Lakers Know They Face Challenges

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. –
The road to 82-0 and the four-game sweeping victory in The Finals began Friday with the Lakers tempering expectations, noting that, by the way, it could take a little time to come together with Steve Nash new, Dwight Howard new and coming off back surgery, and coach Mike Brown meshing parts of the Princeton offense with some carryover sets from 2011-12.

The much-needed reality check after adding both Nash and Howard in an unexpected summer haul came as the new season opened with the related reality that the Lakers frenzy is big as ever. The turnout for media day at the training facility was probably the largest in years, although at least not the biggest circus in years, nothing like when The Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest arrived and Lamar Odom was newly married to Khloe Kardashian, prompting new, unfortunate levels of hysteria. This was at least mostly basketball, plus obligatory lobs to newcomers about how they have been received by fans.

(Turn away, Magic fans.)

“I’m just so blessed to be in this situation,” Howard responded.

It was particularly important basketball talk because the Lakers will almost certainly have to come together during the regular season, not the preferred timeline of training camp and exhibition games, because there is no firm sign Howard will play before opening night. Nash is going from a long Phoenix run of pick-and-roll and fast breaks to a learning curve. His backup, Steve Blake, can’t practice yet because of a foot injury.

“Probably from the outside, it appears it’s going to be a cinch: We’ve got a bunch of great players who will come together and win 60-something games and go in as a contender,” Nash said of the transition for an entire roster. “But it’s going to a big challenge for us. With so many personalities and dominant players, to try and find our cohesion and understanding, accepting roles, sacrificing. It’s going to be a challenge for the coaches to find the best way for us to play. And it’s going to be a challenge. Having played one way, more or less, for eight years, to come in and play a different way with different players is going to be a big challenge. But it’s one that I’m thrilled to be a part of and open-minded as I go into this.”

Said Brown, noting the inevitable adjustment period could take time: “Yeah. I think it will. Don’t get me wrong. Everybody’s going to wish that it happened yesterday, which is fine. But that’s what I explained as part of the journey to our guys. I said, ‘There are going to be some peaks and valleys throughout the course of the season and how we approach and what our response is to those highs and lows throughout the course of the season, that’s going to determine whether or not we reach our ultimate goal of being a champion or how we evolve into a team.’

“There’s going to be some bumps and bruises that we have to deal with in our own right knowing that, hey, the Western Conference champs, that’s the Oklahoma City Thunder. The NBA champs, that’s the Miami Heat. Nothing is given to us, and we have to respect that.”

Howard, recovering from back surgery, would not a put a timetable on when he might make his Lakers debut, including whether he would be ready for the season opener Oct. 30 against the Mavericks in Los Angeles.

“I’m getting better every day, getting stronger every day,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to that day where I’m 100 percent. Until then, I’m going to keep training.”


  1. digitioli says:

    The new players compliment the Lakers that are returning, so the comparison with the heat ends there.
    For this team to have added one of the best point guards and a consistent scorer of Jamison’s talents to come off the bench along with Howard – they have really improved the roster. I also think Duhon, Meeks, Jamison, and Hill are going to bring some energy and points coming off the bench if Brown can manage the time for Kobe and Nash. Taking the ball out of Kobe’s hands along with Nash feeding Gasol and Howard in particular will make everybody better. If MWP is in shape and ready to play, this team is going to be tough to handle. If they focus on defending and rebounding, they will win. A lot.

  2. The Hype says:

    Slow and old Lakers will not win another championship untill the cap space hogging Kobe retires!!!!

  3. dd def says:

    steve nash is such a boss! if nothing else he brings morale and quick wit to the roster lol

  4. Germany says:

    @LOL – When I was watching the interviews they were interesting because first I heard Dwight’s answer to the question who’s team is it, “our team” and I thought OK, then I heard Nash’s answer, it’s Kobe’s team and he explained why. If, you remember Kobe said the question is stupid, “It’s my team”. So, the problem will be Dwight’s ego. Perdiction: If they don’t win the championship and they probably won’t in the first year because of chemistry, not talent. Everything will depend on who they put the blame on. Don’t forget Dwight will be a free agent at the end of the season. If, any blame comes towards Dwight, he will be leaving for the Nets (or somewhere else) but again, the question will be posed who’s team is it. Dwight’s or Deron’s? I think the Lakers will have a great regular Season but without chemistry they won’t beat OKC in the playoffs. Everyone knows the regular season is not so important, the playoffs is another type of animal. LBJ can attest to that. 2 years in a row best record in the NBA, bought them nothing in the playoffs. Bulls, best record in the NBA, ousted in the first-round. So, let’s watch and see what’s going to happen. “REPEAT HEAT”

