Ancient Knicks Oldest Team In NBA History?

If veterans and the experience they bring is truly the key to championship basketball in the NBA, someone in New York needs to start mapping out a parade route.

Of course, we all know it’s not that simple.

But there is no denying the fact that the New York Knicks have cornered the market on seasoned veterans’ help this season. While other teams around the NBA are hitting the court for training camp with rosters filled with young stars, the Knicks have done the exact opposite, piling a crew of relative silver foxes into their locker room for Mike Woodson‘s first full season as coach.

TNT’s Charles Barkley is going to have a field day with his Father Time jokes this season, what with the crew of 30-somethings — Pablo Prigioni (35), Marcus Camby (38), Jason Kidd (39) and Kurt Thomas (40 this week) and potentially Rasheed Wallace (38), who is expected to sign this week — on the Knicks’ roster.

And they’re not just the oldest team in the league this season, they could end up being  the oldest team in NBA history, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Chris Herring:

General manager Glen Grunwald said the transactions undoubtedly improved the team. “We don’t think we got older. We feel we got more experienced and better,” he said, adding that these are “some hungry veterans that know how to win and are still very good players.” He cited Kidd and Wallace winning titles elsewhere, and Camby having previously won the defensive-player-of-the-year award.

“We can play,” Camby said, bristling at the notion that he and other players might need days off during the season to stay fresh. “Otherwise the organization wouldn’t have brought us in here.”

Still, it is fair to question whether the signings will help the Knicks close the gap between them and faster-paced teams like the defending champion Miami Heat. Kidd and Thomas in particular are coming off of the least productive seasons of their careers, and Grunwald acknowledged he wasn’t sure how Wallace would respond after having taken two seasons off.

The 2012 Knicks will be almost five years older than they were last year, when the average player was 27 years and 300 days old.

Assuming Wallace signs, their top 13 players would be, on average, 32 years and 240 days old—the oldest team in NBA history, according to Stats LLC. No team has ever gotten so much older from one season to the next.

Coincidentally, the 1997-98 Knicks, who got to the conference semifinals, were the NBA’s oldest group before this year’s team. Jeff Van Gundy, who coached the 1997 club, said he didn’t see the long-in-the-tooth 2012 Knicks as troubling.

“They’re not counting on their oldest players to be their best ones,” the ESPN analyst said. “Plus, Kidd and these other guys love the game. That love won’t negate Father Time, because Father Time is undefeated. But it might stave off a year or two.”

If the Knicks pull this off and ride this old(er) wave of stars deep into the playoffs, this could very well start a revolution in a league notorious for copycat behavior.

Before you know it rosters around the league will be populated by guys who were born in the 1970s … or not!


  1. Lj Castilla says:

    Oh my…Dallas before winning the Title…Chandler and Kidd…..Does this mean NY will make some sort of Dighavu???

  2. 17,6 says:

    catherine 0606: hahahahahahahahaha

    just 2 make an ex i’d rather have a team consisting of ANY combination of:

    kidd or nash at PG
    ray allen, rip hamilton, jason terry or jamal crawford at SG
    grant hill, matrix or antwan jamison at SF
    garnett duncan kurt thomas or sheed at PF
    camby at C

    then bobcats cavaliers piston rockets hornets magic raptors wizards

    of course cavaliers and hornets could have a bright future but if (hypothetically) i could sign these players 2 one yr contracts i’ll take them over all those teams and MAYBE over the warriors and sacramento 2

    there is nothing wrong with older players…i’d rather get older players then young players, unless they’re like westbrook durant roy rose love griffin etc… of recent times that were immediately good…agreed????

  3. Sixers4Life says:

    Bottom line: The Knicks are like my Sixers….living on a hope and a prayer!! GO SIXERS!! lol

  4. Nico says:

    Knicks fan here… VERY worried about the future…
    There is no “team”. There are no young stars to keep any momentum going after this season.
    IF they can stay SOMEWHAT healthy (let’s be realistic; Stoudamire is NOT gonna play 82 games. He will never be able to do that in his career ever again; neither can any of the vets), they may have a one good season.

