual team not 3 scorers thrown on a team trying to make it work.
    Get of your high horses and come down to earth have a look a round and realize that just as there was one MJ style super talent there will be others and there were others before him who were in my opinion arguably better- kareem, russell anyone ..but that’s another agrument for another day.

  80. lakermig says:

    It might be rather hard seeing as hes already 27

  81. Warfreak says:

    as you can see what jordan said last year he never chase a superstar just to win a champion,

  82. Owenhart says:

    LBJames should leave Heat to show the non-believers that he’s for real… ๐Ÿ™‚ NBA is all about championship and thats why they play for… Maybe if those super-friends (James-Wade-Bosh) doesn’t split-up, we can see 2-3 more rings for them.. MJ’s ring would probably more than 6 if not for his early retirement on 95 and 96 season… For now, still Michael Jordan for me… ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Will J says:

    Well, Jordan’s speed is vastly under estimated. Read once that he ran the 40 in the low 4’s coming out of college! And I think all would agree that Lebron has yet to play a forceful game in the blocks, so a stronger player…not so sure. Koby has MJ’s ability and is longer than MJ, but Kobe is his own worst enemy far too frequent. Kobe’s stats are not as good as Michael’s though he could be more unstopable at times. I think MJ had tougher defenses to face back then with hand checking allowed on the perimeter, no illegal defenses, defensive 3 secs, hard fouls, etc. Michael and Kobe are way more clutch than Lebron; and yes MJ’s impact on the game…on sports in general can’t be compared. Michael averaged 30, 5, and 5 over a career! Could double clutch dunk from the free throw line. And made a billion dollars…enough said. Despite what your eyes tell you when you watch Kobe and Lebron at their most amazing, there is still no comparison.

  84. Chester says:

    comparing eras in any sport is ridiculous. Jordans era was alot tougher and more hands on in defence. and big men had more lee way in the paint. nowadays things are very different. James would still have been good in the 80s and 90s but hypothetical discussions are just that. Jordan was the greatest then and James is the best now in todays era.

  85. NorthPhilly5 says:

    I dont understanf why people even debate over this. Only if your a 90’s baby may you think Lebron or Kobe are better then MJ. Common people Jordan changed everything about basketball the way he shot dribble attack guard his IQ was way higher then any other player in history even till this day little kids who never saw Jordan play say his name after a nice shot lol theres no other player in history that you felt every shot was going in no matter who was guarding him. He was basketball at its finest. 5 MVP 10 scoring tittles 6 Finals MVP 6 rings and retired for two years during his prime and in 98 he was still the best player on the planet the Bulls shoulda won 10 tittles, common man this shouldnt even be a discussion. and who says that player where of lower caliber back then??? just in the 90’s alone there where more all star caliber players then today. Miller, Penny, Drexler, Barkley, Ewing, Olajwon, D Robinson, Scottie, Stock and Malone, Payton n Kemp, Rodman the rebound machine, M Ritchmond, Grant Hill, Tim hardaway, Alonzo Morning, SHAQ, Kevin Johnson, Mark Jackson, Eddie Jones, Webber, Iverson, Glen Rice common bro half of this players now days wont make it in the physical NBA of the 90′ and early 00’s. STOP comparing MJ to anyone else!!!! and Im a Iveron fan not really a MJ fan but he is the GOAT

    • NewYorker says:

      Well said. There were A LOT of very good players in the 80s and 90s. You might throw Bird and Magic in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

      LBJ is a great player. But he’s a tank. MJ is the definition of basketball. It was just beautiful to watch him play. I think it’s fail to say the if MJ didn’t retire after the 3rd ring the Bulls would have won 8 championships.