  5. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Let’s break the issue 1 by 1…
    1. Nash issue- Can’t play 48 mins… Who will replace him duhon? blake???
    2.Kobe issue- Ever since Shaq left L.A. kobe became a ballhog…. He won’t share the limelights with anyone… Never Happened..
    3.Pau- can’t compete with Bynum in ball touches, FG %, efficient,defense…. Now with Howard…. Pau will brushed aside again…. They may again let him just stand inside the court….
    4.Howard- Back surgery… It maybe healed on surface but not inside…. He can’t post using his shoulder… That’s why there’s a big problem… his BACK………
    5 Bench-. After your starting 5 get’s out… Who you got???? Garbage…….
    6.OKC- They taste a little success, only came up short… Do you think they ain’t hungrier than last season….
    All I’m saying is GOODLUCK but don’t expect too much…. and pls. Laker fans… If your lakers didn’t win…. try not to find any EXCUSES…. FEEL ME????

    • Mytownla says:

      your an absolute idiot, stfu and go somwhere. Dont ever speak basketball again, hater

      • WAD3 says:

        Mytownla U annoy the shi% out of me. I hope you get by the Lakers Bus.

      • Mytownla says:

        @ Wad3 and??? idgaf about you fool!!! stfu and continue to choke on wades diiiick you cheerleader. Put your pompoms down and keep ridin the bandwagon

      • Mytownla says:

        Wad3 idgaf about you fool!!! All you need to worry about is trying not to drop your pom poms as you continue to be the cheerleader that you are… stfu and go somewhere, idiot

  6. Lakers4Life says:

    People seem to forget that having Nash and Gasol on the same team solves nearly 90% of the chemistry issues. I don’t think there’s anyone in the league (non-previous Laker) who Kobe respects more than Nash. Of the remaining 10, 5 is taken care of by the fact that Kobe is a genius when it comes to playing with a dominant big man, so their games should mesh. The last 5 is something that can only be seen when they play. I hope it works out. Lakers no.17!

  7. iownuwfs says:

    Those who are picking Lakers to win already – i know it has been stated but here you go again

    Lakers didnt realy get much this season but slower and older – winning games ( injuries vs Mangement of minutes

    i really struggle with the though that the Lakers will push past OKC i am a true OKC believer that they have the pieces to really make a dynasty to be the super team in the west for a long time – they are truely making a rivalry between OKC and the Heat reminds me of the Boston vs Lakers matches now days its OKC vs Heat and i really think no other team in the league are on there level

    • L.A. ALL DAY says:

      Yea, that’s called denial Mr. OKC fan. Tired of heads saying age age age age. Barring any serious injuries, age isn’t an issue. Lakers talents by itself (save injuries) will get them a championship. They have 82 games to “gel” This is a veteran team so the cohesiveness will come as the games go by. OKC and the rest of the league doesn’t stand a chance to beat this Laker squad 4 out of 7 in a series. Deal with it.

      • Tyrome Biggims says:

        lol till u lose for those two very reasons .. deal with that u twat

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        @ Tyrome

        Why you so mad HATER. Watch the season and speak to me when Lakers prove me and the rest right TWAT! Name calling on a computer lol typical freshman. Tyrome I would squash you like a potato. Don’t get mad because you and your team have no shot at winning. Blame the Laker management TWAT. I said what I said and I only speak of truth TWAT! L.A. ALL DAY TWAT

      • Tyrome Biggims says:

        Someone went twat happy … well thats okay, but age + injury will be the reason of your demise. This decade is all OKC, MIA, CHI *with healthy rose*. You got two years to proove me wrong, Before father time SQUASHES ur Lakers plus your delicate center will not bring what Shaq brought to LA and thats Rings.

        As you said, I only speak the truth TWAT!!!

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        Yea I forgot doushebag because you can predict the future. Let me put it to you in simpler terms moron. Even with an unjury Lakers are still deep enough to beat any team in the league. If you didn’t hate the Lakers so much and called shots like you see them, you would understand that this squad is unbeatable in a 7 game series. 82 games to “gel”? LOL thats more than enough time. Get off my nuts brody and as the season pregresses I hope we keep meeting like this SCRUB, because no Laker fans will EVER listen to a bunch of haters on the best team in NBA history. See u in the regular season TWAT, and more importantly see you in the playoffs you scared little pee-on.


