Jason Terry Is All ‘Baaahstun’ (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It shouldn’t take long for Celtics fans to warm up to Jason Terry.

The outgoing veteran guard always seems to be a favorite wherever he plays, dating to his days as a high school star in Seattle to his All-American college career at Arizona and in both of his previous NBA stops in Atlanta and then Dallas (where he helped the Mavericks win a championship).

If these early signs from his time in Boston are any indication — once again our friends from The NOC have come through with some quality footage — he’ll be a fan favorite at The Garden from the get go:


  1. LaLaLand says:

    Why are only my small comments getting visable on this site? Whenever I write down more than 5 lines, it doesn’t show…..

  2. MavTown says:

    JET better “park his car in front of his tv this june” because he”ll be watching the Mavs in the Finals. I love you Terry, but wrong move this summer – Celtics are just heading backwards.

    • dattebayo says:

      The Celtics didn’t have a healthy Pierce, Allen had ankle issues, they had no Center and Bradley couldn’t play because of his shoulders. The Celtics went to a game 7 against Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Mavs were swept in the first Round of the playoffs as the defending Champions. Now tell me please, who is taking steps backward.

      I don’t think Dallas is a lock for the playoffs, they have no bigs that can defend well 1n1 or that can block and alter shots. They have a lot of new guys that can score, but defense wins rings. The Celtics will be healthy this year, Bradley, Lee and Terry are solid backcourt players and they got Jeff Green and Wilco back. Celtics are a contender, Mavs will struggle for a playoffspot. Right move Terry, though I don’t like how you try to win over the fanbase with that tatoo…

    • BotonBaby says:

      Sorry but the Lakers, Spurs or Thunder will beat the Mavs… hahaha 🙂 And Boston is still the no.2 team in the East 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      the Mavs wasn’t thinking of resigning him, get ya facts right. Did you want him to stay until he got traded or cut?

    • How are the celtics heading backwards? They are slowly building a young core while their veterans play out their last years. Who did the Mavs get? Aging Elton Brand, Injured Kaman, OJ Mayo… Where are their core of young players? Mavs will be 6th at best. Terry made the best choice, being in the EAST is much easier than being out west.

  3. Rich says:

    Love the Jett !

  4. p says:

    nelson gunna spank da jet