Kobe’s Minutes To Be Monitored …

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re still trying to figure out exactly how he does it, but while other members of his generation are fighting Father Time all the way to the finish line, Kobe Bryant continues to act like he’s in his mid-20s as opposed to closer to his mid-30s.

The reports from the Lakers’ initial training camp workouts have been glowing where Bryant is concerned. He’s been dominating the action, asserting himself the way you’d expect a young Kobe Bryant would, not the elder statesman entering his 17th season in the league.

With Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the fold now alongside Bryant and Pau Gasol, there is a bit more firepower around to help ease some of Bryant’s offensive burden. The Lakers don’t want him to have to push quite as hard. But Bryant doesn’t seem to be interested in easing up at all.

He played 38.5 minutes per game last season and spent his summer as a starter on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team that won gold at the Olympics in London.

Lakers coach Mike Brown from trying to limit his minutes, though, according to Ben Bolch of The Los Angeles Times:

“If I can, I’d definitely love to keep his minutes down and not have them up to 38,” Brown said. “But I’m sure he’ll tell you he can play 48, which is probably true if he needed to. But we feel like we have a deep team this year and hopefully at the end of the day it leads to reduced minutes for him.”

Shannon Brown‘s departure before last season left the Lakers without a quality backup shooting guard, leading to increased minutes for Bryant. Enter sharpshooter Jodie Meeks, who made 37.1% of his three-point shots in his first three pro seasons before signing with the Lakers in August.

“I think that’s one of the reasons they got me,” Meeks said, “to keep his minutes down and keep him fresh.”

Bryant said he’d be happy with fewer minutes preceding what is expected to be an extended playoff push.

“It’s always a goal to have good players rest as much as possible for the season and be as fresh as possible for the postseason,” Bryant said. “We’ll see. I’m ready either way.”

He certainly looked ready in London. And from what’s being reported so far in Los Angeles he looks every bit as good now as he did then.

But ultimately the decision on how much burn Bryant gets throughout the regular season will come down to what he and Brown work out. You know the coach won’t be interested in wearing out his biggest star. And you know Bryant has an iron will and won’t want to let up at all in his quest to get championship No. 6.

The smart money is Bryant winning this tug of war.


  1. i say we should trade duhon and blake for draft picks and let the mini black mamba(goudelock) and mr. showtime(morris) improve

  2. VINCeterriffic says:

    How about Boston in the East and Clippers? Nets, Spurs, Memphis.. This season will be a crazy season, you can never really can tell..

  3. HEARmeOUT says:

    “DJ3 it sound like everything you know about basketball you get it from watching “Highlights” im not a big fan of LBJ but you don’t see me going to HEAT pages talking about the LAKERS ,yes he finally got his ring ” but answer me this are you a LBJ fan ? if so what site was you on when LBJ was on the cavs?

    seriously though , i don’t see it as what players aging” i see it as what team wants it the most .cause if you take a look at last season tim duncan as old and tall as he is (knees) in my eyes was the best in his generation (
    his age zone) and HEAT losing To Mavs is another example . my point is i believe Kobe and Nash still have a couple seasons in them they just have to want it more and get the team and fans involved .

  4. cdubbb24 says:

    WHERE IS PJAX?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. GCast says:

    Sit down Kobe, we need you fresh in June!

  6. Dr. Rasheed Syed says:

    Is it just me or the video is irritating. I can barely hear Kobe clearly. Background bouncing of basketballs are annoying. My advise for NBA is please avoid such background noise during media interviews. I would appreciate it. thank you 🙂

  7. tmgolfnut says:

    Have anyone looked at the “Princeton offense?”
    You should take a took at the game featuring Princeton and Georgetown in 1989?
    How Georgetown, with Alonzo Morning at center, almost lost the game!! You should study the Princeton offense and see how it is run and determine how the Lakers will dominate the majority of the regular season games!! Then and only then would you give credit to the coaching staff and the organization!
    If the lakers gel together on offense, then the defense will certainly be there!! It is very, very difficult to play defense, when the Princeton offense is in full force!!
    Lakers, may the force be with you!!