      • WAD3 says:

        cant we all get along LOL its basketball were all fans………. Probably not hahah

      • Mytownla says:

        @ wad3, stfu, your an idiot

  8. GrabEmAll says:

    That’s the way to put it… In order for the Lakers to win a championship they should sacrifice their egos and work together as a team. They’ve got the pieces to make it happen!

    Bumps and bruises and setbacks they will be there… But if they work hard as a team and see how they can mesh together in offense and defense then the Lakers show is alive and kickin once more.

    So calling out Kobe, Pau, Metta, Nash and Dwight … resolve your differences and clear your roles it make take long and you may lose games BUT what’s important is … YOU have to be back in the FINALS!!!

    Go go go Lakers!!!

  9. RAKMANANOFF says:

    Wow, I can’t remember EVER reading Lakers article that never once mentioned the name “Kobe”. Hoping that’s not a sign of things to come.

  10. Tyrome Biggims says:

    we all need something to do LOL 2K13 is out so hopefully everybody can shut up for a min damnnnn

  11. Run! I love this game!

  12. abed baller says:

    what you guys dont realizae is if dwiaght howard get seriuos with kobe bryant its like the back days shack and kobe yall stay good but im a bulls fan i lived in chicago for all my life and derrick is somebody you guys are sleeping on

  13. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Boston did it the first year…. True, but that’s already their final HURRAHHH together… After that Championship… They knew that their core won’t get them any further…. KG slowed down a bit…. same with Pierce and Allen… Before Allen leaves boston… He already knew that the Celtics simply relying on Rondo…. Which is either good or bad for him(Allen) If I were Allen I’ll pick the HEAT too…. It’s simply Rondo Or James…

    Lakers on other hand… Was SCARY………. IF only they we’re formed 5 years ago…. AGE is an issue HEALTH is an Issue…
    in other words the lakers HAVE and issue… so laker fans… don’t expect too much…. lesser pain…..

  14. The Lakers biggest challenge will be for Brown to manage the old-Vets minutes. Of course they can still ball at a very high level but the bench has got to get time to develop and contribute so that the starters are fresh come crunch time. If they can sustain and get past the high energy, young OKC, Miami would be a cakewalk with DH dominating them like he always has. Any other pretender who might make it out of the East will be dealt with too… “However, the bottom line is you start with the defending champion Heat as pre-season favorites.”

  15. Shady says:

    I’ll just remind y’all Boston did it the first year they got KG and Allen.So why do you think the Lakers won’t do it?

    • Amen brother! “And the Lakers did it twice in a row after Bean-town”. REPEATING, the hardest thing in team sports to do. Even the great Spurs team could not do it, so I seriously doubt if the Heat can do what only the Lakers of late did (and will do again very soon).

  16. W/E says:

    everyone is acting like nash kobe gasol and Dwight are in their prime….well guess what everyone in this team is past his prime,even D12, his bad back is guaranteed to slow him down,so dont have so high expectations cause age and injuries wont let the lakers dominate so easy as most ppl think….they are no super team really, that would of happen if these guys were in their prime but no,same as the 2004 team,if malone and payton were 10 years younger we would be talking about a legendary team back then

  17. Joseph_03 says:

    I think the collection of Laker talent now realizes that they all want to win a championship although their reasons are different. Kobe obviously wants to add to his legacy, Nash wants one before he hangs it all up, Dwight wants one for that sole reason, Pau wants another so he can eliminate any speculation about his performance on the last dance. Mike Brown will want one for to prove doubters wrong. Several reasons but one ultimate goal, and maybe the players are currently buying into the fact that Miami is the King of the Hill now and have retooled to defend the crown and runners-up OKC will definitely not let them through without a tough fight.

    Hearing words like this from the players is both right and nice. Maybe they already know that if and when they get on the same page, they will become the team to beat in the whole league notwithstanding any upgrade every other team made during the off-season. However, that thought is mere fantasy at the moment. The good thing is they know what the dream is and know how to get it.

  18. aso says:

    Im a fan of miami since 2003 and a laker fan since kobe wear’s the 24 i hope it will be La vs MIA in 2013 finals,but do you guys think that LA can keep up with the speed of okc?

    • ummm no... says:

      I think the Lakers can slow the game down and controll the scoring outbursts of OKC yes. Remember, OKC had to come back to win most of the games against the Lakers in the playoffs. With Nash running the show, I don’t think OKC makes those runs. Nash will help L.A get easy buckets at critical times. He’s also automatic at the freethrow line.

  19. KB24 says:

    No doubts on the talent, Lakers have their destiny in their hands, no other team has their talent, experience, basketball IQ.
    So enjoy our purple and gold showtime!!!