      It’s not just about the numbers. You’d have to see him play. There was no stopping MJ. He was unbelievable.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Carl Malone was a tank, but couldn’t do what Lebron does. Charles Barkley was smaller but at the same position and couldn’t either…

      • NorthPhilly5 says:

        I didnt mentioned Larry Magic Isaiah and the rest of the 80’s because they where fading out by the 90’s but anyone that has been watching bball since the 80’s can tell you that back then competition was higher Jordan would avg 20 FT a game in now days NBA. Lebron is a beast I dont taking nothing from him but not on Jordans level. And for those who say that Jordan played with other stars your right. But Pippen was drafted to the Bulls and Rodman was a trouble maker who finally found a home in Chicago. Jordan dominated by himself stat wise in the 80′ and then dominated with his great team that took yrs to build in the 90’s. Learn your history kids. I wish Iverson wasnt so selfish! he could be mention with the greatest lol

    • Completley Bias Statement ^ says:

      C’mon man you’re being comletley bias. I grew up watching ball from the 80’s and 90’s as well and you can’t say there were more or better players then than there is now. Besides look at some of the guys you list. Eddie Jones? T-Mac is 3x the player he was (Why not mention Cedric Cebalos BTW?). Penny was great but ummm Kobe? Stockton meet Nash. Payton = CP3. Now there are guys like Malone, Hakeem and a few others that I will say have a status that’s hard to touch by players of today, but be real with yourself and look at the talent now vs them and you’ll see there is equal if not greater amounts in the league. As for the MJ and Lebron thing. We all know Jordan is goat and there’s no need to even point that out. That coming from a Lebron fan.

      • Realist2012 says:

        Sorry but there is NO Center like Olajuwon. He could face the basket and take his opponent with his dribble skills that he learned from watching tapes of point guards…No other center has his handles, he could post up and do his “Dream Shake that Kobe, Lebron, Howard and Amare are now taking lesson from him to immitate. Sorry I had to throw that in there. I have yet to see a center match his ability. Shaq, Howard were short range threats and can’t make free throws. I agree with Jordan being the G.O.A.T

  86. Cris mendoza says:

    don’t be so silly,..c’mon guys take a look,LBJ has so many talented teammates,..LBJ gain that stat because of his “superstar” teammates,.. JORDAN earn his stat and respect all by his self, don’t say that LBJ is better than MIKE,..i would not agree with that,though LBJ is good player and a monster on the court,be optimistic before you compare to MIKE,..chicago starting line up who won 3peat,.. (mike,scoot,dennis,harper,longley) and LBJ (lebron,wade,bosh,allen,lewis),..

    • Joaquin says:

      By himself?? The last time i check pippen and rodman was HALL OF FAMER,

      • W/E says:

        The bulls crew was HORRIBLE,Dennis a freak at rebounding who averaged 6ppg… and the rest of the team most of them bellow 5ppg… except Kukoc the sixth man and H.grant in the 91-93 teams at 13ppg…the bulls were just Jordan and pippen really,their centers were beyond awfull and the only reason they were that good was because of MJ and Pippen who could play great TEAM basketball

      • Belizeboy says:

        W/E you don’t know what you’re talking about. Even after Jordan retired (the 1st time) the Bulls still made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs so they weren’t horrible.

      • Mytownla says:

        @ W/E.. your name perfectly compliments your basketball knowledge

    • uoykcuf says:

      Ok, first of all. The second three peat chicgao bulls roster wasn’t that horrible. They all have specific set skills contribute to the game. Their center, which we all know as “LUUUUUC” longley average 9.1 ppg, Harper 7.4ppg and Kerr 8.4ppg. Even role players pf/c Wennington was 5.3 ppg. So all over 5 ppg!
      IMO, pippen never was great. He is good, no doubt but not great.

    • Belizeboy says:

      What about PIPPEN!!!? There’s no reason you should forget to mention that name when listing Mike’s team if you know anything about basketball!

    • Chris says:

      Jordan’s teams were way better. Pippen better then Wade, Armstrong and Harper better then Chalmers, Rodmen better then Bosh(who is way overrated) and Grant was equal or close to Bosh. Jordan, Pippen and Rodman were all top players of there era. Careful with labeling Wade a superstar, this guy cant stay healthy and does not have HOF nubers yet. Rodan is the only guy in the NBA since 1980 to top 1200 rebounds in a year and he did it 3 times. Also one of the best defenders down low. people feard driving in the lane on him. I still say Jordan is better the LBJ but to say Jordan did it all by himself is crazy. He also recuted Rodman and Harper just like LBJ did and is hated for.

