A Peek at Howard’s Lakers Workout


There wasn’t much, just 26 seconds of video as posted on the Los Angeles Lakers’ team Web site. But that was Dwight Howard. On the Lakers’ practice floor in El Segundo! WEARING FORUM BLUE AND GOLD!

The All-Star center, whose trade from Orlando to L.A. was the cornerstone of what might be a championship tilt from East to West this season, went through a workout that had to whet the appetite of NBA fans across the land. Mike Trudell of Lakers.com was there to chronicle the activity, rehab from back surgery for Howard, tantalizing taste of things to come for everyone else:

On Wednesday afternoon, Howard continued to make progress, focusing on upper and lower body strengthening, core stabilization, light running plus some basketball activities.

Assistant coaches Darvin Ham and Chuck Person went through low post moves with the six time All-Star center … with Howard adding some shooting from the paint and the free throw line.

Howard dropped in a high percentage of his patented baby hooks with either hand, spinning either to the baseline or the middle depending on Ham’s defense, and showed his quick first step getting to the hoop when Ham closed out.

There still are miles to go. Howard isn’t being counted on for the start of training camp, the preseason opener Oct. 7 or any specific return date at all. But reports from the Lakers’ training staff say there have been no setbacks for Howard. He is right on schedule! THIS REALLY IS HAPPENING!


  1. Keni Amos says:

    Lakers colors are purple and gold.

  2. Stu says:

    His hook is coming along nicely!

  3. Heat Fan says:

    Bosh draws Howard out of the paint with his mod range game lebron drives cops a double team kicks to one of the many lethal 3 point shooters. Lakers are a nice complete team but nothing is certain. Who needs bigs when you can make it rain with the trey ALL DAY.

  4. Owenhart says:

    Remember O’Neal-Malone-Kobe-Payton? Will it be the same result for Howard-Gasol-Kobe-Nash? Peace 🙂

  5. Dirty D says:

    You don’t have to use 1000 characters to explain the truth. NEW LOOK LAKERS! We will see if all those hater thoughts matter starting next month! GO LAKERS!

  6. W/E says:

    D12 has a bad back,his intensity on defence will drop to avoid reinjuring,but the real bad news is that no matter how much he takes care of himself the fact that he is a center and HAS TO PLAY physical is a 100% factor that his back will give him alot of problems and lower his game performance

  7. Regular fan says:

    Nothing will get to you laker fans. I will admit Nash was a two time MVP. The key word is was. Nash can dish it, then what? I give him the next year and he is going to retire. The next point is MWP cannot play at a high level anymore. He is old. Next point Gasol another old player, who is not productive. It seems every year he is going to get worse. He still has a good post game but that’s all he can do. Next the man who is the 2nd best shooting guard of all time. The seventh best guard of all time ( the others are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, John Stockton, and Walt Frazier. These guys had a bigger impact then Kobe look at their stats and accomplishments and records, and no Kobe’s 81 point game is not a record because a record has to be the best Kobe is the 2nd best against a terrible raptors team and no one cares for second best why because it’s 2nd) is not that dominant any more. It seems all he can do is shoot. His game is impressive at an offensive stand point but overall it is just shooting. Then there is Howard who just had back surgery and is out for a while. If the lakers win its going to be because of him. And last and least is the bench. No one on that bench is good you want to know why because nobody cared for them last year. Never said anything about Clark or Meeks or Blake or Hill or even Jamison. If this 2nd unit comes out the lakers will lose. These are facts and this is how a team which for some odd reason is overlooked despite that the fact that they were in the finals. I have a feeling this is Dirants year and OKC will be the 2012-2013 NBA Champions.

  8. vern says:

    Howard will be good for L.A. but just because they got Howard doesn’t make them championship bound. Remember, Orlando had Howard too and taking into consideration Kobe and friends are a little better team, the Magic didn’t have terrible pieces, they just didn’t have Kobe. Howard didn’t bring them nowhere near a championship run.

    • dmill says:

      Howard brought them to the finals, which is pretty close to a championship. And do you really think that Orlando’s team over the past couple of teams is only a little worse than this team?