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bojeezy says:

    If the Lakers don’t win a championship with this squad it will be a disappointment for the LA fans. We expect them to win almost every year. Kobe knows that as well as the team but that is just what it is, expectations. Obviously, they have to play all 82 games and OKC is the Western champs and seemed like Lakers couldn’t do anything to beat them but the Lakers has never had this much talent in years. Even during the Magic days. I believe they will at least make it to the finals barring any injuries or lingering ailments. If you are a die hard Laker fan you should be excited to for this year. Hopefully, find a way to watch a Laker game without having to switch cable providers. That is the only thing Lakers fans should be worried about and all you haters should be worried about the Lakers.

  21. arielspurs20 says:

    If Lakers will win the ring this season, if will just solidify the idea that we are now in the Super Team Era. Remove other non contender teams and lessen the teams to 10-15. Get the best players from each team to form a super team and reject the non star players. We can have Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Spurs, Thunder, Mavericks, Pacers, Nets, Knicks and Bulls. Forget the rest or add another five teams.

  22. kaydeelethal says:

    Welcome to Los lakers nash, let’s make this season a purp & yellow!

  23. kaydeelethal says:

    Let’s go Nash, we need to make this happen. Welcome to Lakers!

  24. Nando says:

    Like I said it before, who ever is strong and healthy come the playoffs will win it all.. Lakers all day!!! L.N 4-life……

  25. Karl says:

    They will win the championship if (and only if)

    1. Dwight will start to gel with Kobe fast enough before they get to the playoffs.
    2. Kobe will start sharing the ball to someone even if that someone is a bench player.

    The problem with Kobe is he hogs the ball too much. Not to mention Dwight does as well. And also does Nash. Yeah i know Kobe is a great player and a shooter so that’s why he demands the ball so much, same goes for Nash and DH.

    But for those 3 to be effective, i think Kobe needs to be teamed up with PAU. THen DH and Nash. Cos i know Nash and DH will be good in pick-and rolls and set plays. KOBE not good with set plays.. He just demands the ball and forces the issue.

    As for the Celts winning in the first year in their big 3. Remember Ray allen does not and do not demand the ball unless he is open for a three. I know pierce loves the ball but he does not force the issue not like KOBE. ANd Garnett works well with Rondo in pick and rolls.

    MAYBE the lakers can imitate or copy that Celtics and MAYBE they will win championships

    • ummm no... says:

      Copy or immitate the Celtics? That’s blasphemy dude! Paul Pierce isn’t Kobe Bryant, not close. A pick and roll involving Nash and DH or even Pau is 10X greater than any pick and roll involving Rondo. The basketball I.Q of the Lakers is ridiculous ( except for my MWP) which is why they’ll come together quickly and there talent alone will win games in the early stages. When the Lakers do start to click however, it’s going to send tremors to the rest of the NBA. If they can deal witht the speed of OKC, they’ll definitely be able to deal with Miami as well. Although Lebron James is becomnig a very scary player and if he gets even a little better than last year, watch out.

  26. danito says:

    i hate when people say its a new era and young teams gona dominate, and this thing never happen, always veterans teams and experienced team win championships . when is the last time a young team won a championship i cant recall, and u cant consider the miami heat a young team. they are a veteran team, they all played in the nba for like 8, 9 years. lakers , san antono, dallas, miami, boston, pistons,. all these teams are veteran teams.

  27. Sportsfanatic93 says:

    this is kobes team. no1 can take that from him, but in 3 yrs or so when he retires, it will be howards team. it doesnt matter whose team it is tho, cuz in the end its how yous play together. and the heat may just get shocked by the knicks or bulls this season

  28. Doctor S. says:

    KD wont gived up so easy….i think the finals will be OKC and Miami.

    and if LAL can do something will be thanks to D. Howard.