    But the year after that… No young players… Fields, Lin, etc. I really wish I could talk to Knicks management and convince them to actually care about the quality of the team; building something STABLE.
    If you’ve used more than 5 starting lineups in a season, you do not have a team.

    This last Knicks decade has been a joke. And the next one is looking like it’s going to be filled with overpayed veterans with injuries who already have all the money in the world- it’s not the same motivation.
    Is this about basketball or media coverage? Get names that can bring $ or victories?

  5. nlyear9tod says:

    See you don’t have to be an American to know this stuff, all you need is a BRAIN!

  6. nlyear9tod says:

    Why is everyone ruling out the Celtics because they THINK they’re old! The average age on the Celtics roster is 28 years old. If you don’t believe me calculate it yourself and will find that I’m correct, so get your facts straight when you call the Celtics too old!

  7. Tone says:

    Patrick Ewing is somewhere taking jump shots thinking he’s next.

  8. Jon Joe says:

    Its obvious that the NY Knicks are only thinking about this upcoming season. How about their future?
    I think they should mixed up with young guys.

  9. Bryan says:

    I gotta think part of it has to do with the salary cap, lets not forget about that. A whole bunch of proven veterans coming off the bench is better than a few younger up-and-coming guys who haven’t proven a thing, plus the younger ones are going to cost more, no matter what the veterans credentials are. I’m sure if you ask ‘Melo he’d rather have this group than a whole bunch of no names. They still have Steve Novak, J.R. Smith, and Shumpert when he’s healthy. I’m not saying the Knicks are gonna win the east, but how many younger guys did the Heat use when they won last year?? And Kurt Thomas is amazing!!! Quit hatin lol

  10. Student of the Game says:

    Don’t they have BD under contract still? if so, they have 14 signed now???

    Melo, Stat, JR, Felt, Novak, Kidd, Sheed, Kurt, Shump, Tyson, Brewer, Camby, Prigs – I know BD is going to be out for awhile still, but that’s a lot of signed players

  11. KG1821 says:

    amare defence is overrated and this video will show that

    KG ALL DAY!!!

  12. KG1821 says:

    amare defence is overrated and this video will show that

  13. joao1999 says:

    as a laker fan, it scares me that the Heat have a easy run in the East. There is no big competition in the east right now and even when d rose comes back, i dont know if he will be the same. they will almoust get fresh to the finals, unlike teams like us the lal, okc or the spurs have tough challenges before the Finals. Just Saying…

    • Bryan says:

      I don’t think you can just write off the entire east. The heat are the clear favorite, but teams like the celtics, knicks, and even the pacers have too much pride to let the heat just run away with the conference. It’ll be interesting, thats for sure

  14. Ken says:

    Lets not get to crazy here. Not one of these vets will be starting and a few are third options at their positions. The overall minutes will be played by guys in their prime.

  15. W/E says:

    lets face the truth,considering the competition only a miracle would send the nicks to the finals,but once they get there if they somehow make it no miracle can save them against any elite western team

  16. ko0kie says:

    stoudemire meshed really well with felton who kind of lost something in his stint to the western conference.. hopefully they can do that again.
    and getting JKidd was a very smart move.. even if he cannot play big minutes anymore he provides very valuable veteran leadership.. his smarts can win games for the knicks.

    camby will be fine.. he still a good defender and will be a decent backup of chandler.. last year he had several games where he played exceptional and pulled down 20+ rebounds..

    on the other hand, I doubt it is a good idea to get thomas and wallace.. I’d rather kept harrellson and get another young guy.. try to develop them.

  17. hhdizzle says:

    this year depends on amare stodimire and his legs those veterens are tools for the rest time of players and tyson chandler and macus camby are the best defence cent combo in the nba and kurtthomas will take charges amare has to be a top guy like he usally is score 18 19 with effiency and get 8 9 rebounds and DUNK ONE SOMEBODY!!