  8. Kobe should step back a little with his minutes this season,allow his team more time to gel cause Kobe has no problem getting off with any one on the court,we will see and lets go and get it for our legendary Chick Hearn…

  9. NASHFAN says:

    Steve Nash will make the most mediocre players into stars with his playmaking ablities. He can run the pick and roll, shoot the three, and drive to the basket. The only thing is that these mediocre players will NEED to make their baskets. LA is the team to beat..we will see how it all plays out and hopefully there’s some chemistry from the start.


  10. kobe says:

    HEY LBJ….be a grown up when u post comments on here…..hes not a rapist so A) you sound dumb…..B) saying that makes you sound like your a 5th grader picking on someone…..its getting pretty old and C) and the most important one of all…..KOBE HAS 5 RINGS………lebron has 1….whos the king??? dont crown a guy before he does something do something then crown him…..he has as many rings as DARKO has…..HAHAHAHA YOUR SUCH A FOOL A HATER AND A BANDWAGON FAN ITS RIDICULOUS…….go back to 5th grade you moron

    • WAD3 says:

      Leborn will make a legendary name for him self, I have no doubt about that.

      BUT @lbj you give real Heat fans a bad name with your idiotic comments.

      Give respect when its due.

    • Now now heat fan step back and chill,we all know the lake show is going to come out on top again 17 championships,after seeing James in the Olympics I got to say I got mad respect for him now

    • Mytownla says:

      I think lbj just likes to make rediculous commnts jst to see ppl get pissed off… He knows he is a moron, especially with that rapist comment, thats only the words from a hater smh

      And by the weay… Lbj and wad3 are buttbuddies

  11. dattebayo says:

    They don’t need to monitor Kobes minutes, they will need to monitor his shot attempts and his shot selection.
    Last year Bynum was finally healthy for the majority of the season and was able to play and for someone who is thought of as the 2nd best Center in the league, it’s astounding that he didn’t even take 14 shots per game. At the same time it’s astounding that Kobe attempts 23 shots a game, while shooting 43% from the field and 30% from 3 point land. I know the bench wasn’t any good and no one made shots, but when you have two 7 footers that have advantageous match-ups almost every game, they need to take more shots then what they did last season.

    • WAD3 says:

      lol no one can monitior Kobe’s shots .. Its Kobe .. his job is to shoot the ball and chooses to shoot tougher shots than he has to. Its done alright for him so far. By limiting minutes it will limit his shots.

      • Mytownla says:

        We should limit your comments, so you can limit your stupidiness

      • PapaPolarbear says:

        “Stupidiness”? You really need to check your grammer before commenting on anothers IQ… As for this years Lakers Roster: I believe that we have a better chance this year than we’ve had in several seasons. What this team needs is to fire up that old synergy that we’ve seen in the past. when they operate as a cohesive unit, instead of 5 separate players, there’s magic! Pau and Kobe don’t even need to talk when they are in that zone, and I think that there are MANY long standing relationships that have been brought together in this unique lineup. If the can cash in on that potential, we could very well see plays reminiscent of the “Showtime Lakers” of old.

  12. Jack says:

    only the HEAT can beat them thats for sure,..

    • Troy says:

      Trust me, if OKC had more playoffs and finals experience than just Fisher, who join the team late. Miami would be another disappointed coming into the new NBA season. OKC gave up big leads, due to inexperience, Wade lost his MOJO and got into it with his Coach, and came back because OKC was too inexperience to seize the moment. Same thing happen to Miami the year before, so they beat a time who went to the finals for the first time, let see they try that with LA this season

  13. It should not be that difficult to monitor Kobe’s minutes with their current roster. Steve Nash can get average or even below average players easy buckets, and Jamison can still probably avg 12-16 points and 5-8 rebounds as the 6th man. Additionally, a healthy D12 should be able to carry the team for stretches in games as long as he is surrounded with some perimeter players he can kick out to when he is doubled. Howard should actually be pretty dominant since most of his competition at his position is in the eastern conference. Also, signing Meeks should help with the guard rotation since there was no “true” shooting guard on the roster last season, and I think Meeks scored 50 when he was in college, so he is more than capable of putting the ball in the basket, and should see a lot of open shots with all the attention going to the Lakers’ star players.