  29. L.A. ALL DAY says:

    Kobe 5th ALL-TIME on the nba’s scoring list…..and counting.
    Lebron will never catch him.
    And really people? Lebron will never catch Kobe in rings or finals mvp’s Kobe will win another 2 rings with this squad are u kidding me?!?! It’s not even funny what this Laker team is gonna do to the league including OKC and Heat. It’s not even a joke. We would have won wiith Bynum and the current squad, it would have been tougher but we would have won. Nash changes EVERYTHING. But with Howard instead? Fugedaboudit!!! Howard and Nash want a ring just like Lebron did last year. Dont even fool yourself people it isn’t even gonna be close. Props to my man Kuptchak. Brilliant work! He can now be considered in the shadows of the great one Mr. Jerry West in the management dept. Getting Nash and Howard especially (and keeping Gasol???? hahahahhaha) was a Jerry West kind of move.
    Lebron has so much more work to do, work to accomplish, and just a few more game winning or game tying shots to make before even being considered close to Kobe (Kobe has like at least 20-30 game winning or game tying shots in his career – Lebron has what? 2??). Lebron has talent but his IQ, desire, heart , will and skills don’t even mount to Kobe. Shouldn’t even be considered in the same sentence. Thanks to the Lakers this year it doesn’t look like Miami will win anytime soon. Trust me on this. I don’t care what Miami’s squad looks like or what OKC’s roster looks like. The Lakers will dominate. And that’s just the way it is.

    • Nando says:


    • Dre day says:

      I’m a big time Lakers fan as well, but why you have to hate on LeBron? I love the Lakers, and I’m a true Bryant-fan, but LeBron is a legend as well. And I’m absolutely not a James fan (at least not until he gets that 8th ring, hahaha). Yeah, Kobe in his prime was insane. And yeah, he’s still the best closer in the NBA. But saying LeBron’s not in the same league? Come on…

      I think Kobe will get his 6th ring, this year or the next. But I also think LeBron will keep playing at this level, and at the end of his career he’ll have 4-5 MVP’s. So even though i despise ‘The King’, saying he’s not in the same league as Kobe is pretty ridiculous.

      • Islandman says:

        Let’s face the facts. There are a lot of Laker haters saying they are Laker fans. We all know that Leopards can’t hide their spots,so to you fakers expose yourselves with your stupid comments. When the dust is settled at the end of the season and banner #17 is rasied, Kobe has RING #6 all the fakers and hatets will be silenced.

      • Califan says:

        ^^^ and if it’s not? Let me just say that Lakers have haters primarily because of the fans. Guys that really don’t know much about ball, just like to talk smack on how good their team is.

      • Regular Fan says:

        @Islandman since when is giving respect to a player on the opposite team a hater. Thats like rooting for Bird but saying Magic isn’t good. If he wasn’t good why would there ever be a rivalry. He likes Kobe but he givines respect for Lebron, and thats a true fan.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I’ve been a fan of the Lakers since the late 80’s when I met A.C. Green and he autographed my ball and jersey but some of the Laker fans seem to get dumber and dumber with the seasons. Some of these fans can’t type and have logic that’s extremely difficult to follow. I hate the uses of the words “cuz”, “tho”, and “Laker Nation”. I mean the RAIDERS left L.A. a long time ago, it’s time for you let the “Nation” go or better yet, go up and join the “Warrior-Nation”

  30. Stu says:

    It all comes down to how they gel as a team!!! They are all humble guys so it’s fairly likely they should at least make the finals.

    • ummm no... says:

      I agree with you except for the humble part lol. Kobe is not humble. MWP is even less humble. I’d say only Pau and Nash are humble to be perfectly honest. DH got his coach fired for crying out loud which certainly is NOT humble.

  31. brianpscheung says:

    I dunno y ppl r saying Lakers cant win the championship this year because the heats didnt make it in their first year. Lakers r not the heats… and dont forget the celtics won it in their first year with the big 3 so y cant lakers do it as well…

    • AlexanderW. says:

      Amen brother… Finally someone who remembers that Boston team and wont only mention the Heat to make a bogus case why the Lakers cant mesh the first year

      • Califan says:

        No one is saying it can’t be done. They are reminding people that for the most part it doesn’t happen that easy. Boston came together at a time when no team in the east had more than one franchise player who previously carried a team. So they did what should have been expected and that’s win the east. However it was surprising to see them beat the Lakers who also came together that year with Gasol and Kobe. So again we can see how a LA superteam did not make it all the way their first year.

  32. Whose team is this? answer … Jerry Buss. Chemistry, why are people so worried, new teammates unfamiliar with each other. They are going to play 82 games together. Come playoff time the will know each other. They will adopt. They will adjust.They all have the same goal. One thing in mind only one thing to acquire the elusive Ring. Ego temporarily abandon, stow away, for future use. They will jell, and jell early in spite of what head coach Mike Brown had just stated.

  33. CHRISTUBB says:

    DWight to Miami for Jo anthony and Rio. cos he’ll leave in the off season anyways.

    PG Allen
    SG Wade
    PF The King
    SF Bosh
    C D12

    Bench – Lewis, Miller, Biattier, james harden ect.

    Depp team, unbeatable next season. 2012-2013 CHAMPS!!!
    GO HEAT!!!!!!