  18. George says:

    neeeed for Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd

  19. 0917vince says:

    I’m sorry New York, you are in for a disaster! Start practicing loud BOOs — for your own team.

  20. Anonymous says:

    man, are old teams really desperate to dethrone the Miami Heat for a couple of back to back championships??? if they really want to go for the championship, melo has to have a more younger experienced roster, he has chandler which is a good start, but kidd??? at this point his redemption and last chance was in 2010/11and he got it, so he really wants to continue??? better the knicks open free market soon or expect kidd to retire this year in order to make space for better players. I thought so far the oldest team was the lakers, next celtics but knicks is another thing, is the oldest team for certain. lakers with howard regained some youth but they lost speed, all the teams right now need to reconstruct, i see a bucks, a golden state, a wizards, a new orleans, a clippers a minnesota a okc and a chicago who have a good plan in long term with really good roster, too young but this teams will be the ones to dethrone Miami in the Lebrons golden era, this will be really good cuz we might see again a more competitive nba for the next couple of years. and yea melo will have to think in what to do next if he doesnt want to end as tracy mcgrady

  21. LBJ For The Win says:

    LeBron (PF) Bosh (C) Wade (PG) Alen (SG) Battie-Lewis (SF)

    Miami’s line up in crunch time , good luck with defending that oldies !

  22. wooderson says:

    the knicks will surely miss the playoffs. i would be hugely surprised if they made the post season they have two peusdo-stars who cant play defense in stoudamire and anthony surrounded by a bunch of pensioners

    • Remy says:

      Suns, ’05ish Dallas, ’11ish Knicks, Clippers… Offense will get you to the playoffs, problem is you don’t win too much after that.

  23. joselitobrillante says:

    i dont think i used profanity did i?! well my knicks can win.. get them a real coach pleas and get off the heat wagon already or i suppose you guys think heat can accually win not 5-6-7-8 tittles…lol. please theyre more ego then talent. and A.stat,,, my man you need to start playing bra…. you took the knicks to the playoffs 2 seasons ago take them to a tittle with mello and chandler shouldnt be hard considering the rest of the league just dont sing a dinosour. p.s i,ll take lakers over heat and i hate bryant haha.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Ok, you are either a troll or you are just the dumbest lakers fan boy I ever saw, First, Amare didn’t took the knicks by himself since well, you know melo joined him halfway in his first season.
      Hate kobe? Please, your room is fully of wet/slimy kobe posters.

  24. joselitobrillante says:

    oh lord! i smell lebron wagon! and i suppose the heat will win not 5-6-7-8 titles but many,many more right!?the knicks can win if they get a real coach get rid of d,antoni if u havent n get a real coach n my knicks will win.! and play and get off the heat wagon.. better words lebrons D. haha!

    • uoykcuf says:

      Mike D’Antoni ? Did you stayed home, unsubscribe your newspaper and forget to pay your internet bills this past 7 months?

    • Gameon says:

      Dude D’antoni has been gone for moths now hahahahah, I know that rock is cozy, damp and dark but it might be time to step into the sunlight

  25. iownuwfs says:

    all i am seeing is alot of IFs , IF this happens if that happens then this team will win – Right now the facts are Heat is the best team in the league right now – every other team fears the power of LBJ and Wade you double team them they have bosh who can knock down a shot with the best of them and then Allen or lewis or will get countless open 3s because of LBJ,wade and bosh – who will stay healthy this year because his work load is to knock down open 3s

  26. knickolodione says:

    shaq,iverson,fisher and JORDAN sign 5 years contract in newyork knicks!

  27. B-Rad G says:

    I heard Shaq was making himself available to the Knicks, if they can find some starter minutes for him. Score!!

  28. wuffe says:

    Heck … What’s keeping Woody from playing?

    • Ricardo says:

      Ah ah ah Good one mate!
      Who knows? Maybe he is planning to wear some short shorts underneath his suit, just in case.

    • uoykcuf says:

      He was wearing tear away suit all the time, waiting someone called “sub”

  29. B-Baller says:


  30. Oneil says:

    Sorry, meant worst point guard. Point is, he stinks.

