No Deal Puts Smith, Hawks On Clock


Pick your poison.

Would you rather have Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith, highly motivated, driven to have the best of what will be nine NBA seasons after this one, improving on 2011-12 numbers (18.8 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 21.1 PER) that were better than anything he had done before and hitting the free-agent market as one of the plums of 2013? Or Josh Smith, gone sideways, cranky over nonstop questions about his contract status, the object of repeated trade rumors and all of that affecting his market value to other teams and also his production for the Hawks?

Hawks management already has made its choice, apparently. It is banking on the former while accepting some risk of the latter by stating that a contract extension this season for Smith is unlikely. Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with Atlanta’s new GM for the paper’s NBA blog:

According to Hawks general manager Danny Ferry, Smith and his agents have said he would like to remain in Atlanta.

“I’ve been clear that I value Josh as a player,” Ferry told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He has worked hard this summer and I believe he is going to have great season. I’ve been in contact with his representatives. Josh and his representatives have been clear that he is excited about the direction of the team and wants to be part of the future in Atlanta. That being said, I don’t expect the contract situation to be resolved until next summer.”

Smith’s affinity for Atlanta and history with the Hawks are two reasons Ferry feels secure in an approach different from, for example, the Philadelphia 76ers’ strategy in trying to re-up center Andrew Bynum before next summer. Of course, the newly acquired Bynum – as potentially the league’s second-ranked center – has a whole different market than Smith. He’s new to the Sixers and even though he is a native of nearby Plainsboro, N.J., he has spent the past seven years in Los Angeles. Better to lock in than risk Bynum departing for a glitzier destination.

Smith, of course, also could go. And after Atlanta’s trades of Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams, a chunk of recent history – five straight playoff appearances, near-All-Star status last season for Smith – could exit with him.

Obviously the difference under the new CBA rules between three more years now (extension) and five more next summer (re-signing with Atlanta) is a big part of this. But a general lack of trust in Smith as a franchise player, that tricky – and nearly decade-old – equation of his skills and (still) his potential vs. leadership, team focus and his worthiness to be a “max” guy are at play too.

If J-Smoove plays his way to such a deal, as the active, intimidating 6-foot-9 force at both ends he can be, the Hawks will likely reward him. If he treats his next contract like a birthright and assumes that he’s due to slot into Johnson’s spot in the payroll, he might end up elsewhere. Next summer or sooner.


  1. rkp says:

    i would like to see the hawks trade smith for rudy gay.

  2. rkp says:

    All of you that are saying “go to miami,lakers, and knicks” are high because there is no way in hell anyone of those teams could afford to sign him in the offseason and who would they trade to get him? You people are fools.

  3. Raptor11 says:

    Are any of you actually Hawks fans! Smith has great talent, if he leaves atl. horford will follow and they will collapse. If the hawks have a starting lineup of Horford at power forward, Zaza at center, Smith at small forward, lou williams at shooting guard, and Teage at point guard they will be good. All they need is more small forward depth.

  4. chris thomas says:

    smith will be in a major market city or will recieve a larger payday from a team looking to sell tickets. he’s got defense a champoinship team could use and he has a bit of star power to draw fans out to see a team not winning. realistically he could wind up in la or even okc depending on the harden situation. when i say la it could be either team the clippers are close to becoming an a attraction because of cp3 now if he doesnt sign his max contract all bets are off and smith will end up in laker land upgrading from metta world peace. this is a very realistic deal

  5. aaaaaa says:

    If when free agency comes around, and he actually becomes a free agent, and I could see him looking to sign with the Celtics. I’m not too sure there’s enough cap space, but he’s really good friends with Rondo and he went to their team “practice” in LA. I’d love to see him here in Boston, but I’m rather doubtful that he will end up here.

  6. ryan says:

    smith would fit well in philly…starting lineup…jrue holiday…evan turner…josh smith…spencer hawes and andrew bynum they would all compliment each other and this team is on the up and rising

  7. sam says:

    dont forget about detroit thay might try to get him

    • Jenson says:

      Josh Smith should go to houston. He even said once that he is interested in houston as well as bynum. Having bynum and smith in houston will be raw. Starting 5 would probably be Josh Smith as PF, Bynum as center, chandler parsons, SG, and so on and so forth plus we are also eying on harden. Rockets are gonna be a young team and a really good team in the near future.

  8. Hani says:

    Atlanta finally has a fresh team with their REAL best player Josh Smith (in my own personal opinion, joe Johnson is extremely overrated. He’s not helping your team get anywhere). They might as well keep him around for the year to see how he performs around a newer cast.

  9. nickie richardson says:

    I hope and pray that Danny Ferry and the Hawks org. does what they need to do to keep JSmoove in the Atl.

  10. ajdoms says:

    i wish my Bulls can get him for BOOOO-zer.