  34. ted says:

    Lakers please. Get rid of Steve Blake ASAP.

  35. KB24 says:

    ive been a Laker fan all my life, born and raised in L.A. and even im not saying that the Lakers will be invinsible! and only a True! Laker fan would know that… we got a really Great! team in our hands this year, and im really Hoping! for the Best for the Lakers!

  36. 17,6 says:

    well obviously laker fan’s expectation is larry o’brein trophy or its considered a failure…with the roster they have u can’t blame us…but i personally believe that if they come up a lil bit short its ok…i just want 2 see that 17th banner go up and kobe 2 get his 6th championship ring be4 father time forces the mamba 2 retire…lets tie those boys in green and lets tie his airness’s ring total… obviously i want them 2 win asap and 18 banners and 7 championships 4 kobe would be a lot better, but my pt is as long as they accomplish the ultimate goal be4 kobe leaves i’ll be happy…but if u can come 2gether THIS season lets do it!!!! that way it will persuade howard 2 stay and we got somebody 2 be the franchise player when kobe is gone…LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!! lets get outta the kitchen cuz i can’t stand the heat and lets close our ears and ignore the thunder!!!

  37. Grieg says:

    there is no whos team is it, there is one team, many talented players,great coaching staff, and you have all of the LA,s fans, one simple goal which is to play as a team and win the championship.
    Lakers all the way!!! prove every non believer that you can be done!

    • kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      I agree with @Grieg if your a non believer or a hater why are you reading this article? why keep following these LAKERS? why don’t you guys just focus on your team and lets all see what happen on the end of the year! We LA fans does not need your opinion!! mostly the ppl that commented here are being envious with what the lakers management able to pull this summer.

  38. Jazz4Life says:

    The 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers will be known as the most overrated team in the history of the NBA, simply because of stupid fans who think this team is invincible! Has everyone forgot that D.Howard can’t make free-throws?

    Anyways, as a Jazz fan, I’m excited to see what happens in the West, it’s going to be packed. I do think it will come down to the Thunder vs Lakers vs Spurs. The Clippers could surprise everyone and so can the Grizzlies, but it should be interesting!

    • Berto says:

      Shaq Couldnt Make Free Throws But We Threepeated With Him And There Is Even More Talent On This Team. Kobe Nash AND Howard All Carried Their Teames And Theyre Gonna Tear Up Your Jazz And The Rest Of The League.

      • Califan says:

        Shaq averaged over 25pts so that made up for the free throws. Yes there’s more talent on this team…also more years.

    • AlexanderW. says:

      Shaq couldnt hit free throws if the rim was as big as the ocean yet the lakers won three straight.. What a lame argument

      • W/E says:

        yeah but Shaq in his prime was 10 times better than D12 will ever be…and the hey guess what D12 is already PAST his prime cause of his serious injury, he has a BAD BACK now FOR LIFE thats a dagger for anyone who plays the center position, the most physical position of all..

  39. Francisco says:

    this should be howard team, let us put it this way, last year gasol, kobe and bynum could barely defeat denver and were eliminated by okc in the second round, Howard was more important to Orlando than kobe for the lakers and nash for phoenix.
    Orlando had a great deal of success with HOWARD being the core,if they win I DOUBT IT , IT SHOULD BECAUSE OF HOWARD

  40. android 10000000 says:

    lakers is still fakers

  41. David says:

    “I’m Hollywood now Craig.” Lol was way too funny. Go Lakers

  42. Johnny says:

    This team will fail

    I’m a big laker fan but something tells me that this will fail

    • AlexanderW. says:

      Thats like saying I love pizza but something tells me when I put it in my mouth its gonna taste like shi*… Make up your mind loser.. I know you’re a clipper fan who hates to admit it but you really have to be real with yourself

    • redz says:

      faq u

    • LiesDamnLies says:

      Your fooling yourself. if you dont believe in your team since your a so called “big” laker fan then obviously your not a big laker fan now are yu? have some faith you hater. what you are is a Big doubter who will be proved wrong. go hop on the clippers or Heat bandwagon cuz its people like you who claim there fans and then hate on there own team, that makes me doubt humanity

    • Mytownla says:

      Well then johnny boy maybe you arent as big of a laker fan as you think you are, go be a cliper fan, better yet, go somewhere lse kuz we TRUE LAKER fans dont want you here, idiot

  43. MagicFan says:

    It might take a year or two or three but eventually the wounds will heal and we Magic fans will consider ourselves “blessed” that our team will be a contender and Dwight Howard is not part of the it.