  14. Troy says:

    People fail to realize that OKC only won the Western Conference, not because they were better than the LAKERS but only because they the LAKERS ran out of gas and OKC were much younger, faster and had a deeper and better bench. However; now that the LAKERS has somewhat corrected those problems, it is going to be rather way more difficult for OKC or any other TEAM in the NBA to BEAT LA, OH yes BEAT LA!!!. Those famous arena chants. Sorry there is no way they gonna BEAT LA this season.

  15. The Hype says:

    The slow and old Lakers will not win another championship until the cap space hogging Kobe retires!

  16. It is vital that Brown keep Kobe and Steve fresh for the long hall. That means the bench gets some quality minutes which will help the team for a deep run down the stretch. If OKC makes it to the WCFbecause of their speed, energy and youth they would be a bigger challenge than Miami of any other East-team. “Go Lakers!”

  17. bob me says:


  18. Cliff says:

    If the Lakers don’t win or go to the finals, it’ll be the worse flop since the 2004 Lakers and the 2011 Miami Heat! If Boston did it in their 1st yr, so can the 2012 Lakers. Chemistry, HEART, WILL is the key! Get the players in sync early and turn it up a notch in the playoffs. They have what it takes to win but the Lakers are their biggest enemy! The Heat won’t lose to any other team in the east in a 7 game series. The ONLY TEAM that can beat them in a 7 game series is the Lakers! The reason I say this is “IF” D. Howard is healthy! If D. Howard isnt healthy, the Lakers can forget it..I’m a Laker fan but I know reality and REALITY IS the LAKERS NEED CONTRIBUTION FROM EVERY PLAYER ON THE TEAM TO WIN A CHIP IN 2012…OKC, DALLAS, CLIPPERS AND THE SPURS are going to be competitive but more so OKC MORE THAN ANY OTHER TEAM IN THE WEST! The LAKERS NEED TO ATTACK AND ATTACK NOW, THERE IS NO NEXT TIME OR NEXT CHANCE! THIS IS IT, U HAVE THE TEAM TO DO IT! EVERY PLAYER HAS TO GO HARD, EVERY PLAYER! FULL EFFORT, NO EXCUSES, LET’S GO LAKERS!!!

  19. hell says:


  20. Alessio says:

    2013 Nba Champions babe.

  21. nimble says:

    Kobe is a beast!knock on wood and wish best for the new season!

  22. tking5830 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Antawn Jamison is just as big of an addition as Nash and Dwight? Jamison will be in at the end of games, not Ron. I can almost guarantee it.

    • dylanBob says:

      I also thought the Jamison addition was big…not that big though. At the end of games I think Artest would be a better fit. If Pau and Dwight are playing that means Jamison will have to play the 3 which is really too much for him. He’s recently turned into more of a perimeter player, but he’s not as good a 3pt shooter as Artest and can’t guard any legitimate SF in the league. You can’t just have three poor-mediocre defenders out there just because you have two 7fters at the rm. It actually makes defensive rebounding much harder.

    • kaare says:

      yes you are!!!!!

    • jvilomar says:

      I agree 200% with you. Everybody is focused in Nashty and D12, AJ is a great addition… if he can play like he did in Cleveland when he manage 18 – 19 ppg then and lead the new bench then the starters will be well rested, it will be great…

      • Califan says:

        He was a starter and a primary scoring option on the Cavs. Could be very solid off the bench but I don’t think he’ll average over 10pts.

  23. danito says:

    and u would have two young great players with rondo and howard, instead of older player with pau and nash

    • RJ says:

      For one, I would say that Jamison is a better addition for this team than Brand. He’s going to score more, but rebound maybe a little less, which isn’t a big issue for this team. Secondly, you say in your hypothetical scenario they would have two young great players in Rondo and Howard, instead of older with Pau and Nash, but they still have Howard in this scenario PLUS the two older guys, which I would say is more valuable for winning rings now, while Kobe’s still around. And in your hypothetical, Brand would have to start, and I’d say Gasol is an upgrade from him, obviously.