  9. Hello BIG MAN,damn it feels so good to see Howard in the purple and gold dont it true laker fans,cant wait to see him for a full game and whats up with Barbosa LA lets go get him for our new bench to .. LETS GO LAKERS…

  10. Ladygirl says:

    I love the Heat & Lakers and wish them both well–It will be exciting to see all the big boys & how well they will fit in with the teams they have chosen or been traded to. This season will be great. Go Heat & Lakers!!!.

  11. Lakr4Life says:

    Blue and Gold!???

  12. ummm no... says:

    I’m a huge Lake fan but watch out for these teams in the West.

    San Antonio

    I reallly wouldn’t sleep on any of these teams. In the East all you Miami fans need to worry about this team.


    I would not be surprised to see Miami take a back seat to Boston in the playoffs.

  13. TP says:

    Practice all you want. It’s still going to be the HEAT. You feel me?

  14. BasketballMan says:

    Good news for a Laker Fan like me. Hearing Howard’s progress. But… Let’s just wait for the season. Its still anybody’s ball game. Yeah, Lakers is a strong team. But, still the defending champs are the Heat. The can still win. There’s the Thunder. Young team and hungry for a title. The veteran teams are still there. Like the Spurs and Boston, who are eyeing for a last championship. There are also the teams that can make upsets. Like New York and Clippers. They added some key additions to their teams. Let’s just wait and see.. And this season will be LEGENDARY! Hahaha!

  15. truth be told says:

    The thunder are the best team in the west the lakers are a joke and the spurs like the lakers will have expired.

  16. mayo says:


  17. mayo says:


  18. Gaban says:

    Well lakers the world is looking the championship is your get ex.

  19. The biggest surprise of the pending NBA season will not be the Lakers winning it all but Miami not making it to the finals. Who is the last team to repeat? …And the last team to repeat before that was…? Right! LA and LA! “It’s just so hard to repeat unless you’re wearing Purple & Gold baby”.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Well if that’s the way you think then get ready for the 04 Laker Piston rematch with a surprise win for the Pistons again LMAO!

    • Average Joe says:

      For the name VoiceOfReason, you seem to have a significant lack of rational thought. Jeez, quit smoking crack and get a life.

  20. lakermig says:

    as usual a bunch of haters ..MY GOD guys the more you hate the scarier you make us look.
    But in all honesty we do on paper and if at full health in my opinion have the best all round team. Now that doesn’t always mean anything just like the celts only got 1 although in their first year but still only one, Any thing can happen and Miami and OKC still have the same group more or less and the benefit of a full training camp not to mention spurs and the celts , and even more unpredictable -NYK,nets,sixers,grizzlies,nuggets. There are a lot of good teams. but as everyone keeps pointing to the 04 lakers with karl and payton plus kobe and shaq and referring to it as haha look what happened id simply like to point out that nash is better than payton and current howard (full health) is better than karl at that time not to mention theres no giant feud and still that 04 team went to the finals.So it doesn’t make much sense to use them as an exhibition of stars coming together to achieve nothing.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Don’t get too excited because theres equal amount of hate going on when talking about Miami, OKC. I know it makes you feel better to think people are scared of the Lakers but the majority of REAL basketball fans see problems ahead that won’t be fixed this season; one namely your coach.

      As for the whole 04 vs now thing, 1. You can’t compare Howard to Malone. It’s Howard compared to Shaq. So 2004 Shaq > Howard now. Next your comparing Payton then to Nash now which I give the edge to Nash, but you forget that Fisher was also there so minutes between him and Payton were tight. That won’t be the case with Nash and Blake lol. Yes there’s no giant fued, but you do have a giant drama queen on the team now. Couple that with Kobe’s my way or the high way attitude and it’s a receipe for disaster.

      Still I’m not one of the people (you call haters) talking down the Lakers, I’m just looking at the obvious problems, and the fact that THEY HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED YET. So from a realistic standpoint the Lakers aren’t a shoe-in for the title. Heck it it’s just based on who you have on your roster then NY should be taking the east right?