      • uoykcuf says:

        If you think Wade is not a superstar then Pippen is definitely not one as well. And I am not hating on PIP, in fact my highschool jersey was 33 because of him. IMO he’s not top 5 sf in his era, there’s wilkens, Worthy, Hill and King before injury. PIP’s game works better as a complementry player.

  87. Phil-J says:

    Yeah! Lebron is good, Kobe is goo too, Michael too. all the hall of famers and soon to be hall of famers are good. I just love to watch them and have fun. To it also it will make you happy.

  88. MB says:

    This week they intriduced new flopping rule, Thats good, Now they should introduce new travelling rule since Lebron is travelling all the time. And after that all the discussion on who is greatest will be gone.

    • Bermir says:

      If he is supposedly travelling all the time, a new rule would not be needed, right?

    • HayFever says:

      Lebron travels and Jordan pushes off. It’s a part of the game…stop being stupid.

    • Belizeboy says:

      So I’m guessing you just started watching basketball. It’s a hop step, or jump stop. Not traveling to those who actually PLAY or have watched ball long enough. Also read the rules as it’s in there.

      • Corey says:

        i have played and watched basketball for years, and know for a fact that lebron takes 3 or four steps half the time.look at videos man

    • uoykcuf says:

      I am telling you this flopping rule won’t last long. It becomes to each perspective to determine whether the player flops or not.(in this case, the corrupted refs!) Plus the fine is a joke, at least makes it a technical free throw so the punishment actually means something.

  89. Joe Gallagher says:

    Jordan is the greater player because he was smaller, more graceful and acrobatic. LeBron just runs people over, especially in the open court.

    • heat fan says:

      basketball era of jordan is different to lebron era, you are right about jordan shooting gracefully, but this era is thats how you play the game, you need to be physical, all of your opponents are big and flexing muscles.

    • Ca$h says:

      Your right but LeBron is a Beat. But that statement was made to early by Charles, once LeBron gets 2 or 3 than he has a chance.
      He has to proove he’s a dynasty.

  90. Alberto Levy says:

    Lebron can win 20 championships in a row and it wont mean a thing, he cheated by going to a place with two other superstars in their prime. Also back then there were way better players on every team. 10 Lebron James dont amount to Michael Jordan.

    • nana wusu says:

      To say Lebron cheated is bull go check ur fact well,no single player can dominate the NBA by himself Jordan did it with a crop of talented and hall of fame players and am sure u know what am talking about.Magic did the same,larry bird did the same,so what r u talking about?

    • Ted305 says:

      I take it you are not a Lebron fan. If anyone won 20 championships in a row it would be a BIG DEAL. And today’s players are a lot better than the players during Jordan’s rein. (Check the stats. ) Players back then and players now have different mind sets. Also, If you look at MJ’s stats and LBJ’s stats for their first 10 years, you’ll see that they are very close. Even BEFORE LBJ went to the Heat.

    • Josh says:

      That statement was fairly ludicrous, and I hope you know that. For a start, Barkley WAS one of those players who (according to you) was way better than LeBron. Don’t see him blowing his own trumpet as hard as your are for him. It sounds like he knows he wasn’t as well rounded as LeBron is, and he says that with his own pride on the line, so I’m not sure why you’re struggling to see it.
      Also… cheating? In a business such as the NBA, where fans are happy to trade players all day long if it means their team gets better, but cry foul when a player leaves and their team gets worse. Where if you play for a rich team, who obtains the talent required to potentially win a championship through exeeding the salary cap, and happily paying luxury tax, your legacy remains untarnished, and even enhanced by number of championships won (which is a team achievement). Are you forgetting that Jordan always won a championship with at least one other Hall of Famer? That basketball is a team sport, and there is a reason he was part of a TEAM that finished a season 72-10 (two other Hall of Famers, and a well rounded team). There’s no loyalty in this business, players don’t necessarily get to play for their hometown (Cleveland were lucky in that respect), and to win, you still need to follow the same rules that every other team needs to. LeBron didn’t cheat, you’re just not happy with what he did. That doesn’t mean he’s not a good player. And I’m not even saying that LeBron is better than Jordan. I definitely hear the cooment made above that comments on the beauty in Jordan’s play. Jordan definitely played with more grace, style and finesse than LeBron does. But, as an impartial Australian who grew up watching and loving Michael Jordan, I can still recognise that LeBron is an exceptional basketball player, who deserves being recognised with the greats. Like Barkley says, he does everything well, and it shows when your the best player on a team who probably didn’t have any other Hall of Famers, and you still finish the season with the best record in the league. People used to tote no rings as to why he wasn’t great, and now people like you say over the top things like ‘He cheated’, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he would wipe the floor with most people on the planet, and unless you can show him otherwise, maybe you should tone down on the harsh comments and give some respect where it’s clearly due. I’m not saying he’s a good guy, and you have to love him, but his game demands respect and proper conversation. I’ve probably wasted a lot of time on a comment that was designed to spark outrage, but I kindof enjoyed typing this out, because I normally only read the crazy comments people post. Because, just saying, 10 Lebrons would absolutely destroy 1 MJ.