  24. danito says:

    this lakers team look really good on paper. but when u look deep u see the same problem they had in the last 2 years, it doesnt matter wat they do during the season we know they gona be deep in the playoff, but who gona defend speedy pg, like parker, or westbrook. no one in that perfect team can defend those guys, playoff is all about match up. they should of made that deal with boston, pau for rondo and signed elton brand, that team would been more dangerous, howard, elton brand, artest, kobe, rondo. thats a championship team for real

    • Good thing you’re not a GM. Neither Rondo, Nash or anyone else in the NBA can guard TP or Westbrook ‘alone’. That chore requires team defense to help keep them from penatrating and dominating the paint and The Minister of Defense is Dwight Howard is the final shield.

  25. steppx says:

    I think age is more of an issue with Nash in terms of staying healthy. Kobe is a freak……..but time might catch up a bit this year, but nash is almost 39. No matter how well you take care of yourself, at that age, injuries are easier to come by…its just a product of age. Ask anyone over forty. My biggest question with this team is defense. Howard is great defensivly, but kobe showed he cant do what he once did last year……he defended certain guys, but others he handed off. Maybe its all gonna work…but nash cant play defense at all, artest is slow now…..and kobe a bit slower. Is howard going to correct all of that? maybe……but…….

    • chigchig says:

      u have two 7 footers back behind u who are good rim protectors.. i think they will be fine.. nash is TERRIBLE defensively but has he ever had a rim protector behind him? now he has 2.. so he can get beat and it not be as bad.. also kobe will be kobe.. he gets beat, he makes defensive plays.. happens his whole career.. artest is slower but still just about defense.. he guards everyone well not named durant, bron or melo..

      • Schemer21 says:

        Good comment, fully agree with you.

      • DJ3 says:

        But the 3’s are what will kill them. If lets say, Ray Allen, Jason Terry, or Daequan Cook (Who?) gets by whoever is guarding them, they will be in trouble. Nash should be playing football. In the NBA, you have to at least be able to play a little bit of defense against people like Derek Fisher who, last year, got by him many times. Artest is slow, and Kobe can guard 1 guy on the perimeter. Not 3. So they need help in perimeter defense.

  26. kaydeelethal says:

    Hey Kobe, I want that gear u in! Keep playin bro!!

  27. Califan says:

    Two things I think contribute to his longevity are:
    1. He’s a competitor and loves the game
    2. Most his injuries haven’t kept him from months of playing so he never really got out of shape like Carter or T-Mac.

    • WAD3 says:

      True … gotta give it to Kobe he has had great luck in his career. But luck seems to follow great players. Good for him.

      • Mytownla says:

        @Wad3 stfu fool. Stop acting like your not a 100% laker hater. fyi… Its not luck that Kobe had, idiot… Kobes TOUGHNESS is what kept him from missing so many gams, and winning a ring with a broken finger, not luck retard

  28. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Until Howard is back fully, I don’t expect Kobes mins to be affected much, as they’ll be relying on him until Howard can add the points & defence to the team ! No way they’ll win a championship this year ! Go Nets !!

    • Seriously? Pau Gasol Can score the ball to…so can Jamison and Artest…and of course Kobe…and nash will be orchestrating the defense…

      • kaare says:

        Nash orchestrating the defense? Not bl***y likely…

      • lbj says:

        as long as the big 3 “LeBron,Wade and Bosh” are intack there is no way in the hell that Lakers will win a ring. If kobe “the rapist” wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”..

      • DJ3 says:

        ^ You sir are who gives us Heat and LeBron fans a bad name. Shut up. This is about the Lakers. Nothing to do with the Heat in this one.

        Now in all seriousness, Kobe does need to bring his minutes down to around 30-32, if he wants to play 3 more years. If he wants to continue playing 38 minutes a night, he’ll be lucky if he can finish this season without more serious injuries.

      • Carl says:

        You really make your Miami brethren look really stupid.

      • Too late DJ3, lbj is just…wow! Man, you is ignant(check your urban dictionary).
        Bro, though we are just sideline competitors, lbj, that was just low!