      • dmill says:

        well obviously NY is gonna win it all, especially after how well they played last year….

      • Albeezy says:

        Yes of course NY has a nasty team they r going all the way. As a matter of face its gunna b an all new york eastern conference final (TOTAL SACASIM).. lol NY getting out of the second round is the real question SMFH.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @ dmill, well obviously LA will win after how they played last year…

        @Albeezy, not everyone has to type sarcasm for others to understand where it was applied. If you couldn’t tell in my comment well I just hope you learn to read a little more clearly.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        U point out the fact that They havent played one game. YET…..U seem to downplay Lakers, like they wont even make playoffs. So from a realistic point of view, U cant call Lakers a ‘Bust’ until they have played the season out. I havent crowned them, But then I go by the motto like most Laker fans do: ‘It’s a title or BUST’.

        If u have seen alot of the Documentaries and interviews regarding those Lakers. Most feel that if Kobe & Shaq werent fueding they could have won the title. U could say Payton & Malone were good, but the major factor that derailed the lakers was Kobe & Shaq’s fued.

  21. WAD3 says:

    Lakers over rated

    Kobe will still take 20-25 shots a game

    Egos will collide

    Useless coach who will be fired next year

    weak bench(your all going to say its not weak BUT it is)

    6’11” cry baby

    will burn out by second round or WCF at the farthest…..you forget OKC owns the west

    Reality is that LA fans will have dissapointment for their ridiculous high hopes and disregard for the other Power teams

    Get ready for reality because its going to be very funny to watch your faces and comments next summer

    Peace out

  22. Its All about competition says:

    I like that Dwight Howard join the Lakers and Steve Nash finally has a legitimate chance on winning a championship I can’t wait to see the regular season match up vs OKC and when they meet in the playoffs. Im not going to say that they come out the west because OKC is standing in there way they have the bodies downlow to get physical with D. Howard and westbrook is going to a handfull for S. Nash but the key factor in that series will be how the lakers plan to defend Kevin Durant he is the key to that series ultimately this series goes 7 games.

  23. Alessio says:

    Lakers 2013 Champions!

  24. I agree. says:

    Isn’t there a “like” button here?lol

  25. Reality says:

    Surely we’ve all seen this before with the Heat two seasons ago. So many haters, so much abuse, but an eventual ring.

    In my honest opinion, the Lakers are playing a ‘win it now’ game. Kobe may have a few seasons left in him, but Nash might only have 2, 3 at the absolute most. I think that there may be chemistry issue this season, possibly preventing a finals run, but next season…. West better watch out! I honestly think that it’ll be Heat-OKC again in the finals, but Lakers will make it in the 2013-14 season. At least that’s me trying to be as impartial as possible! xD

  26. lphomm02 says:

    the lakers have a really good team! i think if lakers and heat meet in the finals the lakers will win in a 7 game series. but i think the lakers are going to have a tough time getting to the finals. OKC are extremely good and they have been improving rapidly every year! i would say they are the team to beat (young, athletic and talented). also, during the offseason the clippers have improve dramatically. they now have established veteran on there team as well as young and athletic talent. they are pretty much 3 man deep in every position!! (check out there roster)
    its going to be a fan nba season to watch and see how everything plays out. btw i am a huge orlando magic fan!! but i just appreciate the game of nba!

    • Albeezy says:

      I get the thunder part cuz I believe that will b their toughest matchup. I dont think they will play the clippers in the playoffs cuz the clips will b gone in the first round and I swear if the Lakers meet the Heat in the finals. Kobe is gunna go HAM and Dwight is gunna kill anybody who is in his way, go ahead n foul him n see how deep those miami big men arent.

