Mavs welcome camp on the fly

DALLAS — The Mavericks won’t be having your average training camp. Not with an international trip to Berlin and Barcelona mixed right in the middle.

Yet it is still far preferable to coach Rick Carlisle than last season when the Mavs had to defend their 2011 championship practically on the run in the wake of the labor lockout.

“Well, it’s a big advantage over last year,” Carlisle said. “Let’s make that clear. Last year we were integrating three guys who were going to be rotation guys. When we acquired (Lamar) Odom the trade didn’t happen until the day camp started, or the night before. He was behind anyway; then it was (Vince) Carter and (Delonte) West. But those guys were experienced pros and adapted well.

“Here we’ve got a lot more time. It’s going to be a completely different deal from last year, which is good.

“This is not going to be normal. But the trip is well-planned in terms of scheduling. I like the way it’s laid out. It’ll give us a chance to spend some time together as a team, which I think is good. It extends our training camp with a bunch of new guys, which helps.”

A year ago it was all about a lack of time with just a two-week mini-camp to try to pull a team together before the season opener on Christmas Day. Even team leader Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t in shape and had to be pulled from the lineup for four games in January and the Mavs never developed a rhythm.

This year’s challenge for the Mavs is to assimilate eight new players to the roster and likely three new faces to the starting lineup.

Usually when you bring in eight new players it would be called a rebuilding year. Yet the Mavs insist they still have their sights set on competing for the title.

“I have experience with it,” Carlisle said. “In ’02-’03 we had eight new players in Detroit and made it to the conference finals. It helped that three of those players were (Chauncey) Billlups and (Richard) Hamilton and (Tayshaun) Prince.

“We’ve got a similar situation here. We’ve obtained three or four guys for sure who are going to be in our rotation somewhere. Two of them are former All-Stars, (Elton) Brand and (Chris) Kaman.

“You’ve got to think that way. If you’re just setting yourself up for most improved that’s a demeaning way to approach it from a fan perspective.”


  1. Owenhart says:

    It will be up to coach Rick Carlisle on where this Dallas team goes… Nice lineup, a bunch of role and defensive players surrounds Dirk.. It won’t surpise me if Dallas reach WCF… 🙂

  2. MavsTwolves says:

    I love this year’s Mavs team. They are an extremely underrated team…They are the underdogs and that’s when they play the best. They will surprise most people this year, especially all the espn related tools.

  3. mavs says:

    Mavs will be contender. this season.. they have a good line up however its not that promising as Heat or lakers but surely they have fine team if RC can make them work together. I’m here for VC.. hope he can still show some moves and keep healthy all the way

  4. Patrickmarc says:

    All these players can score 25 points in a match. and the bunch too.
    It shoulb be a great team,
    Chris Kamen is able to score all nigth, and make the road for Roddy
    or Brand, while Nowitski and Marion aplaud.

  5. Hunter says:

    This Mavericks team will be GREAT.
    Defensive wing players:
    Shawn Marion
    Dahntay Jones
    Delonte West
    Big Men who can Defend and Score:
    Chris Kamen
    Elton Brand
    Bernard James
    The pack leader:
    The Youth movement:
    OJ Mayo
    Darren Collison
    Jae Crowder
    The X Factors:
    Vince Carter
    Brandon Wright
    The Bookkeeper:
    Rick Carlisle

    2013 NBA CHAMPS!

    • hahaha says:

      hahahahaha..there’s the heat, spurs, lakers, thunder, clippers, knicks, celtics, bulls, nets, and maybe even suns that can beat them around.

      • Angelo says:

        ok. i don’t mean to disrespect the other teams like this clown does but hmm…
        suns: too young, unproven, too many holes in the rotation. so NO
        nets: shallow bench. but MAYBE
        bulls: without D.Rose, they’re irrelevant. so NO
        celtics: they went the distance against the heat because KG was a factor with the fact that Heat did not have a legitimate big man. but MAYBE
        knicks: too dysfunctional. so NO
        heat: they are strong. so Yes. no doubt they will beat the mavs if the mavs won’t be able to find that magic that made them champ (it was Ty Chandler and JJ Barrea for me)
        lakers: Yes.
        Spurs: Maybe. if the spurs will always be healthy, Yes
        okc: of course Yes
        clippers: Maybe. Injuries on key players.
        so the Mavs are still in the top 10 in the league.

  6. The Mavericks will be an interesting team to watch come together next season. The biggest question mark will be Darren Collison, Can Collison establish himself on a team full of veteran all-stars and MVPs? They should be a better defensive team and more balanced in scoring than last years team.

    I am looking for OJ Mayo and Chris Kaman to have a big year taking the offensive load off of Dirk. Rick Carlisle will enjoy at least having a full training camp to prepare his team and integrating all the new pieces.

  7. G.Dragon says:

    I’m just happy for Dirk and his ring. Dirk is already one of the greatest PFs in the history and he’s done more than enough for a franchise he kept his faith in. But, that’s it for Dirk, he’s not winning a ring no more, there’s HEAT, OKC, Bulls, Lakers waiting for their own rings (proper order too).