NBA TV To Show 29 Preaseason Games

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — We’re almost there.

Four teams officially got the 2012-13 NBA season started with media days on Friday, and the other 26 will do the same on Monday. The preseason, amazingly, is just a week away.

The Boston Celtics will tip off the preseason when they visit Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul next Friday, a game you’ll be able to catch on NBA TV at 2 p.m. ET.

Want some even better news? That’s just one of 29 preseason games you’ll be able to catch on NBA TV this year. The full NBA TV preseason schedule is below, and it features 26 of the league’s 30 teams.

NBA TV preseason schedule

Fri Oct. 5 2:00 PM Boston Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul, Turkey
Sat Oct. 6 2:00 PM Dallas Alba Berlin Berlin, Germany
Sun Oct. 7 2:30 PM Orlando New Orleans Mexico City, Mexico
Sun Oct. 7 12:00 PM Boston Emporio Armani Milan, Italy
Mon Oct. 8 7:00 PM Real Madrid Toronto Toronto, ON
Tue Oct. 9 3:00 PM Dallas FC Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Tue Oct. 9 8:00 PM Memphis Chicago Chicago, IL
Wed Oct. 10 7:30 PM Toronto Detroit Auburn Hills, MI
Thu Oct. 11 7:00 PM New York Washington Washington, DC
Thu Oct. 11 7:30 AM Miami L.A. Clippers Beijing, China
Fri Oct. 12 7:00 PM Detroit Toronto Toronto, ON
Fri Oct. 12 10:00 PM Portland Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
Sat Oct. 13 8:00 PM Chicago Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
Sun Oct. 14 2:00 PM San Antonio Houston Houston, TX
Sun Oct. 14 12:30 AM L.A. Clippers Miami Shanghai, China
Mon Oct. 15 7:00 PM Boston Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
Tue Oct. 16 7:30 PM Brooklyn Boston Boston, MA
Wed Oct. 17 7:00 PM Cleveland Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
Wed Oct. 17 10:30 PM Utah L.A. Clippers Los Angeles, CA
Fri Oct. 19 7:30 PM Philadelphia Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY
Fri Oct. 19 10:00 PM Golden State Portland Portland, OR
Sat Oct. 20 7:30 PM San Antonio Miami Miami, FL
Sun Oct. 21 6:00 PM San Antonio Orlando Orlando, FL
Sun Oct. 21 9:30 PM Sacramento L.A. Lakers Los Angeles, CA
Mon Oct. 22 7:00 PM Milwaukee Toronto Toronto, ON
Mon Oct. 22 10:30 PM Golden State L.A. Clippers Los Angeles, CA
Tue Oct. 23 8:00 PM Oklahoma City Chicago Chicago, IL
Wed Oct. 24 8:00 PM Houston New Orleans New Orleans, LA
Wed Oct. 24 10:30 PM L.A. Lakers L.A. Clippers Los Angeles, CA

In addition to the NBA TV slate, TNT and ESPN will televise two preseason games apiece.

TNT and ESPN preseason schedule

Thu Oct. 18 8:00 PM Boston Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY
Thu Oct. 25 10:00 PM L.A. Clippers Denver Denver, CO
Fri Oct. 26 8:00 PM New Orleans Miami Miami, FL
Fri Oct. 26 10:30 PM Denver Phoenix Phoenix, AZ

TNT will broadcast the Oct. 18 and 25 matchups. ESPN will broadcast both games on Oct. 26. In total, 27 of the 30 teams will have some national TV exposure in the preseason. The only exceptions are Atlanta, Charlotte and Indiana.


  1. Louis Tumblin says:

    Can’t wait for this season to start. I want to see if the Heat can do it again.

  2. dattebayo says:

    Well Excel 2007 says the following:
    Boston (5), Dallas (2), Orlando (2), Toronto (4), Memphis (1), New York (1), Miami (4), Detroit (2), Portland (2), Chicago (3), San Antonio (3), L.A. Clippers (6), Brooklyn (3), Cleveland (1), Utah (1), Philadelphia (3), Golden State (2), Sacramento (1), Milwaukee (1), Oklahoma City (1), Houston (2), L.A. Lakers (2), New Orleans (3), Denver (2), Washington (1), Phoenix (2), Minnesota (1), Charlotte (0), Atlanta (0), Indiana (0)

    If you listen very closely, you can hear Danny Granger scream how the Pacers are never televised nationally 😀

  3. Sanokumo says:

    Actually by my count the Clippers have the most games at 5 Miami at 4 Lakers only two and the Thunder only one. I dont think this is “typical” anything. Probably just how the schedules worked out.

  4. TWizz says:

    I knew well before even looking at this list that Miami would be the team with the most games aired. Very typical of the NBA.

  5. Cuppa Joe says:

    @ dingbat

    Lol, right, and Orlando has a new GM and head coach. We’ll see how they do.

  6. dingbat says:

    Cant wait for this season to start. I wana see how the new players will play with their new teams. Every team in the NBA improved this yea, including the bobcats. Bobcats have some nice pieces now (Ben Gordon, MKG, Haywood). Also, lookout for the raptors this year. DeMar gona avg 20 pts, lowry gona drop 15 and 8 and Bargs gona do his thing.

    • Dieter says:

      Also looking forward to it. But I don’t share your opnion on every team got better. The Heat probably will be better because they have a year more experience together, I don’t think the new pieces will make them a better team. The Lakers got alot better, MWP and Gasol are gonna be different players this season. The Celtics got some nice pieces from the draft + Jeff Green can make a big impact. New Orleans has a future again, can’t wait to see how Austin Rivers will handle them. Valanciunic, the big unknown could lift he Raptors to another level. How will Brandon Roy do with the T-Wolves? I’m expecting alot of Deng and Noah this year. Is Damian Lillard really that good, is he gonna be ROY? And what will be different about Stoudemire and McGee after their workouts with Olajuwon. Can the Pacers get better than last year?

      Will Melo finally play some solid defence? Is Lin gonna be a bust, and will he go as a bust to the All Star game? Will Mayo finally be the player that everyone thought he was gonna be, and could that make Dallas one of the favourites. We all saw Griffin can fly, dunk, whatever, but will he become a smart player, learn how to defend, or breaking his leg or ankle because his too athletic play. Is Denver ready for the next step, seems they have all the pieces to really become a giant killer. And what about Perry Jones, such a late pick, will he fit in the Thunder’s system, and can he become the next Durant? And will the Kings sell their franchise to Anaheim or Seattle, or can they both join without buying a team? Let’s hope so, I want the Sonics back !