  27. Kevin says:

    My man Darvin Ham! haha 04 pistons baby

  28. pinoyaussiefan says:

    i liked Howard before when he established himself as the prime dominant center of his generation. You can argue all you want for Bynum, but Dwight did not get those DPOY for nothing. But when he shifted to LA which is my most hated team, apart from Shaq which I do admire, it was a total disappointment. I would wish for him to team up with someone else other than the “luckiest” player of Kobe “ballhog” Bryant. Same goes for Nash, which I believe should have been in the Finals, until someone named Derek Fisher gave him a huge blow to fracture his nose. That time, I truly belive, the Lakers are one of the dirtiest teams ever. FIshers elbow, Artest shoving, Bynum’s closeline, Barnes, Odom, BRYANT and the list goes on and on.. Again, Nash could have taken his chances for a title with MIA, MAVs or anywhere else except LA. Kobe is done. get over it. until they can truly challenge the toughest teams in the west then maybe, just maybe they can get it against my team Miami. oh, probably a little elbow, closeline or whatever could help.

    • WAD3 says:

      hahah love it !!

    • ummm no... says:

      Laker are done until they can challenge the best in the league? Doesn’t the team they have now allow them to do just that? You think the Lakes are dirty lol? Yes, Kobe has his moments as well as MWP. But it’s part of the game. If you really want to talk dirty what about Malone, Bowen, Jalen Rose who admitted to putting his foot under Kobe to sprain his ankle, Reggie MillBer, Garnett, and even the beloved Michael Jordan. Being dirty is hand in hand with being competitive. It’s up to the refs to make the calls.

    • dmill says:

      yeah cause d wade didn’t break kobe’s nose in an all star game or anything…

  29. KB24 says:

    Hope DH can be soon healthy. For the haters…L.A. has a marvelous team, not said we will win but for sure we got our chances to do this.

    Go Lakers from Italy!!!

  30. CHUCHIBEATS says:


  31. LA-shines says:

    @ not a fan, this is a pro lakers article, im not too sure they will win in this year there are alot of x factors definintely, but to say they wont even make it out of the first round? thats pure minnesota timberwolves fan right there, GTFO no one cares what u think

  32. miamifan says:

    enjoy him while it lasts because he will be at the heat next year. Apparently he is going to stay the whole season with lakers and then move. The heat will lose rashard and allen in the trade but it will be worth it i reckon. miami starting 5:


    not bad at all! heat champs for sure!

    • WAD3 says:

      personaly i dont want howard on the heat they dont need him

    • Alex says:

      Lets see. With the new bargaining agreement, the Heat can’t afford him. Nice wishful thinking but Howard will remain s Laker beyond this season.

    • Albeezy says:

      IDK if you know this but the heat cant afford to pay bron, wade, bosh and howard at the sametime. Its very wishful thinking mr. heat fan but why don’t u jump off the lakers jock and b happy with the players you do have, we not over here wishing for wade to come over.

      • miamifan says:

        Each of the players have agreed to take a 12.5% cut in this tentative deal. It’s a small price to pay to secure championships for the next 5 years. starting 5:


        miami dynasty begins!

      • Albeezy says:

        @MIAMIFAN U know what u said makes no sense. Come on are you serious. Your smoking on some strong ish, but anyway keep dreaming about that starting 5 cuz it will never look as good as this lakers starting five. How u Liking that NASH, KOBE, WORLD PEACE, GASOL, N HOWARD LINE-UP. U seem kind of nervous. Why even talk about dwight r u scared Miami cant get this ring this year. Why not start your dynasty from last yr and get this back to back title, hmm prob cuz u know u would make it out the east with that revamped Boston squad.

  33. danox15 says:

    oooh yeaahhhhh , i can’t wait to see dwight on the staple center next season .. hahaha , what a great big 5 for lakers .. beat the big 4 of heat .

    • Mytownla says:

      And who qualifies for the 4th “big” person for the heat??? Please dont say Ray…. if anybody he would be the clost, but not close enough

  34. I swear it says "Not a Fan" says:

    I’m not a fan… Stuck with my man Odom when he was in LA couldn’t stand team then…. This sounds as much hater as Laker fans thinking they have won it already. They won’t win a ring this year… This about like when Malone, Payton, and Rice and all those guys signed up for an”easy” ring with the “Original” Shaq and Kobe.. Lol it won’t work out. So if it’s haterade I’m drinking, you Laker fans are smoking “fantasy”..