  44. Eric says:

    it’s possible, even likely, they won’t win this year’s championship. The heat didn’t make it in one year. But I’m hoping for the best. GO LAKERS!

    • AlexanderW. says:

      But Boston did.. Everybody remembers the Miami Crybabies failing their first year coming together because its convenient I get that… But Boston did it because their pieces fit so much better… Miami isnt the only team who had to figure it out right away but people just wanna put the lakers down and use every example available to accomplish that.. Boston did it.. So can the Lakers.. and they will

  45. Danny says:

    Lets see how they play together now..

    • Mytownla says:

      Why does Craig keep asking “Whos team is this”? Jus to see what comes out of their mouth, like who cares man. Thats not even important. Obviously they’re just trying to stir some ish up, which is highly unecessary, But im loving the new look Lakeshow. its time to dethrone the Miami cHeat. Dwight is going to dominate against them, since their best defensieoption is Bosh, a 6’11” flopper who is softer than a cupcake with rainbow sprinkles on it. Nash is going to continue to do his thing, as one of the best distributors the game has seen. Kobe will be Kobe, self-explanitory to say the least,Pau is gong to thrive off of Nash and Howard,who will open up space for him to hit that 16-18 footer. This is scary!!! 17th banner here we come

      • Francisco says:

        hehehe, yeah if they beat the heat , it will be because of howard, kobe really has been outplayed by LBJ season after season
        no chance for michael farrrrrrrrrrrr away copy against the superplayer

      • MC says:

        “Kobe is going to be Kobe.”

        That’s what I’m afraid of. If this is his team, he should be the one to sacrifice first if they want this to work.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        Lebron has outplayed every NBA player for the past 2-3 seasons.
        But Kobe Clearly out played Lebron & Miami in LA last season.

      • lbj says:

        @Realist Lakers Fan. Did you say Kobe outplayed LeBron and the whole Miami heat team? are you taking some sort of marijuana or dope? so kobe outplayed LeBron that’s why he is not the mvp, kobe outplayed the heat so that’s why they even never get into the western conferene finals which easily beaten by OKC which eventually beaten by the HEAT easily! stop dreaming fool!

      • Mytownla says:

        @Lbj take Lebrons diiick out of your throat for a second and pay attention moron. You heat cheerleaders will never admit that Lebron still isnt close to what Kobe has accomplished. Yes.. As a LAKER FAN i can admit that Lebron is the best player in the game, but stop saying he outplayed Kobe, thats why he is the MVP. If being the MVP is based off of getting recognition from how you played against #24, then maybe that award should be givin to #24 himslf, bcuz no one outplays Kobe.Some of you Heat cheerleaders even go as far as to say that Wade is a kobestopper… When the F did that happen? You cheerleaders are dilusional bruh. Bottom line, Kobe doesnt get outplayed by Lebron, when Lebron cant stop Kobe, that just doesnt make any sense so all of you cheerleaders STFU!!!

      • One of the king's subjects says:

        @Realist Laker Fan how can Lebron outplpay every NBA player the past 2-3 season, but kobe outplayed him? You really need to make some sense. And @MytonIa Lebron is better than Kobe, even when Kobe was in his prime, Kobe couldn’t even get past the first round with a bunch of nobodies. But Lebron who was in the leauge took a bunch of nobodies to the finals. Take kobe’s diiiiiccckk out of your throat for a couple of minutes, and you’ll know Lebron won the ring last year, and he has no intentions losing it to a team where most of their players are ancient and its being led by a man who can only shoot it, and not well anymore. By the end of both their careers you’ll see what I mean.

      • Mytownla says:

        @One of the Kngs Cheerleaders…. bruh… if only you were aware of how retarded you sound, like come on, your name says it all, YOU need to hop off of Lebrons sack for one second. and maybe youll notice that your precious King has not even half the accomplishments that Kobe has, im only stating facts. You see, me as a laker fan can even admit that Lebron is the best player in the game TODAY. But you cheerleaders cant even admit the fact that Lebrons overall career can not be compared to Kobes, EVER! Its like Lebron has you cherleaders brainwashed or some ish. Kobe has soooo many more offensive weopons in hs arsenal from the fadeaway, the double pump, and more. Whens the last time you saw Bron Bron use his left on a consistant basis??? Name one time Kobe was questioned about his toughness, and critized so much for celebratig before he even won anything, crowning himself the king and all that bs. HOW MANY GAMEWINNING SHOTS DOES LEBRON HAVE COMPARED TO KOBE??? WHowould you rathr have takin the last shot??? Thought so, idiot! He hs only won ONE ring and you cheerleaders/bandwagoners are riding his sack like your life depended on it. You guys are worst that the females that show up at their hotel rooms asking for the D. So for your info, labeling yourself as One of his subjects, is very queer. Take a seat, and enjoy watching your “King” loose this year

  46. Califan says:

    Lakers will do well but I still am doubtful about their championship hopes. This new decade for the west will be about OKC, the rising Clippers, the fierce Grizzlies and I think the Wolves will be a top team barring serious injuries. I know it sounds like hate people but that’s just my opinion. These young teams will dominate the west for the next few years.

