Iguodala’s A Perfect Fit! (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Of all the players who changed addresses during a busy NBA summer, few seem to have landed in a better situation than Andre Iguodala.

After earning an All-Star berth in his final season in Philadelphia, Iguodala collected a gold medal with the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team in London at the Olympics.

Now he’s in the midst of his first training camp with the Denver Nuggets, a team that seems perfectly suited for one of the league’s most versatile (and in our opinion most underrated) wing players. It didn’t take long for Iguodala to get comfortable with his new surroundings and teammates:


  1. Nugget says:

    Nuggets shot well from in close and on the fast break, of course. Iggy will bring an excitement and consistency to the starting line-up. As for the rest of the team, needs to shoot better from 3 point range. Roles will be the key, Iggy should be the wing lighting up from 3 point and spreading the floor through movement and of course the fast break. Lawson at the point and the top of the key, surprisingly lawson shot 55.4% front 3 point range from the top of the key. Dino at the SF will contribute more as he has worked on his shot this off season. Faried will continue his rebounding and fast paced game. and mosgov will get the start and hold it down in the middle and allow Mcgee to play againt the second string.

  2. SYDALE says:


    As a Sixers fan… Don’t hold your breath waitning on Iggy to be “The Guy”… He’s repeatedly said in interviews that it’s not his game to be “The Guy”… He said his favorite player growing up was Scottie Pippen… so that right there tells you… he wants to be no more than a sidekick…

    I must admit… I’m gonna miss everything Iggy brought to the Sixers… except his jumpshot and freethrow %…

  3. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is I can’t believe he’s actually positive about this. OK Denver was great last season but then again it is still the Western conference and last year they went up against Lakers without D Howard. I mean this dude got traded to a wackier team and he’s fine with it. It’s refreshing, good luck to him.

  4. NBAfan says:

    So Denver is the new Portland Trailblazers…lets hope their chemistry is good and that atleast a couple of those ten mentioned above picks up the slack for the other 8…

    Iggy is great….he’s the real scottie pippen in terms of doing what needs to be done and not wanting stats….ultimate team player….he just needs to break through that barrier and go to the next level and BE THE MAN and still be who he is as a player

  5. IGGY!! says:

    This team will make the conference finals! Andre will average 20 6 and 6. Everyone forgets about Wilson Chandler too… This team is awesome and like iggy said. 2 starter quality players at each roster spot.

    Pg- Ty Lawson, Andre Miller (By the way this is probably the best Point gurad rotation in the leaugue)
    SG- Iggy, Corey Brewer
    SF-Danillo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler (I mean danillo is a 20 and 10 guy almost!)
    PF- The manimal, Anthony Randolf
    C- Shaqtin a foo star and Hakeem’s dream (McGee), Timofey Mosgov,


    • dattebayo says:

      I like Denver too, they should be able to fight for the 1st seed along with OKC and San Antonio. They need to be better from the perimeter though. One reason their half court offense was not that good, was because no one could consistently drain open threes. Harington was ok, but none of the other players had a good percentage.
      Other than that, they will be better defensively with Iggy and McGee and they will still be the team with the most fast break points. If they stay healthy and keep running they will be among the best 8 teams in the league for sure, they could even surprise everybody and go to the Conference Finals this time…

    • Anthony Randolph at PF??? C’mon, Kenneth Farried is their future PF. Farried is way better. Randolph will be at the end of the bench AGAIN.

  6. 0917vince says:

    I’m just waiting for him to know how to be THE GUY! Denver could very well surprise some teams in the west with a roster as deep, as fast, as young, and as defensively feisty as that. But to win it all, someone just has to be the guy. If I’m Iggy, I’m saying,”It might as well be ME!”

  7. Paul says:

    this guy has the potential to be GREAT….he needs to be more consistent with his scoring and Denver would be top 5 in the east….other than that i want to see the highlight machine which is “IGGY”!!!

  8. Califan says:

    I hope he does well. When I first saw him play I thought that this guy would be the next Vince Carter. I know that’s not exaclty high praise to most, but Vince in his prime and before injuries was a top five SG.

  9. BFoulds says:

    Iggy is one of my favorite and most underrated players in the league! Love u Iggy!

  10. Tyrome Biggims says:

    IGGY! love this player man he is under rated .. good luck iggy