    • HomeOfTHeRIngs says:

      Payton or Malone? The Lakers only need Shaq and Kobe for a 3 Peat. I don’t know why you are hating because the Lakers have the most complete team in the league.

    • CHUCHIBEATS says:

      “This about like when Malone, Payton, and Rice and all those guys signed up for an”easy” ring “Did you say those same words when kg and ray allen came to the celtics or when Lebron and Chris bosh joined the heat. They might fail the first year and get it the second year or like the celtics get it the first year after the big trade. Each team is different. Only time will tell. which team do you root for btw ? are you just envious about how positive and how much love we have for our home team, A team hat has a chance to win the championship every year. As maybe for your team to atleast stay above the 500. mark. And pls dont say your a heat fan..

      Btw Glenn rice wasnt in the team that year.!

      • Belizeboy says:

        HA! Maybe you missed the last two seasons but when Lebron and Bosh went to Miami he was HIGHLY criticized for taking the easy route to a championship. I don’t think anyone is envious of Laker fans…we’re just annoyed at some of the ignorant statements made.

    • Swish says:

      Rice won his ring with the Laker in 2000. Please check the fact before commenting on yet another Lakers dynasty.

    • THIS CLOWN must be a HEAT Bandwagoner! says:

      First of all…you dont know anything bout basketball..2nd of all this is LAKER NATIOn if you hate us soo much dont watch or read about whats going on with the lakers… dont you have something better to do like…shining Miamis “big”s shoes… and feeding plenty of new york steak to the reptile??

    • a true fan says:

      The Malone, Payton, Shaq, and Kobe Lakers made it to the finals that year. If it wasn’t for injuries to Malone, Fox, and Walton they would have won that year. This team is better than that one and you say their a first round exit. Your a joke. Start drinking G2. Its better for you. Ain’t nothing fantasy about this Cali Kush we smoking on. I ❤ trolls.

    • WAD3 says:

      I like that “if this is hatred im drinking than your smoking fantasy” nice line bro as an artist i dig that.

    • Mytownla says:

      For those of you who try and cmpare the 04 LA squad to the team that has been formulated today, you simply cant. The only advantage The Glove has over Nash is his defensive abilities, other than that, Nash is still considered oneof the greatest distributors of ALL TIME!!! Malone was washed up and old. So for yo Laker Haters, pleasestop tying to make the comparison, becasue itsnot there. And if te 04 squad was still able to make it to the finals, then you have n choice but to be afraid of what this team is going to be capable of. GO LAKERS 12-13 Chapms

      • Belizeboy says:

        Malone was washed up according to you, but many other Laker fans say they lost because he got injured; which is it?! Truth is Detroit just outplayed that star-studded cast.

      • Dirty D says:

        @BELIZEBOY. No the truth is, Shaq stopped playing to prove that we needed him more than Kobe.
        Malone was never that much of a factor. He was the third option. Thats why we lost. And the only way Detroit was going to win. They out played a POUTING SHAQ. AND THE LAKERS.

    • Obviously, you don’t watch basketball, or are just to young to remember. Rice joined the team in 2001 & actually won a ring. Payton & Malone didn’t join until 2004 season when they got destroyed by Pistons. So you must be in the rotation to hit that “fanatasy” that we been smokin.

    • Albeezy says:

      Well u can keep that haterade to yourself and I’ll smoke that fantasy at the parade and hopefully I will c u there, cuz lakers getting that ring baby, Kobe finally gunna tie Jordan then we all gunna forget about Lebron again.

  35. Er1ck says:

    Can’t wait for the season to start. Better yet, can’t hardly wait to see LA beat the defending Champions on January 2013. This will be a season for the ages. Health and lots of blessings for the LA Lakers. 1,2,3 RING!!
    We’re coming for it, get ready.

  36. Not a fan says:

    I say they still don’t come out of the West, first round exit. Even with the collection of “imitations” they have on that team…It won’t work out for them too many issues.. Wait til Kobe starts placing blame when things don’t go right, then you have Nash trying to rally the team like Stockton… Was a Nash fan til he chose this team… He helps add to imitation collection that just keeps growing in LA! They won’t win with this group this year and Howard will be gone anyway off to get paid. For this is just a stop for him…The Clippers will get further in playoffs. Thunder is still the team to beat in the West and I just don’t see the Sparks doing it……..