  31. Oneil says:

    Knicks owners are just getting names to keep people from shifting over to Brooklyn. All about money. They don’t give a damn about winning. Names and more names.

    BTW, Jason KIdd was the worst player in the NBA last year. The worst—check his stats. What a joke. Go Brooklyn!

  32. GJ says:

    The Knicks won’t be going anywhere…. I see another first round exit or possibly a slip into the second before they get handled. No way will they beat Boston, Miami, Chicago, Indiana, Brooklyn in a playoff series. The Knicks will be a 7th seed again, maybe they slide into 6th, because Atlanta will be lucky to make it to the playoffs. The Bucks will be there this year competing for the final 3 spots as well. Melo is gonna have to adjust his game. All good teams or great teams that had a talented big man and little man (in this case Amar’e and Melo, though Melo is 6’8) played inside out. Kobe and Shaq won playing inside out, the Spurs played inside out. Let the big man do his thing, post up and draw the double then kick it out……. Melo is just simply not a team player, he’s a stat guy. Another Tracy McGrady, who just couldnt get the job done. Knicks need to blow this team up or at least ship out either Melo or Amar’e, and Knicks need to stop giving up draft picks for old players and trash…….. make me GM for 3 seasons I can clean this team up.

    • Remy says:

      Dunno… Last year, a Roseless Chicago got the business from a Philly team that had no business being in the playoffs and they’ll be without him for most of the season this year who knows how he’ll play when he comes back. Boston is washed up… Indiana is good but they play young and dumb for extended stretches of time (that’s why they can’t get past Miami)… Brooklyn remains a question mark. Which leaves Miami as the only real Force in the East… the rest is up for grabs.

      • Gameon says:

        I’m sorry Boston washed up? do you not remember who went to the Eastern Conference Finals? and now that have more more ammo with the great “young” players they brought in

    • uoykcuf says:

      I doubt that, I think they can handle Chicago(even with rose back) or brooklyn. Your so called “all good teams had a talented big men and little men” so they can play either inside/out or vice versa theory is quite interesting despite chicago 2nd three peat consist big men of longley and wennington, more recently Dallas won with Haywood and Tyson and don’t forget Miami as well.
      With that said, I still don;t think the Knicks should blow the team up even though they clearly don’t have a “good” direction. Although their playing style is different but clearly Amare and Melo plays the same position, I’ll ship Amare if possible since Melo still can be a closer in tight games. I thought the lin experiment was a very good one until well, everyone knows how it turns out.

  33. Lady L says:

    It really doesnt matter because most teams use only a 10 to 11 man rotation anyway. My only problem is that there can be young players sitting on the bench learning the game. These older guys are taking up space, but still can give a good 10 to 20 minutes if needed…

    • Average Joe says:

      There is practically no young player on the Knicks roster except Shumpert. Sure, he’ll learn the game playing alongside some of the best guards of their generation like Jason Kidd, which is a good thing for Shump. But if I remember correctly, Mike Woodson is one of those traditional coaches, the ones who use only seven or eight players on his normal rotation. I don’t think the Knicks’ rotation will go as deep as ten.

  34. you serious sekou? says:

    please sekou, enough of your constant and clearly biased knicks hating. You don’t have to be too smart to see that the veterans that were brought in are only going to play a complementary role this season. The 7 or 8 players that make up the core of the team are all in their prime. Yet a team like the celtics has two old men (pierce and kg) in their starting lineup that make up their core.

    Melo, STAT, Chandler, Felton, J.R., Shump, Ronnie Brewer, and Novak make up the core and none are older than 30. Kidd, camby, and prigs are just role players. Even if we do get Sheed he’s only going to replace kurt thomas (who only came as a necessary filler in the felton trade) as the 12th man on the roster.


    An intelligent fan

    • AussieCeltic says:

      Not that intelligent it would seem. You didn’t even read the article properly.

