The Enes Kanter Weight Loss Plan!

If this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Utah Jazz big man Enes Kanter, he has a fallback plan now that he has become the envy of millions in the weight-loss world.

After tipping the scales at close to 300 pounds at the end of his rookie season, Kanter reportedly shed 51 pounds in two months during the offseason by pushing back from the table and scaling back on the sumo wrestler’s diet that led to his bulky frame.

You don’t go from 293 to 242 without being dedicated in a major way.

You also don’t get to 293 without eating your way through almost each and every day of your rookie season. According to the Tweets of Bill Oram of the Salt Lake Tribune (courtesy of our friends at, Kanter’s menu was loaded with the stuff most doctors will tell you isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle:

Kanterโ€™s old daily diet.

Breakfast: A 6 egg omelet, 8 pancakes w/ sugar, whipped cream and a breakfast burrito.

Lunch: A pasta (such as chicken alfredo), a burger and an appetizer of some sort.

For dinner: Kanter ate another burger and some kind of large entree. Finally, dessert. Now he’s down to salad and seafood.

Kanter wasn’t shy about showing off his new physique on his Twitter feed, and who can blame him when you’re abbed out like this and like this. Take away the sensational element involved in his weight loss parade and it’s clear that he’s serious about being a bigger factor this season for the Jazz.

Not only did he cut down considerably on his carbs (and virtually everything else), Kanter went to work with his trainer and recrafted his body and his game. If he sees similar results on the floor from the hard work he’s put in, the Jazz will have another frontcourt gem to rely on this season.


  1. The jazz need to put millsap at small forward. That lineup with him Jefferson and favors is hard to stop they are all double double machines not to mention they protect the basket. Plus that gives that jazz a little flexibility with kanter coming off the bench, he can play PF or C. The jazz are pretty solid at the two this year and mo Williams is a definite upgrade from Harris. The jazz now are a threat from 3 point range too so that should help Jefferson get more one on one opportunities. Overall I think the jazz will make the playoffs again they will probably win 45-50 games but that will only get them the 7th seed at best

  2. JDL says:

    Hey Toronto will give you Calderon for Milsap. Just give Coangelo a call, then again he might not get the deal done.

  3. Boss says:

    Come on Coach trade Jeff!

  4. Stephen Davis says:

    The Jazz are stocked in the frontcourt with Jefferson, Milsap, Favors, M. Williams, Kanter, and Foley. I will say it now best frontcourt in the league! I love the two Guards Hayward and Burks one two punch! Mo. Williams and Tinsley I’m not to sure about Utah can go deep in the playoffs by beating other the other teams big men. However the two-guard position must average at least 18-22 points a game. Point guard point will need to step up big! Barbosa is still a free agent we need point guard scoring!

    • steppx says:

      problem is Hayward is better as a three, not a two. In corbin’s system, there remains a difference. Not that much maybe, but Hayward needs to start at the three. Trade Big Al…… have to. Let Kanter learn, and play favors at the four with milsap off the bench at the 3 and 4.

      • Boss says:

        i agree completly except one thing that milsap start 3 with canter at 5 and favors at 4. milsap can play great D and could potentially develop a shot. He did shoot a couple of 3s last season. with hey ward at 2 there defense and rebouding would be great.

  5. ko0kie says:

    good for him.. he was really disappointing last year. But the jazz should really move millsap or jefferson for some decent backcourt players.. I know it’ll be hard.. jefferson is a solid contributor down low and millsap had a decent season too.. he was pretty big for utah in a few games. but I think it’s becoming a real problem to further develop favors and kanter but also keep those 2 vets happy

    • HonestGuy says:

      Agreed, apparently there is such a thing as “too many bigs” lol… you’ve got two good starting players and 2 promising young bigs, the Jazz should decide whether they want to develop Kanter or Favors, or if they’d rather compete now, and act accordingly. I’m sure you can get some good backcourt pieces for Millsap (I’d rather keep Jefferson, but that’s just me).

    • Califan says:

      Well he was only a rookie, and still very young (20). Watching him play last year I see lots of potential in him and with the weight loss that may come out this season.

    • their lineup is pretty solid…but I dont even think they can make the playoffs this year

      • brharris says:

        i see them sneaking into first. if they move millsap to the 3,put favors in at the 4 and have burks and hayward both be the sixth man i can see them earning a spot at 8th

      • Kingie says:

        Utah will make playoffs man! And your lakers will lose to the celtics or heat in the finals ahaha

    • Blah says:

      They should just trade Millsap and Jefferson to LA or Miami seeing that those are the only teams that matter anymore…

      • scud79 says:

        wow bitter much?..hehehe im a Phnx fan and i’ve built a bridge and gotten over it… i can lend you my tools if you wanna do the same.. lol

        P.S. i get your point.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • J says:

        Andrew Gouldlock for Millsap… seems fair.