    • Nash2Kobe says:

      Well your opinion sounds completly unbiased and your not a hater at all. You liked Nash until he came to the Lakers? Why dont you just flat out say “I dont like the Lakers and I hope they dont win?” Ichiro went to the Yankees and I am rooting for them so he can get a ring even though I am from Seattle. Dwight can make the most money staying IN LA so its not like he would leave to “get pad.” I bet you wouldnt be any significant money on the Lakers being bounced in the first round. Cool it on the haterade brah.

    • Nando says:

      You sound like a suns/heat fan.. Nash wants a ring and does Howard, thatz why with Kobe and the Lakers they will both get it.. The season or pre-season hasnt even started yet and theres already people bitting their nails.. Health will be the issue not the Lakers getting along, these guys want it and will get it.. 2013 NBA Champs…..

      • bjohn says:

        Agree. Mr LA hater up there is going to hate some more when lakers dominate again. Go DH, Nash, Kobe and the rest of the kings of LA.

    • ummm no... says:

      Collection of imitations??? More like kids growing up imitating these guys lol. You make no sense dude. Too many issues? Name one issue other than age. This is a team that is built to win and has a real shot. Can they get bounced in the first round, sure, but I doubt it. DH won’t leave for money, he can make far more money in L.A. It’s funny how people hate the Lakes so much, just means that they’re doing something right and you know that your team is in trouble lol.

    • Mark says:

      Nash was traded…

    • Dirty D says:

      NOT A BASKETBALL FAN! lol. not even almost realistic.

    • Albeezy says:

      Hmm not a fan huh I see your a NBA fan but not a laker fan, yea we call those “Laker Haters” in L.A. There won’t be any problems in L.A. land Pau kobe n nash r too professional for that and winning is the cure to everything anyway. Dwight knows where he stands with this squad the mamba is number one and everybody knows it. But hey the first three quarters dwight, pau and nash go get it whoever wants it. Ppl r forgetting we added a pretty nice bench jodie, Jamison and blake and Hill, come on thats a decent bench n they will be playing with a starter anyway. Your sayin the lake show is gunna get bounced in the first round, come on man thats sum stupid ish, dnt even fix your brain to be thinking something dumb like that. It like saying the heat will get bounced in the first round. But hey since u said it I’m willing to bet u on it, lets see how confident u r about that comment. I see you talking about the thunder and yea they got a nice squad and besides PJIII I don’t really remember them upgrading any. O and one minor problem that guy they call harden (from the L.A. area) yea, him umm the thunder got til oct. 1st to pay him that dough. so who will it b perkins or harden. hmmm lets c.

  37. Joseph_03 says:

    Seeing Dwight on court is certainly progress. Hope to have him back at 100%. Go Lakers!!!

    • Mytownla says:

      I like this… Wish it was longer than a 26 sec video, but better than nothing…Dethrone the Heat asap so we can see all these cheerleaders/bandwagoners cry a river… Nash just hit the jackpot,with s many players hecan dish the ball to. Meta looks in shape and ready to go… Jamison has is nack for scoring.. This season is taking waaaayyy too long to kick off. LETS GO LAKERS!!!!

  38. danito says:

    i cant wait tell the season start. lets go purple and gold get that ring, kobe best player of all time

  39. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

    Big 5

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

    2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT #BeatOKC


    GO LAKERS!!!

    • LBJ Hater says:

      Until yesterday all were hating Miami for constellation of stars they put up and today hate wind is blowing west over lakerland, can’t wait for lakers to win 2012-13 season.

      • Florida says:

        Bynum is a better player than DH. DH is a better showman. Check out the per min stats you will see + FT%

      • MarkJ says:

        I never hated Miami for their constellation of stars; I hated them for the way they did it. I didn’t care for the way the stars orchestrated it, I hated the arrogance of the whole dance and chant about 6 or 7 championships, and I thought the idea of James going on TV and making such a big deal of his “Decision” was extremely dumb.

        Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right…Lakers are going to win it all this year…and on the next 3-5 years or so

    • Marco29 says:

      Still a lot of open questions for the Lakers: will Superman return 100% healthy? Can Nash play for a coach who is not all run and gun? Who will play PF or C in the second unit? Should Gasol come out of the bench?
      I am not sure that all the pieces will come together in just one year. Maybe il will take 2 or 3 years but Kobe and Nash are not getting any younger and who knows what Howard will be up to and how many times he will change his mind?

      • bizzman23 says:

        Not an LA fan, but Howard will be fine, you can tell that Howard takes his body serious and is most likely rehabbing his back as best as he can. Also, who would start over Gasol, how would that be a question mark, maybe you’re thinking Jaminson? If that’s the case Gasol is definitely starting because at this point Gasol is leaps and bounds better than him at this point in Jaminson’s career. Also, Nash will be cool dude he plays with Kobe, Gasol, and Howard who can’t adjust with that lineup honestly having a run and gun offense wouldn’t be smart with this lineup because you have a size advantage with Howard and Gasol. I wanna see how dangerous those pick and roll combos will be with Nash and Howard or Nash and Gasol.

      • ummm no... says:

        They’ll come together in one season for sure, almost a guarantee. But it doesn’t mean they’ll win. OKC and Miami are still contenders as well. People keep trying to say that age, chemistry and health are concerns. Blah blah blah, most of them are simpy afraid and jealous of the team the Lakers have built this year. It’s going to be a fun season, Laker fan or not.

      • EXCITED!!! says:

        I’ve never been a Laker fan, in fact, I can’t stand them…As a basketball fan, however, I am extremely excited to see what they do!

    • Carl says:

      I too am a diehard Laker fan…but let’s not crown them just yet.

    • lbj says:

      dwight will not sign an extension to lakers. he wants to get a ring so he will play with the king “LeBron”

      Miami back to back championship with Dwight!

      • Jordan Hill will be the back up C/PF Jamison can fill in at PF or SF and Nash can run half court sets just as well as he can run and gun. If Howard is not ready at the start of the season, then Gasol will start at C. He did it the season before last when Bynum was still battling injuries. Additionally, whenever you have a great PG like Nash, it makes the coach’s job that much easier, so Mike Brown probably won’t even have to “coach” them on offense. Defense will be the focus, which is Mike Brown’s calling card anyway. The Lakers will have a full 82 game season with training camp and practice to build up their cohesiveness on both ends of the floor. If everyone is healthy, then Lakers should win it all this year. They will be the most balanced team in the league with offense & defense.

      • your stupid and ignorant says:

        bro..are you serious in order for the Heat to get dwight they wuld have to give up so many players. heat are trash, they whine and cry about missed calls and pay the reffs off. go d ride queen james some more cuz this is Lakersnation. your arguments are invalid here

      • Lakersfan says:

        To LBJ can you allways write stupid things, can you grow up, If you watch Basketball you would know that Howard NEVER had say anything about playing in Miami, Plus They have to give up James, Wade and Bosh to get him. Stick to comic books, not on Basketball because looks like you don’t know anything. GO LAKERS.

      • Dirty D says:

        Jesus! This dude is back! lol. I almost read the whole comment! Silly Me…..

      • HeatH8r` says:

        Miami doesn’t have the money to pay for Dwight Howard lol, they’ve already sold their soul to keep James, Wade, and Bosh in the same city. The Lakers are pretty much the only team in the league that can afford to pay such an astronomical rate.

    • Albeezy says:

      Man Lakers are set I really dont see how they can be beat. They have the fire power to just come out and blow teams out and the depth to grind games out. I mean Jamison, Meeks n hill on the court as the bench in the playoffs isnt too bad. Both howard and gasol can rotate with jamison and hill (for all those who don’t think Hill can move just remember how he was putting in work at the end of last year, Jordan isn’t scared and can provide 10 to 15 minz here and there depending on the situation) and kobe n nash can rotate with meeks and maybe a little blake.

    • Gerry says:

      Enough said!!!!!