      Whilst your ”argument” is 100% true with the fact that most players mentioned will be playing a back up role. it’s completely irrelevant because he isn’t talking in a negative way at all about the Knicks. He’s simply reporting that the Knicks could be the oldest team in NBA history.. which is an actual statement of FACT.

      The Knicks could very well be the oldest team ever. Not due to the Players you mentioned, but the players Sekou mentioned. Thats why he was reporting those names and omitting the others. Because he’s a journalist, paid to put his opinions and facts up for us to see.

      I dont think there is anything wrong with age in the NBA, the Celtics and Spurs can prove they can with win with an older core of players. and a lot is made of it despite the fact is doesn’t really affect the game that much… Players know when they are too old to play!

      In my opinion, you exploded at sekou, because your a little scared of the age off your bench.. Injuries will occur and the Knicks depth is simply not good enough.


      Real intelligence

    • Mino says:

      how’s he hating?

  35. QuestionMark says:

    Camby and Wallace can still give you a good 10 mins of solid defense, Kidd is still a great playmaker, and Thomas will obviously play behind Stoudemire and Wallace, so I have no problem with them signing old veterans.

  36. NY fan says:

    Here is the video to back up my statement.

    If Amare plays this good nobody cant stop him on offense and nobody cant get by him on defense as Derrik Rose, Lebron, Westbrook have all been BLOCKED!!

    • Kaiza says:

      yeah. nobody CAN’T stop him and nobody CAN’T get by him. makes a lot of sense… smh

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        lol your just once of those new york fans that thinks there team will win the championship every year..btw knicks are trash

    • 22 says:

      Rose and Westbrook are point guards and Amare is a power forward.

  37. NY fan says:

    Are the Knicks signing veteran players to just fill up roster spots so that they can make a run at chris paul next season in free agency?

    The knicks stars on the team are not old and they are in their prime ( carmello Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Amare studimire?)

    If Amare Studimire plays like he did in his first season as a knicks having the best effiency rating in the NBA beating Lebron James, Kobe Byrant, and Kevin Durant. I remember Amare blocking Lebrons lay up during the last 10 seconds in 4th quarter and then taking Lebron off the dribble shooting the winning 3 pointer, Wow where has that Amare been lately?

    If Amare has as good as a season as when he first became a knick and if JR Smith has as good as a season as last year, the knicks will be the best team in NBA and win the championship

    • Kamil says:

      Its all about the gel.

      If they cant figure out how to share the ball and play defense on every possession, they aint goin no where.

      Coming from a Knicks fan, born and raised in queens.

    • White Mamba says:

      They can’t afford Chris Paul. Hence, they can’t even afford Jeremy Lin who only worth $25M for 3 years… Where as to Chris Paul, his minimum contract is $15M to $17M per season. Unless the Knicks want to pay the hefty tax for overlapping the required payroll.

      • Remy says:

        I don’t think its was about not being able to afford Jeremy Lin… It’s that Lin wasn’t worth the money he was asking for… They’re gonna make a run at CP and they’ll be a frontrunner barring any interference from the League office.

    • Giddi says:

      Stoudemire never had the best Efficiency Rating in the NBA, if you just wanna praise your team please get your stats right or just say you just love them soo much.

    • Gameon says:

      you are soooooo delusional first of all the Chris Paul thing is not going to happen the Knicks do not have enough money to make that happen because they have to worry about a few “star” contracts that will be due coming up next year, that is why they let Lin go and because they didn’t want to pay a boatload in luxury tax. Amare has never been a glorious player and he would have to become Lebron James in order to get the Knicks to a championship and your have to worry about his back and if he is going to be healthy. JR will always be JR which means he will shoot the ball whenever he gets and never try to involve the team. The NYK are a mess right now and like Charles Barkley said the are the second best team in New York.

  38. DS_2012 says:

    If the Knicks are trying to be the oldest team ever they should sign Grant Hill (almost 40) and Derek Fisher (38), as well. Knicks need to rejuvenate the roster and sign only good quality veterans (Kidd and Prigioni are still OK), I don´t understand why they want to keep dinosaurs like Wallace and Thomas.