  11. JSMOOTHie says:

    At 6 foot 9 slasher hes good. as 6 foot 9 shooter… no way…. they would have made it to atleast the eastern finals if he didnt take awful shots… i know he can shoot… but his timing if way way off!!!!!! see replay vids of important games…all those fans put their head down everytym he shoots and fails… but if he could just settle to dunk it and shoot nearer… HEY JSMOOVE YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO PROVE > WE KNOW YOU CAN> JUST DO IT THE BEST WAY U CAN! FORGET THE 3 FOR NOW, most great athletes show their range late in their careers eg. Larry Johnson, even bryant.

  12. bob says:

    The Lakers do not need smith that is evident. Send him to Chicago, they need all the help they can get and they should amnesty Boozer, trade deng for tyreke noah for Love. adios

  13. E Hurst says:

    Jsmoove go to Charlotte will be a good move. Jordan back on the rack again

  14. tristan says:


  15. dattebayo says:

    When there was an article about Ray Allen – a 37 year old shooter with health issues last season (yeah I know he is still the best shooter in the game) – joining the Heat, everyone was up and about how many stars Miami needs to win.

    Now the Lakers acquired the best Center in the league and a former 2 time MVP who also happened to be an allstar last season playing for a non-playoff-team. Still that is not enough and immediately there are 3 lalafans who also want Josh Smith, who should have been an allstar last year. How come almost every Laker fan immediately states the Lakers will win it all and they will beat everybody and yet they still want more starplayers on their team?

    Oh and btw. Josh gets twice as much as Artest and with Kobe, Pau and Howard, there is no capspace whatsoever to get another player of that caliber, get real.

  16. Darko says:

    Josh Smith my favourite player i love him I hope he can stay in Atlanta and make a good team who can be on a championship tracks

  17. Joey says:

    He should be in philly.they hav the pieces to trade for him or finance to sign him. Philly could use a guy who i think is close to Dr. J. Just that he’s not given the credit he deserves.

  18. Tony says:

    Josh smith for chris bosh?

  19. Brandon Roy says:

    He should go to the Harlem Globetrotters. Or the New Zealand Breakers. Or team up with Starbury on the Beijing Ducks!
    He’ll end up where he ends up. Hopefully he stays with Atlanta. My god you Heat and Lakers fans are delusional.

  20. Castor Troy says:

    Josh is Rondo’s buddy. The Celtics will welcome hime with open arms. Yeah baby!

  21. Tom says:

    the knicks should trade amare for him. he’d fit much much much much much much better on that team than amare…if the hawks would take his contract.

  22. Rocket33 says:

    What a surprise, the first two comments I read on here involve him going to Miami or the Lakers! Why do I still come on here???

  23. filip pacon says:

    josh smith should go to the orlando magic

  24. SYDALE says:

    I wish that the Sixers would get their hands on him… Bynum and Smith would be beastly in the post together… Bynum in the low post and Smith in the high post…

  25. sdf says:

    he sould go to charlotte

    har har

  26. Oldhawk says:

    I thought that Josh was the only player last year that wasn’t expendable but still he’s no franchise player and his game shows that, he needs a supporting cast around him.

  27. Billy Dee says:

    This is tough. The Hawks are butta and gravy with Josh Smith.I’d give him up for a younger version of Josh Smith Markieff Morris. Or one of those or both of those OKC rookies, and Serge Ibaka. Maybe not because Serge is butta and gravy also.

  28. atlgazone6 says:

    yall stop being greedy yall got enough good players jsmoove is from atlanta and he will stay in atlanta he dont wanna leave and he will preform so everybody think the nba is about what players think but its not it is a bissnuis and evry body will make the best move for them i kno back in the day he love atlanta just like me we some die hards so la no, brooklyn no, atl yes holla at chaw josh from atl all day

    • NBA_GUY says:

      Aman!! Everyone on here keeps talking about were he should go or wants to go. But the thing is, as it stands for now, JSmoove is NOT wanting to go anywhere. He has said he dosen’t want to be traded and that he is pleased with the moves DF has made and is excited about the future with the team. If it was a year ago or even six months ago, I would be going alone with these people, but things have changed in the last few months.

  29. Myself says:

    Lol lakers? now why would J smith wanna go there? they got Kobe and now they got Dwight. I don’t think anyone who’s been carrying most of the team on his shoulders the way J smith has in Atlanta would transition well in a team like that. Besides I think the team J smith would like to play on is Celtics. Rondo and him were / are firends, plus he commended their fans and their arena once.

  30. Geroy says:

    Do alot of you guys have any idea how the nba works? It seems like you guys are stuck in build a team mode in nba 2k or cheat at fantasy basketball.
    He will not go to the lakers, the heat nor the nets. The nets just signed Kris Humpries to a 2yr $20 deal if I’m right.
    Not to mention those teams are happy with their rosters, and are gonna bank on them getting to the playoffs.