    • AlexanderW. says:

      The rising Clippers??? The Grizzlies??? The TIMBERWOLVES!!!!????? Whats wrong with you kid???

      • Dr. Ligament says:

        dude he’s right thats is the future of the west. They are young with a dense amount of talent. Asuming no trades of their star players these teames could be the best in the west in the next 8 years.

      • artifex says:

        Nothing’s wrong, I just agree. Good call, Califan!
        Surely, it’s difficult to look into next 2-3 years, new rookies come in. But if Derrick Williams is developing well, why not the Wolves? Memphis was already good the last 2 seasons and well, can’t deny OKC, hope they can keep Harden…
        Even 4 years from now Hornets could be like 2007 Cavs (hopefully with a better support cast for Davis)…

      • Califan says:

        I’ve been following ball before you could spell it, and if you knew anything about it then you’d understand where I’m coming from with my prediction. Stop reading NBA blog headlines and thinking you’re up to date with whats going on.

      • Bruce says:

        You forgot to mention the Nuggets with the addition of Iggy. I’ll agree with you as far as the West talent goes but I don’t know if I’d agree with saying that the Lakers championship potential is doubtful. OKC almost lost a couple of games in the playoff series to the Lakers, it could have easily gone the other way (would have been a more exciting championship series in my opinion). Now the Lakers have made a couple pickups with Nash and Howard including an overhaul to the bench.

        The West is still up in the air because of all the post-season trades, returning players, and rookie talent. I’m excited for this season!

    • MarkJ says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble Califan but I have every confidence in the ability of the Clippers management/owners/etc. to hose this thing up again. They have had good up and coming teams in the past and have always let the key pieces walk, I suspect they will again.

      Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

      • Califan says:

        The Clippers never had a roster like this. By that I mean one that could at least contend for the west title. People become creatures of habit too much when talking sports and act like nothing can change.

  47. LOL says:

    LMFAO!!! Craig sager keeps asking, “who’se team is this?” LOL! kobe said kobe, steve nash said kobe, and dwight said ours. Wonder if that would be an issue.

    • MinneLakers says:

      nah.. twas easy for kobe to say it is his team coz it is, and it was easy for nash to say it because of the age thing and well lets face it, nash couldn’t take it away from kobe coz he was there longer than nash will ever be… Dwight on the other hand is tippy toeing on his answers coz he is in a team with two alpha dogs who’ve won MVPs and he wouldn’t want to upset any one of them so that is why he gave that answer specially when he is now under a microscope… He should be careful on the was he answers in front of the media.. I think he took this technique from kobe.. Remember kobe when they first got Pau on their roster?? He was answering just about the same way as Dwight is right now..

    • ummm no... says:

      It won’t be a problem because Nast will make sure DH gets his. Kobe has the time invested in the team so naturally it’s his. Dwight nos that Kobe has 2 or 3 seasons left and quite possibly next year if he re-signs the team will be theirs, and the following year his. If DH’s ego isn’t as big as Shaq’s, they’ll be fine. Nash can care less who’s team it is lol.

  48. mr person says:

    Lakers are gonna figure it out and get a title. Number 17!

  49. Scott The Magician says:

    “I’m just so blessed to be in this situation,” Howard responded.

    and im so blessed to witness this…god i love the NBA!!!!

    • They are so blessed cuz they’re gonna win championships until Pau Gasol retires

    • Dudeguy says:

      Miami didn’t get it in the first season cause they are all perimeter players.. What the difference in LA is nobody has to hange their game. Dwight will stay down low, Nash will run the show and create open shots. Pau will be anywhere in high post to the blocks.. Kobe can shoot from almost anywhere specially un covered. I doubt chemistry will lack because they all know their jobs are the same as their prior teams. Le Bron is NO DOuBht the best single player in the league, but he has yet to accomplish what Kobe has. Kobe didn’t leave his team to join up with others, they came to play with him. All in all I say Heat Lakers finals will be epic!