  91. Andrew says:

    Jordan graced the game of basketball much better than any player in the game. His competitive nature and leadership is unparalleled. He transcended the game of basketball and brought it to another level. Stats don’t show the whole picture. Don’t get me wrong, Lebron certainly has the credentials and talents to be the greatest. But until he brings basketball to a whole new level like what Bird,Magic and Michael did, coupled with more sustained championships as well as beauty in his gameplay, then can the discussion and debate come in. People may, and most probably will have a different take on how you view someone as the GOAT, but that’s my take on it ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. BIGMatta23 says:

    I want Lebron to try and average a triple double. That would certainly enhance the debate. He is the only modern player capable of even getting close to the required numbers. Drop some scoring, set all the 3 point shooters up from the block and rebound alll their misses. Done. 22.3,10.9 and 10.5.

    • phillip says:


      • Mister 215 says:

        I agree Rondo is capable of averaging a triple double in a season, he just has to improve his offense. Once he does that he will have that opportunity.

      • not a chance says:

        Rondo can get 10 more rebounds a couple of games, but he will never average 10+ RPG. he is a small guy that sometimes is in the right place at the right time and get over 10 rebs in a game, but ussually he gets 2 3 or 4 as much.
        the only players in the modern era close to a triple double were Grant Hill, Jason Kidd and now Lebron.

    • Kamote says:

      and not win the championship ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. He is not better than Michael Jordan but he can be better than him. Itยดs not about rings because Oscar Robertson was the deal.

    • andrew says:

      What separates MJ from Lebron? its the determination and will to succeed, and above all, that little thing that ticks inside the leftside of your chest. MJ got it done!! offensively, defensively & in the clutch consistently.

  94. The Truth says:

    HAHAHA Bull!

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      Bull is right, MJ had better get back out there, and Kobe will need to keep playing to catch Big Shot Rob 7 rings. I wont mention Russells 11, 4 more C’s with 8 rings, 2 more with 7 rings. Mj is only the standard for people who only watched bball in the 90’s. Get real use your computer research the stats. Last I checked there were more Kareem sky hooks than Kobe/MJ dunks or jumpshots oh yea he had 6 rings 2. So whats this discussion about , Let Lebron paint his body of work.

      • brock says:

        Good point but get real they will never let a “Big Man” be the greatest. Tim Duncan would be in the convo if they would him and Kobe oun this decade. Horry was not a factor for a consistant 48, nd all of your other names weren’t versitile enough to be considered the best ever. Jordan dominaed a time where guards were limited. These people are jokes. Oh and Lebron can be better with more rings

      • wadefan says:

        the celtics churning out those 11 championships in what, 12 or 13 years just goes to show how uneven the league was at that point in time.. great players win great games.. but when there are more great players it becomes less likely anybody will be able to do that.. those celtics teams in the 90’s or now wouldn’t win nearly as consistently.. the league has more competition in it now, more players worthy of great competition.. saying that certain players arent great just because bill russel won 11 rings with the celt’s back when there was nobody else worth talking about is just plain stupid