    The deal to Chicago would be cool, considering I’m a chicago fan. But no one will ever take a straight up trade for boozer and Smith.

  31. Lakeshow says:

    He’s not going to the nets this season. Unless they will trade Lopez for him. Remember Lopez got a freaking huge contract. Lakers can pull this of next season. If Smith will not sign an extension this year. Lakers can use the mini mid level exception. It means Smith will take way less money if he wants to win a ring. OKC can’t sign him either. Remember James Harden is on a pinch this season, cause they already sign Ibaka. OKC is a small market team so they don’t have enough. Unless they will trade Perkins or get rid of him. He’s best shot if he don’t want to stay in Atlanta, he can go to Cleveland, Washington, Denver, Philly, Houston,Chicago and other playoff teams with cap space or got some players to trade for him.

  32. swatguy says:

    Danny Ferry will take a run after Dwight and Chris Paul next summer. He will try to sign them and Josh. He will be willing to sacrifice Al to get those three.

  33. Lakers4Life says:

    He would be a good fit in Brooklyn, though I doubt they have any remnants of cap space. How ’bout wizards? without blatche, they need a PF and wall and Smith look like they would work well together.

  34. Johnpr says:

    hes not going to the Lakers and hes not going to Miami.period. as much as people want it miami cannot have an all star and plus he already has a destination Boston he doesnt get the credit he deserves because he is not an iso player and plus rondo has experience playing with him and he will make him better as a player

  35. MrSpann says:

    The Knicks should be all over this guy. Sign and Trade for STAT. That would bring the Knicks closer and would give the hawks another “franchise guy to build around. of course there will be other pieces, but its a benefit for both teams.

  36. postt says:

    I’d love to see him join someone like Denver in the off-season. Give the nuggets their second star and a real shot at a finals.

    • HAWKS says:

      what’s next, he goes to charlotte?


      stay in atlanta in josh smith. Just wait enough and sooner or later when kobe retires the hawks might even get dwight howard and what do you know, even cp3

  37. Raptors Fan says:

    Lakers and Heat = no money for J Smith

    If he wants to get a ring then go to Thunders

    If he wants money then go to team like Magic, Wizards etc

    • chandler says:

      Lakers can trade for him. They may give up Gasol for him and another toss in player. Heat have nothing valuable enough to trade for Smith. Unless its Bosh, but I highly doubt they’ll break up their core. Thunder already have a set lineup. They don’t wanna break their chemistry. Plus, Ibaka plays the 4 there and Durant plays the 3. Mean’s he’ll have to come off the bench IF he does. Magic and Wizards have nothing valuable also to trade. Only way I see Magic and Wizards getting him is if Smith doesn’t get traded.

    • Nick418527 says:

      He can also go to the Cavs for money, Plus they have a nice up and coming team. There going to shock the nba this year, mark my words.

      • Califan says:

        With what, a slightly higher losing record? Cavs couldn’t shock the NBA if their arena was filled with water and electric eels.

      • BoyfromOz says:

        Nick I’m with you. He’d do well for the Cavs who could use a small forward, I also think they’ll push for a playoff spot if Varejao can stay healthy which they were doing last season until he was hurt.

  38. JOHN says:

    totally agree with you i don’t know where these lakers fans think they’re gonna have the money to acquire all of these players. I f you ask me i think they’ve been playing too much fantasy basketball.

  39. MG says:

    I have a strong feeling he will end up in Brooklyn. Billy King and Danny Ferry have a strong relationship and he is exactly the type of player that Billy King would go after as a starting pf for the Nets. Kris Humphries is good but we need an all around defender which Humphries is not. Smith and Joe Johnson have a familiarity with eachother which would translate immediately on the court. Mikhail Prokhorov has shown a willingness to spend to create a winner and Josh Smith seems like the piece the Nets would need to become legit contenders in the East.

  40. Nate says:

    Tell you what would be a dream? If he could be on Bulls roster. He in place of Boozer would be a great boost in the starting lineup, because Smith will finally be able to provide the defense down low that we’ve been lacking all this time. If it WERE possible, Smith over Boozer and VOILA! that Chicago starting lineup will be swee~e~t

    • OzYoshi says:

      Finally someone that has said a something that would actually work..

      • OzYoshi says:

        It wouldn’t be a dream it would actually make sense if you think about it. A lot of people have been saying about trading Boozer in the not too distant future. Rose is obviously going to miss a large chunk of this year, so as other people have said previously the Bulls might as well write off this season and start fresh next year. I tip the dream becomes reality.

        As for the Lakers/Heat talk it will never happen (Particularly to the Heat), so keep dreaming off in dreamland.

  41. Alessio says:

    He may be traded ito the Lakers, later in the season.

    • HAWKS says:

      honestly, he might even be traded to sacramento- a great fit for him

      if he does, they would be loaded with talent:

      isiaiah thomas, tyreke evans, JOSH SMITH, THOMAS ROBINSON, DeMarcus Cousins

      they will also have a great becnh

      also other great fits i think are pheonix, philly, milwaukee, portland, BROOKLYN, and maybe even memphis

      but anyway stay in atlanta

  42. Rich says:

    Josh Smith and Joe Johnson are two of the most talented players in the recent seasons that displays very lazy demeanor most nights. I always wonder if they care at all about the playoffs.

  43. Louie says:

    who cares!
    He is gonna make some highlights and score some points but when the game is on the line he will be watching like the rest. Hawks trading Joe Johnson is the biggest mistake of Danny Ferrys career. I get it, we want to save some money but this one will bite you in the behind…… atlanta barely makes the playoffs and is exited in thge first round

    • Joe J fan says:

      Amen! The knock on the Hawks was that Joe wasn’t a super-star and he didn’t need to be a team’s BEST player, so now you got rid of your best player and have NO current all-star players on your roster, and you are going to build around JOSH?! ….after eight seasons, he still hasn’t made an all-star team? He is NOT a go to guy down the stretch of a game.
      Honestly, I don’t know where he fits, but he needs to be on the bench in the final minutes, before he blows a play like taking the last shot against Boston falling away into 3 pt. land instead of getting Joe the basll to win it like he has done SOOOO many times before.

      • RG says:

        no current all-stars? i believe Horford is still on the team.

      • Joe J fan says:

        Horford didn’t make the all-star team last year. Even if ha hadn’t been hurt, he would ‘ve had a hard time beating out Hibert, Nena, or Chandler, not to mention Howard. @ PF? …Bosch, Amarie St., and Garnett all have him beat. He only made it 2 years ago as a center, when Hibert hadn’t “arrived” and Nena and Chandler were out west.

  44. Ricardo says:

    He should join the Lakers and help his buddy Dwight win multiple rings and … Just kidding. Ever since Mitch Kupchak pulled the Howard maneuver, whenever there’s some post about some player getting traded or something, there’s always a horde of Lakers fans doing this kind of comments. If it was up to them, 90% of the players in the league should be on the Lakers roster. That should make the regular season very interesting…

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      please go to sleep. If the lakers get him. I am never watching the NBA again. . . .Ill watch golf instead…the only non bull sh** sport at the moment.

      • chandler says:

        You can’t blame the Lakers for having good management. LA is known for having really good GM’s for a long time now. Plus they got the pieces to trade for him. I know Gasol for Smith got shot down during the summer because Hawks didn’t want to toss in anybody else, but if Danny Ferry is smart, he’d learn from the mistakes of Orlando, Cleveland, and Toronto. Don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. He CAN go to the Lakers. Is a possibility. Only via trade though. Definitely not a free agent signing. I honestly can’t see him getting traded to anywhere else during the season. If he does go into free agency, count the Lakers out, unless its a sign and trade, but most likely not. Expect to see Wizards, Magic, Toronto, and Houston dive on top of that.

  45. Alex M. says:

    trade him , hes done nothing extra to help atlanta in the playoffs , hes a very good player and he needs a better team surrounding him to make him better ! if he goes to teh lakers , lakers will sure win this year , if he goes nets the nets will make playoffs, if he goes miami he might be demotivated by being lebrons backup or it might give him more room to develop and more freedom for lebron to play a a guard, anywhere else he will stay the same scoring hard play good defense but not winning anything !

    • someone says:

      Go to the lakers? that b cool, cuz smith can play sf and put world peace on the bench, but where would la get the money

      • EZfoRPREZ says:

        are you crazy??? smith did nothing to get the hawks to the play offs? Where have you been for the past 3 seasons, With Al being out last year cuz of injuries. Joe Johnson having a bad year ( even though we got him here in brooklyn Great move BTW). Smith is the Hawks back bone at the moment, And if they get rid of him…I Hope the nets attack to get him. He will be perfect.

      • you’re right, with or without smith the Lakers are still gonna win their championship they already have Jamison that can play both SF and PF…they dont need em…and Lakers are gonna be the champions this year BTW

    • DJ3 says:

      If he goes to miami we will finally have a complete front line with bosh at c.

      • Someone says:

        well, if he goes to miami, then the heat might have an even stronger bench

        suppose smith somehow makes it to starting pf for miami

        then that is mario chalmers, shane battier, udonis haslem, and ray allen

        not the youngest not the best, but still pretty good

      • HAWKS says:


        enough said

    • lbj says:

      if josh smith wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”